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Thread: Welcome to Arlong Park Forum (New Forumers PLEASE READ!)

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    Default Welcome to Arlong Park Forum (New Forumers PLEASE READ!)

    Welcome to Arlong Park Forums. Please introduce yourself here and get to know people!

    I'm sure you're excited about being in a new community and you want to start posting up a storm about One Piece, but wait! Please take the time to read this thread before you wonder off to other parts of this forum.

    - First thing you should be doing... Read the Forum Rules. Since we have a large number of members here, it is VERY important that everyone follows the rules here. If you have any question, you can PM to any of the mods that are online at the moment, and you should receive the answer soon. Please do not complain afterwards if you break some rules and are punished.

    - Use PM or messengers when you need to talk to someone continuously. The forum is a public place. We want to welcome everyone's posts, but certainly don't want to flood the place with only two or three people's posts.

    - If you have a simple One Piece related question, the best solution is to use the Search button located underneath the banner. If you still cannot find your answer, please use The "Who/what/where" is this?" thread located in General One Piece board. There is also the One Piece FAQ Thread which not only contains a lot of info, but you can ask questions there. Ubiq also created
    A Newbie's Guide to One Piece Which has an incredible amount of detailed info.

    But wait, there's more! In the Help Forum, there is also the One Liner Question Thread for those random, quick questions that you can't find any other place for.

    - Most of the boards here have sticked topics. They contain very useful information, so be sure to check them out.

    - Extensive use of the Search button is strongly encouraged. As I mentioned earlier, we have a large number of members and thus, have large number of posts each day. We certainly do not want to flood the forum with repetitive threads/posts/questions/etc.

    - We generally prefer you to dig up old threads than make a duplicate thread. There's an exception, though. If the thread is a time sensitive issue (ie. Ikue Ohtani (Chopper) Fallen Ill! May Need Temporary Replacement?!), do not dig it up even if the thread is not locked.

    - Do not create too many threads in a day. Do not dig up too many threads in a day. People would think you could be a possible troll and that's the general response here. Maybe you can limit making 1 thread each day, digging up 2 threads each day. Go have fun in existing threads or read/watch more manga/anime!

    - If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to PM the Arlong Park Forum Staff or ask in this thread. Some of us might not come online for some period of time, so it's better if you PM staff that are online at the moment.

    - Last but not least, enjoy your stay at the Arlong Park Forums!
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