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Thread: Introduction by RedNight

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    Default Introduction by RedNight

    Hello ! I will introduce myself in this thread.

    Who Am I?

    My username is RedNight and I'm 20 years old. I'm French but I can also speak English and Spanish languages.

    Why did I join?

    I come from Worstgen. I know that WG has sometimes a bad reputation. I heard that Arlong Park is more calm than Worstgen, then I'll do my best to don't disturb other users here.
    To be honest, my main purpose is to read the Spoiler discussion forum. Most of the infos we have on Worstgen come from the user redon on this forum.


    I also have a Twitter account @night_wildfire
    And if you want to look at my Worstgen profile, click here !

    That's all for me ! I hope we'll listen well !

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    Default Re: Introduction by RedNight

    Hey man, glad you found your way here. Enjoy your stay and those spoiler thread discussions! :)
    We all float down here!

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    Default Re: Introduction by RedNight

    Welcome to the forums!

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