Apologies for the delay. As always, I blame Robby.

This is the Rules Thread.

Nominations will be opened in a few hours as I was just about to step out the door.

Rule The First: Read these; I actually do go to the trouble of redoing them each time.
Rule, Jr: No circlejerkery. Spread the nomination wealth around and avoid nominating yourself too much.
Rule II: The categories that are bold are open. Those are the ones you nominate for. This is a simple concept.
Rule III: If a previously open category has space when it's closed and it's noted that you can, you can make nominations for it. That's for CLOSED CATEGORIES, not ones that haven't been opened yet.
Rule IV: If you ignore these simple rules, we can ignore your nominations.
Rule V: Currently banned people are ineligible. Previously banned people who have been allowed to come back are eligible.
Rule VI: Some categories may come with specific instructions. Those will be provided as necessary. Clarifications can be provided on request.
Rule VII - Adrian's Revenge: If you have a question about the rules, then this is the place to do it. Other talk should go elsewhere.
Rule VIII: In the event that you have a problem with a particular nomination, please raise it with the staff privately. Unless it's a minot issue like spelling or an overlooked nomination, then do so in the thread.
Rule the only good FF game after VI. You heard me; VII is overrated.
Rule X: People reserve the right to refuse nominations just as the staff has the right to reject them. In the case of the former, please do so in the Nominations thread where people can see it.
Rule XI: What was Rule II about? Just checking to see if you're paying attention.
Rule XII: Rules and categories may be modified as needed.
The Last Rule: Have fun and be positive; unlike a certain film with a similar title, here we stick to the spirit of the whole thing.