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    Hey APForums! Happy New Year! And also today marks the one-year anniversary of Hybrid! And we'll celebrate by making a completely different story!....Yay.

    Johnnathan: But what about me?

    Keep waiting for your friends in Nighville, Johnny!


    Ladies. Gentlemen. Children. And Animals. This is an story about friendship, romance and about the philosophy between The Man and the distinction between good and evil...Not really. Anyway, our story begins as any other with everything seeming perfectly fine until someone presses the metaphorical instant doom button like your brother-in-law crashing into your marriage's birthday dinner for the free food and keeps himself around because he didn't paid the rent. Somewhere, there was this really awesome place called Golden Land, where unlikely it's name there wasn't filled with gold, but instead it had those magical rocks knows as Ores that had awesome powers and they grew like crops in the ground which was...almost as cool, I guess. But for the unfortunate of the small children playing in the meadows, there were these terrible sentient rock monsters know as Golems that weren't very cool about people farming rocks for some reason. Not like they would eat them or something, but for humanity's relief, they were protected by those cool guardian godlike beings know as the Sacred Beasts that armed mankind with arms made of Ores and taught they the basics of warfare.

    These Sacred Beasts were The Azure Dragon of the East, Seiryu with the power of the Azure Ores, The Vermillion Bird of the South, Suzaku with the power of the Vermillion Ores, The White Tiger of the West, with the power of the White Ores and The Black Turtle of North with the power of the Black Ores.

    Each of them lead mankind in four locations of Golden Land with their own Great 4 Nations and were given this authority by their supreme ruler, The Central Golden Dragon by the name of...Dip. Yeah, that was his name. Very powerfull fella, but really cool guy overall that lived in a golden house atop the skies and was the only one who harnassed the rare Yellow Ore. Get it? He was their boss, the place was Golden Land, it kinda go full circle here.

    Each of them chose a champion among the humans to become their own lieutenants to command each of their respective armies and gave each of them a pretty awesome-looking sword to fight the Golems, cutting them like a butter knife...on a butter. The White Sword, Musashi. The Azure Sword, Jotunheim. The Vermillion Sword, Ares. And the Black Sword, Joan.

    After centuries, the Golems were defeated. Or maybe dispatched somewhere? Their numbers dropped slowly and slowly until they just vanished it. What it matters is that Golden Land was safe and everybody was free to wander around in the clear air and warm fields of Golden Land...Hah! Who I am kidding? Of course things would turn a major twist on the peaceful perfect paradise. Remember that Seiryu guy? The Blue Dragon? He was kind of an asshole. After Dip decided to retire, because apparently that is a thing Gods can do, he decided to chose one of the Sacred Beasts to become the new leader. Ultimately he chose Suzaku, the only female of the four, to bear the burden. Seiryu wasn't kinda cool with the idea, because not only he wasn't chosen because his nation was the biggest and more powerful, it also snow and ice and everyone loved that, at least that was what he thought.

    On the following years, human were starting to learn about keeping looking forward without proper guidance. Suzaku was in favour of this mentality, but Seiryu always saw humans as failed beings that needed proper observation to keep them at being. So he done whatever proper deith being with good intentions of his subjects would do. Brainwash his subjects with Azure Ore and wage war against all the 3 kingdoms and oh boy! Didn't those Golems seemed like third-rate hooligans in comparassion. In fact he made himself his own Golems made of Azure Ores know as Ice Giants as weapons of war. The Azure Nation was so powerful at the point that the other 3 Nations had a hard time dealing with them. And the Golden Land never saw such a bloodfest to the point no one could sleep peacefully without a fearing his house being crashed by a big ice rock behemoth thing.

    And the consequences were heavy. The White Nation, decimated. The Black Nation Nation, destroyed it. Only the Vermillion Nation survived it all that rampage, but unfortunately Suzaku didn't made it. Fortunately Byakko was able to defeat Seiryu and stops all of this carnage. After the war, the remaining 3 Beasts disappeared and only 2 Nations remained it, with the lieutenants chosen by the Beasts serving as kings and turning them into 2 major Kingdoms. The Kingdom of Azure at the North covered in ice and snow and the Kingdom of Vermillion at the South covered in volcanoes and jungles, each kingdom picking what rested from the previous ones with Azure taking all of the Black Nation at the north.

    Ever since then, the 2 Kingdoms fought each other for their Ores since it was important for them to survive. Azure was filled with White and Azure Ores while Vermillion had Black and Vermillion Ores. The lack of the remaining ores lead to struggles after struggle, but there was a place that it wasn't part of either of the 2 kingdoms that had all of the four ores know as the Grey Valley. A wasteland that limited the two kingdoms in a giant straight line with various stronghold towns lead by a group of various talented people. Adventures, Researchers, Sorcerers, Merchants, Vigilantes and the list goes on. A small place compared to the Great Kingdoms, but their extra ores were enough for neither of the kingdoms to fall from their enviroments, specially Azure, so a bussiness trade was created to both of them.

    Our stories begins there by the way, like a thousands year later. And yes, there will be a tragedy or two.


    On a small piece of land located at Valley, there was a small house with a simple chicken coop and a garden around filled with lamp-like objects that had white, blue and red ores between the plantation and the barren ground. Somehow it grew a few crops in there. On a nearby mountain, a man on his thirties wearing leather clothes and a leather rancher hat is climbing it easily like if he was a spider. He looks inside a hole on it and finds several small white and black stones.

    ???: Well. Well. White and Black. Come to papa.

    He picks the ores and goes down like the mountain falling like one hell of a goat.

    ???: Now I wanna see that darn Rango not sell that less than it is valued pendant.

    Bill Valentine.
    Father of Two.
    Age: 33.

    Inside the house, a fair-looking woman is cooking a soup filled with chicken breast and leg alongside some carrots and in the oven that was filled with vermillion ores. At her side there was a cake covered in a blanket. She then shouts outside through a window.

    ???: Wills! Whyat! Grub is almost ready.

    2 sisters playing outside hears her mother's call and rushes back like a lizard runs from a falcon.

    Little Sister: We're here!

    Whyat Valentine.
    Age: 6
    It's her birthday today!

    Big Sister: Gimme some of that chicken, cause I'm more starved than a seal in a desert.

    William "Wills" Valentine.
    Age: 8
    Our main character, folks!

    Amanda: Then I'm afraid you're deadier than a dodo, cause no one is touching any edible thing until your papa come back.

    Amanda Valentine.
    Age: 31.
    She is thirty-one?

    Wills: What in darnation? Then why did you called us in the first place?

    Amanda: You know what they say? Children who loafs around so much get taken by The Pale Rider.

    Whyat: Eeek! Not the Pale Rider.

    Wills: You think I believe that, ma?

    "I would it believe. You never know what is true or what is false."

    Bill appears with a black pendant in hands.

    Bill: Like the true value of this piece of overpriced junk that I gonna give to the cutest girl around here.

    Amanda: I thought it was Whyat's birthday.

    Bill: You're a mature adult woman, not a girl.

    Wills: (So, you don't find me cute?)

    Whyat: Pa! You're back!

    Bill: Yep! Happy birthday mah baby girl. Here is a present for your old man.

    He places the pendant around Whyat's neck.

    Whyat: Teehee. It is pretty!

    Amanda: Did you gone all the way to Rango's antique shop at Constance? How much that cost?

    Bill: Heh. More like Rango's junkyard. Spended all morning after the ores to buy this black sheep.

    Amanda: Really? And you could had brought a baby sheep for her. Hehehe.

    Bill: Those things stink and only serve for barbecue.

    Wills: What about wool?

    Bill: Screw those. Cotton and Leather are the best.

    Amanda: Anyway, it is time to start this feast.

    She places the soup at the center of the table and brings tha cake.

    Amanda: And of course, it is no birthday without a sweet lovely treat like this!

    She removes the blanket and reveals a white cake.

    Whyat: Yay! Cake!

    Wills: Great....Honey Cake again.

    Amanda: It is your sister's birthday and you'll eat it you want or not!

    Wills: Darnation!

    After the meal, Will helps her father with the harvest and with their ore storage near night-time. There were small ores, but numerous. Bill walks all the way around Valley after those in old mines and mountain's peaks. He knows almost of the entire Valley...almost.

    Wills: Have you ever thought on farming those pa?

    Bill: No luck. I'm already using those ores for farming those crops. Our land is no suitable for farming ores.

    Wills: You know, you could live elsewhere. Why that place exactly?

    Bill: When you have passed through what I did it, you want to stay away from others sometimes.

    Wills: Oh yeeeah, you used to be a vigilante, right?

    Before Bill settled his life with a family, he would taking down outlaws in Valley with a group of peacemakers. Will than looks at a sheated katana that was laying around in the storage for a while.

    Wills: Why do you keep that thing here, pa?

    Bill: Oh. That. It is too much good to throw it away. Also, a weapon is good in a place like this.

    Wills: I see...


    The two of them hear a small tremor.

    Wills: Hmm? Is there a pack of bisons nearby.

    Bill: Must be. I will go see the nearby. I really want a beef right now. You go home.

    He goes outside and Wills goes back to her house where her mother is making grilled chicken.

    Wills: Yo! Smell good, ma?

    Amanda: I know it right. It got that pepper you like it.

    Wills: Yeah! I can't wai-


    A giant blue stone arm crashes the wall at the front of the oven and slams at Amanda's face...Oh boy, this sounds like a fate-twisting action.

    Wills: Wha....How....Wha....I don't know!

    See? She can't even get over the wasted chicken on the floor. And of course Whyat comes from the opposite room because of the ruckus.

    Whyat: Ma? Why is it so-Ah! Mama!

    She rushes over her mom fallen down with a stain of blood in her whole face. Whyat cries over her.

    Whyat: Mama! Mama!

    From the crashed wall it comes out a giant rock monster with humanshape figure that except of a head it was a glowing blue ball and giant chunks of rock ar arms and legs with blue crystal ores coming out of it's body.

    Amanda: Guuuuh....

    She awakes slowly.

    Whyat: Mama! You're okay!

    Wills: Back of her you big pile of....rocks with blue shiny rocks all over it!

    She picks a broom and points at it like a spear, but the monster breaks it because the broom was just a broom and it's arms was pure rock.

    Wills: Oh, jackalope's turd!

    The blue gem on the monster's top starts to glow and aims at Wills. Amanda then wakes up and see her elder daughter in peril.

    Amanda: Wills!

    She rushes and pushes her back out of danger, but the monster shoots a beam and freezes her turning into an ice statue.

    Wills: Ma....Mother?

    And with a mighty swing, the monster crushes what was her mother in pieces.

    Wills: N...No...

    Whyat: Ma....Ma.....

    Whyat's eyes turn it blank and her expression become that of a ghost...If ghosts had expressions to begin it. Her mother just died. You know how the feeling is.

    Wills: How could....How could this happen?

    The monster starts to shoot another beam, but Bill appears at the last second impaling the monster's eyes with the katana at the storage room like a lightning bolt. After that he releases his blade and the whole monster falls aparts.

    Wills: Father....

    She looks at the sword's blade and notices it is emitting a white glow.

    Wills: Is that...White Ore.

    Bill: Will! Where is your mother?! Is she safe?!

    Whyat: *sniff* You're standing right over her....

    He notices the ice shards under him.

    Bill: Oh no...Amanda...

    Whyat then starts to cry as a girl who lost her mother at her birthday would. Wills then go comfort her.

    Wills: It's okay Whyat. It is all over.

    Nope! It was not over yet! 4 more of these rock monsters appears from the other side.

    Wills: What? More?! Just what are they?!

    Bill:...Those are Ice Giants.

    Whyat: Ice Giants? They do exist?

    Bill: Damn! It is my fault!

    Wills: Papa?

    Bill: Well, it can't be helped.

    He unsheats his glowing blade and passes over to Wills.

    Bill: Wills, pick the sword and run away with your sister.

    Wills: What about you?!

    He picks a giant log and faces the Giants.

    Bill: I'll buy time. It is the most I can do for Amanda and you two.

    Wills: But-

    Bill: I said go! That is what parents are for! And sorry...I am ver sorry for this.

    Wills: What are.....Okay.

    Wills do not have any time to reflect about the situation and run pullinf Whyat's arm.

    Whyat: Sis....But, Papa....

    Wills: I know sis....I know...

    She runs crying over everything that happened. her life had turned to worst in a single moment and she just do not knew why. After running and running, she runs atop a hill and arrives at a canyon with a river at the bottom.

    Whyat: Are we safe?

    Wills: Seems like it.

    Whyat: What about papa? Is he...

    Wills: I...better not think about it...

    But because 4 Ice Giants isn't enough to make your life sucks enough anothe Ice Giant appears from a pile of rocks nearby.

    Wills: Darn Damnit! You must be kidding me!

    The Ice Giant approaches slowly and Whyat was panicking behind Wills. She was the only one who could protect her. With that sword on hands she tried to mimic her father earlier on. Without she noticed, her body became light as a feather, she was able to deliver various swords strike that pierced the stones and when she less noticed she striked the glowing eye of the monster with a vertical jumping slash.

    Whyat: Oh! How did you do that?

    Wills: I...so not know...it just seemed so natural.

    But then the Ice Giant with the last of it's strenght stroke the ground before going down and a fissure was created and part of the land starts falling down the canyon, making Whyat falls at the cliffside.

    Whyat: Kyaaaah!

    Wills: Whyat!

    Wills picks up Whyat's arms and is trying to pulls it back.

    Wills: Whyat! Hold it firm! I am pulling you back.

    Whyat: Okay...

    She tries to hold it firmly with her other hand, but then the ground falls it again and Wills lose control releasing Whyat.

    Whyat: Wiiiiiiils!

    Wills: WHYAT!

    Wow! Worst. Birthday. Ever! Without a second thought she jumped at the canyon falling directly at the river.

    Wills: I'm coming over!

    She falls down the river, but the current was very strong. She holds on a convenient rock and looks around!

    Wills: Whyat! Whyat!

    She then spots her in stuck in another rock unconscious, but the is then taken away by the river.

    Wills: Whyat!

    She falls to the river again, but cannot control her swimming. She then hits her head on a log in the water and passes out. A few moments later she wakes up at the riverside over some rocky ground.

    Wills:*coughing* Whyat!

    She looks around and there is no sign Whyat.

    Wills: Sister! Where are you!?

    "This is no place for children you know."

    She hears a heavy and cold voice of an old man and she turns around to see a creepy old looking guy with a long pale coat, a wrinkled old face, a worn out cowboy hat atop a horse so sinister it looked like the horse of death itself that carried a very big sword in a sheat in his saddle and...Yeah, I will drop the context here. It is the Pale Rider.

    Wills: You...are you the Pale Rider by any chance?

    Pale Rider: That or I am the Grim Reaper...But I guess it is the same thing by the way.

    The Pale Rider was a Vigilante, but he was more know for crashing the party at various war campaigns. When you least expected he would invade the battlefield and faces both the armies of Azure and Vermillion without discrimination. Why he would do that is unknown but because of that the balance was always kept it and no side was above any other.

    Pale Rider: What is a young girl like you doing here?

    Wills: I....Was attacked by Ice Giants...

    Pale Rider: Ice Giants, eh?

    Wills: I know. Crazy. And my Ma was killed and then my Pa...And my sister got lost in the river after falling through a cliff...

    Pale Rider: Heh. Parents. Always the first to die.

    Wills: My sister....My sister! I have to find her! Where is she? She might be around her!

    Pale Rider: I don't think so. If she would have landed safely then would it be here. She might have took a turn at another route going at Azure. I don't think you're gonna make it there at time.

    Wills: No....It is her birthday today..She can't...*sniffin*

    Wills sit downs and starts crying crounchig. The Pale Rider then gets out of his horse and picks her sword that was laying around.

    Wills:*sobbing*...Hey! That is mine.

    Pale Rider: This is yours?

    Wills: Well...It was my father's.

    The Pale Rider unsheats the blade and see the white glow of the blade.

    Pale Rider:....What are you doing it with Musashi?

    Wills: Musashi?

    Pale Rider: This sword. It is not some nameless blade you find it around. It is the White Sword of Byakko. Musashi.

    Wills: Byakko? You mean the White Tiger of the West?

    Pale Rider: Yeah. You said your father had it?

    Wills: I never knew it. I had no idea he had a sword like the royal treasures of Azure and Vermillion.

    Pale Rider: What is your name girl?

    Wills: William Valentine. Wills for the intimates.

    Pale Rider:...Did you said William?

    Wills: Yeah. I get this reaction a lot.

    Pale Rider: So..."Wills"...What do you know about me?

    Wills: You take away lazy children?

    Pale Rider: No. That is the Boogeyman. I am worse.

    Wills: H-How?

    Pale Rider: I pick orphaned children like you and forces them to become adults as quick as possible.

    Wills:....That doesn't sound bad.

    Pale Rider: It is when that means you lose your childhood! But then again, you lost your pareants and sister on her birthday, so yeah, it can't be worse.

    He then throws Musashi back at Wills .

    Pale Rider: You know how to use this?

    Wills: I just used to kill one of those giants.

    Pale Rider: I see...So you are compatible after all.

    Wills: Excuse me?

    Pale Rider: Right now, it was just the sword protecting it's master by itself. Right now, you need to use it like if it is your own arm. I will be your master.

    Wills: Why are you gonna help me?

    Pale Rider:...Because I am getting old.

    Wills: What does that even have to do with it.

    Pale Rider: Let's be clear lady. You don't have anything better than do and nowhere to go. What choices do you have?

    Wills: Good Point.

    Pale Rider: Great.

    He then picks her and puts her atop of his horse alongside him.

    Pale Rider: You can call me Geezer from now on or any other synonymous for it. The horse is called Rico.

    Wills: So...Where are we going?

    Pale Rider: Back to Valley. It is time to turn you into the a Vigilante.

    Info: Ores.

    Ores can be described it as solid forms of magic. The way of how they are born depends on the geographical characteristics of where they grow. Ores are cultivated in mines everywhere and even in solid ground like cropes, but most of the times you can't find the same type of Ore in the same place, only in very large mines on various feet below. The overall use of the ores is for performing magic. The best magicians walks around with devices called Lamps where they can channel their magic powers through Ores and delivering spells with efficience, but those lamps can be used for various other uses from regular day activities and since they are made of magic, their supply is pratically unlimited. There is a way to artificially make Ores with a device called Boiler, but this technology is know only to Vermillion.

    Ores can divided as 4 categories with a rumoured 5th unknow.

    Azure Ore.
    Attribute: Cold.
    Used for freezing effect. Used commonly for cooling and storage material. Grows in cold areas and it can also be used to prevent drought if used correctly. Azure has a lot of these, but since it snows everyday, it is not exactly the most useful Ore. Vermillion on other hand...

    Vermillion Ore.
    Attribute: Heat.
    Used for burning effect. Used commonly for cooking and boiling. Grows in areas with high temperatures or that are bathed strongly by sunlight. Vermillion has a lot of those, but it cannot solve their problem with volcanic eruptions. Azure on other hand...

    White Ore.
    Attribute: Energy.
    Used for energy generation. In Golden Land, there are devices that are compatible with ores, and the White ones are know for being the best kind of fuel to make their heart beats. Also, it can make things go faster with the White Attribute as well as offensive spells based on electricity, but the most know use is the fast-healing property used by magic healers. Used to have a lot on the White Nation of the West, but now it can only be found in the 2 remaining kingdoms, mostly on Azure.

    Black Ore.
    Attribute: Strenght.
    Used for a boost of strenght and endurance. Do your carriage or weapons needs a bit of a buff? Then Black Ores is your best solution. Everything they are enchanted becomes tougher and harder. A small house revested by a significantly high ammount can survive being destroyed by flood and earthquakes and an armour made of those are the best ones in terms of defense and maneuver since it does not weight that much. Used to have a lot in the Black Nation, but now it can only be found in the remaining 2 kingdoms, mostly on Vermillion despite being far from the North.

    Chapter 1 coming soon.

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    Default Re: Four Swords

    Chapter 1: Azure.

    The Kingdom of Azure. Snow, dragons, snow, bisons, snow, mountains, snow, bears and...snow. Yeah, that is a pretty accurate description of what the Azure Kingdom is all about it. But if we're gonna try the hardest to what to make people figure out how you can have a civilization survive around a giant block of ice in the shape of a large-sized country is with their people. Originally coming from the East region of the Golden Land, the inhabitants of Azure were raised to become sturdy as most as they could it. If Seiryu was good at anything was making sure his own subjects were tough. Even the most jerks have a quality worthy it, I'll let you know it.

    After the great war, Azure covered the entire north and some of the West Area of White. The mountains of the North were not the best place to start a new leaf of course, but for those tough people it was a matter of when instead of if that they would survive in there. They lost the original kingdom back in the day, but they figured out of how to make a cool kingdom pretty fast following a few steps.

    First of all, you need to make a shelter. Utiliza good materials like steel or anything more durable to surround your place. At the time you get an entire city surrounded by a large iron wall. Not that it would prevent the cold, but believe me, that is the least of your worries. Second it's animals. Not only a good source of food, but animals are nice for locomotion around it. We have Bisons for land walk, Dragons for the skies and if you have a few coins to spare, a Mamooth is great if you wanna move to point to point. Also, if you are new to the place and find a large polar bear with a steel armour on it, do not worry, it is a Bear Guard and guard the kingdom and being a bear it is what a Bear Guard do.

    The Third...Well, that is where we are at now. A cold enviroment like Azure isn't a place you will find an easy live for everyone or most of them. Farming for crops and ores is hard. Not to mention the lack of a proper spring for storage rations for yourself. But as stated before, the people of Azure are tough with a capital T. Even the most frail looking of them will not go out without a fight.

    Anyway, inside the iron fortress that was the castle town, it was the most, if not the only safe place for someone in Azure to wander around it. It was quite extensive to be fair. One would ask how a territory like that was built between many mountains thousand years ago. Anyways, it had what any prosperous kingdom would have. But if I have to say the most interesting one, it would be the Colosseum. Not only it had a low tax entrance, but it was some sort of way of making new soldiers. A good part of the Kingdom's army is made of former gladiators. Not that much of them is what they are expecting, but it was better than nothing. Even though sometimes rumour appears of some amazing fellows and it is in rare times like these when some people needs to confirm those rumours.

    One fateful day at a tournament day, two individuals came to watch the final match in a very prestigious stand area where they would watch far away from the others spectators. One was a man in black armour with a messy shoulder lenght hair with a band passing through his forehead with an abused face and a pretty woman spotting a long red hair wearing a blue and yellow dress with velvet sleeves and collar watching carefully it.

    ???: *sigh* Why did you drag me into this? It is boring watching people weaker than me fighting.

    Arlan Hedr.
    Ace Dragon Rider and one of the 2 captains of Azure's Dragon Army. First son of the Drakko Tribe's chieftain.
    Attributes: Vermillion, Blue.
    Class: Dragon Rider.
    His life is a drag and he hates it.

    ???: I need your approval at the a member of Azure's military member Arlan. You were the only one available because all you do slack off.

    Cecillia Natasha.
    Duchess of Violetta.
    Attribute: White, Blue.
    Class: Caster.

    Cecillia: Besides, we and Prince Heide get along pretty well. We're basically family.

    Arlan: I do not like to be associate with that easygoing dimwit.

    Cecillia: I'm pretty sure the feeling is mutual. Oh, look! It is starting!

    2 opposite gates opened and from each one, a warrior appeared. At the right side, a large man wearing a greatsword as big as him entered and at the other side a woman with a short blonde hair hiding her eyes with a leather hat holding a katana entered the arena.

    Cecillia: So those the finalists...I wasn't expecting one of them to be a woman.

    Arlan: That guy over there looks as generic as you can find' em. What was the name you heard of it again?

    Cecillia: I believe it was Wills.

    Arlan: So it is that guy. Man, I hope he loses it.

    It is amazing of how someone can someone be right and wrong at the same time isn't it? The combatants ready their weapons and take their fighting stances. The male warrior points his weapon at his foe holding with the two hands while the female is positioning her hand near the hilt of the blade.

    Arlan:...That guy is really well equipped. His sword has too many black ores on his blade that he could make a hole in a wall with that thing.

    Cecillia: It is not easy to find those here. He mighty be from Valley or at least he has been there. Think he would be a good asset?

    Arlan: Hell no. I bet he is all brawn and no brains. I do not want another Heide.

    Cecillia: Heide isn't that dumb!


    The arbiter starts the match and the male fighter starts by doing a jump attack with the intention of smashing his sword into her and finishing into one attack. When he strikes the ground it creates a massive impact, but he seems to not have hit anyone. Without he noticing, his opponent was already behind him showing her back. Her sword was also unsheated. After a split second, the male warrior falls down with a sword wound on his torso.

    Cecillia: What?...Is it over?

    The entire audience is speechless and the whole Colosseum is void of sound. The arbiter who had a hard time processing as well because no one would it starts to get himself together.

    " T-The winner of the match and champion of the Tournament! Wills!"

    The crowd and starts cheering and Cecillia and Arlan are even more surprised it.

    Cecillia: What?! She was Wills?! But she is a woman! More importantly, what did she do?

    Arlan:...I admit, this was actually worthy watching it. Not only she was able to deflect the blade, but move herself a few steps closer and strike it down and jump over him at the same second. And she even used enough strenght to deliver the minimum damage for a non-lethal strike.It's the first time in a while when I had to concentrate to watch someone's actions.That girl is actually better than I.

    Cecillia: So she is Wills...Arlan...I want her!

    Arlan: What? Oh. Yeah. We came for that didn't we? I do not know she is kinda dange-Huh? Cecillia.

    Without he noticing it Cecillia was running towards the exit.

    Arlan: Hey! Wait it for me.

    On the audience still excited over her victory, The Pale Rider is sitting slowly applauding of her disciple.

    Pale Rider: Hehehehe...Excelent moves kid.

    William Valentine, better know as Wills, walks away at the hallway next to the fighter's waiting quarters with the prize money at hand. 9 years have passed since she was taken by The Pale Rider's guidance. Really random number of years skipped by the way. She then arrives at the reception hall what was empty and only the exit in sight.

    "Miss Wiiiiils!"

    Cecillia appears after running after her and takes time to take some breath.

    Cecillia: I...I need a time with you.

    Arlan: Cecillia!

    Arlan appears again after persuading her.

    Arlan: Don't disappear like that! I do not wanna receive any responsability for what may happen to you.

    Cecillia: Do not fret Arlan. So where I was? Okay. Greeting Lady Wills. I am-

    Wills: Duchess Cecillia of Violetta and Captain Arlan of the Dragon's Army...unless that would be the case if your father didn't done all the work you were supossed to do.

    Arlan: Heeey...It is something I take pride for it.

    Cecillia: Oh! So introductions are not needed, just great. Now, if you may, I have an offer for-

    Wills: No.

    Cecillia: Eh?

    Wills: Whatever it is I am busy. I have no time for you.

    She ditches the duchess like she was a small time and keep going like a boss acting as if that meeting never happened. But Cecillia goes to keep insisting because as stated before, Azure People don't go out without a fight.

    Cecillia: W-Wait! Just one minute is enough!

    Wills: You know what I can do in one minute? Kill dozens of that same guy from earlier and earn what you gain in a month.

    Arlan: Ohohoho! That was uncalled for it. I liking her.

    Cecillia: A-Are you going anywhere? I can give you a ride and maybe we can discuss some terms. And also, a meal. I can order whatever you want. On the house.

    Wills:....Can you do a grilled chicken like my mother would do?

    Cecillia: Huh...Depends. How would you mother do?

    Wills: Can you or can you not?

    Cecillia: Y-Yes!

    Wills:...I don't want to eat grilled chicken like my mother would do if it is not my mother who is cooking.

    Arlan: Hahaha...HAHAHAHAHAH!

    Arlan starts laughing and crying over the situation.

    Arlan: Hahaha...Oh, he really is playing with you Duchess. Let me handle this okay?

    Cecillia: S-sure.

    She steps out a looking bit disppointed, but totally frustrated from inside.

    Arlan: Hey look, you may know whatever she has in storage is a drag, but we promise you wouldn't be harmed. Hell, I do not think that is even possible.

    Wills then looks behind of him without him noticing and notices her master behind a pillar, resting his back on it. He shows his hand and gives a thumbs up, Wills then nods his head in response.

    Wills: I have one condition.

    Cecillia: Oh! Please! Tell me! I'll do everything!

    Wills: A slice of Honey Cake.


    Arlan:.....You like that as well?

    After exiting the Colosseum, Wills enters a carriage pulled by a bison alongside Cecillia and Arlan. She keeps her tough-looking face while Cecillia looks happy and Arlan a bit embarassed by the whole situation.

    Cecillia: Well, Miss Wills, should you introduce yourself? It is okay if you do not want.

    Wills: William Valentine. I'm a vigilante from Valley. That is all.

    Cecillia: Oh. I see. A vigilante. Not a job I support, but I bet you do that with the best of intentions. Do you have to send some extra money to your parents?

    Wills: My parents are dead.

    Cecillia: AH! S-Sorry. It just...A female vigilante is kind of...uncommon.

    Wills: I became a vigilante for training. How I win my earnings is not relevant.

    Arlan: Well, now forgive me if that is not appropriate, but...Is there any reason why your name is William.

    Wills: My Pa, wanted a boy you know. So the name Williams stayed on his head since I was in my mother's womb. Of course he got a little disappointed by it and called me that anyway. It is kinda sounds feminine in a way.

    Arlan:...Yeah. Robin, Ashley, Drake...There is a lot I can think of it.

    Cecillia: Anyway, can we get over the main issue?

    Wills: Go ahead Duchess.

    Cecillia: As you know Azure and Vermillion have been in an neverending war. And I do think it is already time to put an end to it.

    Wills: Easy said than done it.

    Cecillia: I am well aware of it. What concerns me most of it, is the nearby smaller regions from both kingdoms like Violetta. I feel like those areas are just as importants to the Kingdom than the castle town, if not more important. It is where the true heart of a kingdom beats it.

    Wills: What do I have to do with that?

    Cecillia: What I want you to do is to help this war. It is a recruitment for the Azure's army.

    Wills:....sigh. I should it have seen it coming it. Stop the carriage.

    Cecillia: Huh?

    Wills: There is a bakery nearby here. I will buy the cake from there.

    Cecillia: W-wait! We didn't even go to the terms yet!

    Wills: That wouldn't be necessary.

    Cecillia: No, please! How about a noble title? I can turn you into a Baroness! Or bet yet, a Countess!

    Wills: Please, do I look like someone worthy of such titles.

    Arlan: You could sell them, did you know?

    Wills: There is no prestigie or money that would make me fight for your king.

    Cecillia: W-Why?

    Wills: I will not fight for a thief that disguises himself as thief.

    Cecillia: H-Hey! You can't say that in front of a member of royalty!

    Wills: What you're gonna do then?

    Cecillia: W-Well, I....Stop the carriage.

    Wills: This is was waste of time.

    She leaves the carriage, but Cecillia calls her again, leaving her head out of the carriage's window.

    Cecillia: M-Miss Valentine. I hope we can have anothe change. Please find me near the city's exit...I hope you appear.

    Wills:...I'll think about it.

    After saying bye to each other, she went to the bakery and brought the cake. She sits on an empty seat outside and waits a few seconds. Her master blending with society sits at her side. She then hands over her prize money to him.

    PR: Keehehehe. Oh my. She is really so innocent, isn't kid?

    Wills: Was that your entire goal?

    PR: Not really. I just wanted to know if you would advanced to the next step.

    Wills: Next step.

    PR: You see, when growing up we reach to a point where our paths is divided into decisions. Things can't be done by fate all the time like that time when the river took you into me.

    Wills: Are you saying me to go along it?

    PR: I saying it now, you are an adult. You have been for quite a while. You barely need an adult like me to look at you. In fact have something to start over.

    He hands her a handful of money.

    PR: If I would give you one last advice, I would accept the Duchess' offer. It is not necessarily a bad idea, but it might lead to a good direction along the way. It is all with you kid.

    Wills:...Do you know something I do not know?

    PR: Don't ask me. I am a relatively crazy old man after all. Heehee....

    He leaves and disappears in the middle of the crowd.

    Wills:....Come to think of it, I do not know what to do from now on....Oh fuck it.

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    Chapter 2: Violetta

    Like someone who had a bad and disappointing day, Cecillia was looking down and concerned waiting at her carriage for Wills. Arlan was alongside her eating a bag of chestnuts. A Bear Guard approaches him wanting to eat the chestnuts and he moves away the bag every time he approaches.

    Arlan: It is not for you!

    Cecillia: I don't get it.

    Arlan: Yeah, right. Who knew these big fleaballs liked chestnuts.

    Cecillia: No. I, am Duchess, gave her the opportunity of a lifetime and for a greater purpose and she just throw it away.

    Arlan: Well, excuuuuuse me Duchess. I wasn't aware that going at war with a neighboring kingdom risking your life was everything everyone wanted....Get off Bear!

    Cecillia: I'm not asking her to fight a war, I am asking her to end it!

    Arlan: Different words, same meaning.

    Cecillia: *sighing* I hope Heide is doing fine out there. It has been 3 days since he went for a campaign next to Violetta.

    Arlan: Him? Don't worry about it. The only one who I think can beat him is General Lars. There is no way he can leave Vermillion and cross Valley and get into the fray at time.

    Cecillia: Hmm...I guess so.

    "I don't think so."

    By the surprise of the two, Wills was right in front of them.

    Cecillia: Ah! Miss Valentine!

    Arlan: What now? You want some hot coffee with that cake?

    Wills: I took an advice of a relatively crazy old geezer. I decided to give you a chance.

    Cecillia: R-Really? Oh my gosh! Thank you! And thank you too, unknown relatively crazy old geezer!

    Arlan: Well, what do you know? Apparently only I have the mind right on track here....Fine! You can have it.

    That bear really wanted those chestnuts.

    Cecillia: You have no idea how grateful I am Miss Valentine.

    Wills: First, just call me Wills, okay? Second, I still didn't agreed completely.

    Cecillia: Yes, yes, I see. I suposse you have the right to know the terms.

    Arlan: No one allowed me to know the terms before.

    Cecillia: That's because it is me who is doing it. Now let's rife back to Violetta!

    She "gently" pushes Wills back inside the wagon and she leaves the Kingdom alongside the cake with most happiest face that ever was and head west to Violetta.

    Arlan:....So, what did you meant back there?

    Wills: About what?

    Arlan: About Lars and Heide. What do you know about it?

    Wills: Oh! That? Well, there is a way for someone from Vermillion to get past to Valley and then to Azure faster.

    Cecillia: There...is?

    Wills: At the western part of Valley there is an underground gallery of tunnels inside the mountains in there. It has a load of White Ores in there, but it is not a place anyone would easily go and leave. At least not alone.

    Arlan: Is that so? If Vermillion knows about this, then we are screwed.

    Cecillia: Still, Valley is still far from where Heide is located it. But that was an useful piece of information Wills.

    Wills: I wouldn't advice in using those paths for any weird schemes in the future. At least, not with my permission.

    Arlan: You really like to boss around do you?

    Wills: Just making sure no one does anything stupid.

    Cecillia: I thank you for your concern. It seems even I can learn a thing or two from you. Tell me, who was your master?

    Wills: Pardon?

    Arlan: Don't tell me a young lady like you learned such a fine swordsmanship alone? That thing you pulled required proper guidance.

    Wills: Hmmm....I do believe you know about him.

    Cecillia: Really? Who was it? Was it a former kingdom's officer?

    Arlan: Well, even I am curious. Tell us.

    Wills:...You wouldn't believe it anyway.

    Cecillia: Oh, come on! You practically do not exists.

    Wills: Alright. It was The Pale Rider.

    Cecillia: I see. The Pale WHAAAAAAT?!

    The two of them almost have a heart attack.

    Arlan: Y-You mean...THAT Pale Rider? So the rumour are true? You were loafing around and just boom?

    Wills: Nope. The reality is worse than those rumours.

    Cecillia: Oh you poor little lost soul. I never knew you had a harshy childhood.

    Wills: My childhood kinda ended before I met him.

    Cecillia: No! Stop it! Stop being sad! You have to look forward at time like these!...Waaa....Waaaaaaaa!

    She cries as if she had her parents and sister taken away from her by Ice Giants out of nowhere on a single night.

    Wills:...I am not even complaining it.

    Suddenly they arrive at Violetta after a long voyage. You see, Golden Land is an enormous continent surrounded by smaller islands all around itself. So half of the land is just too much for any Kingdom. So, each of the 2 kingdoms have expanded their territories through provinces and regions outside of their lands and selecting trusty individuals to look after it.

    It is the case of Violetta. A town located it at the western region of Azure under Duchess Cecillia's guidance and it was around near this place that the White Nation was located it. One of the most famous landmarks is the Tiger's Peak, the tallest moutain of Golden Land that was once Byakko's lair. Of course, no one knows of that. The region is also filled with tigers spotting large fangs know as Sabertooth Tigers, but overall they do not cause much trouble.

    The carriage passes and Wills see the houses as the wagon follows the trail to Cecillia's mansion. She sees that each house had a Ore Plantation in front of it, but only a few had a garden filled with crops, specially on the most common-looking houses. Lamps with Vermillion Ores were spotted alongside White Ores, but just not as much.

    Wills:...Just how does the administration here works?

    Cecillia: I will explain it later.

    The wagon arrives at the mansion and they are soon greeted by a female servant.

    Servant: Duchess! Such a relief you came!

    Cecillia: What is the matter? Something happened?

    Servant: Yes! It is Prince Heide. He just returned wounded from battle.

    Cecillia: W-What?

    Arlan: Was it Lars by any chance?

    Servant:...As a matter of fact, yes it was.

    Wills:....Well, called it.

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    Chapter 3: Heide.

    Nowadays, Azure and Vermillion stands equal against each other by two factor that counter one another and those are actually two people. The Azure Prince Heide and General Lars, the Crimson Knight. If one of those would fall down in battle, their respective kingdom would surely be wiped out of the map like a tornado would tear apart a newborn tree. Everytime one of they fought you could say a major change of history was about to happen for better or worse, but neither one of them were able to kill one another but they would always leave the battle like if they had some sort of beatdown.

    Inside the Duchess Mansion in Violetta, there was a man of tall stature, very muscular body and a long black hair with bandages all over his torso wearing nothing but a pants made of leather and fur and he was doing push-ups on the floor. Not that was very healthy to do considering his conditions. Next to him there was a man with a spiky combed back hair, a mask over his mouth and wearing light clothes similar of a thief that was sharpening a short triangle-shaped sword on his steel gauntlet.

    ???: I am telling this not only as a Azure's citzen, but also because we've been partners since we were children. You do not have the luxury to die. Specially not in the battlefield.


    Attribute: White.
    Class: Rogue.

    ???: Hey, chill out a little bit there Torri. I do not have the luxury to rest specially after having my guts served to Lars of all people as well.

    Prince Heide of Azure.
    Attribute: Blue.
    Class: Warrior.
    Wielder of the Azure Sword, Jotunheim.

    Torri: Dude. First comes the rest and then it comes the warm-ups. You would have better results if you are in top form.

    Heide: Come on Torri. I am always in top form.

    Torri: That is it. Next time, I will let the enemy bleeds half of your blood before saving you.

    Heide: Don't me mean now.

    He gets in handstands and starts pushing up with one hand. Not that it would have any reason to do it, he just done it because he can do it.

    Heide: After all, I gave quite the deal at him didn't I? Besides, I couldn't let he to come near Violetta.

    Torri: To be fair, they couldn't go next the Kingdom anyway.

    Heide: But Cecillia wouldn't like it very much.

    Torri: You know you should give your kingdom priority, right prince?

    Heide: Violetta is just part of the kingdom as Azure.

    Torri:...Damnit! You're impossible.

    Well, that is why he was the prince, Torri.


    Cecillia appears shouting for his name as if she was her mother.

    Cecillia: Why weren't you on your bed resting?

    Heide: Oh. Cecillia. Long time no see.

    Cecillia: Don't go "Long time no see" to me! Look at you, you are hurt all over the place. What if a wound re-opens?

    Heide: Alright. Alright. Calm down. To be fair, I am only here because I heard you were after some people again. Did you find someone interesting?

    Cecillia: Oh. As a matter of fact, I did it, yes. And this one might be the most incredible I found it.

    Heide: Is that so? Considering the weirdos you found it, I am interested. What can you tell me about them?

    Cecillia: Her name is William Valentine. She says she was taught how to wield a sword by the Pale Rider.

    Heide: She was taught by THAT Pale Rider?

    Torri: Her name is William?

    Cecillia: Her friends call her Wills.

    Heide: I...am impressed. I gonna check her out.

    Torri: Hey, wait!

    Outside of the mansion at the main plaze, Wills eats a slice of cake, seating in a bench with a fork while Arlan eats a baked potato on the bench next to her's.


    Wills: Yeah?

    Arlan: Are you into Black Seed?

    Wills: No, but I don't judge it who is into that stuff.

    Arlan: I wish I could find someone to do seed everyday....Oh. Look who is coming.

    Heide, Torri and Cecillia appears all the three together. Wills was wearing a blue jacket with fur in the collar and sleeves with a shoulder pad on his right shoulder.

    Cecillia: Ms. Valent-I mean, Wills. This is-

    Wills: Well, if ain't the prince. What does his highness wants?

    Heide: So you are Wills....You don't look so tough to be exactly.

    Arlan: I beg to differ it. She clearly has more fighting prowess than most of the people in our army.

    Heide: Really?

    He then pushes the sword that was on his back and reveals a large sword that was blue and surrounded by a azure aura around it.

    Heide: This is Jotunheim, The Azure Sword. What do you think?

    Wills: Very...blueish. What about it?



    Heide holds Jotunheim with his 2 hands a prepares a vertical attack.

    Cecillia: Ah! No Heide!

    As soon as the strike was about to hit her, she places her fork right at his neck befoere he could finish it.


    Arlan:...Welp. I told you.

    Heide:....Heh! Hahahahaha! You are pretty good. I like you.

    Wills: I don't care about it.

    Cecillia: That was...reckless.

    The Torri takes a interesting look at the sword in her hilt.

    Torri: That blade...could it be.

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    Chapter 4: Millvark.

    There are only few artifacts and relics remains that proves the existence that there was once a Golden Land where the Gray Valley and the lands of Azure and Vermillion now stands of. One of those artifacts are the Four Swords of the Sacred Beast. Wielding one of them to their full potential require both physical and mental training and it is not everyone that are able to unleash the Ore's energy these blades posseses. Jotunheim and Ares are both national treasures of Azure and Vermillion, but Musashi and Joan were both scattered around as someone could point out.

    Back at the Mansion, Cecillia guided the fighters she found it through the corridors with Heide slapping constantly at Wills' back smiling happily as if them become fast friends. Of course that is what he thought.

    Wills: Duchess....What the hell are your liege doing it to me?

    Cecillia: Oh. Forgive him. He never had a woman swordfighter friend before.

    Heide: Hahaha! It is not about gender, it is about strenght! Isn't that right Torri?

    Torri: Leave me out of this.

    The five of them arrives on a room with a large rectangular table with two people sitting on the chairs around it. A slender man wearing a monk's robe spotting a red hair with a noodle at the end of the front and a young-looking woman with a small build and long hair that was locked in a ring form at the right wearing clothers made of fur and metal. The man stares at Cecillia with a stern-looking face, but speaks with a gently tone.

    ???: Duchess. You sure took your time. Did you take a time to purify yours and their sins?

    Class: Healer.
    Attribute: White.
    He is pretty attractive for a wandering monk.

    Wills: One of these mountain monks, huh? I guess it makes sense since they are from these parts.

    Chatra: You...I do not know. May I know your name?

    Wills: William Valentine. Friends call me Wills...If I had some.

    Chatra: Ah, but of course. It is nice to meet and see you again...Wills.

    Wills: What? We never met before.

    Chatra: Perhaps not in this life, but maybe in another one or two. I can see you are of the White Attribute just as me. We may be very distance cousins.

    Wills: I doubt it. I was raised in Valley.

    Chatra: I see...raised between in the very border that separates the 2 great kingdoms like a soul lost in limbo wandering where is their correct afterlife.

    Wills:...Did he offended me? I can't tell.

    Cecillia: Don't bother with that. He is...deep. You will get used to it. His healing and support arts are top notch, so he will be an important asset.

    ???: Hmmm....Is that it? Only us seven? To be fair, I was expecting more tough looking guys.

    Clair Britton.
    Class: Bison Rider.
    Attribute: Black, Blue.
    Her stead is named Cookie.

    Arlan: I am a captain of the Dragon Army and the Prince of Azure is here, but whatever.

    Clair: Give me a break Arlan! We all know your father is still captain because you are a failure.

    Arlan: That was uncalled for, but I can't say otherwise.

    Wills: Well, it seems your "talent scouting" has been kinda underwhelming hasn't it?

    Cecillia: Actually it has been just you. She was part of Heide's unity during the attack. She herself is a full accomplished soldier.

    Clair: Duchess! You can't address Prince Heide's name so casually.

    Heide: Easy Clair. In the battlefield, royal titles doesn't mean that much.

    Clair: Even so! At least call it Sir Heide!

    Wills: To be fair, he does not strike me as Sir, Lord and much less Your Higness.

    Torri: True.

    Clair: What?! Grrrrr! That is what you get for walking among slum rats, Prince Heide.

    Heide: Aren't you a slum rat as well?

    Clair: I am a commoner, but not that low as one!

    Wills: Can we skip to the part that concerns why all of us are here in the first place?

    Cecillia: By all means. Please take a seat everyone.

    They sit down on their chairs and Cecillia sits on the very far chair of the table.

    Cecillia: Well then, the reason why I called all of you here is because I wish to form a specialized team of sorts. I wish it could be a little more ample, but I am kinda out of time. Does anyone knows about Millvark?

    Wills: The closest colony of Vermillion next to Valley isn't it? Also the most fortified because of the location and the fact it has a Synthesizer.

    Clair: Synthe-what?

    Chatra: It is commonly called Boiler.

    Cecillia: I wish for a full frontal attack into that colony. And that we seven on the vanguard. That is the plan in a nutshell.

    Wills:...That is a very casual way to order us to die.

    Cecillia: I know it sounds crazy, but-

    Clair: It is insane! You expect us to go in there and throw our lives by facing a whole army?! What are we some sort of...Suicide Team?

    Arlan: Didn't you mean-

    Don't say it!


    Cecillia: I know it seems hard, but we are desperate right now. In fact, I will leave for you guys to choose. We never had the idea of taking out Millvark, but when you think about it it is a risky, but efficient plan. Taking over that colony for us, it would mean we would have no reason to fight for Ores anymore. We can't deploy a large army to take it out, but I am sure that us seven can make some difference.

    Torri:...She may be right.

    Clair: Huh? Why do you say that?

    Torri: As you know, Prince Heide have the Azure Sword, Jotunheim.

    Arlan: So? As powerful as it is, Vermillion has General Lars which by the way is the wielder of the Vermillion Sword, Ares.

    Torri: It is most likely Lars will be returning back to Vermillion at this point.

    Arlan: And? By the time we take over Millvark, they surely will come back.

    Torri: And by the time we will have her.

    He points at Wills.

    Clair: Her? What is so good at her?

    Torri: Wills, isn't it? Tell me....Is that sword by any chance the White Sword Musashi?

    Arlam: W-What?

    Wills: Oh. Yes, it is.

    She unsheats her sword halfway and shows the white glow of the blade.

    Cecillia: Eh.....EEEEEEEEEEH?!

    Clair: I-Impossible! How you of all people have one of the 4 Sacred Swords?!

    Cecillia: Mostly important, why didn't you told us you had Musashi?!

    Wills:...You guys never asked about it.

    Arlan: Why would we asked that?!

    Torri: Anyway, 2 swords are better than 1, right? And Vermillion does not know about it.

    Chatra: I see. Before deceiving your enemies, you have to deceive your friends.

    Torri:...A good quote, but not exactly appopriated.

    Heide: Hey, this rocks! With 2 swordfighters wielding 2 sacred swords we can actually pull this out, don't we?

    Wills:...Not so fast.

    Cecillia: Huh? Is somethig the matter?

    Wills: I am still not convinced.

    Wills acts like she is the boss in the own Duchess' house.

    Wills: Let's say we succeed in it and conquer Millvark. Than what? We just take the place and wait for Vermillion to take it back again?

    Cecillia: It does not need to take forever. I studied some documents back in Constance about Boilers. We can just take the Boiler here in Violetta. We have enough energy for create Vermillion Ores and in a matter of years, we could-

    Wills: Do you have any idea how many Millvark would lose it with this? How many people would lose part of their lifes? And I know your King would not stop only at Millvark.

    Cecillia: All of those are mere speculations! With the right admininstration, we could-

    Wills: You are being too full of yourself Duchess! By the time Millvark is taken by Azure, not only King Fier would retaliate, but so will King Basilisk. Think about it, do you think Vermillion wouldn't stopped the war at this point by offering letting Azure build a Boiler for themselves.

    Cecillia: You don't know how Boilers works! They are ancient relics! Vermillion itself only have 3 of those! I already prepared the settings for one, so-

    Wills: I am a from Valley, remember? Do you have any idea how is is to grow between 2 nations at war?

    Cecillia:....I...Believe so.

    Wills: No, you don't. I've seen towns being stolen. Towns turning into prisons. Towns being burned so their enemies wouldn't restock. As if we didn't matter. Only Constance had the guts to fight back. Now tell me...Why would I fight for Azure? How are you different from Vermillion?

    The two look at each other like as if one of them would kill each other with a fast shot.

    Chatra: Duchess. I volunteered for my own reasons, but I do agree with her reasons. A soul wandering without proper guidance...does not stop at a peaceful place.

    Cecillia:....Wil...Ms.Valentine. Would you please accompany me?

    Wills: Sure.

    Cecillia takes Wills to outside of the mansion.

    Clair: What was that all about it?

    Heide: Yeah. Why care about those details?

    Torri: If you do not understand about it, then I suggest you quit being King one day.

    Clair: What the? How dare you?!

    Heide: It is fine. I just need to know her better, right?

    "knock! knock!"

    Arlan: Hmm? Hey Torri, isn't your owl?

    There was an owl with an iron mask in the window wanting to enter. Arlan opens the window and lands on Torri's shoulders carrying a letter.

    Torri: Ooooh. Leaked Information!

    Heide: You have an informant?

    Torri: Sure. You do think there is no spies in Azure as well?

    Heide:...Are you a spy?

    Torri: No.

    Heide: Fine.

    Arlan: Good thing we have Torri.

    Torri then checks out the content of the letter and keeps the calm face.

    Torri:...Heide, come with me.

    Heide: Sure.

    The two moves to a isolated location. Torri checks around in every corner for risks of eavesdropping. Heide of course notices it was something serious.

    Heide: So, what is it?

    Torri: We have...potential bad news here.

    Heide: I knew it. What is it this time? Somethig at the east? an aerial strike? Or they are coming back to Violetta.

    Torri: It seems Vermillion made contact with a very infamous fellow.

    Heide:...I'm listening.

    Torri: It is the one and only King of the Sea Thieves, Captain Wave Roberts.

    Heide: Captain Roberts...Why would Vermillion made contact with him? Are you sure it wan't arrested it?

    Torri: You see...I didn't want to tell you this, but....Wave is no mere pirate, I tell you.

    Heide: That much is obvious.

    Torri: And the reason is....He is the wielder of the Black Sword, Joan.

    Heide: What?!

    Torri: Heide. This information cannot spread to Cecillia or anyone else, understand?!

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    Chapter 5: General Lars.

    Violetta was a large province that extended from the Duchess' mansion at the top of a small hill to the houses down below. The houses were about the same size as each other. And most of all the people living in there faced the same problems together. Cecillia and Wills were taking a long walk around the streets. Every single villager was inside their houses, because it was very late and it was cold as hell. Wills was not having many trouble with the cold despite the lack of warm clothes.

    Wills: Boy, sure is lively around here.

    Cecillia: Would you please take this seriously for just a second?

    Wills: Several seconds had passed and if I had a time to take seriously then I already took it.

    Cecillia: Yeah. Of course you did it....We're here.

    The two of them passes through a rundown house that certainly saw better days. It was abandoned of course. No one could pass a single night inside without dying of freezing. In front of the house, what it was supossed to be a plantation with a few dead crops. Around the house, an abundance of Blue and White Ores.

    Cecillia: See those. No one ever bothered taking these for themselves.

    Wills: It is unfortunate. Those Blue Ores could be of use.

    Cecillia: We have just too many already. But what we can get from those is just too few. The number of games we can hunt had decreased and we need to pay taxes for Azure somehow. Tell me. Do you know how much time passed since the family living here got away?

    Wills: I say 2 year at best.

    Cecillia:...Try last week.

    Wills:...R-Really? It is really this bad?

    Cecillia: And is not only here. Tomorrow is that one. And maybe that one as well. And not just in Violetta.

    Wills:...Where did they go?

    Cecillia: In Valley, probably. I don't know if them are alive. The people in this house...I knew them for very long. I am very close to every single person living here. They are all my brothers and sisters. And seeing them going away that easily is so...underwhelming.

    Wills:...I get the feeling.

    Cecillia: William...If you refuse to fight for King Basilisk, I understand. But instead of fighting for him, then fight for them. The people who struggle to live every single day, just so that they can live the other day. Is the only reason you swing your blade profit? To take down outlaws and taking their bounty? I know it is more. The White Sword Musashi would not be used by someone like that. So I ask...I beg of you. Lend us Musashi's blade at least once!

    Wills sees in Cecillia's eyes a gaze she forgot long ago. It was the eyes that reminds her of Whyat, her sister perished long ago. Whyat was a child full of life and youth. She had all the life ahead of her, but was taken away so fast. Cecillia is facing a totally opposite situation, but the flame of life still burns the same intensity.

    Wills:...One time. We take Millvark and see how things turns out.

    Cecillia: R-Really?

    Wills: Really.

    Cecillia:...Thank you....Thank you! Waaa...Waaaaaa!!!

    She holds her hand and starts to cry waterfalls.

    Wills:...You need to learn how to control your emotions.

    Meanwhile, somewhere in Valley, near the border from Vermillion, the soldiers of General Lars mounted a camp after retreating for their battle against Heide. inside the biggest tent, a war council was happening and the military heads were attending around a table.

    ???: Hey, Andersoooon!!!

    A man wearing a dark red knight armor with a bright-red hair that reminded of a bonfire shouted at a long-haired with a trident sitting far away from him.

    ???: Where is your brother?! We are having a war meeting here?!

    General Lars Niod.
    Class: Crimsom Knight.
    Atribute: Vermillion.
    Wielder of the Vermillion Sword, Ares.

    Anderson: I think he went to Millvark, Sir Lars.

    Class: Halberdier.
    Attribute: Blue, White.
    He is kind of plain.

    Lars: What do you mean he went to Millvark?!

    Anderson: Well, he kinda just went there without warning you because he is the best rider of all Vermillion and his horse is a fire unicorn, so there you have it.

    Lars: And you let him go?!

    Anderson: I wasn't given an order to stop him or anyone to leave.

    Lars: You shitty useless ass soldier! You don't need an order to stop this whole army to fall apart!

    ???: Well, to be fair...

    Spoke a man with a slicked black hair wearing dark robes.

    ???: I do not think he would listen to whatever you would say, sir.

    Class: Caster.
    Attirbute: Black.
    Master of the Dark Arts and Dark Lore Expert.

    Lars: Damnit Arkmedes! We are talking about serious stuff here! We didn't managed to pass through Heide and I want to lecture all of you useless maggots for your failure, because it was all your fault for being imcompetents unlike me!

    Anderson: Was it that bad? We managed to repel them back to Violetta so mission accomplished. It is not our fault you didn't managed to kill the guy no one else can touch it except you.

    Lars: It is not a true victory if we let him walk away alive! Specially if I get stabbed in the back! Where were you guys when that happened, huh?! Now we have to go back to Vermillion and wait them to come back! And where is the White Arrow when we most need her?!

    Arkmedes: Stationed in Millvark as her sister ordened.

    Lars: Damnit Nichole! Always doing whatever the fuck you want!

    ???: I have told you to leave my sister out of this numerous time and I have Princess Fionne's support on this!

    Shouted a red-haired woman with a ponytail on the left on her head wearing an orange and red armour!

    Nichole Redfeather.
    Class: Hawk Rider.
    Attribute: Vermillion, White.
    Your typical Ace genius flier and likes a certain something.

    Lars: And as always, bringing Princess Fionne to defend against me! That is enough!

    ???: If all this is to give us a lecture until we die, then why didn't you called Crazy Don?

    Spoke a large man covered in a pitch black armor carrying a shield shaped like a turtle shell.

    Class: Defender.
    Attribute: Black.
    Strongest Man of all Vermillion. He never takes out the helmet.

    Lars: It is Crazy Don we are talking about here! I can't shout at him without he starting to break everythi-

    "Where is my father?!"

    A man with a hair that was lifted all the way to the very top wearing a sash on his forehead wielding a morning star enters in the room breaking everything.

    Donny, better know as Crazy Don.
    Class: Warrior.
    Attribute: White and Black.
    Had a very difficult childhood.

    Don: Someone love meeeeee!

    He swings his mace around and almost hit General Lars.

    Lars: Arrrrgh! Really?! That is what we getting when we skip breakfast. Hold on people....

    He picks up a red longsword that was on his waist that emits a fiery aura around it.

    Lars: I deal with this! Aaaaaaaah!

    Lars then tries to restrain Don as everyone just watches it.

    Anderson: Why every meeting have to end with him pulling Ares?....Hey Nichole, why are you looking so down?

    Nichole: I just wanna go to Millvark. I wanna pick up my little sister in there.

    Anderson: Great. Is there anyone that wanna go to Millvark as well?

    Geijin: Me.

    Anderson: Why?

    Geijin: No real reason.

    Anderson: Can someone please give General a reason to go back to Vermillion.

    "My Lord!"

    A messanger from Vermillion appears before them.

    Lars: What is it?!

    Lars shouts while locking Don in a headlock.

    Messanger: You are ordened by King Fier to return to Vermillion. There is a matter to be discussed in there.

    Lars: What matter?!

    Messanger: It is about Wave Roberts. He will start serving you as a communitary service.

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    Chapter 6: Morganna.

    Between Valley and Azure, there is a river that separates a good part of their territories. Azure is all a frozen wasteland near Valley, but in the winter, part of the river freezes over and Valley is more acessible and in a certain extent to Vermillion. It is the winter that both the kingdoms starts unleashing their most brutal attacks at each other to the point both of them would dub the winter as Death Season. Wills and the rest were travelling for an entire day to reach Valley with Claire riding her bison and the rest in a sled carriage pulled by another bison. Arlan had gone ahead to join another group of soldiers from his tribe because he was the only one of them that had a dragon.

    They soon reach the snowy part of Valley and leave the carriage and heads up to the rocky terrain to rendezvous with Arlan and the others.

    Cecillia: So Wills, do you know the layout of this area in general?

    Wills: I know a lot. The way General Lars passed through is not very far from here.

    Torri: Should we follow it then?

    Wills: Bad idea. They might have put some traps in there. Fortunately, I know a quicker path.

    Heide: Is that so? Valley is way bigger than I thought.

    Wills: Hey, what is the monk guy doing it?

    She points at Chatra reciting a satura. he has been doing that for a while, but just now she notices it.

    Torri: Oh? He is praying for our salvation.

    Wills: For who?

    Torri: The White Tiger Byakko, I believe it.

    Wills:...I do not need to rely on faith.

    Cecillia: Actually he is doing that for the enemy as well.

    Wills: Okay, that seems contradictory.

    Claire: I think I can clarify this. He is praying that we all have a peaceful afterlife. He is not really for we to not die.

    Wills: Oh...I appreciate that then.

    Cecillia: But please, focus on staying alive. We may have a need for your services after all of this.

    Wills: You know, I almost forgot about something important.

    Cecillia: What is it?

    Wills: You don't seem to care about your Nobility position at all like most people. If it is the well-being of your people that concerns you, then why don't accept help from Grand Duke Jabberwork. Apparently he has been the main source of Vermillion Ores lately.

    Cecillia: Ah! No! I could never do that!

    Wills: Why? Is it because you are too prideful about it?

    Cecillia: N-No!

    Heide: Is it because you dislike him? I don't like his face either.

    Cecillia: Also no...I mean, it is kinda like that. but no. You see aside as being one of the 3 Great Drakes, he is the second-most powerful man of all Azure after King Basilisk. In fact, he is the one who inspect all of the provinces of Azure and their management. If we are into a corner we ask for his support, but once we do that, the price is...quite heavy.

    Wills: How so?

    Torri: He is a weird one. It is not an extra tax or anything, just additional recruits. Men, women, children, anything. Rumours says that those people never come back.

    Wills: And are those true?

    Torri: Well...we see the army growing each day, so it might be true. I don't see those soldiers going back home very often though. Anyway, only Violetta and Purpura aren't under Jabberwork's special support.

    Cecillia: For me that is worse than die of freeze. No one in Violetta wants that! I have to do something before he comes next week. That is why I am in a hurry.

    Wills: I guess you are more desperate than I ever imagined it. I may have judged you badly.

    Cecillia: To be fair I am not very safe about all of this.

    Claire: Yo! We are here.

    They arrive at a camp full of riders and their dragons. It was like some sort of Dragon-Con.

    Wills: Woah. I never saw so many riders. Are all those from the Drakko Tribe?

    Heide: Yeah. And that is only a fraction of them. Even though he is a captain, his father does not trust more than 300 men.

    Wills: 300 Dragon Riders...Is that all we have?

    Cecillia: We were supossed to have bison riders and other warriors, but-

    Wills: That will do.

    Cecillia: Really?

    Wills: Yeah. Yeah. Just where is that damn Arlan anyway? Hey! You! Where is your useless-looking slacker captain?

    Rider: Uuhhh...I think he is arguing with Morganna up there.

    Wills: Who the fuck is Morganna?

    Heide: You...will see.

    They wander to the place the rider pointed and finds Arlan discussing with a dragon as if they were father and daughter.
    Arlan: Okay, look. I am not saying you can't find a man on your own. But that lizard excuse of a dragon from last week was not up your standards!

    Dragon: Groooooa!

    Arlan: What do you mean my standards?! And what do you mean they are high?!

    Dragon: Groooa.

    Arlan: No! The fact that I am single have nothing to do with it!

    Dragon: Groooooa!

    Arlan: I am thinking about your lineage here! Do you wanna have babies that can barely spit an ember?! Have you seen how dull the scales of that oversized gecko were? Is that really your type of guy?!

    Dragon: Groooa!

    The dragon twists her wings and turns back her face with disgust.

    Arlan: Hey! Look at me young lady! I am trying to help you here!

    Wills: Am I interrupting something?

    Arlan: Oh. You guys are here. Wills, this is Morganna. She is my..."trusty" stead.

    Wills: Why did you said trusty in an sarcastic tone?

    Arlan: Weeell, because this flying mule with scales do not trust me when I say that she is too good for most of her boyfriends!

    Chatra: But Captain Arlan, even dragons get old and are young only once in their lifetime. She is merely living her springtime of youth.

    Arlan: You of all people shouldn't be discussing those sort of stuff!

    Claire: It is still true. You men do not understand how a maiden's heart works.

    Arlan: Oho! Sorry! I just don't wanna see a bunch of eggs suddenly in her nest and then from inside it, comes a bunch of dragons born with weak wings or lack of proper scales or even worse, spitting lightning instead of fire!

    Heide: That is racist, man.

    Wills: Leaving Arlan's parenting skills aside, are those troops skilled enough to fly around this place?

    Arlan: Huh? Oh. Yeah. Probably. If they can tame a dragon, they can travel anywhere.

    Wills: Are you familiar to that region full of volcanic ashes?

    Arlan: Yes and no. That is the only place we didn't go here.

    Wills: Good. Because you are all gonna go there for the first time.

    Arlan: A-Are you seriously? I mean, dragons can go there easy, but humans...

    Wills: I am human ain't I? Why would I suggest we going there if I believe myself couldn't it?

    Arlan:....Good point.

    Cecillia: What is that place exactly?

    Wills: Here we call the Vulture Pass. Vultures passes there to go to regions filled with corpses and decay.

    Torri: I wonder why....

    Arlan: So we really doing this? I thought you all gonna have second thoughts, but I just realized life is unfair. Anyway Wills, you could call your master for help.

    Claire: Her master?

    Wills: He isn't the kind of guy who would help a child, much less an adult. I don't think he would care if I die or live being honest...

    Heide: Wow. What a douche.

    Wills: Whoch is weird considering he knows where I am and he is pretty much watching us right now. I think I heard his horse's gallops a while back.

    Claire: He is what?!

    Cecillia: Eeep! Now I am more scared being here than being in Millvark now.

    Chatra: Does not matter. Everyone's action is being watched anyway.

    Heide: Wait, what?! Why didn't you told me? Sorry, Mr. Pale Rider! I don't think you're a douche at all!

    Claire: Whaaaat?! The Pale Rider?! Her master is the Pale Rider? That is a load of bullshit! The Pale Rider doesn not exists! It is just a myth!

    Wills: Well, then I guess you wouldn't mind if he sneaks up at night and kidnap you thinking you are a child loafing around after calling him that.

    Claire:....Cookie. You are sleeping with me tonight.

    Cookie: Mooooo.

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    Chapter 7: Passing through.

    After resting the night on the middle of Valley, Wills guided the whole army into the base of a pass thorugh the mountain. From there you could see a dark gray cloud coming from Vermillion. It was volcanic smoke from very far away just nearby Millvark. Because of that, it wasn't the most popular place to pass through Valley since the smoke was sort of uncomfortable. Also, nobody knew that Wills had an indirect approach when crossing the place. And by indirect, I mean very unorthodox and unpredictable.

    Arlan: I do not think most of us will be able to endure that.

    Wills: It is fine....It not all of us who will pass through.

    Arlan: Eh? What do you mean?

    Wills: 20.

    Arlan: What?

    Wills: You know which dragons are the better, right? Pick the 20 best dragons of these 300 and we go to Millvark.

    Claire:...Did I heard that right? You saying we must take over Millvark with only 20 Dragon Riders?

    Wills: Yeah, that is pretty much it.

    Claire: Are you trying to kill us?! Do you ever know how well guarded Millvark is?!

    Wills: Sure. I used to go there for summer vacation.

    Claire: Then tell me. How do you think 20 dragons can take over Millvark?!

    Wills: Good question. The answer is procced with the plan and find out how.

    Claire: Yoooou....

    She then picks up her axe and prepares to swing at her.

    Cecillia: Wait! Let me have a word on this. Miss Wills, I might had given you some sort of freedom of this campaign, but taking over a colony like Millvark with these many people is anything but impossible. Also, I can't see how this path is faster than any other path nearby here.

    Wills: It seems you do not know very well of warfare don't you duchess? Sure, numbers might help, but what bring your victory is what kind of soldiers you bring.

    Torri: Still, pretty reckless move.

    Wills: Wasn't this a suicide mission in the first place?

    Arlan: She got us in this one Cecillia.

    Heide: Haha! I am liking this babble talk to be honest. Alright, let play her game.

    Claire: But...Prince Heide! We can't put your and our lives in danger because of whatever happens in her twisted mind!

    Wills: Okay, so how about this? Either die in Millvark...or die on the way back. Because the Pale Rider hates adult cowards.

    Claire: T-That is a joke! I do not believe about the Pale Rider whatsoever!

    Wills: Believe me or not it wouldn't matter. Because by the time you leave our sights, it is a sight of a horseman with the thirsty for blood that you will be seeing. So if you wanna live a few more hours, climb with us.

    Claire:....Urgh! This is so frustrating! Fine, I will!

    Chatra: Being doomed with nothing but death in any path available...that is the very concept of life.

    Torri: Not now, monk.

    Wills: Alright, order the remaining 280 to get to the other path. Not that I would need them, but...before they even get to us, Millvark will be already fallen.

    She then leads the way looking confident.

    Cecillia: I am starting to have second thoughts about all of this, but...it is for the good of Violetta nd Azure.

    Heide then have a whispering conversation with Torri.

    Heide: Are you sure we should keep all of that thing about Wave in secret.

    Torri: We cannot disppoint the Duchess. Also, if she says she can take out Millvark that fast...I don't think it would be an issue for now.
    After a whole lot of climbing a straight pass they reach a point where the smoke is just above them like clouds and ashes would fall from above it.

    Wills: Okay...this is good.

    She examines the ground and picks up a strange black and red sand.

    Arlan: Miss Valentine?

    Wills: Yo, Arlan. Order your boys to collect as much as this.

    Arlan: Hm? Why?

    Wills: Because I said it so. I will not leave it here until I am satisfied.

    Arlan: Fine. You sound just like my father. Alright, boys. You heard the lady. Pick up the ashen goods.

    After the riders pick up the necessary ammount in bags, which was a lot by the way, Torri then examines the ashes themselves.

    Torri: (Those are...Ore Ashes....Black and Red...These are almost useless on their own...what is she thinking?)

    Wills: Alright, thanks for the hard work fellas. As a reward...how about a ride, kiddos.

    She then goes to a rock wall and gives a kick it forming a passage of sorts.

    Wills:...By the way, this place is a secret. Tell someone and Pale Rider at you.

    Arlan: You really like to bring up his name to your advantage, don't you?

    Wills: I am telling this for your sake. As I told you, he is usually watching me after all. And since you are with me....You bet he is gonne have an idea of who spilled the beans.

    After warning them, she enters the tunnel and one of the riders speaks to Arlan.

    Rider: Sir, for once Valley became a worse place for us to be than Vermillion.

    Arlan: Took the words out of my mouth.

    After travelling through the tunnel they discover an abandoned facility that reminded a mine. In fact, it was full of White Ore in there. As further as then procced, they reach an area full of crates and it has what appeared to be a train with 2 cargos attached. Wills then picked 2 of the crates. One containing the same ashes from outside and one with some sort of yellow paper cilinders.

    Heide: What is this big iron thing?

    Wills: A Train.

    Torri: The fuck is a train?

    Wills: You will see. Yo, big guy. Carry this inside the train.

    Heide: Sure.

    Claire: Prince Heide! You aren't supossed to do manual labour like a mule.

    Heide: I like to lift weight. Makes your gain more muscle mass.

    Torri: Ignore it. As long as he is happy.

    Wills: Everyone else enter inside those 2 cargos with your steads. And hold it tight.

    Then Wills alongside Cecillia and the others enter the train. Then Wills pick up a shovel and fills up the boiler with the ashes from the crater.

    Heide: What are you doing?

    Wills: Filling the boiler.

    Cecillia: What? That is a boiler?!

    Wills: Not THAT kind of boiler. Now duchess, you brought a lamp with white ore, right?

    Cecillia: Yes.

    Wills: Would you please charge a white burst?

    Cecillia: Uh...sure.

    She picks up a lamp containing white and blue ores and the lamp glows. Cecillia's hand then emmits a white spark and she shoots a lightning bolt out of his palm electrfying the boiler. Then inside the boiler starts to burn with fire and the train starts to move.

    Claire: W-What? We are moving.

    Wills: Everyone hold it tight.

    She speaks lying with her back on the train wall with her arms crossed as if everything is gonna be fine. Like a badass woman.

    Torri: Why? It is not seem that-

    Then the train starts to go faster and goes down a trail goinf downwards and spiral like a rollercoaster.

    Cecillia: Kyaaaaaa!

    Clair: Gaaaaah! Get me out of here!

    Heide: Woooohooo!

    Heide was lifting his arms with enjoyment.

    Chatra: Don't worry my friends. I will make sure our way to the afterlife will be peaceful. Unless someone have too many sins to pays.

    Arlan: Well, I ain't exactly a nice guy so...

    The train then passes through a series of tunnels inside the mountain and more and more gets closer to Vermillion.

    Wills:....Let's see....About 1 more hour.

    Arlan: Ah, fuck no!

    One hour later, they reach the end of the line and the train stops. Claire was the first to leave the train kissing the ground.

    Claire: Land! Sweet Land! *kiss* I will never leave you behind!

    Arlan: Uuurgh...I feel bad....

    Heide then leaves like a kid who just happened to have best time.

    Heide: Wooo! Yeah! Alright! Who wanna a second ride?!

    The riders all came out of the cargo almost dead.

    Rider: Uuuurh....You suck at trusting people captain.

    Arlan: Ah, come on. It is no worse than the aerial maneuvers we practiced. Anyway, do you have some hot water?

    Rider: Oh! Here.

    He delivers an iron teapot and a wooden cup. He puts some hot water in the cup and Arlan puts some sort of seed in the water turning into some sort of tea with a very strong smell. He then drinks all in one gulp.

    Arlan: Oooooh....That is good shit!

    Wills: You really should get rid of that Black Seed.

    Cecillia then exits a bit dizzy.

    Cecillia: Oooooh...

    Wills: You alright duchess.

    Cecillia: Y-Yeah....

    She then takes a look at the train.

    Cecillia: A-Amazing...No...Phenomenal....Wills, just what is this? How I never saw one of those..trains?

    Wills: It is something that was lost aeons ago. Not ask how. It was my master who knew about it. Apparently it was used to move to one way to other fast. Like we did it now. See that exit over there? You can see Millvark from there.

    Cecillia: I see...I can't believe it this was lost.

    She then passes her hand around the train with delight.

    Cecillia: It looks new, but it is a relic. With something like this, we could transport people, ores, food and all kinds of stuff with so much ease. We took a few hours what would take days to get to Vermillion. Wills! Do you have some sort of blueprint?! Scrolls?! Anything?! I wanna build it as soon as I can!

    Wills: Even if I had, I would not share it with how things are. This is already in a very strategic position. I just here for taking Millvark and just that.

    Cecillia: I...understand.

    She gives a disppointed look.

    Wills: Well then...It is better for you guys to put yourselves together.

    She then picks the crater containing the cylinders and the sacks containing the ashes.

    Wills: In less than an hour...I will take Millvark.

    Info: 3 Great Drakes.

    Under King Basilisk rule, there are 3 powerful figures that controls 3 areas of power in the entire Kingdom of Azure. Military Affairs, Political Management and Ore Production. These three powers are most of times related to one another and their actions often influences one or other. Captain Leviathan Hedr, father of Arlan, is the supreme overseer of Azure's army as well the chieftain of the Drakko Tribe at the east of Azure on the province of Purpura. His dragon Demitri, happens to be also Morganna's father and unlike her, he is pretty docile by nature, but really tough. Grand Duke Jabberwork is the second most influent man after King Basilisk himself and also happens to be chief strategist. He gives his support to the regions outside of Azure for more manpower. Because of his connection with a supply of Vermillion Ores in Valley, his help is hardly declined. And lastly, Ore Master Naga who takes account of all the Ore produced and brought into the kingdom. You could say he was the one responsible for the taxes of the Kingdom since Ores are the most valuable resource for all of the activities. He is also a great researcher on Ore's Powers and became the most powerful magic caster of the Kingdom because of that.

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    Chapter 8: Assault.

    Millvark was just in sight. The terrain around was similar to that of Valley with a jungle a few kilometers ahead of it. The colony was a giant stronghold by itself. The city was surrounded by four massive thick walls from both sides. In each of these walls, there were a line of ballistas ready to shoot anything that could come nearby. And to add, there were numerous camps all around the outside area filled with thousands of soldiers. Wills and her group were seeing the town from far away at a nearby hill. Cecillia was getting afraid by just seeing it.

    Cecillia: Wow. I can't believe it I was thinking of getting this close.

    Wills: Yeah, we should go closer. It is just too small from here.

    Claire: Are you nuts?! It would be a miracle you walk a few steps close and do not be shot!

    Wills: Well, whatever. Everyone got their gear ready?

    Arlan: Uh...yeah. But how is this smelly thing help anyway?

    He holds pne of the cylinder things Wills gave them.

    Wills: I will give you all a demonstration later on. When I give the signal, you rush it Heide.

    Heide: Oh yeah, about that. What is the signal?

    Wills: You will know when it happens.

    Torri: Your way to do things is kinda annoying me.

    Wills: One last thing. Duchess...

    Cecillia: Yes?

    Wills: I think there is no turning back now, isn't it? Now tell me, seeing Millvark right now, how do you feel about bringing only 300 Dragon Riders to take that scary-looking fortress and risking your prince's life in the process?

    Cecillia: Well, when you put in that way makes me feel like a despearate jerk.

    Wills: Well, and how do you feel that you will be able to succeed with only 20 because you have me?

    Cecillia: If what you say is true then I will be relieved.

    Wills: Good! Because I want you to know just one thing. Right now, I am a sword. YOUR sword. And a sword alone does not kill without anyone waving it, right?

    Cecillia: What is your point?

    Wills: My point is, every single man that is gonna lose their lifes by my me and any other that will die because of my actions...will be your responsability. You better be able to deal with that from the future.


    Wills: Good! Well then, better start this soon.

    Torri: Wait! Just a moment. Can you at least tell us what you're gonna do about the artillery.

    Wills: That? Well, I guess I will just have to pass those vanguards and then climb those walls...and get rid of them. Yeah. That is a good plan.

    Torri: You seriously?

    Arlan: About that...she told me already.

    Wills then goes alone to Millvark ready to execute her plan. She then approach next to the soldiers whistling and walking calmly as if she was taking a walk at the park. The soldiers don't notice her until she is close. By that she picks one of the cylinders and lights the wick at the top at a nearby torch in the camp.

    Soldier: Hmm? Hey, who is that?

    She then tosses the burning cylinder at one of the soldiers that catches it. Then the cylinder explodes leaving a massive tower of fire and smokes.

    "Holy F-"

    Wills then decapitates a soldier in a flash.

    Wills: Now then...let's get this party started.

    She throws several other of her bombs, lighting them with the flames of the first explosion. She storage plenty of those in her clothes somehow.

    Wills: Boom!

    The bombs all exploded and the field bacame filled with smoke. The explosion was so big, that her allies behind could see it.

    Clair: What kind of sorcery was that?!


    Heide: Yeah?

    Torri: I think those are the signal.

    Heide: Oh...Oh! Right. Time to charge it!

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    Chapter 9: They are going down.


    As soon as Wills made her move, the start of Millvark's downfall was set in motion. From afar from them, right at a upper area in Valley, the Pale Rider watches everything going on with a small telescope. He saw Wills making his move and the soldiers standing in the vanguard reacting to that sudden attack, because let's face it. Who elde wouldn't be surprised if a woman dressed like a rancher didn't just starting bomb the shit out of everything.

    Pale Rider: Hehehehe...That is right....The first impression is the most important. No one would expect a crazy girl to just destroy everything out of nowhere.

    He then changes his point of view to Heide and the others making their moves.

    Pale Rider: Alright. Everything is in motion...now let's see how you do now.

    He changes back to Wills. She starts to slay the soldiers in the middle of the smoke in a flash. The soldiers gets terrified by the scenery.

    "What is she? The reaper herself?"

    "Shoot her!"

    The archers shoots a barrage of arrows, but Wills grabs one soldier and uses him like a meat shield.

    Wills: Predictable.

    He then shoots another of her bombs at them and after it explodes, she cuts them all.

    Pale Rider: Heh! Stupid fools. Just because you were ready for whole army of Azure, that does not includes a crazy woman wielding one of the Four Swords.

    Wills then looks behind and smirks. She then starts running tossing more bombs the took from under his hat.

    "Where does she take those infernal things?!"

    Pale Rider: Hehehehe...She has so many pockets in that outfit. Also...Excelent timing.

    In the middle of the smoke that covered the entire battlefield a wave of ice attacked the soldiers. It was Heide that delivered an attack by striking Jotunheim into the ground.

    "Is that...Prince Hei-GWAA!"

    Claire then tackles some of the soldiers with Cookie striking with her axe and Torri sneaks behind them and quick finishes them with his white short sword.

    Torri: This smell...So that how it is.

    Claire: What?

    Torri: Slyfarium. It is a resin that comes from from volcanic areas and it is know for being a little flamable. But if you mix with the ashes of Vermillion Ores for burn and Black Ores for strenght, you get a pretty powerful explosive.

    Claire: How did she know of that? And how did you know of that and never told about it?

    Torri: Because I didn't knew that Sylpharium could come from ashes. Usually it is a transparent liquid in the ground.

    Heide: Graaaah!

    Heide delivers a powerful swing that slays 3 soldiers at the same time.

    Heide: I don't really like this.

    Chatra: How so, my prince?

    Heide: Everything is becoming too easy you know. But what is more concerning is...how much of her life she is risking for this to succed.

    Chatra: Do not worry. I already prayed enough that she and the rest of us have a safe travelling to the afterlife. And by us, I mean the enemy as well.

    Heide: Speaking of which...a little help here.

    Chatra: Sure.

    He picks up a collar of white ores that were chained like pearls and recites a chant on it and and envelops Heide's body in white light healing his previous wounds from Lars.

    Chatra: There. I delayed your trip for the afterlife for a few hours.

    Heide: Yeah, I feel more positive.

    Then from a bit from afar, Cecillia watches it the destruction.

    Cecillia:...How...There are so few of us and yet....Ah. The enemy still didn't noticed of us because of her isn't it? But why do I have such a bad feeling about it.

    Then the dragon army starts to make their moves.

    Arlan: Alright, let's see how things turns out. Everyone prepare the gizmos!

    The riders light the explosives from the hot breath of their dragons and toss them on various parts in the battlefield, taking down several soldiers on the way.

    Cecillia: Oh my!

    Even Cecillia was terrified.

    Arlan:....Man, I do not like this.

    Pale Rider: Goood...Good.

    Then the archers stationed at the wall looks in fear as the situation outside gets as messy as an all-you-can-eat buffet.

    "Do not stand around! Everyone shoot at those damn dragons!"

    "Wait. Where is the crazy lady that started all of this again?"

    Wills: Right behind you.

    Wills then finishes all of them before they could even have a proper look at her.

    Wills: Now, on the rest of them....

    She then makes a run through inside the wall and finishes off all of the remaining archers stationed.

    Pale Rider: It seems she already took care of artillery. Nice way of using only these few more than 20 men as a diversion. Show them. Show them the feeling to fear a single woman more than a million of men.

    At the battlefield, the remaining Dragon Riders fights on the devastated grounds atop his dragons. Arlan fights the soldiers with a halberd with a half circle shaped blade and a pike while Morganna incinerates them with her fire breath.

    Arlan: They aren't shooting at us. Did she really climbed those walls and killed all of them? I can't believe it myself.

    Meanwhile Cecillia gets more terrified of how those few men were able to get the upper hand. She was sweating in terror of how easily each of these thousands of men were all being taken out.

    Cecilia: Goodness...What she has...what have I done it?

    Then the main front gate of Millvark opens and a cavalary leaded by a man in purple armour atop an unicorn with a red horn charges into the battlefield.

    ???: To think this few men could cause such a ruckus. Good thing I decided to stop by.

    Class: Unicorn Knight.
    Attribute: Vermillion, Black.
    Anderson's older brother.

    Heide: Well, look at this. Cavalary is here.

    Arlan: Prince Heide, took care of the wound for now. I will deal with the commander....Gosh! What the fuck am I saying?

    Wills then takes a look outside.

    Wills: Those guys look tough. But if I just taking them down this town is good as over....Who is there?

    She then notices someone approaching. It was Ganji wielding a spiked shield and a spear with a spiked club at the tip of the blade.

    Ganji: Impressive. As expected from the wielder of Musashi.

    Wills: Tough looking guy appeared. And you're the second guy I met recently that knows about Musashi.

    Ganji: And I know even more. Like a rumour about a female vigilante in valley making a name for herself. The White Tigress of Valley they would call it.

    Wills: Heh. I like that nickname. Makes me feel sexy, powerful and dangerous.

    Ganji: But I don't care for rumours...I care for the real deal.

    Will:...Man, I hope you're handsome under that helmet.

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    Chapter 10: Struggle.

    The battle started. Ganji swang his polearm violently like a mamooth trunk destroying a few pillars trying to hit Wills. He then charges with his shield like a bull and pushes Wills away damaging her.

    Wills: Urgh. It is not everytime someone can hit me. Specially with a body as big and covered in armour like that.

    Ganji: Graaah!

    Ganji tries to smash his shield into her but Wills dodges it quickly.

    Wills: Is it that armor? It does not appear to be made of Black Ore. And even if it was it would be quite heavy. This guy's strenght is the real deal.

    He then tries to stab her numerous times with his polearm, but she see through his attack dodging barely leaving her spot. He then stops with the quick jabs and slams his polearm like a hammer with a vertical swing that forces her to retreat a step. He takes advantage of the situation and tackles at her again, but she jumps over him and finally delivers an attack on his shoulders that shatters even his armor.

    Wills: Got bitch!


    He delivers a swing from behind pushing her back.

    Wills: So you can still fight, huh?

    She takes a look at the crack in his armor and notices that no blood came from it.

    Wills: Are you seriously? I certainly hit his skin.

    Ganji: Are you done? Because I am still standing on my feet.

    Wills:...Cheeky bastard. He is only testing me isn't he?...Weeeell...

    She then attacks a torch covering her sword in fire and runs at him like a white lightning and slides dodging one of his attacks and jumps aiming for a strike on his head, but he knocks her back with his shield.

    Wills: Gotcha.

    She points to the floor and he sees one of her explosives with the fuse light with fire.



    An explosion is created and after the smoke is cleared, there was only a crater in the floor where he was once standing.

    Wills: Well, if he is still alive, I will be damned.

    She then picks up one last bomb from between her breasts and lights away sending it down to the hole causing another explosion. She then looks at her chest with a proud expression.

    Wills: What would be of me without you girls?

    Outside, the Pale Rider still watches how things are turning around.

    Pale Rider: Now that is weird. Why is the young lady taking so long inside? Did she found a suitable foe? Might be.

    On the battlefiels, the knights faced the Dragon Riders with a gruoup engaging the ones in close combat with spears and swords and the ones with bows and arrows against the ones flying. Prince Heide and Chatra were surrounded by five of those knights. One charge with a spear, but Heide delivers a blow that knocks him down. He then feels a bit of pain in his side.

    Heide: This is annoying. Can you do something about it?

    Chatra: At this point, it would just easing your pain. It is better to accept your fate and give up on your life.

    Heide: Heh. I wish I had this luxury.

    Suddenly, a blizzard came out of nowhere and the knights were fazed by the cold. It was Cecillia that was casting a freezing spell from the blue ore in her lamp.

    Cecillia: Now!

    Claire comes charging in his bison alongside Torri and the two takes out the horsemen.

    Claire: Price Heide! You okay?

    Heide: You wouldn't believe me if I said it I was wouldn't you?

    Torri: True.

    Heide: Whatever. Where is Arlan?

    Torri: He and the others are having a hard time with the cavalry.

    On the other side of the battlefield, Arlan was engaging Conrad and his armoured unicorn, riding into Morganna on land clashing his halberd into his Conrad's sword. Morganna breaths fire at him, but the Unicorn's horn glows red and the fire is split making it impossible to hit him.

    Arlan: As expected from those darn unicorns.

    Conrad: I am still not done!

    His unicorns summons a firestorm around them and Conrad's sword became engulfed in flame. He then charges with his sword at Arlan and stikes him and Morganna by the side.

    Arlan: Oh man! Look what you done it! There is a mean scratch on Morganna's scale.

    Conrad: That is what you get for understimating me Captain Arlan. I shall slay you this time!

    Arlan: Wait...Did we met?

    Conrad: Huh...Yeah? A few days ago on battle. I was at General Lars'army.

    Arlan: Oooh...I was busy fighting Nichole.

    Conrad: It is always Nichole with you isn't it?

    "Oh? Who is this Nichole?"

    Wills appears out of nowhere behind of Arlan on Morganna's back.

    Arlan: What the hell?! Where did you came from?

    Wills: Yo, Morg-girl! How is it?

    Morganna: Groooowl.

    Arlan: Why are you ignoring me?

    Conrad: You! You are the one who started this isn't it?

    Wills: Actually the duchess started it. I just...made things easier to them.

    Arlan: That is too rough for being called easy.

    Wills: Well, whatever...I lost too much time, so let's finish things up shall we?

    Wills drops out of Morganna and picks up her blade's sheat.

    Conrad: You understimate me! I am the best rider of Vermillion! Tremble at my mighty unicorn!

    Wills: Yeah, cool. I always wanted one, actually.

    Conrad: Die!

    He rushes at her with his sword in hand and as soon as they cross paths, he unsheats her blade and knocks Conrad down from the Unicorn.

    Conrad: Gaaaah!

    Arlan: Man...Bummer. I do not like being beat by a woman.

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    Chapter 11: Taken Away.

    So, after a convincing General Lars to see her dear sister in Millvark, Nichole rides her giant hawk and makes way to Millvark at last. And by convincing, I mean shouting at him constantly and leaving away against his wishes because he was too tired to even complain about it. That setence summarized pretty much Nichole's job. All was worthy for seeing her little sister greet her with a smile.

    Nichole:...That fucking son of a stinking salamander...I don't care if Azure crush us all, I want him to have a dog's death! Isn't that right, Sunnywing?

    *Hawk's scream*

    Nichole: Yeah, of course you wouldn't care if my boss is being an ass. But we are almost at Millvark now. Taking my sister from there fast as...Huh?!

    When she looks down at the fields near Millvark, she saw blood, corpses and smoke. It was the scenery you would expect if an all-out attack from Azure happened. The fact that her little sister was down there didn't helped either.

    Nichole: Oh no...How?! Who?! When?! All I can see is a handful of dragons! Is Arlan down there? Must be. Better be sneaky here. I hope Gaijin and Conrad are fine.

    He enters stealth mode and lands a bit far away from Millvark. Luckily for her there weren't too many dragons. Now, in the place where Wills and her wild bunch where waging war. And It just ended. After Conrad was taken down the morale of the troops kinda dropped significantly. With the power of Wills and Heide, the 20 Dragon Riders took down the remaining knights and when no one noticed, Millvark was totally defenseless.

    Now the question was what to do with all that colony. No wonder the inhabitants of Millvark would be terrified by being dominated by Azure in such a short time. Outside, the Duchess Cecillia wanders over what was a warzone...a slaughter. That was her first experience in warfare. If it was a success or a failure she herself didn't know. She couldn't get the fact that because she took one crazy girl from Gray Valley could do all this rampage with less than 30 people. And it was Millvark of all places.


    A crawling wounded soldier from Millvark was struggling to go away from the battlefield. His wounds were pretty bad.

    Cecillia: Ah! Chatra! Come here!

    He shouts for his name and he appears right at her side in a few seconds.

    Cecillia: Gah! What are you? The reaper?! Where did you came from?!

    Chatra: Oh. I was nearby. Praying for the fallen.

    Cecillia:...Yeah, you were the reaper alright. But I beg of you. Please heal this one.

    Chatra:...It appears this one is from Millvark. Why should I help it?

    Cecillia: It doesn't matter! Aren't you the one who said we are all equals in life and death?

    Chatra: I suposse it is easier than heal him instead of killing the rest.

    He picks his collar and heals the soldier's wounds. He stops bleeding.

    Cecillia: Good. Now let's take him to a-

    But like a snake he tackles her and pins her down.

    Cecillia: Omp!

    Soldier: You....It's all your fault!

    Cecillia: W-Wait! Chatra, do something!

    Chatra:....I am unarmed.

    The soldier then picks a dagger.

    Soldier: Die!

    Before he could deliver the killing blow, Torri slashes his neck before he could even see him.

    Torri: Duchess! You alright?

    Cecillia: I...I don't know.

    She curls up and sits in the ground with a sad expression.

    Torri:...When you plan on taking down the enemy, make sure you are ready to carry the lifes of everyone you steal...Everyone you can steal.

    Chatra: That is how life is. You take some and give some.

    Cecillia:...Some people learn in the worst ways.

    Wills, Heide and the rest of the army took over the town and took every survivor captive. All of the citzens were inside their houses afraid of the dragon riders. Arlan then picks up one of the explosives that he saved it.

    Arlan:....So, what do you call those thing?

    Wills: It's a bomb. Or an explosive if you wanna be more technical.

    Arlan: What I am more curious is how do you know about those.

    Wills: That is a common thing in Valley. We keep hidden from you guys for....safety.

    Arlan: Oh.

    Wills: Also, if this kind of knowledgement leaks out...You know who is gonna come for a visit, right?

    Arlan: Don't remind me.

    Wills: Anyway, I guess my job here is done. Where are the riders?

    Arlan: Right here.

    He takes her to where most of the riders were located it.

    Wills: Alright, folks. We won. And it was all thanks to you. Everyone did great. I am veeeery proud of you guys. In fact you all deserves a kiss, so....keep still.

    She then go to each one of them and kisses their cheeks.

    Wills: *smooch* There. *smooch* There. *smooch* There. Hey, there are actually girls in that group of yours. Nice. *smooch*

    Heide: What is she doing?

    Arlan: Some Valley shit, I guess.

    Wills: And I can't forget you guys, can't I? *smooch* *smooch*

    She kisses the two of them.

    Wills: Now then, I'm gonna check the Boiler. Apparently, I am the only one here who knows how those works.

    She then leaves away to where the Boiler of Millvark is located.

    Arlan:....I kinda liked that.

    Heide: Yeah. It was kind of hot.

    A few minutes later, Cecillia meets them. She was looking more anxious than a rat in the middle of a bunch of cats.


    Heide: How are you doing?

    Cecillia: How do you deal with this? Taking so much of others for yourself at such a cost.

    Heide:....I don't know either. It is the first time I got this far actually.

    Cecillia: I see. Where is William?

    Arlan: She had gone to the Boiler a while ago.

    Cecillia: Right, the Boiler. The actual reason we are all here. Anyway, I thought of a...rather suitable reward for Miss Valentine.

    Heide: And what would that be?

    Cecillia: I am thinking...of giving her Millvark.

    Arlan: Huh? You mean...you are going to give the entire colony to her after all the trouble we got to take?

    Heide: You mean the trouble she got to take, right?

    Cecillia: We only need the boiler. Nothing more. Besides, it is not like Vermillion will stay shut after they hear what happened here. Nothing even her and 20 Dragon Riders can take them...but perhaps 280 more can give her the strenght she needs to hold back until real reinforcements come.

    Arlan: Do you think King Basilisk will allow that? It is better we just give to Grand Duke Jabberwork.

    Cecillia: No! I can't just give them to him!

    Arlan: Honestly, they wouldn't give this gold mine to an outsider.

    Cecillia: Then let's make her not an outsider. Let's give her the title of Countess.

    Arlan: That is impossible!

    Heide: Nah. I think it will do. My father is the kind of guy that rewards people like her.

    Arlan: Still, Jabberwork holds very much power.

    Cecillia: If we three work together with this, it might help. The only problem is...if she will accept.

    On a sealed underground room in Millvark, Wills happens to have found a way to the Boiler Room. She enters and finds a large cylindrical metal object with a hole on it.

    Wills: So, there is the Boiler.

    The Boiler was fixated on some sort of dock covered in White Ores. The room was also surrounded by craters containing Azure Ores and Black Ores.

    Wills:As expected they specifically produces Azure Ores for preventing volcanic eruptions nearby. For that they had to have a lot of people with Azure Attributes. Not that I care. I guess one dragon is enough for-

    "Hold it right there!"

    She hears someone shouting from behind her, but she does not flinch or turns back. It was a female voice.

    Wills:....Did I just hear the sound of a bow? Why didn't you shot instead of shout?...Haha. Good one.

    ???: I've seen what you've done! I will not let you have Millvark.

    Wills: Do not dodge the question. Why didn't you shot?

    ???: Because...there is nothing you can do and I do not wanna waste an arrow!

    Wills: Is that so...pity.

    She quickly moves to the side and rushes after her. The archer is startled, but changes her aim and shoots an arrow, but Wills ducks and in a flash gets to closer to her and delivers a toss that throw her to the ground.

    ???: Urgh!

    Wills: Okay. Now how about we....Huh?!

    Wills then finally takes a closer looker of the archer. It was a girl younger than her with an eyepatch on her left eye and a blonde hair with two ponytails on the back.

    Wills: What the....You...

    ???: W-Wait! Please do not kill me. I am too young to-

    Wills: Whyat?!

    She then starts to cry like she never cried.

    ???: Huh?

    Wills: Whyat? Are you Whyat, my sister?

    ???: Sister? I am not your....Urgh!

    Her head starts to ache and she feels pain.

    Wills: What is wrong?

    ???: My head hurts....W-Who are you?

    Wills: I am Wills. William Valentine. Are you my sister, Whyat?

    ???: Sister....William...Wills...Valentine...These words are...Uuuurgh!

    The pain then aches more.

    ???: I have...visions...of a soup...and a cake....and...blue giants...Gah!...Ma!...Pa!...Sis!


    Whyat Valentine.
    Class: Archer.
    Attribute: White.
    I do not think I need to address her as ??? at this point.

    Wills: Whyat?

    Whyat: Haaa...haaa...

    The pain then starts to ease as her memories come through.

    Whyat: What...What are those? A house in the middle of a valley....And people I never seen...Why do I feel like I know those?

    Wills: Whyat! It is really you isn't it?!

    She cries more and hugs her sister that certainly was not dead at all.

    Wills: hiccup...hiccup...Waaaaah!

    Whyat: You...Wills...You are...my sister? Then...what is...Nicholle?


    Nichole then appears out of nowhere with a spear and pushes Wills back of from Whyat.

    Nichole: You! What are you doing with my little sister?!

    Wills: Your sister?

    Whyat: Nichole?

    Nichole: Don't worry Whyat. Your big sister is here to protect you.

    Wills: What?!

    Whyat: Nichole...you're my sister...but how can you be my sister...if she is also my sister? Are you sisters as well? How many sisters I have?

    Nichole: What are you talking about it? You have only one big sister. Me! You! What kind of sorcery you did it to her!

    Williams: That is my line, bitch!

    Whyat: Gaaaah!!

    Whyat's head then aches again and she agonizes in pain.

    Nichole: Whyat?!

    Whyat: No...She is...indeed my sister...but you...are my sister as well....I am...I am...Uuurgh...

    Nichole: Damnit! What is going on?!

    Wills:...How did you met her?

    Nichole: What kind of question is that?! Didn't you heard?! I am-

    Wills: Shhhhh! Do not say the S-word around her.

    Nichole: Oh...Are you really her...you-know-what? Where did you come from?

    Wills: Yes. I am from Valley.

    Nichole:...Tch! You got Millvark already. I'll just take her and-

    When she was about to grab Whyat, Wills point her blade at her neck.

    Nichole:...You're fast.

    Wills: You're gonna leave with her, isn't it?

    Nichole: She is NOT your problem!

    Wills: Yes, she is...And so I am. You see what happened to Millvark didn't you? I am responsible for that.

    Nichole: Your point?

    Wills:...Take me as a culprit like the good Vermillion soldier you are. I am not letting her go a second time.

    Info: Attributes.

    Just like the land itself, people from Golden Land also emits the same form of energy that forms the Ores. This energy is called Flames and just like there are 4 kinds of ores, there are 4 kinds of flames of the same colour. Each person have at least one of these attributes depended of who they are and where they are. People from Azure tend to have Azure Flames as attributes and the same applies to Vermillion, but you can find people with Vermillion attributes in Azure and vice-versa. Your Attribute points out what better kind of ore you can harness power, like people with White Attribute can use White Ores to produce energy for healing purposes or charge electricity, but they can use the other 3 ores just fine as well. It is not uncommon for someone to rise a second attribute if they train using other ores and gaining a second flame, but a person with two flames isn't better than one with just one flame. With one flame, you have a better way to control how to use the flames coming from the flame you have an attribute.

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    Chapter 12: Shady Bussiness.

    A few hours have been passed since Millvark was taken. Nearby the front wall three Dragon Riders were watching Conrad's Unicorn from afar looking at them with blazing red eyes with an expression full of intimidation. It was written KEEP OUT all over his face.

    Rider A:...So, anyone wanna try it? I saw Ms. Valentine getting along with that earlier on. It acted like a calm horse around her.

    Rider B: Maybe it is because she is a fair maiden after all?

    Rider C: Nah, I heard about the Fire Unicorns. They are attracted to tough and intimidating people. And their standards are very high actually.


    Torri then appears before them.

    Torri: Captain Arlan is calling you all. Leave this perimeter to me.

    Rider: Oh! Right away!

    The three of them leaves and Torri sits next to a pile of rocks near the wall.

    Torri:....They are gone. You can come out.

    From behind of him, Ganji appears under the pile of stones.

    Ganji: I had a feeling you would be here.

    Torri: Well, I didn't it. How did you know the White Sword wielder would be here?

    Ganji: On the way back in Valley, I got some sort of clue.

    Torri: What kind of clue?

    Ganji: You don't need to know. The Order of the White Tigers is not what used to be.

    Torri: You sure know a lot about something that only a few knows.

    Ganji: If by few, you mean one guy.

    Torri: That aside, what are you gonna do now? Go back to Vermillion to lick your wounds?

    Ganji: Yeah. That might be the thing. Your "source" needs to know the details about the White Tigress.

    Torri: So, she is the White Tigress after all. What did you think of her?

    Ganji: Even without the sword's power she still have some tricks to pull out of her sleeves. Who would knew she could use explosives like that?

    Torri: You know about explosives?

    Ganji: Just doing this for the sake of Valley. We'll keep in touch.

    Torri: So...what the next move?

    Ganji: We need to do something about Vermillion now...We need to get her to Constance as soon as possible.

    Torri: Count me in.

    Ganji then picks his weapons and leaves without anyone noticing. Good thing there were only 20 people on surveillance because a guy at that size wearing that would not sneak away that easily.

    Torri:....I feel sorry for acting behind Heide's back like this, but the Order comes first...She comes first now.

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    Chapter 13: Sisters.


    Outside of Millvark, Cecillia was sitting on the floor watching the sun set as the air of violence of the battlefield was still fresh. She gives a deep sigh and keeps looking at the horizon, because let's face it, after what happened she totally needed a break. After not too much time she spots a flock of dragons arriving next to her. It was the rest of Arlan's squad that came.

    Rider A: Well, look at that. It seems like she really did it, huh?

    Cecillia: Yeah, she did it.

    Rider B: Theeen...why are you looking so gloomy?

    Cecillia: It was exhausting.

    Rider C: Yeah, I can see that...but I afraid I have more headaches for you milady.

    Rider A: Yeah, we kinda bumped into someone...important.

    Cecillia: How important they were?

    Rider B: Like...it happens to be the Grand Duke?

    Cecillia: Jabberwork...

    She looks at the other side disgusted.

    Rider C: He said he would come here.

    Cecillia: For what?

    Rider A: He didn't said it.

    Cecillia: Typical. Anyway, even if he comes I already have someone in charge of this place.

    Rider A: Really?

    Cecillia: Yeah, and nothing will ever change my decision.


    Torri sneakly appears behind her.

    Torri: Duchess, we have a problem.

    Cecillia: What problem? Is it anything the best woman at my service can't fix it?

    Torri: Yeah...she is the problem.

    He delivers what seems to be a letter of sorts. She then reads it.

    Cecillia: " Dear Duchess; Getting captured, brb. With love, Valentine."....What does it mean?!

    It means, be right back. Far away, Nichole was flying in the skies with Wills on the back holding an unconscious Whyat on her arms.

    Wills: You had been awfully quiet for a while.

    Nichole: Because I have nothing to say to you.

    Wills: How about the reason why you and my sister are...sisters?

    Nichole: She. Is. Not. Your. Sister.

    Wills: Yes, she is.

    Nichole:...*sigh*. I found her while I was learning how to fly when I was really young. I got a bit lost of track in Gray Valley and I saw her by the river that I was following. She was stuck in some rocks with a lost eye. I done whatever good soul would do. When I got her home she wake up with amnesia.

    Wills: Wow. What are the chances.

    Nichole: I convinced my parents to let her stay for a while. But then we grew more attached to her so we ended up adopting her. She is now my biggest joy.

    Wills: I see. How can I repay you?

    Nichole: How about forgetting about her and keep going as if she never existed?

    Wills: Your dreams.

    Nichole: Then you are forever indebted to me.

    Wills: Seriously, why the sudden antagonism?

    Nichole: Tell me, why did you let your sister to almost drown like that? And where have you been all this time?

    Wills: I...Look, we were attacked by Ice Giants and I was taken away by the Pale Rider. A lot happended?

    Nichole: Ice Giants..Pale Rider...You think I am like seven or something?

    Wills: You are impossible.

    They pass through jungles, grasslands, hills and mountains. After a long journey they reach the Kingdom of Vermillion. A huge kingdom surrounded by large thick red walls. Far way on the heart of the kingdom there was the castle surrounded by iron pipes releasing fire.

    Wills: Sure is hot here.

    Nichole: Things will get hotter alright.

    Nichole then lands on the top of a tower annexed to the castle and Wills get off Sunnywing with Whyat on her arms.

    Nichole: Where do you think you are going?

    Wills: Good question. I never been this part of Vermillion. What is the deal with all the fire anyway?

    Nichole: Give it back my sister.


    She puts the unconscious Whyat gently on the floor.

    Wills: Come get it.


    She approaches Whyat to catch her, but Wills picks her arm and does a flip throw on her.

    Nichole: Ouch!

    Wills: Heh. You suck at protecting your sister.

    Nichole: Knock off!

    She gets up and catches her sword.

    Nichole: I will be confiscating this!

    Wills: Whatever. I will be taking back later.

    Nichole: Hmpf!

    She picks Whyat and guides her to a prison room in one of the castle's towers. There she ordered the guards to open one of the jail cells.

    Nichole: Enter.

    Wills: Come on, really?

    Nichole: I have to report what happened in Millvark to King Fier. And I want you to stay here and wait like a good girl.

    Wills: Can I at least talk to my sister?

    Nichole: She is not your sister. Now get inside...bitch.

    Wills:....You're lucky my sister is in your arms right now. I would break all of your bones right now faster than a tiger beetle's sprint.

    Nichole: Too bad then. You suck at protecting your little sister.

    Wills: So you admit she is my little sister after all.


    Nichole: Tch! Get going already. You gonna be executed to the flames anyway!

    Wills enter in the jail cell and Nichole leaves with the guards.

    Wills:...Cocky woman...I like her. But...this is so frustrating.

    "Man, and here I was hoping for seeing two cute girls at each other's throat. How disappointing."

    She hears a voice from the cell in front of her. It was a man with a dark shoulde-lenght hair with a black cape above his right shoulder.

    Wills: Oh. So there was another guy here. What is your deal?

    ???: Me? I don't need a reason to be here actually. In fact, I was called to be here.

    Wills: Funny. I too was given a choice to be here in a way.

    ???: Really? For some reason the best flier of the kingdom wants you dead. Well, I believe General Lars wants the same thing as me.

    Wills: Cool story, bro. Now if you excuse me I wanna doze.

    ??? Ah, but we just me recently neighbor. Why don't we introduce ourselves. I am Wave Roberts.

    Captain Wave Roberts, The King of Sea Thieves
    Class: Pirate Captain.
    Attribute: Black.
    Wielder of the Black Sword, Joan.
    Likes to follow his heart.

    Wills: You mean the pirate?

    Wave: The pirate? Come on, I am the King of the Sea Thieves. Most people would pass out just from hearing my name!

    Wills: I am not most people.

    Wave: Really? Who are you, doll?

    Wills: William Valentine. Friends call me Wills.

    Wave: That is a lovely name you got my lady. Say, I know this cool place that serves a good wine, so maybe we-

    "Prisoner Roberts!"

    A guard appears with keys in hand.

    Guard: The King wants an audience with you.

    Wave: Good grief. Took me days for this to happen. Good luck to you kitty.

    "Prisoner Valentine!"

    Another guard appears.

    Guard 2: Under orders of the Princess Fionne, you are granted a special audience with the king.

    The guard then releases William from her cell.

    Wave: Well, look at this. You din't even got time to mop and sulk. Lucky gal.

    THe guards then escorts the two of them.

    Wave: So what about that proposal? If you end up alive, maybe we could...meet each other better.

    Wills:...Captain Roberts, I am from Valley. You need more than expensive drinks to meet my expectations.

    She then approaches her face to his.

    Wills: So try better than that King of Thieves.

    She gives her a seal kiss in the cheek and Wave blushes.

    Wave:...It just as my father said. Women from Valley are hardcore...I like it.

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    Chapter 14: Fier and Fionne.

    Okey-dokey. Last time our main heroine and her new "friend" were being escorted out of prison to wait in another jail cell. In the detention room. And they were together in the same cage this time. Very awkward. The two of them waited for a while already in the front of the bars.


    Wave: Well, look at this. Now we can know each other better without a set of iron bars spliting us apart, right friend?

    Wills: Can you give it a rest already? I am kinda in a pinch now.

    Wave: Oops. How rude of me. So tell me dollface, what is a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this?

    Wills: Let's say I kinda was responsible for giving Millvark in a silver plate to Azure.

    Wave: Is...is that a joke? You wouldn't take that one of those places without a whole army. How many people did you use?

    Wills: Hmm...less than 30 I guess?

    Wave: Thirty thousands?

    Wills: No. Thirty as in...thirty.

    Wave: What in the?! That is about just as big as my main crew! Come on, confess it! You just killed a guy, right?

    Wills: Maybe. I killed a lot of people in Valley anyway. Mostly in self-defense of course. I am a Vigilante.

    Wave: Vigilante? How are you called from around there?

    Wills: The White Tigress.

    Wave: What the flying narwhal! You are the White Tigress?! You're the one who killed the Cervantes Brothers? All six of them?

    Wills: Five. One died when he was just a teenager.

    Wave: Huh....And why a big name like you were suddenly working for Azure?

    Wills: Actually it was specifically for Violetta. I just wanted to try something different for once. Turns out the results were....unexpected.

    Wave: Yeah. Kind of the thing you would say.

    Wills:...So, it is true that you defeated the entire crew of Blackbeard by yourself?

    Wave: Damn right. My crew was a bit out of bussiness because of a very strong booze we took from Vermillion. A man had to do what a man had to do. But again, it wasn't easy taking down The Blackbeard. Had to cut the guy 20 times...Say, since we already know a bit of each other, how about we...you know...

    Wills: Where are you getting at?

    Wave: You see...I find you pretty. You have one of the most deadly feminine charms I ever seen on a woman. And since we are stuck in a box together what about we....make out for start?

    Wills then cross her arms and faces him with an intimidating look.

    Wills: Is it custom for pirates to ask out the first woman they prey eyes ?

    Wave: Actually we just kidnap them at first glance, but I have standards. After all, it is more enjoyable when both parties have mutual love.

    Wills: Well, I don't feeling any love at first sight or something.

    Wave: You will never know unless you taste it, kitty.

    He then puts his hand under her chin.

    Wave: Come on. Just one little peck.

    "Uh....I am interrupting something?"

    Anderson appears ruining the "tender" moment they were having it. Good for the two, actually.

    Wills: Yes. You interrupted me to kick him in the nexus. I reaaally wanted to do that.

    Anderson: Well, I support whatever that is.

    Wave:...You shouldn't.

    Anderson: Anyway, our lieges wants to have a word with you two...And let me tell you, it is probably gonna be ugly.

    He opens the jail cell and escorts them to the Throne Room.

    Anderson: Hey...Has any of you saw our king before?

    Wills: Nope.

    Wave: Same as me.

    Anderson: Good. Then you gonna have a surprise then.
    As the three of them were in front of the gate to the throne room a shout is heard at distance. In 99% of the cases, it is Lars.

    "Andersooooon! Where is Nichole, the best flier at my service! She is supossed to give me an important report!"

    Anderson: Oh shoot. It's General Lars...Go ahead without me will you guys?

    "She is looking after her sister that was feeling sick!"

    He goes away while shouting at Lars that was at the room nearby.

    Wills: This place is lively.

    The two of them enters the room and they see a typical Throne Room. Long hallway and a big throne at the end. The throne was empty and at a small spot of the room, a dark-haired boy was cleaning a large crown with a tissue.


    Wills: Is that...The Official Throne Cleaner?

    Wave: Child Labour....I though this country had dignity.

    Wills: Hey, kiddo. Where is the king?


    The boy looks very depressed.

    Wave: Something you said it? This king might be a terrible man.


    He gives a way bigger sigh.

    Wave: Jeez. Never seen such negativity since my third girlfriend....I miss you Shelby.

    "Oops. Sorry. He has been like this since...it happened."

    They are greeted by what could be the most beautiful woman in the entire kingdom. She was dressed like a dancer in red and yellow clothes and had a large crimsom hair tied up to a large ponytail.

    Wave: Well, hellooooo. Aren't you the remedy for sore eyes?

    Wills:....Didn't I seen you before at the Harvest Festival last year?

    ???: Oh. You were there. Yes. That was me in the dance stage.

    Wills: I thought we might see you around....Princess Fionne.


    Princess Fionne of Vermillion.
    Class: Dancer.
    Attribute: Vermillion. White.
    Her smile can bring back a puppy back to life.

    Wave: That is the princess? Well, I throw my hat to you...If I had one.

    Wills: The king called us here. Where he is?

    Fionne:....I'm afraid you alread met him.

    Wills:.....Is he invisible?

    Wave: Is he a ghost?

    Boy:...Yeah. Those options would be far better than this.

    The boy then puts the crown on top of his head.

    Wills: Eh?

    Fionne: This infant you see is indeed my father King Fier, Ruler of Vermillion.

    King Fier of Vermillion.
    Class: Caster.
    Attribute: Vermillion.
    Like to water flowers at morning...but I guess this isn't what you want to know now, isn't it?

    Wave: For real? It's surprise after surprise today.

    Wills: Isn't him a bit too young to be your father?

    Fionne: Long ago he was cursed by the Grand Duke of Azure that gave him this form. An ancient hex that not even our specialists knows how to fix it.

    Wills: That seems out of nowhere.

    Fionne: Yeah, that is the scary part. So please, don't adress the mamooth in the room. It is depressing.

    Fier: It is okay my dear. I still have you. Now would you return Captain Roberts his sword?

    Fionne: Alright.

    She picks a sword hanging in the wall. It was a saber with a half-circled hilt inside a scabbard. She delivers to Wave and he unsheats revealing a jet black blade.

    Wills:( So that is the Black Sword Joan, huh?)

    Wave: I felt empty without this.

    Fionne: So...Who is this one alongside you, Captain Roberts?

    Wave:....My sweetheart.

    Fionne: Huh?!

    Wills then delivers an uppercut on his face.

    Wills: I am not.

    Fionne: I-I see....Then you are?

    Wills: Well, I am-


    General Lars then violently makes his entrance.

    Lars: You. Are. DEAD! GAAAAAAH!!!

    He arms himself with Ares and charges at her.
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    Chapter 15: White.

    Okey-dokey. In the last chapter, Wills and Wave had a meeting with the King and the Princess of Vermillion until General Lars bursted into the room and decided to attack Wills all of sudden for some reason she does not know.

    Ares: You will pay for what you did it in Millvark.

    And now she figured out why.

    Lars: Aaaaaaaah!!!

    He jumped reasy for an attack from above, but Wave manages to pull him back with his black sword.

    Lars: Tsk!

    Wave: This is the part that you say: My Hero!

    Wills: Knock off!

    She delivers a roundhouse kick to his face.

    Wave: Ouch!

    Lars: Wave Roberts! Stay out of this! This woman is an enemy to the nation!

    Fier: Enemy...To the Nation? General, just who is she?

    Lars: Your Majesty....That woman....She is the White Tigress of Valley! The same one that killed all of the Cervantes!

    Fier: All the six of them?

    Wills: For the last time, one died as a teenager.

    Fier: Still, not enough to be considered an enemy. Much less to a Nation.

    Lars:...And with only 20 Dragon Riders she stole Millvark from us and handed them over to Azure.

    Fier: What?! Wills! Is this true?!

    Wills:....I wanna decline, but I really wanna take credit for that.

    Fier: I...I can't believe this! Execute her!

    Lars: With pleasure!

    Fier: Wave! Assist him!

    Wave: I already got hit twice in the face. Give me a break.

    Fionne: No!

    Fier: Eh?

    Fionne: We should let her explain her situation before punishing her.

    Fier: But....Didn't she just confessed her crime?

    Fionne: Still, I demand an explanation. If I recall correctly, The White Tigress is a Vigilante from Gray Valley. There has to be a reason why she had to do it.

    Wills:...It was a paid job. Nothing more.

    Fionne:...See? She has no link with Azure whatsoever.

    Fier and Lars: Are you seriously?!

    Fionne: What?

    Fier: The fact that she took Millvark is already enough reason to consider her an outlaw in our standards.

    Fionna: Well, if we can trust Captain Roberts, we can forgive her.

    Fier:....I think you got me there.

    Lars: No.....NO! I won't allow to this!

    He gets so angry that his entire body is on fire.

    Fionne: General Lars! Time out!

    Lars: But-

    Fionne: I said TIIME OUT!


    He instantly calms himself and sits on a corner in the room depressed like a little kid that got grounded.

    Wave:...I wasn't expecting that from the Crimsom Knight.

    Fier: My daughter apparently is the only one that calm him. They are childhood friends. Anyway back to the topic. I called you here as well, Miss Valentine because I heard you were in possesion of the White Sword, Musashi isn't it?

    Wills: Yeah. But Bossy Sis kinda took it away from me.

    Fier:....I already aware of that. Anyway, that Millvark thing...I can't turn an eye on that.

    Wills: Understandable.


    A familiar voice echoed the room as Whyat bursted through the door.

    Fier:...Damnit! Doesn't anybody knock that damn door!

    Wills: Whyat?!

    Whyat: Sister!

    She runs towards Wills and gives her a hug.

    Whyat: You....You are my sister, isn't it?

    Fionne: Sister? I thought Nicholle was your sister, Whyat.

    Wills: Whyat....Could it be...You got your memories back?

    Whyat:...No...Not really. But while I was unconscious, I had some dreams....Dreams about me living together with people I don't recognize that I called Ma and Pa...I just know those were real.

    Wills: Whyat....

    Whyat: You....You will stay with me for now, right?


    Nicholle appears and pulls her back.

    Nicholle: That woman is not your sister!

    Whyat: But-

    Nicholle: I said it no! Those dreams are just mistakes from whatever hex she is putting on your-

    Wills: Hey!

    Wills gives a knee strike to her belly.

    Nicholle: Uurhg!

    Wave: Oh boy. It is on!

    Nicholle: You....

    Nicholle punches Wills in the face, but she retalliates with a headbut.

    Nicholle: Gah!

    Wills: That's it. I already had enough with this.

    She holds her neck and raises her fist against her.

    Whyat: No!

    Whyat holds firmly her fist, preventing her to strike her.

    Whyat: Please, don't do that...She is my sister, too.

    Nicholle: Whyat....

    Wills:....Very well.

    She releases her and Whyat helps her gets on her feet.

    Whyat: You okay?

    Nicholle:...You just saw what she did it to me, how could I be okay?

    No shit Sherlock.

    Fier:....So can I finish what I had to say?

    Wills: Yeah, whatever.

    Fier: You see, Captain Roberts have quite the criminal record around here. But instead of throwing him to get wasted on a jail cell, I figured out it would be better to use his abilities to help us defend against Azure.

    Wills: Speaking of which, how did you managed to caught him? One country can't caught such a criminal while waging war on a nearby enemy land.

    Wave: Oooh. Did I heard a flattery here?

    Fier: Yeah, about that. Turns out we have something he wants. Something worth make him pay services to aid our kingdom....A Map.


    Wave: Hey! It is the Gnome Map. I've been searching that for ages!

    Fier: Now about you...When my daughter said that you were the wielder of Musashi, I happened to got into a favorable situation.

    Wills: I get what is this coming from. You want me to fight the war on Vermillion's side.

    Fier: Well, that was before I knew it about Millvark. I would give you a choice, but...I don't think I can let you simply wander off after knowing that.

    Wills: I knew it you would say that...By the way, how did your daughter knew about Musashi?

    Fier:....Yeah, good question. Fionne, how did you knew about it?

    Fionne: Oh! It is kind of embarassing, but....I heard it from Anderson.

    Fier:...Eavesdroping others now? Well, I guess you are at that age. By the way, have you heard of the White Arrow?

    Wills: You mean that legendary archer that strikes their foes from afar like a lightning? What about it?

    Fier: It happens to be your sister.

    Wills: R-Really?!

    Nicholle: Your majesty, she is not-

    Fier: On my status as King of Vermillion, I decree that Wills and Whyat are officially sisters and by extention, all of you three are sisters now!

    Nicholle: What?!

    Whyat: Yaaaay!

    Wills: This can't get any worse....But I am somehow happy that my little sister made a name to herself. I guess she doesn't need someone to look after her after all.

    Whyat: Teehee. Thanks.

    Nicholle: It wasn't because of you...

    Fier: Glad that you liked. Because you three are gonna spend too much time together now.

    Wills: What do you mean?

    Fier: I'll get things straight. You made us lose Millvark....You will be taking it back.

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    Chapter 16: Jabberwork.

    The War Meeting. Everyone's favourite time. Great time to get along and to elaborate tactics and stuff. At least that is what should look in paper. In Vermillion everytime General Lars would call off a meeting, things would always go south. In one of his meetings he called off in sake of retrieving Millvark. If you wanna recall each of the following people, consult Chapter 5.

    Lars: Alright soldiers. I believe you all got the report at this point. So I will skip the briefing and-

    Anderson: Wait a second General.

    Lars: What is it, Anderson?

    Anderson: Where is Ganji?

    Lars: He is Missing in Action as of now.

    Anderson: I guess he is probably fine then.

    Lars:....Aren't you forgetting someone else?

    Anderson: Nope. Not at all.

    Lars: I see, well then-

    Don: Yo, General!

    Lars: Uuuurgh...What is it Don?

    Don: Who are these good-looking strangers that I never saw?

    He points at Wills and Wave that were sitting right next to him.

    Wills:(Don't make visual contact, don't make visual contact....)

    Lars: I was gonna get into this topic. The guy in black is Captain Wave Roberts, the King of the Sea Thieves and the... fair lady is William Valentine. She is Whyat's sister.

    Arkmedes: Her name is William?

    Anderson: And she is Whyat's sister? I thought Nicholle was her sister?

    Lars: She is Whyat's sister as well. And by extension she is also Nicholle's sister as the King's Decree states. A detail you don't need to know.

    Nicholle: Hmpf!

    Lars: Anyway, we are assign her as the assault commander of the campaign.

    Nicholle: What?! You of all people is gonna appoint her to lead the attack?!

    Lars: I hate her just as you and I think a simple beheadment is enough, but she is the better option is we think about it...Plus, it was a request from the princess, so you know.

    Nicholle: I still don't like this one bit!

    Whyat: Sister, please. Give her a chance.

    Nicholle: But-

    Arkmedes: I feel a bit of lost here.

    Lars: Turns out the responsible for Millvark's downfall....was her.

    Arkmedes: Isn't it?!

    Don: This means....she is the one who killed Ganji! Why did you killed Ganji?! Whhhhhhhyyyy?!...*sob*....Waaaaaaaah!

    He does small punches into her chest and falls on his knees crying.

    Wills: H-Hey, chill it out. I don't know if he is dead.

    Lars: She also happens to be the White Tigress of Gray Valley.

    Anderson: The White Tigress?

    Arkmedes: I heard about it.

    Ron: Like as in...that girl who did that thing on that place with some guys?


    Ron: Oooooh.

    Lars: And since she was responsible from the loss of Millvark, she will be punished on taking back what was ours.

    Arkmedes: I heard it took less than half of a day to fall. If she can do that, she can do that again.

    Lars: Honestly, I always thought Millvark's defense wasn't near as flawless. It was only suitable for a massive army and hold it back for an entire day at most until reinforcements would gradually come. A quick strike with less than 30 men wasn't in the plans.

    Wave: Hehehe. It seems they are expecting too much of you, kitten.

    Wills: I already used to it. Anyway General, they still didn't handed over my sword.

    Lars: Well, I don't see why not. Nicholle, the White Sword please?

    Arkmedes: The White Sword Musashi?! She is a chosen? That means...we have 3 of the Legendary Swords at our disposal.

    Anderson: Suddenly the world feels small.

    Nicholle handed over the sword in the scabbard and Wills grabbed it, but she couldn't pull out of her hand.

    Wills:....Excuse me, but she refuses to hand it over.

    Nicholle: I....I refuse this. General, the White Sword is now Vermillion's property. We do not need h-

    Lars: We need her, alright! The Swords have only one chosen at a time. As long as she lives, no one can wear it again. Just like I am the only one in the world that can use Ares. Now hand it over the dang blade!

    Nicholle:...Fine. But let me say this....without these swords neither of you three are that big of a deal.

    Wave: Say that when you pass the night with me, birdie.

    Nichole: Tsk. Vulgar.

    She releases her hand out of Musashi and Wills reclaim her blade.

    Wills: Okay, so let's do this. You all may see as Mama to you all okay? And keep looking after Lars as if he is your useless Papa.

    Don: Papa?.....Father.....FATHEEEEEER?!

    Don attacks Lars but he defends it by smashing the hilt of his sword on his head.

    Whyat: Er....Wills....Don't say the F-word or any similar around here.

    Wills:...Could it warned me earlier.
    At Millvark, another reunion was going on inside a large house in there. Not as as weird, but just as stressful.

    Cecillia: Where is she? I need she here right now?!

    Chatra: Patience it's a virtue duchess.

    Heide: Still, pretty shady about her getting arrested after what we saw how she does things, huh? And yet sending a note.

    Cecillia: She has to still be here! How could she-

    Torri: Duchess.

    Cecillia:....A guest arrived.


    Cecillia: Uuurgh. That laugh....

    Entered in the room a man with a long blue hair, flamboyant blue and purple clothes, a silver mask around his left face with scales like pattern and a blue claw-like gauntlet in his left hand.

    ???: Duchess Cecillia....You look lovely after a stunning victory.

    Grand Duke Jabberwork
    Class: Blue Sage
    Attribute: Azure.
    Loves war and sees a bloody battlefield as a lovely canvas showing the magnificent colours of death and strife.

    Jabberwork: And hello there to you too Prince Heide. Your father will be happy to know the news.

    Heide: I don't really care about that?

    Jabberwork: Really? Boohoo. Anyway, do you have any plans to this place, Duchess?

    Cecillia: I tend to leave someone in charge.

    Jabberwork: Expected. Predictable, but understandable. After all, it is the logical choice. Aaaand where is the person is charge?

    Cecillia: Her name is William Valentine. Soon to be called Countess Valentine.

    Jabberwork: Valen...Tine...Aaaah. I see. The White Tigress of Valley.

    Heide: The White Tigress?

    Jabberwork: It is how is she know around there. She spends quite a few times in Azure and Vermillion....Can I meet her?

    Cecillia: I'm afraid she is not here at the moment.

    Jabberwork: Really? Hmmm...I suposse it is hard to grasp that she wouldn't stay at the most proper time. Could it be she...declined it.

    Cecillia: N-No! She....I don't know.

    Jabberwork: Hmmm.....Hm. Hmmm. Hmmm! I guess it can't be helped. I will just take advantage of the situation and take control of Millvark.

    Heide: Hold it up. You can't just set your foots under a colony out of Azure and dictates your orders.

    Jabberwork: Oh, but I can. By the time Cecillia took over Millvark, it became part of Azure by the second they surrendered. And since this William is not around, you know what happens.

    Heide:....The Grand Duke takes care of the property until the rightful owner returns.

    Jabberwork: Goood. Nice to see you aren't a big oaf disguised as a prince.

    Cecillia: What do you intend to do with the people here.

    Jabberwork: Huh. Silly question. I'll treat them just like everyone else back in Azure. Well, see ya!

    He leaves the room and Cecillia lows her head.

    Cecillia:....That is not exactly a good thing....Damnit.....Damnit!
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    Chapter 17: Tigers.

    Jabberwork left while humming happily around the fallen colony of Millvark looking around at the empty, but still in nice shape conquered city.

    Jabberwork: Not a single house out of place. What kind of warrior did they took it to do this? Not a single smell of dead man on the street, but outside was a mess.....Hmmm....That kind of disappointing.

    He then steps on something. It was one of the bombs used.


    "Grand Duke."

    Prince Heide that followed him appears behind him.

    Jabberwork: My Prince. What is it now? Did I forgot something?

    Heide: I felt like we left some things needed to be discussed it.

    Jabberwork: Funny. I was thinking the same. So that is how you guys managed it with. With Explosives.

    Heide: Grand Duke? You...know about those?

    Jabberwork: I should be asking that question. If people from Valley know about this....Oh boy. My relationship with them will fall to pieces. Better make them not know about the details.

    Heide: I don't know the details, but...Do you know how to produce those?

    Jabberwork: My dear prince, don't go getting too greedy will you?

    Heide: It's not what you thinking...I do find those rather too flashy actually.

    Jabberwork: Haaa-haha-haha....Well I talked my words....What do you wanna discuss?

    Heide: If possible...I would like to be in charge of Millvark for the time being.

    Jabberwork: Oh my.....Oh my, oh my....Oh my. The Prince being on watch over a colony in the enemy territory...That is an interesting outcome, but is it the wise choice.

    Heide: It's probably a thing my father would wish for.

    Jabberwork: Very well then. I'll respect your desire. But...let me at least give you a little support.

    Heide: Support?

    Jabberwork: I brought some of my...posse. And a little toy of sorts.

    Heide: I don't see why not accept.

    Jabberwork: Well, then it is settled. I'll be on my way back to Purpura. And speaking of which....Send a message to Captain Arlan. It is about his father. Say that Captain Leviathan is retiring.

    Heide: Retiring?! What does-

    Jabberwork: It is not what you thinking. It's a Drakko Tribe thing.

    Heide: Is that so...

    Jabberwork: Anyway, I think Vermillion would be on his way back as of now. I would be careful, Prince Heide. That might be the death of you.

    Heide:...There is no need to fear. With our numbers we can hold it until more reinforcements from Azure come. Then we can start our attack to Vermillion.

    Jabberwork: That's the spirit!

    He gives the prince a very enthusiastic thumbs up.

    Jabberwork:...At least that is what I wanna say. Let me ask you this: Do you know why we can't mess with Valley?

    Heide: What does Valley have to do with this?

    Jabberwork: It is not only our borders that Gray Valley separates us. Have fear...of the Tigers.

    Heide: Tigers....

    Jabberwork: Welp. I'm off.

    He turns his back and walks away waving his hand.


    Torri appears in a flash as if he just popped out of thin air.

    Torri: Yes?

    Heide: Tell Arlan to escort the Duchess back to Violetta...and don't forget to take the Forge with them.

    Torri:...Are you sure about this? It certainly that Lars and Wave will come.

    Heide: I am aware. In fact, I don't think I might made it.


    Heide: You are awfully silent.

    Torri: I'm sorry. But...For personal reasons I can't die here just yet.

    Heide: It's fine. You don't need to suffer the mortal coil with me. And I won't even ask what reasons are.

    Torri: Very well. Let's start this then.

    Far away at Vermillion, the War Meeting ended with not a very satisfactory resolution. Wills and the others except Lars and Don were walking off the castle.

    Wave: Okaaaaay....was that really a War Meeting. Because it was more like the general shouting at us just because.

    Anderson: That is what War Meeting means here in Vermillion.

    Wills: I heard rumours about the Crimsom Knight, but the real deal was far beyond my imagination.

    Arkmedes: He had a lot of expectations from others since he was young. Ever since he got the ability to wield one of the Four Swords, he just isn't allowed to fail. It was a national treasure that the last time it was wielded was from a previous Vermillion King from ages past.

    Wills: Cool story bro. And what about that Don guy?

    Arkmedes: His father made he do....questionable things.

    Whyat: Hey Wills. What have you been doing all this time?

    Wills:...Are you sure you wanna know?

    Nicholle: It's better if you not. Who knows what despicable things this villain that claims to be your sister might done?

    Whyat: She is also your sister by the king's order.

    Nicholle: I was not ordered to like this...

    Wills: Well...I was rescued by my master.

    Arkmedes: Your master....The one who taught you how to fight, right?

    Whyat: Who was it?

    Wills: You promise that you wouldn't get frighted?

    Whyat: Sure. Why would I? I mean, it was the one who saved your life.

    Wills: Very well. It was the Pale Rider.

    Whyat: Ah, the Pale Ri-Kyaaaaa!!!

    She jumps right at Anderson's shoulders after hearing that.

    Nicholle: You meanie! You're scaring her.

    Wills: She said it was okay.

    Anderson: But isn't it the Pale Rider just a fairy tale?

    Wills: He is just as real as I am. In fact, I think by the time we get out of the castle, he might gonna be observing me from afar somewhere in the city.

    Anderson: That's a joke, right?

    Wills: I can show him if you want...but he might not like your face.

    Anderson: Okay, I believe you.

    Whyat:....Would you really show him?

    Nicholle: W-Whyat?

    Wills: If you want-

    Nicholle: NO!

    Nicholle picks Whyat like if she was a stuffed toy.

    Nicholle: I will not let you show her to dubious strangers!

    Wills: Fine. But how about you release her. I think she is out of air.

    Whyat was with a blueish skin.

    Nicholle: Ah! Sorry.

    She releases Whyat and returns to breath.

    Whyat:...Hehehe...Hahaha....This is nice.

    Wave: How so?

    Wills: It is because....

    She then holds both of the arms of Wills and Nicholle.

    Whyat: I have two big sisters now!


    Nichole: Er...Stop it. You are embarassing me.

    Wave: I must say, you three are quite the trio. Since you are both sisters, why don't you share me among yourselves?


    The three of them kicks him at the same time and he falls alongside his dignity as a man.

    Wave: *cough*....Okay, just one at a time...

    Wills: I'll cut you.

    Nicholle: I'll do it first.

    Whyat: Anyway, I really looking foward for listen more about Ma and Pa, Wills.

    Wills: I'll gladly tell you anything you want.


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    Chapter 18: Vermillion.

    When speaking of the Kingdom of Vermillion, the first things that comes in mind is Iron and Fire. Inside the thick red walls of Vermillion there were many armory and factories always pulsating with heat as if they were almost alive. The Kingdom by itself have a Forge in the castle where they could produce Blue Ores for cooling down with all the heat they produced. Not much, but enough.

    In the lands surrounding the kingdom, it is most common to find jungles and moutains, but what really stands out are the volcanoes. Some small and some quite big. If there is danger of eruptions, they have Cooling Generators next to the nearby colonies to prevent being wiped out. The most famous animals might be the Fire Unicorns and the Red Hawks that were often used in military affairs. The Hawks are a bit docile to be honest, but the Fire Unicorn isn't the best animal to you to get close, specially is you are weak-willed or coward. Those beasts can hit you hard.

    Even so, despite all the heat, the sky was always blue and the sun was strong as ever. The summer is no joke honestly. Wills that was walking around to a meeting point in Vermillion was drinking a bottle of water to cool herself.

    Wills: Aaaaa....I can't walk around here during the summer without a bottle of those.

    Whyat: Hey Wills! Do you wanna see one of our weapons shop?

    Wills: I've been here many times already Whyat. I seen pretty much of what Vermillion have.

    Whyat: I see. Do you still wanna buy something? A weapon, a piece of armor...

    Wills: I already have one of the Four Swords. And armor kinda gets in the way. I can't move around very well.

    Wave: I think a woman in an armor is pretty sexy.

    Wills: Aaand one more reason to not wear one.

    Wave: I love you too.

    Whyat:....Hey Wills.

    Wills: Yeah?

    Whyat:....Is Wave your boyfriend, after all?

    Wills spits his water at Wave by the surprise of that question that came out of nowhere.

    Wills: W-Where the hell did that came from?!

    Whyat: I can't tell, but...you act hostile but at the same time you seem to at ease with him. I guess I read that in a book once.

    Wills: I literally know nothing about this guy. Heck, I've met him just now.

    Whyat: I see...Then if he is not...Who is?

    Wills: Well....I don't have one. I never had one in my life.

    Whyat: R-Really?!

    Wave: Good for me.

    Wills delivers a upward kick to his face.

    Whyat:...*sigh* And here I thought you would be different....

    She looks at Nicholle with a sad expression.

    Nicholle: W-Why are you looking at me like that?

    Whyat: Why can't I have a big sister that can hook a man and talk about the subject?

    Nicholle: W-Whyat! Don't go saying stuff about me like that!

    Wave: So you too, huh?

    Arkmedes: It's understandable. The Redfeather House is one of the most prestigious families in Vermillion. To become a suitable candidate you have to be at least on her level.

    Anderson: I don't know about that. These noble people just wanna marry somene like Fionne. A rash girl that rides a giant bird it's just not the woman of their dreams.

    Nicholle: Say that again?!

    Whyat:....Then Wills, why don't you and Captain Roberts don't just start going out?

    Wills: What did you say?!

    Whyat: Well, he obviously like you. So why don't you give it a chance?

    Wave: Is it me or did your little sister just gave us her blessings?

    Wave: Shut it!

    She punches his gut and he falls to his knees.

    Wave: Uuurgh....

    Wills: Listen Whyat, these kind of things are complicated. You should know that. You are not that young after all...

    Whyat: I know, but...I wish someone could tell me what to do about those letters.

    Wills: Letters?

    Nicholle: Whyat! You don't need to tall her about it!

    Wills: About what? Then let her talk. I am her sister as well ain't I?

    Whyat: Well, it just....I've been receiving those letters from boys at my age. And they are all Love Letters.

    Wills: L-Love Letters?!

    Whyat: I just don't know how to reply to them. I asked Nicholle but she has no idea either. I supossed if at least one of you two had experienced first, it might help.

    Wills: You! Nicholle! How could you let things have reached this far?!

    Nicholle: Don't blame me! I cant just confiscate those you know!

    Wave: Easy there. It's not like she is not at that age.

    Anderson: Besides, this is expected. She is actually pretty cute. And that's something to a girl with an eyepatch. It's no surprise there would be someone interested on her.

    Wills: You take back those words right now!

    Nicholle: For once, I agree with you.

    The two looks at Anderson like two ferocious beasts.

    Anderson: What? No need to be so overprotective.

    Whyat: Say Wave, you seem to know about this kind of stuff. What do you have to say from a man's perspective?

    Wave:....Hah! Perspective. "Rejecting" was always the woman's role. Isn't it Anderson?

    Anderson: Indeed. A relationship only starts with the approval of a woman. No matter how much strenght a man gathers to confess, everything is in vain when they don't gave their seals. Crushing their hearts and dreams like cheap glass.

    Wave: No kidding. Women have the power of choice.

    Whyat: Woooow. I didn't knew I had so much power.

    Wills: Don't put weird ideas on her head, you wombats!

    Nicholle: Yeah. Women have just as hard as men. We don't just lazy around and waits for a man to jump at us.

    Arkmedes: To be fair, Wave did the move and you rejected Miss Willams.

    Wills: I don't even gonna try to respond that.

    Wave: It's not like I lost yet.

    Wills:....Anyway, where is this Meeting Point.

    Arkmedes: It is a carriage that will take us to Dralasam. The closest colony of Vermillion. And by the way, your crew is currently there, Captain Roberts.

    Wave: Oh really? Nice, I can show them to you guys.

    Wills: Like I should care about it.

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    Chapter 19: The Knight.

    On Vermillion Castle, General Lars was pulling a sleeping Donny that was shackeld in a chain. Princess Fionne was with him.


    Lars: Thanks for helping me calm this strunged out bastard.

    Fionne: You won't needed my help if you were a bit more polite.

    Lars: I am no expert on the subject.

    Fionne:...You changed a lot didn't you?

    Lars: Did I? I don't think you knew me well after all.

    Fionne: Don't I? You used to be nice and always spoke nice to me.

    Lars: Yep. To you. And I still do, right?

    Fionne: Because I am the Princess or because I am your friend?

    Lars:....I'll go with Princess.

    Fionne:....You know, I forgot the last time I saw a smile on that face of yours. Now it feels like talking to a stone...I wished you never got that cursed sword.

    Lars: It is because of this sword that we met. And it is because of this sword that Azure didn't destroyed us until now.

    Fionne:...I can't deny that.

    Lars:...So, what about your mother? How is the Queen?

    Fionne: I am about to see her right now. She is still badly sick.

    Lars: Come to think about it....Didn't that started just after we caught Wave?

    Fionne: Are you suspecting that he has anything to do with it?

    Lars: I am just pointing out. There is not linking those two events directly...One last question by the way, you can answer if you want or not.

    Fionne: What is it?

    Lars: How did you know about Musashi and The White Tigress? Anderson never told me about the White Sword.


    Lars:...Very well then. Forget I asked anything.

    Fionne:...Lars. Don't try so hard in Millvark. We have the White and Black Sword, so leave it most to them. You have to come back alive.

    Lars: Is that an order?

    Fionne:...Yes. Yes, it is.

    Lars: Then a man's gotta do what a man gotta do. Bye.

    He then leaves while Fionne goes to the Queen's Quarters.

    Lars:...If only we met under other circumsatamces.

    Long ago, before the Crimsom Knight, Lars Niod was born from a commoner's house. He managed to become an apprentice of a knight that saw potential at him and took him to the castle, but that changed as he saw the Vermillion Sword, Ares hanging on the wall inside a scabbard. In that day he held the sword out of curiosity and he could unsheat the sword. Princess Fionne watched it and told her father. No one from all Vermillion was managed to use the sword for centuries and King Fier acknowledged him.

    At the age of thirteen he was chosen to become the Princess's appointed knight. During that time, the two of them became close friends and were rarely seen apart. Later he met Arkmedes who was an aspiring magician that would become his advisor. Also Anderson, the son of the knight that was his measter would work together with him several times and get along with him.

    But there were more eyes looking at him with displeasure than admiration. The rest of the knights didn't liked him at all, mainly because of the jealously of his proximity with the princess and the fact he was a commoner with Anderson's brother, Conrad being one of them. They believed it was only because of the Vermillion Sword and not his skills alone. By the time he became a captain at the age of fifteen, he felt the weight of his fellow soldiers more heavier. He knew none of them respected him despite his rank. After that his behavior turned to be more cold and ruthless that only his closest comrades could actually walk close to him.

    By the time he received his lieutenauts, Nicholle and Gaijin that would become his first direct subordinates. Nicholle was already a genius at the time so he couldn't get along with her at all, abusing of her services and mistreating her several times. Gaijin would defend her most of times, since Lars could see he was a strong man on his own and could match him in terms of strenght. At that point he was a firmly believer that strenght was justice and was already know as the Crimsom Knight.

    At some point, no one would dare to disrespect his authority and he turned into General of the Vermillion Army at the age of seventeen and from now on, the fights with him and Prince Heide were the hot topic. But at this time he wasn't the same knight that was appointed to Fionne. Even still, she refused the service of any other knight after he became captain because she didn't wanted to forget he was once her knight. Even still, she is the only one that can put an order on him and stop him from going rampage from time to time.

    Now back to the main story, Wills ant the rest of the gang were waiting at next to a large carriage pulled by a red rhino.

    Wills:...So that is the feeling, huh?

    Whyat: What?

    Wills: Nothing.

    Then Lars appears carrying the sleeping Don on his shoulder.

    Wills:....How did you managed to come all the way here without making a scene?

    Anderson:*whispers* It is not the first time.

    Lars: Everyone is here, huh? Alright, let's get this thing to work.

    They board the carriage and they set road to Dralasam.

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