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Thread: Brain Age

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    Default Brain Age

    Today I had some $20 to spare, and it was going to be for One Piece volume 10, but it wasn't in the store yet. I then saw Brain Age for $20 and gave it a shot. Amazingly, this game is addictive and it's kind of interesting to see how the brain works. It feels like homework sometimes, but hey, I can't blame them. It asks that you do a Brain Age check everyday, and I plan to do that in the morning. I still love it though, especially Sudoku.

    So far, My brain age is 33.

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    Default Re: Brain Age

    Whenever I get a DS Lite, I'll definetly be looking into that game. It does look interesting...

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    Default Re: Brain Age

    My lowest(highest?) brain age is 20. After that, I found out how to choose your own exercises.

    Hold down select while selecting brain age test (Or whatever that thing is called to see your brain age for the day)

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    Default Re: Brain Age

    My Brain Age is 29 o.o

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    Default Re: Brain Age

    my brain age was 51 because the stupid game decides to not recognize when i say "black" sometimes
    R.I.P. (for now) KO-Scans

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    Default Re: Brain Age

    My brain age is 33 right now. I got it down to 28 as my lowest though.

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    Default Re: Brain Age

    Yeah, my brain age is 20 too. After you get used to the games I don't think it's much of an achievement :P Well, unless you choose the verbal brain age test. Fuck blue.

    In other news, my new high score for calculations x 20 is 14 seconds. I can't see myself taking it much lower though, unless I manage to get a lucky bunch of single digit questions.

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