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Thread: 982: "Kaido's Trump Card - The Tobi Roppo Arrive"

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    Default Re: 982: "Kaido's Trump Card - The Tobi Roppo Arrive"

    True that. I do remember Super having a lot of just stock explosions in the background to imply fighting, and they wasted no time utterly wrecking the supposedly indestructible arena so that you could just assume that fighting was happening behind the massive debris.

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    Just came around to watching the episode and man, that slapped even more than I expected.

    Underappreciated bits btw were the first appearances of Hamlet, Fourtricks, Mizerka and Briscola (could have put Poker in there too), as well as Chome offering Fukurokuju some sake who refuses. His anime scenes make me wonder even more what's up with him and his loyalty to Orochi.

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    Default Re: 982: "Kaido's Trump Card - The Tobi Roppo Arrive"

    Even Oda loved it: https://www.viz.com/blog/posts/manga...ngs-08-09-2021

    Eiichiro Oda

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