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    Default Art Forum Rules!

    DO NOT BASH WORK! - Criticize, sure, give advice, sure, bashing will absolutely not be tolerated in here. It WILL result in a ban for the entire forum!

    - The Art Gallery is open to all registered users, you may upload up to 50 images of 1 MB or less files. If you have any problems, PLEASE alert me!

    - The forum is for posting of other works that may not be posted in the Art Gallery, things such as fanfictions or art that does not fall in the Art Gallery categories.

    - If bashing is found, please report it to an Admin or Moderator and it will be dealt with shortly.

    - Do NOT abuse the Art Gallery, it is a free service and will only stay around if it is used properly, this means nothing obscene and only images that FIT in the categories provided!

    - If you are an artist and would like to be able to host more images than 50 within the Art Gallery, please contact me and let me know, I am a large supporter of the arts and would love to help any hard working artist if possible.
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