A thread I've been meaning start for a while now, in which we can discuss latest and favorite episodes of a show I've enjoyed the past couple years now, The Last Podcast on the Left


For anyone unfamiliar, The Last Podcast on the Left features three hosts, Ben Kissel, Marcus Parks, and Henry Zebrowski, discussing subjects ranging from True Crime, cults, the supernatural, aliens, conspiracy theories, and other high strangeness.

However, it is not a show I lightly recommend, as these three are highly prone to Black Comedy as they discuss the often horrible people involved with all the respect they feel they deserve: None. For example, they'll go into detail on the depravity of the serial killer BTK, while expressing active disgust at the man's attempt to be punny or crack jokes about the useless police chasing him being nicknamed "The Hot Dog Squad".

Short version, if you're squeamish and/or easily outraged, this show will likely not be for you.

Here's an episode list sorted by general topic so you can find whatever catches your fancy: https://www.lastpodcastontheleft.com/#archive-section

Fortunately, if macabre humor isn't your thing, Last Podcast is only one of several shows in the greater Last Podcast Network.


If you're interested more in geeky history and info, there's Wizard And The Bruiser, hosted by Jake Young and Holden McNeely who discuss the wheres and how-comes of things like Star Wars, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, and Skyrim, among others. Movie Sign With The Mads, where Frank Conniff, Trace Beaulieu, and Carolina Hidalgo, go on film odyssey exploring the good, the bad, and the weird.

If you want news, there's political news with Abe Lincoln's Top Hat, with Ben Kissel and Marcus Parks, or entertainment news on Page Seven with Jackie Zebrowski, Marcus Parks, and Molly Knefel.

There's even a Spanish-speaking equivalent to Last Podcast, Escuela Sangre hosted by Carolina Hidalgo, Juan Camilo Sez, and Veronica Garza.

Whatever you might be into, the Network may well have something. So pick your poison (figuratively speaking) and discuss what you love, hate, or in-between here.

And, as always, Hail Yourselves.