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    Chapter 85: Black Knight.


    Turning back time a few days ago. Back in Izumo, Drake and Aladdin were finishing having a discussion in particular with Master Shen while he was eating a handful of mushrooms.

    "So...It's basically that, yeah." Said Shen. "I was wondering if maybe that might have escaped you."

    "It's no mystery that there is something weird going on with Johnnathan." Said Aladdin. "After all, he is a Hybrid. Even a Hybrid like me thinks that."

    "But it's the first time I heard of soemthing like this." Said Drake. "I never thought that Darkness could be alive."

    "Even if a Hybrid dies, darkness would still linger across his corpse." Said Shen. "It varies from person to person, but he is one of those types."

    "Anyway, is there are a reason you are telling this to us in particular?"

    "Oh yeah, about that. You are his brother are you not?"

    "Yeah, so?"

    "Well, that certainly seems like, boy. You are...also like that."

    "E-Excuse me?"

    "You haven't unleashed your full potential already didn't you? I mean you are still young after all."

    "Now that you mention it, I never seen him once using anywhere close to all of his darkness." Said Aladdin.

    "I didn't?" Asked Drake.

    "He is a Warrior-type." Said Shen. "They aren't supossed to pull all of it outside of their bodies. Of course, it happens once or twice, but without proper training they might just get severely damaged, either physical or mentally...Or both."

    "You seen that happen before?"

    "About one time, but that is in the past."

    "I see. So that's what you actually wanted to warn me about it."

    "More or less. I don't think your brother is particulary in a better situation. You on the other hand, have to tough yourself up if you ever need to one day use everything you got."

    "I don't really get it? Are you telling me to hit the weights or something."

    "It's not your body. It is in here." Shen points at his head. "It's a matter of concentration."

    "Concentration on what?"

    "Reason." Said Shen as she points at his head. "Power without reason is as worthy as coal that cannot burn. The reason for power is more important than the power itself. Keep that in mind and you will be fine. Like those mushrooms! Want one?"


    Back to the present, Drake finished reminiscing about that one time and stood back on his feet.

    "After all you passed, you still stand against me? Foolish." Said Baal. "But then again, I like reckless idiots like you."

    "Hey, big guy. Let me ask you a question." Said Drake. "Have you ever had someone looking up to you, wishing they were just as cool as you are?"

    "Say what?"

    "Bah. Nevermind. I don't know how it works with Demons, but certainly you aren't the charismatic type." Drake then pierced the ground next to him with his sword. "Me on the other hand, I have a younger brother that admires me like that, I think. He may not notice, but if you give a couple more years he will be a better man than I am. And that's why I can't just die here, you know."

    A dark mist started to rise from behind Drake that took the shape of a demon-like being.

    "Huh? What is going on?" Said Baal. "What is this uneasy feeling?"

    "Are you ready for this?" Said Ruby to Drake.

    "I had enough time to be ready." The figure behind Drake started to gather around his sword and a turned into a dark vortex surrounding his body and pushing Baal back.

    "Argh! This energy!" Said Baal covering his face with his arms.

    Back in Gel, Aladdin still hiding from the mayhem in the city, senses a faint feeling from the atmosphere. "Drake..."

    The vortex surrounding Drake, sent a strong wind pressure that made the flames around the forest to flame.

    "The demon fire is being erased?" Said Baal. "Is this darkness so strong it can even consume the flames of demons? There wasn't a Dark Walker that could do that on the ancient age. Did those nasty hybrids...Evolved that far already?"

    The vortex finally disappeared and Drake's figure became visible. He was wearing a jet-black armor covering all of his body. The helmet had two triangle-shaped protuberances that looked like horns and a glowing red eye could be seen. On his back, there was a mist of darkness that was shaped like a cape around his neck. And his sword changed to a large black broadsword with a red line in the center.

    "That form...A Dark Knight?" Said Baal. "No...It's more like...A Demon."

    "Hey." Drake positioned his sword arm to a throw. "How about I respond that attack from before?"

    Drake tossed the sword that flew like a strong gust of wind. It grazed through Baal's face, cracking the left of his jaw of steel. "What?!"

    The sword contimued to fly like an arrow until it stabbed a stone next to where Kishin was watching it, who noticed momentes later. "Huh."

    "Tch! You call that a response!" Baal went to attack Drake, who extended his hand and emmited a dark smoke from his palm. The sword that was stuck on the sword got free and floated in midair. It then pointed to where Drake was and flied back to him.

    "Heh. Dark Magic is fun." Said Kishin who was silently watching.

    The sword then pierced Baal from behind, making a hole on his torso and came back to Drake's hands. He quickly leaped at Baal and sliced his right arm where his axe was.

    "I-Impossible!" Said Baal. "Not only his strenght rose, but also his speed."

    Baal then turned back and saw Drake standing still, gazing at him. "...Why of all times, I am remembering that man?"

    "Hey, big guy." Said Drake. "So are we done here? I have places to be, you see."

    "Why are you acting like it's over?"

    "I mean, you lost your arm."

    "Hah! And yet you claim to be half-vampire. For ancient creatures like demons and vampires, a lost limb is merely a flesh wound." Baal's body started to become red and jets of fires started to leak from the holes of his body. "For the first time in centuries, you will witness the true terror of the demons!"

    Baal exploded into a mass body of fire. It started to shape like his body, but it was bigger. The fire turned into a red body of magma. Baal's form was of a giant obese with four arms and two pairs of compound eyes. Each of his arms had an axe on them.

    "So Baal decided to show his true colors." Said Kishin. "It would be a shame for you to die just when it got fun, Hybrid boy."

    "So there is something else under that chunk of iron." Said Drake. "Somehow you got uglier."

    "I'm sick of your insults!" Baal strikes one of his axes at Drake. The axe was stopped by a block from Drake's sword. The two then started to clash their weapons against each other.

    "How is this possible?" Thought Baal. "Even with four weapons, he is managing to stand on equal ground with me?!"

    Drake delivered a strong attack that pushed Baal, opening his defense. Drake jumped in front of his face and delivered a punch that sent Baal to the ground. "Ouch!"

    "Man. Even tough I have a huge sword, it feels better to punch people." Said Drake.

    Baal stood up and hit Drake with a backfist, sending him flying and hitting a rock.

    "Good to know we are on the same page." Said Drake.

    "I'll turn you into ashes and cinders!" Baal sent fireballs from his axes, but Drake easily deflected them all.

    "Ashes and cinders? They are basically the same, dude."

    Baal then opened his mouth and a powerful heat vortex started to gather inside his throat. "Last Eruption!" A massive conflagration came from Baal's mouth that left a trail of drought and destruction that extended even outside of the forest. As the fire fades, not a single soul was seen from where the fire passed.

    "Aaaah. It seems his skin, flesh and bones turned into smoke, huh?" Said Baal.

    "Yo." Baal heard Drake's voice and he was right in front of him, with his armor being red hot and covered with steam.

    "Huh?! How did you got here."

    "...I walked." Said Drake as he pointed at his footprints behind him."

    "You saying you walked through that like it was nothing?!"

    "Yep. And guess what?" Drake delivered a punch at Baal's gut that pushed him back and made him fall to his back. "It's still feels so right."

    "That does it!" Baal's body started to heat up and it starts to lose it's form. He became a giant fireball with his face on it. "I shall devour you! Like leaves of a tree to a wildfire!"

    "Funny." Said Drake. "I really could go for a hot meal after this."

    Baal charges at Drake with his mouth open while Drake prepares his sword for a pierce attack. The two of them makes contact and a explosion of fire and darkness ignites.

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    Chapter 86: Rise and Shine.


    The flames that came from the blast from the clashes between Baal and Drake finally settled down. After the smoke left out, only one figure was standing. It was Drake with his sword filled with ashes. The armor then fades away on black smoke, but his sword is still unchanged. Close to him there was a mass of cinders in the shape of Baal's head with a look of despair and fright.

    "So that's how you end, huh? Are you even still alive?" Said Drake as he kicks his remains and scatters the ashes to the air. "Honestly, that's a scary way to die."

    Drake gave it a curious look at his changed sword and swings it a little bit. "Not only it changed, but even though it's definetly stronger it's feels easier to use." He then started to spin his left arm. "Also, I feel heavy somehow. Maybe I tore a muscle or two here....Now where do I go?"

    Back at the Yggdrasil, Titania was standing alone on a hidden room with a coffin in the middle. She had her eyes closed, sensing the forest. "I cannot feel the forest burning. The flames are gone. Could it be that young Hybrid did it? Even if he is the last demon around, he is not an opponent anyone can understimate...Anyway, I'm actually more afraid of this one." Titania approached the coffin and picked a vial of blood she was carrying with her. The coffin had a hole on it's side that Titania put the vial in. The blood then got drained to inside the coffin and smoke leaked from inside. The coffin slowly opened and a hand left, touching the left border of the coffin. A man with long gray hair covering his right face came from inside. He had the same features that a vampire had and his face had a sulking expression.

    "Lloyd." Titania walked towards the enigmatic figure know as Lloyd. "How are you feeling?"

    "...I was pretty serious not waking me up." Said Lloyd. "Should've have walked into a desert in the middle of the day."

    "Not now, Lloyd." Titania picked up a white shirt and a black coat that were scattered near the coffin. "Here. It's cold outside."

    "Vampires are always cold. Why do you think I would go outside in the first place?"

    "The forest is in danger. Unfortunately, I am powerless to stop them. Even though I do have allies, it might not be enough. I came to you...Because there was no other choice.

    "I'm a last resort then? I suposse this is the best I could work on."

    "Lloyd...Do you know what sort of threat I'm talking about?"

    "...Vampires. I can smell the blood from here. But it's curious. There is a far stronger sensation over it...Who is the current monarch?"

    "There is none. The old vampires you knew are gone for ten years now."

    "...Who managed to do this feat? Werewolves? Dragons? Or perhaps...Hybrids?"

    "His name is Raven. He was the crown prince who turned his back on his own kind. All of his followers are humans who were his slaves back in Hollowgrounds and more. Monsters know as Rogue Vampires."

    "The prince, you say"

    "Yes, Lloyd. He is your grandson."

    "And who is his parent?"


    "Vlad, huh?" Lloyd left his coffin putting the clothes that were given to him. "Well, I guess it's up for me to clean their messes."

    On the top of the giant beanstalk that grew from the bottom of Gel to the clouds, Salomeh and Raven were having a intense duel between them. Salomeh sent several black pumpkins on fire at Raven, who responded by shreding them with his left hand turned into a red claw.

    "I heard that is the hands that steals the souls of people." Thought Salomeh while keeping her focus on the battle. "So it can also destroy magic itself? It seems that is an aspect he shares with Nightmare and perhaps Rogues in general. I really need to erase this man." Salomeh channeled darkness from her palms through the soil making dozens of pumpkins appears near Raven. Raven look at them surprised but later gives a sneaky smile.

    "Perish!" With the snap of a finger Salomeh makes the pumpkins to explode, causing a chain reaction that resulted on a big explosion. While Salomeh stared at the remains of ash and smoke of her spell, Raven appeared right behind her ready to slice her with his sword. "Predictable." Salomeh snapped her fingers and a black lightning bolt descended upon Raven. He turns into mist and flies to the center of the platform with his body being slight burned from the attacks.

    "Fantastic." Raven clapped his hands displaying his devious smile. "How long has it been since I was struck by a lightning? Wait a minute. That never happened. Huh. Look at that a first thing to happen in my life in like a century. Cool." Raven wielded his sword in a reverse grip. "Buy you know, I'm pretty good in fighting at a distance as well." Raven swung his sword, sending a red wave in the shape of a bird at Salomeh. She then gave it a fierce glare and created a whips made of black vines with torns and parried the attack with one swing. "Oh. Is that so? Oh well...Try to keep up then!" Raven started to sent more and more flying slashes at Salomeh who created another whip on her other hand and defended herself from the attacks. Slowly she started to close the gap between her and Raven. When she was close enough, she covered one of her whips with fire and sent to stab Raven in the face who dodged it still looking at Salomeh with a meaniful face. "You got guts. Never thought a Warlock Hybrid would try to do face me head-on."

    "Did you forgot? I'm still half-vampire. So in theory I am able to punch you in the mouth, pulling out your fangs in the process."

    "Kakakaka! Nice, nice! Everytime I meet one of your kin, it's always a joy." Raven's face became more sinister. "It's make me...Want it you. Say dearie, it would be a waste if you were to die here."

    Salomeh looks skeptical at Raven. "Hmm?"

    "Considering you were hiding your true self, I assume you did that because they would never accept you as a teacher if they knew you were a Hybrid. Doesn't this makes you anxious? Have you ever thought of wipe away this society you live in like sprinkling a hose to an anthill?"

    "...True. It is rather bothersome." Salomeh looked upward. "But...I am sure of one thing. There is no way a guy like you can make things better for me."

    Raven gave it an indifferent look to Salomeh.

    "Raven, you are a despicable man. Your existence only brings discomfort to anyone that steps in the soil of this world. If there is any scum in this world that needs to be cleansed is you."

    "....Ke....Ke....Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Raven suddenlty bursted into tears.

    "Huh?" Salomeh watched dumbfounded.

    "You are such a meanieeeeee! Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!" Raven kneeled and started to punch into the ground, making a small hole who that grew bigger each time he hit. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!......Oh well." Suddenly his eyes became dry and his expression changed to his usual joyful and devious self. "I must say that was a wonderful change of mood if I say so myself."

    "W-What just happened?"

    "You know what? I do think you deserve a reward after all." Raven passed his left hand right into his head.

    "Huh? He put his hand...right inside his skull?"

    "Keh!" From inside his head he pulled out a gun that had a cannon shaped like a bird. "I really wanted to test out this thing."

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    Chapter 87: Ambition.


    Salomeh carefully observed Raven who was spinning his gun on his index finger. "He picked a firearm from inside his head. Similar to how that sword comes out of his chest. Does the location have some sort of meaning."

    "That old lady always hated those." Said Raven.


    "Diamanta, The Ebony Knight. She despised firearms, saying that there was no honor as a warrior in such a thing. She babled something about feeling the death of the opponent through your hands. But you know what? I think when you pull the trigger and shoot, you can feel the bullet piercing through flesh from your finger." Raven aims and shoots a fast red coloured beam that pierces through Salomeh's shoulder.

    "Ah....Aaaaaaaaah!" Salomeh left out a scream after she felt an aching pain from where the shot passed through a few seconds after she got pierced. "That..Was definetly faster than a bullet. Or even a lighting bolt."

    "Yep. I definetly felt." The gun disappeared from Raven's palm. "I can only shoot one shot at a time before charging back, but honestly it's just make more rewarding when it hits."

    Salomeh grinds her teeth and covers her wounded shoulder with a black vine and put some fire on it to cauterize it. "It's not like I wasn't expecting a bad time. I knew it would be difficult."

    "Difficult? That would mean you had a small chance to win. Which it's not seem to be the case here."

    "Just because you didn't used your Sin yet?"

    "Oh? You know about it?"

    "Don't understimate the gathering of information from a top researcher of Gel. I can learn quite a lot with a few dozen of captured rogues."

    "Wow. Good for you I do not particulary care for some grunts. Anyway, there is one thing you need to know regarding that. Unlike my siblings, my Sin isn't like a button or a trigger to be pressed. My Sin is always activated."

    "What do you mean?"

    "It's this." Raven transforms his hand into a crimson claw. "My Sin is called Ambition. It's tha ability to steal the life of my victims and with it, their freedom and selves. Similar of how vampires used to be, but a few tiny bits to consider. First, I can only turn humans into vampires as usual. And second...Everytime I make a new Rogue, my overall power grows."

    "Huh?!" A glimpse of fear showed up on Salomeh's eyes. "Your power?"

    "It's like a fair deal. A rather forced one, but still fair. If you sell someone anything, it's fair you to be paid by whatever value the item you sold is worhty for. Well...By turning a human into a vampire, that way giving him a boost of strenght and eternal life, taking account their loss of free will and ammount of sanity, the equivalent exchange is that I get stronger not only as a group, but as an individual."

    "This is...really terrifying."

    "Of course, there is too little even this body of mine can take it. It's not like one rogue will make a lot of difference than I am right now. But even from a lot of worms, a fletchling can grow into an hawk, right?"

    Salomeh still in pain, tries to process what she learned inside her mind. "It has been 10 years since he became the admiral of the Rogue Vampire Pirate Armada. Even nations fell from his pillages. Just how much stronger did he got ever since?"

    "A little silent there, darling. Could it be that you fell in despair knowing that each day I live, the harder it gets to kill me?"

    "...Shut your fucking mouth, you despicable scumbag of shit."

    Raven slowly raised his hand and pushed foward. "Woah. Easy there."

    "If anything, I am now more ready to throw away my life to stop you here today!" Salomeh joined her palms and a strong pulse came from inside of her, releasing a huge mass of darkness. "I will not hold back!"

    "This actually looks risky...Awesome."

    Meanwhile at the Fairy Forest, Drake was walking dragging his sword , looking very tired. "Urgh. I feel like my body is weighting a ton. Didn't felt that way ever since me and Johnny went to that honey festival in Neon. Never want to see a honeycomb again." He stops walking and look at all of his directions. "Where do I go anyway. Bloody hell...I am going at the giant tree in the middle, right?" Drake then gazes at a certain direction. "Hmm...It certainly is noisy over there...Alright then." Drake crounched and then ran straight ahead as fast as he could. After running a few miles, he manages to arrive at the Heart and sees the village being attacked by rogues from afar. "I'm certainly late for the party."

    In the middle of the Heart, Curupira was making easy work on the rogues by striking them with his fists and tossing them away. Five rogues tried to ambush him from above, but Kamui swiftly appeared and cut them with a blade made of a green light.

    "...I didn't need your help, if that's what you thinking." Said Curupira. "Anyway, if the past you were here, I would be on my way home to Araukarias right now, but instead here I am doing your work that by the way was supossed to be Titania's work. How do you feel about that?"

    "Sorry." Kamui calmly apologized.

    "Ew. The past you would have at minumum stare at me. Oh wait, you don't have eyes, right?" A glowing circle appeared on the ground nearby those two. From the circle, Aladdin and the rest of the Black Demons appeared from it. "Oh look at that. Another cast of colorful characters. Since when this place became so cramped?"

    "What is this place?" Said Nikolai. "Doesn't look like a forest. Did you checked the right coordinates?"

    "This don't work based on coordinates." Said Aladdin. "If we are here then Drake is nearby."

    "Right...And what are those?" Nikolai points at Curupira and Kamui.

    "Hey! It's ugly to point." Said Curupira. "Stupid Gremlins. Titania should never brought you to this world."

    "By the skies. It's you!" Shadewing quickly bowed in front of Curupira. "I never thought in my life I would meet the Great Ancient of Beasts."

    "Yeah, can you stop doing that Acquilla child? I already have the Jaguar folk to annoy me like that."

    "What does the Great Ancient of Beasts doing outside of Araukarias?" Asked Coela.

    "What? I don't have the right to leave there or something?"

    "Hey, you guys are here." Drake showed up with a stain of blood over his forehead.

    "Drake?! You bleeding! What happened?" Coela shouted.

    "Oh no! This blood isn't mine. I just had to care about a dozen rogues back there...Ouch!" Drake felt a pain on his shoulder.

    "Are you okay? You look exhausted." Said Aladdin.

    "Yeah. I may or not had to kill a demon on the way back."

    "Oh. You beat Baal? That's actually impressive." Said Curupira.

    "So the rogues here aside, what is that weird cloud approaching us?"

    "Cloud? What are you talking...What?" Kamui looks up and spots what seems a huge body of stone, big enough to crush the whole village. "W-What in the world?!"

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    Chapter 88: Resurrected.


    About a minute before Aladdin arrived in the Fairy Forest, something was happening on the Platinum Mountain. Around halfway the mountain, Nightmare was punching directly at the mass below him, causing a crack to surround half of the mountain.

    Then with all his strenght, he dug his fingers into the mountain and tossed the whole mass containing the summit with a back throw, sending straight at the forest.

    Now just around Drake had met his crew, the half of the mountain Nightmare tossed was about to crush them.

    "Aaaaaah! We are all gonna die and it's all your fault, Al!" Shouted Nikolai.

    "Shut it." Aladdin created black sand from his palms. "Let me take charge of this then."

    Black sand started to gather around Aladdin and it turned into a black whirlwind that flew towards the huge mass of platinum falling from above. As it came in contact, the sand turned into several giant snakes that engulfed the chunk of the mountain.

    "The Infinte Snake. Interesting." Curupira commented while observing it with curiosity.

    "Corrosion." Aladdin grasped his hand and the sand started to leak from the cloud covering the platinum. The sand disappears alongside the summit of the mountain.

    "...What...What did you do?" Asked Nikolai.

    "I turned all that inorganic mass into dust by covering with my sand of darkness." Aladdin explained with a stoic tone.

    "You managed to do that without paying any sort of price?"

    "Well..." Blood started to leak from inside Aladdin's mouth, nose and ears. "Don't expect me to do it again. Can someone check out if there is still a mountain out there?"

    "Leave it to me." Shadewing gave a quick soar to the sky that took only a few seconds. "There is no mountain around...Well, actually there is, but it seems to be missing half of it."

    "Isn't the closest mountain nearby that big one made of platinum?" Said Curupira.

    "Does that mean someone or something managed to throw half of that mountain all the way from there?" Said Kamui.

    "I can think of one guy who can do that." Said Aladdin. "Though calling just a "guy" doesn't feel right."

    A cold wind came by surprise covering the atmosphere.

    "Eeeek. Why isn't always this cold here?" Coela started to tremble.

    A big red block of ice appeared from ground. The mass of ice started to shatter and from within appeared Frosty, now a Rogue named Haze.

    "I was wondering when you would appear." Aladdin shaked his neck and slowly walked foward. "It has been a while, Professor. How was your little break in Neon."

    "Haaaaa....Haaaaa..." Haze was standing still giving long cold mouth breaths.

    "I see. You already lost your mind."

    "You know this guy, Al?" Asked Drake.

    "Forest Sundae. Professor and Spellcaster of GMA. Mostly know as Frosty."

    "That's Professor Sundae?" Asked Kamui. "I heard he went missing a few months ago, but to think he became a Rogue Vampire..."

    A new wave of rogue vampires then appeared behind Haze, looking fierce as usual.

    "Well, shit." Nikolai used his tail to bring a large rifle that attached to the metal tip of the tail. "Should I shoot your teacher in the head?"

    "No. Save for the other guys." Aladdin picked a vial of blood he was kepting inside his shirt's pocket. He drank it so that he could recover his strenght. He also removed the cape that he usually carried around his neck. "I'll take him on." Aladdin walked straight at Haze. The latter reacted by jumping straight at Aladdin with his hands covered by a pair of red claws of ice.

    "Predictable." When Haze was close enough, Aladdin created a magic circle around him that created a sand dome that covered both of them until it disappeared alongside with them.

    "Where did they went?" Asked Kamui.

    "Somewhere not too far." Said Drake. "That's rather reckless coming from him, but I suposse it's something only he can do."

    "Fine, but what about them?" Nikolai points at the remaining vampires.

    "Well, that's more or less what we are here. We got our own battle to fight. Let's go!" Drake and the others start to engage the rogue vampires.

    Some time ago on a snow field near Gel, the Red Beasts with Jacira and Bors falls on the snow field after being launched by Curupira.

    "Are you all well, fellow allies of justice?" Said Bors.

    "Oof! Wouldn't that creep thought that some of us are rather fragile?" Complained Vanilla.

    "I can only thing if you and Edward about that aspect." Said West.

    "I've seen lord Curupira doing it worse." Said Jacira. "Forgive him. He is from a different era."

    "Well, whatever. I take any sort of shortcut at this point." West looks at the city from afar and sees the gate already destroyed. "Well, at least we don't have to knock."

    "Entering the Lion's den as they say." Said Sanzuke. As they enter towards the city and pass through the gates, they find nothing but a empty street and not a single soul.

    "It's quiet here." Said Florencia. "Did the vampires alread have-"

    "No. There is no smell of blood around." Said West.

    "I see. I suposse the citzens are all taking shelter at the academy then."

    "If there was no attack, then who destroyed the gate?" Asked Jacira.

    "Me." A figure appeared from afar. It was a male warrior wielding a spear. His face was covered with a crocodile mask.

    "Who is that? Doesn't look like a vampire."

    "I was know that there might be reinforcements come to this side. So I made the path open anyway to save time."

    "You...You were the one from Ra." Said West. "But it seems you aren't wrapped in bandages anymore."

    "You know him?" Asked Sanzuke.

    "He was a warrior from ancient times brought back by a powerful ruler from a kingdom lost gone that we...kinda found it in the Steel Continent." Said Vanilla. "Yeah, it was that weird."

    "Truly sounds an adventure that would pass like a legend for genereations." Said Bors.

    "The Pharaoh has gave it me back my original body and my power." Said Nile. "As the Pharaoh's arms it's my duty to act as his sword."

    "Hold on. The Pharaoh is still alive?!" Said Edward. "I thought Johnnathan had finished him."

    "He was one whose power rivaled the Dark Lords." Said Florencia. "I guess we really took him lightly."

    "Forget about him." Said West. "So Nile, wasn't it? How about we took it from last time? I believe since your body is now in great shape you may show me your true power."

    "...It been ages since I truly had a fight." Said Nile. "You intend to face me alone, right? Very well, I accept your challenge."

    "Alright then." West transforms into his wolfman form and took a fighting stance. "You. Jacira, right?"

    "Huh? What is it?" Asked Jacira.

    "Guide them around the city. Show them to where the things are being noisy."

    "Hmmm!....Alright." Jacira then faced to an alleyway. "This way." She then started to carefully run.

    "Hey! Why do we have to follow that stranger?" Said Edward.

    "I can tell she has good senses." Said West.

    "What does that-"

    "Let's just follow her." Sanzuke pulled Edward by his collar and started following Jacira.

    "W-Wait!" Vanilla followed they along.

    "Forsooth! As Lieutenaut commands!" Bors went along.

    Florencia looked at West from behind with a concerned look. She nodded and followed the rest, flying with her wings.

    "Alright then." Said West. "Let's see how a human hero from long ago is capable off."

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    Chapter 89: Descends.


    Inside the academy, Noir is scouting in the hallways. He walks with silent steps looking around the walls. "They didn't bothered put anyone on guard on this floor? Can't believe how easy this look like."

    "Gosh, I wonder why." Through a black hole that appeared in the floor, Kaio emerged like a slippery snake that he is. "Maybe because you infiltrated thanks to my help? It's just a guess. Those poor souls you took care of it earlier sure were in the wrong place at the wrong time."

    "I would be more pleased if you have found the location of Zarvok's Egg instead of making me looking around at random."

    "Hey hey hey, I am probably be the most powerful spellcaster to ever existed, but doesn't expect me to find a magic relic from an era far past mine." Kaio then turned into a man-sized snake and glared at Noir. "Also, be a bit minded of your tongue. I don't care if you are one of Raven's beloved little brothers, but do not forget you are talking to a ruler of an empire."

    "Former ruler of a kingdom that doesn't exists anymore." Noir casually pass Kaio unfazed by his threats. "And how about your minion? Do you not mind risking losing your best lackey?"

    "Well, there is always a chance, yeah. But that is not a high one. Shasha!"

    Noir suddenly stops his steps.

    "Er, you okay there?" Said Kaio confused on Noir's behavior.

    "Someone is here." Noir turned around and saw an individual covered in a black cloak at the end of the hallway. "Who are you?"

    Outside of the academy, the spellcasters were firmly holding their ground against the vampires.

    "Keep pushing them!" Shouted one of the commanding officers. "Remain in position and not let them advance one step-"

    Blanc appears and slice one whole squad with one swing. "For a bunch of bookworms, those guys really don't want to stay dead in the floor."

    On an alleyway nearby, Petit was hiding from the battle, sitting on the ground covered in wounds. "This...This sucks. No matter how many I blow away, more keep coming." He looks at the gray coloured sky above him with weak eyes. "Is it...Is it over? I...I don't want to die now."

    "Petit!" A ball of yellow goo hits Petit's face.


    "You alright?" Honnie appeared right in front of him. "You looked bad so I threw one of my Panaceas at you."

    "...Yeah, I can tell." Ha manages to get on his two feet. "It almost makes me forget I was kicking my boots."

    "Huh? Oh le my! Now that I see you are such a mess!" Shouted Honnie as she created another yellow bubble. "Here is some seconds, just in case."

    "Just don't toss that at my face!"

    "Well, well, well. Two little mices alone in the alley." The two of them hear a voice coming from above. It was Moonlight, looking at them from the top of a roof with two daggers in hand. "I hope I am not interrupting anything."

    During the battle, an unexpected event happened. Out of nowhere, a huge black lightning stroke the giant sprout created by Salomeh. In the confusion, both sides of the battle steped back to avoid the blast. The sprout quickly reduces it height and quickly brings down the rocky floor it took upward. The impact created a dust cloud that hid the area for a few seconds.

    When the dust finally settled, a silhouette started to show. It was Salomeh. But her eye was bleeding and she was missing her right arm.

    "It's Salomeh!" Shouted one of the spellcaster.

    "Phew. I don't know how I did it, but it worked." Salomeh gave it a big sigh. "I had to sacrifice one of my limbs, but it was worth the shot."

    "Hey." Out of nowhere Raven appears in front of her with his hand over her shoulders and proceeds to stab her in the chest, piercing her whole body.


    The spellcasters watching were in utter shock.

    "Yoohoo! Go Admiral-" A cheering vampire gets shot by Raven, having his head blowed up.

    "Come on guys. You should know he really hates boot lickers." Said Blanc.

    "Urg." Despite her injuries, Salomeh managed to stand up.

    "Huh? She still standing even after that?"

    Raven noticed that the wound from Salomeh's chest was slowly disappearing. "Ah. I see. You are concentrating all your magic just to stay alive. Expected no less from a Warlock Hybrid of your level."

    "Hybrid? Did he said Hybrid?" Confussion had struck the spellcasters.

    "Shoot!" Thought Salomeh.

    "Whoopsie. Did I acidentally leaked something I shouldn't?" Said Raven who then quickly managed to catch Salomeh in the neck.


    "Well, nevermind." Raven turned his hand into a claw and aimed at Salomeh. "I don't feel like playing with you anymore."

    But before he could struck the final blow, Noir appeared next to him and held his arm. "Hold on."

    "Noir? What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be inside the academy?"

    "We were stuck on certain inconvenience. Anyway, situation requires we need her alive."

    "Eh? That sounds very sudden. What are the details?"


    "Raven!" Another Noir appered right in front of the academy front gates. He had a slice wound on his shoulder. "That's an impostor!"

    The other Noir that was holding Raven's arm suddenly glows blue and gets covered in blue fire.

    "Tch!" Raven at the heat of the moment rips of his own arm and falls back closer to his vampire lackeys.

    The false Noir than turns into a pillar of blue fire. That fire then starts to get into a more humanshape form and it turns into the Ninetails, Makoto.

    "T-The Ninetails?!" Shouted Blanc.

    "Rooooooooooooooar!" A huge roar like an thunderstorm soared the air. Suddenly a crimson red dragon landed on the top of the academy.

    "Now a dragon? That must be..."

    A figure that was on the top of the dragon descended from all the way up there. It was the Dragon Master, Tiamat.

    The Three Dark Lords then trade gazes at one another all in front of the academy.

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