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    Chapter 66: Fairy Forest.


    Trenspassing through a snow field, Johnnathan and the rest of his crew were on his way to the Fairy Forest under a snow fall. West was carrying both Serra and Hara on his shoulders, with the later being fast asleep.

    "Atchoo!" Serra sneezed. "Brrrr...How did I ended up in this situation?"

    "So what's the deal with spider-boy here?" Asked West.

    "I guess he went into a hibernation." Said Florencia. "They tend to do this on cold temperatures."

    "Sigh. If only Vanilla was here. She could warm us up." Said Edward.

    "Would you please not bring her up out of the blue like that?" Said Johnnathan. "That girl has enough for a lifetime already."

    "Hmm...What is this?" Said Evening as she see a small blue glowing pollen-like ball.

    "Oh...We arrived." Said Florencia as the snow fades away and they stands in front an entire forest composed of blue-coloured trees.

    "Wow...It's beautiful." Said West. "I feel like an elephant who found his way to his resting grounds."

    "...That was weird and dark, man." Said Johnnathan.

    "I do feel a warm in my heart seeing this." Said Evening. "I've seen gravures on books, but this is looks like the most stunning-looking place in the world."

    "People do say that a lot." Said Florencia. "But then again, the real Fairy Forest is way more further. I'll guide you there."

    Them keep walking inside the forest as Edward looks behind and sees a glimpse of Gel. "What should I do next?"

    Meanwhile on the Potion Laboratory, a woman with a long red hair dressed with a black dress, exposing her shoulders and cleavage, wearing a pointy purple hat is brewing several substances into a glass bottle. "Alright then, just one little tidy bit drop of Metal Slug Extract, then my greatest potion ever will be-"

    "Professor Salomeeeeeeh!" Honnie stormed inside the room, making so much noise that Salomeh do an accident that makes the potion explode on her face.


    "Ooops. I hope it wasn't important."

    "It was. I hope you have a good excuse to not ban you here forever."

    "Er...Look who came back."

    "H-Hello." Said Vanilla who was a bit awkward.

    "Ah! Vanilla!" Salomeh quickly went to hug Vanilla. "How I missed you! I was so concerned that you weren't kidnapped by a Hyena and sold as a pleasure slave!"

    "That's...oddly specific."

    "Wait a second! If you are here then...You somehow found your father?!"

    "M-More or less. I just found out he is in Neon and apparently has amnesia on a military base."

    "Amnesia? Neon? Wow, that's reassuring but yet still delicated. Where did you get that info?"

    Oh! It was from Viper."

    "Viper?! You mean Chemira?!"

    "Wait, Viper?" Asked Honnie. "As in THAT Viper?!"

    "That certainly bring memories. I was wondering how good old Viper was doing...Wait, does that mean you were on Stormy Island?"

    "Y-Yeah." Said Vanilla. "I know it isn't a place for a delicated snowflake like me, but-"

    "You didn't met Aladdin by any chance did you?"

    "Ah! Yeah, I did actually-"

    "Goodness Gracious!" Salomeh held Vanilla's shoulders very thightly. "Did he hurt you?! Did he upseted you?! Did he hurt and upseted you not necessarily on that order?!"

    "W-Where is this coming from? I mean, sure he is scary and rude, but I don't find him menancing...at least not a lot."

    "Now you are bringing the Desert Prince?" Said Honnie. "I wasn't expecting you to meet the other Miracles like this."

    "Urgh. Sorry, Vanilla." Said Salomeh. "It just, me and Al we just don't get along very well...Oh what the hell, we don't get along at all."

    "I thought you, him and Chemira were pretty close."

    "Were. Then things happened."

    "Okay then...So I guess I'll just...Find another work to do since I'm here."

    "Ah. Well, I am in need of an assistant for some research. And in the meantime you can come with me to Neon, but I guess you may want to take a break from all travelling."

    "Actually, a little more travelling sounds lovely."

    Back at the forest, the crew was still strolling at the forest, following a trail.

    "Flor?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Yes?" Replied Florencia.

    "Are we at the Forest?"


    "Sooo...Where are the Fairies? And where do you exactly used to live?"

    "The residents live at what we call "The Heart" that is located at the center of the forest. Everything around it is like a garden surrounding the house or something. There are wild animals, but they do not do any harm unless you bother them and there are some rare plants, so please be careful. Also while the fruits here are pretty rare to the outside world please refraim-"

    "Yooooo! Is that a Fairy Apple?!" Johnnathan points at a tree with blue-coloured apples.

    "Ah! Y-Yeah, but please do not-"

    "Hey guys! Guess what?! Fairy Apple!"

    "A Fairy Fruit. I heard about them." Said Sanzuke. "Some people call them the Holy Nectar."

    "Sweet! I was looking for a sugary treat after all!" Said West who put Hara down and him, Johnnathan and Sanzuke went to collect them.

    "N-No guys! We can't just pick a fruit from here and take it to outside!" Complained Florencia.

    "It's okay Flor! We just gonna eat inside the forest!" Said Johnnathan.

    "But...But...Ooooh this is not okay..." Florencia turned depressed.

    "There, there Flor." Evening patted her back. "Men are just stupid creatures most of the time."

    "Yeah...We are stupid." Said Edward who was behind them, sitting on a rock with a blank expression. "We do stupid acts and say stupid things as well...And worst of the times we do not do the right actions and do not say the right things at the right times...Yeah, we are cowards. Like bugs who hide below the rocks, too embarassed to look at other's eyes."

    "Hey Dude. I felt kind of offended by that." Said Hara.

    "Oh great. He woke up." Said Serra. "I guess I'll try one of those apples."

    "Leave some for me." The two of them went to pick apples.

    "...Is he always like this?" Asked Evening. "He seemed very optimist the first time I met him."

    "...Eddie, did something happeded between you and Vanilla?" Asked Florencia.

    "What?! M-Me and her?! N-No! O-Of course not! It definetly didn't happened!" Said Edward.

    "You...didn't done anything made her upset, did you?"

    "N-No...I guess not."

    "Edward, I swear if you made her cry somehow, I'll suck your blood and then spill it all over you!" Said Evening.

    "...She kissed me."

    "Huh?" Said both Evening and Florencia.

    "All I did was compliment her a little and suddenly she...just kissed me.

    "....Aaaaaaaaaaa!" Florencia and Evening start to happily shake Edward around.

    "I knew you could do it! I always knew!" Said Florencia.

    "I always thought you two were cute together!" Said Evening.

    "Yikes! Please stop!" Said Edward.

    "Forsoooth!" Out of nowhere, a Capraex wearing a silver knight's armor appears dashing through the woods. "I have heard a cry of help! Fear no more for justice has arrived!"

    "Oh no..." Said Florencia.

    "What's this?! Three lost ladies in peril in the forest? And one of them is my dear old friend, Florencia?! Haha! It seems my ally of righteous justice got this covered!"


    "You know him?" Said Evening.

    "Yeah. He is one of the...Sigh. Knights of Righteous Justice of Truth."

    "And why does he counted me a lady?" Said Edward.

    "Hey, what's the ruckus all about?" Said West who appeared eating an apple.

    "What's this?! Some devious-looking character dares to eat from our sacred forest?! That cannot be allowed!"

    "Who is shouting like crazy here?" Asked Johnnathan who was carrying more fruits alongside Sanzuke.

    "By my granpa's horns! Three villainous beings dare to disturb peace on our sacred forest!" Bors picked up a sword that was hanging from behind his back. "I shall deliver the mighty hammer of justice upon those devils!"

    "Bors! Plaese let me-"

    "Say no more, Florencia! I already figured out! Those enemies of justice were harassing those two young ladies and you put your own life in risk to protect them from those evildoers. but fear not! I, Lord Bors, Knight of Righteous Justice of Truth shall put those criminals in their place."

    "Boy, this guys talks a lot-" West is tackled by Bors and is launched at a tree before he could finish his setence. "Ooof! Okay...Okay..."

    West attacks Bors with his arms transformed into wolf arms and punches Bors in the face, pushing him back and making him fall.

    "So! A Werewolf! You would be a worhty foe! Yaaaaaaah!" Bors engaged West in combat swinging his sword fast enough to not leave a single opening left for him to counter.

    "This goat is big and quick, but not quick enough." West started to jump from tree to tree, kicking at them and going into random directions.

    "This villain is cunning."

    "Now!" West sends a wind blade at Bors that slices his shoulder.

    "Wind Magic?!"

    Distracted by the attack, West transforms into a wolfman and kicks his face.

    "Gruh! You are a outstanding fighter, I admit."

    "Say that when you have the upper hand."

    "I thought you were at most an elite soldier, but I am positive now. You are in fact a lieutenaut of an evil army of doom, right?"

    "...I am a what now?"

    "Don't you mess with me!" Bors starts to show amazing dexterity by spinning his sword around his hands. "I have justice on my side!"

    But out of the blue, he is held by several chains. "What?!"

    "Er...Sorry." Said Evening who catched him. "It looked it could get too ugly."

    "The fair maiden was with conspiring with the villains all along?! What a twist!"

    "Can you shut for one second and listen from what I have to say?!" Shouted Florencia.

    "...You could just asked."

    "Graaaaaaaaaaah!" She slams her bow into his face hard.

    "Ouch! The might jaws of righteousnes...."

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    Chapter 67: The Heart of the Forest.


    "And that's all about it!" Said Florencia, scolding Bors who was chained by Evening. "Any questions?"

    "So they aren't villains. I humble apologize for my despicable actions."

    "Good. You can release him Eve. Gosh, even the most polite Capraex have to be hard to deal with it."

    Evening then pull back her chains. "Hmmm...Where were the kids?"

    "We're here." Said Hara who appeared alongside Serra from behing a tree. "It looked dangerous so we decided to hide."

    "I can't believe it...You!" Bors points his finger at Serra.

    "Eh? What about it?" Asked Serra.

    "You...Are me!"

    Hara looks at Bors and then Serra. "...Not really."

    "What gracious fortune!" Bors picks Serra and holds her upwards. "I have found myself a knave?"


    "Fortune smiles upon my very existence! I shall raise this young apprentice of knight into a true warrior and our names will go down in history as Heroes of Legends!"


    "Hey that's cool, Serra." Said Hara. "I wish I had a destiny like that."

    "What's this!" Said Bors. "This boy may have the exterior of a squishy land crawler, but from inside, I sense he is unbreakable like the scales of a dragon."

    "Thanks...I try a lot...More than I should."

    "While it may beyond me to shape yourself into a hero, I shall look foward to see how far destiny will allow you to reach."

    "...Never in my life someone said something so inspiring someone said to me." Hara shed a tear in each of his eyes.

    "Hey, this is cool and all, but should we get going?" Asked West. "Not like there will be another weirdo to cause another misunderstanding."

    "Do not worry, Lieutenaut Wind Fang! I shall pay back my debt by guiding you to the Heart!" Said Bors who put Serra on his shoulder. "Go Foward, my allies of justice!"

    "...H-How did I ended up like this?" Serra looked depressed.

    The group then followed Bors through the forest.

    "So, Dame Florencia." Said Bors. "Any luck with the Keys?"

    "We found three of them." Said Florencia. "In fact we have three chosen by the pacts."

    "So they are Chosen Ones?! As expect from the Dame's Allies! Is the Lieutenaut one of the chosen?"

    "Yes, he was chosen by Gabo...By the way, he is my boyfriend."

    "Ah! But of course! Only a noble soul chosen by the Great Beast Sprite would be able to covet your feelings! Lieutenaut might look a ugly flea-ridden beast, but he is pretty!"

    "...Okaaaaaay. I wish I could say the same." Said West.

    "Hmmm....Florencia, what exactly are those?" Asked Sanzuke.

    "Those what?" Said Florencia.

    "This pollen-like light floating around. No one else is seeing them?"

    "Oh! That might be pieces of soul."

    "Souls? As in...Ghosts?!" Shouted Edward.

    "You see when a fairy dies, their bodies turn into dust and returns to the forest."

    "Are you saying we are on a fairy graveyard?"

    "Technically yes. But how do you see it Sanzuke?"

    "Probably it's Yomi's doing." Said Sanzuke. "I have been able to...sense some stuff. More or less like how Johnnathan does."

    "There are any ghosts at the ship, is it?" Said Edward.

    "Not really, but I've been able to sense your souls."

    "Hey, that's breach of privacy." Said West.

    "I can't chose to turn off, okay? Besides it's not like I am seeing you all naked. It's just like a bunch of fireflies."

    "So those are not gonna harm us, right?" Said Evening. "I feel kind of off around them."

    "They are made of light, so they do have some sort of effect on you." Said Florencia. "The Vampires never did once attack this place because of it."

    "I guess as long as I do not try to misbehave everything is fine, fight Johnny?" She looks behind and she sees Johnnathan collapsed on the gorund. "J-Johnny!"

    She runs to his side and helps him stand.

    "Blood..." Said Johnnathan. "Need...Blood..."

    "Blood? Okay, just give me a-" As Evening went to bite her own hand, Johnnathan rushed and bited her neck. "Aaaah!"

    "Woah! Easy there tiger!" West went and delivered a punch to Johnnathan's head.

    "Ouch! My head."

    "I don't know how Hybrids do their things, but respect your woman, okay?"

    "What did I do?"

    "You bited Evening's neck?" Said Edward. "Like a few seconds ago. Like a vampire."

    "...You didn't mention there was a vampire among your allies." Said Bors to Florencia.

    "He is half-vampire, but that was weird."

    "Hmm...Sketchy indeed...Wasn't there a legend about hybrids becoming vampires from long ago?"

    "What?! That is possible?!" Said Evening.

    "It's a notion fairies had, but not was really proved." Said Florencia. "But this is certainly unnatural. I guess we need to have the Fairy Mother take a look at you."

    "Well, that's fine by me." Said Johnnathan. "Weren't we trying to do that anyway?"

    "Yes, but we are allowed to put you in your place if you misbehave."

    "...Fair. I'll be going ahead then." As Johnnathan went a few steps ahead of them, West went to check on Evening.

    "So, you okay there, missy?" Asked West as Evening stared at him with a cold gaze. "...What?"

    "...Tch!" Evening looked away and went ahead with a grumpy demeanor.


    "Er...West." Florencia murmured on his ear. "Vampires tends to like when the one they love bite their necks."

    "In other words, I "ruined the moment". Just great."

    After taking a long road through the forest, they seem to arrive at a dead end. A wall of rocks and stone stood in their way.

    "Do we climb now?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "That won't be necessary." Florencia pulled a green charm from her pocket and showed it in front of the wall, revealing a hidden passage.

    "Huh. Should've figured out."

    When they pass through the passage they arrive at a whole city made of houses built in the trees surrounded by a wall of flora. A giant tree with a castle built around of it could be seen in the middle of it.

    "Wow! I wish I had those tree houses." Said Johnnathan.

    "That's the world tree, Yggdrasil." Said Florencia. "It roots expands to the whole world and it's where the Fairy Mother lives."

    Walking a bit further, they spot several residents. Most of them fairies, but also Gremlins, Acquillas and even Merfolks.

    "Incredible." Said Edward. "I thought it would be only fairies, but there is a big diversity here. There even Hyenas and Lagomoths."

    "While it's true this is the motherland of the fairies, several other species came from the outside. Bors here being one of them."

    "Huh. Since we touched on the subject, what is your story, Sir Bors?"

    "I was just for someone to ask my frail-looking companion!" Shouted Bors. "Even though the epicness of my extraordinary tale my be far too much for your avarage ears, I shall lend you this legend that few have heard!"

    "I am already regretting it."

    "It all started on the fateful day, 30 years ago...I was just a kid, looking at the horizon on top of the high mountains of Mox wondering what destiny reserved for that still newborn. But then out of nowhere I was taken by the tyranical talons of the king of the owl, an Owlmageddon! It catched me and went far into the skies above!"

    "An Owlmageddon? Just like that?"

    "For hours I've been on the mercy of the flying beast of spite, until by the most unexpected hour, a lightning bolt struck the fiend with feathers and I fell from the skies, safely landing on a leaf of the World Tree."

    "Now that's karma."

    "It was by then I realized it was my calling to act as a protector to these good people and then the first chapter of the Legend of Bors begun!"

    "30 years in the making and yet this chapter never ends." Said Florencia.

    "You have returned sooner than I expected." A being shaped like a human that looked like an armor made of wood with two glowing red eyes appeared right behind them.

    "Ah! I-It's you." Florencia quickly stood in front of the mysterious man and bowed.

    "...You know him Flor?" Asked Johnnathan. "I couldn't sense him approaching at all."

    "So it wasn't just me." Said West.

    "...And me." Said Evening.

    "My apologies about that." Said the being. "It's not like I was trying to hide myself. It's a...condition of sorts."

    "Let me introduce him." Said Florencia. "This is the one know as Paladin. He is in fact a construct made by the Fairy Mother. A body of wood granted life."

    "Really?" Said Edward. "Damn this is sick. Vanilla would pest this guy like crazy with her curiosity."

    "It seems you found three, isn't it Florencia?" Said the Paladin.

    "Yes. I apologize I am missing the remaining half."

    "No. I understand there are some urgent matters to attend. Luckily for you...Titania has some free time to spare."

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    Chapter 68: Fairy Queen.


    On the Vitoria, Aladdin was feasting on a chicken soup on the deck alongside Drake.

    "Nothing like enjoying whatever Coela cooks it alongside your best pal, isn't it Al?" Said Drake.

    "Whatever. I'm just glad this cold is gone."

    "Still, I wanna know how Johnny is doing it. Is it me or he was a little...different last time we were together. Maybe Evening made him a little more mature."

    "About that, I wanted to say something about him."

    "Oh? Did you noticed something? Perhaps on his darkess?"

    "You see, he..."

    "Is it a good time?" Shadewing appeared, descending from the skies.

    "Oh. You are back. How did it go with Viper?"

    "Nothing much, but...Well there was something."

    "What exactly?"

    "I went to Neon from an errand of hers and...Remember that thing with Vanilla's father?"

    "Frosty? What about it?"

    "Well, you see...."

    Meanwhile at the Fairy's Forest's Heart, Johnnathan ans the others arrived right in front of the World Tree, whose leaves were covering the whole sky.

    "...Is it really okay, for build a whole mansion on top of the tree that covers the entire world?" Asked Edward.

    "It was built to be like an extension of the tree." Said Paladin. "Fairy Queen Magic, do not ask it how."

    "So, we climb all the way there?" Asked West.

    "We use the door." Said the Paladin as shining ring appeared on the floor.

    "...That is not a door."

    They step on the ring and soon are teleported to a large balcony on the top of the tree.

    "Woah. Awesome." Said Johnnathan. "This is the sort of view I wish my house had it."

    "Didn't you lived in the mountains?" Said Evening.

    "But my house wasn't at the top of it."

    "Wow. Gel looks so tiny from up here." Said Edward as he spotted the city covered in snow.

    "And what is that weird mountain up there?" Said Hara as he pointed to a cold mountain far away from them that was silver coloured.

    "Ah, that's the famous Platinum Mountain" Said Florencia. "Heighting about 20,000 feet high and it's made entirely of platinum."

    "That's a lot of platinum, I guess."

    "Yeah, and-"

    "Florencia, you are here!" Suddenly a small childlike fairy with a long green hair and a long white dress appeared right between Florencia and Hara.

    "Ah! Your-" Before Florencia could react, the child launched to her arms and tackled her with a hug.

    "Hahahahahaha! I missed you so much!"

    "Uuurgh! Not in the front of everyone!"

    "Who is the spunky kid?" Asked West.

    "Silence, Lieutenaut Wind Fang!" Said Bors who striked West's head.


    "Quick! Show humility before the mother!" Bors then kneeled before the child.

    "Hmm? You mean the Queen?" Said Johnnathan. "Is her invisible or something."

    "Teehee. I believe he is talking about me." Said the child as she floated in the air with her wings. "Allow me to introduce myself. I am the Fairy Queen, Titania."

    "...Aren't you a little too young to be a Fairy Queen?" Said Edward.

    "Have you ever seen a Fairy Queen in your life?" Said Florencia.

    "No, but...I thought she would be...older."

    "Fairies may live longer then humans, but of course I would be an exception." Said Titania. "I am the forever fourteen year old Great Ancient of the Forest. Die of jealously you fools! Hehehe! Kidding, kidding!

    "She is a bit childish though." Said Johnnathan.

    "I think she is adorable, even though she is older than me." Said Evening.

    "So you brought guests, Flor." Said Titania. "Will you introduce me them?"

    "O-Okay. These are the Red Beast Pirates. I believe you heard of them."

    "Is that so? You brought some rotten apples to my domain. How dare you, Flor? How dare you? Hahaha! I jest!"

    "I also found those children on the way. I was hoping you could look after them."

    "Huh? So this was what it was about?" Said Serra.

    "Hmm...A Capraex girl and a Spider Clan boy. Sure! I can look after them!" Said Titania.

    "A-As in forever?"

    "You are free to leave when you get older, but on the meantime...Bors, please take them to their quarters."

    "Understood!" Bors picked both Serra and Hara and rushed to inside the mansion.

    "I didn't agreed to thiiiiiiiiiiis!!!" Shouted Serra.

    "Anyway...This one here is Johnnathan." Said Florencia. He is the infamous Red Beast."

    "Milady." Said Johnnathan.

    "A Hybrid, I see. You don't look like a Warlock, but I sense a huge ammount of Darkness leaking from inside of you. You must be a Deviant, right?"

    "Oh? You can tell?

    "Of course! Just that I can tell this one is a Werewolf and this other one is a Youko."

    "I don't really like when you say that out loud." Said West.

    "And I didn't forgot about you too, young human."

    "Thanks for noticing me." Said Edward.

    "So, how did you became friends with pirates?"

    "You see...Things happened and Johnnathan saved my skin. In fact, I became one of them. I am currently the First-Mate."

    "Oh? Is that so? Well, you were always someone to depend on, so it is not unexpected."

    "Huh? You are not upset that I became a pirate?"

    "I can see you have very strong and loyal friends. You'll be fine for the time being."

    "I...I see...Also, there is another thing."


    "It's...About this one here." Florencia pulled West by the arm. "This is West. He is my boyfriend. I thought I should've let you know."

    "Gaaaaaaaaasp!" Titania became stunned and then very excited. "Oh my gosh! That's so wonderful! Who would believe after 30 years you finally manage to hook up with someone?!"

    "Y-Your majesty, please...Don't say that out loud."

    "But this is a surprise alright." Titania speaks with a smug on her face. "I never thought you were into the rebel type."

    "He may be reckless, but he is not a thug..."

    "...West, isn't it?"

    "Hmm? What about it?" Asked West.

    "Florencia might be someone that may have the answer for everything, but even she can make mistakes. But what matters is that she is true to her feelings and really care for those she loves. So you have to be a pretty nice guy to make her accept you. I say this because she is like a daughter to me."

    "...I kinda already knew that."

    "...Pfffft! Hahahahahaha! This lad is very funny, Flor!"

    "I'm glad you liked him." Said Florencia.

    "And now to address the elephant in the room...Or should I say Vampire." Titania turns her looks to Evening. "And what about, darling?"

    "Ah! Y-You can tell?!" Said Evening.

    "Your ring can change you from outside, but sadly such things do not work on me."

    "I see...I do not wish do any harm."

    "Oh don't worry about that. Even if you wanted, this whole forest would weaken you and you would be dead meat. Hahahahaha!"

    "Hahaha..Yeah, right."

    "...I wasn't kidding by the way."

    "Oh? O-Okay."

    "Speaking of which, Titania." Said the Paladin. "It seems this Johnnathan is getting on that condition."

    "That condition?"

    "You see...It appears he is turning into a Vampire" Said Florencia.

    "Ah..." Titania stayed a few moments in silence. "...I see. Does he have a Sprite by any chance."

    "...Agni? You here?" Johnnathan asked for Agni who appeared from inside of him.

    "Well...I knew I would take the stage." Said Agni. "Hello there, Titania. Long time no see."

    "Agni. It had to be you, huh?" Said Titania. "Is there any others?"

    Gabo and Yomi then appeared from their hosts.

    "We are here." Said Yomi.


    "So Fire, Beast and Spirit. You gathered quite a lot." Said Titania. "Now then Agni, can you tell me about this one's inner darkness?"

    "This one is a reckless fool." Said Agni. "Twice he had been forced to push the limits and unleash a absurd ammount of Darkness to survive. If I was Umbra I may could do something, but I am not her."

    "What do you have to say, Yomi?"

    "The shape of his soul is definetly changing." Said Yomi. "He is certainly turnign into something else."

    "Guys...Can we skip the diagnosis part."Said Johnnathan. "Hearing about is making me anxious."

    "I suposse that's for the best." Said Titania. "We cannot have that thing to happen again."

    "What do you mean that thing?"

    "About ten thousand years ago, there was a Hybrid like you who went to the same way as you." Said the Paladin. "Let's just say the end result was...a mess."

    "Bloody hell..."

    "If you please follow me, I would start to find a way to revert this situation right away." Titania went to a large door to inside the house and it opens right when she gets close enough. "If you may?"

    "Right away." Johnnathan followed Titania alongside the rest. Yomi then stared at the Paladin and went to talk to Sanzuke.

    "Sanzuke, go ahead without me for a while. I need to check something quick."

    "...Very well then." Said Sanzuke as he follows the rest.

    "...Do you honestly believe I wouldn't notice how you and Titania are different?"

    "We weren't trying." Said the Paladin. "You noticing or not, it wouldn't make a difference."

    "It's certainly not something to ignore. To think you of all people would be in this state. Trapped on a body of wood. Isn't it? Izanagi, my old friend?"
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    Chapter 69: Another World.


    Titania took Johnnathan and his crew to a tour inside her house. It was like a magic palace with wall made of sparkling ice crystals. Each hallway had a different set of artifacts to display.

    "You have some interesting objects laying out here, queen." Said Edward. "Are those from the very beggining of the Immortal Era?"

    "Some of them have a 1000 year gap, but yeah, they are pretty old." Replied Titania. "I donate some of them to a museum in Gel from time to time. Some are machines that are still even functional, but do not touch it. Really, it might blow the moon again."

    "They blew the moon in the past?" Said West. "Then why is it still there?"

    "Let's just about fifty percent of it is...artificial in a way. But do not tell anyone. Speaking of which has any one of you came across a interesting book? Maybe written in two ancient languages?"

    "Y-Yeah. I was wondering about that." Said Edward. "I had that in my possession."

    "I hope you enjoyed the treasure hunt me and Camilla orchastrated."

    "So it was all a game, huh?"

    They passes through a door and arrives on a room filled with plant life. The room itself had a very tall ceiling. "This is the Garden. We keep and cultivate some of the world's flora here."

    "Amazing, there are even trees." Said Evening who spotted a very tall tree with several branches on the top . "Isn't that an Araukaria Flower? There aren't a lot of them in the world."

    "Yep. The same tree that gave Araukarias it's name. It was a miracle to put one inside."

    Johnnathan spots a unusual plant behind a fence saying "Keep Out" right next to them. It was purple bulg surrounded by two leaves. "Is that dangerous?"

    "Not really, but if you get close it will."

    As they passes through the plant, Johnnathan hears a whispers. "...Feed me the human, lad."

    "...You said something Agni?"

    "It wasn't me." Said Agni, inside of Johnnathan.

    A while later they arrive at a wide open room with three long sofas around a table. The room was also filled with artifacts and portraits.

    "This is the Guest Room." Said Titania. "Please enjoy yourselves while I'll fetch something to you to drink."

    "Guest Room? I could sleep in one of those sofas and feel like I'm in a 5-star hotel." Said Edward.

    "I wouldn't go that far." Said Johnnathan. "There are some...bizarre things spread around...Like this thing." He stands in front of a giant black helm with two horns, with one of them being broken. Agni then left inside of Johnnathan.

    "...Hello there, old friend." Said Agni.


    "Oh, Astaroth. Whatever gone wrong?"

    "Astaroth? As in the Great Ancient of Fire?"

    "Yeah. This thing used to be his head."

    "His head? It looks like metal."

    "Fire Demons had souls of fire and skins of steel." Said Florencia. "They needed iron bodies over their bodies of flames to walk around."

    "So the queen is like putting a piece of his head on display?" Asked West. "That's kind of messed up."

    "What really happened back then?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Meh. He went crazy and tried to conquer the world." Said Agni."You know, demon overlord-style. The remaining immortals went all their all to hide us away from him and the rest is history. But damn, things were so easy before all of this."

    "Hey fellas. I'm back." Yomi appeared passing through the walls.

    "What were you doing?" Asked Sanzuke.

    "Probably what Agni is doing."

    "Guys, I think it just might be me, but..." Edward called everyone attention to a painting of a woman with red eyes and a long ebony hair wearing a red dress.. "...Is this Eve?"

    "Woah...Woah! Yeah, for once you aren't wrong, I guess." Said West.

    "...This is both fascinating and terrifying." Said Evening. "It's like walking into your stalker's room."

    "I think your imagination is fascinating and terrifying." Said Johnnathan.

    "Sorry for the wait!" Titania appeared with a giant ladybug carrying a plate with tea. "I gathered the best leaves for this. I hope you enjoy."

    "Wow. The entire air around changed by the second this tea showed." Said West. "I want the one that smells like strawberry."

    "So? Does the portrait interests you a little bit?"

    "I would be lying if I agreed on the "little bit" part." Said Evening.

    "You are one of Vladmir's daughter, right?"


    "I know this because you are the spitting image of your Grandmother."

    "Grandmother? That means..."

    "Yes. The Great Ancient of Darkness, Camilla."

    "Amazing. I heard stories about it, but I guess I took pushed after her. Why do you have her portrait anyway?"

    "Me and her used to be close friends. People would joke saying we were sisters."

    "A vampire and a fairy?" Said Johnnathan. "It's hard to see that."

    "But your first-mate is a fairy and you are a hybrid." Said West.

    "Still, not siblings."

    "I do look after you like your older sister sometimes." Said Florencia.

    "Hahaha! That's so like you, Flor." Said Titania. "Now Johnnathan, could you tell me how are you feeling right now? About...you-know-what?"

    "Yeah. Lately I have been really into blood." Said Johnnathan. "Just a while ago, I gave it a bite into Evening's neck."

    "Not that I was complaining." Said Evening who silently stared at West.

    "...She sure is upset with me by the most unexpected motive." Said West.

    "I see...As you heard it, there was a episode like this in the past." Said Titania. "About ten thousand years ago."

    "And what happened ten thousand years ago?"

    "For that I have first explain to you about your race. Or rather about the precursors of your race."

    "You mean Vampires?"

    "That AND beyond that. And this may be very bothersome of my part, but...I only wish to share this information with you and Evening."

    "...I have no objections. Right, Flor?"

    "...I agree." Said Florencia.

    "Very well...Follow me you two."

    Johnnathan and Evening both picked a tea cup and followed Titania to the Library of the manor.

    "...I feel like we'll miss a lot of important plot points." Said Edward.

    Titania brought Johnnathan and Evelyne to the library. It was a large collection of books, bigger than any other. It has also sculptures and other art pieces. One of those was a giant stone toad, right at the entrance.

    "Wait just a little minute while I go gather info for you two." Titania went to fly at the shelves, looking for a particular book. "Let's see...Where did I put?"

    While they wait, the two of them take a seat on a nearby table and Evening takes a shot of her tea. "Aaaaah...How delightful."

    "I don't find it particulary amazing." Said Johnnathan.

    "You would if you only had to drink only one thing for a decade."

    "Hasn't been another decade since you went rogue?"

    "One decade does not erase another."

    "I guess this is a little late to ask, but..." Said Titania while still looking for a book. "Are you two in a relationship?"

    "Ah! Y-Yes!" Said Evening.

    "I see. I see. You two are a very cute couple."

    "S-Sheesh! Do not say that out loud!"

    "Why not? It's the truth. In thousand of years, you are the cutest couple I ever seen it."

    "Okay, this IS really embarassing." Said Johnnathan.

    "Ah! Found it!" Titania picks a very old-looking book and brings it to the table they were on it. "Now just let me find the part..."

    Johnnathan and Evening patiently waits Titania as they finish their tea.

    "....So, how long are you two together?" Asked Titania while she looked at the book.

    "Oh...A few days or so." Said Johnnathan.

    "That's sounds very recent."

    "We do know each other since we were kids, 10 years ago." Said Evening. "We did stopped seeing each other because...things happened."

    "I see. That's very sweet."

    "Yeah, I guess it is."

    "...On a scale from 1 to 10, how do you rate each other on the sex aspect?" Both Johnnathan and Evening spilled the rest of the tea after that question.

    "What the hell?!"

    "If it's unexistent, consider it a zero."

    "What's up with this question?! Is this some kind of couple therapy?!"

    "You could see that way, yeah."

    "This is invasion of privacy! And it's creepy considering you look like a prebuscent girl!"

    "...I-I do think she is a ten." Said Johnnathan while turning his face to the side with his cheeks red.

    "H-Huh?!" Evening gets flustered.

    "I mean, I never had it with another woman, but I guess she is about that."

    "O-Oh..." Evening looks to the other side, avoiding showing her red face to Johnnathan.

    "...What a boring answer." Said Titania. "I recommend you two take a time and meet other people."

    "I'll kill her Johnnathan!" Evening tries to charge at Titania, but Johnnathan manages to hold her down.

    "Aha! I found it!" Said Titania, while showing the book to them. It had a image of two planets. One blue with green landmarks and the other pure red. "You two see those two seemingly different worlds?"

    "Yes. One looks cool and the other not so much." Said Johnnathan.

    "What if I told you, those two are actually the same planet and it's in fact our world?"

    "You mean World Seven?" Said Evening. "I find it hard to believe our world looked rotten like that."

    "As you know, World Seven was created when Six Realms decided to escape their demise. But it wasn't as simple as picked one portion of each of them and put it together like a snowball."

    "That's do not sounds simple." Said Johnnathan.

    "In fact, what we did was pick a dead world and use it as a foundation. It certainly sounds more simple, right?"

    "...Not really. How did you got there in the first place?"

    "We had the Sprites to move us to this world. But first we had to make the place appropriated for live on there. So preparations had to be made." Titania flips a page and shows the image of a seed. "This was a Yggdrasil Seed. The very same seed that turned into this tree."

    "How long was exactly that?"

    "Around one hundred...thousand...ish? Look, just because I'm immortal that does not means I remember everything."

    "That's a ridiculous amount of time."

    "Anyway, just planting the seed on unfertile soil wouldn't solve anything. We had to appeal to a far more powerful being."

    "What was more powerful than you?" Asked Evening.

    "Lady Death."

    "Lady...Death?" Said Johnnathan. "As in...Death Death?"

    "Yes. The deity that heralds souls. You see, the great Ancient and Death are...kind of close."

    "But how could Death even help?"

    "Life and Death are two sides of the same coin. One does not exists with another. So to create life, you need to have Death as well."

    "So she was able to make Yggdrasil to grow?"

    "Of course. When Yggdrasil's roots spread across the earth, we could move on to this world."

    "Sorry, but...was there any sort of catch with this? I don't think Lady Death would help without a price."

    "Your hunch is correct. Before we could start, she said there was a certain race she wished us to help grow. That race...was humans."


    "They were a race that didn't existed in any other of the six realms. She was really interested on giving them a second chance."

    "A second chance? What are you talking about?"

    "She told us that this planet was once a world filled with life and prosperity, until after aeons it got engulfed by natural disasters, wars and genocides. Until it bacame a dead rock stranded in space. You may not know, but Lady Death has a thing for living being with short lives. Something that I kind of understand."

    "Short lives, huh?" Said Evening.

    "When we first appeared..." Titania flips another page showing some sort of map. "We arrived at the same continent. This place would later become territory of Blitzreign."

    "Huh. That might explains why they are so full of themselves."

    "There was a lot of hard work to explore the whole place. It was not after a thousand of years we decided to explore other lands. We met humans on those lands thousands of years later. They appeared sooner than I expected. I'm sure the Lady had something to do with that."

    "So there were no humans on Blitzreign." Said Johnnathan.

    "We first encountered them on the Steel Continent when one of our own was scouting the place. Later on we found more on Neon, Araukarias and many other lands. They lived on simple, but organized groups."

    "This is certainly something that I was never taught."

    "One of our groups decided to directly overlook them while allowing them to develop themselves. The Dark Walkers."

    "My progenitors..." Said Evening.

    "Evening...Do you know why vampires exists?"

    "Hmm? What is that sort of question?"

    "When the Dark Walkers moved to this world, it seems some spawns from another race managed to get smuggled alongside them and managed to grow on this world right under our noses."

    "Are you...Talking about the Dark Beasts?"

    "The very same." Titania flipped a page and showed images of several black lizard-like creatures.

    "I heard about them from my mother." Said Johnnathan. "Monsters that came from many shapes and sizes that manages to adapt to any sort of enviroment. I heard they were extinct."

    "The first appearance of those Beasts were recorded around ten thousand years after we arrived here." Said Titania. "They were the bitter enemies of the Dark Walkers. For all eternity, they were in constant conflict. But they managed to create a weapon to oppose them."

    "...You say weapon, but...why do I have a bad feeling about this?"

    "At that time, humanity already learnt of magic and other stuff, but they were still young and frail compared to us. But the Dark Walkers learnt that something...odd happened when they mixed Dark Magic with them."

    "You don't mean..."

    "Yes. They learned how to turn humans into vampires."

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    Chapter 70: Fear the Dark.


    "So the Dark Walkers turned humans into vampires? That's where we came from?" Asked Evening.

    "You never figured that out?" Said Titania. "I mean vampires can turn other humans into vampires. Why do you think is that?"

    "Oh. Now that you mention it, it's make sense."

    "Ah, that's right. Recently...Or should I say a while ago, humans sired by vampires were pretty rare, right?"

    "It's a way to keep our numbers in check. I guess my mother was the only vampire I met that was originally a human."

    "But still, wasn't that a little extreme?" Asked Johnnathan. "I mean, you had to have an objection about that."

    "You talk as if we forced them to do that." Said Titania. "You see, humans volunteered to do this."

    "For real?"

    "Dark Beasts were like a disease. Just a small spawn could turn into a swarm of death. As I said none of the Dark Walkers noticed that they came along. And the worst part...They usually start preying on the smallest and youngest prey around."

    "So humans, right?"

    "Yeah. Turns out they were the ones suffering the most. We had to deal with them really fast." Titania flipped a page and showed a figure of shadowy figures waging war against black reptilians type of beasts. "At the time, humans barely had magic and lacked enough physical strenght to combat them. So, they found a way to increase their strenght, speed and fighting capabilities. To receive the blood of the Dark Walkers, they became warriors of darkness, strong enough to defend against the Beasts. But they were cursed to live forever by being fed of only the blood of either mankind or of the darkness."

    "Are you sure about that?" Asked Evening. "Because I'm pretty sure I drank blood from others that weren't humans or vampires."

    "Oh. That's because all Demi-Humans have human blood in their veins."

    "Wait, what?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "When you have a lot of different species forming civilizations in the same planet, breeding from different species tend to happen. You may not know this, but outside of the vampires, all Demi-Humans aren't one hundred percent of what they are. Back in the day, it was common a fairy to live until a thousand years. In a way, they are Hybrids."

    "So me and the others of the ship are more closer than I thought."

    "What about the Dark Beasts?" Asked Evening.

    "We managed to get rid of them." Said Titania. "Well, not exactly. There was one of them that managed to escape certain death."

    "Huh? Are they still around?"

    "In a way, but he can't cause any harm. To escape death, a Dark Beast went into a stage of hypobiosis that never once was heard about it."

    "Hypobiosis. Isn't that what the larvae do?" Said Johnnathan.

    "Yeah, you could say that he reverted to a very simple stage."

    "You mean just like that?"

    "Of all the Dark Beasts, the worst ones are the ones that most quickly adapts. And the worst one managed to went into such a state just to avoid being killed. Harvok, the Immortal".

    "What happened next?" Asked Evening.

    "...Before that, you must know that first they chose a champion to fight for the Dark Walkers. The person they chose was the leader of a warrior tribe that had close ties with the Dark Walkers. It was your grandmother, Camilla Lecardre."

    "Grandmother Camilla?"

    "As you know, she was the Great Ancient of Darkness, but before her, that title belonged to the King of the Dark Walkers, King Artorius."

    "Artorius? Wasn't that the name of the first king of Drakland?" Said Johnnathan.

    "The very same. Humans started to gather more in Drakland back in the day. It was shortly while that they migrated to another continent to create several kingdoms who would later become Blitzreign."

    "I heard about that, yes. And where did Harvok ended anyway?"

    "He is just a dead egg hidden on Gel Magic Academy. But forget him!" Titania casually throws the book away. "Now that you know about the Dark Walkers, it's time you learn about you!"

    "And what that would be?"

    Suddenly the frog statue of the library opened his eyes and mouth revealing a green light on them. From inside, it sent a tongue in the shape of stairs.

    "Oh. He came." Said Titania.

    "What is going on?" Asked Evening.

    "That's a Warp Frog. A rare beast that turns into a portal to another Warp Frog. They are extremely rare."

    "Titania? You up?" From inside, it came a young-looking lad with a red skin, pointy ears and a hair with a strong shade of red that looked like a bonfire. He also wore only a yellow loincloth with a belt passing through his torso."Huh? Are you in the middle of something?"

    "Hey Curi! I am just teaching those two some ancient history."

    "Huh. Okay then. Anyway, I wanted to know if you could look after someone for a time." He calls up a woman with short black hair in a bobcut covering her body with a long green cape and had red painting on her face. "This is Jaci. Guaraia's sister. I was thinking if you could overlook her training."

    "Ah! I see! So that's his sister, huh? But did something happened back in Araukarias?"

    "There is a unusual beast that I never saw making them busy. Doesn't seems like one of mine."

    "Uuuuh...Who and What is this man?" Asked Johnnathan. "He doesn't look like a fairy to me."

    "I guess I could be called one, boy. What do you think Titania?"

    "Well, that aside, this one is none other than Curupira, the Great Ancient of Beasts." Said Titania.

    "T-The Great Immortal of Beasts?!" Said Evening."I-I certainly expected he to looks more like...well, a beast."

    "And I certainly expected you to not use too many words. Aren't you vampires like wild animals now?" Said Curupira while he layed on the floor. "Yaaaaawn...But now that I look better you do look like Camilla."

    "It's because she is her granddaughter." Said Titania. "I was also surprised."

    "Oh, I see. So she is the sister of that crazy raven guy. Does that means she is just as crazy?"

    "...What did you just say?" Asked Johnnathan. "Do you expect her to be twisted just because her brother is one?"

    "...Who are you again and how dare you speak to me like that? And anyway, weren't all those vampires very disturbed fellows in the first place?"

    "I met you for less than a minute and I already want to punch you straight at the-" Out of nowhere, Jacira strongly held Johnnathan's wrist. "Huh?"

    "Don't you dare do anything against my lord." Said Jacira.

    "...Her grip is very strong." Thought Johnnathan.

    "Okay, calm down. Calm down." Said Titania. "Forgive him, Johnnathan. He is kind of a jester who likes to taunt people and lure them to traps."

    "Psh! Right when it was starting to get good." Said Curupira. "Jaci, you can release him."

    "Understood." Said Jaci who released Johnnathan.

    "Now why have you been teaching a vampire and a hybrid, Titania?"

    "Remember that thing happened ten thousand years ago?" Said Titania.

    "You mean that other kid who got crazy and...Oh. He is turning into a vampire, right?"

    "Exactly. And I am eager to prevent a disaster like that to happen again."

    "Disaster?" Asked Johnnathan. "Was it that bad?"

    "...At the time, a Hybrid really wanted to become a real vampire in hope to become immortal. And ohe managed to do that by rising his Dark Magic levels to beyond the limit."

    "And how bad was it?"

    "He got crazy and trashed around." Said Curupira. "Did you know Drakland wasn't aways an island separated from Blitzreign? The guy got so mad, he separated the two pieces of land while we were trying to subdue him."

    "By subdue, he means...execution." Said Titania.

    "Hmm...Yeah, not really looking foward in separating a continent." Said Johnnathan.

    "Come to think of it...Aren't those Rogue Vampires kind of the same?"

    "We are?" Said Evening.

    "I mean, they aren't near as strong, but the way they behave...It's just like the same."

    "I only witnessed a few of them, but it does hold some merit." Said Titania. "Evening, how exactly did you became a "Rogue"?"

    "I don't know the details, but my late brother, Specter asked me and my siblings for some materials." Said Evening. "All I know is that I was tasked to found some mushrooms in Mians and my brother Noir went to find Darkanium."

    "Were those mushrooms, purple with red dots?"

    "Yes, they were."

    "Those are most likely Twilight Shrooms. Like Darkanium, they have Dark Magic imbued on them. But you don't seem to be crazy like the other Rogues."

    "My brother Raven is the actual responsible in turning people into rogue vampires. When me and my siblings became rogues...It seems Raven took the first shot and from him, the rest of us took a certain ammount."

    "I see. I am not actually an expert in Dark Magic, but I can picture what is going on." Said Titania. "If you like pick a huge ammount of Darkness and fill it into one body and then disperse the rest like a filter, you can raise the level of darkness and control the after-effects by some extend. But your brother still had to take a dangerous ammount of Darkness beforehand. I am impressed that even a Higher Vampire could still be able to reason after that."

    "I'm afraid my brother lacked reasoning way before that. And obviously, Specter might have done something so his body could had take that shot."

    "Leaving this Raven person aside, this one named Specter is actually the scary one." Said Curupira. "He basically outdone the Dark Walkers in this aspect. He might have been the greatest genius that ever lived. It could pass a hundred...No. A thousand years and no one with a mind as brilliant as his would be born. It makes me feel relieved that a clever guy like that is dead now. As in the world is certainly better without him around."

    An awkward silence filled the air while Curupira seemed to wait a response.

    "...Lord Curupira." Said Evening. "I am aware that the actions of my brothers might have put the world you Immortals took a lot of work to rebuild it and I wish on their behalf. But you know what..." Evening stared at Curupira as he was laying on the floor with a killing intent on her eyes. "I don't care if you are one of the Six Great Immortals, I will not tolorate for you to badmouth my dead family. Do you understand?"

    "...You did took the bait, but I'm still impressed by the answer." Curupira got up off the floor with a front flip. "Here I was expecting you to attack me and forcing me to show-off when I would defend myself, but oh well."

    "Do you think I am crazy like my brother?"

    "Not at all. At least not as crazy. I admit, you got moxie."

    "...I love that woman so much that I would kill him just to put a smile on her face." Said Johnnathan.

    "Y-Yeah...I think she probably wouldn't smile because of that." Said Titania.

    "So when are we going to send the kid to the Underworld?" Asked Curupira.

    "The Underworld?!" Shouted Evening.

    "Oooooh! Riiiight. You see, the only way to prevent the transformation to stop for good is to have Death fix him."

    "Why the hell would you expect Death to fix anything?!"

    "The problem is that his soul is being corrupted by his own Darkness." Said Curupira. "And since Izanagi and the Shinto aren't around anymore, she is our best and only bet."

    "B-But it's the Underworld! He can't go there is he is alive!"

    "Actually there is a way." Titania pulled up a golden ticket that was written Free Pass on it. "This is called a Free Pass. With it you are able to have a two-way trip to the Underworld."

    "Why do you have that in your possession?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "I said we I was close with Lady Death, didn't I?"

    "Ah, bloody hell. Fine. I am going to the world where you go when you die while not being dead. Anything else?"

    "You must be curious about the Forest Key, right? Turns out I kinda had to lend over to her so...Since you want it so much, go get there."

    "Alright then. So how do this works?"

    "Uh..Excuse me a moment." Said Evening. "Can I talk with Johnnathan for just a moment...Alone."

    "....Sure. Why not? I'll prepare the trip ahead." Said Titania. "Can you wait a moment too, Curi?"

    "Fine. Suit yourself." Said Curupira who was sitting on the table resting his legs on it.

    Shortly after Evening went with Johnnathan to outside the library.

    "So, what's this all about?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "I've been thinking...Maybe we should quit all of this?"

    "You saying you want me to go crazy?"

    "No! That's not it! I saying that...Maybe it's better if you become a vampire."

    "H-Hold on a minute! Do you have a problem I am a Hybrid? As in...It would be better for you if I was one hundred percent Vampire?"

    "That's not it either! I just don't see how Death can just cure you and do not ask anything else in exchange. What if you have to give half of your lifetime or soemthing?"

    "What would she do with half of my life?"

    "It's Death! It's what she does!"

    "Look, I feel like you aren't trusting me enough."

    "It's not that, it's....Sigh. Fine. Do what you want." Evening crosses her arms and faces to the right. "Sorry for so much needless worries about going to the underworld. Like it's no big deal."

    "...Don't do this to me, will you?" Johnnathan carefully puts his hand on her cheek, and puts her eyes fixed on him. "You are gonna be the reason for me to go back from there."


    "That and the long dream I share with my brother."

    Evening puts her hand over his and smiles. "Just...kiss me just one time before you go." She kisses Johnnathan and embraces him.

    "Are you two done?" Said Jaci who scared them.

    "Oh, bloody hell!" Said Johnnathan.

    "Goodness! Can't you see we were in the middle of something?!" Said Evening.

    "I don't particulary care." Said Jacira."Lord Curupira is getting bored and his will is far more important than your lustful thinkings."

    "Really? He didn't seem to care."

    "He may not look like that, but he is the kind to get annoyed by the slightest bothers. Believe me, you seen nothing yet."

    "Sigh. Fine. Tell him I am going."

    "Sure." Jacira then leaves.

    "Welp. I better go. I'll be back as soon as possible."



    "...I guess you are probably a ten as well."

    "...Oh. So that's the feeling." Said Johnnathan who became flustered.
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    Chapter 71: Hades Express.


    On the library, Titania pulled a lever disguised as a lamp revealing a hidden passage behind a fireplace.

    "Typical." Said Johnnathan.

    "So, where is Eve?" Asked Titania.

    "We already said everything we had to say. No need for her to come."

    "Alright then."

    Johnnathan, Titania and Curupira followed the hallway and started to descend a set of spiral stairs. During their descend, more and more roots and vines appeared.

    "What are those roots?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Part of Yggdrasil." Said Curupira. "Did you forgot we are in a tree?"

    "Curi, can you please stop being so rude for a minute?" Said Titania.

    "Come on, it's part of my charm."

    "By the way, it's impressing this tree is alive after so many years." Asked Johnnathan. "It's alive, right?"

    "It's a very peculiar tree. As long as there is a world to spread it's roots, it will live as long as the world lives...That's why it's called World Tree by the way."

    "But...How did your original world got destroyed then, Titania? This was originally a tree of your world, right?"

    Titania became silent for a brief moment.

    "...Hey lad, we really don't talk about that." Said Curupira.

    "I've made a mistake." Said Titania. "That's all."

    "Alright then." Said Johnnathan.

    After a long descend, they arrive at a circular room with several ancient objects laying around with a giant red gate made of two red pillars with two horizontal pillars on the top.

    "What is this place?"

    "It's the Vault." Said Titania. "It's where I put the most...delicate kind of relics."

    "Peculiar means forbidden for her." Said Curupira.

    "Shut up, Curi."

    Johnnathan then notices a coffin laying around at the corner. "And why is there a vampire coffin here?"

    "Ah! N-Nothing! Nothing at all! Just some sentimental thing I kept from Camilla. Haha...Hahaha..."

    "...Yeah, I am not very interested right now. So where do we go now?"

    "WE stay here." Said Curupira. "But YOU should go there if you don't wanna go mad." He points at the gate in the center.

    "That's a Shinto Gate. It served as a door to many places in their realm. But this one in particular takes you to the Underworld."

    "Really? Because there is like nothing in between the gate."

    "Only a Shinto could access the "other side", but if you that Free Pass it will take straight to the Underworld." Said Curupira. "Just try to not freak out."

    "Also, don't expect me there." Said Agni. "When you are there, I have to be out of your soul."

    "I guess that makes sense." Said Johnnathan. "So I just have to pass through, right?"

    "Yeah. Too hard for someone with two legs?"

    "Alright, jeez!" Johnnathan then slowly walks towards the gate. When he takes a step passing through the gate he noticed he was on a entire different location. It was a gulch with a land all gray and the sky all purple. The trees were black and devoid of leaves and the grass had a dark tone of green. "Is this the place?"

    In front of him, a railroad and a sign saying Boarding Point magically appeared next to him. "Boarding Point? What does that mean?"

    Suddenly the sounds of whistles and tremors started to echo. A black train was approaching at a distance. "What is that?"

    The train then stopped close to him. The door of the first wagon opened and a skeleton in a black uniform and cap smoking a cigar came with list in hands.

    "Do you have it?" Said the man.

    "Have what?"

    "A pass? I am the ticket collector. If you are here, then you have it."

    Johnnathan then remembers of the pass he got from Titania and hands it over. "Oh? But this...I see." The collector then step out of the door to let Johnnathan enter. "Follow me."

    Johnnathan follow the collector inside the wagon on a hallway with several rooms. They soon stop in front of a door labeled 109.

    "You wait here until your stop." Said the ticket collector. "...It will not take long."

    "Okaaaaay..." Johnnathan entered his room and inside there were two seats with a table between them. In one of those rooms there was a Hyena sleeping. "Well, this is unusual...He looks familiar though."

    He enters the room and closes the door. Johnnathan sits on the seat at the other side of the idea who soon awoke.

    "Eh? Hey, a new guy. How is it doing newbie?" Asked the Hyena.

    "I wanna know what exactly is going on."

    "Still didn't figured out? Jeez. I guess I have to fill you on. This right now is the Hades Express. I guess you might know this better as Purgatory."

    "I see...It's certainly nothing how I thought it would be."

    "You see, the more sins you have the more you stay here. And boy, it's booooooring. Welp, I guess considering who I was, I should be lucky. Kyeehehehe...My name is Tusk by the way."

    "I am Johnnathan."

    "Well then Johnnathan, how did you kicked the bucket? Was it a dagger on the back or a bullet in the head?"

    "Oh! I'm just passing by."

    "...Hey, hey man. Nice to know your sense of humour didn't perished. It's the only thing that lasts for many here. Anyway, I died soooo long ago. To think I had found a jackpot right before dying. I could have done a fortune with that girl if it wasn't for that meddling idiot. Well, that burden is out of my back at least now. Anyway, about my death, I..."

    A green vortex appeared next to Johnnathan and a giant skeleton limb picked Johnnathan and pulled him inside.

    "...Siiigh. It's already the sixth time...."

    On a different location, Johnnathan came from a green vortex, landing hardly on the floor.

    "Uuuurgh! I guess there is no glorious afterlife." Said Johnnathan as he standed on his feet. He was on what seemed to be a large luxury room.

    "You don't need to be rude." Said a mysterious figure waring a golden and white robe covering his face with a bronze mask. He had a pair of skeleton wings glowing green on his back. "If the afterlife was good, no one would be dying against their will."

    "Okay, first who are you?"

    "That's my line mortal."

    "Azrael." Said a woman that was on an office chair behind a desk. She had a long black hair and purple lipsticks. She covered her eyes with a golden mask and wore a velvet red coat and a black suit."You can leave."

    "As you say, ma'am." Azrael bowed and left the room on a green vortex.

    "Now then, how can I help you, my young man?"

    "I came here seeking...Lady Death?"

    "You are talking to her."

    "Oh. Should have figured out. Anyway, I kinda have bug on my soul, I guess. I was told that I-"

    "I know exactly why you are here Johnnathan Highlander. I'm just pulling talk." She raised from her chair and summoned a mirror with the snap of her fingers. "See for yourself."

    Johnnathan stood next to the mirror, but saw no reflection. "...I see nothing." Then suddenly the image of a crimsom beastlike head appeared releasing a roar that quickly disappeared. "...What was that?"

    "A reflection of your soul. Now let's see how bad it looks like." She turned her left index finger into a scythe blade and put it right on Johnnathan's chest.

    "Er...Will it hurt."

    "No." She made the blade pass through his body and she pulls out a part of his soul. It was clear white but had some traces of red and black. "But I could make it hurt if I you wish so."

    "N-No! It's okay."

    "Hmmm...Yeah, I can easiy help you with that."

    "Is that so? I was starting to feel I was a goner."


    "Oh, I should've seen this coming."

    "I need you to do something first."

    "I know you are in charge of who lives and dies, but can you be a little more considerated to someone who just arrived."

    "You should be already grateful that the pass Titania gave to you allow you to be here without being dead." She went to a curtain behind her desk and reveals a window to outside. "Look."

    She shows a whole city filled with dark blue skyscrappers and highways. "Woah. Is this what the afterlife looks like?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Everything that lives tends to die one day. That is to make sure your planet don't get too cramped. It's no different here. Everything that is dead must reincarnates into a new life. It's a simple, but very delicate balance. Do you know how things works here?"

    "You mean about spending an eternity inside a wagon?"

    "Yes. Most times, people arrive here smoothly, but then there are some that have something wrong with their souls that turn themselves into beasts knows as Phantasmas. Sometimes those Phantasmas becomes too powerful that manages to leak to the living world."

    "Are you talking about those glowing things that only Tenkai can see?"

    "That's an exception to fairies, but it's not too far. When those Phantasmas arrive at the living world, they are not exactly corporeal, but still exists on as ethereal beings. Kind of a in-between realm from the life and death."

    "Isn't that you describe a Ghost?"

    "Exactly. Haunted Mansions. Ghost Ships. All of those stories you hear about them it's because a Phantasma managed to escape from here."

    "That's very interesting, but what do I have to do with this?"

    "That thing inside of you...It's almost like a Phantasma. Just waiting for you to lose control and go on a rampage."

    "Then you-"

    "No, I'm not. All I'm saying is you should be careful. It would be too much of a pity for someone so good-looking to die so young. But since you are a Hybrid, you might help me with something that is bothering me."

    "I see. What's the catch."

    "Not too long ago, a unusual subject has been eating souls around here."

    "Eating souls?"

    "It's how Phantasmas usually behaves. The more they eat, the more stronger they get. This one has been causing too much trouble in my opinion. I guess a living Hybrid might be what I need."

    "This is certainly the weirdest day in my life...Kind of. Well, I have no choice on the matter. I accept your proposal."

    "Excellent." Death went to her desk and pressed a button that activated a microphone. "Schneider, can you come over here for a second?"


    A dark-haired woman with short hair wearing a coat with a hood carrying a bow entered the room from an elevator door. "You called boss?"

    "Yeah, are you about to join those two?" Said Death.

    "Yeah, very soon."

    "Great. Take this boy with you along."

    "Is he a new Reaper? He doesn't look very...dead."

    "That's because he is still alive."

    "Huh? HUUUUH?!"

    "I know it's the first time you see someone alive after a long while, so just relax and see him just like you see anyone else."

    "I don't really get it, but if you say so."

    "Well, that's settled. Be careful out there Johnnathan."

    "Alright." Johnnathan went with Schneider to the elevator and they descended it.

    "...It may look like there is more to be said, but believe me, she just fills what is necessary." Said Schneider.

    "I'm used to it. So...Schneider, huh?"

    "Yeah, what about it?"

    "...It just coincidence, but I met a Hybrid woman that was also named Schneider."

    "Huh?! Then...Where did it was?!"


    "It's her! It's my Schneider!"


    "My daughter! I'm her mother!"

    "That also is named Schneider?"

    "Oh. Right. I used to be a slave in Hollowgrounds. The members of a family always share the same name. It's easier for them to keep track."

    "I don't remember my mother saying about this part."

    "So your mother was vampire? Interesting."

    "...So why did you put your own daughter in a coliseum?"

    "Ah...I never told her, right?"

    "About what?"

    "...I got Tuberculosis not too long before dying. I didn't knew how much time I had left so...I had to put her there. It was the best place for keep her safe."

    "And the orphanages?"

    "I don't trust orphanages. Specially to a Hybrid child."

    "Good point."

    "Are you her friend?"

    "I'm not in touch her right now, but you could say we are friends. Helped her pay her fee, not that she needed to. I guess she is in the Sub-Artic Federation right now."

    "That's unexpected...How is she anyway?"

    "She is...very positive despite all she went through."

    "...The last thing I said to her is to never stop having happy thoughts. You see, my husband died shortly after he knew I was sick. Even so I can't hate him for that, I don't know why. I was afraid she would resent me after all this...How does she look?"

    "She turned into a good-looking young lady if that's what you mean."

    "Then why aren't you dating her?"


    "You said she was a good-looking young lady. Why aren't you dating her?"

    "I kinda already have someone?"

    Schneider summoned an arrow and put it right into Johnnathan's neck. "Are you saying she isn't good enough?!"

    "...Bloody hell."

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    Chapter 72: Deadlands.


    The elevator stopped at what seemed to be a train station. There, the Hades Express was stationed with several kinds of souls leaving it, one of them being Tusk. "Urgh. Finally."

    "Well right on time." Said Schneider. "The timing is perfect everytime, but it still impressive."

    "So where are those people heading out?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Most do the same thing they did when they were alive. Some try to do new things. And some...Well, they try to get better. Anyway, we are gonna take a different route."

    Schneider took Johnnathan to what seemed to two long cylinder-shaped pods. When they arrived, the same skeleton from the train appeared from thin air in front of them.

    "Oh. It's you again?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Yeah." Replied the skeleton.

    "He is coming with me." Said Schneider.

    "Understood." With a snap with his fingers, two doors opened on each of the pods.

    "Just enter and hold on tight. Understand, Johnnathan?"

    "I won't question anything anymore." Johnnathan then entered inside one of the pods. "...There is like nothing here. What is the-"

    The pods suddenly were launched upwards like rockets and arrived at an unknown location in the underworld. Johnnathan quickly left his pod. "Aw, bloody hell! I know you people are dead already, but I didn't come here to die!"

    "Don't be such a whiner." Said Schneider who also left her pod. "It's what Reapers uses to move around. This place is like very big you know."

    "Reaper...You mentioned that earlier. What are they?"

    "It's what says in the tin. When someone turns into a Phantasma, a reaper goes there and destroys their bodies to collect the soul. After that we sends those souls for Restoration."

    "And what happens if you...Re-die?"

    "As Reapers, our souls will straight go for Restoration. But if we let a Phantasma stay around for too long and gets too powerful, it gets complicated to everyone. Anyway, the target it's a very unusual Phantasma. It came here not too long ago, but it has been turning into a trouble for most Reapers."

    "Sounds like something that cannot leave this plane. So where do we go?"

    "We must meet with two other Reapers. I know where to go. Trust me, I have been around here for like a century."

    "I don't think Schneider is over 100 years."

    "Oh yeah, I forgot. Time here flows a little different. Actually I don't think there is any time here. It basically flows slower than the living world."

    "I guess that means I don't have any reason to hurry." The two of them crosses the barren wastelands of the Underworld, not different from the place Johnnathan stepped on when he first arrived. "...This place is so quiet and gloomy."

    "What did you expect of the Underworld?" Schneider then listened to a noise coming from a distance. "...Folloe me."

    The two of them climbs a rocky hill and from the top they see from afar two figures wearing a hood similar to Schneider fighting a group of giant worm creatures.

    "Are those Phantasmas?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Yeah. And those two others over there, the baddest Reapers I know."

    One of the Reapers had his hood off, showing his face. It was man with a long black hair wielding a naginata. He swiftly cut one of the phantasmas in half with one swoop and finished by stabbing inside of the mouth. The other wielding a scythe impaled his blade at the center of the body and with a upward swing it cut the whole upper part of the body.

    "Woah. Those two are really very bad." Said Johnnathan.

    "Welp, gonna do my part." Schneider pulled out two arrows and aimed at them with her bow. She then shoots the arrows and each one manages to pierce the head of the Phantasmas. "Bullseye!"

    "You managed to shoot at two targets with one shot. Impressive."

    The phantasmas then turns into glowing orbs floating in the air. The reaper with the scythe picked a purple jar and opened it, sucking the orbs inside of it.

    "I suposse that's a catch?" Said the one with the black hair.

    "Not really much." Said the one with the scythe.

    "Come on. You get there."

    "So I catched up with you two." Said Schneider who came up with Johnnathan.

    "Yo! You decided to show up, huh? Who is the new guy? He looks...Alive."

    "That seems to be the case. This is Johnnathan. He is a hybrid who came from directly from the world of living."

    "Johnnathan?" The one with the face covered looks at Johnnathan and approaches him. "...Are you...Johnnathan Highlander?"

    "Y-Yeah, how do you-" Johnnathan is suddenly embraced by the reaper. "H-Huh?! E-Easy, I'm not a ghost! Don't reap me!"

    "I never thought I would see you so big."

    "Why does it seems you know me?"

    "I thought you were supossed the smarter one." The reaper removes his hood. "It's me....Your father."

    "Say whaaaaaaat?!"

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    Chapter 73: Strange Reunion.


    "Who would've thought that I would see you as a man and yet alive? I guess something good happened in my fterlife." Said Alex.

    "So you were Alex's boy all along?" Asked Schneider. "I mean, you don't look nothing alike."

    "Perhaps he took it more from his mom, I guess." Said the other reaper.

    Johnnathan felt a bit of disturbance from below and he quickly cuts a Phantasma that tried to ambush them.

    "Phew. Nice shot."

    "You were able to see it coming?" Said Alex.

    "I have this very acute senses thanks for my inner dark magic, yeah." Said Johnnathan.

    "Well, can't have you dying here. Come to think of it I don't know how does it works a living person dies here. Luckily we found a place to talk. This way."

    Alex took them to an area that was surrounded by some sort of ember with a glowing red rock at the center. He kicked the rock and it suddenly went in fire.

    "What is all this?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "It's what we call a Safe Area." Said Schneider. "We are surrounded by ashes that prevents the Phantasmas to harass us. So take a seat"

    The four of them sitted on the ground, surrounding the bonfire.

    "This is the few times we actually feel some sort of warm around here." Said the other reaper. "By the way, my name is Yoshimetsu. I was a samurai back in the day."

    "Yoshimetsu?" Said Johnnathan. "..You are not Sanzuke's father by any chance, aren't you?"

    "Sanzuke? Y-You know my son, Sanzuke?! How is he?! Is he alright?!"

    "Yeah. I am travelling with a bunch of people and your son is one of them."

    "Well, that's a coincidence." Said Alex.

    "Also, I managed to help him with his mother. It was very hard."

    "Oh! You two went toe-on-toe with Makoto?"

    "We were lucky. If she wasn't holding back, I think we might had met way before now."

    "I see then. I always knew she was a good person inside. That means Izumo has no conflict between humans and kitsunes, right?"

    "They have a common enemy now."

    "You mean...Raven?"

    "Raven...He did killed both of you two, right?" Said Schneider.

    "Yep." Said Yoshimetsu and Alex, both at the same time.

    "You both seems equally disappointed." Said Johnnathan.

    "Can you blame them?" Said Schneider.

    "So what do you do anyway, son?" Asked Alex.

    "I'm currently a pirate." Said Johnnathan.

    "Oh. Just like that brother of yours. Speaking of which, how is he?"

    "Fine, I guess. Getting in trouble with woman, constantly."

    "That's just like him."

    "Is my son also a pirate?" Asked Yoshimetsu.

    "He is sailing along with me because it's the easiest way to pick a fight with Raven, I guess."

    "Har! That's sounds exactly what I would do!"

    "You know if your mother was still alive, she would kill you both before even thinking about this madness." Said Alex.

    "Mother...Oh! Can I see her? I mean...She is here, right?" Said Johnnathan who just caused an awkward moment of silence. "....Guys?"

    "Er...Should I tell him?" Said Yoshimetsu.

    "No. Let me handle this." Said Alex. "You see Johnny...A vampire's soul is pretty different from a human soul...or any living soul. If you compare both of them, one will look like a mutant. With many deformations. When they come here and stay around for so long they become things worse than Phantasmas. We call those Wraiths."

    "Are you saying my mother is one of those?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Nah! Usually those are top-priority. We contain them as soon as possible. Your mother's soul was safely guarded, but after that it passes through a very long treatment. Have you ever wondered why am I a Reaper?"

    "Because you are pretty good at it?"

    "No...That as well, but it's not the real reason. When a reaper does his job very well, he starts to learn some tricks about manipulating souls and those sort of things. Including linking with a soul of someone very close to you. Like a son or a brother...Or a wife."

    "I think I get it. But it's just like that? You slay some soul eaters and gets good at it?"

    "Pretty much. Death once told us this is called...Grinding, it I remember correctly."

    "Death is such a weirdo. But are you getting closer to it? Have you like, grinded enough?"

    "I'm slowly getting in there."

    "Sounds boring."

    "Also, being a Reaper is one of those "You will work for us forever" kind of job. Once you are in, you can't reincarnate. So I'll be stuck here for eternity I guess?"

    "...Did you really have to go that far?" Said Johnnathan.

    "We don't want our loved ones to remain like that, you know?" Said Schneider. "I am doing the same for my Brahm."

    "I understand. But what about the general over there? He does not have a dead vampire lover."

    "Oh, me? I just don't feel like living a second life. Another soul will be born regardless if someone died before it one way or the other. Also, life here isn't bad. Not really good, but not terrible either. So, I prefer not risk having a shitty new life."

    "That's kind of selfish."

    "I think it's pretty humble on his part." Said Alex. "By the way son, do you have any news regarding that girl you met as a kid?"

    "You mean Evening?"

    "I could swear it was Evelyne."

    "She calls herself that now. Also, turns out she is one of Raven's younger sisters."

    "Ooooh. Things got complicated." Said Yoshimetsu.

    "Not now, Yoshi." Said Schneider.

    "But...we are on good terms actually. She is currently in my crew." Said Johnnathan.

    "Wow. So she chose you over her family. That is always good." Said Alex. "That's sarcasm by the way. And is this partnership going well?"

    "Yes. We kinda had to almost kill each other, though."

    "Heh. Just like your old man."

    "But all is well when it ends well, because just after that, we done the deal. You know, sharing a bed and stuff."

    "...Wow. You went better than I did it."

    "Cool, but...It wasn't a Dark Lord." Said Yoshimetsu.

    "Don't turn this into a contest, Yoshi." Said Schneider.

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    Chapter 74: Another Strange Reunion.


    The group composing of Johnnathan and three Reapers were now crossing a valley on Deadlands. At a distance, the Hades Express could be seen at a distance.

    "Another one." Said Alex. "When I first came, it was pretty rare to spot one, but now it's rather common."

    "Is it that rare?" Said Johnnathan. "Like, people born and die everyday, I guess."

    "If you seen how big this place is, you would get the idea."

    "I always had the believe that I would have to struggle a lot in afterlife, but things have been pretty soft for now." Said Yoshimetsu. "The ancients always said that Death was just another phase."

    "So, kid. What sort of people you have on your crew?" Asked Alex.

    "Let's see..First of all, my first-mate is a fairy named Florencia." Said Johnnathan. "Also, there is a Werewolf from Damaon named West."

    "Nice set of people to aid you."

    "Also, there is this guy from Nova named Edward. He is a noble. And he is Hildr's younger brother."

    "Oh. I think I seen the lad one time."

    "Why is there a noble on your pirate crew?" Asked Schneider.

    "I guess he is just trying to find himself." Said Johnnathan. "That or he is trying to get some attention."

    "Sounds like an interesting fellow."

    They are soon ambushed by a small Phantasma, but Yoshimetsu makes quick work of it. "Heh. Small fry."

    "So, those Phantasmas are all the same, except some are bigger?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "More or less." Said Scheneider. "When they can't get any bigger, they become powerful specters that are able to leave this realm. We believe the target is one of those."

    "But couldn't be that whatever it is have already left the Underworld?"

    "The Lady would have know."

    "I see. By the way Yoshimetsu, Sanzuke didn't mentioned you being a spearman. He always talked you as a swordsman."

    "As a samurai, I learned many sort of martial arts." Said Yoshimetsu. "A Samurai wielding the spear, but with a sword on his side was pretty common. I often used more the sword, but down here a bigger weapon is just more effective against those worms, you see."

    "Hmm...I can relate somehow."

    "It isn't the same thing to have two swords, Johnnathan." Said Alex.

    "I just feel better having both hands occupied."


    Johnnathan hears a small screech in the air. "...Did someone heard that."

    "Heard what?"

    "I don't know. It looked like a snake or a lizard."

    "There are no snakes around here as I recall."

    "Yeah. Where do they go when they die, I wonder." Said Yoshimetsu.

    "Wait a moment..." Johnnathan gazes into a forest of dead trees at a distance. "I think it came from there."

    "I don't recall Hybrids having ears good like that." Said Schneider.

    "It's not like that. It's almost like...Someone sent me the sound."

    "Hmm...Johnnathan, do you still do that Dark Sense thing?" Said Alex.

    "Yeah. Why?"

    "Have you ever heard of Killing Intents?"

    "Killing Intents...It's about sensing when someone wanna kill you, right?"

    "As you know, I was pretty good at that. But it was just after I survived many close calls with my own demise. I heard it's something humans are better at having it."

    "But I'm no human."

    "But you are half-human. I was told Hybrids picks the best traits of both sides of their genes. I also heard Defiants like you are better on picking...unusual things to sense. Like Killing Intents."

    "Where do you heard all those things anyway?"

    "We met many weirdos when we died." Said Yoshimetsu. "But if you are saying that, does it means something right now is keeping their eyes on your son, Alex?"

    "Maybe it's because he is still not dead." Said Schneider.

    "I feel like a worm on a hook right now." Said Johnnathan.

    "We are all shark baits here. On an ocean of dead sharks." Said Alex.

    "Not a good time to deep, Alex."

    "Well, whatever it is, at least we would have to bother find it." Said Johnnathan.

    They climbed down the valley and started to walk towards the dead forest. When they arrive, the sky above them started to turn red.

    "Okay, this is kind of new." Said Alex.

    "I am here longer than you two, and I never seen this as well." Said Schneider.


    Johnnathan then look at a tall black tree and spot a moving object on the branches. "I seen something...Or rather someone."


    "It definetly not big as any phantasma I seen it."

    Johnnathan then felt being glared. A red liquid is the shot at him, but he quickly dodges with a backflip.

    "Nice move." Said Scheneider.

    The liquid then started to melt the ground.

    "This...looks familiar."

    "Shaaa...Shaaa....Kekekekeke. Quick as ever..."

    A figure then started to crawl through the tree, slowly descending it like a lizard.

    "Is that..." Johnnathan tries to catch a closer look at the figure. "It...It can't be."

    Johnnathan sees a tall humanoid figure, with a long spiky hair with a red skin. His eyes were empty and had a big mouth with a long tongue coming from inside. His hands and all had long purple claws and he was dressing with a usual attire with a balck jacket. Also, he spotted a purple reptile tail.

    "You are...Chill."


    "Johnny, do you happen to know this...character?" Asked Alex.

    "He is Chill. He is one of Raven's brothers."


    "I was the one who killed him."


    "You got lucky, that's what." Said Chill. "I may be not be the brightest of my siblings, but I am certainly not Blanc. I know you purposely rose your inner darkness to mature your strenght. It's like growing up by skipping several years in a few seconds. It's almost cheating."

    "It was kind of an accident."

    "Kekekeke. Of course such a cheap trick wouldn't come without some nasty after-effect. Perhaps that's the reason you are here."

    "You are pretty clever from someone who always looked like a stooge."

    "It was just a dumb guess you know. I can't put well, but right now...You are smelling kinda like a vampire. A vampire like me, of course."

    "Say, if he was a vampire, does it means..." Said Yoshimetsu.

    "Yeah, Yoshi. Wraith." Said Schneider.

    "How didn't we let this one slip by our radar?" Asked Alex.

    "I've been thinking about that." Said Chill. "On the past 10 years, I ate so many people. Could it be...That even their souls are inside of me? As in they never went here? Keke...Kekekekeke...."

    "A lot of souls in one place at the same time...He could have matured way quickier. Almost instantly."

    "How long I waited...To be have a chance to eat you again, Highlander!" Chill charges towards Johnnathan, but Yoshimetsu slices him in two before he could get any closer. Red strings appeared from his torn out body and stitched him together again and he retreats to a tree. "...That surprised me as well."

    "So how exactly do we...re-kill this?" Said Yoshimetsu.

    "When dealing with Wraiths, we must cut into smaller bits until it can't regrow and becomes only a weak soul." Said Alex.

    "In other words, see it as a die hard Phantasma." Said Schneider as she shoots three arrows at Chill who grabs two of them and eats the third. "Curses!"

    "Now those three do not interest me, but they do seem pretty tough." Said Chill. "Maybe going solo isn't the smart idea."

    Chill spit out a red blob in the air that turned into some sort of egg that melted into a pond.

    "That's new, I guess." Said Johnnathan.

    From the pond, several small claws rose from it and several replicas of Chill appearing on his small form emerged.

    "Are those your kids?!"

    "I see them more as brothers, but whatever you think of it."

    "Keeeeeeeee!!!" The Chill replicas charges towards the four of them and Yoshimetsu and Schneider quickly reacted and managed to take out three replicas each who became stains of blood.

    "It will need at least two of us to keep those freaks busy." Said Yoshimetsu.

    "Personally, I don't feel like to see what the original is capable of." Said Schneider.

    "Since I did send this unholy mess here, I have to fix this mess." Said Johnnathan. "You got my back, old man?"

    "You mother certainly wouldn't forgive me if you were to die in this place." Said Alex.

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    Chapter 75: Cousin.


    Back at Yggdrasil, Evening was having a cold time drinking wine on a room in one of the lower floor.

    "This sucks." Said Evening while she throws away the bottle into a pile of similar bottles and then picks yet another bottle. "Why can't I get drunk."

    "Hey there, hot stuff." Florencia appeared. "Figured out you would be here."


    "It's where we keep the wine, soooo..."

    "Yeah. It's a miracle this can be called wine."

    "The wine isn't know for the alcohol, but for the taste."

    "If it can't make you wasted, then it failed miserably."

    "Do you wanna talk?" Florencia picked a chalice of wine for herself. "I'm all ears."

    "There is no reason to talk. I'm not upset."

    "I never said if you were upset or not."

    "Yeah...Yeah. Of course. I am not upset with anything."

    "Except for maybe your man is in the Underworld?"

    "Oh...There is that. Yeah, I guess Johnny is somehow alive in the land you go when you die is a bit...disturbing."

    "I see...You know, speaking of dying...How does the fact your are Immortal and Johnnathan not been treating you."

    "Psssh!" Evening spits her drink. "W-Where did that came from?!"

    "Dear, I'm a fairy. I know if something is bothering you and it's pretty easy to know what it is."

    "...Well then. I wouldn't bother hiding it any longer. You see, when I heard that Johnnathan may become a vampire, deep inside I was like "Yay! We'll live forever!", but then I learn he may be worse than Raven and everything went infinite steps backwards."

    "You really hate your brother, isn't it?"

    "It's complicated. I love him as a brother, but I totally despise him as a person. I guess Corvus really died back then alongside Evelyne. And he was already a jerk. "

    "And about Johnnathan?"

    "Honestly, didn't really paid too much attention on this issue at the start, but it kind of dropped the ball when all this "turning vampire" thing came along. Oh man...I think Johnnathan will still look adorable when he becames ancient."

    "...You know, back in the day fairies used to live far more than they usually do. But ever with the time passing, more cross-breeding with humans happened and fairies nowadays lives far less than they used to. Same thing to most demi-humans."

    "That sounds like a bummer."

    "Titania doesn't seems to think. Even though she is the fairy that lived more than any living being in the world. She believes it's for the best to live a few centuries less."

    "Why is that?"

    "Because sometimes, a few handful of years is more worthy than an eternity. And that's the secret of continue to live while the world slowly withers away."

    "Hmpf...Easy for her to say. Did she ever fell in love?"

    "Not that I know."

    "H-Heeeeeeelp!" A shout echoed the room.

    "What was that?!" Asked Evening.

    "It looked like a woman in need of aid." Said Florencia.

    "But Vanilla isn't here. So that means..."

    "Edward!" The two of them flew out of the room and went to the way they heard the scream. Soon they find Edward running in the hallway.

    "Girls!" Edward hid right behind them. "Help me! It wants to eat me alive!"

    "What sort of man-eating devil managed to infiltrate this place?" Asked Florencia.

    "Last time I checked, Chill is dead." Said Florencia.

    "Hop." A light tone of a female voice came from afar.

    "Ah! It's coming! It's coming!" Edward then ducked covering his head. From a corridor in the left, a woman with a pale green skin appeared. She wore a purple garmet with black sleeves and purple round hat. Her face had some sort of paper talisman attached to her forehead and she was moving around hoping with her arms extended foward.

    "Oh. It's just Zhi." Said Florencia.

    "Eh? You know her?" Asked Edward.


    "Cousin!" Evening happily rushed to Zhi and gives it a strong hug.

    "C-Cousin?" Said Edward.

    "Heehehehe! I'm so happy!" Evening started to swing Zhi all around who didn't seem to mind at all.

    "Zhi is a Jianshi." Said Florencia. "They are...Or rather corpses who undergone a similar transformation as vampires did in the past at Zhar. It was like a side project of them that the Dark Walkers did alongside the Shinto."

    "Is that why Evening calls her cousin?" Asked Edward.

    "She is not wrong at least. Anyway, because they are born out of a corpse, their joints are all hardened and they have to move like this. And unlike vampires who drinks blood, they feed themselves out of life force, also knows as soul."

    "Eeeeek! I think I am made of that!"

    "Don't worry. There is a lot of life force around here she can use instead. Also, she is the last of her kind and there is no way to make more similar to her."

    "Huh. Sounds lonely."

    "Hey, Edward." Said Evening. "It seems Zhi has a thing for you."

    "Eeeep! W-What is it?"

    "Hop!" Zhi hands over the pendant Edward usually have.

    "Oh. I think I dropped back there. Thanks."

    "What do you mean by back there?" Asked Florencia.

    "You know. Back there, back here, back around there."

    "Come to think of it, Zhi is always at the vault. Have you been there?"

    "M-Maybe. It's just a place I randomly found deep down and..."

    "Did you tried to steal something?"

    "N-No! I just...Maybe tried to find something they didn't needed it and make the place more...open?"

    "That sounds like stealing to me." Said Evening.

    Meanwhile, West was walking through the residence looking for Edward. "Uuurgh. I can't believe there was only me around to look for that idiot. Come to think of it, I am not hearing any more screaming. I hope he is not-"

    He then enters an open room similar to the garden he first was introduced, except it had several animals around. Birds, rodents and even a white rhino. "What the? Well, I suposse it was expected to them have a zoo here as well, but..."

    Right near him, there was Curupira laying on the floor, sleeping while supporting his head with his hand. Several newborn deers were hanging next to him.

    "W-Who is this?" West started to tremble. "Why does his presence shakes me so much."

    "Hmm?" Curupira opened his eye and West turned into a wolfman in an instant.

    "Huh? Did I just transformed right now?"

    "Yaaaaaawn. Is Titania bringing Demi-Humans here now? What a pain." Curupira stood on his feet. "So, like...You...A Werewolf, huh? First time seeing one here. What gives?"

    "Huuuuh...Just what is going on?"

    "Oh. Right. I see you are confused. No need to worry about it. Beasts tends to act by instinct. It's just your genes delivering the natural reaction when you are in front of a superior species."

    "Are you some sort of beast?"

    "You can say that, yeah. Glad you figured out the tip. I'm Curupira, the Great Ancient of the Beasts."

    "Another Great Ancient?"

    "Is it too weird? Come on. It's natural to me come here from time to time. It's only me and her that's left anyway."

    "Sorry about that. I never thought a punk like me would meet one, much less two Great Ancients."

    "Bah! Back in the day, I used to know every Beowulf."


    "It's how your precursors were know as. You Werewolves are basically Beowulfs mixed with Human genes. Same thing to fairies and other Demi-Humans."

    "I never knew that."

    "It's one of those things we forget after some thousands of years. I'm not mad. Better that way, less people to remember. So, are you with that Hybrid that needed to heal his soul or something?"

    "Yeah, why?"

    "...I do feel you there, you rascal. Are you coming out or not?"

    Gabo then suddenly appeared on top of West. "Gaboooooo!" Gabo then started jump on top of Curupira, annoying him slightly.

    "So you were chosen by this short stuff, huh?" Said Curupira.

    "It's not that I wanted, but..." Said West.

    "You are a pirate as well, right? Under that Red Beast or whatever. When did that happen?"

    "Why do you wanna know?"

    "I just wanna confirm some things. Just answer it already."

    "...I had a pretty rough life. As an orphan I had to do many heavy stuff each day to survive. Once I...got betrayed by the first dude I trusted and things just went more downhill. I accepted that things wouldn't get better so I let myself get caught by Rogues."

    "Should have know it would be this kind of story I would have thought twice before asking it."

    "Anyway, I met Johnnathan by chance when he also got caught on the same day. I could point exactly why, but...He seemed the sort of guy that if I stayed by his side, nothing bad would happen to me."

    "You sound like a prick."

    "Perhaps that was the thing, but after observing him try his hardest to find a treasure that might not exist I thought that maybe this is the sort of fool I should actually follow."

    "Oh? Why?"

    "...Because I feel like if he accomplish something big, I would feel it the same way. As if I was part of something great. Each time I assist on his succeses, I become better. It's just what I think."

    "...That's a dull answer."


    "But it's also a nice answer. It's not everyone that looks this far ahead...Or rather, not expecting what to comes next. You don't know why Gabo chose you, right?"

    "It's because I'm a beast?"

    "The Sprites are somehow attracted to qualities know as Essences. There are like several of them, but the Great Sprites are attracted to specific essences that can be found on most peoples. They are Bravery, Loyalty, Honor, Wisdom, Love and Compassion. The Great Ancients carried those traits. Gabo by the way, it's Loyalty."

    "Hmm...I believe Agni said something about that."

    "Agni's Essence is Bravery. He is certainly with that red dude. You need to have courage to undergo what he is doing."

    "I think he is doing fine."

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    Chapter 76: The Beast is Unleashed.


    Back on the Underworld, Johnnathan was pursuing Chill who was leaping through the trees, keeping his distance.

    "Now I am the one chasing this weirdo. Can't tell which situation is worse." Said Johnnathan as he launches several of his red spiral attacks at Chill while ha dodges by jumping to tree from tree.

    "Kyaaahaha!" Chill pulled out a purple hatchet from inside his mouth and started to leap at various directions surrounding Johnnathan and went to offensive, attacking from various angles. "I learned a lot from our previous encounter. Not gonna let you grasp away this time!"

    "Try me!" Johnnathan clashed his blades at every attack Chill, still surrounded by his quick movements.

    "Keeehehehe! You won't step a single step away!" Said Chill.

    "I wouldn't hold my breath." Alex ambushed Chill from behind and sliced him with his scythe.

    "Kwaaaa!" Chill retreated to the top of a tree.

    "Nice shot, dad." Said Johnnathan.

    "Don't praise me just yet, kid." Said Alex. "Most of the times, I would have cut in half maggots bigger than him."

    "Kekekeke. Don't lump me together to those worms you are so used to it." Said Chill. "But still that hurt a lot, you asshole!"

    "I guess you could like...kill him again? How did you do it?"

    "Well...It's kind of the reason why I am here in the first place." Replied Johnnathan.

    "Kekekeke! That's right, dipshit!" Said Chill. "This time, I am the beast that will have his lunch. Maybe you wouldn't have got in this situation if you could have stopped thinking about sleep with my sister. Now you will die without ever experienced that! Kahaha! Kaahahahaha!"

    "...Too late."


    "I already done it. Several times, actually."

    "Huuuuh?! How did Raven allowed that?"

    "He didn't. She decided to leave them behind...Because of me, apparently."

    "Keee...Keeee....That garbage of a whooooore!" Large ammount of red poison started to leak from Chill's mouth.

    "Did you really had to provoke him like that?" Said Alex.

    "I don't know. I just felt like being Drake for a moment." Said Johnnathan.

    Meanwhile, Yoshimetsu was standing on his feet by repeling several clones of Chill by surrounding himself on a shield created by swinging and spinning his spear around him. "Hey Schneider! A little help here?!"

    "I'm coming!" Schneider jumped on top of Yoshimetsu's head and leaped to the air where she manages to shoot arrows at the clones, turning them to puddles.

    "Did you really needed to use me as a platform?"

    "What it matters, it was effective and I had fun."

    From the remains of the clones, new ones started to emerge from the puddles.

    "Oh great. Is this like, Round 3 or something?" Said Schneider.

    "I wasn't counting." Yoshimetsu tosses his glaive away.

    "What are you doing?"

    "These small devils are too small and too quick." Yoshimetsu pulled out a katana. "Better strike them close-up. And quick."

    As the clones jump at him, Yoshimetsu closes his eyes and like a wind stream, slashes all of them. "Thousand Winds."

    Slowly, more clones started to emerge from where the previous ones perished.

    "How more do you think we can do this over and over?" Asked Schneider.

    "Honestly, as long as we breath."

    "...Technically we do not breath."

    Back to Johnnathan, Chill was continuously spitting jets of poison at Johnnathan and Alex causing the ground to corrode.

    "Is this really a vampire?" Said Alex. "I can hardly call him one. Are all Rogues like this?"

    "Why are you asking as if you are disappointed?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "I may have killed many of them, but I did acknowledged them as individuals. Heck, I even married one. But this...This is more like a wild animal. Did Ruby's kin had fallen that low?"

    "Eeeeh? Was that supossed to be an insult?" Asked Chill. "Did you wanted to make mad, bitch? Do you think I feel some sort or anything, man?!"

    Chill held his hatched with his tongue and started to swing around at random directions at high speeds. "Your opinion means jackshit to me!"

    "Bloody hell!" Alex and Johnnathan dodged the attacks by defending and dodging the blows one at a time. Later on, Chill moved to the top of a tree.

    "Say, Red Demon. You think you are some sort of specialist of vampires, isn't it?" Said Chill. "Do you know what even that word vampire means?"

    "...Consume it. That's what it is."

    "Kyaaaahahaha! Good! Good! I guess murder is not the only thing you are good at it."

    "I didn't knew that." Thought Johnnathan.

    "Sometimes even I forget that. Maybe...It's because when I look at previous self there was not of that. Sure, our entire lives were summed to consume the blood of others, but what sort of life is even that? Isn't that like being something like a cow, only allowed to eat the fodder the farmer gives to ya? Why is being at the top of the food chain be allowed for so little? Should the ultimate predator being able to swallow everything that moves down their throat?!"

    "What is your point?"

    "You call this a fall, but I call evolution. No...I call revelation. Discard useless comcepts like reason and honor. Being a wild animal is a vampire's true nature. A ugly, filthy beast that devours everyone who crosses their path. That woman you claim you loved is no different from inside."

    "...Hey, hey. What do you think are you saying? Are you an idiot?"

    "Er...maybe? Why?"

    "Not only you called the woman I like into a whore, but now you insult my mother. Good grief. I am like super mad right now."

    "...You don't look too mad to me son." Said Alex.

    "Sigh. Sorry, dad. I wanted to control myself, but..." Johnnathan's body starts to get covered in darkness. "Hahaha. I guess I am not a grown-up yet. I'll apologize in advance."

    "Johnny!" Alex tries to reach Johnnathan, but a sudden burst of darkness covers Johnnathan and he gets pushed back by the wind.

    "Aaaaah...This smell..." Chill carefully observes the situation.

    As the vortex of darkness perishes, Johnnathan's body appears from within. His appearance changed with a crimsom skin, eyes covered in darkness and his mouth covered in fangs.

    "...Is this some sort of late Hybrid puberty I don't know about it?" Asked Alex.

    "Graaaaaaaaah!" Johnnathan charged towards Chill and attacks him. Chill defends it, but it's send flying, until it hits a boulder.

    "Keeeeeee.....Keeeehehehe! I remember it!" Chill jumped back on his feet and his eyes turned spiral. "Keeehehehe! That's it! That's it! That taste I so longed for just before I died."

    He then pulls out a second hatchet from inside his mouth. "This time, I'll have the full course."

    Johnnathan and Chill trade blows at one another. Alex follows them and watches behind a tree.

    "It's like watching two beasts trying to devour one another. And one of them is my son. That's disturbing as shit." Said Alex. "Should I intervene before something bad happens to him."

    Johnnathan manages to slice Chill's face in half. "Okay, he got this."

    Chill's face then gets stitched together and he cuts Johnnathan's shoulders. "Maybe not."

    Johnnathan's shoulders heals and he stabs Chill in the chest. "Unless..."

    Chill frees himself by cutting Johnnathan's arm and removing his sword. Both Johnnathan and Chill manages to recover. "..Yeah. I'm gonna have to intervene at some point, am I?"

    "Kaaa!" Chill starts vomiting poison at Johnnathan, who avoided by jumping into a tree.

    "Grrrrr....Graaaaah!" Johnnathan started to change. His face became something like a dragon-like beast.

    "He changed again?" Thought Alex.

    Johnnathan started to leap around from tree to tree like Chill used to do, but much faster. At one point, he manages to scratch Chill in the back.

    "Kaaa!" Chill responds by trying to hit him with his hatchets, but Johnnathan manages to deliver minor scratches over and over until he became filled with wounds. "Keeee...Keeee..."

    Johnnathan then jumped straight to a tree far away where both Alex and Chill could see him. Johnnathan gazed at Alex that managed to look at him and then averted his view to Chill. His swords started to glow with a dark red light and he got in position to launch a long-range attack.

    "That's...Just like Ruby..." Said Alex as he see Johnnathan deliver a massive red spiral at chill that created an explosion. Behind the smoke, two hatchets came flying from within and sliced Johnnathan's arms, but he seemed to not have any sort of reaction. Chill then came rushing from the smoke and went straight to Johnnathan, trying to grab his face with his hand. "Kyaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

    But just before he could reached, Alex ambushed Chill and delivers two slashes at him, splitting him in four. "Kye?!"

    "Consider yourself slain." Said Alex as he finishes cutting Chill's head in two.
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    Chapter 77: Resurrection.


    Yoshimetsu once more defeated more clones only to more of them respawn from their remains.

    "How long can you take?" Asked Schneider who was back to back on him.

    "Not so long." Said Yoshimetsu. "And just now that we face something that can eat us."

    Then the clones started to melt and their remains disappears from thin air.

    "...Hey look! I got them!...I think."

    At Alex's location, he gathered at where Chill's body parts fell. He was cut in many pieces and couldn't fit together.

    "....Kekeke...I always wanted to one day be slayed by you...Red Demon..." Chill still could talk despite his head being split in two. "But celebrate all you want you bloody asshole. This land of dead will be the paradise filled with life compared to the other side...You ass."

    Chill's body started to melt into a blood red liquid substance that turns into a floating crimsom orb that Alex picked up.

    "A Rogue Soul....Or rather a Royal Rogue, I guess." Said Alex. "But what about..."

    Johnnathan appeared near him with one of his arms back holding the other arm that got cut, that then got put back on.

    "Son. Don't make me act like a parent and use this thing in my hand." Johnnathan then reverts to his original self. "Johnnathan?"

    "See that, old man! We got him!" Johnnathan smiled and rose his thumb in approval. He then leaks a large ammount of blood from his mouth. "...I need to pass out now." He passes out, still smiling.

    "Oh, bloody hell."

    Some time later, Johnnathan woke up on an unknow location. It was inside some sort of shrine. "What...Where...Am I still in the dead zone or what?"

    "Finally woke up, huh?" Yoshimetsu was there with a tea set next to him. "Good thing I'm already dead because I certainly would die of boredom waiting you for waking up."

    "How long was I out?"

    "A lot. Remember that time here doesn't flow as you expect." Yoshimetsu finished his tea and opened the sliding door of the place. "Come."

    Johnnathan follows him outside and finds himself in a land filled with floating islands in a golden sky. "Where is this?"

    "It used to be the Realm of Spirits."

    "As in the land of the Shinto?"

    "Because it was the Realm was so close to the Underworld, it soon got assimilated by it. Saving the remaining five realms was the last thing they accomplished before that. Anyway, they are waiting for you at that waterfall across the bridge." Yoshimetsu pointed the way to a red bridge that extended to a waterfall in an island far away.

    "Why should I go to a waterfall?"

    "Dude, seriously. Stop making so many questions how afterlife works."

    "Alright then." Johnnathan makes his way to the bridge.

    "By the way..." Yoshimetsu gives Johnnathan a letter. "If by any chance you meet Makoto again, could you please deliver this to her."

    "Sure. I mean, it's not everyday a man sends a letter of a dead man, so might as well do now."

    "And one more thing. My son...He is definetly stronger than you."

    "...Hah! You wish." Johnnathan parts away as Yoshimetsu returns to his residence with a smile.

    Johnnathan then reaches the end of the bridge and find himself in front af a large waterfall with a pond below. "Huh. Where does this water comes from?"

    "Don't question the afterlife." Death appeared right behind him.

    "Holy! You almost killed me."

    "You ain't dying like that, okay?"

    "Whatever. Sanzuke's dad told me to come here. What's that about?"

    "The land of the Shinto was like a realm in-between this and the living world in a way. Here, you are neither dead or alive. Perfect place to patch your soul together. See how the waterfall reflects your image like a mirror?"

    "Yeah, but most waterfalls do that, I guess."

    "Just hold on a second." Death then touches the waterfall and a whielpool appeared that sucked Johnnathan in.

    "What the?! Aaaaaaaah!" By the time Johnnathan passed through the whirlpool, he was sitting on a table in some sort of red space.

    "Hey there, man." Agni was also sitting on the table alongside Ruby.

    "Agni? And...Mom?!"

    "Not really."

    "I...I think I am done with questions."

    "Well, that's one thing we don't have to bother about it." Said Ruby. "So, let's focus on that part of you that is locked behind you."

    "Behind me?" Johnnathan looked behind and there was a gigantic cage. Inside there was a creature. A red quadrupedal beast similar to a wolf or a lion with glowing hot red eyes. "What is that?"

    "We are debating if it's a dog or a cat, but it's definetly you." Said Agni. "Or rather part of you. Also the reason why is your soul a mess."

    "I see. What do I do?"

    "An easy answer, but hard nonetheless. You have to accept it. Not conquer or discard it. But accept it."

    "...Very well then." Johnnathan went to the cage and it suddenly opened. The beast then slowly left the cage and stopped right in front of Johnnathan, glaring at him. "...I once asked my mother if I could turn into a bat like her. When she asked me why, I answered that I wanted to fly through the sky at night. She gently answered that when I would be woulder, I won't need wings to fly and that I was fine the way I was. Maybe...Just maybe she knew about you."

    Johnnathan then put his hand on the beast's nose. "You could never leave that cage all this time because I was not ready. And when you did it, you just made a mess. But it was my fault. Now...We can make things work out."

    After a bit of silence, the beast swallows Johnnathan in one bite.

    "....Oh." Agni observes as the beast turns into a red gas and flies off somewhere. "...I wonder if it worked....Hmm?"

    Agni see Ruby's image slowly disappearing. "Are you...Is he okay?"

    "He is." Answered Ruby. "It just...There is no need for me to be around anymore."

    "Is that right?"

    "For the time being, this body do not need my meddling. I guess that makes things easy for you."

    "You make me sound like a babysitter ot something."

    "...I am just a figment, but...I still wish for his well-being. Can you look after him?"

    "I am doing this for my own sake. So naturally, I will."

    "Thank you..." Ruby's body disappears like a static.

    Later on, Johnnathan woke up sitting on a chair in a nightclub in front of a bar stand. "Urgh. What now?"

    "There you are, son." Alex and Scheneider were sitting right next to him. The two of them had a martini with them. "How have you been?"

    "Like...I've just got into three different places in such short ammount of time. Where is this?"

    "Just one of the many places we Reapers go to chill." Said Scheneider. "We are gonna be here forever, so best as well enjoy it."

    "Anyway, drink your tequila so we can drop somewhere." Alex pulled a bottle of tequila.

    "You see, I don't really-" Alex forces the bottle right into Johnnathan's mouth. "Glooob!"

    "Relax. What kills you up there makes you better down here."

    "Blergh. It still aches my throat."

    "I thought you were already an adult. Anyway meet me outside after your throat is clean."

    "Cough. Why is he suddenly a little inconsiderated?"

    "He wants to take you somewhere he doesn't like." Said Schneider. "And neither you will, I guess."

    "It wouldn't be the first time I would be somewhere I regretted."

    "Right. By the way, I have something to give you." Schneider gives Johnnathan a letter.

    "...Let me guess. It's for your daughter."

    "Yoshi also did the same, huh?"

    "Are you sure you all are supossed to do this?"

    "The boss never said we couldn't so..."

    "Alright, I got it. I wouldn't guarantee I'll see her again by the way."

    "You are Hybrids. You lot lives long enough for those things to happen eventually."

    "Fine then."

    Johnnathan went outside and it was a big city filled with skyscrapers. Nearby, Alex was waiting for him next to an alley.

    "Follow me." Said Alex as he enters the alley.

    "If that wasn't my dad, I wouldn't dare." Johnnathan followed him and there was a door of some sorts in a wall. "Where are you taking me?"

    "It's a special entry for Reapers. It takes you to some exclusive places. I wanna show you something."

    When he opens the door, it led to a chamber filled with giant glass tubes filled with a green liquid with some sort of core inside.

    "Reminds me of Nik's lab."

    "This is the Soul Center. Everytime we reapers salvage one, we take them here so to restore their bodies...Or forms I should say. Their real bodies are worm food now."

    "You brought me here for this. Gosh, I need a cigar now."

    "Your mother would kill you if she heard that."

    "Say the dad that forced tequila into his son's throat."

    "Anyway, look over there." Alex showed a tube that containing a woman with her eys closed missing an arm and a leg.

    "Wait...Isn't that mom?"

    "Yeah. It's her. I've been trying to speed her regeneration for a while, but I still have ways to go."

    "She can hear me?"

    "Of course not. She has been there all this time and it's still missing a few pieces there and there. This sort of thing takes a while. Heck, some of them are still here way before her."


    "You see, even if she comes back, she cannot reincarnate. It's a price of having an immortal soul. That's also one of the reasons I decided to be a reaper. I believe I said that, right?"

    "Yeah, you did."

    "It's funny. The afterlife, is still somewhat like life, but even so we still wish to be alive. Makes you reflect, no?"

    "Not really."

    "Hahahaha! Oh boy. You are hopeless. Well, good luck on your treasure hunting or whatever." Alex puts his hand over Johnnathan's shoulders.

    "And good luck killing ghost worms or whatever." Johnnathan puts his hands over Alex's shoulders.

    "...I should hug or something?"

    "Leave it when I really come down here."

    "I would certainly leave that for your mother."

    "...You don't have any letter to send to-" Out of nowhere, a skeleton hand grabbed Johnnathan and threw him at a portal. When the portal disappears, Azrael showed up.

    "...Dude. We were having a family moment here."

    "That one has been here too long for someone still not dead." Said Azrael. "This isn't an asylum."

    "Are you calling me old or something. You are older than me!"

    "Just report back to the Lady. You have another job in an hour." Azrael disappears.

    "Hmpf. The locals of this place are so hard to get along." Alex takes another look at Ruby. "Just a little longer, okay? We will definetly be together once more...Gosh. I wish I could have give you a sweet nickname."

    As Alex leaves the place, a faint smile appeared on Ruby's face.

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    Extra Chapter 6: Debt.


    Alex returned to his town after a day of travel. He arrived with a large steel suitcase.

    "Alex! Are we gonna celebrate?" Said a fisherman passing by.

    "Give me a break. You know I don't do parties." Said Alex not paying too much attention.

    "So Alex, I guess you missed the big news yesterday." Said a woman passing with a basket of roses.

    "I'll know about it later."

    "Hey, Alex. Is this the sort of thing you do to Ruby?" Said a watchman patroling the area.

    "I have a lot of trust towards my wife, thank you very much."

    As he stopped by, he saw Elma checking on some packages in the back smoking a cigar.

    "Oh, it's you." Elma noticed that Alex arrived and sat on top of her stand. "I wasn't expecting you this early. Though it has been a while since you even got out of town. So what gives?"

    "Will this help?" Alex casually puts a whole bag of gold next to her.

    "...Never thought there would be a day I would find this sort of thing annoying. A family man cannot toss around money like that."

    "You know that this is investment."

    "Investment that I'm humbly decline, thank you very much! Honestly, didn't you invested enough already?"

    "Well, it will take a while."

    "I'm pretty positive it isn't a pawn shop you are looking after."

    "That's not it. It's just have a debt, you see."

    "A debt? The guy that keeps giving money away has a debt?"


    "Hmm...What you got in that suitcase? Pretty tiny for your scythe, right?"

    "That's breach of privacy."

    "Bah. You have to be such a pain of a person to know about. Oh yeah, I want you to check out something." Elma gives him some sort of apple. "Have a taste."

    Alex gave it a bite and was shocked by how sweet it was. "What is this divine nectar? There is no way this is from around here."

    "That's a Fairy Fruit."

    "A Fairy Fruit? How did you get your hands on one?"

    "Oh. I planted a tree nearby."

    "You did what, you old hag?! Isn't that illegal?!"

    "Well you can't take a fruit from their forest, but there is nothing about planting a seed that came from outside, right?"

    "And how is there a seed outside of the forest to begin with it?"

    "You didn't knew? At the time of the Ancients, those types of trees could be find on some other places. All of them were perished by the legions of Astaroth's demons, but a few seeds still survived."

    "Wasn't that like a billion years ago?"

    "Don't understimate those seeds. It said one seed outlives thousands of generations. Also some trees out there looks so much like the regular ones that you can't tell the difference from the outside."

    "And how did you exactly figured out those are Fairy Seeds?"

    "That's a secret. But hear me out, since no one can tell the difference, I planted the tree on a certain location in the forest. No one will ever find out, hehe."

    "And you are able to just walk there and come back?"

    "I am old, not dead Alex. Also, I got my hands on Fairy Lemon Seeds as well. I can make a fortune out of this thanks to your investments."

    "I see...But you can't just say they are Fairy Fruits, right?"

    "That's the secret. When they taste our fruits, they will take they are very high-quality ones. That means more sales."

    "Hmm...I mean, it's not totally a lie."

    "Still, it would take a few years to grow. Just because they can grow anywhere it is not the same than the Fairy Forest."

    "I still like the idea of harvesting the bounty. Any way I can be part of this?"

    "Sure. I mean if it weren't for you, this shop would still be a stand in an open market."

    "Well, good for us. If you excuse me, I have to see how my wife is doing. I felt very anxious have to leave when she is waiting for a baby."

    "You can forget about that then."

    "What do you mean?"

    "Ruby delivered the baby yesterday."

    "What....Whaaaaaaat?! Why no one told me that!"

    "Actually, we all did." Said the watchman who poked inside the shop.

    "Out of my way!" Alex pushed back the guard and ran towards his house.

    "I can't believe this guy used to kill vampires like a walk in a park." Said Elma.

    After running nonstop to arrive at home, Alex arrives at his house very tired. "Huff...Huff...My sides..Urgh." He then vomits some blood that stains his hand. "Damnit." Alex quickly rubs the blood on his pants and carefully enters the house."Ruby? You there?"

    "Alex?" Ruby then appeared holding a dark-haired baby sleeping on her arms.

    "Ah...You really...Did..." Alex then started to pass out, but Ruby quickly held him with one hand before he could fall.

    "You okay?"

    "Oh...Yeah. I mean. I guess I wasn't emotionally ready to see my wife with my child like this."

    "You look a bit pale...Did you came running from town after learning about being officially a father?"

    "Y-Yeah. Bad idea."

    "Just sit there for a bit." Ruby took Alex to sit in the sofa with her.

    "...By the way, sorry for not being here at the time of the birth. My bad."

    "That's okay. What matters is that you are here."

    "Still, never thought I would be a father one day. It's feels weird that the boy in your arms is also mine...It's a boy, right?"

    "Yeah. I found it weird at first that he had no fangs, but I managed well."


    "Newborn vampires are born with fangs to feed on their mother's blood."

    "I see...But you managed to do like humans do, right?"

    "Of course. It's almost the same thing, I guess."


    "It seems you got more, huh?" Ruby took a look at the suit Alex brought. "I never realized some people sold their own blood."

    "Some people would sell their own organs if necessary."

    "You still got those from Cornellius, right?"

    "There aren't many people I can trust that can actually get some of those. Not only they are rare, but the ways to get those are not....How could I say...Normal. It's basically a deal with the underworld."

    "I hope you two aren't risking too much."

    "It's hardly any interest to the authorities. They have better things to take care of it. Better like that, I almost kicked the bucket during your pregnancy outbreaks."

    "Again, I'm sorry."

    "Don't bother about that now. By the way, does he have a name?"

    "Not yet. I thought it would be better if you were here first."

    "Well, jokes on you, because I can't think of anything."

    "Hmm...How about Drake?"

    "Drake. It's someone you know?"

    "Drake was my late older brother's name. If I ever had a son, I wanted to give his name to him."

    "Hmm...Well, you never know if you gonna have another boy, so let's go with that."

    "Alright then. From now on, he is Drake Highlander."

    "So another one gets the name Highlander..."

    "Say, did you knew that there are three types of Hybrids?"


    "Yeah. It's all about how they use their dark abilites."

    "And what do you think he will be?"

    "He did cry a lot yesterday. So he has a lot of vitality. I think he will be a Warrior. They are like good in close-combat."

    "I do hope he doesn't get into too much trouble. By the way are you gonna be okay if you have to be alone with him?"

    "Oh, please. I used to look after the babies of a friend of mine. One was like twice his size when he was born."

    "Yikes. Was the childbirth okay?"

    "She did said something about feeling the same pains everytime someone asks her about it."

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    Chapter 78: Cloudy with Chances of Slaughter.


    Somewhere in the skies, hidden in a fog of darkness, the Death Crow was approaching entering Gel's territory. Raven was at the deck with a platoon of Rogues behind him. Moonlight was sitting on the corner playing with a dagger between her fingers.

    "My friends...Operation Knock-Knock is about to start soon." Said Raven. "It might be the most exciting activity we had since our debut at Zaratraz. And who knows? Maybe if I feel like, we drop at Nova for 5 minutes or so, just for laughs. Remember two things: First, that there is no strategy. Act naturally like a scumbag you lot are. And second, remember that I wouldn't miss a single one of you bitches, despite your lives being essentially my property. Any questions?"

    "...Why is the operation called Knock-Knock?" Asked a grunt who raised his hand. Raven replied by snapping his fingers and Moonlight threw several daggers at the rogue that had the last one pierce his face, killing him in the process.

    "Now then...Everyone boarding a Striker right now!" Raven shouted and all the rogues went to their posts. "Good grief. Can't any of them say something smart?"

    "Technically it's your fault." Said Moonlight. "Isn't your blood the result of their behavior."

    "Blahblahblah! Shut up! You don't see me being an ignorant savage like them do you?"

    "I will not answer that."

    "It's certainly obvious every single one of them is a reflection of your own personality, Raven." Noir appeared at the deck.

    "Oh geez, here we go again." Said Raven. "Is today a holiday where you are free to pick on the elder brother or something?"

    "Are you aware that Blitzreign has a magic barrier that can sense when we arrive way before entering their territory? By the time we get there, they will be waiting."

    "...That's why it's called Knock-Knock, Noir." Raven smiled. "Since they're gonna be aware when we attack from every angle, should as well go for a frontal assault, right?"

    "So all this is for your own entertainment. Figures."

    "Hey, what now? It has been that way for ten years hasn't been? And only now you decide to complain? Not 10 years ago or 5 years ago? What's with that? Hey! Aren't you thinking on pulling an Evening on me aren't you?"

    "You understimate me, brother. Do you think I would easily betray you over petty reasons?"

    "Well...It's possible."

    "...There are two types of loyal people. Those who are loyal from what someone or something can give to them...And the one who are loyal by the kind of people who they are loyal. The former group is a pathetic bunch. Swear service over money and such as is no true loyalty in my eyes. But the last group is where true loyalty is. Because you are lending your body and soul over a cause you can get behind. As a rogue...No. As a vampire, what I trust the most is strenght. So if I have to offer total loyalty it would be the one with the most strenght. And if you truly doubt my word, brother...Then just say the order and I kill myself right here and now. That's just how much I believe in my own path."

    "....Pffft! Kaaaahahahaha!" Raven laughed histerically. "And here I thought Blanc was the funny one!"

    "Blanc is funny?" Asked Moonlight.

    "Ahahaha...Haaa...As if you are gonna be of any use if you are dead. I would never demand something that stupid. But then, I guess I really did understimated you. My bad."

    "If that's all, I'll take my leave." Noir turns back and starts to walk away.

    "Hmm...Moonlight." Said Raven.

    "Yes?" Answered Moonlight.

    "I feel like something is passing close by. Could you look at nine o'clock from here."

    "In the sky? What could...Oh." Moonlight gazed at something hidden in the clouds.

    "Found something?"

    "Dragon. A faint shade, but it looks like one."

    "Dragon? What type of it? They aren't common arond here."

    "Sorry, I meant....Dragons."

    "Dragons...Tiamat." Raven smirked.

    Meanwhile, Salomeh was overseeing Vanilla manipulating three floating orbs. Each one was made of an element: Fire, Water and Lightning. "She is able to simultaneously use three elements now." Thought Salomeh. "That's a significant growth...No. A huge one. Perhaps Aladdin had some...No! There is no way he had sort of guidance."

    "Miss Salomeh?" Vanilla called her. "You alright?"

    "Ah. No! I am just in awe how much you changed."

    "It was all thanks to Mr. Aladdin's guidance."

    "Hnnnnngh!" Salomeh forces a smile while her right eye twitch. "So...Good...For you.."

    "Heeeey there." Petit appeared wearing an uniform with a blue cape attached to his right shoulder. "A little bee told me you had returned."

    "Sigh. I knew it would be only a matter of time." Vanilla avoided eye contact. "What is it, Gateau?"

    "Well, I thought that maybe you didn't heard I am the newest member of the Elite Forces, which is kind of a big deal?"

    "Oh. Good for you."

    "And I think maybe a gift from a fair friend would suit me well right now?"

    "I'll bring something sweet to you later."

    "Delightful. But how about a dinner invintation first?"

    "Urgh! I would prefer literally anything at all to happen for you to go away."

    Suddenly an alarm appeared from the ceiling emmiting a red colour that echoed through the entire academy.

    "Oh my!" Salomeh was astonished.

    "What is going on?" Asked Petit.

    "A Code Raven. A Rogue Vampire Fleet is coming towards Gel."

    "W-Whaaaat?! B-But I am not ready for that!"

    "Then be ready. It's possible one of his siblings might appear."

    "Or maybe he and all of them." Said Vanilla.

    "A-Are you certain?" Asked Petit.

    "I dealt with Rogues enough to know how they work. They wanted to be noticed in the first place. And they also know forces from Nova will be here soon as well."

    "Huh. It seems you got a bit of experience in your absence." Commented Salomeh.

    "Right now, Raven is like a shark. Showing his fin before attacking. He is that twisted."

    "Geez. And here I thought today would be a good day." Later on, a green alarm appeared as well. "I-Impossible!"

    "What is it now?"

    "Now it's an alarm for a dragon. But they don't really come nearby at this time of the year."

    "Now that you mention it...I encountered a Ocean Emperor Dragon in the Red Sea a while ago."

    "An Ocean Emperor Dragon? That means..."


    "They just come to the surface when they feel a certain "disturbance". That being a special type of dragon is making a move. A Draconian. And there is only one of them alive right now. Dragon Master, Tiamat."

    "So two of the three Dark Lords are on their way to Gelm right now?" Said Petit. "I...I do not want to be here."
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    Chapter 79: Rowan.


    "Gather all the available spellcasters now!" Salomeh gave it an order to Petit. "We also need to gather as much as residents as possible."

    "Do I really have to be part of this?" Asked Petit.

    "Weren't you boasting about being an Elite just a while ago?" Said Vanilla.

    "Dragons and Vampires together in one place are waaay ahead of what one Elite can do!"

    "I'm afraid he is right." Said Salomeh. "We must pray that Nova can send reinforcements on time. Until them we must buy as much time as possible."

    "Unnaceptable." A bearded old man in a wheelchair who seemed appeared in thin air appeared right behind her.

    "C-Chairman?!" Salomeh was completely stunned by the ancient's presence.

    "Woah. That's Chairman Rowan?" Said Vanilla. "So he really exists. I thought he was dead all this time."

    "Dead? I'm only...Only...How old am I again?" Asked Rowan.

    "D-Don't ask me." Said Salomeh. "By the way, what do you mean by "Unnaceptable"?"

    "Well...If you are going to say that you will stand your ground until reinforcements appears, then the least you can do is say you are gonna go beyond that even if it's impossible."

    "...Excuse me?" Vanilla was confused.

    "If you can't believe you can protect yourself then don't try at all. Not believing in yourself means your potential is extremely limited. Do not forget that...Why did I said that gibberish again?"

    "Er...That's alright." Said Salomeh. "Basically you saying for me to do my best. I get it."

    "Yeah. Don't ever try to fish thinking you won't pick a fish...Who are you again?"

    "Urgh. I'm like your best student, I guess."

    "Miss Salomeh, I know where we can get help from nearby." Said Vanilla.

    "Does it involves Aladdin?" Asked Salomeh.


    "Aladdin? That name sounds familiar." Said Petit.

    "Did you said Aladdin?" Asked Rowan. "As in the best spellcaster I ever had in my services?"

    "Urgh. You gotta be kidding me." Said Salomeh.

    "Anyway, I happens to know a student of him of sorts. And he is at Fairyland right now." Said Vanilla.

    "Fairyland, huh?...Where is that again?" Asked Rowan.

    "It's like pretty close to the north." Said Petit.

    "Oh..Oh! Right. I guess we could ask them for help as well. Well then..." Rowan slowly moves his hand creating a small vortex from his fingers. The vortex slowly becomes a portal. "This portal will take you straight there. Remember to be polite to Titania, okay?"

    "Wow. I didn't knew you could create a shortcut to that place." Said Vanilla.

    "Sometimes, I forget that as well."

    "Can I come along as well?" Asked Petit.

    "No." Quickly replied Salomeh.

    Meanwhile at the Death Crow, snow was starting to fall around the ship as Raven casualy picks a snowflake that melts around his fingers. "How many years has it been since I have been in Gel?"

    "Beats me. You never liked snow." Said Moonlight.

    "Actually, I am rather fond of it. I like how it makes people to shiver."

    "I for once, prefer a desert." Kaio appears passing through a hole in the floor. "Doesn't help that I have the body of a snake now."

    "When are you gonna stop playing like a crawling reptile?"

    "Hey, you can't go from zero to a million that quick. I wasn't expecting the power of Darkness being this troublesome."

    "Do you came here to complain or what?" Asked Raven. "You are welcome to assist me today, but I am not expecting too much."

    "A signifivant portion of my power has already regrowed. I was imagining that maybe I could do something about those fairies. If I recall correctly, isn't your species very susceptible to them?"

    "That's why we got that balloon of metal out of that filthy place. The Demons's eternal flames are the only one that can burn their forests."

    "I know of Baal, but he isn't know very well about his wits. If you allow, I can fill that hole of a problem."

    "Sounds interesting. Well, the more the merrier. What do you have?"

    "Not what, but who." He summons what seems to be a crocodile mask. "It is time to give this one a real second chance."

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    Chapter 80: Total Destruction.


    On it's way to Gel, the Death Crow crosses the cold skies above Blitzreign land. Raven was sitting on the crow's head at the front, looking ahead. "I forgot how big Blitzreign is. I have no idea where we are on this white void. It's almost like life itself, I guess. You have to keep moving to be somewhere...Specter could have made this faster though."

    He then sees a city at a distance, but around the city, a dome of green light was surrounding it completely. "Hmm? What is that?"

    Back in Gel, Salomeh was alongside an army of spellcasters wearing two uniforms similar to Petit.

    "Was that necessary, milady?" Asked one of the spellcasters. "Certainly the barrier will repel any Rogue who dares attack us."

    "We are dealing dragons as well." Said Salomeh. "Also, we should never understimate the vampires. Of all the Three Dark Lords, Raven is the most cunning and evil. We must be aware of any move"

    Later, outside the city, Raven alongside the Noir, Moonlight and Blanc looks at the barrier covering the city. He tries to touch it, but a scorching heat burns his hands. "Interesting. First time I see something like this."

    "According to our intel, it was developed recently by Spectrum in response to our raids." Said Noir.

    "Really? Kakaka! I guess they should thank me then."

    "So what now? We just turn around or what?" Asked Moonlight.

    "You know what I do when an obstacle like this appear in my way." Raven snaps his fingers and Nightmare appears, falling right near him. "Nightmare...Smash it."

    Nightmare slowly walks towards barrier and graps his right hand, covering on a crimsom glow. With his backfist, he strikes the barrier and cracks starts to appear. Like glass, the whole barrier shatters and disappears.

    "Marvelous." Said Raven. "Now...I have another job for you." Raven looks at the direction towards the Platinum Mountain.

    "The Barrier...Is gone?!" Salomeh looks up with a desperate look.

    "Milady! Look!" One of the spellcasters points at a silhouette approaching them. When the figure came closer, it was revealed to be Noir.

    "Greetings, Witch of Gel." Said Noir who stood at a safe distance with his hands inside his coat pockets.

    "Harbinger of Disaster..." Said Salomeh.

    "It's been a while since I heard those words."

    "What are you playing?"

    "I'm merely playing the part of a messenger."

    "Is this a joke? Since when Raven does negotiations."

    "I do. One way or the other he will attack with a legion of his most vile rogue vampires. So I am letting you make an option to avoid unnecessary losses."

    "...Then prove it by telling us how did you disposed of the magic barrier."

    "You heard of Nightmare?"

    "Who did not?"

    "His strenght is both physical and magical. That way every sort of matter, be physical or magical, can be destroyed by him like a twig. Luckily for you, it seems he had other errands to accomplish. Of course...I don't think it would take an hour."

    "...What does Raven want?"

    "Harvok's Egg."

    Meanwhile at the heart of the Fairy Forest on Yggdrasil, Serra and Hara were strolling around the outside area of the mansion.

    "You know Hara, life here isn't bad. You see, there is food everywhere since we are in a forest, it's very well-guarded, no troublemakers, it's neither too cold or too hot. I thought they would treat us like some sort of boarding school or something, but yeah...This place looks good."

    Hara simply stays silent.

    "...Are you not gonna say anything?"

    "I don't have an opinion so it's better I remain silent."

    "You have no guts, aren't you?"

    "Well, I do in fact have less guts than you."

    "Woooooah!" A portal suddenly appeared near them and Vanilla appeared diving into the floor.

    "Hey! It's the young lady that hit me with a stick!" Said Hara. "...That was kind of rude, but I forgave you."

    "I-Is this the Fairy Forest?"

    "Technically, the Heart of the Forest, yes." Said the Paladin who appeared before her.

    "Aaaaah! A wood man!"

    "Yes, I know. Did Rowan sent you?"


    "Alright then." He put his hand over her head and the two of them teleported.

    "Welp. That was something." Said Serra.

    Inside the tree, Titania was hosting a tea party with the rest of the crew. "And that's how the Wildlands came to be."

    "That's rather interesting." Said Edward.

    Suddenly, Paladin showed up with Vanilla. "Titania, we have a guest."

    "Vanilla?!" Shouted everyone in the crew.

    "F-Fairy Queen Titania?" Said Vanilla.

    "Yes child. How can I-"

    "It's terrible! It's Vampires! And Dragons! Vampires riding on Dragons! They will be here any second! Do something!"

    "C-Can you repeat, but a little bit slower and maybe more detailed?"

    "O-Okay." Vanilla explained the situation.

    "Raven and Tiamat...At the same place at the same time? Good grief." Said West.

    "I don't know about Tiamat, but even Raven wouldn't be bold to attack closer to us." Said Florencia.

    "I suposse we have no choice. We need to deploy our warriors right now. Paladin, gather the Fairy Guard."

    "I on my way." Said Paladin.

    "By the way you lot, wanna lend a hand to save Gel?"

    "I'm in." Said West.

    "My blade thirsts for those blood driven devils." Said Sanzuke.

    "I wouldn't stand by and let my brother do what he sees fit." Said Evelyne.

    "...Well, if it's for Vanilla, I have no choice." Said Edward. "But, Johnnathan would be a huge help right now."

    "We must have faith he will arrive soon enough." Said Titania. "And you, Vanilla isn't it?"

    "Yes?" Said Vanilla.

    "You hair...It always has been white?"

    "Hmm? Yeah. Why?"

    "I see. It's been ages since I seen a remnant of their kind."

    "Their kind? What do you mean?"

    "You see...You are a descedant of the Winter Fairies."

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    Chapter 81: Demon Clash.


    "How do you know about Harvok's Egg?" Said Salomeh.

    "Is it weird to a product of the Dark Walkers to know about it?" Said Noir. "As for how do we know is at the acadey, that is irrelevant. So do not try to resist if you don't want to lose so many people in one day, I recommend you to cut the chase."

    "...You know, I feel like I am being understimated. Do you have any idea who is the woman standind right in front of you?"

    "Sorry. Spells aren't really my expertice."

    "Then let me give you a demonstration." Salomeh snaps her fingers and Noir is surpisingly surrounded by four carved pumpkins on fire with creepy smiles. "Trick or Treat."

    A large explosion surrounds Noir and Salomeh watches as the smoke fades away. She sees a shadow and when the smoke is out, it was revealed to be Raven.

    "I guess this is a no, then." Said Raven. Noir then appeared with his right arm scorched. "She got you good there, huh?"

    "If I was less than a second slower, it might have been both arms." Said Noir.

    "Oh well..." Several Rogues from mist behind Raven. "Let's begin then."

    Meanwhile at the Fairy Forest, Titania reunited her Fairy Guard to prepare for the assault. All of them were equipped with bows.

    "I know we don't usually do those sort of things." Said Titania. "But it's for time like these we have fighters like you all. Our foes are Vampires and Dragons. I can't promise that you all will return alive."

    "We live as the Queen's sword and shield." Said one of the fairies.

    "We shall protect our home, whatever the cost." Said another one of them.

    "I shall be the vanguard, my liege!" Said Bors who bowed to her. "I feel that day has come. To finally repay my debt to you with my life!"

    "Just do your best to come back alive, okay?" Said Titania.

    Meanwhile Florencia and the rest of the crew watched from the corner.

    "I have to admit, those fairies have backbones." Said West.

    "They are good men and women. Every single one of them." Said Florencia.

    "Don't they have Lagomoths around here?" Asked Edward. "Why couldn't they join the fray?"

    "Does every human that lives in Nova joins the army?"

    "...Well, if you check the ratio of people who consider it-"

    "Stop. I lost interest."

    "Heyoo!" Curupira entered the room alongside Jacira. "Do you have a moment, Tina?"

    "What is it, Curi? We are preparing for the battle of our lives here." Said Titania.

    "Well, that may have to wait because I just saw fire spreading in the forest."

    "A fire?! Impossible! No fire can burn the forest!"

    "Actually there is one. We just thought it perished in the sands of time."

    "You mean...I have to see that!"

    Titania and the rest went to the balcony and they saw fire and smoke coming out from the woods.

    "Not even a dragon's flame can burn those trees." Said Florencia. "What is going on?"

    "It's a demon." Said Titania. "Only their Immortal Fire can do that damage."

    "Demons? Weren't they like extinct?" Asked Vanilla.

    "No. There is one that until now was stranded on a island that he wasn't supossed to get out." Said Curupira. "Unless, not with outside help."

    "Raven." Whispered Evening.

    "So it's Baal. One of Astaroth's former generals." Said Titania. "So that's how Raven operates."

    "...Hey. Aren't you feeling something over there?" Said Curupira.

    "What do you mean?"

    "I don't know. I smell another one down there."

    On his way to the Forest's Heart, Astaroth slowly walked foward, burning all the trees he passed nearby. "Aaaaaah...I can already smell those despicable fairies...I can't wait to scirch those insects."

    "Yo." Someone called his attention. He looks to his left and sees no other than Drake Highlander, sittin on top of a rock. "You're one pretty big dude, huh?"

    "It's you who are too small. What even is you, rat?"

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    Chapter 82: Seasons.


    Hours before Raven arrived at Gel, Drake and his crew had just arrived at Gel. Naturally they were wearing warm clothes and were walking towards the academy.

    "Why did we ever bother coming here?" Said Nikolai. "You hate this place, Al."

    "I don't hate it. I just don't like coming here." Replied Aladdin.

    "How is that not the same thing?"

    "On another subject, what exactly do you plan to do about...that?" Asked Drake.

    "We stay on watch for now." Said Aladdin. "I can't really step on the Academy as you know."

    "Waiting Game, huh? Typical of you." Drake then felt a twitch on his neck and gazed from far in front of him. "...So you guys mind if I disappear for a few hours? I just saw a nice pair of legs walking and-"

    "Just go, you shameless animal." Said Aladdin.

    "..Thanks, mom." Drake slowly moves away from the party.

    "...It's really rare for you to let him off the hook like this." Said Coela.

    "You don't think it's a woman he was talking about, right?" Said Shadewing.

    "Legs isn't his type."

    Back at the present, Drake was facing Baal in the forest.

    "Where did you came from?" Asked Baal. "Did Titania sent you?"

    "Actually I came from Gel." Said Drake. "I had a feeling something neat was going to happen here so I got here and waited something interesting to appear."

    "You saying you somehow predicted my coming? Are you some sort of clairvoyant?"

    "Me? Nah. I just followed my guts."

    "Guts, huh? Bah. I've met several fools who spoke things like that and had embarassing deaths. I will not waste my time on you."

    Baal went further ahead ignoring Drake. After one deep breath, Drake swung his sword sending a Black Wave at Baal, who defended himself by blocking with his arms, but he still gets pushed back. "Was that Darkness? You don't look like a Dark Walker to me, but there is no way a human like you could channel such power without being corrupted. What are you?"

    "So not only you are big, you are ancient. I should have figured out. Have you heard of a Hybrid?"

    "Hybrid? Ah, I see. The spawn between human and vampire. Well then, you may be a fine passtime after all." Baal opened a mouth on his belly and pulled out a large axe of fire from inside of him. "It's been so many years. Be pleased, for you shall be the first after so long to be mere ashes before Baal of the Fire Demons."

    "Demons, huh? Well, they happen to call me Black Demon from around here."

    "Black Demon? What a facade."

    Unknow for both of them, one of the trees had a small eye on it. Through that eye, Titania could see the whole thing from far away. "Hmm. Very surprisingly. A Hybrid appeared before Baal."

    "How does this Hybrid look like?" Asked Florencia.

    "A black-haired man with a black long coat."

    "It's Drake. He is Johnny's brother."

    "You mean the Black Demon? Very fitting."

    "What is he doing there anyway?"

    "I rather not think too much. What it matter is that Baal will not be a problem for now."

    "By the way, Fairy Queen..." Said Vanilla. "What was about that thing about be descending from Winter Fairies? Also, what is a Winter Fairy at all?"

    "Hmm...Well, I guess I have time to tell. Back in my original world, the Realm of Forest, there were four clans of fairies, each one to each season. The fairies you are all familiar are the Spring Fairies."

    "That's a lot of unexpected exposition." Said Edward.

    "Unlike in this world where the seasons are not the same in some locations, in my world where the fairies ruled over, every corner in that world had the same season. The clans would change the forests everytime a new season would start. The Spring Clan had the light of the new life. The Summer Clan had the fire to give strenght to the land. The Fall Clan would bring the winds of change. And the Winter Clan would lastly put the world to rest with snow and ice. Together, the four clans kept the world in balance. But there was a darkness crawling below the land that despised us so much that would rather have that balance destroyed."

    "What?" Asked Vanilla.

    "A tribe of fiends that praised strenght over all and the dangerous had power of decay. We called them the Ogres. For aeons, the four clans would fight them over and over. But then one time after not hearing too much about it, appeared so many of them in so many places. We fought for months, but the Summer and Fall clans soon perished. We had no choice, but to abandon our home planet and seek refuge on the Realm of Spirits."

    "Damn." Said West.

    "When we arrived at this world there were several of my clan, but only a few of the Winter Clan. Their leader, Queen Eire, was among them. Naturally, I was chosen to be the Ancient of the Forest, but Eire was still on equal footing with me regarding the Fairies. Ever wondered why it's so cold in Gel, but not so much here? It's because Gel used to be the Winter of the Forest."

    "Woah. Fascinating." Said Vanilla. "But where are they now?"

    "They during the Ancient War agaisnt the Fire Demons."

    "Oh...Should have figured out."

    "Eire fought so that nightmare would never happen again. And now here we are, in a world where a threat similar to the Ogres appeared. Now it's my time to carry this burden."

    "So in other words I am like half-fairy?"

    "As you know when humans became more advanced, interspecies relationships between them were fairly common. But you can have them bring either human or fairy children just like any other Demi-Humans. Only Hybrids seems to escape this rule."

    "Come to think of it, Honnie's mother was a fairy. So all this time I had blood from an extict race...That's kind of neat."

    "Humans with fairy ancestry tends to have a lot of affinity with magic. Gel has a lot of those nowadays."

    "I know it's kind of great to talk about our genealogy tree, but don't we have a city to save?" Said Sanzuke.

    "Oh, right. I just hope nothing else bad happens-"

    Suddenly a giant portal surrounded by red gate materialized behind them.

    "A Soul Gate?!" Said the Paladin. "But that means.."

    From the portal, Kishin came from within.

    "Eeep! Another Demon!" Vanilla screamed.

    "Is that...an Oni?" Asked Sanzuke.

    "Aaaaah...The Fairy Forest. How nostalgic." Said Kishin as he sits on the floor and lights his pipe.

    "Who are you fiend?!" Shouted one of the guards. "State yourself or else-"

    Kishin sends the guard flying by hitting him with one finger.

    "Bothersome bugs...Hmm?" Kishin looks straight at Titania and Paladin. "Oh my. I almost didn't recognize you two. It has been a while Titania...And Kamui."

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    Chapter 83: Kamui.


    It was like a storm on Gel where the spellcasters and the rogues were having an all-out mayhem. In the middle of the fire between the two factions, Raven and Salomeh were standing still, glaring at each other. Salomeh with a serious face and Raven with his usual grin.

    "It's not everyday I see someone to stand up against me like this." Said Raven. "Most of the time they run like rats by the second they see me. So, are you gonna do the first move or what?"

    "Letting me do the first step...was your first and final mistake." Salomeh claps her hands and the land began to shake. Suddenly a giant sprout grew from below and sent the two of them on a stone platform high in the sky.

    "That's Salomeh's magic?!" Shouted one of the spellcasters.

    "Where is she taking the admiral?!" Shouted one of the rogue grunts.

    Noir has been observing the sprout continuously rise on a hidden spot in the academy, surrounded by fallen bodies of spellcasters next to puddle of blood. "The Witch really is something. Neither the fairies had that much control of the nature. Oh well. It's not Raven who I am more concerned. Now where is that damn egg?"

    Meanwhile, Aladdin and the rest were hiding on an alley, looking at the situation.

    "The good news is you were right at something, Al." Said Nikolai. "The bad news....You were right at something."

    "So...There is a giant beansprout or something in the middle of the city." Said Nikolai.

    "Yeah, yeah. I noticed." Said Aladdin.

    "I could fly up there if you are concerned about your friend." Said Shadewing.

    "No. You could become an easy target. Let's just stay alert for now."

    The sprout then finally stopped high the white cold sky.

    "You know, I am already used to the scenery since I lived 10 years on a flying ship." Said Raven. "I just don't get it why went all this trouble."

    "There are things that doesn't need to be seen. Things that cannot be." Salomeh closed her eyes and removed a ring she had. A huge burst of energy in the shape of a black vortex came from inside of her.

    Raven felt a cold wind that slowly pushed him and he felt a certain force of pressure over him. "Hmm? This feeling is...Oh...I see..."

    Salomeh opened her eyes revealing one of them being red.

    "You are a Hybrid, huh?" Raven smiled again and transformed his hand into a claw.

    "Only a fool would hold back against you." Salomeh summoned two black pumpkins on fire that were carved into menacing smiles.

    Meanwhile at the Fairy Forest, Kishin had arrived at the Heart.

    "Did he said Kamui?" Asked Sanzuke.

    "Who is that?" Asked Edward.

    "Kamui was the name of a Shinto. There isn't much know about him."

    "Ah. That's right. You are know as Izanagi now, isn't it Kamui?" Said Kishin.

    "Izanagi?" Said Sanzuke. "Wait....You are Izanagi?!"

    "Shintos tends to changes names when they change roles". Said Kishin. "It's works like a mix of knighthood and promotion."

    "It never worked out for you, right Kishin?" Said Kamui.

    "Huh? He was a Shinto?" Asked Edward. "C-Can someone fill me in of who and what he is?"

    "He is an Oni. A shinto who became corrupted with negative energy. Whatever are you doing here?"

    "That vampire guy, the one named Raven, released me from that cursed seal." Said Kishin. "I am just repaying the favor by lending my services."

    "You saying that somone like you submitted to another man?"

    "He said I could anything I felt like. Besides, that goal he has in mind. A world made of conflict and battle." Kishin layed on the floor, smoking a pipe. "I am really curious about it."

    "Should have figured out."

    "I was wondering if some of the Great Ancients were around. And turns out I seen not one, but two as mere shadows of their former selves. How pathetic of you two. But much more disappointing for you Kamui. To think the one who became Izanagi-no-Mikoto is now not different from a wodden puppet. Bah. I'll just watch things for now."

    "Dude. Am I a joke to you?" Said Curupira who just stood right next to him.

    "And who are you?"

    "We never met before, but I heard about you. Once one of the finest guardians of the Realm of Spirits turned into an Oni because of his lust for battle. Pah! Not that I care."

    "I told you...Who are you?!" Kishin smashed his pipe at Curupira that sent a strong shockwave that pushed the others away.

    "What was that?" Asked West. "And what about the sassy one? Is he-"

    "Lord Curupira is fine." Said Jacira who pointed at Curupira stopping the pipe with one hand that turned into a claw surrounded by a red fur, similar to an ape.

    "Oho. So you must be the Ancient Beast I heard about it." Said Kishin.

    "I'll let that one slide cause I am not in a very bad mood." Said Curupira.

    "Anyone else feels a little bit out of place here?"

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    Chapter 84: Undying Heat.


    "What a bother. Does all of the seven realms have that one person that would hit first and ask questions later?" Said Curupira.

    "My apologies." Said Kishin. "It just you reaaaally looked like an annoying bug from my viewpoint."

    "Do you have a death wish? Because ask someone else. Fighting you would be such a drag."

    "Oh? You aren't mad?"

    "Of course I am. It just stupidity to throw your life away because you were taunted."

    "Hah! You aren't wrong. But how about those?" Kishin points up at a dark cloud approaching the Heart.

    "Darkness...Titania! Those are-"

    The cloud falls to the earth resulting on a small explosion. From there, several Rogues appeared from where the cloud landed.

    "Rogues! How?!" Shouted Florencia.

    "It seems that the forest is already losing it's power" Kishin looked at where a huge fire could be seen from afar. "Still, it seems Baal is quite busy. I'll go take a look if you don't mind."

    Kishin opens another gate and walks away.

    "Tch! How annoying." Said Curupira. "If things are like this here, Gel might be in the eye of the storm. Hey! Spellcaster girl."

    "Y-Yeah?" Replied Vanilla.

    "Seems likely we wouldn't gonna be able to make it to Gel. We have our hands full here."

    "Curi, stop acting like you own the place." Complained Titania.

    "I am still on the right here."

    "...Yeah, unfortunately."

    "That's fine." Said West as she puts his hands over Vanilla's head. "I mean, she still have us, right?"

    "West?" Said Vanilla.

    "I mean, just because you aren't with us, it doesn't mean we can't help you anymore."

    "You helped us quite a lot, so it's just fair." Said Florencia.

    "I suposse it's something Johnnathan would want." Said Sanzuke.

    "If possible I want to stop Raven to do what he wants." Said Evening.

    "Well...I want to be part of this." Said Edward.

    "You guys...Sniff...Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!" Vanilla cried waterfalls.

    "Stop crying!" Shouted Curupira. "Are you all going back to Gel or what?!"

    "I-I suposse, but...How do we do that exactly?"

    Curupira spit a water egg on the floor. It grew giant and it hatched a giant blue frog. "This is an Cannon Frog. She can shoot you outside of this forest to the middle of those snow fields you passed at."

    "Wait. You telling me we should enter inside this...thing and expect it to shoot us like cannonballs?" Asked Edward.

    "It's the amphibian or that." Curupira points at the rogues fighting off the fairy guard.

    "...I'm going first." Edward casually enters inside the frog.

    "Hey, Jacira." Said Curupira. "Go with them."

    "As you say." Said Jacira.

    "Bors. Give them assistance as well." Said Kamui.

    "Are you sure you will be fine without my justice energy around?" Said Bors.

    "...Yes. Definetly I will."

    "As expected from the Paladin. Very well! But at least let me fill you a proper replacement." Bors picks up a blowing horn and sends a calling blow. Then a large red gorilla wearing a armor similar to his appears carrying what seems to be a giant fang.

    "A Red Kong?" Said Curupira. "This is new."

    "He does looks familiar." Said Vanilla.

    "One of our scouts found him on the forest." Said Titania. "Apparently a human and a werewolf dropped him here for some reason a while ago."

    "I see." Said West and Florencia.

    The frog opened his mouth and the gang easily got inside. He angled his head upward and shot them all in one shot.

    "So...What are you two gonna do?" Asked Curupira.

    "Fight them off, naturally." Said Kamui.

    "Are you sure. You are barely a little more than half the Shinto you were. And this is me being generous. Perhaps if you could just get rid of that-"

    "Curupira...Don't look down on me just because you are you."

    "...Hmpf. What about you, Tania?"

    "I have to call someone." Titania then went inside the tree.

    "Call someone? Who could possibly..."

    Kamui and Wardrobe went ahead to the fight below.

    "...Well, it would be very bad overall if the vampires took over this place." Curupira's arms started to get hairy with red fur and his hair started to become fire. "I think I'm gonna show those vampires wannabes what a Great Ancient can really do."

    Meanwhile in the middle of a inferno in the forest, Drake was laying behind a rock covered with burn marks with a wound above his right eye. "Phew! So that's one of those fabled fire demons, huh? I feel like inside a stove here."

    From above, Baal came crushing the rock that Drake was hiding, forcing him to roll and dodge to the other side.

    "There is nowhere for you to escape." Said Baal. "Have you seen the trees? The trees of this forest are directly linked to the roots of the World Tree. Even with my demonic flame they still refuse to become ashes. But with that, you will be stuck in a cage of a fire that do not die out."

    "Thanks for saying me that. I mean, I kinda figured out."

    "If you are lucky, you will die out of air before being consumed by the fire." Baal started to attack Drake with his axe. Drake swiftly dodged the attacks with well-timed jumps and backflips.

    "I'm not as quick and flexible as my brother, but I can flip as well."

    Drake leaped over Baal's head and slashed over his right eye leaving a fissure over his metal body.

    "Youch! You little shit!" Baal opened a mouth in his belly and shoot several fireballs in front of him.

    "Bloody hell!" Drake moved to side to side avoiding being scorched by the fire. "Man what's the big idea...Huh?"

    Baal's body started to glow red and fire was leaking through the wound Drake delivered.

    "Hmm? Is it me or it is suddenly hot here?"

    Not too far away, Kishin was laying on the ground gazing at where Baal and Drake seemed to be fighting. "The temperature increased. It seems that Hybrid angered Baal. If I remember correctly, the fire of Astaroth's generals were about as hot as an active volcano. I guess even I should keep my distance."

    Baal became more red and more fire were leaking from inside his body. A huge heat wave covered the area like a dome. Drake then started to gasp and sweat.

    "Gosh. Not even Sherazia was this bad. How hot is that guy inside that metal exterior?"

    Baal got in a position to swing his axe that got covered in a deep red fire. "Burn to death!"

    With one swing a large wall of fire was sent at Drake. He reacted by blocking with his sword, but gets launched away alongside the fire that covers several hectares of the forest. Drake falls on his back and coughs. His body burned badly. "Cough! If it wasn't the darkness covering my body, I would got some nasty burns. Something a cool guy like me can't have."

    Baal slowly walked towards him. Every time he got close to him, the heat became stronger. Not only that, the whole area was consumed by flames. Even his own conscience was starting to failing.

    "Shoot." Drake tries to hang on his sword. "I guess for once following my instincts like an animal gave me a very bad time. What other opitions I even have now?"

    "Thinking was never a boon to you, wasn't it?"

    Drake hears the voice of a woman. He turns his head to his right and sees his mom, looking at him squatted with her hand supporting her cheek. "...Are you...a mirage?"

    "A mirage? That's a good question." Said Ruby. "But then...Maybe "that" is also a mirage."

    She points at his shadow right behind him. It was shaped in an unusual form. It had a pair of horns and bat wings. The shadow emerged from the ground and a shadowy figure that looked like a demon with a single red eye stared at him. Drake gazed at that astonished.

    "Why do you look surprised?" Said Ruby. "You do know what that is, right?"

    "Yeah." Replied Drake. "It's...Just as Johnnathan."
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