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    Default Astrology Thread

    Dear friends Arlong Parkers

    Being a student of the esoteric sciences I'd like to open a series of threads in this forum that I loved and lived on in a past life ;
    beginning with astrology as it's a science that almost everyone heard of and also everyone has an opinion about.

    Astrology is far more vast than the horoscope you read in the papers.

    I'm studying western and chinese astrology , so if you want to know more about yourself you can post your birthdate and birth-hour for a complete astral chart.

    The principle of astrology and why it works in a mysterious way is that we humans , and of course anything in this world is a cosmos on itself and in a way what we have inside, our internal world, is reflected by the outside world, the outer cosmos in it's symbolic nature. The mysterious law of analogy and equivalence: The outer world is just a mirror reflecting our inner states.

    Thanks for reading, I'm impatient to hear your input about this subject.


    Ps: I forgot to add my own astrology, lol:

    I'm a Gemini , Scorpio ascending.
    In Chinese astrology I'm a boar, with inner companion rooster.

    The main sign (in my case gemini) symbolizes your inner self or soul which isn't always visible by the outside world.
    The ascending sign symbolizes the sign you open up to the outside world, how you choose to present yourself to the world.

    In chinese astrology the main sign symbolizes the visible aspect of your self, and the inner companion, the more secret inner self.
    Ever noticed that a person is different with his close relatives/friends than with distant people - and how he's differently perceived by the 2 groups...
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