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Thread: Hybrid- Reboot Version.

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    Chapter 30: Florencia in Charge.


    Chill pulled a large knife from inside his mouth and started to attack Johnnathan that dodged all of his attacks with few cuts.

    "Kehehehehe! You are quick!" Chill then turned into fog and moved to a stone pillar where he crawled like a lizard. "I can't wait to taste you. Lick!"

    Chill started to shoot purple blobs at Johnnathan that where dissolving the rocky soil.

    "Poison? What are you anyway?"

    "Keehehehe. Do you think all Rogues are the same? My blood is so toxic that I am like a poisonous creature."

    "I kinda miss the times when you folks could only drink blood."

    "Hey, hey buddy. I kinda take that as an offense." Chill started fill his mouth with fluids and he shot a jet of poison at Johnnathan.

    "Whoops!" Johnnathan dodges swiftly, tripping over, but getting uo with a roll.

    "Are you okay, there champ? Did the previous fight gave you fatigue." Asked Agni.

    "No, it's....I guess his poison is having some effect on me."

    "He only bitten you once."

    "It's the air. The gas leaking from the poison is too much."

    "Keeeehehehe. You noticed, huh?" Said Chill. "Might not be enough to kill you, but strong enough to weaken. Even your senses will start to mess around your brain."

    Chill tosses his knife upwards and catch with his tongue. "It's also the best seasoning! Keeehehehehe!"

    With his tongue he wringles around the knige and attacks Johnnathan as if it was a tentacle.

    "This is rough!" Thought Johnnathan. "He is already a pain in the butt when I am perfectly aware, but this way I'll be an easy prey."


    Back in the arena, the Crawnopede was still active, destroying the arena with his claws.

    "For the love of-It will take a few pieces to re-build those." Complained Kane.

    "Can't you care for anything else?" Nikolai brought out a pistol that attached to his tail and shot a laser that penetrated the bug's outer shell. "I'm more concerned about not being a lowly arthropode's meal."

    "Eeeer...folks." Vanilla pointed at the octopus attacking Schneider's shield.

    "Hah! Try all you want, but you'll never-" Through the octopus tentacles, a red fluid came over that caused a corrosion on the shield that astonished Schneider. "It can melt magic?!"

    Wardrobe then quickly attacked the Octopus with his weapon, sending it fly.

    "Is that a Draco Weapon?" Asked Nikolai.

    "Technically. It is an actuall tooth of an Earth Dragon." Said Kane.

    "Oh dear...We are kinda outnumbered for some reason. Night of the Forest." Florencia then shoot her bow upward and several beams of light came from it that went from all the fighters that quickly healed them.

    "Huh?" Hildr woke up.

    "Guh..." Rolf woke up.

    Gladius, Schneider, Dafadel, Petit and finally West stood up.

    "Hmm...How much time had passed?" Asked West.

    "Five Minutes, I guess." Said Vanilla.

    "...Vanilla? Is that you?" Said Petit.

    "Eeep! I forgot he was even here." Thought her.

    "I-It is you! What are you doing here?!"

    "W-Well, as you know-"

    "Could it be...You were looking after me?! Did you came to cheer me on, because you know you actually love me?! Well, of course. Who wouldn't-"

    "No." She literally gives him the cold shoulder by freezing him on solid ice.

    "I think I am speaking about everyone here, but...What are those?" Gladius pointed out at the three exotic beasts in the arena.

    "A bunch of animals that came out of a Rogue Vampire." Said Kane.

    "Cool story. What do we do?"

    "If you may, I have a plan." Said Florencia.

    "Hmmm....you are a fairy kind, right?" Said Kane. "Very well. Tell me what you got."

    "H-Hold it!" Said Hildr. "Just because she is a Fairy, should we really just listen without hesit?"

    "Well, if it serves it, she looks far more trustful than most of us here. Plus she healed all you guys, so you owe her."

    "Fair point." Said Petit.

    "Mrgh! Shut it."

    "Well then here is the deal." Said Florencia. "There are three of them, but a lot of us, so we should all pick them while split."

    "That's simple enough." Said Kane.

    "But here is the catch. The Octopus is too poisonous for us to get close. But Hybrids are resistant to those kind of ailments and so is a Red Kong. Also, magic is a fair offensive so take Vanilla and the other kid."

    "Roger that!" Schneider picked up both Vanilla and Petit under her arms. "Let's go new friends!" She then went straight ahead to the octopus.

    "H-Help!" Shouted Vanilla.

    "Next, the Dodiche is a vile and quick creature. So we need experts fighters with quick wits. So Gladius, Edward and Hil...The woman with the spear are perfect match.

    "...Excellent." Hildr pulled Edward by the ear.

    "Ouch! Easy!"

    "...Am I losing something here?" Said Gladius.

    "Now all it lasts is the Crawnopede." Said Kane.

    "It's the biggest and largest threat. We'll need all power against this one."


    "...Just hit as hard as you can."

    "Heh! I like this babble talk!" Said Rolf. "Let's rock it!" Rolf jumped at the crawnopede and started by hitting in the head with his hammer.

    "...By the way, what about him?" Nikolai pointed at Fudgeball still down on the ground.

    "What about him?" Florencia was annoyed.

    "I rather die than being owned by him." Said Kane as he started to attack the legs with his mace.

    "You really know your stuff, Flor." Said West.

    "I am the First-Mate of the ship after all." Florencia started to shoot her arrows at the Crawnopede while West attacked with his claws.

    Schneider and Dafadel were fighting together the octopus, but cutting their tentacles, only to quickly regenerates it. Dafadel gets hit by a tentacle with hooks and Schneider quickly pushed the octopus back with a dark shield. "You okay there?"

    "Y-Yeah. But my back is kinda aching and my shoulder feels numb."

    Wardrobe then squashed the octopus in the head with his dragon fang club, causing it to be stunned.

    "Now! Do the thing!" Schneider called out Vanilla and Petit charging flaming spells and incinerated the octopus on an inferno, toasting it completely.

    "Another well-done job for the ultimate pair! Now give me a kiss!" Vanilla delivered a kiss from an ice fist at Petit.

    "So...How is your feet?" Asked Schneider while she looked at Dafadel's ankle.

    "It's alright, but I can't still stings when I step."

    "Don't be such a baby. You're a Hybrid, so you're tough."

    "...Can we go back to the fact that I got poisoned?"

    Meanwhile, Edward was alone fighting the Dodiche. The bird attacked with his beaks over and over with Edward dodging every strike.

    "Come on, Edward! Stance! Strikes! Mobility! Everything is off! Keep on your ground instead of rolling around like a demented puppy!" Hildr was shouting like an instructor while Gladius simply watched.

    "I'm definetly lost here."

    "Okay..Okay! I need to focus." Edward took a stance similar of a fencing fighter and the Dodiche came running stright at him with his beak ready to stab him. Edward swiftly dodges by tilting to the right and strikes the bird right in the eye with a lightning cut.


    "Yes! That's how you fight like a murder machine!" Hildr complimented Edward.

    "It's...Not like that." Thought Gladius.

    "Bwark! Bwark!" The Dodiche started to scratch the soil below it and jumped at Edward with a kick from it's talons. Edward covered his sword with sparks and stabed on the bird's chest, launching it away with a lightning bolt."Bwaaaaaaark!"

    The Dodiche started to breathe fire.

    "Ah come on! That's just cheating!"

    Gladius jumped in front of Edward and wiped away the fire with his axes. "You're pretty good. Ever thought on a career here?"


    The Dodiche jumped at them, but Hildr was quick enough to intervert and stabs it with her spear, impaling the Dodiche to the ground.

    "...I'll give you performance an 8 out of 10." Said Hildr.

    "Wow, thanks-"

    "No thanks! I rounded it because I wanted to be gentle. It only meant you had more 20% of mistakes that could had cost your life! You need to get good!"


    "...She would do nice here as well." Thought Gladius.

    At the fight with the Crawnopede, Kane and West were on the back of the critter fighting legs that were spawning over the outer shell.

    "Okay, climbing the giant bug isn't the best idea." West amputates a leg, but another grows moments later.

    "Just like old times, isn't puppy?"

    "Don't ever call me that!"

    "Sup!" Nikolai appeared. "If you guys are done here, can we go out. Things are about to get messy."

    "Sure. Wasn't really hot being up here."

    The three of them jumps out of the Crawnopede.

    "Wait a minute. Wasn't there a Capraex as well?"

    "You mean that one?" West points at Rolf still smashing his hammer at it.

    "Eh. He can take it." Nikolai pushes a detonation switch and several explosions appeared through the Crawnopede that stunned it. Rolf was sent flying away by the explosion.

    "I'm okaaaaaaaay...."

    "So, is this good enough for you?"

    Florencia was charging her light arrow at the Crawnopede. "....Now I'm focused. Scatter Arrow!" She shoots a volley of arrows at the Crawnopede that pierced specific parts of it's body making it fall.

    "Huh. I guess it really worked." Said Nikolai. "Took a lot of effort to put those bombs, but it was worthy."

    "Why did it took so much for shoot?" Asked West.

    "Crawnopedes have a unusual circulatory system." Said Florencia. "A large one like that needed to be taken down at certain points, so I needed time to focus and aim at the specific parts."

    "Only a fairy to know some trivial trash like where to kill a giant arthropod." Said Nikolai.

    "I wanna see you say that to an entomologis-" The Crawnopede got up and devoured Florencia whole. Edward, Vanilla and West were all in shock and lost of words after that instant.

    ".....Grrrr....Graaaaaaaaaaah!" West went full mad dog and jumped straight at the beast's jaw and got inside the Crawnopede.

    "N-No, West! I can't lose more than one friend at the same day!" Cried Edward.

    Soon the Crawnopede started to shake and struggle, until part of it's upper torso got completely tore apart with West leaving inside it's body carrying Florencia with both of them covered in a yellow goo. He lands safely with her and the Crawnopede is finally slain.

    "Flor! Stay with me, Flor!" West starts to slaps her face. "Don't die. Plese, don't!"

    "I am not dying, you maniac!" Shouted Florencia. "I didn't even got in the stomach, so stop hitting me like-" West interrupts her by giving a kiss.

    "What the?!" Edward got surprised such as Vanilla, Nikolai and the rest. Florencia was astonished at first, but she then calms a bit and continues to kiss him.

    "....Gross!" Said Nikolai. "Couldn't you two done that when...I don't know. When you folks aren't covered in bug blood or whatever that thing is? Pah! Humans....I mean Demi-Humans."

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    Chapter 31: Satisfaction.


    Vanilla soaked both West and Florencia with an orb of water to clean them up out of bug's insides.

    "...Was that necessary?" West dries himself like a dog.

    "What did you expect? I can't just pull a shower out of nowhere." Said Vanilla. "Sooo....Are you two like going out from now on?"

    "Well...That seems the logical course of action." Said Florencia.

    "A Werewolf and a Fairy. Now I've seen everything." Said Kane. "Say this is all cool and all, but I feel there is a far worse animal down there and that makes me uncomfortable."

    "This also has been bugging me for a while." Said Dafadel. "But where is Hian and the guy from Izumo?"

    "Oh. They went down the same hole that rogue went to." Kane pointed at the hole.

    "What?! Johnnathan is down there against that monster! We should-Ouch!" Dafadel feels a great pain in his ankle.

    "Easy there. All I did was heal the superficial damage." Said Florencia. "You're a Hybrid. This will heal in a week or so."

    "But what should we do about the rogue?" Said Petit. "That was a Royal, right? Going down there in the dark after it is suicide."

    "We got no choice but to observe the situation for the time being." Murmured Hildr.

    "What should we do, Flor?" Asked Edward. "Drake wouldn't like his brother dead."

    "Hmm...No use waiting. I have to go there myself." Said Florencia.

    "You know...I have a better way." Said Kane. "I know some guys."

    Meanwhile, down in the mines, Johnnathan was resting under a stone pillar. "Urgh. I guess this is the worst."

    "I guess this is a bad time to say that this was all the worst idea ever." Said Agni, inside Johnnathan.

    "I've been bitten by a snake and stung by bees, but just right now I feeling like Drake after a bad day."

    "Poison with Dark Magic is not a good combination you see. Specially if comes from a poisonous vampire."

    "Can't you do anything about it?"

    "I'm a Sprite, not a Medic. I don't fix, I just modify."

    "Keeeehaaa!" Chill appears cutting the pillar in half with his knife on the tongue and chases Johnnathan. "Talking to that imaginary friend of yours, huh? Raven will love meet him. Keeehehehe!"

    "Bloody hell. I just can't shake him off." Said Johnnathan.

    "On the bright side, it seems your body is efficient on making antibodies, buuuut..."

    "But what?"

    "It seems the poison gets stronger as more you get intoxicated, so if you still get kept being poisoned it will not be a full cure."

    "This is just great." Johnnathan then closes his eyes and tries to get his breath. "...Huh?"

    Chill attacks with his tongue like a whip and wringles it, making it attack from a unpredictable pattern. Johnnathan then moves side to side, dodging every blow with his eyes closed.


    "Woah. How did you done that?"

    "It seems my dark senses got more sharpen than usual."

    "I see. In other words, your own Darkness is trying to ensure your survival. Like a white cell defeding an organism...Give me a second."

    Chill attacks once again and Johnnathan is then covered in a red fiery aura. He manages to avoid Chill's attack and slices off the tip of his tongue.


    "On point!"

    "Agni, did you do something? It was like I could see without seen it;"

    "Instead of rising your strenght, I decided to enchance your magic senses. Not my speciality, but if you can manage to use it your own senses well, we can pull it out."

    "Don't get cocky!" Chill fills his mouth with fluid and vomits a tower of poison below him that floods the entire area.

    "...Yeah, you can't dodge that. Run!" As Agni told Johnnathan, he runs through the cave and jumps through a cliff and lands on a rock platform. Chill jumps at the platform and attacks with his knife.

    Johnnathan ducks to dodge the attack and delivers a roundhouse kick at his face.

    "...A kick? Seriously? You have two swords." Said Agni.

    "You'll never know the pleasure of kicking a vampire in the face."

    Chill then shoots another huge jet of poison at Johnnathan. He retaliates by launching a Red Spiral at Chill that pierces the poison and manages to tear apart part of Chill's mouth.

    "....Kehehehe...Kehahahahaha!" Chill laughed histerically.

    "Uuuuh...Dude? I just messed your face." Said Johnnathan.

    "It's all ready...It's all ready.."

    "What is ready?"

    "As long as Raven is not concerned I get to do everything I feel like it. I didn't wanted to do this, but...Keehehehe...You give me. No. Choice."

    Johnnathan feels a really rise of force from Chill.

    "...Bloody hell. His power is...raising so fast."

    "You see, Johnny-boy...Me and my siblings are special among the other Rogues for a reason. We both have this unique power called Sin."


    "Yes. It's like a special sauce that each of us have that brings our ultimate taste. Now savor it, Johnnathan Highlander! Activate Sin: Satisfaction!"

    Chill's body turned into a crimson fog that slowly turned into a humanshape form. The fog turned into Chill, but now he looked like an adult version of him with a longer hair and drooling a red saliva that caused corrosion of the rocky soil.

    "You...look taller?"

    "Keeeeeeah!" Chill's hand turned crimsom red and he punched the platform, making it crumbles to piece. Johnnathan reacted fast and jumped to the other side of the cliff.

    "With one punch. Bloody hell, you gotta be kidding me."

    Chill landed in front of Johnnathan and tried to slash him. Johnnathan dodges, but it grazes his face, causing a burning cut.

    "Gaaah! It feels like it slowly eating my flesh!"

    "Kaaaaah!" Chill delivers a barrage of attacks with his claws and Johnnathan jumps over him. Chill shoots his tongue at him. Johnnathan ducks and the tongue manages to slice a thick rock like it was butter.

    "Look, I may be made out of fire." Said Agni. "But I can tell that could turn you into pieces of loin."

    "Thanks. I needed to hear that."

    Chill starts to spit blobs red fluids at Johnnathan that could instantly dissolve rocks. One hits his arm and starts to eat away his flesh.

    "Argh! Bloody...Son of a bitch!"

    "Kaaaaaaah!" Chill charged at Johnnathan with his claws.

    "Get off!" Johnnathan sends a Red Spiral at Chill, but he opens his mouth wide and eats it. "Are you kidding me-" Chill shoots his tongue at Johnnathan that pierces his chest. "Gah!-"

    Johnnthan then falls fowards into the ground.

    "Keeehehehe...KAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Chill laughs histerically.

    Meanwhile, "inside" Johnnathan, Agni was in distress in a red and black space that represented Johnnathan's soul. "This is bad, this is bad, this is baaaaaaad! Who knows what that freak will do with me? Come on, there has to be something I can do inside a Hybrid. But what?"

    "It's pretty easy, actually." Said a woman's voice that came behind him. He turnded his back and there was a sofa floating in the space.

    "...Okay, that wasn't there before." Said Agni.

    Soon a woman materialized sitting on the sofa. She wore a beautiful black and pink dress and spotted a long red hair. She also had vampire traits like fangs, red eyes and pointed ears. "For a Sprite...You aren't very used to living bodies aren't you?"

    "Intelligent lifeforms are just not my speciality. And who...or what are you anyway? His vampire half?"

    "You could say that, yes. Dark Magic passed through parent-to-child is...complicated. My role is to look over him."

    "...Not doing a good job. He just got pierced in the heart."

    "Details, details. Hybrids are tougher than Vampires in some cases."

    "Well...I think he is good as dead."

    "Have you tried this?"

    A red treasure chest appeared next to them. It was being shaken violently.

    "Oh. This stuff."

    "Aha. So you are familiar with it?"

    "Felt at the first minute I made my pact with him. I could tell it was trouble. What is it?"

    "Just like me, it's part of the source of his power. Right now, his body is not ready for it. But...maybe you could keep it under control."

    "I see...I always felt there was a reason for me to have made a pact with him. It's almost too convenient."

    "...You know very well this was bound to happen."

    "Hah! Couldn't fool you. Not that I knew all those details. Alright then...Let's open this."

    Agni swinged his arm and the chest opened, releasing a high quantity of darkness.

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    Chapter 32: Crimsom Rage.

    "Uuuurgh..." Back on the surface, Florencia suddenly felt weak and fell to her knees that later got aided by West.

    "Flor?! What's the matter?!" Vanilla became concerned about it.

    "I suddenly felt all dizzy..."

    "Oh. Is that so?" Said Edward. "...Do Fairies gets pregnant with a kiss?"

    "No!" Vanilla hit Edward in the head with her staff.

    "I don't know why, but suddenly the air got more thick." Said Florencia.

    "Thick? We are in the middle of a wasteland." Said West.

    "I can feel a sudden rise of dark magic nearby."

    "Do you think it was that Chill guy?" Asked Nikolai.

    "No...It's more of a Hybrid's doing."

    Meanwhile, down in the underground mines, Chill approached Johnnathan's with his mouth wide open ready to eat him whole. But a sudden mass of dark magic rose from Johnnathan's body that astonished Chill away. "Keh?!"

    The mass of darkness formed a large horned red skull with a jaw and a glowing red eye. The apparitions then "eats" Johnnathan and turns into a black whirlpool.

    The darkness disappears and from within, Johnnathan stood. The irises of his eyes were glowing red and his face showed an emotionless expression.

    "Keh? Keh. Keh. Kekekeh?" Chill tilted his head around in confusion.

    Johnnathan launched a Red Spiral straight at Chill that sliced his torso out of his lower body.

    "Keh? Keeeh!" Chill grew another similar lower body from his torso while the former turned into ashes. He retaliates by attacking Johnnathan with his claws, but Johnnathan swiftly cut off both his arms. "Keeeh? Keh. Keh! Keh! Keeeeeeeeh!"

    He grew another pair of arms and summons a giant cleaver knife covered in acid blood. "Keeeeeh!"

    Chill engages Johnnathan on a clash with their blades. With a swing of his knige, Chill sent a wave of blood at Johnnathan that melted the rocks. Johnnathan dispels the blood with a swing of his sword.

    "Keeeeh!" Chill attacks, parrying with Johnnathan's swords. As he was close to him, he shot his tongue at him and Johnnathan tilt his head, dodging the attack and slicing his tongue off. "Keeeh? Kaaaaah!"

    He grows back his tongue and decides to furiously attack Johnnathan with his cleave. Johnnathan manages to dodge by just moving his upper body side-to-side. Chill tries to go for his legs, but Johnnathan jumps over him and lands back to him.

    Chill turns back and attacks with a vertical swing. Johnnathan blocks it by putting his swords above him and pushes it back, disarming Chill. "Kah?!"

    Johnnathan fully charges his sabers and delivers several swings of his swords and slices him into tiny bits. "Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!"

    He finishes attacking and pieces of Chill's body falls to the ground.

    "Cough! Blrrr!" Johnnathan starts coughing blood and falls to his knee. "Huff....Huff...What the bloody hell did I do?"

    The pieces that were scattered around turns into mist and fuse together and forms Chill's original body once again.

    "...Oh, bloody hell."

    Chill then vomits the Beast Key and fall foward, supporting himself with his two arms.

    "Keehehehe...Kehehehe...Cough! Don't go thinking you are hot shit just because of this....You bloody asshole. With that puny power...You are nowhere close to beat Raven the way you are. You hear that?! So take your red ass and hide like the flea-ridden rat that you are...You shitty punk. Kah...Kahahaha...Kah!"

    Chill's body is reduced to ashes, marking his death.

    "Huh...Was that a warning or an advice?" Johnnathan picks the key on the floor. "...Agni. You're in there?"

    "...You called?" Agni emerged from his body.

    "What exactly happened?"

    "Your weak body surrendered to the darkness."

    "...Dude. That sounds bad."

    "Easy there. I made sure you didn't go crazy and die... But I would take it easy if I were you. You just used too much strenght that your body could handled."

    "Yeah, I can see that."

    "...You really don't remember anything?"

    "...No. The feel of killing someone...I felt it clearly." Johnnathen starts walking, lighting a cigarrete. "I just didn't get how I did it."

    "Simple lifeforms are so complicated."

    "Heh. As if a flying ember like you was complex."

    "You certainly don't understand Sprites or magic in general. And by the way, you shouldn't be smoking right now you hear me-"

    Suddenlty Johnnathan passes out.

    "....Oh no...I-I was just kidding! I mean, you really shouldn't, but it wasn't supossed to be this-

    Then, the sounds of steps were heard and someone appears behind them. Agni turns back. "...Oh. It's you."

    Meanwhile, on the Death Crow on a unknown location, Raven was passing time in his room juggling three emeralds. Suddenly a red fog appeared and fused to his body. After that he drops the jewels.

    "...What the hell? Chill died?!" Thought Raven while he kept a straight face. "...There is no way a dumb animal in Wildlands would killed him...Someone had murdered him...Who?"
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    Chapter 33: Gabo.


    At Raven's quarters, Raven was reading a newspaper while Noir, Moonlight and Blanc were in front of his desk with Nightmare resting on the corner.

    "....Raven?" Asked Moonlight.


    "What are you doing?"

    "Seeing what's going on in the world. Wow, look at this. Man wakes up on a 10 year coma and goes to work with correspondences. Booo!"

    "Are you perhaps looking for something in specific?" Asked Noir.

    "Just seeing if something happened at Wildlands as of lately that I might have missed. Oh. The tuna price rose again."

    "I find quite hard to find something that happened in Wildlands through a newspaper. Things that happen there usually stay there."

    "True, true."

    "Buuut, is there any reason you called us?" Asked Blanc.

    "Oh. Yeah. Chill is dead."

    "....What?" Said the three of them at the same time.

    "As in...Our Chill? My little brother?!" Asked Moonlight. "D-Do you have proof?"

    "...What I would I gain if I lied about this?"

    Moonlight starts to tremble and she tries to hold her tears. "I....I need some time to process this." She leaves the room almost crying.

    "...Huh. She really doesn't wanna to have us see her tears, huh?" Said Noir.

    "I don't get it." Said Blanc. "There is no way Chill would be dead unless..."

    "He tried to eat more that he could chew on."

    "In other words, someone killed him!"

    "...There was no need for you to explain his words, you dummy." Said Raven still reading the newspaper. "Huh. There is a civil war going on in the south."

    "That's not the point! Aren't we supossed to take action?!"

    "We have no idea who killed him." Said Noir. "It's better if we investigate this more carefully."

    "This is no time for keep calm and think through. It's time for action! If all of us could-"

    "It's always a good time to keep calm and think through, Blanc." Said Raven. "Don't forget it's Wildlands we are talking about. If we go there you can bet a load of Lagomoths will gang up on us. And that would be a drag."


    "Look, I know you are upset and believe me, we all have the same feeling. But be in panic would just worsen things up. Leave it to your older brothers, kay? When we need you for breakign something we call it. After all, it's the best thing you can do."

    "It's the only good thing he is good for." Said Noir.

    "Grrr! Fine! But one day, I'll be just as important as the rest. You just wait!" Blanc leaves the room upset.

    "That idiot." Said Noir. "Anyway, that's quite the bomb you dropped. But I appreciate you don't trying to keep it for yourself."

    "Sooner or later you all were gonna find out. No reason to keep it secret."

    "I see. Let me handle the investigation. I'll start as soon as possible."

    "That's all good and all, but first..." Raven picked up a small robotic crow. "Could you please drop this bomb to Evening in Izumo?"

    "...Very well then."

    "Great. Now if you excuse me, I have some hunting to do." Raven stands up and leaves.

    "Hunting? Will you be taking someone else?"

    "No. I'm going alone."

    "May I know why?"

    "Like I said I am about as upset as Blanc. You see, all my rogues are expandables. But you and my other siblings? Hehehehe...Now that's is stealing what you can't repose it."

    "..I don't follow it."

    "When I am like this...I need the sensation of taking someone's spirit and will with my own hands to get me up. By stealing their pathetic lives while I see them lose themselves right in the eyes. Dead. Cold. Lifeless. Eyes.....I'll be back in day. Have fun!"

    He turns into mist and leaves the room.

    "...You can choose friends, but can't choose family."

    On an unknow location, Johnnathan woke up on an unfamiliar room. He was bedridden with a bandages around his wounds. "...What is this place."

    He looks around the place and spots a big round fuzzy thing on the floor. "...A poof?"

    "Naaa?" The object moves and reveals to be a white Lagomoth with brown spots who was sleeping, curling like a ball.

    "Oh, bloody hell!" Johnnathan was astonished.

    "It seems you awoke." Tenkai appeared. He had a spiky brown hair tied on a ponytail and one of his eyes was deep blue.

    "An azure eye..." Thought Johnnathan. "Did you brought me here?"

    "I just found you. The Lagomoth over there was the one who brought you here." Tenkai opens the window and shows a city underground with houses attached to the walls.

    "What is this place?"

    "It's a Mining Colony. There is a Lagomoth Guild in this place that deals with mining and underground routes. They have acess to several points in Wildlands, so they are pretty convenient."

    "I did heard about them actually."

    "Yaaaaawn. Well, if you two are done then I'm going home. See ya." The Lagomoth starts to leave the room.

    "Thanks a lot, man."

    "...That was actually a female. Her name is Leche."

    "Oh. Sorry ma'am."

    "By the way, are you gonna finish this?" He shows a burn down cigarette. "A man should finish what he started."

    "...I'm not care what people think of me. I rather smoke in private."

    "Hmm. Very well then." Tenkai burns the cigarette with a blue fire that came out of his hand.

    "..Blue flames. So you are a Youko."

    "So you know what I am. Well, we are similar creatures after all. Anyway, you friends are here."

    "Huh. They found this place fast."

    "Actually you've been asleep for two days."

    "T-Two days?! Bloody hell! I hope nothing important happened."

    Later the two of them arrives at another room inside the house. There, Nikolai and the rest of the crew seemed to be waiting for Johnnathan and got surprised when they saw him.

    "J-Johnnathan!" Shouted Edward.

    "J-Johnny! I-I was so scared!" Cried Vanilla.

    "You really know how to scare even a Werewolf, cap'n." Said West.

    "You actually gave me chills, you know that, Johnnathan?" Said Florencia.

    "...I'm saying nothing." Said Nikolai.

    "Well, shucks fellas." Said Johnnathan. "So, what did I miss?"

    "Me and West are going out now." Said Florencia.

    "Huh. So that finally came full circle. By the way, how about Hildr?"

    "Let's see...There was something something about arresting pirates and then something something about no jurisdicion on Wildlands." Said Nikolai. "In the end, she went back pissed."

    "What about the boy that was with her? He is Vanilla's friend, right?"

    "Don't worry. He doesn't usually talk about his failures." Said Vanilla.

    "Oh! I forgot!" Johnnathan checked his pockets and pulled the Beast Key. "Look! I got the key!"

    "Oh...Oh! That's right! What happened to that Rogue?" Asked Edward.

    "Huh? You didn't tell them?" Johnnathan asked Tenkai.

    "They never asked." Said Tenkai.

    "Oh well...I sort of...killed him."

    "What?!" Everyone else got shocked.

    "You...killed one of the Seven Royal Rogues?!" Said Edward.

    "No one could done it in a decade." Said Florencia.

    "Well, Hybrids are Anti-Vampires, right?" Said West.

    "So I was afraid of him appearing anytime for nothing, huh?" Said Vanilla. "But when Raven hears about it...Ooooh. I wanna go home."

    "Hmmm...How do I tell this to Drake?" Said Nikolai.

    Then the key started to glow and it floated.

    "Oh? What is going on?" Said Johnnathan as the key flies towards West.

    "Hmm?" Curious, West touches the key and a bright orange light orb emerged from the key.

    "Hey. This looks familiar."

    From the orb, a weird creature from the size of a cat rose from it. It was a orange small critter with bear arms, hawk talons, a salamander tail, bat wings and a square reptile face with a huge maw.

    "Gabo!" Said the creature.

    "...What the hell is this?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "I know it looks like the dumbest animal on the planet, but trust me...It is." Agni appeared. "This one...Is Gabo."

    "Gaboooo!" Gabo starts to fly around Agni with enthusiasm.

    "Please, hold it yourself Gabo. Jeez, I knew it what we were up to, bit still..."

    "Is he a acquaintance of yours?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "..Yeah, unfortunately. This is Gabo, the Great Sprite of the Beasts."

    "Huh? This is a Sprite? He looks nothing like you."

    "Not all Sprites are similar, Johnnathan. Specially Beast-Type Sprites." Said Florencia. "But he certainly does not have the same...atmosphere."

    "Gabo!" Gabo then landed on top of West's head and stayed there with his tongue out and looking around randomly.

    "Uuuuh...What is he doing it?" Asked West.

    "It seems he chose you to make a pact." Said Agni.

    "Oh. So we are just like you and Johnnathan?"

    "Pretty much. I don't know what he saw on you, but I guess you are kinda like his former master a little."

    "I feel honored, I guess. But can he go inside me like you do?"


    "...So he'll be just stay in my head for the whole life?"

    "...Not exactly. Gabo, do that thing."

    "Gabo!" Gabo then turns invisible.

    "Woah. It's like he isn't even there" Said West. "He is still there, right?"

    "Gabo's abilites are all around manipulating the Senses. Odor, Sound, Vision...He can erase and extend all of those. Even his own presence."

    "Huh. It certainly suits someone with animalistic abilities." Said Vanilla.

    "That's neat...You wouldn't mind going out with a man with an invisible animal in the head, right?"

    "Like it's not make even better being blessed by one of the Six Great Sprites." Said Florencia.

    "That's all cool and all, but there is something I wanted to address first." Said Nikolai. "You there Tenkai. You are a Youko, right?"

    "Youko? What's that?" Asked Edward.

    "Oh, right. You are a human from the west, so it's understandable. Do you know of the Kitsunes?"

    "You mean, the foxes from Izumo led by one of the Three Dark Lords?"

    "Good. You know that. You see a Youko...Is a mixed breed between a Human and a Kitsune."

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    Chapter 34: Awards.


    "A human and a Kitsune?" Asked Vanilla. "As in...a Hybrid?"

    "Yeah, pretty much." Said Florencia. "Some who are familiar with both tends to dub Youko, Blue Hybrids."

    "I'm impressed, fairy. You really know your stuff." Said Tenkai. "But that aside, I do have a favor I wanna ask you, Johnnathan."

    "You do know pirates don't take "favors" that easily do you?"

    "Sure. But it appears our objectives is in a way linked. You are all after the Keys, right?"

    "Pretty much."

    "I have a way for you to get the Spirit Key. It's the best chance for you."

    "The Spirit Key, you say? Is it true that the Ninetails has it?"


    "So our next step is to steal from a Dark Lord itself?" Asked Edward. "I mean, we would have to attempt that one day, but are you sure Johnnathan is enough?"

    "I came here because I heard special people tend to appear from time to time. Also, I believe you are under the infamous Black Demon, right?"

    "We are quite capable despite the low number, yes." Said Johnnathan. "And perhaps if we count Drake and Aladdin, we have quite the asset to face a Dark Lord, I guess. Also, I still need to know you full capacity as well."

    "Huh? What do you mean?" Asked Vanilla.

    "He was just testing us back there." Said West. "So he wasn't at his full power."

    "Really? Well, he was pretty strong." Said Edward. "Are Youkos strong like Hybrids?"

    "Not exactly. In fact it's the opposite." Said Florencia. "Just like Vampires, Hybrids wield Dark Magic, but unlike them who uses most of it for enhance their physical strenght, Hybrids can use it at their most pure essence, using it as actual magic. The Kitsunes and Youkos all have the Foxfire. A powerful flame unique to them. While Kitsunes can wield their flames like spells, a Youko has limited use, but their physical strenght far surpasses it."

    "He was pretty strong alright." Said Nikolai. "Stoped a boulder with one hand as if it was nothing."

    "Izumo is currently at a civil war." Said Tenkai. "The city of Amaterasu led by mankind and the city of Tsukuyomi led by the Kitsunes. If you allow it, I can make Amaterasu our allies in your objective."

    "Well that's reassuring." Said Johnnathan. "Though I'm kinda dubious of how a Youko is gonna do that. You see, I heard Youkos aren't very popular with neither humans or Kitsunes."

    "And yet you, a Youko and a Ronin at that, has the capacity for asking aid to the very own capital of Izumo?" Said Nikolai.

    "...I have some connections." Said Tenkai.

    "...Heh. Everyone has connections these days, so it might be worthy a try."

    "Well, it settled then." Said Johnnathan. "We have a checkpoint on the way to Izumo. You wouldn't mind boarding a Pirate Ship, do you?"

    "It wouldn't be the first time." Said Tenkai.

    "Johnnnathaaaaaan!" Schneider appeared delivering a lariat at Johnnathan from behind.

    "Blooody! What the hell?!" Johnnathan complained.

    "S-Sorry about that." Dafadel arrived as well. "She was very enthusiasmatic to see you again."

    "Oh. It's two other Hybrids." Said Tenkai. "Schneider and Dafadel, right?"

    "Dafadel...Now I remember!" Shouted Edward. "Dafadel Orlain! You are Dafadel Orlain, right?!"

    "Wh-Where did you-Ah! I mean...Orlain? Who's that?" Dafadel was in panic.

    "You can't fool me. You are Dafadel Orlain, the Fencing Prodigy!"

    "Fencing Prodigy...Now that name rings a bell." Said Johnnathan. "There were some stories about a boy in Drakland who started to compete in Junior Fencing Tournaments at a young age of eleven."

    "Yeah! I saw it once! I would recognize that messed up hair anywhere."

    "But...I don't remember him being a Hybrid."

    "Yeah...Yeah! Totally. See? Different guy." Said Dafadel.

    "Now that you mention it, I did heard about a influential house called Orlain in Blightown, south of Damaon." Said West. "Isn't there a ring that can disguise a Hybrid into a human that costs quite a lot?"

    "Very well thought." Said Nikolai. "In fact, why does it there a ring mark on your index finger, boy?"

    "Ah! T-This...Okay, I give. I am Dafadel Orlain."

    "Wow! I was your fan! It might be think that a chump noble like could be like...you...a Hybrid...unlike me...Ooooh..." Edward turned depressed.

    "I just don't get it how did a Hybrid like you came from a Noble HUMAN House." Said Nikolai.

    "My mother was a Hybrid who worked as a maid in that house. It was one of those rare ocassions that happened from time to time."

    "And how did you get to live on the Sub-Artic Federation?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Well...One time Rogues appeared in Blightown and kinda killed all of my family there...Better that way, never liked there."

    "Ooh. So you were a bigshot, huh?" Said Schneider. "Oh! How careless. We came here because Kane wants to talk with you, Johnnathan!"

    Later, the two of them brought Johnnathan outside and Kane and Gladius were waiting with a huge bag of money. "Well, well. Here is the rising star!"

    "Can I help you two with something?" Said Johnnathan.

    "Naaah. We just here to give your part." Kane tosses a the bag at Johnnathan. "There is the equivalent of 100000 Gold Pieces there. Courtesy of the bets. After all, almost no one betted on you anyway. Hehehehe..."

    "Woah! That's the equivalent of 100 Diamond Pieces." Said Dafadel.

    "Wow! How lucky. I guess it was meant to be you after all." Said Schneider. "Well, it'll be better next time...Whenever that'll be."

    "By the way, all that thing with Teresa was all just a mean joke." Said Kane. "You weren't owning her anything since the beggining."

    "Well, not that I care..." Said Johnnathan.

    "Our job is done. Let's go off Gladius." The two fo them started to leave.

    "...Hold it."

    "What now?"

    "...I wanna buy something from you."

    "Oh? What?"

    "...Schneider's freedom."

    "W-Whaaaat?!" Schneider gets flustered. "N-No! You don't neeed to-"

    "Shut up. I'm a pirate. I do what I want." Johnnathan tosses the bag back at Kane. "Do we have a deal?"

    "....Fuggedabout it, man." He tosses the back back. "You are the new champion. So it's on the house. Don't waste hard-earned money so easily."

    "....Okay then."

    "Does that means...I'm free?"

    "Yeah, yeah. I mean, better for both of us? It will be a while before I can open the Pit anyway. So...Go. Do whatever you want."

    "...T-Thank you very much!" She bows to him while crying a little bit.

    "Tch. Whatever." Kane once again leaves.

    "....Are you okay with this?" Said Gladius.

    "Yeah. I was about to kick her out soon."

    "No. Are you gonna tell him about West? Like how you had to turn yourself in and be sold as a slave to protect your gang that day?"

    "...It's better if he forgot about me already. He ain't no puppy anymore."

    "...Heh. Reminds me of how we first met. When the owners of that place wanted to amuse themselves seeing a Werewolf and a Human working together to survive."

    "If anything it made us strong enough to reach the top and topple those bastards...And I feel West is going the same direction."

    Later on, Johnnathan, Schneider amd Dafadel were celebrating alongside the rest of the crew on a storehouse.

    "Cheeers! To my freedom!" Schneider drinks a large mug of beer, but gets nauseous. "Blergh. Bitter."

    "We have soft drinks here as well." Said Dafadel.

    "Naaah. She gets used to it." Said Edward.

    "So, Nik. Is there any way that tail can being some of those?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Well, sure. Why not?" Nikolai teleports two bottle cointaining a red liquid.

    "Oh? What's this?" Asked Dafadel. "Wine?"

    "Hybrid Blood." Said Johnnathan. "From a Warlock Type who has a huge level of magic inside it."

    "Aladdin's blood then, huh?" Said Florencia.

    "Oooh. I never tasted Hybrid Blood before." Said Schneider.

    "I always says a Hybrid must taste at least once in their lives." Johnnathan poured two chalices to Schneider and Dafadel. "After this, you can die happy."

    "Well...I guess it couldn't be so bad." Said Dafadel. "Well, thanks Aladdin, whonever you are."

    Two Minutes Later.

    "Ninety-Nine liters of blood on the wall! Ninety-Nine liters of blooooood! Shoopa-de-doopa-de-dooooo!" Schneider and Dafadel started to chant, drunk with the blood.

    "Hmm. I guess it was too strong for them." Said Johnnathan.

    "You totally knew it was, right?" Said Florencia.

    "So Hybrid blood has this effect on Hybrids." Said Vanilla. "Are they gonna be alright?"

    "They'll be fine in a minute." Said Johnnathan. "Also, can I get to have all of this loot? After all, I won, right?"

    "Your victories are Drake's victories. So until we reunited, that's out of question." Said Nikolai. "He'll let you have half, for sure."


    "But anyway, it's impressive that Johnnathan managed to beat a Royal Rogue." Said Edward. "It's like the first time someone had done it."

    "Hybrids are amazing, but Johnny is by far the most amazing!" Vanilla said it, cheerfully.

    "Yeah, he might be perhaps the best Hybrid around." Said West.

    "Hah! I don't know what he pulled off, but he still no close to either Drake or Aladdin." Said Nikolai.

    "Yeah, you're right." Said Johnnathan. "I don't know how to explain, but...It was kind of a lucky shot. I still have ways to go."

    "That rogue, Chill...I believe he is the youngest of Raven's siblings right?" Asked Florencia. "They say a Vampire reach their full potential after they reach 20. Anyway, it's better if he is gone before it was too late."

    "I've been wondering a bit about Hybrids." Said Tenkai. "Who is the strongest of them all?"

    "I don't know? Who's the strongest Youko?" Sarcastically said Johnnathan.

    "Besides me, I can only think of another person."

    "Wow. And here I thought you were humble."

    "I'm actually been wondering that as well, Johnny." Said Vanilla. "There isn't many Hybrids around, right? Maybe you have any idea."

    "Well...If we are talking about Warlocks, I don't seem to head about anyone on Aladdin's level, but...I can think of TWO that can be considered the strongest."

    "Two? As in...Two that are better than Drake and Aladdin?" Said West. "Who are them?"

    "Well, one is the Slayer of the North."

    "T-The Slayer of the North?" Asked Edward. "Isn't that a pirate from like decades ago? He was a Hybrid?"

    "He was know as the most dangerous pirate at his generation." Said Florencia. "He was know for killing more pirates than any other men had. A dog-eating dog they called him. Last time he was heard off was 45 years ago."

    "What about the other one?" Asked Tenkai.

    "A man from Zhar know as Master Shen."


    "He created a fighting style know as the Dark Channeling Fist."

    "The Dark Channeling Fist...I heard of this technique once. In fact...that other Hybrid back there...Hian. The way he fought reminded me of how it was described it."

    "Does that mean he was this Shen?" Asked Edward.

    "No. Both Master Shen and the Slayer of the North are old-timers if they are somehow still alive."

    "The tales of the Dark Channeling Fist originates from almost a hundred years ago." Said Tenkai. "It may be possible that he passed the one hundred year mark."

    "Hybrids tends to reach this age."

    "And Fairies." Said Florencia.

    "And Werewolves." Said West.

    "...Stupid Demi-Humans." Thought both Edward and Vanilla.

    "Anyway, all this was told to me by Aladdin. He is probably right about it." Said Johnnathan.

    "Uuuurgh...What were you guys talking about it again?" Dafadel seemed to be in a hangover.

    "Know what? I'm just get me an Orange Juice." Schneider served herself a cup of juice.

    "Dafadel Orlains!" A feminine voice shouted that trembled the whole room. "Now I found you."

    An elegant woman carrying a parasol wearing a light-blue and white dress, spotting a long brown hair, white skin and a huge bosom appears.

    "V-Vanessa?!" Dafadel trembled in fear.

    "You little!" She pulls Dafadel from the nose. "How dare you just disappear like that?!"

    "Woah...Woah!" Edward was impressed by how beautiful Vanessa was. "Just who is this woman, Dafadel? Is she your wife? Because she is so...Woah!"

    Vanilla hits Edward in the head with her staff. "Have some respect, Eddie!"

    "N-No! She is only my cousin."

    "And the one who'll make you swim 200 miles on the cold sub-artic waters! Come on now!" She pulls Dafadel out of the room.

    "Y-Youch! N-Nice to meet you fellas!"

    "Well, there he goes." Said Edward. "Now that was something."

    "....Family, huh?" Schneider watched as she drank her juice. "I already forgot how it is."

    "So what are you gonna do now?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "That's a good question. Come to think of it, all I am good for is swinging a sword."

    "Sellsword is an actual thing nowadays."

    "True, but there is more in life than fight...You know, Johnnathan? I realized something."

    "What? Tell me while I drink this cup of tea."

    "You see...I like you. I mean...I like you a lot! Do you wanna go out with me?"

    Johnnathan and everyone else spit their drinks after the revelation.

    "What?!" Shouted Vanilla.

    "Did she just confessed to him just like that?" Murmured Edward.

    "Is that...How it works between Hybrids?" Said Tenkai.

    "W-Well...Look no offense and anything, but...No." Said Johnnathan. "You see...I already have someone in mind."

    "Oh? Oh. Oh! Hahaha! I see! I see!" Schneider nodded his head repeatedly. "Sorry about that. I mean, it was my first time, but...Oh well. Bummer! Sorry, it might have been very awkward, right? Hahahaha!"

    She keeps laughing in high spirits.

    "...Huh. She accepted that very well." Said Vanilla. "Maybe she is just being dumb?"

    "...No. I think she is being pretty understanding." Said Florencia.

    "Alright! I decided!" Said Schneider. "The time is now to begin the Legend of Schneider! Where it'll end up? No one knows!"

    Schneider then rushed to leave the room. "Thanks for everything you all! I hope we see each other again!"

    "...And there she goes." Said Johnnathan as he gets lost in thoughts.

    "...Are you still there, kid?" Said Nikolai. "You know, there is still time. We could use another Hybrid in the crew."

    "Go catch coconuts on the bushes, Nik. I just thought of what she just said it."

    "What do you mean?"

    "How she is enthusiasmatic of not knowing what fate reserves for her. It's kinda like me. Even now...I don't really know what I really want."

    "...Well, we're two." Said Edward.

    "Just focus on the keys. Then you can think where do you wanna die." Said Nikolai.

    "Am I really just an errand boy or something for you?"

    "...Yes. That's precisely that." Nikolai leaves drinking a bottle of beer.


    "...So who is this other someone?" Asked Tenkai.

    "I prefer to keep that a secret."

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    Extra Chapter 3: Lost World.


    Everything was void. Not a sound. Not a light. It as if time didn't passed. In a single wink of a second, Ruby desperately woke up. She was laying unconscious above a red coat and she was next to a fireplace.

    "What is this place? What happened? I mean...There was a machine....and a huge thunderstruck....and then....Ah! The Red Demon! Did he-"

    "Nope. I'm not dead." Alex was nearby sitting under a tree, eating an apple.

    "You! I'll-Urgh" Ruby felt a pain over her body that paralyzed her.

    "Easy there, tigress. That thunder over there delivered quite the punch. Vampires are vulnerable to lightning, right?"

    "I never...felt one like that before."

    "It's quite a number of twists one after another. Can you stand up?"

    Ruby slowly gets on her feet. "....What are you playing at?"

    "Well, I just wanna get out of here?"

    "You had the chance to kill me. Why did you let me live?"

    "...Bloody hell. You folks are harder to cooperate than to kill. I just wanna get out of this place."

    "What is this place?"

    "See yourself." Alex pulls some bushes out of the way and reveal the ruins of a city surrounded by forest vegetation underground. "...Didn't knew this was under Gali by the way."

    "I see. Remains of the Old World."

    "Old World?"

    "Long ago, way before I was even born, there was an old world that was replaced by the current one. I forgot humans had limited knowledge."

    "...I know old things are either turned into new things or replaced by them. That's how it rolls. Nothing ever remains the same."

    "Typical mortal thinking, but I agree."

    "...And you. Aren't you gonna try to kill me?"

    "The Warrior Code says that once your life is saved, you have the duty to repay it. No matter who saved it."

    "Really? Well, whatever."

    "But mark my words. Once I get you out of this hole, it is your neck I am after the next day."

    "Sure, sure. I figured that out."

    After a while, Alex picked up his clothes and travelled alongside Ruby through the ruins.

    "...It seems you really didn't knew about that thing from above."

    "I am an outsider for them. Whatever those crazy military people pull out is out of my knowledge. I am just being paid to kill vampires."

    "That scythe of yours...Isn't a Draco Weapon, isn't it?"

    "Nah. It's only a Scythe build for combat. The blade of Darkanium though."

    "Most hunters tends to use them. I had clashed with some myself. I thought a Hunter with a name like yourself would carry one."

    "Draco Weapons were made to kill Dragons. For me, using those for a vampire is like using a sword to catch a fish...Which I guess you could do. You're being very talkative today. Are you that desperate for company?"

    "Don't be ridiculous! It was just an interogation! Like I would seek company to a human."

    "Yeah, yeah. Can't you just turn into a bat and use your echolocation to find an exit."

    "First, that's not how bat works. And second, I am still scarred from that attack from before. It is getting in the way of my transformations. My cells are all in discord."

    "Never thought I would see one of you in this state."

    "Tch! Don't mention it. The humiliation of being reduced to this state and the Red Demon isn't even taking advantage."

    "You want me to kill you? Damn, you are messed up, woman. Hey, tell me, what about that woman from before? Were you two close?"

    "...Mercedes...She was a rather new addiction to the Red Swords after one...Well, it's not important. She looked up to me a lot. I took the duty of guiding her because I saw potential and....Today happened."

    "So you actually cared about her?"

    "...Yes. She was like a younger sister. Surprised that a monster like has a heart?"

    "I could tell that the monsters I was asked to kill were not like wild animals, but actually proud warriors. I just wanted some confirmation. By the way since you said you guided her, that means some of you are stronger than others?"


    "And how strong are you?"

    "If you want to know, They say I am equal to Diamanta herself."

    "The Ebony Knight, huh? That's good to know."

    "Huh? Why?"

    "Because if you were a small fry, then I should had to get myself a lot better that I am now. Not that I want to keep going. But are you sure that you should tell me this?"

    "...It's just repayment for actually answering my questions earlier. That's just how a Warrior lives."

    "I guess I understand that. Oh? Check that out." Alex sights a tunnel far away from the city. "Looks like a passage to outiside of this city."

    "What's with this reasoning? What makes you think it's not just a old mine?"

    "Not at all. It's certainly more like a tunnel passage."


    "See how it is decorated with some sort of altar. Almost like a town's gate. No mine would have that fancy entrance. But then again, you aren't very familiar how mine works, right?"

    "...No. But I certainly knows a thing or two about living underground. Do you think it's worthy trying it?"

    "I believe so. I don't know how this place went down, but if we assume that this city wasn't underground aeons ago, then the wall that passage is attached to is more likely a small hill. It's pretty common to build a tunnel road in such a place."

    "I admit, I see some logic."

    The two of them went through the passage. Inside, it was a road made out of stone bricks and black walls with turned off lanterns on it."...Yep. It seems you were right."

    "That's good, but I guess it's a good time to remind you I can't see shit."

    "Minor inconvenience. Just keep it close, Red Demom."

    "You can call me only Alex."

    "I don't care."

    "Well, it's like one less word, but suit yourself."

    The two of them walks for quite a while. "...Is there really an exit at the end of this path?"

    "I never said there was. Only it was worthy checking it."

    "Tch. Even if I could turn into a bat and leave this hell hole, I still couldn't call myself a Warrior if a runt like you couldn't make it out." Ruby turns to Alex. "All that because you had to rescue me!"

    "Huuuh, okay then, but still-"

    "And it's suffocating each second that passes that I am such an easy kill to you and I still lives!

    "Yeah, sorry, but-"

    "And it had to be the fabled Red Demon, who killed dozens of vampires."

    "I mean you may have killed more humans than I killed vampires, but what I am trying to say is-


    "...There is a big black bug upfront."

    "...Really? The Red Demon is afraid of a-" She turns to the front of the path and sees a human sized black praying mantis. "...That's a big bug alright."

    The mantis swiftly gave a slash to Ruby, but she parries the attack.

    "That looks tough."

    "A Black Mantis. An ancient creature from the World of Darkness that was believed to be extinct. So one managed to be alive all these years."

    "...It kinda looks like you."

    "Excuse me?!"

    "I mean, it has the red eyes and all."

    "So that makes me an insect by default?! I may be a vampire, but I am still a woman and I don't being called an insect!"

    The mantis attacks again, but Alex manages to cut one of it's arms. "Huh. Maybe it's not that tough."

    The Mantis grows another arm, isntantly. "...Okay, I'm convinced now." Alex picks Ruby, putting her abover his shoulder and runs away from the mantis.

    "W-What? Don't you have any shame? Release me now and stop running away!"

    "I'm not running away! It's called a strategic retreat! No way, I am fighting a thing that moves quickly like that in a tight space like this!"

    "W-Well, I guess that makes sense, but that's no excuse to carry me in such a manner! If only I was at my full strenght..."

    The blades on the mantis' arms started to glow with a dark aura and it shoots a crescent blade at Alex. He manages to dodge them all by jumping and ducking while running.

    "What was that?!" Asked Ruby.

    "I guess it was Dark Magic? I never thought there others who could use it."

    "N-No! You just dodged those without even see. How?"

    "Well, you get to "hear" those sort of things after a few years at my line of work."

    "So he can feel the Killing Intent." Thought Ruby. "Just as expected from the Red Demon, I guess."

    Suddenly, they arrives at a ledge at the end of the path.

    "A way to above? I guess I was right on the mark after all!"

    The Mantis then catches them up by flying. He tries to lend an attack, but Ruby manages to parry the attacks as Alex still runs.

    "So I don't wanna put pressure into you my lady, but if you somehow lose, we both die so good luck out there."

    "You don't need to say it!" After too much fight, Ruby turns into a bat and manages to fly to the arm of the mantis and snaps with her fangs. Later she turns into a vampire and slashes it's body in two.

    "Oh. It seems you regained your power."

    "Yeah...It does seems like it."

    Alex then looks at the end of the path and notices a small faint light. "Huh. I guess that's an exit. At least it takes us to somewhere."

    "Good...good." Ruby points her rapier at Alex's neck.

    "Uuuh...Excuse me?"

    "I'll not try to pull a dirty trick here. Let's settle this now. In a honourable duel."

    "Hey-hey-hey! Easy there. Can't we at least talk this over."

    "There is no talk! You are a human. You either submit to the vampire's will or rebel against it! Even though you have dirtied my honour, I acknowledge you as a true warrior. So I'll give you three seconds...One.

    "...Are you seriously?"


    "....Bloody hell."

    "Thre-" Alex slaps her face."....What the bloody hell was that?!"

    "You know what? For the first time in my shitty life, I actually try to save one of your damn bloodsuckers and you know what? It was actually more of pain in the ass than kill one! You are an immortal that lived far more than anyone I know and yet don't you want at least one time in your life to spare one human?! Specially one that actually had the guts to specifically help you?!"

    "You done that for your own self-interest!"

    "Isn't everything someone do in life somehow linked to their own self-interest?! I mean come on! You have certainly better things to do! Isn't there like anyone waiting for you in that hellhole that is Hollowgrounds?"

    "NO! There isn't it...I mean...Not anymore..."


    "...I had an older brother. His name was Drake Scarlet. A Red Sword just like me. Always a cheerful fool that could see something funny in everything...Except it wasn't funny when he died."

    "...But what about your comrades? Aren't you like the equal of Ebony Knight or something? She might wanna know what transpired at Gali?"

    "...Heh. Heheheheh. If anything it's better she doesn't know I actually had you of all people to rescue me...Hmm. Funny. Now that I said out loud....There is another fool in Hollowgrounds that may need my assistance."

    "Oh? Who?"

    "..Why should I tell you? You already heard enough from my mouth. Far from enough...Actually, why bring the Warrior Code anyway? Why should I give you any bloody damn second to get ready? I may be a Warrior but first and foremost I am a Vampire. And killing you the way I see fit...Is what we do!"

    She gets to attack Alex, but he notices the mantis with half od his body cut flying above her and he grabs her arm and pulls her to his behind.


    The Mantis then attacks a defenseless Alex and slashes his gut, that gave it a hole in the left side of his stomach."

    "Grrrr....Gaaaah!" He endures the pain and cuts the mantis with his scythe in several bits. "Huff...Huff...Black Mantis' World Population....Zero." With the last of his strenght he goes lay on a wall with a pool of blood dripping from his body.

    "A-Alex!" Ruby desperately goes to his aid and see the hole created by the mantis.

    "...How...How does it looks?"

    "Uuuuh...I guess a bandage can fix it?"

    "...Heh. And people say vampires don't have sense of humour."

    "Why...Why did you do that? You could had let it kill me...So why?"

    "I can't help myself....You see, I really like...Redheads."

    Alex passes out as Ruby thought of what he said and blushes. Suddenly her heart starts to pound faster than normal.

    "...No. No! Focus Ruby! You have to do this!" She picks Alex and carries him on her shoulders and picks his scythe as well. She gets to the end of the ledge only to find the path blocked by boulders with green lights around it that flied away as she approached.

    "Fireflies...There is no reason for having all the way here unless if..." Ruby appraoches the boulders and delivers a powerful kick that revealed a passage to outside. She was back on the forest around Gali. "Good. It's still night-time...Wait! No! I need to find him a doctor somewhere! Let's see...The closest place is...NO! Diamanta is in there! Ceranze may be out of question...I need to get to Blitzreign then...But will he survive the trip? Think, Ruby! Think!"

    "Hoooooowl!" The howl of a wolf was heard. A large gray Werewolf wearing a white top landed next to her.

    "A-A Werewolf!" She immediately looks at the sky and see the full-moon. "A werewolf in a white full-moon...This is the worst scenario."

    The Werewolf stood right in front of her, staring at them.

    "His posture isn't half-bad. He is acting like an animal who cornered a prey. It's one of those who knows to fight. Even without Alex I might had to try. Damnit! Is this how it ends?!"

    "...You." Said the Werewolf. "Why are you with him?"


    "Answer my question. I know you heard it."

    "...He is badly injured. If I don't hurry, he might die. I need to find a doctor, quickly. So please, I beg you...Let me through!"

    "...That wouldn't be necessary."


    "That man is Alex Highlander, right?"

    "Y-Yeah! How do you-"

    "Then let me check on him. It may not look like, but I am a doctor. My name is Cornellius."
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    Chapter 35: Bombs Away!


    A day had passed ever since Johnnathan and his crew managed to acquire the Beast Key. The Great Sprite inside the key, Gabo made a pact with West and the group acquired a newfound strenght.

    The Gloria was on her way to Izumo, where the next key, the Spirit Key awaits at the possesion of Ninetails, one of the Three Dark Lords.

    Johnnathan was currently resting in his bed, without his red jacket and boots. It was a large bed with plenty of space. He was looking at the ceiling with sore eyes.

    "...As always I can't sleep."

    He closes his eyes and gets in deep thoughts. "What does the future holds to me now?"

    "Johnny, get some sleep already." Florencia was right beside his bed that scared him.

    "Bloody hell! Where did you came from, Flor?"

    "I've been here for a minute. Waiting how long you would notice me."

    "Huh. That's unlike me. If you were an enemy then-"

    "You would notice it. Your Dark Instincts would sense it."


    "But I am aware of your sleeping conditions...or should I say lack of."

    "...Would you give me a break. I was turned off for 2 days."

    "Still, you only get to sleep for like...2 hours, right?"

    "...Bloody hell, what are you, a stalker? Shouldn't you be I don't know, giving attention to West?"

    "When we are not at the office, if you know what I mean. A woman like me can succesfully separate her love life from work."

    "....Urgh. Fine. Did you came here for something else?"

    "About that." She sat on the mattress of his bed. "I need to tell something important."

    "...Did Edward stole the last pineapple pudding?"

    "No...That as well, but it's not important right now. You see...Remember that one time with Aladdin when we took the Fire Key?"

    "Oh. That. What about it?"

    "...It's not really about owning something to you that I am on your ship, Johnnathan."

    "Oooooh! Boy! Here it comes!" Said Agni, inside of Johnnathan with only him being able to hear.

    "The Keys...I received a mission from the Fairy Queen, Titania herself to retrieve them. That was all."

    "...I figure out it was something like that. Now I take the next step is steal from us while we are't looking or something?"

    "...That was the plan, but I already called my quits."


    "The reason why I decided to tell you now is...I have grow fond of this little group you created it. West, Vanilla, Edward...Heck, even your brother and Aladdin became far too important to me."

    "I guess it's true that fairies tend to be very emotional sometimes."

    "And I need to take this off from my chest. Specially since me and West became way closer then before."

    "....Can I confess something as well?"

    "Oh. That's out of nowhere. What is it?"

    "You see...I never wanted to be a pirate."

    "I heard that most pirates didn't wanted to be pirates in the first place."

    "It's not that. Even now, I still don't want to be one."

    "Thinking of retiring, I see. They also seen to retire as soon as you think."

    "Jeez. Can't you see I am trying to explain the reason why?"

    "Go ahead then."

    "You see, I only agreed with this life because of my brother. Since my father died, it was the only place I felt in peace. Don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy this life style, but it just I realize something after meeting Schneider."


    "I never really find it who I really am. I may have became the Red Beast, but most of it was because I was at the Black Demon's shadow. As if I could only walk foward as long I have his back to follow it. Only after I became captain of my own ship, I realized that."

    "Why don't you say that to your brother?"

    "Because I can't just jump out after we get this far. It would be such a dick move. Besides, there is still one thing that makes me keep going."

    "Oh, let me guess. Starts and ends with an E."

    "...It ends with a G now, but that's not important. And it just makes things worse. I mean, all the remaining keys seems to be far easier to obtain than her."

    "Gosh. It's that hard for you to get the girl."

    "The girl in question happens to have the most dangerous people as siblings which by the way, I just killed one"

    "Okay, that's a goop point."

    "Have you ever felt that everything in your life is doomed to fail since the start?"

    "Most people...Would try to make sure that doesn't happen. I mean, didn't you already triggered Raven's bad side anyway?"

    "...Pfft! Hahahahaha! Wow...I guess it must be really hard for you and the others to be stuck with such a pitful guy like myself...Alright, I decided. It's time for me to stand for my own choices now. If I have to die because of it, then there will be no regrets!"

    "....Yeah. Keep your life at top priority."

    A quake then happened in the ship.

    "W-What was that?!" Asked Florencia.

    "...Call everyone to the deck."

    "Yes, sir!"

    After a while, everyone on the ship was on the deck.

    "What's going on?" Asked Edward. "Seaquake? White Whales? Giant Squids?"

    "Not in this part of the sea." Said Nikolai.

    "Have you spotted any water leaks?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "I should kill you just for asking that. This ship has an internal coat of Darkanium."

    "How is this thing even floating?" Asked West.

    "By the way, is something to be worries about it?" Said Vanilla. "It hasn't been any quake ever since."

    Johnnathan looked to the sea. "....There is something down there."

    "Are you sensing it?" Asked Tenkai.

    "Yup...And it's big."

    Suddenly a giant black submarine emerged from underwater not too far from them.

    "Now that's not something you see every day." Said West.

    "...Bloody hell, it's Edel." Said Johnnathan.

    "Edel? Isn't that the name of a 30 Golden Pieces of Gold worthy pirate know as Loudmouth Edel isn't it?"

    "Yep. That's him." Said Nikolai. "We kinda have a story."

    From the submarine, a gray-coloured Gremlim with a bicorn hat appeared from a hatch above the submarine with a megaphone. "Hey there Red Beast! Long time no see!"

    "Urgh. I do not deserve this." Said Johnnathan.

    "Nice ship you got there. Used to have one...Until I got richer!"

    "Did he just called our ship, cheap?" Asked Edward. "Johnnathan, say something!"

    "Fine, fine. Nik, the thing." Said Johnnathan as Nikolai used his tail to teleport a megaphone and hands over to him. "What the hell are you doing here, Edel? It may not look like, but we have better things to do. We have nothing to do with you."

    "Of course you do, you stinky butt punk! Perhaps it was your twin brother and your older brother's twin brother that stole all my loot back in Aurum, isn't it?!

    "Hey, it's not my fault you left all of that stuff around to get stolen. I mean seriously, even a drunken monkey could have take those."

    "One pirate knows that isn't smart to take from another pirate!"

    "Sorry about that. Smart things to do isn't Drake's forte."

    "Forget about it, you little hunk of junk! I just want you dead!"

    Edel wents back inside the submarine and fire mortars from cannons above the ship.

    "...Oh yeah! I have a ship to steer it!" Johnnathan rushes to the helm and manages to dodge the attacks. "Are the cannons loaded?!"

    "One step ahead of ya!" Said it West.

    "Great!" Johnnathan pressed a button on the floor with his foot and several levers appeared next to him. "Eat lead, Edel!"

    Johnnathan pulled one of the levers and his ship shot powerful cannonballs at Edel that shaked his submarine.

    "Urgh! Damn Hybrids!" Edel makes the submarine goes underwater.

    "He is running away?" Asked Edward.

    "No. He is sending torpedos." Said Johnnathan. Flor! Can you do something about it?!"

    "Very well." Florencia flew and aimed her bow at the water. "I got them on my sight."

    She shot at where she saw movements towards the ship and each arrow created an explosion in the water.

    "So they have a fairy now." Edel saw it through a periscope. "Nevermind. I am just getting started."

    A huge missile fixed on a turret appeared from underwater aimed at the Gloria.

    "Okay. As a Gremlim myself, I reckon that as bad news." Said Nikolai.

    "Well, at least we have it on our sight." Said Edward.

    The Missile then became invisible and was shot. "Great. Now it'll kill us and we can't see it coming."

    "Why the hell are you so calm about it, you shitty furball?!"

    "Johnny! Can you see it with your senses?!" Asked Florencia.

    "...No good. It has a magic disruptor installed on it."

    "Leave it to me." Said West as he turned his arms into wolf claws.

    "But West! You can't stop what you can't see!" Said Edward.

    "...I don't need to." West's eyes glowed yellow and Gabo appeared above his head. "Aroooo!"

    West jumped and grabbed the invisible missile and tossed it away back to the submarine, delivering a powerful explosion.

    "Gaaah! Impossible!" Edel picked up a microphone. "Prepare the Sweet Dreams!"

    The Submarine returned and more cannons appeared from it. "Fire!"

    The cannons shot several fireballs at the ship.

    "What the hell? Fireballs?" Said it West. "...Wait...It smells like..."

    The "fireballs" landed on the ship it was revealed to be sheeps that had fire for wool.

    "What the heck are those?!" Asked Edward.

    "I guess those are...Animals modified by Alchemy!" Vanilla seemed enthusiasmatic. "Wow! Wow! I never seen such level of magic. The most I did it was making a slug made out of orange juice!"

    "Yuck!" Nikolai was disgusted.

    "Baaaaaaa!" The sheeps started to desperately run around the deck spreading fire to the ship.

    "Aaaaaaah! They are everywhere!" Edward was in panic.

    "Don't worry. I got this!" Vanilla invocked a white aura around her and a snowstorm rained over the sheeps. The fire in their bodies then turned into clouds of snow.

    "Hey! It worked!" Said Edward as a sheep randomly headbutted him.

    "That's all cool and all, but...What about the fire?" Nikolai pointed at the inferno that was surrounding the entire ship.

    "Eeeek! I-I thought it would freeze the flames as well, but it wasn't cold enough."

    "...So how about we burn them." Tenkai unsheated his sword and started to "cut" the flames. "Hidden Strike: Phantom Flame."

    The flames turned blue and faded away.


    "So that's the power of the Foxfire." Said West.

    "Grrrrrr! How is the Red Beast alone suddenly this good!" Edel makes the submarine deliver a full-out attack with his mortars.

    "Argh. Bloody hell!" Johnnathan steers the ship to escape the rain of bombs while retaliating with his own cannons. "Edward! Wants to be a hero!"

    "Sure, I do!"

    "Very well!" Johnnathan pulls another lever and a trap door appeared on the deck. From inside a large turret gun rose from it.

    "Huh. Always knew that was there by the way." Said it West.

    "Sooo...What do I do?"

    "Charge with the strongest lightning you can send!"

    "Okay, easy enough." Edward shoots a lightning bolt from his sword and the gun started to absorb it.

    "Alright, that's good enough." Johnnathan pulls another lever and the turret shot a powerful beam that blasted the submarine with a powerful thunder. The vessel started to malfunction and turned it over, floating in the sea.

    "Damn you, Highlandeeeeeeeer!" Screamed Edel.

    "...Whew! That went well." Johnnathan started to walk inside the ship.

    "Where are you going?" Asked Nikolai.

    "I was in the middle of my rest when that bozo started to knock my door. Give me a rest."

    "Shouldn't you do something about this?" He points at the several sheeps on the deck.




    "....I don't know. Let someone else take care of it."

    "Oh! Me! Me! Me!" Vanilla voluntereed.

    "...Well, technically you made them, so why not?"

    "Yaaaay!" She started to pet the sheeps.

    "Can I eat one?" Said West.


    Later at night, Johnnathan was smoking on his quarters looking at the ceiling on his bed.

    "...Can't sleep yet, huh?" Agni's voice echoed on his head. "It's like the tenth cigarette you smoke ever since you gave that Gremlim a lesson."

    "Mind your business, Agni."

    "What happened to the "stand by your own choices talk" huh?"

    "I am fine, okay. I am just...too much thoughtful about one thing."

    "Yeah, right. By the way, I don't need to read minds to know that by "thing" you mean "someone". Okay, I'll go to my Sprite Rest for now on. But remember, lack of sleep gets you crazy."

    "....Yeah, right." He tosses his cigarette away on a chest nearby. "With a crazy day like this, even Hybrids would get exhausted."

    "Perhaps you need some help to relax?" Out of nowhere, Evening was next to him on the bed passing her finger on his shirt.

    "...What the? What was in that cigarette?"

    "Is something wrong?"

    "Y-Yeah? How the hell are you here?"

    "How? Because you wanted to, you dummy."

    "...Okay, this is too good to be real. Maybe I should just close my eyes, count to three and-"

    "Or maybe..." She gets on top of him and puts her finger over his mouth. "You should just shut up and get on the flow."

    "...Ah, screw it!" He grabs her and turns her over, getting on top of her. The two of them starts to kiss each other. The door opens and West appears.

    "Hey, cap'n. Are you going to dinner? Somehow Vanilla taught those sheeps how to cook and-" He encounters Johnnathan making out with the pillow. "......"

    West slowly closes the door without Johnnathan noticing he was there.

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    Chapter 36: A Pirate's Life.

    Two days passed after the encounter with Edel. Just after the sun rose, Vanilla woke up.

    "Yaaawn!" Her hair was untied and she was wearing her light-blue pajamas. "Morning, Flor-" Florencia who usually slept in the same room with her wasn't around.

    "...Oh yeah. She is sleeping with West now." She gets up and starts changing her clothes. When she leaves her room, she gives a whistle that calls a snow sheep.


    She sits on top of the sheep with both her legs on her left side and rides from her quarters to the kitchen. On the way she passes through the deck where she sees a large cargo box on it.

    "Huh? That's new. I don't remember that." After close examination she reads the following: North Star Express. "W-What?!"

    Meanwhile on the kitchen, the rest of the crew were serving themselves with coffee when suddenly Vanilla appears storming the place atop the sheep. "What did you lot did it?!"

    "Easy there. There is still yorgut for you." Said West.

    "I am not talking about that! Why there was property of the North Star Express on the deck?!"

    "Oh. That." Said Johnnathan. "Me, West, Edward and Tenkai decided to pillage a ship passing by yesterday last night while you were sleeping."

    "How did you folks pulled out that?!"

    "We may not look like, but we are pretty stealthy." Said Edward. "Also, no one got hurt....A lot."

    "I think there was one dude that was tossed into the sea." Said Tenkai.

    "How could you guys?! You can't just steal other people's stuff?!"

    "Yes, they can. They are pirates." Said Nikolai. "By the way, how about some coffee made of grains from Araukarias?"

    "No! I refuse to-Huh?" She spots a large jar of honey. "I-Is that..."

    "Yes, Vanilla. Steel Honey." Said Florencia. "Made from Steel Bees only found in the Steel Continent."

    "Eeeeeee...." Vanilla gazes at it, drooling. "N-No! I cannot be tempted by-"

    Florencia picks a spoon of honey and quickly puts on Vanilla's mouth. "How was it..."

    "Hmmmmm! Like melted gold....Waaaaah!" Vanilla leaves the kitchen in panic.

    "....Bloody hell. I am talking to her." Said Johnnathan.

    Meanwhile on the deck, Vanilla was licking at the wool of one of the sheeps. "Urgh! Need. To get rid. Of. The sweet...Nectar!"

    "If you really wanna get rid of the taste, take shot of seawater." Said Johnnathan. "Of course, only morons would do that."

    "D-Don't talk to me! I always thought you were different from the others. Ooooh! To think that I have....For you!"

    "You have what for me?"

    "S-Stuck with it! That what I meant!

    "Whatever. Come here." Johnnathan picks her and carries her on his shoulder.

    "W-W-Whaaaat?! Let me go you ruffian!"

    Johnnathan drags her to the storage room and drops her in front of several other boxes similar to the one in the deck.

    "We're here." He gently drops her.

    "W-What do you want to show me anyway? More stolen goods from honest people?"

    "Eeeeeh...More or less." Johnnathan gave a light kick into the crater and it opened from the front, and a lot of firearms got leaked from inside.

    "Are those...firearms?"

    "Yeah, and the good ones. Like, cutting edge tech. See? Darkanium barrel. Perfect for an army."

    "But...The North Star Express don't deal with those."

    "Yeah. At least on paper. When you think of them you think of sugar, spice and those other kind of goods. You know, things you wouldn't get too much trouble putting inside a foreign territory. But this...This is straight smuggling."

    "...I never knew it. I mean, it is the most lucrative shipping company in the world."

    "Nowadays you don't get to the where they reached without breaking a rule or two. In this parts where we currently are there is a few places in conflict with each other. So to get a few gold more, they sell indispensable armament to let's say, the good guys who wants to overthrow a cruel government...And.." Johnnathan gives a small knock to another crate, leaking more guns. "Also the bad guys...Or maybe the resistance is a cruel rebellion? Well, they don't care as long they are paid."

    "There is really that much war to get a profit?"

    "The more far from Blitzreign and Drakland, the more you are likely to see. Remember Neon and Araukarias? Both of the conflicts that happened in those places were sponsored by the North Star in a way. And that's not their only sins. Everything they ship, they buy their products about 2 times lower the market price and sell it just 3 times their value."

    "Does that mean they are the bad ones?"

    "There is no such a thing as good guys and bad guys when you are talking about pirates. It's all a question of your own actions are your own fault. And it's your guilt to bear it. If it makes you feel better, me and Drake don't go after the most honest ships."

    "Is that so?"

    "Yeah. Second him, only cowards go after them. Well, we are a small group and it's more lucrative to go after the big fishes anyway, so everyone wins, I guess. Besides...I do wanna quit being a pirate soon."

    "R-Really?! That's...good! Sooner the better, right?"

    "Heh. I say that, but I know I have a long way to go."

    "Anyway, I....think I own you an apology."

    "No. You don't. What I do is morally wrong no matter how you look."

    "Even so...I do believe you are a good person, overall."

    "...That means something, I guess."

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    Chapter 37: Paradise.


    After steering from some time, the Gloria approaches a tropical island. In the beach there was a pier where the ship got anchored and the crew managed to land.

    Later on, they arrive on a shack. Inside the shack there was Coela, Shadewing and Aladdin checking out some boxes.

    "Oh! Johnny! You are back!" Coela happily waves to them.

    "Hey there, wizard. Was Izumo too much for you?" Said Nikolai.

    "Not now, gremlim." Said Aladdin.

    "I must say, I wasn't really Coela and Shadewing here." Said Johnnathan. "How are things in Izumo, Al?"

    "Yeah, it was more complicated than we expected." Said Aladdin. "It seems, the Kitsunes allied with the Rogues somehow."

    "Wait. Two Dark Lords are on this together?!" Said Johnnathan.

    "It's certainly not one with full trust from either parts"

    "By the way, how did things went in Wildlands?" Asked Shadewing. "For some reason, the air around West looks a little different."

    "Oh. Well, I can explain." Said West. "Gabo, show up buddy."

    "Gabo!" Gabo suddenly appears from above West's head.

    "Ah! The Great Sprite of the Beasts." Said Shadewing.

    "Wait, you know about it?" Asked Nikolai.

    "I saw a drawing just like him back in my homeland."

    "He kinda is always there....But at the same time don't." Said West.

    "Johnnathan. A report, please." Said Aladdin.

    "Weeeell...We got the Beast's Key, West and Florencia are a couple, I killed one of Raven's brothers on the way and our ship is filled with sheeps made out of snow or something." Replied Johnnathan. "Oh yeah. We met a Youko. His name is Tenkai. He say he'll help us."

    "It's a pleasure to meet you." Tenkai bowed.

    "...Anything more?" Asked Aladdin.

    "Well...We met Edel on the way." Said Johnnathan as Aladdin gazed at him and sensed a black apparition in form of a horned skull behind him.

    "....That clown is still around, huh? Good grief."

    "Wait. Did you just said that...West and Florencia are together?!" Coela was overly happy. "Oh my gosh! Congratulations you two!"

    "Uuuuh...Thanks." Said Florencia.

    "And...Did I just heard Johnnathan killed one of Raven's brothers?"

    "Yes. That's pretty much the most important fact."

    "Oh my! How did you pulled that out?"

    "Well, I just...managed, I guess. I can't explain it. Just that I was out for two days."

    "Oh dear!" Coela hugs Johnnathan by pressing his head into her chest. "Poor thing! I knew it we are putting too much into your back."

    "Hmgh! Let me out..."

    "H-Hey! Let him go!" Said Vanilla who was flustered.

    "Easy. Those two are always like that." Said Nikolai. "By the way Al." Nikolai brought Johnnathan's bag of money that he won at the Pit. "Johnnathan won quite the gold back there. What do we do?"

    "...We keep it. All of it, of course." Said Aladdin.

    "What?! That isn't fair!" Said Vanilla.

    "Er...Vanilla. It's okay." Said Johnnathan.

    "No! You won fair and square! They can't just do that-"

    "Enough!" Said Aladdin who grabbed Vanilla and carried her on his shoulder.

    "Ah! Not again!"

    "I'll have a little talk to do with you." Aladdin snaps his fingers and disappears alongside Vanilla in a whirlwind of black sand.

    "What?...What?! W-Where did he took her?!" Asked Edward.

    "Easy there. He is not doing anything to her." Said Johnnathan. "...Well. Not anything serious."

    At the other side of the island, Aladdin brought Vanilla towards a small sandstorm.

    "Let me go!"

    "Sure." He casually drops Vanilla in the sand and sits next to her looking at the sea.

    "Uuuuurgh! I am done with this! Why did you brought me here for?!"

    "...We found your dad."

    "Huh?....Huuuuuuuh?! W-What?! Where?! How?!"

    "Chemira found it with her connections. It seems he is in Neon."

    "Neon? What is he doing there?"

    "I don't know, but...It seems he is under arrest."

    "Whaaaaaat?! This is outrageous! I demand a lawyer!"

    "Easy there, kid. As under arrest I mean, it seems he is locked inside a relief center on a military camp."

    "Huh? But why?"

    "Second Chemira, it seems he has amnesia. They found him unconscious in an area ravaged by Rogues. Because of that, he is being put in observation until he finds his memories. Those Neonians can be very hard to negotiate."

    "Are you sure it's him?"

    "Chemira also sent an oil painting." He hands over the portrait of a man with a spiky hair.

    "Ah! It does look like him!"

    "It seems he has been there for quite a while. Second Chemira, this might have been the hardest information she could have find."

    "So he is fine after all..."

    "...Yeah. And that leaves to my second point." He picks a green rock of sorts and toss it behind him, opening a portal.

    "....What is that?"

    "A Gate Rock. It can take you to a certain place you want only once. This one takes you to Snake's Eyes. Chemira will find you a vessel to Neon."

    "W-Wait! You don't want me around."

    "Yes. Definetly."

    "H-Hey! This is Johnny's decision to make!"

    "...Good grief. Weren't you here in the first place because you wanted to find your father?"

    "Well, yeah. But now I know about his whereabouts, so if I could report to GMA then..."

    "When are you gonna finally grow up and forget your fantasies?"

    "Huh? I don't follow."

    "You think I can't see that you are all madly in love with Johnnathan? To the point you are putting even him above your missing father?"

    "W-What? M-Me and Johnnathan?! That's not what-"

    "Deny all you want, but it's plain clear. Everytime I look at you, I see Coela from way back when he first joined us."

    "W-Well...So what if it's true? I mean, I have the right to like anyone I feel like."

    "You are a smart girl. You can also see he is waaaaaay beyond your reach. Or do you actually think there is a way for removing you-know-who from his head?"

    "...You think I am that dense?" She sits next to him and starts to cry. "Sniff. I am not a blind, you know."

    "So why are you still here? Just to suffer?"

    "...At first, I thought he was just being delusional. Like if he was under some sort of hex. But that was just me. After all he is half-vampire."

    "That didn't really answered my question."

    "...I want to see how far he can go with this. Because even if she just disappeared...He would be broken. Even if I could win him over...He wouldn't love me as much as he loved her."

    "You are still a young girl at heart. But you are stronger than you look." Aladdin gazes at the horizon. "...Hey. You see the sea?"

    "Yeah? There is only sea in front of us."

    "Would you like living here? And look at this all day? All alone?"

    "...Sounds lonely and depressing."

    "That could be Paradise."


    "Paradise is where your journey ends. After you free yourself from your demons and only rests peace in your soul. Is that why you still out there, isn't it? What we all here in the first place?"

    "I...never thought of that."

    "Neither did I before meeting Drake. Anyway, this place isn't Paradise...I mean not yet. We still have much to do."

    "...I wonder...If I'll have my paradise."

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    Chapter 38: Night at the Mountains.


    Izumo, somewhere nearby Tsukuyomi, there was a hot spring at the top of a mountain. In that spring, Evening was bathing under the bath of the moon.

    "Aaaaaah...How relaxing. In my old vampire body I would never be able to feel it..." She gazes at the stars with a little bit of concern. "But it's still hard to keep calm like this knowing Chill died...I wonder if He had something to do it."

    She closes her eyes for a moment and later on opens it. Right in next to her there was Ninetails alongside two other female kitsunes carrying a floating plate with a bottle of sake and another plate with two cups. "...What's the matter? Afraid to be alone with a Rogue?"

    "Unlike you vampires, we Kitsunes are more...cautious about things." Said Ninetails. "And don't mind those two. They are merely attendants. And if your sensory skills are as sharp as I have heard of, you can check that I am hardly someone who needs aid."

    "...This cocky bitch." Thought Evening. "I can't picture a way to kill her right now even though the defenses here are lacking. Well, no matter. If she lives or dies is not of my concern."

    "I heard about it by the way. One of your brothers died. And it appears he was reckless or something, right?"

    "Huh?" How did you-"

    "Your men talks a lot."

    "...Damn those Rogues."

    "On another note, what's his name?"

    "Huh? Who?"

    "The man you were thinking about it before I arrived."

    "W-What?! What makes you say that?!"

    "That look you had was the same look I used to have, you know. Like you, I also fell in love."


    "I am older than even your brother. It's no mystery that I felt the passion of my youth at some point. But then again, age and youth are not words in your vocabulary."

    "...Neither yours, right?"

    "Oh please. We age and die like most races. Of course with a thousands of years of difference, but even in the age of Immortals, only a chosen few were able to surpass the barrier of time. Only you vampires nowadays can life forever as long no one kills you."

    "That's not a thing I am really proud of it."

    "I guess I understand. Anyway, I'll pry no further. Why don't you have a taste of this? It's the Silver Brew. A speciality of Tsukuyomi." She picks one cup and drinks a sip. "It's the strongest we have so take your time and-"

    Evening picked the whole bottle and drank it all in one go. "Aaaaaa....I want three more of those."

    "...Oh dear."

    On the next morning at the Gloria, Coela made sushi at the dining hall. Tenkai was there at first and digging at it.

    "Magnificent! I never ate this kind of Sushi before! To I would find this outside of Izumo...I feel blessed."

    "Wow, thanks! No one from the my crew ever praised my food like you."

    "It's also my first time meeting a merfolk. Never though I would meet one far from the North Pole."

    "Well, you find a couple there and there."

    "Hey guys, what's going-Oh! Sushi!" Edward appears and started to pick his plate. "Wow. This is so good. Is there a Sunset Roll here?"

    "Sunset Roll? I am not familiar with that brand."

    "It's great. It has fish, mango and cucumber."

    "...Excuse me? Did you just said that there is a fruit in a sushi?"

    "Yeah, what about it?"

    "What about it?! It's totally ruin the perfect balance of the taste!"

    "Uuuuh...How does a balanced thing can be perfect?" Asked Coela.

    "Don't change the subject, Coela."

    "Morning, guys." Johnnathan appeared.

    "Morning? It's twelve p.m. I just made lunch."

    "Oh? Sorry. I had a rough night of sleep." He then started to eat sushi. "By the way, there is a dragon in the deck or something."

    "A-A Dragon?!" Edward shouted. "W-Why are you so calm about it?!"

    "It didn't seemed to mind us."

    "...How did it looked like?" Asked Tenkai.

    "Blue. Big. Looked like a snake with hands. Had a very piercing gaze as well."

    "Ah. I see. It seems an old friend came."

    Later on, all of the people in the ship were on the deck and saw a large serpentine blue dragon with long whiskers.

    "Aaaaah! What's that?!" Vanilla freaked out.

    "It's a Heavenly Dragon." Said Florencia who boldly started to caress his nose. "A rare beast even among dragons. They are usually flying way up high, even in outer space. It's not everyone who is blessed to see one this close. This is one still looks young."

    "You really know your stuff, Florencia." Said Tenkai. "This is Wataru. He is an old friend of my father when he found his egg. Has been a family friend ever since."

    "Old friend? Didn't Flor just said it he was young?"

    "In a dragon's point of view, yes." Said Tenkai.

    "They eggs do fall from the sky like meteors right?" Said Aladdin. "What were the chances?"

    "I used to travel on his back place to place in my quest. In Wildlands, I gave instructions for him to find me when I was close to Izumo...Which that means."

    Tenkai looks at the horizon and spots a city far away covered in rain.
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    Chapter 39: Amaterasu.


    It was a rainy day in Amaterasu. As the rain fell, the streets were most empty. Inside a nearly empty restaurant, there was Drake sitting on a table with a bottle of sake close to him. His sword was just standing behind his chair.

    "...Making me wait all the way here. Very bold of your part, general." He looks at outside and gazes at the raindrops falling. "And not a single cutie outside. Good grief."

    "Enjoying yourself, Demon?" Walther and Shepherd entered and engaged Drake on a conversation. "I'm sorry it took so long."

    Walther put a box of wine bottles on the table. "I must say, you demands are rather...peculiar."

    "Please. We have the same objective anyway. I don't need much."

    "Still, I wouldn't call this a cheap bargain myself." Said Shepherd.

    "Heh. I could have asked for way more, but I am not in the mood. Anyway, that was kind of nowhere. Howitz would never ask a pirate, and much less me specifically, for cooperation."

    "Good for you she is not here." Said Walther. "Because honestly, that would be a pain in the ass."

    "Right, right." Drake put a satch of gold in the table. "Would you please pay the tab with this? I would like to give the change to the waitress. She is a cute one."

    "...Why don't you give yourself?"

    "Well...It's just not the right time. It's just a quirk of mine."

    "Fine. Whatever. By the way, what about the Red Beast?"

    "He'll come. Soon enough, I believe." He picks the box and held it them under his arm and picked his sword.

    "...That's a interesting sword you have it. Where did you got it?"

    "Oh? This? Yeah. Something I got from Jaghen. They said an old dude made it or something. Now, I gotta go."

    Drake left the restaurant and walked on the rain. "....I've seen worse."

    "Excuse me young fella." A old man with a gray long white hair and mustache wearing shades approached Drake. "Wouldn't you give one of those bottles?"

    "...What happened to the "spare a dime" talk?"

    "Heh. An old man who lived more than he should it like me do not need an extra dime. Besides I already have plenty of dimes already. All I wanted is something to drink with my mushrooms. Besides, I have a weakness for those foreign tastes."

    "...Fine. I am not drinking all of these anyway." Drake handed over one of his bottles.

    "Thanks young man. You aren't from here, right? Are you sightseeing or something?"

    "Something like that."

    "I see. You know, there is a neat place just after Tsukuyomi I heard about it. If you are lucky...You might pass the Kitsunes and check it out yourself. Farewell, brother."

    As the old man went to an alleyway, Drake peeked at the bag of mushrooms hanging out on his waist.

    "...Oak Mushrooms? Those only grow on the top of a tall tree nearby Tsukuyomi...Did not only he managed to get them by himself, but also went all the way to Tsukuyomi? That's not ordinary."

    Later that day, the rain stopped just before the Gloria arrived on it. Johnnathan ans the others had arrived on Amaterasu.

    "Well, home sweet home." Said Tenkai. "Nothing ever changes."

    "How much time has it been ever since you left?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "About a year."

    "Yeah, things don't really change that much."

    "I never thought I would step on Izumo in my life." Said Vanilla. "Everything looks very...pretty."

    "You should see when the cherry tree blosoms." For their surprises, Teresa appeared wearing a white kimono painted with red flowers carrying an umbrella and a shopping bag.

    "What the heck?! Isn't that-"

    "The woman from Wildlands!" Said Edward.

    "What are you doing here woman?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Me? Just doing a shopping trip, nothing less." Said Teresa. "It's might be a few too late for this, but good job at the tournament. Here's a reward."

    She kisses Johnnathan's face that gave him a paralyzing chill.

    "W-Woah! Slow down a bit!"

    "Sure. I know a inn nearby that has a fabulous room for couples. Wanna check it out?"

    "I said slow down a bit, you little-!" Johnnathan started to freak out.

    "Kidding. Kidding. No need to dirty your vocabulary...More than what is already is. Well then, if it's sight-seeing you all came here for then it's not a good time...It's never is."

    "And it's a good time for shopping?"

    "Please. Apples and Oranges. Things have been very tense around ever since General Akechi died 10 years ago, you know."

    "...You know about General Akechi?" Asked Tenkai.

    "So what if I know?"

    "...Nothing. It just not something a foreigner would know about it."

    "Anyway, I hope you all don't get into too much trouble...Oh. Look who it is." She gazes at Aladdin. "It has been a while, huh?"

    "...Not nearly enough." Replied Aladdin.

    "Is that friend of your around or something?"

    "Yes...Turns out him and this one are brothers."

    "Oh...Interesting. I bid you farewell. Byeee!" She swings her umbrella and she suddenly disappears in thin air.

    "W-What? How did she..." Coela was confused.

    "So, you know her, Al?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Remember that woman Drake didn't stopped talking about it in Ra? It was her."

    "She was in Ra? Whatever was she doing there?"

    "Something about a jewelery market. I guess she is also a big name on those guilds in Ra."

    "She sounds powerful." Said Tenkai. "But we better move while the streets aren't very crowded."

    The group starts to walk through the city, passing through a few citzens minding their own bussines.

    "...I can see anxiety and frustration all over the place." Said Florencia.

    "The people fear that the Kitsunes might attack any day. At this very moment, people are dying out there to prevent them advance." Said Tenkai.

    "Too much to not having vampires nearby." Said Johnnathan. "Oh wait. There are vampires here now, right?"

    "Yeah, thanks for noticing...By the way, we are here." They arrive at a house that was a little bigger than the others.

    "What is this place?"

    "An old friend's house...By the way...Do you remember about General Akechi?"

    "The guy who died 10 years ago, right?"

    "To be more precise, General Akechi was also the strongest of Amaterasu." Said Florencia. "His reputation was so infamous among the Kitsunes that they dubbed him, The Demon Swordsman."

    "You really know your stuff, Flor."

    "But did you also know that he was also my father?" Asked Tenkai.

    "...What?....What?! B-But he wasn't know for being married?!"

    "Well....Not legally."

    "Oh my....You are a bastard!" Said Edward while being hit by Vanilla's staff.

    "Watch your tongue!"

    "It's...complicated. Only a few know about it anyway...One of them being-"

    "Sanzukeeee!" A woman with a long tied black hair wearing a blue yukata with red flower figures on it comes rushing it, happily delivering a lariat on Tenkai's back. "You are finally here, you bastard! Hahahaha!"

    "....Okay, first of all, who is Sanzuke?" Asked Johnnathan. "And second, who is she?"

    "Well, first...Tenkai isn't my real name." Said Tenkai as he struggled to get up. "It's Akechi Sanzuke. And this one...Is the current General of Amaterasu...Kagutsuchi Asuka."

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    Chapter 40: Infiltration Plan.


    Far away from Amaterasu at the east, there was a city built on the top of a mountain. It was Tsukuyomi, the homeland of the Kitsunes. At the center of the city there was a castle with a central tower that pierced the skies, the Ninetails Castle.

    Inside, Ninetails walked through a hallway alongside a small kitsune girl with her face covered in a fox mask reading a red scroll.

    "What is the situation, Shiiha?" Asked Ninetails.

    "Well, as you know, we managed to push Amaterasu's forces back thanks to the Rogues, but right now we cannot see to advance any further after clashing with Blitzreign and Drakland." Said Shiiha.

    "To think that foreign influences would be interfering in both sides...I do not like this."

    "But...Didn't you started all fo this? When you proposed this alliance to Raven."

    "..I still do not like this!" A fiery blue aura emerged from her body that scared Shiiha. "...I'm sorry."

    "N-Nevermind. Anyway should we start the meeting? Evening already arrived."

    "At least she is considerated."

    "...Mooore or less."

    They entered a large hall with a round table on the center where Evening was sleeping on it next to a bottle of wine while a Rogue was next to the table with a party popper.

    "What in the?! What's going on here?!"

    "She has been drinking ever since you two came back from the Secret Springs."

    The rogue then pulled the popper and after a loud sound, Evening woke up. "W-W-What? A-Are we still doing this?"

    "Miss Evening. I understand that you rogue vampires aren't really tactical experts, but could you show a little posture now and then?"

    "Hehehe...Aren't you so adorable?" Evening removes Shiiha's mask and starts to pinch her cheeks. "Look how fluffy you are. Hehehehe.."

    "Hehehehe. It tickles." Said Shiiha.

    "Do not ignore me, woman!" Shouted Ninetails.

    "Heh...Hehehehe! You are so adorable when you angry, Ninetails. Hehehehe!"

    "Sorry. She is always like this during a hungover." Said the rogue. "She'll be fine in 5 minutes or so."

    "Hiccup...Yo, Niney...I remember you having such a smooth skin...Can I like...rub on it?"


    Five or so minutes later.

    "So basically, you can't pass through them even with the Rogues and Strikers and whatnot." Said Evening who was now sober and reading the scroll Shiiha had.

    "She...really recovered fast." Thought Shiiha.

    "Are those Samurai really that tough?"

    "Don't understimate them. They alone have been fighting me over and over for centuries."

    "So just like my father...This is bothersome. Hey, you!" Evening called the rogue.

    "Yes, ma'am?!"

    "Contact Raven for me, please."

    "Sure, but...for what for?"

    "Ask him if Nightmare is available."

    At Asuka's house, she had welcomed Sanzuke and the others inside.

    "We sure have a lot to catch on, but I want you to be brief, Sanzuke." Said Asuka. "I have to meet with General Walther in an hour and I am in no mood for that shit."

    "How did you even became general in the first place?" Said Sanzuke. "Anyway, these people here are help I found it."

    "You found quite a lot, actually. And speaking of which..." She guides them to another room that had Drake sleeping on the floor, appearing to be drunk. "I have to take him with me somehow."

    "Heehehehe...Doesn't this deadbeat kinda looks like our boss?" Said Coela.

    "It is our boss." Said Shadewing.

    "Oh? Oh! Oh dear..."

    "The favourite part of my work." Aladdin picked a gong out of nowhere and started to hit with a mallet. "Wake up, you shitty pirate!"

    "Wha-wha-wha! Are we still doing this?" Drake woke up. "Oh! It's you guys. So how was in Wildlands?"

    "Johnny got the Key."

    "Well, that's good...Did you got taller, Johnny? You look...different somehow."

    "Huh? Johnny looks the same good old Johnnathan." Said Coela. "Are you still drunk?"

    "Yeah, I must be imagining things."

    "So can someone fill us up on the situation?" Said Johnnathan. "We are more or less lost here."

    "Let me handle it for you." Asuka picked one of Drake's wine bottles and drank it all. "As you know, we have been in war with the Kitsune for a while. We were doing okay, until Raven decided to lend a couple of rogues. We managed to stand on our feet for a while thanks to Drakland and Blitzreign, but...It isn't enough, apparently."


    "Then one fateful day, Walther encountered Drake and we made a deal. Anything to foil Raven's goals is worthy the shot for them."

    "How did this happened anyway?"

    "On a Yakisoba shop." Said Aladdin. "It was like...10 minutes after we arrived."

    "Yeah, that sounds about, right. So...Are we fighting alongside the good guys here or something? Because it's kind of weird."

    "Well, that's half-right." Said Drake. "Because your group have a rather more sophisticated job."

    "I hate when you use the word sophisticated."

    "Hey don't take precipiteted thoughts. You see, me and my crew will aid Walther and the others. You on the other hand will take your people and...Who the hell is that again?"

    "I am Akechi Sanzuke. A Youko who is alongside your brother."

    "Oh. Okay, then. Anyway, while we are on the front lines, I want you guys to infiltrate Tsukuyomi and take the key."

    "...Why do I feel like I am always taking the hard parts."

    "Hard parts? I'll be on a battlefield, man. Most Kitsunes and Rogues are there."

    "I'm sorry, but you know that Ninetails will be mostly likely in Tsukuyomi. Would you rather face a thousand rogue vampire OR one Raven?"

    "Urgh! You are sounding like there are more than one Raven in the world."

    "That's exactly my point. Ninetails is a Dark Lord just like him. Can we at least give the Picking the Key part of the plan to you for once?"

    "It seems the time you spent away has been too much good for your development." Said Aladdin. "Captain or not, Drake is still your superior. And ever since you followed his orders like his hunting hound. So how about you shut up and agree with him against your will like you used to, you brat."

    "Woah. Easy there, Aladdin." Said Nikolai. "I am the one who supossed to talk like a douche to the people."

    "I didn't asked for your opinion, you soon-to-be shoe."

    "Okay, slow down." Said Drake. "I think you should let me handle this. I mean, it's about family so..."

    "It isn't about family. It's about putting your subordinates in their places. If you can't do it..." Aladdin starts to get surrounded by a dark fog. "Then I will."

    Soon the air inside the house started to feel cold and heavy.

    "Eeep! Aladdin got mad!" Said Coela who felt a weight above her.

    "I can feel the killing intent just from his very presence." Said Shadewing.

    "I really hate magic." Said Nikolai.

    "...Give me a break. I've been through this already." Said Johnnathan. "I am not a kid, anymore. You can't just force me by intimidation anymore."

    "Than should I force you with actions?" Aladdin started to create a dark mass around his arm that looked like a snake.

    "Johnny...Let do what he says." Said Florencia.

    "Oh? Why?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Our group is more suited for this infiltration. And that may be bold, but...I guess if you and Sanzuke join forces...It would be quite the strenght we might need."

    "Yeah, you are saying it bold." Said Edward. "I mean, those two are strong, but facing a Dark Lord with only two is kind of a risky move."

    "Our goal is not Ninetails, but the Key. If we can manage to survive for a certain timespan then I say it's worthy a shot."

    "Well that certainly sounds like suicide...I like it."

    "So you will do?" Asked Aladdin.

    "If my first-mate says so then she has my trust."

    "...Whatever. As long as it benefit us."

    "I don't really get what happened, but how is one Key is supossed to fix everything?" Asked Asuka.

    "Well, it won't, but considering it's pretty much the sole reason why Raven is sending aid to her then it'll go back to the old days of balance you folks are used to."

    "...Meh. I can go with that."

    "It does feels like we wouldn't be getting anywhere in the end." Said Vanilla.

    "But you do have some sort of plan or you were just bluffing?" Asked Aladdin.

    "Do you really think I would bluff because I am scared of you?" Replied Florencia. "Remember that in the end, it's you who should fear the light."

    "Oooooooooh! She got you there, Al." Drake started to annoy Aladdin.

    "That went to you as well, you moron." Said Aladdin.

    "I take it's near impossible to pass the Kitsunes in our way to Tsukuyomi by land, correct?" Said Florencia.

    "It appears so. After the last push, it's best to just push upfront. They are just as good in finding us as in hiding from us." Said Asuka.

    "Then that settles it. Now Sanzuke...Wataru isn't going anywhere, right?"

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    Chapter 41: Storm.


    It was a calm day, with the sky filled with gray clouds. Only the winds could be heard at those plains.

    Drake was in the middle of the fields, resting his elbow on his sword impaled on the ground, gazing at the horizon.

    "So those are Susanoo Fields. I can smell the death and blood from last week battle from here."

    "You must be the infamous Black Demon." Drake is approached by a young man wearing a white and red kimono spotting a long hair and a piece of sash covering his left face. "I was eager to meet you for some time."

    "Most people who wants to meet me don't have good intentions towards me."

    "Don't get the wrong idea. It's not everyday you get to fight alongside a Hybrid with a known name."

    "That's a first to me, too. Is it the right decision for the Shogun to fight on the frontlines, Taiyo Soma?"

    "The soldiers needs all the morale they can get. I can give them enough support just being nearby."

    "Riiight. Anyway, don't get too used to it. I am here by my own self-interests. But I am curious on one thing. Why do those Kitsunes seems to harbor too much hate?"

    "It has been like that since forever."

    "No. I want to know what you guys did recently."

    "I don't follow it."

    "I can feel a storm coming."

    "A storm?"

    "A storm of murderous impulses. Intentions like this aren't born from ancient traditions. The people of this country...The Human people might had done something."

    "...You know about General Akechi, right?"

    "The one who died 10 years ago?"

    "You see...There was a brief time where Humans and Kitsunes were on peaceful terms. General Akechi had a good relationship with the Kitsunes. Even the Dark Lord, Ninetails gave her support."

    "That was the Golden Spring era, right?"

    "I see you are well-informed. But it didn't lasted long. Without rhyme or reason...Akechi lost his life to them."


    "And we are here right now. In this situation."

    "So they kill the one who was trying to help them and on the next day they starts to hate you more?"

    "I don't know what Akechi did to them, but it certainly lifted the sparks of war once again. I just wished to know what it was."

    "Hmmm...Curious." Drake them fixes his gaze once more. "...Tell Walther and Asuka to put his men to march right now."

    "...I suposse it's a good time...And what about the other one? Hadol, I think his name was."

    "Who? Oh! Riiight. Hildr's errand boy. It's good AND bad thing she can't be here. Well, tell him to do the same."

    "Very well. I hope we can live another day. There is many things I wanna learn from you."

    Soma went away to the camp while Drake got into deep thoughts.

    "...10 years...That happened right after Raven went rogue. That's one hell of a coincidece if I ever saw one." Drake picked up his sword and marched on. "Well, no point in thinking it too much. Let's just play whatever game fate us to me right now."

    Meanwhile in the skies, Wataru was passing through the clouds with Johnnathan and the others on his back.

    "Eeeeeew....Eeeeeeeew!" Edward was all green from all the motion sickness. "Why couldn't you guys let me go with Drake?"

    "I am your captain and you do what I want." Said Johnnathan. "You bitch."

    "Well, now it's a good time to address the previous issue." Said Florencia. "Why is Aladdin being such a jerk?"

    "Look, after 10 years being overseen by that guy, you are able to tolerate his douchebagery."

    "Are you sure about that?" Asked Vanilla. "Not gonna lie, he did seemed he was about to explode the whole city back there."

    "Like he would do that in front of the General." Said Sanzuke. "That woman is far superior to most Youkos by the way."

    "Oh? So she is that one you talked about it." Said Johnnathan. "Anyway, Aladdin is just being too paranoic. He fears I might stab them in the back one of those days."

    "Absurd. Why would you betray your own brother?" Asked Florencia.

    "Raven killed his father, didn't he?"

    "Don't compare yourself to that scoundrel."

    "Guys...I don't feel so good." Said Edward.

    "Go turn into ashes, then." Said West. "Hey...Isn't that cloud over there a bit weird?"

    "They are all weird from up here." Said Johnnathan.

    "No. I mean, I think it moved."

    "Clouds always moves now that I think about it. Do you think something will just come out of nowhere and...Bloody hell..."

    Several Striker boats appeared right in front of them.

    "Woah, dude. What's going on?!" Shouted Edward. "Weren't we supossed to be incognito?"

    "Yeah, something feels off here." Said Johnnathan. "So, is your dragon vulnerable to cannonballs?"

    "No. But we are." Said Sanzuke. "However..."

    Wataru opened his mouth and fired a blue lightning bolt that obliterated the whole fleet in front of them.

    "Wow! Such power!" Vanilla was impressed.

    "Well, I guess we were concerned by nothing after all." Said West.

    "Uuuuh..guys. Did we got all of them?" Asked West.

    "Yeah, that seemed likely." Said Johnnathan.

    "Then what are those ships surrounding us from both sides?"

    Two fleets of ships larger than strikers appears from both sides of Wataru.

    "Oh bloody hell. Ravagers." Said Johnnathan.

    "Ravagers?" Asked Edward.

    "Slower than Strikers, but packing more firepower."

    "Interesting situation you got in." A voice was heard from behind. They turn back and saw no other than Evening swinging her chain. "Never thought you would be above a Heavenly Dragon of all things."

    "Oh dear..." Said Florencia.

    "I-It's her." Vanilla felt an ache on her neck.

    "...Who the hell is this vulgar woman?" Asked Sanzuke, who later got punched by Johnnathan who quickly snapped after his comment. "Ouch."

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    Chapter 42: Above Izumo.


    30 minutes before the current events at Tsukuyomi, Evening was alongside Shiiha at the top of a wall surrounding the city. She was looking ahead with while her chain was attached to her palm, doing slow movements.

    Suddenly the chain started to shake and pointing diagonally foward.

    "Huh? They arrived?!" Asked Shiiha.

    "No. They are still far away, but...Something else is approaching." Evening looked to where her chain pointed. "...I'll need the whole fleet, but don't worry. A huge help is coming."

    30 minutes later, Johnnathan punches Sanzuke.

    "Ouch." Said Sanzuke.

    "Watch your bloody tongue." Said Johnnathan.

    "Uuuh...Am I interrupting something?" Asked Evening.

    "No. Not at all." Said Johnnathan. "So, fancy seeing you here...On the top of this dragon that me and my crew were riding....Yup, it's weird."

    "Cut the chit-chat. There is one thing I want to know."


    "...Did you kill my brother?"

    "Oh snap, she went straight there." Whispered Edward. "Okay, Johnny. Just try to put the blame on someone-"

    "Yes, I did." Said Johnnathan.

    "Oh come ooon."

    "But I had a preeety good reason to do it. You see...He kinda wanted to eat me."

    "Yeah, I figured out it was something like that." Replied Evening.

    "Does that means you don't want to murder me?"

    "...Think again. Die!" She shoots from her palm at Johnnathan who quickly catched it with his sword.

    "Okay! Okay! Look, I get it. You are mad, but please understand that it was either me or him! And I kinda like me."

    "You are only making things worse!" She shoots three chains from her other hand at Johnnathan, but West catches it with his arm transformed.

    "Say cap'n, is it reaaally the best time to discuss with a woman?"

    "Hmpf. Werewolves." Evening dispeled her chains and jumped at one of the ravagers. "I prefer not dirty my hands with their blood, so I'll do what the law of least effort says. Fire!"

    The Ravagers shot their mortars at them.

    "Wataru can take those, right?" Asked Edward.

    "Yes, but we are toast...Except for maybe me, Johnnathan and West because the rest of you are kind of frail."

    "I will let that one slide because you see...We are all about to die, someone please do something!"

    ".....Sigh. Wataru, a little help here." Sanzuke went to the tail and Wataru tossed him skyward straight to the mortars. "True Strike: Azure Dragon!"

    Sanzuke cut all of the mortars that were falling it and they all exploded midair on a large blue fireball.

    "Now Wataru!"

    Wataru started to fly upwards and tackles the Ravagers, easily crushing them.

    "Well, that's my leave." Before Wataru could destroy the ravager Evening was, she jumped out of the ship and turned into mist. "This isn't over!"

    Sanzuke then returns to Wataru.

    "Woah, man! That was amazing!" Said Edward.

    "Yeah, but never make me do this again. I am not a fan of being sent skyhigh like this." Said Sanzuke.

    "You are afraid of heights, too?"

    "No. I'm afraid of falling hundred feets in the air."

    "That's the same thing, you know." Said West.

    "So by the way, will someone fill me in or something? I feel like that rogue was more than just a rogue." Said Sanzuke

    "Oh? Well, you see, she is one of Raven's sisters" Said Johnnathan. "We kinda crossed before and-"

    "Johnnathan has a crush on her." Said Florencia.

    "W-What?! Florencia, don't go saying those things out of the blue!"

    "Please, better taking out those things out of your chest as quickly as possible."

    "So that's why you punched me." Said Sanzuke. "I guess I would do the same if it was Asuka."

    "Wait a minute." Said Edward. "You and Asuke are-"

    "Yep. We are."

    "Oh my gosh! That's so adorable!" Said Vanilla.

    "It is?" Later on, Sanzuke spots a mountain covered hidden behind a fog. "...Let's make a stop."

    Wataru flied to the mountain where it landed next to a forest located on it.

    "See you later, old friend." Sanzuke waved to Wataru and he went to hide in the clouds.

    "...Any good reason you decided to drop us in the middle of nowhere?" Said Johnnathan.

    "I was thinking stopping here despite what happened. Follow me." Sanzuke take them to the woods where there was a big wooden cabin.

    "A cabin? All the way up here?"

    "It's my house."

    "You used to live all the way up here? What are you, a hermit?"

    "More or less, yes."

    "Didn't you also used to live on the mountains?" Asked Florencia.

    "Mians is like below sea level compared to this place."

    They enter the house and inside there is a fireplace and several crates containing supplies. "Sorry about the state. I don't usually receiving guests." Said Sanzuke.

    "Well, outside of the lack of any sort of activity, it seems pretty darn big for a storage house." Said Edward.

    "I used to live with my mother here. She would always return to Tsukuyomi at day and come back at night."

    "Well, now that almost rings a bell." Said Johnnathan.

    "Now considering we kinda lost the element of surprise, it would be unwise to attack them now."

    "Are you sure? We can always try to strike them upfront." Said West.

    "We are dealing with a Dark Lord here, West. That would be suicide." Said Florencia.

    "Right now, they must be looking out for any dragon that might appear in the air. It's better if we give time and see if their watch declines even for a little bit." Said Sanzuke.

    "I've been meaning to ask, but did you had any sort of plan to reach the Spirit Key?"

    "I was thinking of taking advantage of the battle in Susanoo Fields, but wasn't considering using Wataru. You see, he doesn't like very much to take others other than me on his back. I was surprised he actually agreed to it in the first place."

    "Teehee. You may not know, but some Dragons can't say no to a Fairy. Specially a woman."

    "Really? Why is that?"

    "Fairyland used to be a nest of Dragons before they left to Draco Valley. But even today we do have that sort of touch."

    "Interesting, but Wataru is kind of a selfish scoundrel himself."

    "Perhaps he knows we are important allies to you."

    "I guess so...I'll prepare the place for you folks to sleep. It'll take a few minutes."

    "Hold on a minute. Isn't you mother arriving at night or something?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Don't worry about it. She isn't coming back anymore."

    "Oh?....Oh! Ooooooooh. Sorry about that, pal."


    "I do feel you. Honestly. I know how it is."

    "Yeah. There is no need to hold back." Said West.

    "You have all my support. Trust me!" Said Vanilla.

    "Actually, I do envy the moments you once shared with her." Said Florencia.

    "...I wish I could say something." Said Edward.

    "....Huuuuuuuh?" Sanzuke twist his head in confusion.

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    Chapter 43: Rain and Forest.

    It was a forest covered in rain. Nothing could be heard instead of the sound of the rain drops hitting the leaves. In the middle of the forest, a squad of Kitsunes all wearing masks were standing by in watch.

    "Any signs of them?" Said one of the kitsunes.


    "We managed to get this far, and yet it feels so out of reach."

    "Though it wasn't by our own hands we managed it."

    "Speaking of which, does any of you trust those Rogues?"

    "I do not. But I can't deny they are useful."

    "Are you sure we should say this out of loud? They are nearby."

    "We put a illusion barrier that null sound, so don't worry about it."

    "I still do not like this. Unlike the Old Vampires, these ones don't have any sort of conviction and are unpredictable. They are a load of loose cannons."

    "Yeah, tell me about it." Said Drake who was casually standing next to them. "It's like you can't get close to them for a toast without being toasted."

    "Hah! That's a good one and what the-"

    Before they could react Drake swung his sword in full circle that sent all of them away. They quickly stood back and each of them picked an one-handed blade.

    "These Kitsunes are tougher than they look."

    "Who are you and how did you sneaked on us so easily?!"

    "Sneaked? Come on, I am not like that. Maybe it's you guys who just sucks at being incognito."

    "You cheeky little-"

    two of them leaps toward Drake with their bodies on fire and attacks with their blades, but he easily blocks it with his sword.

    "Alright then. Let's dance!" Drake pushes them back and charges his sword with Darkness.

    The Kitsunes jumped from tree to tree like flying blue fireballs.

    "...Are they even trying to hide themselves? They are too bright." The Kitsunes attacked from all sides, and Drake managed parry all of the attacks.

    "He saw all of us coming? What is he?"

    "Black Spiral!" Drake gives a full spin with his sword and unleashes a black ring-shaped wave that cut the nearby trees and pushes the Kitsunes away.

    "What destructive power. What did he just do?"

    "That guy...He is a Hybrid. A mix between a human and a vampire."

    "His right eye...It's red. So he is one."

    "So what is I am?" Said Drake.

    "What reason do you have to oppose us?"

    "Me? It just you guys have something I want, so I decided to hang out with the people at Amaterasu. No personal or anything, but...Well, I guess it is personal, but it's not like I could knock the door at Ninetail's house and ask for something like if it was a cup of sugar."

    "Whatever it is, we'll never hand anything to you, dirty thief!" The Kitsunes charged a fireball into their palms and threw at Drake. He managed to whistand the attack by blocking it, but the Kitsunes seemed to have vanished.

    "Oh? Where did they go?" Drake spots a tree right next to him. "...Was this tree always here."

    From inside the tree, a Kitsune appeared as if he was passing through it and it was ready to attack Drake, but a large black snake attacked the kitsune by bitting him and tossing him away.

    "An Illusion. Honestly I was expecting better...Oh wait. I wasn't." Aladdin had appeared.

    "Another one? How did Amatarasu got hands on those sorts?!"

    "You should expect something like this to happen considering you all are borrowing strenght from rogue vampires."

    "In their defense, we are pretty rare to find, aren't we?" Said Drake.

    "Hmpf. Expecting the unexpected is a iron rule in life." Aladdin swings his staff and hits a leave falling and it was revealed to be a Kitsune in disguise that he smacked down. "Your illusions may fool a simpleton like him, but don't even bother it with me here."

    Aladdin summoned a twister of black sand on his palm and created a sandstorm.

    "What's going on here?" Said a kitsune.

    Suddenly the sand became a nest of snakes and wrapped through the kitsunes bodies.

    "Snakes? Snaaaaaakes?! Aaaaaaaah!" The kitsunes were in panic trying to get rid of them, but in reality there were no snakes and it was a hallucination. Drake and Aladding simply watched.

    "I didn't knew you could do that." Said Drake.

    "I don't like to cheat, but since we are in a warzone, I'll make an exception for once." Said Aladdin.

    "...We have company."

    Several rogues appeared from above the trees, all leaping towards Drake and Aladdin, but before they could strike, several feathers pierced their necks.


    After that, a figure came like a jet stream and took all of them by slashing their torsos.

    "Excuse me for getting in the way." Said Shadewing who arrived and was the one who defeated the rogues. "I know they proved no threat, but I can't help but giving all the support."

    "That's alright. At this point they are all small fries." Said Aladdin.

    The Kitsunes then recovered from the illusions. "Uuuurgh...What was that? And what is that?"

    "One of the Rulers of the Skies. There is even one of them."

    "I expect you to not have any wrong ideas." Said Shadewing. "I do understand that all you want is to protect your home and families, but because of our personal agenda, I'm afraid we have to clash against each other."

    "Gosh, since when you were this super polite?" Said Drake.

    "It's a pity we couldn't do this peacefully." Shadewing formed a vortex of strong winds between his talons. "Sky's Roar."

    Shadewing launched the small vortex at the kitsunes and created an air explosion that sent them flying.

    "Well things are going smoothly for now." Said Drake.

    "How many were we facing again?" Said Aladdin.

    "I don't know. About Fifteen...Ish."

    "Well, how about fifty times that."

    A whole army of kitsunes appears looking at them from the trees.

    "...How far are we from the main army again?" Asked Drake.

    "Alright everyone! Surround them from every corner and-" The rain then started to fall stronger then before and a tidal wave appeared, pushing all of them away from the trees. "Argh! Where did that came from?!"

    "Here is a little tip." Said Coela who jumped from the water. "Never face a Mermaid underwater."

    "...We are on land." Said Drake.

    "It's raining."

    "It's one exotic character after the other. Where are the rogues anyway?" Said a kitsune.

    Meanwhile in another area, Rogues were scouting, looking for someone. "Where is it? Where is it? I saw it somewhere!"

    Some stones started to move and turned into a turrets with metal legs. "What the?"

    The turrets started to shoot at the rogues panicking them.

    "Ah come on! It's just a bunch of little guns-"

    One steped on a landmine and got blasted away.

    "Oh shit. Okay everyone stand still and walk carefully. There may be more of those around and-

    A sparkly cylinder appeared in the middle of them and eletrocuted them. "Awawawawawawa!"

    "Haaahahahaha!" Nikolai was watching them getting decimated while eating a bag of popcorn on top of a tree. "Rogues are tougher than Old Vampires, but boy are they funnier."

    "I'm sure Nikolai is having a good time." Said Drake.

    "Don't falter because of a few water drops. Stand firm and-"

    Asuka appeared from behind and launched a kitsune away with a swing of a large spiked club. "Yo."

    "It's the Oni of Amaterasu!"

    "Nice of you guys to leave some to me."

    "Yeah, we are still out numbered."

    "Not for so long." Asuka strikes the land with her mace and an army of samurai appear on horseback armed with spears. "Cavalary is here."

    A full-scale war then happened in the forest. With the pressure of the recently arrived army, the kitsunes seemed to be pushed back.

    "Well now this is so one-sided now." Said Coela.

    "Huh. We didn't even had to bring Blitzreign and Drakland. I guess we just need to drop our guard, relax and watch without any worry in the world....Yep. No worry at all....Hold on a minute."

    Something small flew at their direction. Drake catched it and seemed to be Nikolai who took a big hit in the face.

    "Nik? Since when you could fly?" Asked Drake.

    "Actually I am working on that, but...Oh well...You know sooner or later..."

    The ground then started to shake. As if something big started to walk towards them. Both kitsune and samurai stopped in reaction of the tremors.

    "What is going on?" Said Asuka.

    "...I feel something nasty is coming." Said Drake.

    Then a tree was launched that took down one samurai. It was then that from the woods, Nightmare appeared alongside other Rogues.

    "What...is that?" Asked Asuka.

    "....Nightmare." Replied Drake.

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    Chapter 44: Three-on-One.


    Nightmare was standing still in front of both armies with rogues behind him. The kitsunes were frozen next to him.

    "That's one of them, right? A Rogue?" Said a kitsune.

    "Seems likely. I know it's on our side, but even so...I can't shake the feeling that he may not distinguish friend to foe."

    "Who is that? Another enemy?" Said a samurai.

    "He is a rogue, alright. So we must face him. Attack!" The samurai charge against Nightmare, but when they got close, Nightmare picked dug his fists into the ground and picked up a whole chunk of ground and hit the samurai with it that sent them flying away alongside the horses outside of the forest.

    "Such strenght. That's no normal rogue, right?" Said Asuka who standed carefully.

    "Yep. He is one of the Seven Royals. And one of the tougher one." Said Aladdin.

    "Gaahahahaha! That's right! You aren't facing your avarage Rogue Vampire anymore!" Said one of the rogues.

    "Indeed! There is nothing Lord Nightmare cannot break! Even Admiral Raven himself can't best him in sheer strenght!"

    Then while still perfectly standing, Nightmare punches the rogue who was praising him on the right.

    "Even if our enemy is a walking mountain, we shall not surrender!" Said Asuka. "Ignore the ememy commander! Concentrate on the infantry!"

    "I don't think they are organized like most armies." Said Drake.

    "You get what I said. Charge!"

    The samurai then charged against the rogue grunts.

    "Hahaha! Fooools! As if we would just drop our guard just because of Nightmare!" Several more rogues appeared surrounding them. But shortly after, several Thunderlions leaped at them and delivered electric bites.

    "What?! Thunderlions?!"

    "Why so surprised?" A rogue was attacked by surprised by Walther who stabed him from behind with his sword. "Blitzreign is here, isn't it? Of course they would bring their oversized cats."

    "General Walther!" Shepherd saves Walther from a sneak attack by slicing a rogue with a pair of long daggers. "You let your guard down again!"

    Walther pointed his gun at Shepherd and shot, hitting a rogue who was approaching her. "Same to you."

    "The two top guns from Drakland appears alongside the guardian animals from Blitzreign." Said Drake."What's the deal with that."

    "Hadol couldn't come, so we left him alongside our soldiers with Soma." Said Shepherd.

    "Hildr will certainly scold him if she knows about it." Said Walther.

    "Nyeeee! So what if the two of them came with those big cats." Said a rogue. "What good a mere human can do?!"

    A group of rogues went to gang on Walther, but he take each one of them with one slash. "Eeh?"

    "So what if I'm human?" Said Walther. "Years ago there was one human that could give a chill in the spines of even the meanest vampires?"

    "Huh? Are you talking about the Red Demon? Bah! He was just another offering for Raven. Don't go talk he was such a big deal-"

    The rogue is cut in half by a crescent black wave that passed through the ground.

    "Whooops! I sliped my arm." Said Drake.

    "Something tells me that wasn't an accident." Said Coela.

    Nightmare landed next to then holding a whole tree. He swung the tree at them, but Asuka appeared at the nick of time and shattered the tree with her backfist. Nightmare tossed the shattered tree away.

    "That would've hurt." Said Walther.

    "Believe me, it did." Said Asuka. "You all go help the others. I'll take care of him."

    "That's a bad idea. Believe me, I know one when I see it." Said Drake.

    "Someone gotta keep this guy busy while we deal with the horde of kitsunes and rogues behind us! And the more of us back there, the better!"

    "Well, far from me to let a lady to face danger by herself. Let me do it. After all, I am the dark magic battery this guy fears."

    "You would be too reckless. All we need is to keep him out of reach for one hour." Said Walther. "I am good enough to survive that long."

    "Pfft! That's not something to praise about it."

    "......." Nightmare was standing still watching them argue.

    "I just saying that for once it would be for the better to keep you of all people alive!" Said Walther.

    "You guys are in MY turf right now, so I have more authority here!" Said Asuka.

    "Meh. As if pirates care for any authority over their own." Said Drake.

    "Are all kinds of half-breeds stubborn like you two?" Said Walther.

    "Hey! Watch your tongue! You are being worse than Raven!"

    "......." Nightmare gets tired of waiting and attacks them by smashing his arms into them, but they manage to jump away from the impact.

    "Urgh! Okay fiiiiine. You two can help." Said Asuka. "But leave your lieutenauts out of this!"

    "...You heard her, Shepherd." Said Walther.

    "Yes, sir! Please be careful." Replied Shepherd.

    "....Aladdin, are you a lieutenaut?" Asked Drake.

    "I prefer being called Second Captain." Said Aladdin.

    "Whatever. You are in charge."

    While Drake was distracted, Nightmare plucked two chunks of rock from the ground and easily tosses it at them. Drake and Asuka manages to shatter, but Nightmare takes advantage and goes to attack Asuka with a punch. Walther jumps over his shoulder and delivers a cut that released a explosion that stopped him for a bit.

    Asuka charged her club on fire and striked Nightmare's head followed by Drake who sent a Black Wave at him. Nightmare was pushed back, but lands on his feet.

    "Are you seriously? I gave enough force to break a wall and he is still whole?" Said Asuka.

    "Even with Darkanium, I couldn't do more than slow him down." Said Walther.

    "Well, we don't actually need to kill him. Just survive for an hour." Said Drake.

    "Easier said than done."

    Nightmare charged his fists with a dark red energy and strikes the ground making a shockwave that send the three of them far away from the battle.

    "Oh bloody hell!"

    "Guys! Drake is in trouble!" Said Coela who was giving her best to take down some rogues.

    "He can take care of his own fire!" Said Nikolai.

    "For once you say something we both can agree on." Said Aladdin.

    Nightmare attacks Drake with his backfist that crashes him into a tree. "Ow! My spleen!"

    Next, Nightmare dug his hands on the ground and launched a rock wall at Drake. Walther appeared and cut the wall in two.

    "...Okay, just letting you know, I could had done the same thing."

    "Just let me have this for once." Said Walther.

    Nightmare started to attack Walther, but he dodges a punch and slashes his leg with no visible damage.

    "Weird. I can swear I felt passing through."

    Nightmare kept attacking Walther by swinging his arms at him. Walther jumped above him and cut his right shoulder. He inspects his blade and saw a drop of blood on it. "I see."

    Nightmare tries to stomp on Walther, but Walther steps away at the side and delivers several slashes at his torso. Nightmare tries to push him away, but Walther manages to retreat.

    Walther checks his sword and see more blood and spots a few scratches on Nightmare's torso. "I guess even you has limits, huh?"

    Nightmare steps on the ground and tilts his leg backward. He leaps straight at Walther to deliver a punch.

    "Here he comes." Walther standed in defense waiting for a punch, but Nightmare delivers a feint and instead spins to the right and delivers a spinning kick. "What the?!"

    The kick connects and Walther is sent away, crashing into a tree.

    "Is it me or he changed his strategy a little bit?" As Walther was taking time to recover, Nightmare teleported right next to him to deliver a horizontal chop. Walther ducks in time and Nightmare chop a whole tree in half.

    "I got you!" Walther delivers a upward slash, but Nightmare blocks with his wrist and spins and delivers a blow with his elbow. Walther is launched away, bouncing in the ground several times.

    "Urgh...I think...I dislocated my shoulder...Huff...Huff..." Walther struggled to breath. "I thought he was only a big rogue that could do nothing but break everything he touches, but...He actually knows how to fight."

    Nightmare landed a few meters in front of him and started to slowly walk on his direction.

    "Shoot!" Walther picked up his pistol and started to shoot while crawling to behind, but the bullets didn't slowed him down. Nightmare leaped straight at Walther to crush him with his fist, but Asuka appears, spinning her burning mace and sends Nightmare away.

    "You alright, general?" Said Asuka.

    "I want to say yes, but that would be a lie."

    Nightmare returned and tried to kick Asuka. She defends with her arm, but is sent away nonetheless. "Urgh!"

    He tries to attack her again, but Drake gets between them.

    "Black Sword Dance!" Drake delivered quick heavy slashes at Nightmare that made him defend himself with his arms. "I am not letting you rampage around for today!"

    Nightmare break his attack and grabs Drake. "Ugh! Okay, maybe I wouldn't."

    But from behind, an long arrow, big as a spear pierces his torso right in Nightmare's heart that made him release Drake.

    "Right on time!" Asuka charged her fist with a high quantity of foxfire. "Burning Justice!"

    She delivers a punch that blasted fire through Nightmare's whole body sending him flying away.

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    Special Chapter: Tricks and Treats.


    "Siiiiigh." Vanilla was looking very depressed on the deck, looking at the sea while giving many sighs.

    "Vanilla?" Edward appeared looking at Vanilla with low mood. "Hey, Vanilla. Why the long face?"

    "Oh. Hi, Eddie. I am just...feeling myself a disgrace."

    "Wow! That's out of nowhere...It doesn't involves anyone, right? A man to be exactly?"

    "It's not like that. It's just I remembered something veeeeeery upsetting today."

    "What is it?"

    "You know of the Treaty Tricky Potion, right?"

    "Ah! That potion that always gives a random taste. What about it?"

    "You see, I was wished I could make one."

    "Is that the reason why you felt like a abandoned puppy?"

    "You wouldn't understand. Once there was a sale of those back in Gel, but I suddenly missed it all because I was to busy studying for a test I would take in 2 years. I felt so excluded back there."

    "Yeah, I guess I understand being an outcast."

    "I always wanted to feel how is to drink something that can taste totally different each time like everyone in my school had. If only I had the ingredients..."

    "And what are those?"

    "A Fairy's Tear, A Werewolf's Fang, A Mermaid's Scale and a drop of Hybrid's blood. But all of those are very rare ingredients."

    "...Vanilla. Don't we all have like those said species on this ship?"

    "Oh?...Oh! You right! How could I be so....That's it! I'm doing it, right now!"

    "Do you need help? Sounds interesting."

    "Well, sure. I mean...I am too shy to ask those just for a potion."

    Later, they went to find Florencia.

    "...You want me to cry?"

    "Y-Yeah. You see, me and Edward made a bet about if fairies can cry or not."

    "Well, jokes on whonever betted on not, because we can."

    "Oh! Hehehe...I guess we could just ask, but can we still..see? You know, for research!"

    "Yeah! Research! Go Study!" Said Edward.

    "How about telling me a joke?" Said Florencia.

    "Oh? Okay then...What happens when you fill a theater with Hybrids?"

    "Is the answer somehow racist?"

    "...Kind of."

    "Sigh. Procced."

    "You get a MIXED reception."

    "....Heh...Hehehehe...Hahahahahaha!" Florencia laughed and cried. "G-Good one!"

    While she wasn't looking, Vanilla collected a tear. "Yes! Now to the next ingredient!"

    Edward found West shearing the snow sheeps. "...What are you doing?"

    "Turns out you can make refreshing pillows with those. What do you want?"

    "Yeah, you see...Do you really need four fangs?"

    "No, but I like having it."

    "I see, but wouldn't you look tougher if you had one missing? You know, like an eyepatch or a peg leg."

    "...You want one of my fangs?"


    "Are you trying to impress someone? A girl, in particular."

    "Yes! I mean No! I mean....Maybe?"


    West picked a fang he was keeping on his pocket.

    "What the? Why do you have that?"

    "I kinda already lost one fang already. Walnuts are harder then you think."

    "Yeah, tell me about it."

    Later they find Coela, sleeping on a lifeboat without her fish tail.

    "...How do we pick a scale now?" Said Edward.

    "Hold on." Vanilla created a coat of water on her legs and they transformed. Vanilla picked up a scale.

    "Alright! Did you took the blood, Edward?"

    "Yup!" Edward showed a vial with a drop of blood on it. "I thought I would get busted by stealing while he was sleeping, but it worked out."

    "Great! Now I'll work on the brew."

    Later at the kitchen, Vanilla had made two orange coloured potions.

    "Wow. You made two with only those ingredients?"

    "You mix all of those with Pumpkin Juice. And I think you deserves it anyway."

    "Okay then." Edward drank his potion at same time as Vanilla. "...Woah! It tasted like...Churro!"

    "And mine tasted like chocolate cake."

    "Huh...Weird. The taste is changing..."

    "What? I never heard of that."

    "It's tasting like...Like..." Suddenly Edward's eyes glowed red and fangs appeared on his mouth.



    Edward charges at Vanilla as a vampire, but West appeared and pierced Edward's chest from behind, picking up his heart. Blood dripped on Vanilla's face while she watched in horror.


    "I may be the one who had to kill him...But it was your fault!" West dramatically pointed at her.

    "N-Nooooooooooooo!" Suddenly, Vanilla woke up in the middle of the night, wearing a green nightdress in the bed. "Oh...Just a nightmare, huh?"

    "Vanilla?" Said Edward who was knocking the door. "Can I enter? I heard you scream."

    "Edward?!" Vanilla quickly opened the door and saw Edward safe and sound.

    "Woah! Easy, it just-"

    "Edward!" She quickly hugged him.

    "W-Woah! Calm down!"

    "I-I'm sorry...I just had a nightmare..."

    "Oh. Bummer. Good thing I was passing by after going to the toilet, then. I thought a bug might have entered or something."

    "Sorry for disturbing anyway...Say, can you...sleep here?"


    "Come on. I don't want to sleep alone. There is a vacant bed and all here."

    "Well, better than sleeping outside...again."

    "So, you are in?"

    "If you are asking it."

    "Great! Thank you, Edward. I'm glad you can watch over me." Vanilla then went back to her bed.

    "You don't need to." Edward closed his eyes and opened again, revealing red glowing eyes. "The pleasure is all mine. Hahahaha..."

    Johnnathan then woke up from that nightmare. "....What the bloody hell was that?!"

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    Chapter 45: Shield.


    A few miles away from Asuka and the others, Hadol was looking at the forest with a telescope with Soma next to him holding a very long bow alongside other soldiers.

    "Huh. You actually did it, but are you sure it's safe for you to be here." Said Hadol.

    "That's why you are here, right?" Replied Soma.

    "Yikes! Don't remind me."

    Meanwhile, after sending Nightmare away, Asuka clenches and shakes her fist.

    "Phew! It was like punching a mountain."

    "I don't wanna be that guy, but I do not think that was enough." Said Walther.

    "Well, works for me. I was just getting started anyway." Said Drake.

    Out of nowhere two chains appeared and took Drake and Walther away.

    "Huh? Guys? Where did they go?" Said Asuka in confusion.

    While she was busy looking for them, Nightmare appears again by landing close to her. He picks the arrow stuck on his chest and removes it like it was nothing. "Oh...You really still up for a fight, huh?"

    Nightmare gazes to the way where the arrow came from and charges to that direction, pushing all the trees away like a bulldozer.

    "Where is he...Oh no!"

    Walther were Drake were pulled out to another location in the forest.

    "Damnit! What are those chains?!" Said Walther.

    "Chains...I think I heard something about it." Said Drake.

    "Well. Now this is surprising." Holding the two of them was Evening.

    "The Violet Princess as well?"

    "I believe this is the first we met in person isn't it, Black Demon?"

    "Wow....Like wow! This is indeed a surprise! So...Evening. Can I call you Eve, like Johnny usually calls you?"

    "Everyone usually calls me that."

    "Right. Right. So...I only know you from what Johnny tells me about it, but damn...Just daaaaamn you look much better than what comes from his mouth."

    "Oh... What sort of things he talks?"

    "Let's just say I am more interested to things to come between you two."

    "What the hell is the relationship between her and your brother?" Said Walther.

    "Mind your bussiness, Walther."

    "....Hah! You're so funny." Said Evening. "It's almost like you expect me to sleep with him or something, huh?"

    "Well....Why not?"

    "Why would I do that a man who killed my little brother?"

    "Wait...He killed her little brother?" Said it Walther, surprised. "The Red Beast killed the Dark Devourer?! That's a big deal!"

    "Shut it, Walther!"

    "And you know...Seeing closer you are kind of a good-looking man." Said Evening. "Maybe...I should "invest" more on you just to piss him off, no?"

    "Okay, first of all..."Kind off?" Lady, you wound my pride like this. And second, the Bro Code states a bro do not get in the way between his bro and his girl. And even the worst pirate go against the Bro Code."

    "I can't believe I am hearing this conversation, right now." Said Walther.

    "You talk like if he loves me." Said Evening.

    "Something tells me I can't persuade you." Said Drake.

    "You are smarter than your brother talk about it."

    "Have you ever tried to wrap your chains around a Warrior-type Hybrid?"

    "Well, you Hybrids are like the rarest kind of people so I guess it's mu first-" With a burst of Darkness coming out of his body, he shatters the chain by forcing his way out of them."Gaaah! You rascal!"

    "Here is a tip. Do not try to chain a guy for too long."

    "I hope you were being literal now." Said Walther.

    "I should had realized you would be strong." Said Evening. "I guess calling Nightmare was the best course of action."

    "We did gave him a good beating back there, you know." Said Drake.

    "You call that a good beating? I suposse you three might have pushed him that far ever since he gone Rogue, but you still have ways to go."

    "I figured that out. But what about you? Can you really take both of us?"

    "Well, if you wanna play..." She snaps her fingers and a horde of rogues appears. "I brought company."

    "...Bloody hell."

    Meanwhile, Hadol looked through the forest and saw Nightmare approaching it. "Oh shit! He is coming!"

    "I already have him." Soma shoots several arrows at Nightmare, but he manages to catch all of them. "He got them?!"

    As Nightmare reaches them, Asuka appears delivering a fire kick into his head.

    "General Asuka!" Shouted one of the soldiers.

    "You! Hildr's chore boy!" Said Asuka. "Take Shogun Soma out of here now!"

    "...You're the boss!" Hadol picks up Soma to over his shoulder and started to run.

    "Hey! Put me down!" Protested Soma.

    "Just following orders from your general, do not blame me!"

    "General, we'll help you!" Said one of the soldiers.

    "No! I don't trust that worm to protect our liege." Asuka released her coat, revealing her torso with bandages covering her bosom. "Besides you would only get in the way. Now go!"

    "Y-Yes, ma'am!"

    The soldiers followed Hadol while Asuka standed in front of Nightmare.

    "You shall not pass!" Asuka strikes her mace on the ground and an eruption of blue flames covers Nightmare, but he passes unharmed and attacks Asuka with his fist. Asuka tries to strike with a spinning swing of her mace, but when her weapon clashed with Nightmare's fist, he manages to shatter it in pieces.

    "He broke it? But it was made with Volcanic Ore. Not even the foxfire could melt it."

    Nightmare punches Asuka and she is sent flying.


    Asuka bounces in the ground and stops after hitting a tree.

    "You need to do it better!"

    She quickly gets on her feet and rushes at Nightmare with her fists covered in blue flames. Nightmare swings a punch, but she dodges to the left and delivers a punch to his gut.

    "Not done yet!" She delivers several more punches. "Burning Justice!"

    With another powerful blow, she pushes back him, but Nightmare transforms into mist and warps above her, trying to stomp on her. Asuka does a backflip and avoids being crushed.

    "And to think I trained all this time for Ninetails..."

    Nightmare delivers another punch and Asuka sent a flaming jab at it, clashing the two fists. After it, both of them delivered a fury of rapid-fire punches at each other.

    "Take that! And that! And that!"

    Little by little, she was being pushed back by Nightmare who showed more strenght in his punches.

    "N-No good...At this rate, I....No! I can't stop here!" The fire on Asuka's punches became stronger and she could stand her ground.

    "Take this! Burning Justice!" She delivers her all in one powerful punch that clashed with Nightmare's fist. The impact was so powerful that created a shockwave that sent the surrounding trees flying away and the ground to shake it.

    "Woah! An earthquake?!" Said Hadol who was running with Soma and felt the ground shake. Drake and Walther also felt the impact while fighting their foes and so did Aladdin and the others.

    Asuka tried to push Nightmare's fist, pushing back little by little. "A little more...A little mor-"

    But then Asuka's left arm started to leak blood and part of her arm bones pierces her skin from the inside. "Huh?"

    With her guard down, Nightmare sent two simultaneous punches at her that sent her flying until her body smashes into a boulder. "Gaaaaah!"

    Asuka then falls to the ground. She slowly gets up, barely standing. Her left arm was numb, purple and swollen, leaking blood from where the bones passed trough.

    "I can't move my arm...Damnit!"

    Nightmare walked slowly at her direction, shaking the ground at each step.

    "What is...this monster? To think he is just an underling of a Dark Lord..." She thought while her vision started to blur. He then finally standed close to her, overshadowing her with his presence.

    Asuka was shaking with fear and had difficulty to breath, but she clinched her teeth and stomped the ground.

    "Now listen here you big fat asshole!" She screamed it while pointing at him with her remaining arm. "You may break my body, crush my guts and drink every drip of my blood, but you will never be able to shatter my soul, you hear it!"

    She then stepped two steps foward him.

    "As long as I breath...As long I can move...I will never...Ever let you harm the Shogun, you hear! Even with only one arm, I'll stand my ground and not let you or any other dirty bloodsucking bastard to reach him or my men, you hear? Do you undertand?!"

    Asuka sent a flaming punch at Nightmare, but it had no effect.

    "Huff...Huff...My only regret will be...To leave Sanzuke behind...Huff..."

    Nightmare standed there and looked Asuka struggling to keep herself conscious. After a while he turns around and slowly walks to the opposite direction.

    "Huh?" Asuka stands there and watches he go.

    "I...I did it?"

    "G-General?!" Said Hadol who appeared alongside the soldiers from Amaterasu.

    "You? What are you doing here? Where is Soma?"

    "Ah! We ran across the Werewolf Squad. They came when they heard that tremor. We left him in their care."

    "I see...That's good...Really good."

    "General! Your arm! What happened?" Said a soldier in distress.

    "Hehehe! I don't really...know.." Asuka's eyes started to turn white and she fell to her knees.

    "General! She...passed out! She needs first-aid. Quickly, retreat!"

    Meanhwile, Drake and Walther just finished dealing with the rogues while Evening watched drinking a chalice of wine with a rogur grunt next to her holding a silver plate with a bottle on it.

    "You can go, dear." Evening put the chalice in the platter and the grunt left.

    "Well, I guess you are on your own again." Said Drake.

    "Think again." She points behind them and there was Nightmare approaching them.

    "Oh, bloody hell..."

    "It was a pain with the three of us against him, but now another Royal and the fact Asuka isn't here..." Said Walther.

    "I hope she is fine, by the way."

    "Nightmare, if you may try to not kill Drake." Said Evening. "He might be a good bait."

    "Me? A mere bait? Sorry Johnny, but your girl is such a messed-up bi-"

    "It seems you met with a horrible fate, didn't you friend?" Suddenly, the old man Drake met in Amaterasu appeared right next to him.


    "Him?" Asked Walther.

    "Who?" Asked Evening.

    "Me." Said the old man. "Sorry for appearing like that, it just I heard that you were on quite a situation and I had to stop by to see how you were holding up."

    "I-I see. Look, I don't know if you realized, but there is some dangerous people surrounding us." Said Drake.

    "Yeah, you don't need to tell me. My eyes are still good enough despite the myopia."

    "Who uses shades with myopia?" Asked Walther.

    "Now then...It has been a while, right?" The old man turned back to Nightmare. "You got bigger."

    "Huh? You know my brother?" Said Evening.

    "Oh! That's your other sister? She is very beautiful. But the other one was more my type."

    Nightmare then sent a punch at the old man, but the elder covered his finger with a dark aura and blocked the attack.

    "What?!" Evening was astonished.

    "Now then..." The old man removed his shades and revealed a red left eye. "How have you been doing...Magnus?"

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    Chapter 46: Master.


    "He stopped his attack...with a finger?!" Said Drake.

    "It's not that impressive. If you concentrate all of your dark energy into a single point, you could have a whole wall in front of you." Said the old man.

    "I see, but still quite impressive."

    "Hmpf. If I was at least 60 years younger I could have bounced him back, but such is life."

    "Forget about the technical crap." Thought Evening. "Its my first time seeing Nightmare being stopped like that...Wait. Wasn't there a time something like that happened?"

    Nightmare delivered a series of fast jabs at the old hybrid, and he manages to defend against it by parrying his attacks with his palms. The sounds of their blows were like lightning bolts on earth.

    "Wow! I know he is a hybrid, but to an old man loke hime being able to stand against Nightmare like this...Are all hybrids at that age strong like that?" Said Walther.

    "Well, I don't often see ones like those." Replied Drake.

    "Hmmm...How upsetting." Said the old man. "I can feel your punches, but I can't feel your spirit on them."

    The old man then leaped backward and started to do slow movements with his arms. Nightmare charged straight at him and the darkness in the old man's right arm started to grow stronger. "Dark Channeling Fist: South Hand!"

    He delivers a punch downward and a giant glowing fist attacks Nightmare from above, crushing him into the ground.

    "Dark Channeling Fist: West Wind !" He gives a thrust with the palm of his left arm and he launches a glowing dark palm at Nightmare that pushes him back flying.

    "He manages to push Nightmare this far?! Impossible." Said Evening.

    "I see...You must be...Master Shen, right?" Said Drake.

    "Master? You know him?" Asked Walther.

    "It's one of those Hybrids that only we Hybrids know about it. A martial artist master from Zhar that created the Dark Channeling Fist. He is one of the few that can be considered the most powerful Hybrid."

    "The most powerful? Him?"

    "Ah...Now I remember." Said Evening. "I heard it once, that about 95 years ago...You managed to fight toe-on-toe with Magnus."

    "He fought him in the past? Who would knew he had a story." Said Drake.

    "95? How old are you anyway?" Asked Walther to Shen.

    "I'm 118."

    "I-I see...So you were like 23 or so. Damn those hybrids..."

    Nightmare got on his feet once again.

    "Sooo...Who did won between you two 95 years ago?"

    "Honestly, I forgot."

    "For real?"

    Nightmare slowly walked towards Shen.

    "....Good grief. Again, I can't exactly feel you right now, but I do feel THAT you grom inside."

    "Huh...What are you saying?" Asked Evening.

    "I understand. I do not have what it takes to light the fire of your warrior's spirit anymore. But for once..." Shen covered each of the fingers of his right hand with darkness. "Let me repay the good deeds the youngster over there done to me."

    "Hmm? Me?" Said Drake.

    Nightmare jumped and went to attack with a diving punch. Shen jumped straight at him and dodged at the last second. "Dark Channeling Fist: Black Viper!" He striked Nightmare's arm by touching his five fingers like a claw at him. After that the two of them landed to the ground. Nightmare clenched his fists and tried to move his arm.

    "I paralyzed your arm. Like most things with brains, you move your body through nerves so I shut them down for a while. May not be a big deal, but you do have a time limit, right? I don't mind playing with you until you tire yourself out, but...Whatever those two can do to your sister when you're busy with me, right?

    "Grrrr!" Evening grinded her teeth.

    Nightmare then turned into mist and warped next to Evening. "....."

    "....Fine, fine. Don't look at me like that." Evening then jumped on Nightmare's shoulder. "This isn't over, you hear it?!"

    Nightmare jumped out of the forest with Evening.

    "Should we let them go?" Asked Walther.

    "Wanna go after them?" Said Drake.

    "Good point."

    "Okay, soooo....Do you go all this trouble because of a bottle of wine?"

    "Can't an old man help a young man without an ulterior motive?" Said Shen.

    "That's not how things usually rolls with me."

    "I just thought it would be a waste for you to die here. Anyway, I think you got a little bit of trouble out there, right?"

    "Oh! right! There are in fact other rogues, huh?"

    At the other site of the forest, the Black Demon Pirates were fighting alongside the samurai and the Thunderlions. Aladdin and Nikolai were back to back with Aladdin scorching the rogues with dark flames and Nikolai eletrocuting the kitsunes with a gun that shot a electric current.

    "Why didn't you buried those bloodsuckers in sand already?" Said Nikolai.

    "And why didn't you pulled out something that can solve our problems with one push of a button?" Said Aladdin.

    "Where is the fun in that?"

    Suddenly a gust of wind filled the battlefield and the rogues started to stop moving and were hypnotized.

    "What is going on? Did you do something?" Asked Nikolai.

    "I...did not." Replied Aladdin.

    "There are ways to end conflict without further conflict, you know." Master Shen appeared right next to them, without they noticing.

    "Who's the old guy?" Asked Nikolai.

    "Y-You!" Aladdin was extremely surprised.

    "Those rogues certainly have tougher bodies, but their minds are weak." Said Shen. "So it's far more efficient to hit where they are weak.

    "You were able to directly affect their minds? Just like that?"

    "It's not something you are born with it in the first place. Any hybrid can do after almost a century of training."

    "E-Even for a Hybrid that's a lot."

    "Let's just finish this." Shen then holded both of his hands with a strong grisp. "Katsu!"

    The rogues were all blow away, sent flying miles away out of the forest.

    "What did he do?" Asked Nikolai.

    "...Basically he imprinted the feeling of being sent away at an outstanding force into their brains...and then made it happen." Said Aladdin.

    "That's a whole of bs, you know?"

    "That man...Master Shen?" Said a kitsune.

    "Wow...It is Master Shen?" Said a samurai.

    "Master Shen?"

    "The Master Shen?"

    Both sides seemed to avert their attention to Master Shen.

    "....Oh good grief. Excuse me, Kitsunes."


    "It does seem that I just got in the middle of something big between you guys and Amaterasu, but under circumstances, I had to what I had to. If you please may, could you please leave? You can tell the Ninetails it was me. I do not wish for interrupt any longer."

    "....Very well, then." Said a representative of the kitsunes. "If it is you, then it can't be helped. But know this that if this happens again, it's Ninetails herself you should answer to it."

    "Alright, alright. Seems fair."

    The kitsunes disappears from the area.

    "...It has been a while hasn't it been? Desert Prince?"

    "I never thought I would see you again."

    "You two know each other, huh?" Said Shepherd who went to talk to them. "And who is this ancient?"

    "That's Master Shen. The strongest hybrid in the east and perhaps in the world."

    "R-Really?! That sounds quite a big deal."

    "Master Shen!" One of the samurai went to greet him and bowed in respect. "I thank you for your assistance. We have been in a real tricky situation for a while."

    "I didn't came here to assist you guys. I am here for a far bigger plan."

    "Captain Shepherd!" A Werewolf from Shepherd's Squad arrived. "Glad to see you are unharmed. I came here to say that Soma is safe and sound!"

    "Did something happened?"

    "General Asuka suffered serious damage against Nightmare. Her status are...delicate."

    "I see...It's better we stop for now then."

    "You are one fast old man." Drake appeared alongside Walther. "Too hasty for someone your age, don't you think?"

    "Stop complaining." Said Walther. "I need to speak to the samurai about their commander officer's conditions."

    "If I may, I wish to have a word with the Demon and the Prince here." Said Shen.

    "...Sure. Keep your Hybrid stuff between you three."

    "Very well."

    Later, Walther and the rest went back to camp to a war meeting while Drake and the others remained.

    "Never thought in my life a man like you would want to discuss with me." Said Drake.

    "But before that I wanna ask something." Said Aladdin. "I heard something about the Dark Channeling Fist lately. What do you know about the Eastern Wind?"

    "...What has my pupil done recently?"

    "I see. So you trained him, huh?"

    "I didn't train him to be a murderer in case that is what you are thinking. But I did failed to not see that his inner shadow was stronger than his spirit. His sins are mine as well."

    "We are pirates, who we are to judge it?" Said Drake. "And what do you wanna discuss it?"

    "I wanna talk...about that brother of yours."

    Chapter 47: Dreams.


    "Master Shen, you say?" Said Ninetails after hearing her reports from Shiiha. Evening was there drinking a bottle of sake alongside Nightmare who was sleeping as usual.

    "Evening can confirm it." Said Shiiha. "Are things bad?"

    "...No. Not at all. Just a meaningless obstacle that it wouldn't bother us for a while."

    "Are you sure?" Said Evening. "You seem to know that old man very well. And before you can say anything, yes I can call him an old man. I'm not even half a century old."

    "He is very well-know around here. He is like the most famous man from Zhar. And if he wanted to end this war, he could have done it many times. He certainly has a ulterior motive."

    "But still, we couldn't push back Amaterasu." Said Shiiha.

    "No matter. We've been doing this for years. And I heard their general is gravely wounded. I guess I have to thank you Rogues. Asuka is one thorn of our side."

    "Yeah, about that...When I heard about it, I couldn't shake the feeling something was off." Said Evening.

    "What was it?"

    "Nightmare isn't the kind of man to let his opponent live. I would understand if she had backup, but he had plenty of time to kill her. Something happened that made him not do it...Better speaking....ti made him choose to not do it."

    "Curious. Why don't you ask him?"

    "First of all, he is now in his sleeping state. He will be like this for 24 hours to recharge his strenght. And second, even if he was awake, this guy doesn't speak a word. It's easier to teach a cat to bark."

    "Is that so? Was him like this before going Rogue?"

    "Now that you mention it, yes."

    "Buuuut...Is he even alive now?" Asked Shiiha. "He is almost like some sort of machine that is turned off. Is he dreaming right now or something?"

    "I never asked that myself before. I guess he is, but vampires don't really dream."


    "The "dreams" we have are lingering memories that pops up from time to time. They can be random or thay can be triggered by something that happened."

    "You guys aren't allowed to have dreams?" Asked Ninetails.

    "Yes. But on the bright side, we do not have nightmares either."

    While Nightmare was in his sleeping state, he was indeed dreaming. Or rather, a reminiscence. It was a memory of the day the Werewolves invaded Hollowgrounds at the time he was know as Magnus. He was at an dungeon below the castle not too far to the surface, holding a broadsword above his shoulder. On the floor, several corpses who used to be werewolves that he killed himself at once.

    Suddenly, a door in front of him gets busted. It was kicked by her mother, Diamanta who appeared dragging Lex who was unconscious. She had a black cape in her left shoulder, covering her left side of her torso.

    "Magnus!" She tossed Lex at Magnus who he catched with one hand. "Take your brother and go back to the surface. Right now, an unknown pack passed through our forces. Opala and Ametista were...Well, we didn't saw them coming in the first place. That trash of Raven doesn't seem to be even trying , Wagner os busy taking Evelyne and Miller to a safe place and we only have Carol as a suitable support....Give me break. This attack is just too well thought and well planned..."

    "......" Magnus stands silent and raises an eyebrow.

    "...Yeah, I know. I shouldn't be telling you to retreat like this, but...Before we are Warriors we are Family. If we can't protect those we care for then there is no use in being called a warrior."

    "Arooooooo!" Howls could be heard coming from down below.

    "Shit! They are coming...Magnus, listen well. I want you to go up to the castle and remain there until your brother is safe. He might be a low-class scum, but it's not his fault for being one." She the put her right hand over her left shoulder. "If only I had my left arm...Then I would have fixed this mess already. I never thought a sword could weight so much. Heh. I guess our swords are too heavy as you said Ruby."

    Magnus the does two steps foward.

    "I said it...Go. Up." After listening to her words, Magnus retreats three steps.

    Diamanta then swings her sword and a large fissure appeared on the floor.

    "Listen up, you flea-ridden mutts! I know you can hear me from down there! This is your last warning if you still wanna live! I am the Ebony Knight of Hollowgrounds, Diamanta Lercadre! As long as I stand, I'll not let a single one of you vermins give a single one of your fleas pass this point!"

    She looks at Magnus, and with a stern face he walks away with Lex over his shoulders. The grunts of wolves could be heard getting closer.

    "I guess this is the price that I should pay for all this time...I am joining you soon...Ruby."

    Later Magnus was climbing the stairs until after several steps taken he hears the sounds of a rock ceiling falling from down below and the sounds of battle perished.

    "....Farewell, mother."

    Night-time, on Tenkai's cabin, the crew were next to a fireplace, drinking green tea. Only Johnnathan and Tenkai were missing.

    "This is pretty good." Vanilla was delighted.

    "I could go for a beer here." Said West.

    "Please, the last thing we need is one of you with a hungover." Said Florencia.

    "Where is Johnny anyway?" Asked Edward.

    "Outside. On guard duty."

    "Guard duty? Isn't that like the job for anyone, BUT the captain?"

    "He said something about wanting to be alone." Said West. "I guess it's a hybrid thing. I can relate to it."

    "I'm here." Sanzuke appeared with a black falcon on his arm.

    "Is that supossed to be dinner?"

    "That's a World Falcon." Said Florencia. "A species that can be found anywhere because it can travel anywhere. Some uses them to deliver messages."

    "A message from Asuka then?" Said Edward.

    "Exactly." Sanzuke picks a letter on the talon of the falcon and reads. He stares at it and he starts to look concerned.

    "Uuuh...Is everything okay?" Asked Vanilla. "It sounds like bad news."

    "...She got some serious wounds. She is unable to use her left arm and just now awakened after hours of being unawakened."

    "Oh dear! I hope she gets well."

    "This is a bit concerning. Aren't Youkos supossed to be tough?" Asked Edward.

    "She mentions fighting some sort of...Nightmare." Said Sanzuke.

    Edward spits his tea. "Nightmare?! THE Nightmare?!"

    "N-Nightmare is here?" Vanilla's hands were trembling.

    "Is this one bad news?" Asked Sanzuke.

    "People say he is about as bad as Raven himself." Said Florencia. "And if he is here then...We should take the key fast."


    "As dangerous as Nightmare is, he is only active for an hour in the day. Then he rests 24 hours for another hour. In other words, we have until afternoon tomorrow if we wanna take the key without him as an obstacle."

    "A time limit. Just what we needed it." Said West.

    "I...I'm gonna say that to Johnny." Said Vanilla. "I mean, he should know this stuff, right?"

    Vanilla put her tea cup down and goes check on Johnnathan.

    "Hmm..." Florencia gets thoughtful.

    Meanwhile, outside at night, Johnnathan was leaning his back on a tree while smoking an almost burned out cigarette. He picks the cigarette and grasp inside his hand where it turned into ashes.

    "There goes my last one."

    Johnnathan looks at the sky and saw it being covered in a sea of stars.

    "That brings me memories. There wasn't a point as big as this in Mians, but...The stars are still very faw away."

    "Johnnathan? Are you there?" Asked Vanilla who was looking out for him holding a cup of tea.

    "Did they send you or are you here by your own will?"

    "By my own."

    "Fine. I thought they were being assholes with you."

    "I brought you tea."

    "...No offense, but I prefer cold."

    "No problem." The tea gets covered by a freezing mist and it gets cold.

    "...That's kind of cheating." Johnnathan gladly takes the tea. "...Hmm. Refreshing."

    "So...Why are you here all alone?"

    "A man needs sometimes to be alone. Specially when he has been through shit."

    "Speaking of that...It seems Nightmare is here in Izumo."

    "Really? Great. Do I need to kill another brother of Evening?"

    "You talk like you are capable of that."

    "...One day maybe."

    "You know...You kinda been too much obsessed with that, you know? It's kind of getting annoying."

    "Is that it? Sorry, then."

    "...Is it really that bad?"

    "Having the woman you love hate you because you happen to kill her brother because he wanted to eat you alive? It's kind of bad."

    "I see. This is only me, but considering that both of you are pirates, I guess there is no such a thing as considering murder a crime. Specially if it's self-defense."

    "Huh. I think there was something on the Pirate Code that Drake told me about that. But Raven never cared about any kind of rule, specially the ones about "Honor among Thieves" kind of deal."

    "We are talking about Raven or the woman you love? I thought you it was his sister we were talking about."

    "Siiigh. You really are pulling my leg here. The more I think about it...It seems this is too much I can chew on it."

    "What do you mean?"

    "I mean...Maybe it's better if I just give up on her-" Vanilla covers her palm with electricity and slaps Johnnathan's face. "....What the hell, woman?!"

    "What the hell my ass!"


    "For 10 years you've been looking after her and because one of her brothers messes up you quit it like a wimp?! I thought you were half-vampire, not half-cockroah!"


    "Listen up, Johnnathan Highlander! If you really are man worhty of your salt then you can't just give up of love just because things got a little complicated. If you truly, TRULY believes that feelings you have towards her are the real deal then don't run away. You may don't know, but if you would advance to any other girl, you sure would score, but everyone who hanged around with you for as much as I did can see you wouldn't nearly be as happy as you could have been with her. So if she is just out there, just waiting for you to take her and weep her off her feet then act like a pirate that you are and steals her...No, save her from that no-good son of gun of an brother she has and don't forget to tell him to put his ass on a shark's nose!"

    "....Yeah...Yeah! You are right! It was never about Raven, Nightmare or Chill. It was just about me and her all along!"

    "Yeah! That's what I said!"

    "I may have to be a selfish bastard to her, but it's not like she is better than me! It may be against everything I stand for, but if it's necessary then I have no choice. Next time, I'll be taking her! Go all the way to the Death Crow if necessary! Because I love her! And it's not the love you feel for any hooker in a port, it's the love a man feel for the woman he want to be with it! I came too far to fail now!"

    "That's the spirit!"

    "And...I have to thank you for it."


    "I mean, I was this close of throwing everthing away, but...You just came and put some sense out of my head."

    "Hehe! It was nothing."

    "I guess I should actually thanks Edward for making me accept you in my ship. Can you believe if you weren't here? I would just give up of everything I stood for."

    "Okay, can we please stop!"

    "...Yowch. Are you in a bad mood or something."

    "Nothing, it just...a bit too late in the night. Humans aren't really all night owls."

    "Ah. I guess it's really late in the night...By the way, could you always do that?"

    "That what?"

    "The spark hand thing? I never seen you try to do anything magic with your staff."

    "O-Oh?! Well you see....I kinda have a little trouble controlling my mana."

    "Ah...So you are like Aladdin."

    "Yeah and-Wait! Aladdin is the same?!"

    "Well...He is more of special case. But if you wanna know a little bit about Control, he can give a tip or two. Well, I think I'll be alone somewhere else. See ya!"

    "S-See ya."

    Johnnathan went to another spot while Vanilla stayed waving at him.

    "What was that all about it?"


    Florencia appeared right behind Vanilla. "Did you just let him go away like that?"

    "...Yes, I did. So what?"

    "Are you okay with this?"

    "Absolutely. If he would the kind of man that would let a woman go that easily, then it's no worthy my attention."

    "I see. And ironically you decided to let him go as well."

    "It just that some things are not meant to be. And you know what...I feel great. Like I just pulled out some weight out of my chest."

    "And what are you gonna do now?"

    "...I guess I need to see how things will wrap up between those two."
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    Default Re: Hybrid- Reboot Version.

    Chapter 48: Tsukuyomi.

    Next to an Amaterasu's camp on Susanoo fields, Colonel Hadol went to the woods to take a leak.

    "Aaaargh...What a pain in the ass. Hildr could have returned here instead of Nova." He finishes it and goes back to camp. "Don't she know that if I die and fail here, she will get hell from Emperor Lenard? Jeez, at least die in my place."

    "How about now?" Several kitsunes appeared in front of him.


    "I don't know much about you, but you are one of the commanding officers of the foreigner army aiding Amaterasu, right?"

    "N-Not really! I am just a substitute, I swear!"

    "You have to be pretty good to be a commander's substitute."

    "W-What? Give me a break. No one would miss me or something."

    "..That's a issue we wann see for ourselves."

    "Oh boy..."

    Later that night at the camp, Shepherd was strolling around with a vigilante look.

    "It's quiet...Too quiet...Hmm?" She started sniffing and sent a strong smell. "This smell...Blood?!"

    She rushed to a tent and entered without halt only to find Hadol cleaning a pair of katas with blood over his forehead.

    "Aaaah! What are you doing here Shepherd?!" Hadol got really scared.

    "Hadol?...What's the deal with that blood?"

    "Oh? This? Well turns out there is a tree stump hidden in the soil here. And you know how klutz and unlucky I am."

    "Is that so? Okay then." She leaves the tent and looks back at it with a concerned look.

    On the next day's early morning, Johnnathan and the others were flying on top of Wataru. Edward and Vanilla were eating a soup of soybeans.

    "Not my idea of a breakfast, but I feel like we aren't getting lunch today." Said Edward.

    "It's still pretty good." Said Vanilla.

    "This is pretty obvious, but you certainly aren't planning on attacking Tsukuyomi with a giant dragon, right?" Said Johnnathan.

    "No." Replied Sanzuke.

    "You know, I am used to not very detailed plans, but...You at least have a way to leave Tsukuyomi after we get the key, right?"

    "I don't make promises I do not hold."

    "...I don't remember you promising that particular thing."

    "Exactly my point."

    "...This might be the best idea." Said West.

    A hour later, they had Tsukuyomi on sight.

    "We arrived." Said Sanzuke. "At my signal, we jump."

    "Woah! Woah! You mean from up here?!" Said Edward.

    "If we go down there on top of a Heavenly Dragon, it might cause too much attention. I say we jump from where they can't see us. Try to land on top of a red castle."


    "Now!" Sanzuke jumped out of Wataru straight ahead.

    "....He really did it."

    "...Well might as well follow the guy." Johnnathan jumped out of Wataru.

    "J-Johnny! Come on! Can't anyone see I'm just a Human?!"

    "Stop complaining." Said West who picked up Edward and holded him below his arm.

    "Wait! Don't you-"

    West jumped out of Wataru.

    "....Flor, can you?"

    "I know."

    Florencia picked Vanilla and descended on Wataru hovering with her wings.

    After a nasty fall, all of them arrived on top of Tsukuyomi's castle.

    "....I want to die." Murmured Edward.

    "Are you three even okay?" Asked Florencia.

    "I used to fall from high heights ever since I was a kid." Said Johnnathan.

    "I fairly certain there were no such heights from where you came from." Said Sanzuke.

    "It just shows I can live anywhere."

    "Sooo...Where are we?" Asked West.

    "Tsukuyomi Castle. Where the key is located." Said Sanzuke.

    "You telling me we are right in the roof of a Dark Lord?"

    "Yep." Sanzuke then opened a hidden door in the ceiling. "We are going?"

    "...How did you knew there was a door in there?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "That's irrelevant." Sanzuke entered the trap door.

    "Okay, am I the only one who thinks he is hiding too much stuff that we know about it?" Said West.

    "Whatever the case, it isn't a good idea to be out on the city overrun by Kitsunes." Johnnathan followed Sanzuke.

    "...Yep. Not the best idea."

    The group then arrived on a hideen room below the ceiling surrounded by red walls and filled with boxes.

    "...Is this an attic?" Asked Johnnathan. "I didn't knew castles had those."

    Edward looked around and saw several objects arranged in an organized pile. "Mirrors, cutlery, watches. This place is filled with things from outside of Izumo."

    "Why would Ninetails guard those?"

    "Who knows?" Sanzuke stares at a music box shaped like a frog. "...Who knows?"

    "...Dude. There's like 12 of those boxes in the whole world." Said Edward. "I could sell for a fortune you know-"

    Sanzuke puts his sword between Edward and the box. "It could be a trap."


    "Where do we go from here?" Asked Vanilla.

    "Here." Sanzuke pressed a button hidden in a wall and a elevator door appeared.

    "...Too late to ask. I know." Said West.

    The door opened and surprisingly Shiiha was there.

    "......" Shiiha started to stare at them in silence.


    Shiiha tries to slowly push the closing button, but West picks her with one hand.

    "Aaaah! Help! Help!"

    "Well, now this is unexpected." Said Sanzuke. "I wasn't expecting to have someone else to know about this place."

    "Somehow this is a relief." Said Johnnathan.

    "This is horrible! Humans in the castle!" Shouted Shiiha.

    "Hybrid." Said Johnnathan.

    "Werewolf." Said West.

    "Fairy." Said Florencia.

    "Youko." Said Tenkai.

    "Oh! Does this means you aren't from Amaterasu?"

    "Well...technically yes, but we just want the key and fly out of this place." Said Johnnathan.

    "The key...The Spirit Key?"

    "You know about it?" Said Tenkai.

    "Not really. I know the existence, but not where it is. I too wanna find it. I thought it was here."

    "Why would you?"

    "I think...The key shouldn't belong to those rogues. And maybe things can be a little bit peaceful here without it."

    "I see...We have the same idea."

    "Is that so? Well, I'm Shiiha. I am Ninetails's main aide. Who are you people."

    "...I am the one know as Tenkai."

    "Tenkai? THAT Tenkai?! The Ronin clad in blue that I heard about it?! I guess I can see why you want the key then."

    "You know...perhaps you can help us."

    Later, Shiiha was apparently alone walking through the castle until she arrives on a iron door. She opens and there was a empty room.

    "...Is this it?" Said Shiiha as she waves a large leaf and reveals Sanzuke and the others.

    "Yes. That's enough."

    "I can't believe we were invisible." Said Edward. "Passing through those kitsunes without being seen was kind of thrilling."

    "It saved us from the problem of taking them down without being noticed."

    "Gosh. You sounds like that was possible."

    "Why did you wanted to come here? This is the Prisoner's Room you know." Said Shiiha.

    "Weird place for putting a prisoner. Don't you usually put them underground." Said West.

    "That's just to scare people away." Sanzuke started to check the floor and he finds an small chamber hidden under it.

    "Woah...Woah! Was that always there?!" Said Shiiha.

    "There we go." Sanzuke picked a small rectangular box.

    "Is this the key?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "Correct." Said Sanzuke. "This is here is the Spirit...Huh?!" He opens the box, but it was empty.

    "....Is the key invisible or something?"

    "I-I don't get it. The only one who could-"

    "Looking for this?" A voice came from behind them and there was Ninetails with a yellow key on her hand.

    "...A kitsune with nine tails...Is she who I think she is?" Said Edward who was almost shaking his legs.

    "What's the meaning of this Shiiha?"

    "Eeer...You see, there was a very good reason for-"

    "It doesn't matter. When I heard about a Heavenly Dragon taking down a Rogue Fleet...I knew something was going on." Ninetails gazes at Sanzuke. "I'm glad you decided to appear Sanzuke."

    "Not in these circumstamces." Said Sanzuke.

    "You two know each other?" Asked Johnnathan.

    "It certainly has been a while...Mother."

    "Oh, so that's how it-Waaaaaaaaaaaaah?!"

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