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Thread: The possibility of a second timeskip

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    Default Re: The possibility of a second timeskip

    I would find it incredibly odd to go through a second timeskip having not addressed all the characters that we haven't seen so far yet, like the rest of the Supernova, Buggy, Green Bull, the former Admirals, the rest of the Whitebeard pirates, Shanks + Crew, Blackbeard, Sabo + Revolutionaries fate after Reverie, etc.

    All of that really should be explored before going into any big timeskip, and frankly by the time all of that is explored we're already well on our way into the end game. We're already hitting the 20 yrs after Roger found Raftel timeline and the coming of the New Dawn, so I'm not quite sure what the point of another timeskip would be.

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    Default Re: The possibility of a second timeskip

    I always said that the "One Piece will finish in five years" statement meant a second time skip three years into the future making Luffy's adventure a five years endeavour. As much as I hated the first timeskip if a second one could return the qualitiy of the series to pre-Marinford then please by all means skip forward already Oda-sensei.

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    Personally, I hope Oda is able to capture the global scale of a war against the World Government. Marineford was really a single battle, so the final war should be much larger in scope by comparison. I wouldn't mind the Straw Hats being on Laugh Tale for a certain period of time or seeing the passage of time during the final war.
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    Default Re: The possibility of a second timeskip

    you guys don't read the manga eh?

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    Default Re: The possibility of a second timeskip

    A while ago I decided that the reason why Laugh Tale is so hard to find is because it's submerged under the sea most of the time. Only once the moons and planets are align the right way the gravity causes tides and the island emerges from the ocean. That's why there are 4 Poneglyphs, 3 for space and 1 for time, so that you know where to come and when to come.
    Once it emerges out of the ocean, the Island functions as a teleportation station, which launches you strait to the Moon on a light beam.
    So Luffy will become the PK, and disappear for 4 years, and then come back and start a war against the WG. While on the Moon they will learn all they need to know, and Nami will see the entire planet, so creating the world map will be easy.

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    Default Re: The possibility of a second timeskip

    short timeskip following Act 3 or 4, follwojng the good guys' defeat. Yes, Raid Failure still imminent, and I'm sticking to it.

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    Default Re: The possibility of a second timeskip

    Quote Originally Posted by Nidhoeggr View Post
    (for the love of god, give Nami her short hair back).
    Idk, her long hair is nice. It's pretty when it's in a ponytail, it's nice when it's up like in WCI. I think he did that so he could change her hairstyle along with her outfits too. I dig it. Woman's always gorgeous anyways.

    I get where you're coming from with the idea of a timeskip, especially when it comes to the SH after Wano becoming the WG's #1 target. Their bounties will shoot up, God knows what's going to happen when Kaido falls and CP0 gets mixed in and the marines too. They stated they want Robin, there's going to be a fight between the SH and Cipher Pol no doubt about it. So, it's hard to imagine what will happen after and how they could escape them when they barely escaped the BM Pirates. But I think it comes down to allies helping again. I think someone will intercept the the marines and keep them busy and allow the crew to escape.

    Ultimately, I just think we're too far in the story for a timeskip to really be effective.

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    Default Re: The possibility of a second timeskip

    Even though it's not likely, I think a 2nd timeskip could happen.

    Not a huge one. 6 months or maybe less.

    Not one used to drastically power-up the SH or change their designs (though I could see some changes for merch profit lol) but more for a plot reason. Like maybe the SH "disappear" following their arrival to the final island and they return as "saviors" months later with the solution to end the war that would go on while they're gone.

    For a dramatic effect, that could work.

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