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Thread: General Rockstar games discussion

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    Default General Rockstar games discussion

    If there was a thread already like this then I apologize, it may now be ancient and cannot bump it up so I decided to create a fresh post.
    Rockstar is releasing Red Dead Redemption 2 which comes out on Friday but those who pre-ordered digitally would get it around midnight
    but for me it comes out at 10pm Thursday at my area as I already paid for the standard edition of the pre-order.

    This game got everyone who played the original all hyped up but I decided to keep my expectations low. This game is a typical western genre that takes place 11 years before the original game. I wonder if anyone here is getting the game?
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    Default Re: General Rockstar games discussion

    I'm getting it on friday and have a whole free week to play through it. Really excited for it although probably not as hyped as many others (the subreddit is crazy right now)
    But i loved the first game and RDR2 looks very promising.
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