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Thread: Epic Mafia

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    Epic mafia starts in 2 hours ~
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    I just noticed it's past my bedtime so I'm out if you still play tonight. I'd like to be back some other day though.

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    I'm bumping this because I've talked and played with a few people who're interested in making this a more regular thing.

    It would either be a 1-2 weekday afternoons a week or 1-2 weekend afternoons a week.

    If you're interested, give your times of availability so something consistent can be set up.

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    Weekends are the only time I have free these days. Afternoon.
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    I'm definitely interested! I'm free most weekday evenings and most weekend afternoons, but occasionally have plans at those times here and there. I'm also consistently not available on the first Saturday of each month.

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