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    Default Hybrid

    I'm just doing this because I'm bored so not takes serious or anything.
    This world is vast. Many nations and many races. But for centuries, War was the spotlight of the world's history. There was no individual who never heard or questioned of the Crusades. Those were not for power, money or ideology, but for survival and balance. The strong preys the weak, but the weak does not perish that easy, if not the strong would be no more. These Crusades, 5 of they, each happening in a interval of 100 years had only 2 of the vast species who inhabited the world: The Humans and the Vampires. One wanted their destruction, but was weak for such feats and one wanted they to subjugate and drinks their blood. One had numbers and one had strenght. It was balance such as day and night. Everytime each side won a crusade, the opposite would revive to fight another war. The fifth Crusade ended with the Vampire's victory but such a loss happened in the battlefield turning such a win very empty.It was nothing more than a "tie". The humans and the vampires had no choice but withdraw for the time being, but little they knew that the 5th Crusade would actually be their last....

    Prologue 1.
    Hidden in the mountains, a large house, near as big as a castle facing a beautiful lake and surrounded by pine trees and a large grass terrain, lived there a single father and a 10 year-old son. Everyday the light red-haired child would reach the summit of the area and gaze into the carpet of trees that were bathed by the sun in the sunset.

    The name of the place was Mians Mountain just above the town of Mians that also just faced the sea in the other direction. It was also the main port town of Blitzreign Empire and just ahead in the sea, the Kingdom of Drakland was located at the northwest of Blitzreign. In other words Mians was the main point of contact of those 2 great nations in Blitzreign territory and so an strong point of trade.

    The boy would do this daily routine until the sun is set, but this particular day, a change of fate was about to fall upon him. Just as night descended a certain glimpse caught the boy attention. It was a person, rare to see in that area and a girl at most of people. What did pick his interest was her long purple hair that shined as the very own night in physical form. The girl seems to be also gazing until the darkness covered the scenery, but he didn't noticed her until the sun was set. With no hesitation whatsoever the boy just naturally went to her with no reason and almost as astonish.

    "Heya! How is d.."

    Said the boy that had been interrupted because as soon as they laid eyes, the girl just bare her teeth at his neck.

    ".....Is this girl just bitting my neck?"

    thought the little boy who was acting like that was such a everyday thing.That purple-haired girl was definitively a vampire and had just stopped biting his neck.

    "Darn it done it again."

    Murmured the vampire girl, looking dissapointed at herself.

    "Done it what?"

    Asked the confused boy.

    "Well, you see I was supossed to not-Wait, you're alive?!"

    Shouted the vampire girl.

    "You are supossed to be dead!"

    Completed the vampire.

    "...No I'm not."

    Replied the boy.

    "Eep! You're creep, I'm outa here!"

    Said the vampire as she turned into a flock of bats ,flied away and rested on the tallest pine tree.

    "What is the deal with that human? Usually they die fast at that age."

    thought the vampire.

    "So, do you like those trees too?"

    Said the boy who magically appeared behind her.


    Shouted her who just fall from the fright.


    "Oops, sorry are you hurt"

    Said the bothered boy.

    "No way in hell, this fall is nothing for a vampire(Actually my waist is killing me.-_-)"

    Replied the girl with a annoyed tone.

    "But, more important how did you followed me?"

    Asked the confused vampire.

    "What? That was easy, it was following the bats, right?"

    Replied the boy with dumb-looking face.

    "That is not supossed to be easy!"

    Said the girl with an angry tone.

    "...By the way you know what I am right?"

    Asked her with a fright expession.

    "Yep. Red Eyes, bites neck for blood, turns into bat, you are obviously a vampire, right?"

    Said the boy with a scary calm expression.

    "And why are you not afraid of me or even frighted by the fact I drank you blood?"

    Said the way more confused girl.

    "Oh. You were just thirsty, right? And I not scared of girls you know."

    Said proudly the boy.

    "That is not the point! The fact that I am a vampire should scare you!"

    Angrily replied the girl.

    "Not really, my mom was a vampire."

    Said the boy.


    Said the totally lost girl.

    "Here check my right eye."

    Said the boy widely opening his eye. His eye was crimson, just like her eyes.

    "Wait, you blood did taste stronger than usual. Are you...a Hybrid?"

    Said the extremely surprised girl.

    "I thought it was just a myth for explaining some disapeared vampires." said the lost girl.

    "Well, here your Myth then." said the jokingly human.

    "Now lets give the 'What' away and focus on 'Who'. My name is Johnnathan. Johnnathan Highlander." greet the boy.

    "...Evelyne. Evelyne Dracul." replied the refreshed vampire girl.

    The meeting of those two would change not only their fates, but the entire world would be around they.

    I think I gonna change to theatrical form.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Wow, writting is fun. I wish I could do it in a regular basis.
    Prologue 2.

    1 week have been passed since Jonnathan and Evelyne met and they all have been meeting in the mountains surrounding Johnny's house. Even though they were different species in a way but still close, they turned to be compatible playmates. They had the entire mountain as their playground and by night no one would come to disturb. Even by day they had few visitors. During the day, Jonnathan could not go further than the town market near the base of the mountain's forest so he was lonely most of the times. He could not have the risk of his heritage be discovered, not that there many humans who even heard of human-vampires hybrids but still, there is always the risk of rumours spreading. Luckily people would not notice his right eye's colours. At the end of the afternoon his father, Alex Highlander, came earlier than usual after giving a task by the Blitzreign Emperor and spotted his son with a basket of blood bottles.
    Alex: Yo Johnny.
    Johnnathan: Eek, you already here pops?!O_O
    Johnny was totally not expecting his father coming. Usually he takes more time to do his "service".
    Alex: Yeah, it was only a few this time. No less than four. All low-ranking ones, good grief they could have give me a break this time.
    Said him very dissapointed and not bothering that he had blood all over his coat and hat.
    Alex Highlander
    Race: Human
    Job: Vampire Hunter( Has a contract with the empire, formely freelance.)
    Weapon of choice: Scythe
    Epithet: Red Demon

    Johnnathan: (I wonder how I tell Eve about him.)
    Alex: What are you doing with those blood anyway?
    Johnnathan: Oh, I'm gonna give to...Mom, yeah. I was gonna go to his grave.
    Alex: Since when you started doing that? Does she even have a grave?
    Johnnathan: I....Made one yeah. I mean, sure her body vaporized but you know hahahaha....
    Alex: Show me...
    Alex:...Another day, I wanna get the rest of the day to gather some info brother of yours.
    Johnnathan: Oh! Fine. I heard his bounty raised.
    Alex:*sigh* Good grief. Oh yeah, I noticed you been wandering too much at night...
    Alex:...I know you are "special" but not gonna go disturb the Thunderlions. You know what they say about Thunderlions?
    Johnnathan: Oh yes.
    Johnnathan goes off to the summit.
    Alex: Good.(What does a kid do in the night at the mountains anyway? I feel like a shitty dad.)
    Johnnathan and Evelyne meets at the usual spot.
    Johnnathan: Heya Eve, catch.
    Evelyne: Weee. Gimmegimmegimme.:D:D:D
    Johnnathan just throw one of the bottles and Evelyne catches like a dog.
    Johnnathan: (This already became a habit.*drop*)
    Evelyne: Your blood is sooooo yummy, but has such a mature flavor. I feel bad drinking this. I'm underage you know.
    Johnnathan: Aren't you vampires Immortal.
    Evelyne: Hey, we are blood thirsty demons, but we have rules as well.
    Said Evelyne with a grump demeanor
    Evelyne: But, do tell what makes your blood so...Strong?
    Johnnathan: I guess its Dark Magic. We Hybrids have a lot of those.
    Evelyne: Oh! I heard about it. You guys are the only ones who can wield in you bodies without turning into vampires right?
    Johnnathan: You have been kinda a Hybrid Maniac lately.
    Evelyne: Sorry, I have kinda of a lust for new things. But anyway what wanna do today? My family will be busy tonight so I guess I can stay near at midnight. Wanna mess with Thunderlions again?
    Johnnathan: Nah, promised my dad not disturb they and he will know if we do.
    Evelyne: So he is early...Can I see him?
    Evelyne: Well, he likes vampires right? You know, your mom and all.
    Johnnathan: Well, you see...They kinda met in the battlefield.
    Evelyne: Really? How romantic...Was he a Crusader?
    Johnnathan:...Yeah, you can say that.(Its not really a lie, but still better than the Red Demon.)
    Evelyne: I see....Johnny, why not we talk about our family? You can go first.
    Johnnathan: Oh good, we can just talk today. Anyway as you know, I had a vampire mother. Her name was Ruby Scarlet.
    Evelyne: Ruby...Scarlet...I feel like I heard of it.
    Johnnathan: She was killed by vampires as well.
    Evelyne:.....I'm sorry.
    Johnnathan: She died protecting us.
    Evelyne: Us?
    Johnnathan: Oh yeah, I have a brother 6 years older then me.His name is Heinrich. He is a pirate.
    Evelyne: A pirate brother? Sounds tough for you.
    Johnnathan: Not really. He is my hero you know! I wish I could go on an adventure with him.:D
    Evelyne: You wanna be a pirate as well?
    Johnnathan: I just wanna go on an adventure when I grow up.
    Evelyne...(I wanna go as well)
    Johnnathan: By the way he just got a 100 thousand pieces of silver bounty recently.
    Evelyne:O_O Wait? is he the Black Demon. He just assaulted a higher-rank vampire last week!
    Johnnathan: Wow, that is Henry for ya. I bet he can take on the Vampire King himself.
    Evelyne: Dad isn't that merciful.
    Johnnathan: Woah! You are the princess of your kind?!
    Evelyne: One of. I have 7 other siblings.
    Johnnathan: Woah, and here I thought your kind have difficult to have kids.
    Evelyne: It does, that is why my dad is a polygamist.
    Johnnathan:...Well, didn't see this one coming. Is it though for your mom.
    Evelyne: Nah. The brides had a peaceful relationship.
    Johnnathan: Had?
    Evelyne:...My mother died too.
    Johnnathan: Sorry to hear that. I guess we are more similar than I thought.
    Evelyne: Yeah. Her name was Ametista. Have you ever heard of the Werewolf Massacre of Hollowgrounds?
    Johnnathan: All the species know I guess. Like a tornado out of nowhere, a giant pack of werewolves attacked the vampire capital in Hollowgrounds. I heard that prevented a Sixth Crusade.
    Evelyne: Werewolves. Our natural predator. It says that if they allied with humans, then there wouldnt have been a Second Crusade to begin with.
    Evelyne starts to slowly cry and tries to keep a strong face.
    Johnnathan: Well, it would be another Crusade. With another race.
    Evelyne: I lost my mother there. She was protecting me and my older brother. Only the main wife survived.
    Johnnathan: Does she hates you?
    Evelyne: Oh no. She is really kind with me. She sees me and my othe siblings like if they are her own children.
    Johnnathan:...Tell me about your older brother first.
    Evelyne: You mean Wagner. Yeah, he is my mom's first son and the fourth son. He is full of pride and has an unmeasurable loyalty and admiration to Corvus for some reason.
    Johnnathan looks puzzled.
    Johnnathan: Corvus?
    Evelyne: Oh, he is the Crown Prince and my oldest brother. He is a bit eccentric and a big rebel. Dad has lot of headaches with him.*giggle*
    Johnnathan:The eldest son of the first wife, right?
    Evelyne: Yeah, Lady Topazia is also the mother of the second eldest son, Specter. He is unlike Corvus and its such a bookworm and its always besides him like a shadow.
    Johnnathan: What does she have to say to this?
    Evelyne: Since Corvus is hard to keep under control, she forces him to stand out more. I kinda feel sorry for his pressure.
    Johnnathan: Is it the same for the others?
    Evelyne: Well, she have high expectation for all of us seven. The one she less have problems is Lady Diamanta's eldest child and the third son, Magnus.
    Johnnathan: Is he some good two-shoes or something?
    Evelyne: No, he is...Him. He don't talk very much and most of our people don't go near him. You see he is huuuge, like just about the size of a Lagomoth.
    Johnnathan: Sheesh!
    Evelyne: But his brother, the 6th oldest child, Lex is such a troublemaker, always get into fights for near no reason.
    Johnnathan: I see pretty hard someone to piss one of the King's sons.
    Evelyne: Exactly my thought.
    Johnnathan: Don't you have any sister?
    Evelyne: Oh yes. There is Lady Opala's eldest child and 5th child, Carol. She likes to brush my hair, dress me up, as if I was her daughter. But she doesn't like if anyone get too near of me or one of my brothers. In fact I think you would be dead by now.
    Johnnathan: *shivers* By the way is there anyone younger than you?
    Evelyne: Yes, I am the 7th child. The youngest is Lady Opala's second child Miller. I really care for him as her older sister, but he doesnt like to do anything to drink blood. In fact he is the one who drinks more. I guess its because he is growing, but he killed about 2 servants.
    Johnnathan: You didn't needed to tell that.
    Evelyne: Ooops, sorry. Its a common thing.
    Johnnathan: Pretty interesting cast of individuals. Anyway why mentioning their mothers?
    ???: Its a honorific way of address

    Well, there goes 2 hours of my life.
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    Default Re: Hybrid

    Prologue 3

    Like a ghost out of nowhere, a well-dressed spiked dark-haired man just appeared in the middle of the two astonished youngsters.
    ???: Hey Eve, looking for ya.
    Johnnathan still trying to grasp the situation, just realized he had his neck grasped by the man's hand.
    ???: And whaaaaat is thiiiis? Your afternoon snack? You should save for dinner ya know.
    After that, he starts to grip his neck more strong.
    Johnny: Guh!
    Eve: Wait Corvus! He is not food! He is just a friend!
    Said Eve, about to cry. After that Corvus just releases the poor boy.
    Corvus: Oh?
    Corvus starts to gaze interested on the released Johnnathan.
    Corvus: Now why do you befriend him Eve? Most of the times you kill boys at this age after eye contact? Most importantly. Hey brat!
    Johnny:*cough* Yeah?
    Corvus: You have been hanging out with my sis for this last week right? I wondered where was she wandering so I decided to follow her today.
    Eve looks terrified as she is sensing a disaster is about to happen.
    Corvus: You know that we are blood drinking scumbags right? Why aren't you afraid?
    Johnny:....I'm a human-vampire hybrid.
    Corvus:O_o Wait? For reals?
    Corvus grab the boy's face and look at his face.
    Corvus:...hehe...hahaha...Kahahahahaahah! You guys really do exist! So there are black sheeps in our so noble race. How joyful! I like you kid. Even though I met you just now. What is yer name anyway?
    Eve: His name is Johnnathan! Now get away from him. You are scaring him!
    Said Evelyne with some newfound courage.
    Corvus:...You never talked back to me before...This day is getting better and better, I wish Wagner could see you right now.XD
    Corvus: Well, sorry for startling you two. No hard feelings kay Johnny-Boy? You mind I call you that?
    Johnny:...I don't like you.
    Corvus:....You are splendid. Hope I see you again when you're older.
    Corvus grins and turns to Evelyne.
    Corvus: I'll keep your secret safe Eve, I don't want the father or mother to know about this either.
    Corvus: Oh yeah, could you come home a bit earlier today? Specter is about to talk about something and wants all us 8 and you know how far Hollowgrounds is for Blitzreign.
    Eve: Oh? What is it?
    Corvus:...Lets just say, a progressive step.
    Eve looks a bit worried.
    Corvus:...The woods on this place protect you from the sun isn't it? It takes about an hour to fly from Hollowgrounds to here. Perfect place for a vampire see the night rises. Not that I care anyway. Try to go back when the moon is near in the center of the horizon. Have fun you two.
    Corvus turns into a flock of bats and flies away to the east.
    Eve: Sorry about that.
    Evelyne says with an apologized stance.
    Eve: He is a brute, but he cares a lot about me and my siblings...We love him.
    Johnny:...I hope the others aren't like him.
    Eve:...Its better if you don't actually meet they.
    Johnny: Well, lets change topics. I know a nest of Dodiches near here. Wanna play with they?
    Eve: There are a Dodiches here? Yay! I always wanted to ask my dad for one. :D
    Some time later in the underground Vampire Citadel in Hollowgrounds, in a sealed room in the sewers.
    Corvus: Hey, whats up Specter?
    There lies a another black haired vampire with glasses, different from Corvus fixed in some notes and the nearby machinery.
    Corvus:...Tch. And I am supossed to be rude of us.
    Specter:....Did you find Evelyne.
    Corvus: Oh yeah.
    Corvus picks a chair and sits inverted.
    Corvus: I saw something very interesting today...
    Specter then gives his attention.
    Specter: Something interested you?...I'm all ears.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Prologue 4

    Hollowgrounds. Perhaps the darkest and saddest place in the world. In the "surface", humans lived in lines of cottages that ended in the Central Castle that itself extended to the "underground, the actual Vampire Capital. The Castle had bridges who connected to various towers, where in each one lived an entire vampire hierarchy. The higher the tower, the higher the rank and higher the "taxes" it received and human and vampire alike was under the frightful influence of one of the 3 Dark Lords, the Vampire King Vladmir Dracul. But in the bottom, who existed nothing but the sewers, existed a sealed lab know only by Corvus and his siblings.
    Specter:...Thats all?
    Corvus: Yeah.
    Specter: Its not interesting.
    Corvus: Whaaat? Its a Hybrid we are talking about it.
    Specter: I made researches with both DNAs. Such a combination was expected. It just no one tried to do it. After all, humans can turn into vampires, so breeding should have been compatible.
    Corvus:-_- You are such a mood kill. Anyway its about we talk about that right?
    Specter: Yes, we took time enough. You aware of the small details right?
    Corvus: Several little problems to get rid of one big problem. Not against it.

    Prologue 5

    Back in the castle in the front of one of the bridges, a handsome black-haired vampire was aproached from behind by a female vampire holding a letter.
    ???: Lord Wagner.
    Wagner turns into her.
    ???: Greetings Lord Wagner, I am Ashley from Nicodemos Tower...And I have been thinking of giving this to you.
    Ashley lends the letter.
    Ashley: I-I like you Lord Wagner. There I wrote a poem about my feelings for you. My r-rank and t-tower aren't very high, but I will work hard to raise they. P-Please think about marrying me. I-I d-don't care if I end becoming your second or even third wife.
    She forcefully lends the letter and ran.
    A short green-haired vampire comes from above.
    ???: Brother. Is that skank whore background character bitch trying to make a move on you? I can kill her right now.
    Wagner: No Carol. She had courage to go this far. It was admirable from her.
    Wagner keeps the letter on his jacket pocket.
    Carol: Wait? You are not thinking of accepting her aren't you?
    Wagner: I have zero interest, but throwing away after this would be disgraceful for her...And to me too.
    Carol:>3 Wow Wagner you are so cool. Ooow, I wish we weren't related.
    Wagner: I'm gonna keep this with the others.
    Carol:>:C WHAT?! How many bitches tried to take you away from me!
    Wagner: Why do you care?
    Carol: Because you and the others are mine. MINE! M-I-N-E. I wouldn't allow it any of my brothers to a hyena or Eve to any vulture...Except for Lex because fuck him.
    ???: What did you say?!
    Said a short silver-haired vampire who just appeared in front of those two.
    ???: Wanna pick a fight with me Carol?
    Wagner: Low your voice Lex. You are disgracing yourself and your family.
    Lex faces Wagner like a thug.
    Lex: Well, she just insulted me.
    Wagner stares more strongly.
    Wagner: So what? A true man should always let a woman says what she thinks.
    Carol starts doind a taunting dance.
    Lex: You piece of shi-*Omp*
    As Lex raised his fist against Wagner he is pinned by a large vampire with long black hair.
    Lex: Guh! Damnit Magnus.
    ???: Are you guys fighting?
    Said Evelyne who just arrived. at the scene.
    Carol: Eve!
    Carol just rushed to her.
    Carol: Where have you been all this time? You've been outside Hollowgrounds haven't you? Do you have any idea what dirty men, human or vampire, could do do a fair maiden of the night as you? What if you crossed with a Werewolf? Or a Gremlin?
    Eve starts to get herself in panic.
    Wagner: Stop it Carol. Our sister is a proud vampire that should not be understimated. Besides she is okay isn't she? So everything is fine.
    Those other 4: (So cool *u*)
    In the middle of the ruckus, a small vampire younger than Evelyne appear behind Carol.
    ???: Sis, I'm thirsty.
    Carol: Oh Miller, where have you be-Wait is that blood on your mouth? You didn't killed another one again did you?
    Lex: Heh. That explains that corpse ruckus at the surface.
    Eve: Miller, don't you know how is hard to keep the humans at bay up there? We always have to bring more from either Blitzreign or Drakland.
    Miller: But you also do that all the time.
    Evelyne looks dissapointed at herself.
    The rest:.....
    Eve:*sigh* Here, take a bottle.
    Eve takes one of Johnny's bottles from her pockets and gives to Miller who drinks all the way.
    Miller: Holy. This shit is pretty darn good. In fact I feel full now.
    Carol: Where did you get this strange blood?
    Eve: Well I...
    Wagner: Forget about it. We have to go see brother Corvus down the sewers. We are almost late.
    Lex: Bah. I supossed its better this way.

    And then those 6 goes down see their elder brothers.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    prologue 6

    The 8 siblings all reunited on the secret room. All of they took a seat and no one spoke a word until Corvus decided to have the first world.
    Corvus: My brothers and sisters. I have a proposal of sort to all of you and its up to you guys to decide or not.
    Wagner: Whatever your plans are, I'm willing to follow.
    Carol: Yeah, me too! I would kill every vampire just for you.
    Corvus: Great Carol, because that is exactly what we gonna do.
    Carol: Eh?
    A deep silence took the room and everything felt heavy as it an extreme pressure of air enveloped the lab.
    Eve: Brother...Are you planning of killing dad too?
    Corvus: Damn right I am. It already time he hit the bucket you know.
    Evelyne's eyes just got blank and for a second of time, her felt soulles.
    Lex: Hey, you wanna overthrow him? Why not you challenge him for the throne?
    Corvus:Simple. Because I have no interest in the throne.
    Lex: Wha-You make no sense Corvus.
    Corvus:...Let me tell you a history that happened to me, way before the crusades. I was about just as old as Eve back there. We just expanded Hollowground's territory and I saw an interesting scene back there. A human, sneaked around the castle and took our treasury.
    Wagner: I heard about it.
    Corvus: Aaaanyway, I just came across the hooligan as he was about to escape and asked why did he took the trouble of stealing our fortune since we didn't needed anyway and his response was "because it was there to be stolen".
    Everyone else:............
    Corvus: That man would be later know as the progenitor of the 1000 Mutiny Hidden Treasure legend, a pirate who started a chain reaction of backstabs that accumuled enough money to overshadow Blitzreign and Drakland together. Why am I telling this? Because I learned something important that day. If you want something badly, you take it and crush everyone in the way.
    Carol: That explains so much Corvus.
    Corvus: And you see, I think the whole Vampire Kingdom is an obstacle that needs to be removed so that I can get my ambitions.
    Miller starts talking after drinking another blood battle.
    Miller:*sluuurp* But for something like that, don't you need you know, manpower and stuff?
    Corvus: Exactly little pal, and we have plenty enough upstairs.
    Lex: You mean the surface? You wanna turn all the humans into vampires?
    Magnus:......not enough.
    Everyone else minus Wagner:(Eh? He talked?O_O)
    Wagner: You say manpower is not enough to counter dad and the rest of the vampires, is that right?
    Magnus nods his head in agreement.
    Corvus: Well, that is something for for another month.
    Everyone looks puzzled.
    Corvus: You see, Specter and I were planning to...Make ourselves better than we are and we took about centuries to find a safe way to improve our abilities.
    Lex: Not a fan of easy way of getting stronger.
    Specter: I wouldn't call strengten ourselves, but more likely turn into something else.
    When the other brother started speaking everyone fixed their attention to him.
    Specter: The concept would be infuse our blood with Dark Magic that not only increase our overall resistance but as well our regenerative abilities and allowing us using darkness magic as well.
    Everyone was shocked by that revelation.
    Wagner: I'm no specialist, but I sense some after-effects in this practice.
    Specter: Yes, such a thing would require a most demanding metabolism, so we would have to resource in another source of energy than blood.
    Corvus: Fine by me, I am already worn out of drinking onlt blood for more centuries.
    Carol: I'm concerned about Miller's hunger after this.
    Specter: That is why we are giving you guys a choice, we wouldn't force any of you, but we won't tolerate any treason.
    Wagner:....Do you really think you can do it Corvus?
    Corvus: Taken down father? Not only him. The Leader of the Fox Clan in Taiyo, Ninetails; The Dragon Master, Tiamat; all of the Dark Lords will fall by my hands.
    Wagner: If you say so...What are you gonna do after killing dad?
    Corvus: Kekekeke....We will become Pirates.
    Lex: Wait. Pirates? We need a ship for that, right?
    Corvus:...I have a surprise for you, but for the meantime I giving you guys a choice. I'll give you guys one month for chossing. Don't worry, I will spare anyone who doesn't wish to join me. Well lets go home shall we?
    Corvus and Specter just got out of the room first than anyone else and one by one, they left. Corvus was a "Worst Man In The World" material, but when we are talking about charisma, he was second to no one. Only one of the siblings had a drop of doubt and fear...

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Prologue 7

    Mians Mountain, just about 12 p.m, Alex and Johnnathan were in front of a hill that faced a foggy group of mountains.
    Alex:...This is it?
    Johnny: Yeah?
    Alex:I know you said grave I thought of a tombstone, but isn't this just a regular boulder?
    Johnny: How can you tell? Are you saying you know every single rock in the mountains?
    Alex: No but...Should you I dunno...Marked with something?
    Johnny: Its already the biggest rock in the bunch.
    Alex:....Okay, what are you hidding from me.
    Johnny starts sweating.
    Johnny:....I made a friend.
    Johnny:...Its a girl.
    Alex: Okay, I think I see where this is going, but what about that b...
    Johnny: She is a vampire.
    Alex:....Does she know?
    Johnny: About you or me?
    Alex: Both.
    Johnny: No.
    Alex: *phew*
    Johnny: Only me.
    Alex: Fuck.
    Johnny: She is okay with it.
    Alex: Less bad.
    Johnny: She is one of the princesses.
    Alex:...I almost killed her dad once you know.
    Johnny:Are we gonna move out?
    Alex: No...For now.
    Johnny: I'm sorry.
    Alex: Its okay.
    An awkward time fills the air.
    Johnny: So, what about Henry?
    Alex: Oh yeah, apparently he started his "career" as Bilaf the Iceberg's right-hand man.
    Johnny: That Bilaf? How did anyone not noticed?
    Alex: They were too idiots to noticed anyone besides Bilaf.
    Johnny: When did he gone solo?
    Alex: After Bilaf retired, he took part of his pillage and a boat. Rumour say his First-Mate is some prodigy from Gel's Magician Academy. He is adept at Dark Magic, so it certain its a hybrid like him.
    Johnny: You are acquaitance with the GMA's chairman. Did you confirm it?
    Alex: Yeah, his name is Alladin. Apparently he expelled him for using Darkness.
    Johnny: That is harsh.
    Alex: That is not all, his crew is very...Diverse. There is a Gremlin, a Mermaid, hell even a Acquilla.
    Johnny: An Acquilla? No way, I thought they never get out of Drakland's Colonies. I wanna see one.*u*
    Alex: Yeah, enough about your brother. Why not you show me your friend tonight?
    Johnny: Wha?
    Johnny gets embarassed.
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    Prologue 8

    At 7 p.m in the Highlander House, surprisingly Alex, Johnny and Eve are together sitting around a table.
    Alex: Sorry, for the...Low variety of dinner. We only have 2 people in this house.
    Eve: No bother, I'm okay with only 3 cups per day anyway.
    Says Evelyne with a satisfied smile while Johnny pokes his trout with a fork as if he was having a bad feeling about this.
    Johnny:(I have a bad feeling about this.)
    Eve: So, how do you and Johnny's mom met?
    Said Eve with sparkling.
    Alex: Oh you know, she started to pierce me with a rapier and I tried to reap her with a scythe, she shooted a beam or two, but then we kinda got bored, talk for a bit and when I less noticed, I was a father of 2.*drinks cup* That in a nutshell.
    Eve: Wow.
    Johnny: (I don't think it was that simple Eve.)
    Johnny starts drinking his Ice Tea.
    Alex: So, how is your dad doing it? Still exploting the living hell of the poor people?
    Johnny spits tea.
    Johnny: DAD!!
    Alex: What?
    Johnny: Don't go making sensible racist comments!
    Alex: Its not racist. I am explicitly saying that their form of government is focused on bleeding their society. Literally.
    Johnny: But, me and Henry bleed for mom every day. They do this for surviving.
    Eve: Its...Okay Johnny, really.
    Johnnathan looks surprised.
    Eve: No government is perfect anyway.
    Alex: Yeah. Fuck Politicians. That is why I live in the mountains.
    Eve:...Mr. Highlander.
    Alex: Yes?
    Eve: Can I sleep with Johnny tonight?
    Alex and Johnnathan spits their drinks.
    Johnny: Awaiwuwhaaaaaaa?!
    Alex: Lady, I don't know how old you are, but Johnny is too young for that!...Unless its a vampire custom, so then go ahead.
    Johnny: Aieiywhaaaaaaa?!
    Alex: By the way, aren't you guys supossed to be nocturnal or something?
    Eve: Actually, I am active most of time.
    Alex: Alright, be my guest.
    Johnny: (This is just so damn wrong!)
    Later, suddenly Johnnathan and Evelyne are in the same bed.
    Johnny:(How did this happened again?)...So, what about your family?
    Eve: Corvus is covering me. He said he took me to a walk.
    Johnny: Kay.
    Evelyne then moves closer to Johnny and hug him and Johnny's face gets red.
    Johnny: (Nopenopenopenopenopenopenope. So much nope.)
    Eve: Next week...I'm going on a journey.
    Johnny:...A journey?
    Eve: Me and my siblings...We are running away.
    Eve: Wanna go with us?
    Johnny: O_O...Well....Your raven brother that I don't like gonna be there, right?
    Eve gets frustrated.
    Johnny: So...Go ahead of me.
    Eve: !!!
    Johnny: When I grow up, I'll catch with you lot.
    Eve starts crying.
    Eve: Johnnathan...Thank you.
    Johnny: Well, I just need to tell my dad in the f-
    Eve bits Johnny's neck.
    Eve: Yummy. G'Night.
    Eve just falls asleep.
    Johnny:-_-...I don't even care anymore.

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    Prologue 9

    The sun just rised and flashes into Johnnathan's face waking him up. Evelyne was nowhere to be seen.
    Johnny: Eve...Will I see you again?
    One Week Later. Johnnathan gone everyday into the summit, but Evelyne never appeared. Inside his bedroom he had only deep thoughts of what he goona do next.
    Johnny:...Should I go see her in Hollowgrounds? Nah. It will take a whole day by foot.
    Alex knocks his door and just slams opens after.
    Johnny:...Why do you even knock?
    Alex: Respecting your privacy.
    Johnny: And why do you just enter like that.
    Alex: Securing my authority as your father.
    Johnny:...What do you want?
    Alex: First, you didn't seen your blood eater purple haired girlfriend lately did you?
    Johnny: She...Was?!
    Alex: Did you two fight?
    Johnny:...We...Had a time-out.
    Alex: I see. Hey kid, this may sound though but, Hybrids and Vampires just don't mix.
    Johnny: Eh?
    Alex: You see me and your mom...Bah, nevermind I will tell when you're older. Anyway what is important is I gotta a call. I vave to go all the way to Eysideci.
    Johnny: The capital.
    Alex: I want you to come. I think we will spend the whole day there. But since you are already used to loneliness...Its your choose.
    Johnny:...I'll go.
    Alex looks surprised.
    Alex: I see. Well go eat your breakfast, take a shower and all.
    Alex then turns around.
    Alex: Hey...That thing about "mix"...Forget about it, kay.
    Johnny: Whatever. We weren't anything like that.
    Said Johnnathan in a not so grump tone.
    Alex: Yeah, right.
    Said Alex in sarcasm mode.
    Meanwhile in Hollowgrounds, Vladmir Castle, Specter's room. Specter somehow made a bigger lab hidden in the castle. All of the royals were there except for Specter.
    Corvus: Damn, how did he build this without no one noticing?
    Corvus was gazing into a machinery compossed of 7 coffins like pods around a bigger one in the center.
    Wagner: Where is the man in question anyway?
    Corvus: It feels weird for him to be late. Come to think about it, he gave me instructions of how to start in case he was late.
    Lex: And why aren't we starting? Come on, I want a dose of extra Dark on me!
    Corvus: Relax Lex. I suspect something unexpected gonna happen.
    All of the 8 noticed the sealed door of the room opens from outside.
    Corvus:....What are you doing here.
    From the door entered a gorgeous looking vampire with long golden hair and a mask covering her eyes.
    ???: That is not how you address your Mother, Corvus.
    Eve: (Lady Topazia?!)
    Topazia: What are you children scamming?
    Corvus:..Something tells me you know already. You saw Specter didn't you?
    Topazia:I discovered that filthy place in the sewers and he was there...I killed him.
    Everone just got shocked to hear that.
    Topazia: You are dealing with forbidden magic aren't you? Stop this madness now. You don't need to overthrow your father. As the Crown Prince you already have as much powers as h-
    Corvus slaps Topazia.
    Everyone else:O_O
    Topazia: How dare you raise your hands against your own mother?! I was gonna turn a blind eye on this, but...
    Corvus: One question. Why do you care?
    Topazia: What kind of question is that? You are my son. And you were about to throw away everything you had!
    Corvus: Wrong answer.
    Corvus: The correct answer is "I was gonna lose my position an Queen as soon as this was over, my son succeding or not in killing Vladimir, because that is the kind of selfish woman I am".
    Topazia: What? You are the selfish one here! Look. You took your brothers and sisters into this to satisfy your greed.
    Corvus then gives his mother the coldest gaze someone could have done it.
    Corvus: What is this mother? You, the one who was the real mastermind of the Werewolf Massacre, is actually trying to give me a lesson about morals and love for my family?
    Topazia immediately gets a shocking face and everyone else's emotion just turned into a whirlpool.
    Carol: The Hell...
    Lex: Say whaaat?!
    Evelyne starts trembling and slowly bursts into tears.
    Eve:I-its n-not true isn't it?
    Corvus: I'm afraid it yes sis. I've witnessed with my own two eyes. You know I would never lie to any of you right?
    Miller starts to remember his mom and so is everyone else in theirs.
    Carol:...Mom was so immature and annoying but still...
    Lex: Mine's always yelled, pummeled, cut and stomped on my face everytime I misbehave ...But she done that because she had hope on a scum like me...
    Wagner:...Mom was so kind. It was almost she was not a vampire at all. Everyone loved her.
    Said Evelyne shouted really hard that it almost broke an eardrum with his eyes almost dried up with tears.
    Topazia:W-Wait everyone. He have no proof. Why do I even wanted to do that?
    Corvus: I just added 2 and 2 and made 4 mom. You see, they had to enter the underground throug the Snakeways right. Everybody thought they came from the sewers, but things started pretty high in the underground. Close to the castle actually.
    Topazia just started to heavily breathes and sweats hard.
    Topazia: S-so what?! I am not the only one who knows about the Snakeways and Werewolves are smart enough to figure those out specially with their enchenced sense! We even reinforced those after that tragedy.
    Corvus: Also that day, you were nowhere to be seen in the castle. You said you were in the surface aiding the battle, but you were actually ordering one of they to bring reinforcements to the castle while everyone else was busy dealing with they either in the towers or in the castle market.
    Topazia: W-w-what?!
    Corvus: I understand why you done it. The retainers were your main targets right? Specially Lady Ametista, since she started becoming everyone's favorite. Dad could just turn her into the official queen if he wanted.
    Topazia gets more and more desperate as the royals behind her have their anger rising at each second.
    Corvus: You never keep it up with either of those 3 didn't you mom? You had a higher rank than they, but after some time even that runs out huh? You had to become the only one to keep you so hard-awarded position, but if you done it yourself, you would be the first suspect and you couldn't trust anyone to do so. Then the only option: Werewolves. Because humans couldn't made such a feat.
    Topazia: S-STOP IT CORVUS!
    Corvus: And if we are talking about actual proof...
    Corvus goes to a metal box nearby who released a cold smoke when opened. And from inside he just picked a wolf's head.
    Corves: There. A well-conserved werewolf's head. Its the same one who you asked for reinforcement that day. You never questioned why this one in particular never came back right? Turns out I and Specter were stalking you that day and we took him out when he was alone. My bad.
    Said Corvus with a happy face with an open smile.
    Corvus: All we need is to check this guys' memories with the blood from his head right? But, from your look I don't think we even need to try.
    Topazia was on her knees with her eyes empty as if she was soulles.
    Topazia:...Corvus...It...Was not just me...I was thinking about you and Specter as well. If I wasn't the queen anymore then...Oh please I am sorry.
    Corvus: And yet you killed one of your own sons. Maybe he wasn't what you expected? Nevermind. Don't worry mom. I can't be mad at you since I am starting to do worse things...But they on other hand...
    Topazia turns her head and sees the royals, looking at her with unmeasurable wrath, all of they with swords in hand. Carol, Evelyne and Miller all had their faces wet with tears, Lex and Wagner all had a cold and red gaze and Magnus...Wasn't happy.
    Corvus:...Yep, I am so not needing this.
    Corvus throw the Werewolf's head into a furnace.
    Corvus: I'll start the preparations. You guys...Suit yourselves.
    Topazia: !!! Wait, Corvus! Don't let they-
    The sinister six moves closer.
    Topazia:W-Wait, please. Wasn't I a good mother? I r-raised every one of you! I loved you all as if you were all my children! I-I am proud of what all of you are. I even defended you lot against your father when he was angry sometimes! Please, forgi-
    Topazia: Blee.*vomits blood*
    Evelyne just stabbed her in the gut with a short sword.
    Topazia:...Little Moth...Even you...
    Miller then chops her right arm with a curved sword.
    Topazia: Guh!...You too..Miller...I thought you two...
    Wagner stabs her left eye with a rapier.
    Topazia: Gah!
    Wagner: Nice job you two. You avoided the vitals. Let your big bros and sis take care of the rest.
    The remaining 4 just starts slashing, hacking and stabing Topazia on the ground. Meanwhile Corvus was whistling "I Sing In The Rain" while handling the a control panel ignoring what is happening behind him.
    Corvus: (Wow. Specter really made this looks easy. I think I will look at his notes after this.)
    Topazia:(...My children...I don't care if all of you hate me...Or kill me...I really...Loved you all...Specter...I'm sorry...)
    Topazia's body vaporized. She is dead. Corvus just finished his preparations.
    Corvus: Wow. That was fast. I wanted to throw a selfie.
    Wagner:...What is that?
    Corvus: Oh yeah, Specs and I didn't finished that. Anyway, you guys wanna take a break or...
    Eve:...Lets begin.
    No one seems to object that.
    All of the 7 enter in a coffin, Corvus entering the one in the middle. The control panel at the front of the circle just seems to signal something and the pods closes. A black liquid that was inside a giant glass conteiner starts getting red and gets drained on the central coffin and a black red lightning starts generating from the pods.
    Corvus: W-What? This is crazy shit. I feel if my body is changing. Ke...Kahahahahahaha! This is amazing! Its like a century worthy of ecstasy in seconds! NICE GOING SPECTER!. KAHAHAHAHAHA!
    After a minute, the sparks stopped. All of the 7 exited their pods alive.
    Carol: Kuh. My head. Did it worked?
    Corvus just took a time for breath and suddenly he takes a saber with a handle resembling a raven's head through his chest.
    Carol: Woah!
    In the small fright she had, she suddenly summoned a 10 daggers from her hands.
    Carol: Oh. I loved throwing those.*u* Hey Miller how are y-
    Miller gets out with a different appeareance. His hair that once covered his eyes are now uplift and was salivating in excess.
    Miller: Gaw. *Licklicklicklick*
    Miller opens his mouth showing his oversized tongue and from inside he tooks what apears to be a big fillet knife. He cuts part of what was once a big pile of junk and eats.
    Miller:*chompchomp* this is good.
    Carol: You okay there little bro?
    Lex: He looks happy at least.
    Said Lex who now had sharper teeth
    Carol:...You still looks the same.
    Lex: Shut Up!
    In that small burst of anger he just summoned a large blade reminiscing a shark fin from his hands.
    Lex:...I like this.
    Wagner looks at his hands and with the most natural reaction he summons one finger claw to each finger of their hands.
    Lex: Ha! Those don't look dangerous at all.
    And in an instant, Wagner just scratched Lex's face with one finger.
    Lex: Ouch! When did you do that?
    Eve: (He was already the fastest one of us and now he is even more.)
    Evelyne looks at her hands.
    She closes her eyes and a chain pops out of her palm.
    Eve: Woaaaa....
    Wagner stares at her
    Wagner:...I feel like we could do more than that Eve.
    Eve: You think so?
    Wagner: Yeah. I feel that the forbidden dark magic is flowing through our veins. I wonder how well we will adapt it.
    Lex: Huh. Scared?
    In a second , a incredible pressure of sort envelops the room.
    Wagner: !!! Actually...Yeah.
    They turns to the pod Magnus was and looks into him. He was bigger than before and his shirt was in all ragged. His arms looked like it could break the neck of a Lagomoth.
    Corvus: A-hem. Now that we just finished gazing of how awesome we are we need to keep the pace.
    Wagner:We start now?
    Corvus: No, that is the third thing for now. Second is...Getting new clothes.
    Carol: Oh. Leave that to me.
    Corvus: And first, we pretty much are reborn in this world...We need new names.

    Former name: Corvus Dracul.
    Abilities: Raven Heart Sword. Darkness Blood.

    Former name: Magnus Dracul
    Abilities: Super Strenght. Nightmare Hour. Darkness Blood

    Former name: Wagner Dracul
    Abilities: Finger Claws. Super Speed. Darkness Blood.

    Former name: Carol Dracul
    Abilities: Flying Daggers. High Accuracy. Darkness Blood.

    Former name: Lex Dracul
    Abilities: Curved Sword. Rage. Darkness Blood.

    Former Name: Evelyne Dracul
    Abilities: Dark Chains. High Sensory. Darkness Blood.

    Former Name: Miller Dracul
    Abilities: Big Kinife. Poison Blood. Darkness Blood.

    Raven: To the surface fellas.
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    Prologue 10
    In the forest located in the middle of the frontier of Blitzreign and Gel, Fairyland Forest. A woman in the form of a young maiden dreesed in green with prominiscent wings senses into north where Hollowgrounds is located.
    Maiden: Such a great rise in darkness. Is it Vladmir? No, its someone else. Higher then any vampire. By Mother Nature, what is gonna happen to this world?
    Hollowgrounds, the entire underground is on fire and destroyed. In the throne room there lies Raven, doting with an rugged down jacket and a black brimmed hat with a black feather on, sitting on a pile of stone lookind down at his father on the ground. His cheek had a very bad looking scar that it didn't see to stop aching.
    Raven: Is that it? THat is what a Dark Lord is made of? I heard you power was above Nintails and Tiamat. Are they above your league or its actually people praising more of what are you made of?
    Vladmir:*cough*...Aren't you a bit too high on yourself boy?
    Raven: Pardon?
    Vladmir: What are you after Corvus? What is your goal?....*cough*
    He coughs blood and rises his body his arms to give his son a cold stare.
    Vladmir: Answer me son!
    Raven:...I see no reason to answer a dead man...specially if he is you. Die with the doubt on your head.
    Vladmir: Haha...Hahahaha...
    He lowers his head and laughs with a low tone.
    Raven: Really? You gonna laugh at your own funeral.
    Vladmir: It is funny, because I know the answer....And I also know you will fail.
    Raven: Huh?
    Vladmir: You want everything your eyes can see...And what you wanna do with it I don't know...But it is no matter cause you will never have it anyway.
    He goes next to his father and place his sword in his neck.
    Raven: What the hell are you going with it?
    Vladmir: This whole world has a will. It is alive. You that isn't even a thousand years old cannot understand it.
    Raven: Stop blabbering nonsense and spill it!
    Vladmir: Heh...Now you get angry...You see Raven, you are just taking the same path I did it all these years...The same path the vampires done since their birth...You are just following different directions...*cough*...
    He grabs his son's shirt and looks straight into his eyes.
    Vladmir: You want the world? Then take it! I spend centuries trying and you think you can do it in decades?! Less?! It's useless! Like an mortal organism, the world creates defenses to illnesses like you who threatens it!...It may not be Tiamat....It may not be Ninetails...But someone...Someone will stop you!...Corvus!....Raven!...You're a loser!...You will lose everything you will obtain!....You will lose everything!...You...Will...Never W-
    Raven cut his head and Vladmir fades.
    Raven:...Is it a bit too late for to act like a father and give me sermons?
    Outside the castle. All towers are on fire.
    Raven: *whistle* Fast work guys.
    Moonlight: Everyone dead by now.
    Said Moonlight with a tired and yet happr face. She was sporting a green short shirt, a black long pants with a few rags and pointed toe shoes.
    Moonlight: Easy part was, Nightmare took care of most of they.
    She pointed at nightmarem wearing an iron helmet over his hear and a leather jacket.
    Moonlight: He didn't moved after this, he just gone berserk for an hour.
    Raven: I saw some of Spec's notes. "In Magnus' case he can only become active in a hour and the rest the rest of the day.
    Moonlight: So, its only one time and then 23 hours of nothing? Well, more for me.
    Noir appears in a flashily like a dark wind.
    Noir: I'm back.
    Raven: Where have you been.
    Noir: Giving an answer to all those who proposed me. I feel like I should it.
    Raven: You mean you...
    Noir: Yeah can't let our thugs do this for me.
    Moonlight: So it was a good NO, eh? Nice job Noir. None of you will be anyone else's but me.
    Noir: I have to say, those vampires you created are..."unstable" at the least.
    Raven: That is how I like they. Whare is Black anyway?
    Moonlight: Oh, he is in the surface looking after Eve and Chill. Those two are still young.
    Noir: They will be useful one day.
    Moonlight: Anyway, convincing all men to join was easy huh?
    Raven: Well, they hated vampires and they were willingly to do so once we promised to release their wifes and children.
    Noir: And you took your word, they must been gone to either Gel of Blitzreign. Some even to Drakland.
    Raven: Well, no matter. If there is one thing a vampire is know about it, it their words. But from now on, the Vampires are dead. Tell everyone that we will be called Rogues from now on.
    Raven: Shut up Noir. My ship, My rules.
    Noir: Just saying.
    Raven: Speaking of which, lets go meet our siblings upstairs. Its time to take The Death Crow and gives Blitzland Emperor a visit.
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    Final Prologue

    Eysidici, the imperial capital of Blitzreign. In that city, [Lightning] was everywhere. Near any machination was electric-generated. The city was full of orbs devices build like street lamps that flowed Lightning Magic through the city. Blitzreign wasn't know as the Land of Thunder for nothing.

    There, Alex and Johnnathan were just in they was through a carriage that was heading to Blitzreign Imperial Palace. Alex most of the time looked through the window,
    Alex: Bah.
    Said Alex with a dissapointed tone.
    Alex: I hate this city.
    Johnny: Is it too bright for you or something?
    Alex: Yeah, you could say that. People here ideolizes the Lightning like a god. Sure, its the best kind of magic to use against a vampire and humans, but geez its not the only kind of resource. The Magic Research Facility of this city are very high on themselves because of these achievements, but in reality they aren't close to Gel when it comes to creating efficient spellcasters.
    Johnny: Hmmm? How so?
    Johnny seems intrigued.
    Alex: The GMA seeks every student's natural talents and seeks to improve it, while working on their flaws. All the soldiers here starts receiving a regular militar training schedule and Lightning Magic training is mixed on this regime. Some times, they awake some God of Thunder kind of magician, but if we compare to Gel, you gonna be surprised to how many tricks each student can pull.
    Johnny: You mean, a "Jack-of-all-trades" kind of guy.
    Alex: You could say that. Some prefer [Fire], others [Water]. but they all have a card on their sleeves. You can't win a game of cards with a dack made of the same card you know.
    Johnny: I see.
    Alex: Good thing we have Gel and Drakland backing us. In Drakland and here we have each a Science Division in their military. All of those have a group of Gremlins helping out. Their tech sure gave us a hand in the crusades. And yet, Blitzreign always wanna do something themselves.
    Jonnny: Speaking of which, we should call that Gremlin to fix our furnace.
    Alex: Oh yeah? I didn't paid him last time either didn't I?

    Meanwhile, in the skies, a huge galleon with a figurehead of a raven flies in the sky surrounded by a black fog is flying. Inside, the 7 former royals are in the Captain's Room, each seated in a throne-like chair facing Raven who was in his desk.
    Raven: The Death Crow is pretty dope isn't it?
    Noir: How did you made it fly anyway? Forbidden Magic or Spec's Science?
    Raven: Both. Specter always used those two as one anyway. I think its like this nowadays.
    Black: Come on Raven, when do we hit Eysidici?
    Raven: Dear Black, call me captain, now-_-. I wanna see if Nightmare gets enough rest, he can gets in action before 23 hour have been passed.
    Noir: Showing what a single man is capable is a brilliant idea to show what your crew is captain.
    Raven: Oh thanks Noir. You gonna be my First-Mate.
    Black: Huh? Why?!
    Raven: Because Nightmare is not a very active worker.
    Black: But...Argh, If you say so.
    Raven: Besides all of you 6 are just equal when it comes about this. I just elected Noir for this because in case I not here, he is the most composed one among us...
    Black: Grrr..
    Carol: Oh more importantly. While we wait, I should give new clothes for Noir, Evening and Chill.
    Carol picks a pile of dresses and shirts.
    Carol: Come on you three.*u*
    Eve: But those aren't even my s-Aaaah!
    Carol pushes Eve by his hair while Chill just comes along.
    Chill: Geeeeeeee......
    Black:....What about me?

    Back in Eysidice, Johnnathan and Alex arrives in the Imperial Palace. Johnny just sensed something in the sky.
    Johnny: Is that...A cloud?
    Johnnathan points at a dark foggy cloud he sees at distance.
    Alex: Sheesh. I guess one of those rains are coming in. Come on Johnny, inside.
    They enter the palace into a large Hallway. As more they procceded, the more the croosroads they passed.
    Alex: This place is like a maze. We here.
    They stop at a large door in a distance. There, a boy with a brown hair just a lion's mane just exited from there and notices the two.
    ???: You again? What are you doing here?
    Said the boy with dissapointed voice.
    Alex: I never came here because I like it. Scam.
    ???: Hmpf.
    The boy pass through they and gives a mean look to Johnny.
    Johnny:.....Who the hell was that?
    Alex: The Imperial Prince, Lenard the Second. Don't mind the scary face. That is his regular face.
    Johnny: Emperor Lenard's son?
    Alex: Yeah. Don't try to be friends with him. Its not worth it. Anyway, his father wanna talk and will take all day. Wait in the courtyard is just at the door left.
    Johnny: Fine.
    Alex:...When its over, we gonna go for Ice Cream.
    Johhny:...I want Blueberry.:D
    Alex: Heh. Catch you later kid.

    In the Courtyard, Johnny sits in a bench singing some song.
    Johnny: Blueberry...Blueberry...Blue..
    He then notices another boy digging holes with a shovel.
    Johnny:...That is not normal isn't it.

    At the Imperial Chamber. There lies a man with a mask-looking crow, Emperor Lenard and Alex Highlander.
    Lenard: Alex Highlander. Its been a while.
    Alex: Not as much.
    Lenard: Still thinking about that thing in Ceranze.
    Alex: I should kill you for what you pulled back there in Ceranze.
    Lenard: It was the only way Alex.
    Alex:....Actually, we could hav-
    Lenard: Only.Way.Got it?
    Alex gazes more strongly.
    Alex: What do you want anyway?
    Lenard: Apparently there has been an exit of families from Hollogrounds.
    Alex gets surprised.
    Alex: What?! How much?
    Lenard: All of they.
    Alex just can't believe it.
    Alex: I don't fucking believe it. Where are they?
    Lenard: In the border, just outside Fairyland, some in our borders, some in Gel and even some gone back to Drakland.
    Alex:...What the hell happened there?
    Lenard:...Well...You see there is only women and children in those groups. I asked for some testimonies and...Apparently the men from each family turned theyselves into vampires in exchange of their families freedom.
    Alex: They raised their forces, but got ridden of their livestock? This doesn't make sense! The only reason I can think of it...It was to take down something huge.
    Lenard: There is more. I don't know the details, but there was some kind of coup in Hollowgrounds.
    Alex: What?!...I see, you need that kind of manpower. But to go against Vladimir is like changing their own system. Whonever could do something like this could spread chaos and anarchy into this world. Who would be crazy enough to do that.
    Suddenly, someone pops out of the window.
    Raven: Thaaaats me!

    Some time earlier in the courtyard, Johnny just have been staring a boy making a hole into the courtyard.
    Johnny: Buddy, what are you doing.
    A blond short-haired boy get out of the hole.
    ???: Finding for treasures.:D
    ???: There has to be some treasures buried in the Imperial Courtyard, right? This is my 4th hole btw.
    Johnny: You know you are commiting at least 2 infractions in Imperial property right?
    ???: Ha. Don't worry. My family is a noble lineage in Blitzreign. They will receive all the fault anyway.
    Johnny:( What a selfish little bastard.)
    ???: By the way, I am Edward. Edward Howitz. Eddie for short.
    Johnnathan: Well, I guess its nice to meet you Eddie, I'm Johnnathan Highlander.
    Eddie: Hmm? Did you say High-
    When they less noticed everything got overshadowed by a dark cloud and a flying galleon just surface from it. The Death Crow.
    Johnnathan: Bloody Hell...
    The Crow suddenly starts firing the palace.
    Eddie: Oh no!
    Edward just rush through the palace.
    Johnny: Hey buddy, its dangerous in there!
    Eddie: I don't care. My parents and big sis are in there! I have to go to they!
    Johnny just remembers his dad.
    He just runs to where he was.

    Imperial Chamber, Raven confronts Lenard and Alex.
    Lenard: You. I know you. You are Vladimir's oldest son, Corvus. Are you the one responsible for that flying ship out there!
    Alex: (Eve's brother huh?)
    Raven: Corvus...I discarded that name just a while ago. Call me Captain Raven.
    Alex: Different name...Same fate!
    Alex pulls his concealed scythe and rushes towards him but quickly turns back and blocks a man with a short brow jacket and a scarf around his mouth.
    Raven: Oh. You noticed Noir? And I thought he was supossed to be the fastest thing alive.
    Noir: I was sure I didn't made any sound.
    Alex: Gimme a break. You cannot silence that killing intent.
    Noir:...I see, you must have faced some kind of life-threatening situation...Or experienced countless killings. Are you the Red Demon by any chance?
    Raven: (The Red Demon? Oh, nice!)
    Lenard just picks a nearby giant axe and charges with electricity.
    Lenard: You...Raven. What about your father?
    Raven: Let's say he wouldn't be a problem for you...Forever.
    Alex: Most of the army is stationed near the palace and more will come at any second. With me here, its enough for 2 Royal-High Level Vampires.
    Raven: 2 mistakes, sir Red. First, there are 5 of my level here and second, I can assure you the situation outside isn't pleasant.

    Outside of the castle, the Blitzreign soldiers are fighting a horde of hooded vampires with a raven's head embled on their coats wielding big weapons.
    Vampire: Gwaaaaaaaa!
    Soldier 1: What is with they? They aren't going down.
    Soldier 2: I faced a lot of they before. They aren't like low level or even mid-low level. Something is wrong with they.
    Captain: Who cares? Give they all you got. Where are the arctillery unit? Send some archers to higher ground quickly!
    Soldier 3: Sir the reinforcements in the city are being decimated!
    Captain: What? How many?
    Soldier 3: Two sir!
    Captain: Two? How can only t-
    The captain gets his entire torso eaten by Chill.
    Chill: Uiiihhhh....Delish.*licklicklick*
    Soldier 3:O_O...Now there is just one...

    At the city zone. Evening, Moonlight and Black are watching Nightmare decimating all the soldiers.
    Black: Tch, look at him go. Did a hour already passed it?
    Moonlight: Give more 20 minutes this time. Hey Eve, located something?
    Evening observes one of her chain balancing.
    Eve: 10...20..30...12, 6 and 9 hours.
    Moonlight follows Evening's coordinates.
    Moonlight: See it!
    She then throws daggers at each direction Eve told and hits all archers and marksmen that were stationed.
    Moonlight: Bullseye!
    Black: Hey, should we need some alive?
    Moonlight: Don't worry, Eve catched a plenty of civilians with her chain already.
    Eve:( I wanted to capture only the soldiers but you guys always kill they first.)
    A vampire underling appears before they.
    Vampirate: My lords...Captain Raven wants your presence.
    Black: What? Already? Tch. If he says so. Hey Nightmare, to the castle will ya?
    Eve: Please take the prisioners safely.
    Vampirate: As you wish miss Evening.
    The 4 all jumps into Nightmare's back and jumps away to the Palace.
    Over the distance, a critter with long ears and a long tail carrying a rifle on it back sees the thing from afair.
    ???: How horrible, and I just wanted to find some parts.
    Vampirate A: Hey...Who's ther-
    The critter just blows the Vampire's head with the rifle.
    ???:...Good, its still effective.

    Back in the Castle. Johnnathan cross the fire and smokes and reaches the Imperial Chamber. There he finds the emperor dead at hands of Noir and Raven holding his father's face.
    Johnny: FATHER!
    Raven: Hmm? Oh, Johnny-Boy. What are you doing it here?
    Noir: Who is him?
    Raven: Eve's friend. They are lovers I guess.
    Noir:Oh, is that so? Hey, that eye...
    Johnnathan: W-What are you doing to my dad?
    Raven: Oh is this your dad?
    Alex: R-Run...
    Raven's hand just turned into a crimson dark claw.
    Raven: I'm gonna kill him.*
    Alex: Guh...
    Alex's skin just gets all blue, as if all his blood is getting drained.
    Raven releases Alex and he looks at his son one last time before closing his eyes. Alex is dead.
    Johnny:*sniff* D-D-Dad....
    Raven: Hey kid, chill out. If it makes things better I killed my dad too. And on the brighter side, you are a free man. Come on!
    Raven says with the most punchable face ever. Johnny's eyes and soul is filled with rage and procceds by picking his father's scythe.
    Johnny: MONSTER!
    He leaps towards Raven who was just with his sword in hands.
    Noir:! Wait Raven, D-
    Johnny: Gah!
    Raven slashes Johnnathan that falls in the ground.
    Noir:...You didn't needed to do that.
    Raven: Sorry. I'm not a nice guy.
    Noir:...He was Eve's friend.
    Raven: She can make more. Let's get out of here.
    Raven picks a emblem hanging in the wall and exits through the door.

    Outside the Palace. All the soldiers present on the floor were dead.
    Raven: Is that all of they.
    Black: Nah, some of they retreated.
    Raven: I see. Leave they be. I want Blitzreign to fight for another day.
    Moonlight: What now?
    Raven: We go to the sea. Make some small territories and relax for a bit. I do believe the rest of the world will hear about us and prepare themselves.
    Black: Why give they time?
    Raven: Because everything is more valuable when you let it gets old. Besides...Tiamat is gonna come if we gets too harshly this early.
    Everyone looks at Raven, as if they are agreeing with it. Noir then looks around and talks in particular to Moonlight.
    Noir: Where is Eve?
    Moonlight: Oh, she said she sensed something in the palace and gone.
    Inside the Palace, Eve enters the Imperial Chamber.
    Eve:*gasp* Johnny!
    She puts her hands in her mouth and bursts into tears. After a while she examines his body.
    Eve: What a terrible wound. Why, Raven?...Why I still can't hate you?
    Evening lows her head.
    Eve: Why do I have to be so dependable.
    Evening bites her wrist and blood starts to get leaked and she puts on Johnnathan's mouth.
    Eve: Did it worked?
    She then puts her head on his chest. She hear his little heart pounding.
    Eve: Good...He will live.
    Evening lays Johnnathan and gives him space to breath. She hears her older brother's voice in the corridor.
    Noir: Eve! We are setting sail!
    Eve: Oh. Coming!
    Evening runs and turns back one last time.
    Eve: Johnny...I hope we meet again...My love.

    5 a.m. The sun is about to rise. Johnnathan wakes up.
    Johnny: I...I am alive.
    He then turns into the the big hole in the wall caused by the cannons and sees the entire Eysideci in rumbles.
    Johnny: So...It wasn't a nightmare.
    He turns and see his dead father's corpse.
    Johnny: Dad...You promised me Ice Cream...
    Johnny kneels.
    Johnny: If only I was stronger....
    ???: Is someone there.
    Johnnathan turns and sees the little critter with a rifle.
    Johnnathan: a Gremlin?
    Gremlin: What a disaster...Even the emperor was killed. If he didn't putted most of his forces on hold in the borders...That is what you get when you lack military strategy.
    He approaches Johnnathan and Alex.
    Gremlim: But then again, who could have seen that huge ship coming from nothing into the sky, huh?...Hey is that....
    He gazes at Max's corpse.
    Johnny:...Its...My father.
    Gremlin:O_O Your Father! But, that the Red Demon isn't it? Could be...
    The Gremlim catches Johnny's face.
    Gremlim:That eye. Kid, are you Johnnathan Highlander by any chances.
    Johnny: Y-Yeah. Who are you anyway.
    Gremlim: I'm Nikolai. I am a pirate serving under your brother Heinrich, the Black Demon.
    Johnny: W-What?! You work for my brother?
    Nikolai: Johnnathan. You have nowhere to go, right?
    Nikolai: Then follow me. Let me take you to your brother. We will look after you for now on. Became part of our crew...Become a pirate.
    Johnny:...A pirate...

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    Extra story: Angel of Death.

    2nd Week of the 5th Crusade. Soldiers from Blitzland and Drakland just joined in the canyon that separates Fairyland to Hollowgrounds. The destination is the small country of Ceranze at the north of Gel. They just decided to take the day off and camp.
    Veteran Blitz Soldier: You guys just had to cross the sea to go to this part of the continent right? Is it the first time you guys were so close to the Vampire's main ground?
    Drak soldier A: Actually, yes. To think they are just some kilometers at the other side...
    Drak soldier B: You are a newbie. You get used to it when we get to Ceranze.
    Vet Blitz: How old are you two?
    Drak A: I'm eighteen.
    Drak B:...22.
    Vet Blitz:(...Too young, bith of you.) Its in the main grounds where most of those above High Rank stays, so they are pretty much above your leagues.
    DraK A: Whoa. You kinda scaring me. Wouldn't they come here then?
    Drak B: Hey, don't jinx it!
    Vet Blitz: Maybe some will come. But we are also close to the Fairyland.
    The veteran points at the dense woods at the other side.
    Vet Blitz: The fairies will know if a huge flock of vamps appears and will rush right away. The vamps just can't stand their lights.
    Drak A: They are like our Guardian Angels then.
    Drak B: Arf. Why can't they give us a hand in this crusade anyway?
    Vet Blitz: Because its not their problem. But they have stong bonds with Gel. That is why Vladimir is focusing more on Blitzreign and Drakland.
    Drak B: Those Gel slackers are lucky. They can make all their magic research and prepare for the worst.
    Vet Blitz: Its not that easy. A lot of spellcaster from our countries and Gel fought and still are fighting. And yet their numbers just decreases. That is why the GMA rarely sends reinforcements, but shares their research. Losing a student is like losing a family member for they.
    The rookie soldier tries to change the subject.
    Drak A: Ceranze is just at north of Gel right? It would be a good strategic location for vampires right?
    The veteran looks imoressed.
    Blitz Vet: You nailed it kid. Their activity have been high out there. And that is why we brought "him".
    The veteran points at a red-haired man with a blood-red coat and a scythe sitting next to a big dark-skinned man who happens to be the medic for the campaign.
    Drak B: Who is that with Dr. Cornellius?
    Blitz Vet: Don't you recognize him? Come on. Its the same one who took down Jack in Damaon.
    The soldiers looks stunned.
    Drak A: You mean "The Angel of Death"? He was the one who took that Grand High Rank Vampire?
    Drak B: I thought it was just a myth and it was a joint force of Dameon's Police Yard.
    Blitz Vet: Bah. They played a part. But the one who faced him face-to-face was that man himself. We call him Red Demon back in Blitz btw.
    From afar Alex just hears the gossip.
    Alex: Bah. Damn officials. What happens in Damaon stays in Damaon.
    Cornellius: Aren't you proud of what you done in Drakland's capital city?
    Alex: I did it for the money. Just as I am doing it now.
    Alex: Killing is the only good thing I can do.
    Cornellius looks at him worried.
    Cornellius: Do you have dreams.
    Alex:...A grape farm.
    Cornellius: Yeah, didn't see that coming.
    Alex: I like grapes you know.
    Cornellius: Yeah, me too.
    Alex: Maybe I could have a wine cellar.
    Cornellius:...How about a Pig Farm?
    Alex: Excuse me?
    Cornellius: You mostly stays at the Mians region of Blitzreign right? That place doesn't have a variation of temperature as most places, so your animals wouldn't have problems with Pneumony and Diahrreas.
    Alex:...I would need a big pile of land.
    Cornellius:..Do you have family.
    Alex: That word doesn't exist in my dictionary. My parents tossed me away thinking I was some kind of spawn of the devil.
    Cornellius: Wow, that sounds pretty messed up.
    Alex: Effed up is the word to describe here. I was only 5 when I first killed something. It was a Feral Skunk at all.
    Cornellius: A Feral Skunk? Those thing eats children bigger than you were. How did?
    Alex: I had a scythe back there already.
    Cornellius looks away for Max for a second.
    Cornellius: To use something sinister and hard to use as a scythe as your first hunt...Maybe you really were a devil's spawn.
    Alex: Yeah...When I less noticed I was killing low level vamps...Then midlow, middle, high...And finally Grand Higher. That Jack falla was not half-bad.
    Alex: What is wrong doc?
    Cornellius just looks at Ceranze's direction.
    Cornellius: We shouldn't have rested here. When we hit Ceranze...
    Alex: I got it.
    Cornellius looks at Max surprised.
    Alex:...I hope those kids over there gets away from it.
    Max picks his scythe and hat and walks into Ceranze.
    Alex: Tell they I gonna go there first.
    The Angel of Death leaves.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Extra story: Crimson Ace

    Hollowgrounds, Vladmir Castle, Audience Chamber no. 2. A female vampire with silver short hair with her full body in a jet black armor holding a large claymore to the ground stands at the front of a group of red-hooded vampires.

    Lady Diamanta Dracul, 2nd wife of Vladmir Dracul. Magnus and Lex's Mother.
    Royal Ranked Vampire. Commander of the elite force knows as the Red Swords.
    Epithet: Black Knight.

    Diamanta starts to shout.
    Diamanta: WHO ARE WE?!
    Vampires: THE RED SWORDS!
    Diamanta: AND WHAT ARE WE?!
    Diamanta: AND WHAT DO WE DO?!
    Diamanta: PERFECT!
    Diamanta points her sword forward and the rest of the Red Swords marches outside the room. But she aproaches one of her subordinates before they could leave.
    ???: Milady. Something is the matter?
    Diamanta then chat with a smile on.
    Diamanta: I wish for a private conversation with you in my quarters...Ruby.
    Ruby:...If you wish so.
    Said her removing her hood and giving a smile.

    Ruby Scarlet. Future mother of Heinrich and Johnnathan.
    Higher Rank Vampire.
    Epithet: Ace of Hearts.

    Later in Diamanta's quarters, the two of they are in the balcony with a large bottle and 2 cups of wine.
    Diamanta: Its a special brand of mine. I have been maturing for 100 years. No coagulation at all.
    Ruby looks a little embarassed.
    Ruby: Hehe...Are we celebrating something Lady Diamanta.
    Diamanta: Please, just Dia is fine whe we are in private.
    Diamanta sips the cup.
    Diamanta: I just was thinking on raising your rank to Grand High.
    Ruby looks stunned.
    Ruby: Oh my...Does the higher vampires knows of me.
    Diamanta winks at Ruby.
    Diamanta: I have been talking about you to my comrades-in-arms and somethings to Vlad.
    Ruby: Wow. You didn't mean to get King Vladmir into this. Were my feats that high?
    Diamanta: You may not notice, but in the Red Swords, feats means kills. Its a way to know what each of our elites is capable of. They may not know you in person, but they have been talking about a Ace in our batallion.
    Ruby:...I feel I did nothing what another Red Sword could do.
    Dia: You are not wrong, but the facts are there. In fact the issue I want to talk is way more bigger than this.
    Ruby astonishes.
    Ruby: My. What are you referring?
    Dia: A proposal. How about you become one of Vlad's wifes along me.
    Ruby's face gets all red.
    Ruby: Wh-Wh-Whaaaaa?!
    Dia: Instead of Grand High, you can skip to Royal High in just a snap. All we need is wait the paperwork and you will live like a queen.
    Ruby: H-Hold on Dia. I cannot.
    Diamanta looks surprised.
    Dia: Why is that? Ruby, I have following you since you joined the Red Swords. I know you have potential to impress Vlad.
    Ruby: Its not that. The reason why I joined the Red Swords were because the Scarlet Tower once fell from disgrace and stayed at Midlow level. When decided to take the nightmare-ish task for joining the RS was that my clan could be proud and high leveled as they were.
    Dia: And you did it. You survived a week alone in the Wildlands with nothing more than 4 blood vials and came back with the Lagomoth's head. Its the reason why the Red Swords is no more than 10.
    Ruby: Exactly. I did it on my own. Right now I don't feel like to be on your same level. If I have to be Royal, I want to be by my own efforts.
    Dia:*sigh*...I see. I believe a retainer must have more ambition than this anyway.
    Ruby rises the mood of the talk.
    Ruby: Haha. It would be weird if I were to share the same husband as yours. Besides, I heard only rumour, but...It appears Lady Topazia isn't a bit happy with you and the newcomer.
    Dia looks pissed.
    Dia: Pah. That damn woman. Her head is just and if not higher than Vlad. I say to Ametista to keep an eye on her, but she just don't believe it.
    Ruby:...You don't think she would...You know.
    Dia: She is naive, but not stupid. She wouldn't try something so..."Direct" as we could say...But still I am keeping my eyes on her.
    Diamanta takes another look at Ruby.
    Dia: Know what. With Topazia around, it wouldn't be a good idea to you to marry Vlad anyway Ruby. You have a prominent future under me for a while.
    Ruby: Thanks. For a moment I think you would be mad at me.
    Dia:...But maybe you could marry my son Magnus?
    Ruby: What?!
    She gets blushed.
    Dia: You see, I think he is too shy and maybe a woman in his life would make him better...Also Lex needs a good example on his side...And I don't want you near Corvus. Even if Topazia wanted.
    Ruby:-_-(You are jesting me on purpose aren't you Dia.)

    After hours of blabbering about Magnus and Lex, Ruby finally convinces Diamanta to make her leave.
    Diamanta: Remember Ruby. 3 hours.
    Ruby: Yes maam.
    Ruby gives a salutation and goes into Vladimir's Castle upper area. Up there she gazes the stars.
    Ruby: Its so rare to see a clear sky like this...The stars are pretty.
    ???: Bah. Stars...
    Ruby turns and sees a male vampire with a dark hair all spiked from behind.
    Ruby:......Not a fan?
    ???: No.
    Ruby crosses her arms behind her and smiles.
    Ruby: May I know why? Its rare to see they here in Hollowgrounds.
    ???:...Yeah. And they are all the same everywhere else. Some change positions there and there, but in the end, they are all masses of gases and light that burns into distance who may already be dead by now.
    Ruby looks neutral to the man's statement.
    Ruby:...Even if they are far away, we should be pleased for the small things we have.
    The man looks surprised.
    ???:...Who are you?
    Ruby: Oh. I'm Ruby Scarlet. And you?
    ???:...I'm Raven.
    Ruby: Well, greetings mister Raven. Are you a servant here or something.
    Raven: Nah. Just passing by.
    Ruby: I see. You must be pretty important then. Oh look at the time, I have to be in Ceranze in less than 3 hours. Nice to meet you Raven.
    Ruby turns into a flock of bats and goes east.
    Raven: Ruby...Scarlet...What an interesting woman.
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    Chapter 1: Demon and Beast.

    10 Years after the Eysidice Attack...
    It was a stormy night. The rain felt like a swarm of flying blade and the wind was ferocious as mother bear who lost his cub. In the middle of the storm, a single ship floating in the wild ocean stayed on put facing a school of pirate ships invested with vampires. But that was no normal ship.

    Ship: The Vitoria
    Owner: Black Demon Pirates.

    On the ship's crow nest, Nikolai just was observing with high-tech binoculars, scanning all ships in afront and their enemies.
    Nikolai: 5 ships. At least 30 vampires each. The boss is in the middle ship, captain.
    ???: Roger Nik.
    Said a man with a dark long coat with slicked back hair carrying a massive saber-like broadsword.

    Heinrich "Henry" Highlander, The Black Demon
    Captain of the Black Demon pirates.
    Age: 26 years.
    Bounty: 500 pieces of Gold.

    Henry: All right, you know the drill. Give the boy cover up there.
    Henry picks up a rectangular device with a purple crystal attached and starts talking to it.
    Henry: Aquatic support.
    ???: In position
    Henry: Aerial support.
    ???: Everything in sight.
    Henry: Teleportation.
    ???: Anytime.
    A man with a short red jacket and orange hair carrying 2 sabers on his waist gets out of inside the ship.
    Henry: Alright Johnny. Its showtime.
    Johnny: Aye Aye.

    Johnnathan "Johnny" Highlander, The Red Beast.
    Combatant of Black Demon Pirates.
    Age: 20 Year-old.
    Bounty: 400 pieces of silver.

    Henry: Take the left. Me and Al takes the right. We meet at the middle.
    Johnny: Lets see who takes first then.
    Johnny said that enthusiastic and dives into the sea.
    Henry:...Whelp, not gonna lose it. Come on Al.
    A purple magic circle just forms around Heinrich and he dissapears.

    On the left ship.
    Vampirate A: Hmmm?
    Vampirate B: I think I saw moving in the sea.
    Vampirate C: In this storm? Must be....
    A huge stream of water comes to the ship direction and from within Johnnathan exits and impales one of they from above with his two swords.
    Vampirate B: W-What? Is that a fish?
    Vampirate C: Who cares what it is. He just killed Johnson. Take him everyone.
    Johnnathan gets surrounded by 6 vampires who summons large swords and axes and lunges at him.
    Johnny: "Darkness."
    Johnnathan envelops his swords with a black fog like aura and blocks all their stricks and counter each of they one by one.
    Johnny: Thanks push Coela.
    ???: No problem J.
    Said a girl with tael short hair in twintail in the water with a scaled jacket and a bikini wielding two tridents.

    Coela Pacifica.
    Race: Mermaid
    Underwater expert of the Black Demon Pirates.
    Abilities: Water Magic Manipulation.

    Coela: Gonna give support to Al in the front. Take care.
    Said the very energetic mermaid. As they were waving goodbyes, a vampire in the mast of the ship carrying a musket was about to shoot Johnny from behind, but get shot down by some kind of plasma beam from Vitoria.
    Nikolai: Damnit Johnny, let flirting for after the battle.

    Nikolai Pascal
    Race: Gremlim
    Expert Enginner of the Victoria.
    Expert Marksmanship
    Weapon: Gremlim Rifle.

    Said Nikolai on the same communication device Heinrich had.
    Johnny: I could take a bullet or two Nik.
    Nikolai: Yeah, you say that. There are still like a dozen there. Eliminate they all.
    Johnny: No need to ask.
    Johnny put the device off and picks his swords in a battle stance.
    The Hummingbird.
    A portable device for long distance communication. The wonder that is born from the union between Gremlims and Spellcasters.tm
    In the front ship, there lies a man with black robes and a bandana covering his hair wielding a staff shaped like a snake. He faces a horde of vampires, but counter all of they with his staff covered in a black aura.
    ???:...That is enough.
    His hands starts generating a black spark and summons two purple circle emblems at each of his side.
    ???: "Black Snakes"
    A horde of snakes made of Dark Magic rises from the circles and pierces through the vampires.
    ???: This is just too tiring.

    Race: Hybrid
    First-Mate of the Black Demon Pirates.
    Former Student at Gel Magic Academy.
    Bounty: 250 pieces of Gold.

    ???: I'm done up here Al.
    Said a man who had features like that of a falcon and tribal clothes.

    Acquila Tribe
    Aerial Support
    Abilities: Throwing Feathers. High flying speed.

    Aladdin: Fine. Lets go to the ship on the back. It seems Henry will finish soon.
    As soon as the two teleports, the ship at the right gets smashed as if an iceberg got crushed over it.
    Johnny: Shit, Henry is already done.
    As soon as Johnnathan finishes the last vampire he rushes towards the center ship. Heinrich was already there.
    Henry:...You lost.
    Johnnathan: Shut it. You teleported it.
    There, a vampire carrying a giant saw bladed spear waits with about 20 vampires waits them.
    Leader: 2 half-breeds huh? Its 21 against 1 then.
    Henry:...Try 2.
    Coela just appears from the sea and shoots water arrows at the underlings.
    Coela: I'll take care of the fodder. Have fun with the big guy.
    Coela prepares her tridents and starts to brawl with the vampires.
    Leader: A mermaid? I'm so gonna give that as a present to Commodore Raven.
    The leader just swings his harpoon and a massive wave pressure rushes toward Pacific, but Heinrich blocks with his huge sword.
    Henry:...I guess he is all yours Johnny.
    Leader: Hmmm?
    The leader changes his vision o Johnny who was crossing his swords and holding behind his back and emmiting the same dark aura.
    Johnny: "Red Spiral".
    He then launches a spiral beam from his sabers that pierces the Leader's chest.
    Leader: Guh...
    Henry: Sorry buddy, but even vampire captains like you shouldn't mess in a 2-on-1.
    Heinrich starts generating darkness from his sword and with both hands smash the ground.
    Henry: "Ship Crusher."
    With a swing Henry releases an impact with dark magic mixed with strenght that crushes the leader and the ship.

    After the fight, the sun rises and Coela brings Johnnathan and Heinrich into a water bubble.
    Nikolai: *sigh* Why can't you leave one ship intact captain? I want to enjoy what is left.
    Henry: Why even bother? The others left 3 intact. Plus they are far too fragile. Vitoria deserves only the best.
    Nikolai: (Its you that is so unreliable.) Did you guys at least looted something.
    Johnny: Sorry. Too busy fighting.
    Nikolai: Grah. This work just don't make profit.
    Aladdin: That is what I am here for.
    Said Aladdin that teleported nearby with a pile of gold and Shadewing, who appeared with a bag of loot.
    Nikolai:...I love you guys.
    Shadewing: I wonder what do they do with all that. If they want something, thay just take it away by force.
    Henry: Maybe they are after something in particular. Like us.
    Nikolai: Whatever man. Lets party at the Snake's Eyes.
    Coela: Awww. I wanted to go the Black Clam.
    Henry: We go to that underwater city of yours another time. Come on Johnny, let me treat you all the Ice Tea you want.
    Johnny: Haha! Yeah sure.
    As they set sail to Snake's Eyes in the Hurricane Port, Johnnathan takes some space picks a cigar and gazes into the horizon.
    Johnny: I still wanna keep my promise with you Eve...Even if it means confronting your brother to the death.
    Johnny starts smoking.

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    Chapter 2: Snake's Eyes;

    In an unknow place in the ocean, the colossal galleon, The Death Crow, is being surrounded by a dark black fog.
    Captain's Room, Commodore Raven is counting golden coins in a big pile on his desk.
    Raven: No...No...Yes...No.
    He seems to be finding a certain piece of golden coins. One with a skull and crossbones on it.
    Raven: Lets see...That makes 12...Damnit, I need one more.
    ???: Excuse me.
    Entered in the room a beautiful woman with a dress red in the right and black on the left with her cleveage showing.
    Raven: What is it Eve?
    Eve: Sorry to disturb you, but I have some pieces of news to you.
    Raven:...Fine, I don't think I gonna find another Skeleton Coin in this pile anyway.
    Raven puts his feet on the desk and takes a relaxed position.
    Raven: Speak up.
    Eve: First, Noir have a Skeleton Coin.
    Raven: Oh my Raven! Now my days of counting coins is over!
    Raven seems overjoyed.
    Eve: And our intel confirmed that Tiamat and Ninetails have one key each.
    Raven: I knew it. The Dragon's Eye and The Fox's Heart were keys all along. This day is getting better and better.
    Eve:...But I have some bad news as well. Five of our ships have just been lost in the South Ocean.
    Raven: Oh? Blitzreign, Drakland, Gel?
    Eve: It appears to be an enemy pirate.
    Raven: Pirate?....Lets see...Black Demon, Orca Slayer....Maybe The Eastern Wind? I don't think it was more than 5 ships, right?
    Eve: Exactly.
    Raven: Who was the captain in charge?
    Eve picks a list of posters.
    Eve: Lets see it was...Fishbone, brother.
    Raven: Meh, it not like it w-Wait, that was his name? I mean, his pirate name.
    Eve:-_- I'm afraid so.
    Raven: He was one of those with that big harpoon right? My word. Know what, that is it. From now on all our captains outside of the Hated 6 will be named after vegetables.
    Eve: -_-,...Shall I prepare a lottery latter.
    Raven: Yeah, Yeah. The Bloodfest is coming this week anyway.
    Eve: Do you still wanna go to Drakland and pick more "contestants".
    Raven: Yeah. We have some cells available.
    Evening looks disturbed.
    Raven: What?
    Eve: We lost about 30 men in those ships and...Johnson was one of they.
    Raven gets a pale and shocked face.
    Raven:! Johnson....No...No No No!!!!
    Raven starts to cry.
    Raven: JOHNSON! Waaaaaaaaaah!!
    Raven starts crying on Evening's chest.
    Eve:-_-...(Should have hide that)

    Hurricane Port, located at a island in the center of Blitzreign and Drakland. Just past midnight and Johnnathan and Heinrich's crew just disembark. The place was infested of pirates. Of different kinds and species.
    Coela: Goblins are still scary.
    Shadewing: Stop with the prejudice.
    Aladdin gazes at Coela's legs.
    Coela: What is the matter Al.
    Aladdin:...I was just wondering. When you turn your tail into leggs, where does this skirt cames from?
    Coela: Jeez, you ask this just now? Well you see...
    Nikolai: The skirt its part of her tail. They didn't teach this at GMA? Shut up, lets drink.
    Everyone just follows the mood.

    Snake's Eyes. Bar located nearby the port, nothing than idiots, drunks and drunken idiots on the floor. In the balcony lies the barwoman with a long green hair resembling a snake and a woman wit a bob haircut and an eyepatch covering her right face carrying a massive anchor sleeps in the bench.
    Barwoman: Hey, if isn't my favorite customers. Long time no see Al.
    Aladdin:....The usual Viper.
    Viper: Damn it Al, call me by my name will ya.

    Chemira Toz, Barkeeper of Snake's Eyes.
    Former Student at GMA.
    Poison Magic adept.
    Epithet: Viper.

    Al: Nope.
    Heinrich slaps Al's backhead.
    Henry: Rude.
    Viper: Alright, Five cocktails and a bottle of Ice Tea incoming.
    Heinrich looks at the woman sleeping.
    Henry: Hey Sam.

    Samantha, "The Orca Slayer".
    Bounty: 500 Pieces of Copper.

    Sam:*snore* Go die in hell, half-breed*snore*
    Henry: I love you too.
    Sam:*Zzzzzz*I'm gonna get you Raven...*Snore*
    Henry: It seems there was a part here.
    Viper: Yeah, most of the idiots on the floor were her doing it.
    Henry: Speaking of parties, did you still keep "that"?
    Viper: Yep, finally gonna take after 10 years huh?
    Johnnathan seems to be the only one who seems confused.
    Henry: Hey Johnny, come with me.
    Heinrich and Johnnathan entered the Bar's basement where they found an underground port. In the darkness Johnny lights a cigar.
    Henry:...You know, you are too cool for that stuff. When are you gonna quit.
    Johnny:...When you quit drinking.
    Henry:...Good thing this not kill you as fast as most cases, anyway here is a surprise for you.
    Heinrich pulls a switch that reveals a ship nearly as big as Vitoria.
    Johnnathan drops his cigar by the awe.
    Henry: Johnny, meets The Gloria.
    Johnny:...Charmed. But Vitoria is still good to go right? Isn't she like a lover for you?
    Henry: Its not for me. You see it has been 10 years since you joined us. I think its time for you have your own ship and your own crew.
    Johnnathan is surprised.
    Johnny: You don't want me anymore.
    Henry: That is not it. I just thought it would be nice to have a another pirate crew under mine and my little brother in command. You know I wanted you to be my First-Mate, but Al is just that reliable you see.
    Heinrich places his hand on Johnnathan's shoulders.
    Henry: You gonna do it man?
    Johnny:...I'm in.
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    Chapter 3: Glorious Gloria.

    Inside the Gloria, Heinrich and his friends were showing Johnny his new vessel.
    Henry: And this is the Captain's Room. Your Room. Your own Warrior's Den. Arrange it as you want. Remember, organization is important.
    While Johnnathan was examining the room, one thing picked his interest.
    Johnny: That is...A pretty big bed.
    Henry: I know. Every badass captain have a bed as big as his ego. You never noticed mine?
    Johnny: Come to think of it yeah. It was...Bigger than this one actually. Again, pretty extravagant for one person.
    Henry: Yeah, right. One person...
    Johnnathan looks at Coela and she blushes.
    Coela: H-Hey! We never done anything like that!
    Al: That is because you never asked.
    Coela gets more red.
    Coela: W-Why would I ever...I-Its not like he would...
    Henry: Actually I wouldn't mind.
    Coela: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Coela rans from the scene.
    Shadewing: You guys are mean.
    Nikolai: What a farce. Anyway Johnny, please don't forget that the Gyrometer is the heart of this ship. If anything happens, you will be a sitting duck in the middle of the sea.
    Johnny: Good thing I read the manual.
    Al:(Someone actually read that?)
    After a brief talk, Henry and the rest leaves the ship for goodbye.
    Henry:...Hey Johnny.
    Henry: You know, 10 years ago when you came and told what happened to father....I wish I could have talked to him one last time.
    Johnny:...I can tell for sure he didn't hated you or anything.
    Henry: I know, but...Forget it. I know I couldn't blamed him for what happened. So, where are you gonna go?
    Johnny: I think I gonna hit Drakland. I heard they have more sailors available than Blitzreign.
    Nikolai: You may find a fellow Gremlim for an enginner there.
    Shadewing: May the skies guide you Johnny.
    Coela: Hey, I can escort you there...Or maybe I could even sail with you. You might be lonely in there and...
    Al: What? Wanna try his bed?
    Coela gets more red than a lobster.
    Coela: What?! Al you meanie! Waaaaah!
    Coela cries and hides in the bottom of the sea.
    Henry: Well, now we gotta stay here until she gets better. Take care Johnny.
    Heinrich and co. waves at Johnny as he gets the helm and sails to Drakland.
    Meanwhile at the bottom of the sea.
    Coela:(...I know him since he was kid and all. Sure I like younger boys and he is definetly cuter than Henry...Oh my Seas! What am I thinking?!)
    Coela blocks her face with her hands and curls like a ball.

    Meanwhile at the Death Crow, Navigation Room. Raven stands in a throne at the center. Nightmare was sleeping just behind him and several vampires underlings are working on monitors. There is a duo of vampires whowere whispering.
    Vampirate A: Hey, you heard what happened to Johnson?
    Vampirate B: Yeah. Who would ever thought that would happen to a guy like that?
    Vampirate A: This year's Bloodfest will not be the same.
    Raven notices the conversation.
    Raven: You two, stop blabbering and gives me some reports.
    Vampirate B: Ro-Roger. We hit Drakland soon. Should we stay at Riverpool or advance to Damaon.
    Raven: Both. My siblings and half of you stays at Riverpool. Myself and the Hated 6 will go to the capital and pays the king a visit.
    Vampirate B: They will be noticed when we strike Riverpool. They will be prepared inside and on the way.
    Raven:...That is what you guys were made for.
    Everyone don't give any response at all. Raven thens picks a portrait of a what appears to be one of his men with no special feature at all giving the thumbs up.
    Raven: Tch. Johnson. I swear I will kill whonever did that to you. We were supossed to play poker after Bloodfest. You are in a worse place buddy. In a worse place.
    Raven lows his head and Noir watches from afar;
    Noir: Pathetic.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Extra Story: From Ceranze with Love part 1.

    Ceranze, city north at Gel, technically being from the same territory, it had their own legislation. When Alex came , it looked like a ghost town.
    Alex: How did they turned such a city into this?
    Alex looks around.
    Alex: Everyone either run or was captured...Or turned into a bloodsucker.
    He prepares his scythe into a battle position and walks forwards.
    Alex: Okay you nutbags. I can feel you lot and I know you guys know I am here. I can wait all day.
    ???: There you are.
    Alex radies his scythe into the person's neck behind him nearly reaping it. It was Cornellius.
    Alex: What the hell are you doing here?
    Cornellius: First, thanks for not killing me and second, a reinforcement came with a medical team, so I thought you might need...
    Alex pulls Cornellius by his shirt and vertical slashes a vampire that was coming from above.
    Vampire: Gah!...Don't think thi-
    Before he could say anything, he decapitates him.
    Cornellius: I-I saw him coming.
    Alex: Only him?
    When he finishes that setence, vampires pop out of everywhere.
    Alex: I will say this in advance doc. I can't guarantee your-
    A vampire sneaks behind Cornellius. Alex tries to reach it, but Cornellius then his arm turns hairy and his hands turns into a wolf claws and impales the vampire.
    Vampire: Guh...You are...
    Cornelius turns into a massive wolfman and bites the vampire's head off killing her in the process.
    Cornellius: Arooooooo!
    The vampires are stunned.
    Vampire C: A Werewolf? No one told me about this?
    Vampire D: Don't panic. It is still only 2.
    Alex and Cornellius stare at each other in battle positions.
    Alex:...Does anyone else knows.
    Alex: You know I don't make my profities with only vampires, right?
    Cornellius: If it makes you feel better, You can still have all the "credits".
    Alex: Heh. Don't worry. Unlike the rest, I choose my targets.
    Cornellius hone his claws.
    Cornellius: Then choose. Right or left?

    Alex procceds by reaping all the vampires that came to the right and Cornellius mauled all the ones that came from the left. Every vampire that dared to come at Alex couldn't take him by surprise as if he could predict every step of they while Cornellius could sustain all the damage he took and bares his fangs into they. While not all of the vampires into the city were in there, it was still a considerable number. In the end, Cornellius took all of they first.
    Cornellius: It seems I win.
    Alex: Whatever. I stay with all the credits don't I? Anyway, you fight like no werewolf I met.
    Both of they seems to sense something is coming.
    Cornellius: That was just the appetizers, huh? I guess the Main Course is coming.
    Alex: Try to save some for dessert.
    A group of 10 red-hooded vampires surround they.
    Alex: The Red Swords.
    RS 1: The Red Demon...
    RS 2: And a Werewolf together.
    Ruby:...Lets crush they altogether.
    Alex: This looks bad. Can you keep it?
    Cornellius: Haha. Of course. I have been eating these motherfuckers everytime. I just love they.
    Cornellius licks his lip.
    Alex: Freaky.

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    Extra Story: From Ceranze with Love part 2.

    Cornelius moves his ear as he hears something.
    Cornellius:...Sorry mate. Gotta go.
    Alex: Wait, what?
    Cornellius swifts and dissapears.
    Alex: What the hell?! What about the Main Course th-
    One of the Red Swords does a dashing attack that grazes into Alex's face.
    RS: I'll take care of this. Go ahead.
    The Red Swords all spread into different directions.
    Alex takes a time to listen.
    Alex:( I see. Reinforcements came. And it seems they scattered through the city already. It appears that my little party that I and Cornellius delivered took they by surprise even if we decreased their numbers by a little. Not half-bad.)
    RS:...Surrender now Demon. Soon this place will be infested with more vampires. We give special treatment for obedient livestocks.
    Alex: Sorry. But dead here and alive in Hollowgrounds? I'll take the risk and go with the first.
    RS: I see. Then I, Ruby Scarlet, The 7th sword, will be the one to send you to the Underworld.
    They both clashes their weapons and both feel the pressure of each other strenght. They all stare at each eyes very closely.
    Alex:....Not bad.
    Ruby: That is my line.
    They all gave each others a consecutive number of strikes and blocks each others, nothing retreating a single step. A new feeling of tension was born between those two. Alex had the advantage of reach, but couldn't get a chance to do an effective strike and while Ruby had the superiority in both strenght and speed, she could not find any openings or crush Alex's defense. The wind is roaring. Alex was struggling to finish quickly as possible.
    Ruby: (What is going on? Why can't I push him back?)
    Alex:(So that is a Red Sword, huh? This is bad if another one...No. If even low level vampire appeared again I might be done for...No)
    Alex then finally leaps back and closes his eyes for a second.
    Alex:....FUCK IT ALL!
    He then leaps through Ruby and swings so strong that blows she away, making her fly through a wall and leaving a hole on it.
    Ruby: Ooouch. W-Where did it tha came from.
    Alex: Hey bloodsucker!
    Ruby: Huh?
    Alex: What is your rank?!
    Alex shouts so hard that hurts her eardrums.
    Ruby: W-What?
    Alex: Just say it damnit!
    Ruby answers with a grump attitude;
    Ruby: Grr. Its Higher.
    Alex: I don't give ashit!
    Ruby gets mad.
    Ruby: Then why did it you asked?!
    Alex: You know that I helped in took care of that damn sonovabitch Jack in Dameon right?! And know what?! I could do it alone!
    Just after he finished, he swing his scythe vertically up and creates a flying cutting stike that leaves a fissure in the ground. Ruby barely dodges the attack and the building gets cut in half.
    Alex:...If more of you guys come...Then I'll just find a way to kill all of you somehow.
    Ruby: (W-What? Just what is this strenght? What is he? He is just a human....Maybe...Its sheer determination? Can such a thing be possible?)
    Ruby closes her eyes and takes a deep breath.
    Ruby: Then I am the same!
    Her rapier glows red and with a thrust she shoots a spiral red beam that flies towards Alex's head.
    Alex: Oh?
    He bends himself backwards, but the beam grazes his forehead and pierces his hat making it flies away.
    Says Alex with blood flowing from his forehead and a cold gaze.
    Ruby: I won't hold back!
    Alex: That is the spirit.
    Their battle spirit just rose instantly and attacked each other up close, making the same dance as before but more aggresive.None of they dare to give a step back. Around the city, some vampires have started to feel the heat coming from the battle.
    RS 3: What the hell is this I am sensing from the center of the city? How do I know its coming from there from there in the first place?
    Outside the city.
    Cornellius: I-Is there some kind of tornado in the city? I can't see nothing, but I am sure there is a natural disaster in there.
    As the battle in the city goes on, the intensity of the one the two were having was different. Minutes seemed to have turned into hours. An hour have passed and it felt that they fought for an entire day. Both were exhausted, but still standing. No one seemed to came either because of the pressure or because they were too busy.
    Ruby: Haha...Hahahaha...What is this? What is this?...It makes no sense...How is this happening...This is no dream, right? Right?...Haha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Alex: Hehe...Having a good time, huh?...Hahahaha...This is no time for laughing...How can I laugh when fighting a monster like this...Haha...Haha...HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Alex laughs maniacally.
    Ruby laughs harder.
    Alex laughs more harder.
    Both laughs as hard as they can until they get silent and looks at each other's faces.
    At the same time they drop their weapons, they hugs and kisses each other.
    Both:....(Bloody Hell.)
    As they were kissing, what seemed to be a big orb of some kind just appeared flying at the top of the city several feets at the city. The orb then start to open and starts to spark. The two notices the flash, both surprised.
    Alex: The hell?
    As the sparks grows stronger, it launches a massive lightning bolt that creates a massive shockwave.
    Cornellius: My word!
    That struck of lightning have destroyed the entire city of Ceranze. Of course with casualities.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Extra Story: From Ceranze with Love part 3.

    From a single couple of seconds, where there was a battle going on, all turned into a land of void and destruction. In all that devastation, Cornellius came back. He was searching through the area for wounded people but all he could see was weapons, guns and of course corpses of their former owners.
    Cornellius: Just...What happened?
    Said the confused doctor.
    Cornellius: Huh?
    Cornellius heard something moving and could scent a familiar smell.
    Cornellius: Alex!
    Cornellius desperately dug up a pile of rubbish and found it Alex who just started to have awakened.
    Alex: Urgh....My head.
    Cornellius: You are alive...But...Why only you? Everyone was like burned alive or something. What did the vampires done?
    Alex: That was no vampire work.
    Cornellius: What?
    Alex: I saw it. It was the Blitzreign emblem. This was Blitzreign action...Human action...Guh!
    Alex spits blood.
    Cornellius: My word, look at those wounds and burns. Hang on I must treat you.
    Alex: Wait...I'm fine...First take a look at thet....
    Alex point at a unconscious Ruby in the same hole they were.
    Cornellius:That...Is one of the Red Swords.
    Cornellius just transforms his hands and instantly Alex blocks him with his scythe.
    Alex: Don't!...Please treat her.
    Cornellius: What, but she is-
    Alex: You are a doctor or what?
    Cornellius then carry Alex and Ruby to were the camp was previously stationed and borrows the First-Aid kit and the nursery room.
    Alex: Can you treat vampires?
    Cornellius: You ask me this just now? Yes. In fact I once treated even those fellas from the Acquilla Tribe.
    Alex: Sounds like you had a very interesting run.
    Cornellius: You don't know how it was hard for me to get into Medical School without no one knowing. Acquilla, Mermen, Vampires...There is just no difference.
    Alex: That is actually impressive.
    Cornellius: Some of us just wanted to be accepted in everyday society. You may don't know, but I can guarantee with you that I lived twice as you.
    Alex: Let me guess, you worked there and there, huh?
    Cornellius: Yep, I even used different names.
    Alex: So Cornellius is just a cover...
    Cornellius: Yeah, its a make-up name...In fact I don't even have a true name.
    Alex:...So, what about her?
    Cornellius: It seems she took a high dose of [Lightning]. That kind of thing just hit the spot on her kind.
    Alex: Hey, do you think other vampires are around?
    Cornellius: You may not sense it, but I can smell their scent after they die you know. There was a lot, but not as much.
    Alex:...We were just at the center. Just...How did we...
    Cornellius: You guys just did it. That is all there is to it. I seen those kind of things before.
    Alex looks as if he is not accepting anything at all.
    Alex: I get it now.
    Cornellius: You get what?
    Alex: This Crusade. Blitzreign never wanted to take Ceranze in the first place. They just wanted to lure they and trap they with that...I don't know, Doomsday Weapon/Death Cannon thing to wipe their forces and use the soldiers as bait. Even I was just a time buyer. I don't even know if that is a real word.
    Cornellius: Not only you. Me and all the medical team.
    Alex: What is that damn Lenard gonna say to Drakland anyway? This will be a short Crusade. The vampires will take whatever left from Ceranze and keep themselves there.
    Cornellius:...If that happens, Gel might be in trouble.
    Alex:....Did you finished on her.
    Cornellius: Yeah, she has regenerative healing. All I did was to do a blood transfusion to speed up the repairs from inside. She will still be paralyzed for a bit.
    Alex: Great, treat me now. And fast.
    Cornellius: Fine.
    After a while, Ruby wakes up as if she was having a nightmare.
    Ruby: Huff...Huff...
    Cornellius: Finally wakes huh?
    Ruby: You...Were that...
    Cornellius: Easy...You are still paralyzed and I know most of your cell haven't regrow.
    Ruby:...Where is the Demon?
    Cornellius: Alex. Just outside.
    Ruby sees Alex covered in bandages outside sitting atop of a ruined building stone with his scythe resting on his right shoulders
    Ruby: WHat time is it?
    Cornellius: Near midnight I supossed.
    Ruby after hearing that desperately struggles to move and go to Alex.
    Cornellius: Hey, hold it!
    Ruby: Hey, Demon!
    Ruby yells at him to catch his attention and reaches to him.
    Ruby: Huff..Huff..
    Alex:...Go back. Doc said you can't move it.
    Cornellius: You both are so stubborn...
    Ruby: You...Should get out of here.
    Alex: Why? Is the big Vladmir himself gonna come or something.
    Ruby: Yes!
    Cornellius:...Welp, is just as you predicted man.
    Ruby: Huh?...You knew more were coming and you are still here?
    Alex: If I don't stop him, this place will become a stronghold full of bloodsuckers right? I need to do something about it.
    Ruby: You gonna die!
    Cornellius: Haha. I said the same thing.
    Ruby: And why don't you stop him!
    Cornellius: Why do you care?
    Ruby: He can't die! He have to take responsability!
    Cornellius: Responsability? What the hell is this chick talking about it Alex?
    Alex: Hell if I know.
    Ruby: What? Did you forgot that you just hugged me and kissed me in the middle of our duel?!
    Cornellius: Well, that seems messe-Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
    Alex: That? Didn't we done that over a collective trust?
    Ruby: That is not how collective trust works!
    Cornellius: Sorry for interrupt, but you two just quitted in killing each other and run in each other arms to make-out.
    Ruby: N-
    Alex: Yes.
    Ruby: Wha-
    Cornellius: Awesome.
    Ruby: Is it n-
    Alex: I know right.
    Ruby: Shut it!!...Guh...
    Ruby starts to feel dizzy and kneels.
    Cornellius: Man, that was some bolt. Anyway what do you expect him to do about "responsability"?
    Ruby: Well...Since he started...Then he could at least...
    Ruby gets red and leaves slowly at the the scene.
    Cornellius:...I can't tell if you succed or messed up. Why did you do it?
    Alex gets a bit of annoyed.
    Alex: I...Dunno man. There was this climate and all...Those things happen, right?
    Cornellius:...But...She is...
    Alex:...It doesn't matter right?
    Cornellius: Good grief.
    A second later Ruby turns her head at the opposite direction and Cornellius acts as he noticed something as well.
    Cornellius: Dude, t-
    Alex: I know.
    Alex gets up and starts moving forward.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Extra Story: From Ceranze with Love part 4

    At the opposite side of the ruined city, lies four figures who just recently arrived. It was the Vampire King himself, Vladmir Dracul and together with him was 3 of his wifes: Topazia, Diamanta and a third one with a green long hair decorated with 2 pigtails, Opala.
    Opala: Vlad. Hey Vlaaaaaaaaaad.
    Vladmir ignores her and walks into the ruined city.
    Opala: Vlaaaaaaaaaaad.
    Vladmir looks at her for a second.
    He then ignores and looks his surrounding.
    Opala: Vladvladvladvladvladvladvlaaaaaaaaaad...
    Vladmir closes his eyes and takes a breath.
    Opala:...Love you.
    Vladmir:...Keep walking.
    Topazia with her patience already in the limits just rants about the situation.
    Topazia: This is blasphemy. How can such a dumbskull like her become one of our lord's brides.
    Diamanta: It was his decision. Not that we can make something about it.
    Topazia: But, we....I should it.
    Diamanta just noticed the remark Topazia did it.
    Diamanta: Are you trying to pick a fight?
    Opala: Hey, what are you two gossiping about it?
    Diamanta:...About Vlad.
    Opala: Oh. Can I joint it?:D
    Topazia: Absolutely not.
    Opala: Hmpf. I didn't wanted it anyway.
    Opala just walks in a childish way far from the two.
    Opala: Hey, why did we come to this place anyway? Was there supossed to be a big and beautiful city around?
    Vladmir: It seems the humans destroyed along with our local force.
    Opala: Huh? But I thought there was humans here as well?
    Vladmir: Yeah, they destroyed with they as well.
    Opala: Excuse me, what? Why?
    Topazia. Urgh, Do I need to explain, they wanted to buy time.
    Opala: Buy time? But we will occupy this place anyway. It just delayed our invasion to Gel and Blitzreign.
    Diamanta:*sigh* That is the point.
    Opala: This is boring. Why couldn't Ametsista have come?
    Topazia:Tch. Someone needs to watch the children.
    Opala: I couldn't do that.
    Diamanta: Because a child taking care of another is illogical.
    Opala: Huh? I don't know what you talking about it. Besides can't Wagner do this work.
    Vladmir: As long as Corvus is influencing they, no,
    Topazia Looks dissapointed.
    Vladmir: Hm? Who goes there?
    Alex is seen at the distance.
    Vladmir:... Human?
    Opala then forms a binocular with her hands and looks at distance.
    Diamanta:(Does that even works?)
    Opala:....Shit Vlad. I think that is the guy who killed Jack.
    Topazia and Diamanta looks surprised.
    Vladmir: The Red Demon...
    Alex draws closer and makes contact with they.
    Alex:...Are you the one know as The Vampire King.
    Vladmir: I am, yes.
    Alex: Those are the Royal Ranked ones? The Wifes.
    Topazia: How dare you address our lord and us with such casuality.
    Opala: I think he looks so cool. Not as much as Vlad of course.
    Alex: Why is the Royalty not accompanied by their followers.
    Diamanta: Because we don't need it. But they are coming just behind us. We just heard of what happened here by some of our survivors by the way...We lost some good ones you know.
    Alex: I see.
    Vladmir: Are you the one knows as Red Demon, right? The real question should be, why did you come alone?
    Alex: You said it. I'm the Red Demon. There is a vampire I kill it.
    Vladmir gets an angry composure.
    Vladmir: There are four of us. You stand no chance. Plus I can see you're wounded.
    Alex:...Can't fight with your whores at your side.
    Topazia: Why you!
    Topazia gets her bat wing-shaped lance and walks towards him, but Vladmir blocks her with his arm.
    Vladmir: What is your game?
    Alex: You. Me. Here. Now. If I win, go back to Hollowgrounds. If I lose...Do whatever you want.
    Vladmir puts his sword in hand.
    Vladmir: You 3. Back up.
    With no objections, the three steps back.
    Alex: (Good. There goes the easy part. Always mock their pride.)

    At the other side, Ruby and Cornellius watch from afar.
    Ruby: Will he be okay? The stongest vampire is just ahead of him. And he is wounded.
    Cornellius:...He is the best vampire hunter. He will pull something out.
    Cornellius: Hopefully.
    Ruby stills looks in panic.
    Cornellius:...Pray for a miracle, it might help.
    Ruby calms a bit and places her hands together.

    The fight starts. Alex could only uses his right-arm, unfit for a scythe. Vladmir could pushes him by only swinging his sword. Alex managed to land a few hits, but not harmful enough and he couldn't take a chance to inflict a direct hit anythime.
    Topazia: This is so one-sided.
    Diamanta: But even so, its the Red Demon. To not being able to bring a fight is shameful. I was hoping to have crossed blades with him in top shape...But that dream is soon over.
    Opala: Come on! Hang in there! You can do it!
    Opala seems to be cheering for Alex.
    Diamanta and Topazia:-__-(Just whose side are you on?)
    Vladmir: You have my gratitude. To still be standing is such a feat.
    Alex: So you are not holding back.
    Vladmir: No, a vampire fights with all his might, even if his opponent is a child.
    Alex: Heh. You can't take down a wounded guy this fast? Some king you are.
    Vladmir:...Still, there is those things I don't like to use.
    Vladmir raises his and forms a red stake out of thin air.
    Vladmir: "Impale".
    The stake flies and pierce Alex's shoulder.
    Alex: Arrrgh!
    Diamanta: There is...
    Topazia: The Royal Blood.
    Vladmir: I don't like using this so soon but...
    With his arm he founds countless of those stakes.
    Alex: Damn..
    The stakes all flies towards him as he tries to barely blocks.
    Opala: Ah! Watch out!
    Vladmir sneaks from behind and slashes Alex in the back.

    Other side.
    Ruby: !!! Did something happened.
    Cornellius is sweating.
    Cornellius:...I wish I had a god.

    Alex is still standing.
    Opala: Come on! Fight back!
    Vladmir:...Its a pity. Perhaps in another time you might become someone as Tiamat. But your life ends here. "Grand Impale".
    Vladmir snaps his fingers and a giant red stake comes from the ground where Alex was standing.
    Alex: !!!....

    Cornellius:...Welp, this isn't good.

    Topazia:...Its over.
    Opala: Oooooow.
    Vladmir dispels the stake.
    Vladmir: Farewell Red Demon.
    Vladmir turns his back and walks away. But suddenly Alex gets on his feet.
    Vladmir: !!!
    With his 2 arms he swings his scythe and chops one of Vladmir's arm.
    Vladmir: Rrrrgh!
    Topazia: VLAD!
    Diamanta: How?!
    Opala: Who cares? Its awesome!
    Vladmir: Damn you....
    Vladmir tries to throw a stake, but Alex cut his legs.
    Vladmir: Gah!
    Opala: Yeah! Yeah!
    Topazia: Shut it, we gotta help!
    The 3 rushes, but Vladmir shouts.
    Vladmir: Wait...Its my loss...Lets go home.
    Diamanta: What? We can kill him! Just give the order!
    Vladmir: We made a vow...I cannot go back my word. Lets just treat my wounds.
    Topazia:...Yes sir.
    Topazia carries Vladmir while Diamanta carries his legs and Opala his arm.
    Opala: Hey mister Demon.
    Opala kissed Alex's cheek.
    Opala: You were pretty cool.
    Vladmir: She is just like that....What is your name by the way?
    Vladmir:...Something tells me fate itself wanted this outcome...We will leave Ceranze...Perhaps is for the best...May we meet again Highlander. I wouldn't be this kind.
    Alex:...(I hope that not happen)
    The 3 just fades away.

    Cornellius: Well. I'll be damned.
    Ruby: What happened?!
    Cornellius: See you soon. I have to go there.
    Cornellius turns into a wolf and rushes towards Alex.
    She turns into a flock of bats and flies at the opossite direction.

    At the other side of Ceranze, Ruby appears behind the Royals.
    The 4 looks behind.
    Dia: Ruby! You're alive!
    Opala: Who's dat?
    Vladmir:...One of the Red Swords...Scarlet, right?
    Topazia: What do you want? Can't you see our lord is in a hurry?
    Dia: I'll talk to her. You guys go ahead.
    Vladmir: Fine.
    Diamanta gives the legs to Opala and the 3 continues.
    Dia: Something the matter.
    Ruby hesitated for a bit and then gave a salutation pose.
    Ruby:...Thanks for everything thus far Lady Diamanta.
    Dia: W-What? Why are you saying this?
    Ruby:...I'm leaving my duties. Farewell.
    Ruby turns into bats and flies.
    Dia: Wha...Ruby...What happened?
    Diamanta decided it was better to leave her go for some reason.

    Cornellius: Good thing I was here.
    Alex: I not like to give things to luck, but here I am.
    Alex was leaning on the ground as he soon finished a quick procedure emergency surgery on his stomach.
    Alex: I mean, who else could have a werewolf surgeon with high speed and dextery surgery skills?
    Cornellius:...Most people would have died at that instant. But you again showed a miracle.
    Alex: Anyone lowers his guard when they win. Its impressive.
    Ruby just appears before they.
    Alex: Oh. You're still here.
    Cornellius: Say, can I eat her or not?
    Cornellius:...Really, no response.
    Ruby then goes to Alex and holds him in her arms.
    Ruby:...I want...To continue where we left.
    Alex:...And after that?
    Ruby:...I want to stay with you...For as long as it takes.
    Alex thinks for a moment and smiles.
    Alex: I'll be damned then.
    The two then kisses.
    Cornellius:...Yeah, it might work after all.

    From Ceranze with Love-END
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    Extra Story: Forever After part 1.

    Capital of Gel. The city that never stops snowing. In a alley at the bottom of the giant buildings, a middle-aged man with a long grey beard enters in what supossed to be an abandoned apartment.
    ???: Why did you call me, Alex?
    In that house, there lies Alex and Cornellius.
    Alex: Long time no see Old Man.

    Ronan Mytzgerald. High Master of Gel Magic Academy.
    Epithet: Wise Owl.
    Earth and Fire Magic Adept.
    Expert on Magic Tools

    Ronan: Is it about that bounty from last year? Well, you never came back to receive so...
    Alex: Your services will suffice.
    Ronan: ...And what can this wise old man do for you? You hardly needs a enchanted weapon.
    Alex: What we need is more...discreet.
    Ronan: First of all. Who are these two with you?
    Ronan seems to have noticed the one behind a curtain.
    Alex:...You can come out.
    A hooded woman cames out of the curtains.
    Alex: You can show your face.
    The woman removes her hood revealing to be Ruby. Ronan gets shocked.
    Ronan: A Vampire?! W-Why are you with a vampire Alex?
    Alex: I'll go straight to the point. I want one of your Mirage Rings.
    Ronan: You don't mean...What are you planning.
    Alex: I wanna marry this woman and I need a Marriage's Ring. That is all.
    Ronan just gets more and more astonished.
    Ronan: Did the last Crusade messed with your head? What next? This other guy is a Werewolf?
    Alex stomps in the ground.
    Alex: Old man...You owe me.
    Ronan:...You. Are you okay this?
    Ruby: Absolutely.
    Ronan:(There is not a single doubt in her voice or in her eyes.)...Very well. This is far more expensive than the bounty...But I guess what happened in Ceranze will cover it.
    Ruby: You have my gratitude.
    Ruby bows to Ronan.
    Alex: We will stay here until its ready then. Would you keep those two safe. I have to go pay Blitzreign a visit. I just have too much to do.
    Ronan:Very well...Congratulation on the engagement then.
    Alex silently gets out and Ruby goes to another room. Both were still exhausted from what happened 2 days ago.
    Ronan:...You there.
    Cornellius: Yes?
    Ronan: What is your relationship with they?
    Cornellius: I may have become their family's doctor.
    Ronan: I see...You think one may be born?
    Cornellius: Its possible. Maybe two if they are lucky.
    Ronan pass his hands on his beard.
    Ronan: This is actually pretty good.

    Eysideci, capital of Blitzreign. In the palace's gate 2 guard stands with guns in hand. From above, Alex just fall from above and plants his face into the ground.
    Guard 1:...Teleportation?
    Alex: Yes. They should fix those in the future.
    Guard 2: Identify yourself and your bussiness.
    Alex: We alreasy aqcuainted aren't we Zeke?
    Zeke: Don't dodge the system Alex.
    Guard 1: Leave it be. Emperor Lenard is waiting for him anyway.
    Alex: Good thing I can count on you Marvin.
    The guards let him pass.

    Imperial Chamber. Emperor Lenard is checking some documents on his desk. Alex then enters in the room.
    Lenard: Don't you ever heard of knocking?
    Alex: Why would someone who waste his own soldiers and other's would bother with manners.
    Lenard:...If it makes toy feel better, I already paid my debts to Drakland.
    Alex: Well, then one more debt for you. Me.
    Lenard: I suposse you could have a bank account to...
    Alex: I don't want money this time.
    Alex had Lenard's attention, now it had his interest.
    Lenard: What is it, then?
    Alex: 2 things. First, a piece of land. Somewhere isolated and I don't have too many visits.
    Lenard:...For someone who is suposse to be dead, its quite fitting. But of course you aren't. Are you sure you don't want some pieces of gold instead?
    Alex: No. I insist. In case you don't know I somehow made sure your mess didn't became a total disaster. And I have two VERY important witnesses to back it up.
    Lenard:...Assuming the vampires didn't took Ceranze by now, I suposse you aren't lying. Very well, I know this big old house in Mians Mountains that you could posses it. It is in a good state. The reform will don't cost too much.
    Alex: Can it be used to make a grape farm?
    Lenard: I am not specialist, but I heard the climate is good a pig farm.
    Alex: (I hate pigs.-_-)
    Lenard: And the second thing?
    Alex: I want a Marriage's approval.
    Lenard: You are...Getting married?O_O
    Alex: Yeah. And as a bonus, you can have an exclusive contract with me if you don't mess with my bride's history.
    Lenard:....Congratulation on the marriage then. Very well, I will make preparations for your new life.
    Alex: Thanks. But you are not invited.
    Lenard: I'm too busy anyway.
    Alex and Lenard makes a deal and Alex left without giving a second look. He pass through the same 2 guard.
    Alex: Hey Marvin.
    Marvin: Yes?
    Alex: Are you free next saturday? I'll be marrying that day in Mians and you are invited.
    Marvin: R-Really?! Congratulations man! I'll totally be there.
    Alex: And Zeke. You aren't.
    Zeke: Daaaaaw.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Extra Story: Forever After part 2.

    Mians Mountains. It was the big day. A few visitors came for the wedding party at the front of the house. They were most some soldiers Alex met in his life and some very unusual types that the rest didn't mind it considering Alex's character. Alex was in the altar, waiting for Ruby to come out of their new house.
    Cornellius: I think I say this in name of everyone, but...These groom clothes don't suit you.
    Alex: I didn't wanted to be this formal in the first place, but Ruby wanted things to follow the...Standard patterns.
    Ronan: I never seen a man so unsuitable in those clothes since I married my third wife. Nyehehehe....
    Alex: I hope this may be the only time I ever do this.
    Ronan: You betcha. After what you two passed in Ceranze, going back would be shameful. Say, have you ever thought on raising pigs in this place?
    Alex: I hate pigs.
    Cornellius: Shame. Veery shame.
    Alex: By the way Ronan, I didn't knew you had authority to be a clergyman.
    Ronan: The Grand Master of GMA, its one of my many functions. I also am a Professional Cheese Maker.
    Cornellius: Does this helps in your current line of work?
    Ronan:...More than you think.
    The door of the house just opens. There a Ruby dressed as a bride covering her hair and face with veils carrying a bouquet walks towards the altar. Everybody looks in awe.
    Visitor A: Is thats her?
    Visitor B who happens to be a Gremlim: She has a nice body at least...In human standards.
    Visitor C who happens to be Marvin: Who is she anyway? There is no friend of her here right?
    Visitor D who happens to be a woman: Maybe a war orphan?
    As Ruby reaches the altar and Ronan starts to talk.
    Ronan: Alex...Ruby...Do you two promise to love and honor each other, in sickness and in healty, in good and bad times until death tear you both apart?
    Ruby gets a little chilled, but Alex hands grabs her's and she calms down.
    Both: Yes.
    Ronan: Then you can exchange rings.
    Cornellius offers the rings with the Mirage Ring being the one of they. As they both put their rings on their fingers, Ronan finishes.
    Ronan: You may kiss the bride.
    Alex removes her 2 veils. With the ring, she spotted her hair locked with a ponytail with a brown colour and her eyes were now green.
    Visitor A: She is...Beautiful.
    Visitor B:...I would hit that.
    Visitor C: Wow, is that like the most gorgeous woman I ever met?
    Visitor D: *Sniff* Poor little thing...May she find happiness.
    The 2 then kisses and the crowd applauds.
    After the ceremony, all of the visitors have been greeting Ruby. She was abit shy, but Alex was always closer to her. Back to Alex and Ruby, Marvin was talking to they.
    Marvin: Well, tell me. How did you two met?
    Alex: It was in a storm of sort.
    Marvin: Oooh. Clever I must say. Say, I noticed you didn't drinked or ate anything missy.
    Ruby: Well, I...
    Alex: She is saving her tummy for her...Diet.
    Marvin: I see. Married people nowadays fight hard. That is why I am single.
    Marvin walks away depressed.
    Alex: Poor bastard.
    ???: Sorry. I am late.
    Alex then turns to the right and spots a man-sized monkey with red monk clothes and looks overjoyed.
    Alex: Sunny! How is it going.

    Sun Wukong, the Monkey King of Zhar.
    Age: 2000

    Ruby: I-Is that the Monkey Guardian that rules the monkeys who protects the forests of Zhar and by some extension the entire country from external threats?
    Sun: Hmmm...You seem to know a lot about me lady. Most of the times I am only the Forest Guardian and not a National Divinity.
    Ruby: I....Kinda have been on Zhar before, hehe.(It was an intel mission, but still...)
    Sun: I like your wife my friend. How long has it been since we saw anyway?
    Alex: Maybe that time when we were after that man-devouring Carp that happened to be stuck in Zahr's sea?
    Sun: Right! Hahaha! You were following that demon for days and just got into there and...
    Alex: With a Fork's Salad.
    Sun: Yeah, and you and me...
    Alex: In that Ox Castle.
    Sun: Hahahahahaha! Good times my old friend.
    Ruby:...(I am very interested in this story actually.)
    Alex: Hey Sunny, I keeped some bananas for you in that table.
    Sun:...Alex, this is a first image that we monkeys disapproves.
    Alex: You don't like bananas;
    Sun: I love they alright. But don't make it we look like you heard.
    As Sun was going to eat bananas, Ruby was in awe.
    Ruby: You have some interesting friends Alex. Why is no one looking surprised for such a big guest like him?
    Alex: Most people here are used to the talking monkey already. I talk too much you know.
    Ruby:...I think we will have much fun.
    The party goes on.
    After the party. Alex just looks around inside his house.
    Alex: I gotta admit, they did a good job here. I kinda deserve it after Vlad almost killing me. That is one good thing you made Lenard.
    He then goes to his and Ruby's room and there he find her in the varanda with her arms crossed on her back still in that dress.
    Alex:...Loving the view?
    Ruby: I love stars. Do you?
    Alex:...I never notice they actually, but...I like the feeling of good times after a hardships that they give.
    Ruby then approaches Alex.
    Alex: Yeah.
    Ruby: My people...When they marry, thay bite each other necks...And obvious I couldn't have done that in front of everyone...And since there is no one here now...
    Ruby blushes.
    Alex:...Fine, but do it quick.
    Without a second though, she directly bare her fangs at his neck.
    Ruby: Er...Sorry...Did it hurt?
    Alex: Not as much as being impaled on the gut.
    Ruby gets more closer to Alex and touches his face with her two hands.
    Ruby: To think we were enemies just a while ago...Back there, my emotions skyrocketed. I enjoyed it, but unfortunately, Anger and Bloodlust were in the way.
    Alex:...I know the feeling.
    Ruby:...I want something similar to that, but...With Happines and Love...Can we move to lets say...The "next step"?
    Alex:...You didn't ever needed to ask.
    The night goes and goes.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Extra Story: Forever After part 3.

    Six months later. Highlander House. Alex, Ronan and Sun are main lobby of the house around a floor table sitting in the arrmchairs and the sofa. Alex was the one who had a disturbed face. They suddenly hear a baby's cry. Alex rushes through the room upstairs. Cornellius just exited to call Alex as he was rudely pushed by him. When he enters he sees Ruby in her bed with a baby on her arms.
    Ruby: Shesh, Alex. You gonna wake him.
    Alex then slaps his face.
    Alex:....This is not a dream...I am really a father...
    Ronan: You were expecting this no more than 6 months and you still not believe it. Its not like you had 5 ex-wifes.
    Cornellius: I'll forgive your rude act back there in a moment like that.
    Sun: By the way, doesn't take 9 months to they to be born.
    Cornellius: In a human's womb, yes. But Hybrid takes 6 months to be born if the mother is vampire.
    Alex: By the way, sorry for not telling you about this detail, Sun.
    Sun: Its okay Alex. I understand why you did it. I swear by name of the previous Monkey Kings your secret will be keep.
    Cornellius: What should you two name it?
    Alex: Well, didn't thought that far...
    Alex: Heinrich?
    Ruby: It was a my older brother's name. He died centuries ago.
    Alex: I see...We could call him Henry for short.
    Ruby: That is how I called him as well.
    Ruby smiles from remembering her brother.
    Ronan: What do you guys gonna do about his education?
    Ruby: Leave it to me. I'm actually very good at teaching. I even gave lectures once.
    Cornellius: I heard about Vampire Education. If possible keep the bad parts I heard about it.

    12 years later.
    Hollowgrounds, Vladmir Castle, night time. Corvus is by himself in the upper area.
    ???: There you are.
    Said a woman with a shoulder-lenght purple hair.

    Ametista Dracul, 3rd wife of Vladmir Dracul.
    Mother of Wagner and Evelyne.

    Ametista: Your father wants to see you.
    Corvus leaved in that instant but Ametista stopped him.
    Ametista: Wait.
    Corvus: What now?
    Ametista: You have been here quite a lot. Are you waiting for something interesting to happen as you always says?
    Ametista: Is it a woman?
    After that statement, Corvus corner Ametista into the wall.
    Ametista: C-Corvus.
    Corvus: Why do you like my father?
    Ametista is scared.
    Corvus: Did you know you are her favorite?
    Ametista: N-no I am n-
    Corvus: I can see why. You are different from the others.
    Corvus grabs her chin.
    Corvus: Just like me.
    Ametista: ENOUGH!
    Ametista pushes Corvus so hard he flies away from the castle leaving a big hole in the catle tower wall and comes back seconds later as a flock of bats.
    Ametista: Oh my night! I-I'm so sorry. P-Please don't tell your mother.
    Corvus:...Hahaha. I forgot you are this strong.
    Corvus go down the stairs.
    Corvus: You are the single flower that blooms in this miserable wasteland, Lady Ametista. Too bad you are Wagner's mom already. I already acknowledge that. Make sure you raise Evelyne to be just like you.
    Ametista:...*sigh* Topazia, whatever you did to this man?
    Throne Room. Vladmir was standing, waiting for Corvus.
    Vladmir: May I know where that huge ruckus up there was all about it?
    Corvus: Oh yeah, that was me. Magnus and I were trying to see who punches stronger. He won.
    Corvus: Speaking of which, remember that time when you lost in a fight 12 years ago.
    Corvus: You got chopped pretty badly...I wish I was there to see. You coming back all in pieces....Hilarious.
    Vladmir waves his arm leaving a huge devastating fissure between him and Corvus.
    Corvus do the same thing and the fissure becomes a full crater.
    Corvus: See. I can do that too.
    Vladmir:...I have a task for you.
    Corvus: Is it an assassination.
    Corvus: Leave it to Diamanta and her Trash Collectors. I have better things to do.
    Vladmir: Its an order, Corvus.
    Corvus:...Remind me again father. I am the crown prince, correct?
    Corvus: So that makes me kind of a big deal isn't it?
    Vladmir: Your point?
    Corvus: Do you realize I could make half of the kingdom against you right?
    Vladmir grips his hand.
    Vladmir: Is that a threat?
    Corvus:...Yes. Sound like. What you're gonna do?
    Vladmir: I can still crush a child being like you. No matter how many you can gang with it.
    Corvus: Child? I am already over the 700 years already dad. But what about my siblings?
    Vladmir: Huh?
    Corvus: Would you kill ALL of your children? Could you even beat all of us? They love me more than you. If I say bark they bark. And if I say bite they bite. Besides, it would be such a waste killing those amazing children you spend so much time raising.
    He then moves closer to him.
    Corvus: So why don't you kill me now? Right here. Before I usurp you? Maybe because if you kill me now, all of they will know and kill you next? Or maybe you can't kill me because you're not strong enough? Either way...You lose.
    Vladmir looks at his son for a while and sits in his throne with his arms crossed and a grump face.
    Vladmir:...You are my son Corvus. Not the son I wanted, but you are still my offspring...And an indispensable force. But I'll tell you that Wagner is far more deserved to be the crow prince than you.
    Raven: Haha, I agree on this too.
    Vladmir:...Do what you will...I'll leave this to Diamanta.
    Corvus: If you say so...
    Corvus resumes his exit. Just after he leaves, Opala just appears out of nowhere and faces an very upset Vladmir.
    Opala: Heya Vlad!...Why the long face?....And why is there a hole on the floor?
    Vladmir: Shut up Opala.
    In the west wing of the castle, Corvus meets Specter with a book in hands and his face fixed on it.
    Specter: You gave him the Children Talk?
    Corvus: Nailed it!
    Specter: I told you, it was gonna work.
    Corvus: You teached me nothing that Wagner didn't it though.

    Corvus was one lucky vampire. Because the mission he just dodged it, wouldn't be too pleasant for him.
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    Extra Story: Forever After part 4.

    Mians Mountain, in a certain viewpoint, 2 brothers, one years ahead of the other are observing one part of the region each.
    Younger Brother:...Bullfrog on my side...10 points.
    Older Brother: Darn it. There is near no water in your side.
    Younger Brother:...Pelican on my side...30 points.
    Older Brother: What? Oh come on. Hey you damn bird! The sea is this way! Go catch some fish as Mother Nature created you to do!
    The older brother raises his fist against the bird while the younger one spots something on the older brother side.
    Younger Brother: Hoh. Thunderlion on your side. You lose.XD
    Older Brother: Aww, bloody hell.
    The Older Brother gives the Younger Brother a can of lemonade.
    Older Brother:...Next time you stay at the left, Johnny.
    Johnny: Whatever Henry.
    A time passes. Johnnathan is lying on the ground staring at a story book, while Heinrich is swinging a stick.
    Henry: Wish. Wush. Waaaash!
    Johnny: Do you really need to make those sounds?
    Henry: Its stylish. You will not understand.
    Johnny: Why not you use 2 sticks, then?
    Henry: Because I can't swing fast enough with one hand. I said it. You don't understand.
    Johnny: Soooo, what about a longer stick?
    Henry: ...Pretty cool. But too much like dad.
    Johnny:...Its getting dark.
    Henry: Yeah. lets go home
    Johnnathan picks his book and Henry drops his stick on the ground. After a long walk down the mountains they reach their House's Gate.
    Henry:...Say, what is that book again?
    Johnny:...The 1000 Mutiny story.
    Henry: Whoah. We still have this huh?
    Henry gazes at the horizon.
    Henry: A treasure like that...That was stockpiled by all this time...I will find it someday.
    Johnny: Isn't just a story?
    Henry: Stories are born from facts you know.
    ???: And here is a fact. Dreams like that will get you killed.
    Ruby just appears and holds both boys with one hand each.
    Henry: Gack.
    Johnny: (What did I do?)
    Ruby drags both kids to inside. In the house's study room, Ruby is with Heinrich in a table full of books as she watches him making his homework.
    Henry: Huff...Huff...Why am I doing this?
    Ruby: So that you can get a real job.
    Henry: Why can't I have a cool job like dad? You can teach me swordplay.
    Ruby slams the desk.
    Ruby: Heinrich Highlander. You father works for the empire. By killing vampires. Vampires like me. My people. Your Father. Kills. People. He is a murderer.
    Alex appears from behind a bookshelf.
    Alex: She is right you know. But the worst part is the "work for the empire" part.
    Alex goes back to do whatever he was doing in there and leaves the two alone. Henry slams his face into the book.
    Henry: (What is the point in having cool parents like this anyway?)
    Ruby: Get up. I can stay like this all night you know.
    In the other table at the other side of the room, Alex seems to be making some notes.
    Alex:(Lets see...If I keep at this pace, I might get what is necessary in about...5 years?*sigh* Should have followed the Pig Farm idea. Guess it is still with The Empire for a while. Good thing nowadays, there is vampire to kill everywhere.)
    Alex then remember something he talked some time ago with Ruby.
    Alex: Yeah?
    Ruby: Will you heard one selfish request.
    Alex: What is it?
    Alex:...You serious?
    Ruby: Yes.
    Alex:...And what next?
    Ruby:...I dunno.
    Alex:...Alright. I'll figure something out.
    Ruby:*sniff* Alex...Sorry*sniff*
    Alex: There. There. Don't cry.
    Alex:...I guess working for they forever is the best way.
    Johnnathan appears before Alex.
    Johnny: Hey dad.
    Alex: Hey Johnny. What is it?
    Johnny shows his book to Alex.
    Johnny: Is this story real?
    Alex:...You know, I heard it once this guy who heard from another guy that he once found a Skeleton Coin from a stolen Poker game of Hold' Em. So it might be true.
    Johnnathan is impressed with gleam on his eyes.
    Johnny: Then Henry's dream can become reality?
    Alex: Why are you interested?
    Johnny:...Because I want to be there when it happens.
    Alex:...I never had dreams...I envy you brother. Do you have dreams, Johnny?
    Johnny: I wanna...Become a hero!
    Alex:...Then become one following the right path son.
    Alex pats his son's head. In the other side, Henry seems to have passed out.
    Ruby:...Well, I am not using the "bad" parts, Cornellius.

    The next day. It was a Sunday morning. The 2 brothers were in the garden harvesting grapes.
    Ruby: Once you're two done it, you are free to do whatever you two want. But at 5 p.m we have a study session.
    Heinrich looks depressed.
    Henry: Come on mom. Its Sunday.
    Ruby:...Very well, after the study session, I'll teach you swordplay.
    Heinrich suddenly is pumped.
    Henry: Really? Awesome!!:D
    Ruby: What about you Johnnathan? Wanna join.
    Johnny: Can I use two sword?
    Alex just leaves the house with his hunter's clothes and scythe.
    Ruby: Alex? You have a mission today?
    Alex: More likely a meeting. I had a letter sent to me today.
    Ruby: But why taking your weapon then?
    Alex: You know those guys never takes me seriously without the...Proper uniform.
    Ruby:*giggles* Well, come back as soon as possible.
    The 2 waves goodbyes and he goes down the mountains.

    Mians. Market District. Mians' market was always lively everyday. The windmills spinned fast as ever. That is also the only place where Alex wasn't seen as The Red Demon.
    Fish Market Old Guy: Hey Mr. Highlander. I have your boy's favorite Trout today.
    Alex: I'll buy it on my was back.
    Fruit Market Old Lady: Left.
    The old lady throws an apple at Alex and he catches it.
    Old Lady: On the house Highlander.
    Alex: You're looking good as ever Doroty.(Everyone is just so nice here.)
    On his walk he spots a Blitzreign soldier in a shadow hallway who waves at him.
    Alex: Is that the guy?
    The two makes contact.
    Soldier: Nice to meet you, Mr. Highlander. Can we talk in secret?
    Alex: Fine by me.
    Back in the Highlander's house. Ruby is preparing the Study Room for later. As she nearly finishes. Johnnathan appears and offers a little red bottle.
    Ruby: Oh thanks sweetie. Was it you?
    Johnny:...Mom...I don't wanna go outside.
    Ruby: Hmmm? What is the matter?
    Johnny: There is something out there.
    Ruby takes takes a peek at a nearby window. And sees the sky surrounded by fog. She closes her eyes for a second.
    Ruby: Where is your brother?
    Johnnathan takes her to Heninrich
    Ruby: Henry...Come here.
    She opens a sealed door in the floor under the stairs.
    Ruby: Take your brother and hide in there. Don't make a sound you hear?
    Heinrich looks scared.
    Henry: Mom...What is going on?
    Ruby hugs both of they.
    Ruby: Your brother sensed something...I'm gonna check.

    On the town, black alleway.
    Soldier: I need you to follow me. I have important intel.
    Alex notices something unusual.
    Alex: Excuse me, but...Can you remove tour helmet.
    Soldier: Whu?
    The Blitzreign's soldier armor consists of a helmet that only covers the upper area of the face.
    Soldier: Sorry. I cannot risk having my face revealed no matter what.
    Alex:...I see you are lacking some teeth on your mouth. As if they were removed...Recently...The 3rd ones...
    Alex: Would you come outside of the shadows for a little while?
    The soldier ready his gun, but Alex was faster and reaps him. The soldier vaporizes.
    Alex: Knew it...Guess I coming back soon today.
    Alex just comes back the way he came and notices that the fog that usually comes sometimes at afternoon was covering the mountains.
    Alex: Wait...That vampire knows where I live...This means...Damnit!!
    Alex rushes desperately.
    Ruby comes out of her house with a rapier in hands. She gives a few steps after the door and stops. In a blink of eye she points her rapier skyward at blocks a red hooded figure. After that other 4 hooded figures appears.
    Ruby:(...The Red Swords...5 of they...They never are alone. It possible there might be more out there. I don't know how many survived in Ceranze. And there might be new ones...This is bad.)
    RS 1: She is good.
    RS 2: Its only a human, let make it quick.
    RS 3: ...There is something similar on her....
    RS 4: Who cares? Lets kill this bitch.
    Ruby looks desperate, but she remembers that her sons are just behind her. That gave her courage to not panic.
    RS 5: Die!
    As the Red Sword dashes toward her, she saws an opening and cuts the Vampire's arm with perfect timing.
    RS 5: Guh!
    The Sword picks her arm and retreats.
    RS 5: Damnit! Come out!
    Three more Red Swords appear.
    Ruby:...This is really the worst day ever...Or is it not?
    She remembers the day she fough Alex and remember his words.
    Ruby:...I get it now. If the situation seems desperate...Just fucking solve it!
    The 8 all attacks at the same time and with a lightning speed moves she blocks and evades all of they.
    RS 7: What?
    Ruby:...There is only 8 of you instead of 10 right?...That makes things easier!
    Ruby goes all-out attack.

    In the mountain track at the way back to the house.
    Alex: Damnit. Damnit. Damnit!
    Alex just rushes as he reaps every vampire he encounters.

    Back at the house. Ruby tooks out 2 of they.
    RS 3: W-What are y-
    With an thunderous rage, she impales the 3rd sword in a blink of eye.
    RS 5: My night! What she is?
    RS 1:...She is the Demon's wife alright.
    RS 5:...Damnit, once again everyone together!
    As the remaining 5 circles around her and dashes. Ruby quickly look at the fives and stabs one by one, killing they all.
    Ruby: Huff...Huff...Huff...Should...Saved energy...Thanks the mountains...I had this...
    She holds a empty bottle of blood that Johnny gave her.
    ???: Impresive.
    Ruby heards a familiar voice and turns back only to be stabbed in the heart.
    Ruby:*vomits blood*
    Diamanta: If I knew you were this strong...I should have give the first strike.
    Ruby: D-Dia....
    Ruby's ring just slips from her fingers and the ponytail unties revealing her old form.
    Diamanta: Huh? That hair...That face...RUBY!!!
    Diamanta's just releases his claymore from her hands.
    Ruby falls and Diamanta holds she in her arms.
    Diamanta: R-Ruby...That is you...Wh-What are you doing here?....Why are you doing here?
    Ruby: *Coughs* Isn't obvious?...I live here...Hehe.
    Diamanta: That day...12 years...You...
    Diamanta starts to cry and her tears falls into Ruby's face. Diamanta then bits her wrist and tries to gave she her blood.
    Ruby: Its no use...My heart...Is done for...
    Diamanta: Nononononono!...Why Ruby?!...Why?!
    Ruby:...I fell in love...
    Dia:*sniff* Love?...With a human...
    Ruby:...There is no difference....Dia...How....Did you find this place?
    Dia:...A soldier sold you lot...I...Didn't knew...Ooooow...*sniff*
    Ruby:...Dia...Please...My children...Are in there....
    Dia: Children....Hybrids....
    Ruby cries.
    Ruby:*sniff*...Please...D-Don't harm they...Don't take my cute children's life....*sniff*Please...This is my only selfish request I will ever ask you..
    When she was not looking, Alex chops her arm.
    Dia: Gah!
    Diamanta quickly retreats, but couldn't get her arm back as Alex was stepping on it.
    Alex:...You're dead...
    Diamanta left.
    Alex: Ruby!!
    Alex: Please hang in there!! I'll get you blood!!
    Ruby:...No use...My heart has been pierced...Too deeply...
    Alex cries.
    Ruby:...Beloved...That one...Will not sell you...You can still live here....
    Alex: It doesn't matter! I can't let you go!
    Ruby:...You can forget that promise...
    Ruby: My love....You...Henry...Johnny...I love you all....You were my everything... My sacred gifts...I don't regret....As long...As you are okay...
    Ruby kisses Alex and then vaporizes it.
    Alex:...Really...Can't even have to feel your cold dead body...How unfair.
    Inside the house, Alex find the kids safe.
    Henry: D-Dad.
    Johnny: Where is mom?
    Alex keeps quiet. Heinrich starts to burst in tears and hugs Alex.
    ...That is how I lose my wife. In the end, I couldn't gave her request. Henry grew distant of me. 2 years later he left a note:"I'm gonna be a pirate and have my own adventures you want or not." I rarely have been seen Cornellius or Ronan after that. They only paid me a visit some days after. I tried to get as close as possible of Johnnathan. Finished every job as quickly as possibly. I wanted to be the father I never had. My will for living was stronger than ever...But not strong enough.
    4 years later, Imperial Chamber. Alex is killed by Raven.
    ...Johnny...Henry...Ruby....I'm sorry....

    Alex wakes up in some gray wasteland.
    Alex: What...Where...
    ???: You wanna see your wife again?
    Alex turns his back and sees a woman with purple lips covering herself in some black and white clock with skeleton figures covering her upper face covered with a skull mask attached to the hood part.
    Death: I am Death. And I have a proposal.
    10 years later, at the Vitoria. Johnnathan, remembering the past few events was looking at the sea in the left while Henry was in the righ part of the ship.
    Johnny:...Pelican at my side.

    Yeah, that is it folks. I don't feel like writting anymore. If anyone wanna say something about this crazy shit I pulled out of my mind feel free to do so.
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    Ah what the heck. I'll make at least 2 more before going back to my studies next week.
    Chapter 4: Black fog on Riverpool.

    Gloria just arrived at Riverpool's Port few hours after Johnnathan's departure. Thankful for him, no one noticed that single ship belonged to a 400 pieces of silver bounty head so he could sneak in the area for a while.
    Johnny: Alright, first step: Find a crew, second: Find supplies...Or should I do that first?....
    ???: Nice ship you got there handsome.
    Johnnathan turns around and spots a woman with a beautiful black velvet dress, a large black hat, a long white hair and her arms were full of shopping bags. That woman was certainly out of place.
    Johnny:(This woman is certainly out of place...Where did she came from anyway?)
    Woman in black: Say, you don't look like a merchant. What a youngster like you doing with a ship like that?
    Johnny:...I'm looking for crewmembers. I'm starting a Pir-I mean Exchange Bussiness Thingie.
    Woman in black: That is quite the vessel for someone who is starting a Pir-I mean Exchange Bussiness Thingie you know.
    Johnny: It was a gift.
    Woman in black:...Well, if its manpower you are after...Try that place over there. Its where most man gather. A lot with free time by the way.
    Johnny:...You seem to know a lot about this place. In fact, you don't seem to belong here miss. Those goblins over there seems to be staring at you for a while.
    Woman in black: Of course they are. Why wouldn't they look at me?
    Johnny: Took the word out of my mouth.
    A few kilometers away from Riverpool, The Death Crow approaches surrounded by fog. Inside on one of the rooms, Noir was resting on a coffin-like pod.
    Hollowgrounds, day of the Werewolf Massacre. Somewhere in the Grand High Floor.
    Ametista: Wagner! Go to the Castle! Find your younger sister!
    Wagner: You can't deal with all of they mother! Let me help!
    Ametista: Its the job of a mother to give her life away for her children! Now go!
    From the ceiling of the room those two were, comes down a werewolf covered in wounds holding a fainted Opala in his claws.
    Werewolf: Grrrrrr....
    Opala: Guh.....
    Ametista: Opala!
    From the hole in the ceiling, 4 more pops out.
    Ametista:...Wagner...You see that they are in the Castle...Run and not look behind, its an order!
    He runs to the castle area. A few moments later when he reaches the stairs to the Castle Floor, he hears Opala and his mom's screams. And he not looks behind.
    Noir: Ah!
    Noir wakes up and exits his pod as if he was waking from a nightmare. Evening was just there waiting.
    Eve: Bad dream?
    Noir exits keeping his composure.
    Noir: Thanks for the concern.
    Captain's Room, Raven was playing with a Skeleton Coin in his hand with 12 more on his desk. Noir enters the room.
    Noir: Could you have more care for that? There is only 777 out there and heavens knows where every single one of they are.
    Raven: And here I thought Specter was a moodkill. Are we on Drakland yet?
    Noir: I came here for another reason. Can you answer me 2 questions?
    Raven: As long as they are easy, sure.
    Noir: First, did you knew about the Werewolf Massacre?
    Raven: Oh. That. You see, I knew my mother was planning something, but not that something. I didn't knew she would use thos mutts, but when you think about it, its a far better idea than using humans. It was negligence of my part. My bad.
    Noir: And if that same event never happened...Would you spare our mothers?
    Raven: Yours, definetly. Opala, maybe. Diamanta wouldn't give in anyway and my mother...Hahaha! Definetly nope.
    Noir: Did you know that when you are actually honest about something its completely obvious?
    Raven: I'll take that as a complement. Anyway are the Hated here?
    Noir: Only 3 of they.
    Raven: 3? Bah. I was expecting only 5, but that doesn't mean I want less. Its those two guys isn't it?
    Noir: Yes.
    Raven: At least I know they are strong enough to disobey me, but this is just getting out of hand. Its a pity I can't bring that other one whenever I want.
    Noir: It is technically your fault.
    Raven: Yeah. Hey, its near that time huh? Perfect timing.
    Noir: I'll go ahead then. We must have Riverpool at sight any moment.
    A few minutes later, The former royals and their minions were in the deck of the ship waiting for land contact.
    Vampirate A: Land on sight!
    Moonlight: Picking pairs. Eve!
    Moonlight just hugs Evening from nowhere.
    Eve: Eh? Again?
    Black: Hey! Stop monopolizing her everytime! I wanna spend more time with the cuter sister!
    Moonlight: Like I would let a ruffian like you near my little moth.
    Black: Hey Noir! Don't you have anything else to say?!
    Noir: Evening hardly needs a doting brother at this point. Plus outside of me, Moonlight is the best option.
    Black: What?!
    Moonlight: Well, you heard the man. Let's fly sis!
    Eve: This is getting old, but it feels nice anyway.
    The 2 turns into a dark red mist form and flies away with part of their forces.
    Black: Well...So I guess I'll take Ch-
    Noir: You coming with me.
    Black: Hey! I object!
    Noir: If we let you go without me or one of our sisters you just gonna wreck everything and Raven wants prisioners...Alive.
    Black: Tch! Its not like Chill and Nightmare is a good combo as well.
    The 2 turns into mist and like the former pair they go to Riverpool.
    Chill: Gnnnhhh.....
    Chill goes back inside the ship and comes back with a coffin large enough to fit Nightmare and put his sleeping brother inside as he turns into mist and flies to Drakland carrying his brother with it.
    The Black Pearl, a nearby bar in the docks of Riverpool, Johnnathan got there by the directions the Woman in Black gave.
    Johnny: Lets see...Idiots, Drunks and Drunken Idiots...Like Snake's Eyes. It certainly is a place, but I look for quality over quantity, I just have high standards...And speaking of which where did that woman go? She just disappeared. Was she an hallucination from loneliness?
    Johnnathan stops talking to himself and goes straight to the bar's balcony where the bartender was.
    Bartender:...Haven't I seen you before?
    Johnnathan picks a wanted poster of himself from inside his jacket.
    Johnny: My calling card.
    The Barktender gets a little scared.
    Bartender: Is the Black Demon here as well?
    Johnny: No. Just me. I'm looking for crewmates. Any one that picks your eye.
    Bartender: Well, now that you mention it, there was this one guy at your age th-
    They soon got interupted by a man with a blue gi wearing a straw hat that covered his eyes and carried a katana on his side.
    Johnny:(Those clothes...That is a Samurai from Taiyo...)
    Bartender: Well, First time seeing an oriental here. What bring you far from the east? I not have any Sake or anything by the way.
    Samurai:...Just something to clean my throat.
    Barkeeper:...Alright, water then.
    The Bartender pours an entire glass of water for the wanderer who finishes the whole cup and gives him a gold coin with an hole on with.
    Samurai: Thanks.
    The wanderer left naturally.
    Johnny:..Is this any worthy here?
    Bartender: Meh. It was just water anyway.
    Suddenly a loud alarm rangthroug the entire city.
    Bartender: Oh no. Not again!
    The entire bar panics and everybody ran. The bartender opens a vault that was written "Panic Room".
    Johnny: Hey Hey, what's going on?
    Bartender: Its the Storm Signal kid! That alarm sounds through the entire Drakland! It means they are coming!
    Johnny: Who are they?
    Bartender: Use your brain greenhorn! Who else would been need to alarm the entire kingdom?!
    In the docks, most of the ships were already gone and all of the seamen have been gone as well. On the horizon, a giant black cloud was on sight and getting bigger as time was passing. Johnnathan stares at it reminding himself of the cloud he saw 10 years ago in Blitzreign.
    Johnny: You are in there, aren't you?
    In the docks he spots the samurai from earlier close by.
    Samurai: A storm is coming I see.
    Johnnathan approaches him.
    Johnny: A storm will not be as brutal as that will be.
    Soon, crimson red smokes came from the fog and flies direct into the city's center.
    Samurai: Are those mortars?
    Johnny: No. Each of those is a vampire.
    After saying that, Johnnathan rushes through the city.
    Samurai: Wait, wh-
    Soon 4 vampires surrounds the samurai.
    Vampires: *Screech*
    Samurai:Four, how fitting it...And there is no one else seeing it.
    The samurai unsheats his sword.
    Samurai: Excelent.
    Center Area, in a street surrounded by hallways, Drakland Soldiers are fighting vampires armed with shields and guns and others with oversized axes. They all seem to been keeping a good pace despise the casualities.
    Captain: Everyone keep close! Eliminate as much as we can! Their numbers will still r-Gah!
    The Captain is hit by a dagger in his head and just after that, some soldiers are all catched by chains from the a hallway.
    Soldier A: Oh my...Those are...
    Soldier B: The Raven Sisters!
    Moonlight and Evening all comes out from hiding.
    Moonlight: Numbers? Heh. We don't need that.

    East area, Fountain Plaza, Black is hacking through all the soldiers he approaches.
    Soldier C:*huff* Just what is that monster?
    Soldier D: Its one of the royals...Lex Drac-
    Black: ITS BLACK!
    Black slashes through the poor soldier's body.
    Black: You're next.
    Soldier C: W-Wait!
    Noir then appears and pulls Black aways.
    Black: Hey what are y-
    The two than dodges a ray of light that came flying from afar.
    Black: What the hell was thar?
    Noir:....I'll be back.
    Far from the distance, a hooded figure with a long turquoise hair with a single braind carrying a wood bow gazes at the distance.
    ???: Shoot. I was found it.

    West Area, Noble District, all the houses were on fire. The soldiers were securing the residents as much as they could it.
    Soldier E: Is that everyone?
    Soldier F:No, but it seems there is not too many of they here. Maybe we should join the others at the Center?
    Soldier E: These people are important than the rest. It may sound cold, but-Wait, what?
    The soldier then spots Chill and a large coffin, facing the entire soldiers blocking their paths. He then picks a pocket watch and stares at it.
    Chill: Hnnnnn....10 minutes. I'll have a quick snack this time.
    He pulls his knife from his mouth and rushes fowards with his mouth open.
    Chill: Nhack!

    Back at Central Area, The soldiers all have retreated from the scene. Moonlight was looking disappointed at the empty street as she was stomping a dead soldier's head.
    Moonlight: Tch. Bunch of cowards. Can't satisfy a woman. I guess if you want a man you have to get they herself.
    Moonlight then notices something behind her.
    Moonlight: There seems to be far less of our own back there.
    Evening: I'll go take a look.
    In the streets that lead to the docks, Johnnathan is facing every vampire that comes after him, staying most on the defensive, by countering everyone blocking or evading every attack and then go full-out attack whenever they dropped their guards.
    Vampire A: This guy fights like a beast.
    Vampire B: I wonder...Is he the one who killed Johnson?
    Johnny: Tch. Neither of they is Raven. Is he actually hiding on his ship? Nah. He wouldn't miss all the fun...Maybe he's heading somewhere more interesting.
    Vampire C: You're open!
    The vampire dashes foward but Johnnathan swings both of his swords upwards and slices him in half.
    Vampire A: Oh shit, that was Alfred wasn't it?
    Eve: What is going on?
    Vampire B: Lady Evening! Some strong fella appeared. He fights like a beast.
    Eve: I will deal with him. Go support Moonlight.
    Vampire A: Roger milady.
    The two procceds forwards to the center and Evening stays.
    Evening: "Capture"!
    Evening throws a spiked chain at Johnnathan, but he reacts fast and catches with his sword.
    Eve: What?
    Johnny: You gotta have come closer if you...What?...Eve?!
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    Chapter 5: Nightmare Hour.

    After 10 years, those two who met by chance at the mountains see each other for the first time. Johnnathan recognized her purple long and fluffy hair and Evening rocognized his red eye that had a particular shine.
    Eve:...I knew that wanted poster for the Red Beast was familiar. What brings you here?
    Johnny:...I missed you too.
    Eve: No joke! Its dangerous here!
    Johnny: Where is Raven?
    Eve:...You can't kill him. No one can. And you are not the only one who got something stolen fro-
    Johnnathan interrupts Evening by pulling her chain and holds her in her forearms.
    Eve: Eh?(S-So close...)*blushes*
    Johnny: My dad wasn't just "something". Don't make me scratch your face to ans-
    A dagger flies into his face and hits it.
    Eve: Eek! Johnny!
    Moonlight appears coming down from a rooftop.
    Moonlight: Eve. Was this ruffian bothering you?
    Eve: Erm...Not really, but....
    Johnny: Bloody hell.
    Moonlight and Evening gets surprises by Johnnathan who gets up and shows that he picked that dagger with his teeth.
    Moonlight: Ooh. Nice trick there. Aren't you the Black Demon's hound? You look more handsome in person you know. I think I'm gonna dance with for a while.
    Moonlight prepares 10 daggers for a fight and Johnnathan gets his swords ready as well.

    West Area, Chill's "dinner" is still ongoing.
    Soldier G: I-I can't move...I feel weak...
    Chill extends his tongue to grab the fallen soldier and eats him whole.
    Chill: *Licklicklick*
    Soldier H: He...Ate him!
    Soldier J: Some our men just collapsed and some of they were just either bitten or only got scratched by him. What is the deal with this?
    Captain: That must be one of Raven's brothers Chill. I heard rumours about it. It seems that his blood and saliva is poisonous. He is the most freaky the royals.
    Soldier K: Sir, we just finished our scouts of the remaining houses. There seems to be nobody, but signals of some "animal attack" were show...As if someone was eaten alive.
    Captain: My Giddy Aunt! Could it be...
    Chill aproaches the remaining forces licking his knife covering it with blood. but then notices something on Nightmare's coffin and checks his watch once again.
    Chill:...Its time. Snack Hour is over.
    The coffin trembles and explodes. Nightmare comes from it.
    Captain: No...Everyone leaves the city! Its the Hour of Nightmare!

    East Area, Noir is facing a hooded woman carrying a wooden bow and she is kneeling and putting her hands up in the air.
    Hooded Woman: I surrender.
    Noir: Hmmm...I would let you go, but Raven might wanna have you a little bonus. I don't think we could take as much sacrifices this time for his amusement.
    Hooded Woman: S-Sacrifice?
    Black then comes to the scene causing a ruckus.
    Black: Hey Noir! Where are you?! Oh. There you are. Is this the bitch who threw that beam thing? Why don't you kill her?
    Noir: She surendered already. No need for bloodshed.
    Black: Godamnit. Are you a vampire or not? Better yet, are you a pirate or-Huh?
    Black senses somthing in the west.
    Black: Hey Noir, guess what? Big bro is gonna make a move.
    Black gets enthusiasmatic.
    Black: Can we see it?*u*
    Noir: I already saw it numerous times. Let just regroup with Moonlight and Evening.
    Hooded Woman:...What are you two talking about it?
    Noir: Nothing. Just a real nightmare.
    Hooded Woman:...Nightmare?
    Central Area. Johnnathan vs Moonlight. Moonlight is throwing dagger after dagger at Johnnathab but he can deflect with his swords.
    Moonlight: Hoho. You are something alright. I guess you half-breeds are no joke.
    Johnny: Heh. Why not you laugh at this. Red Spiral!
    Johnnathan throws a red spiral, but Moonlight dodges and throws five daggers at once.
    Johnny: Hmpf.
    Johnny deflects, but Moonlight closes her fists and the daggers stop midair and points at Johnny.
    Johnny: Say what?
    Moonlight: Swarm!
    Moonlight snaps her fingers and more daggers surrounds Johnny and flies at high speed damaging even the ground leaving a cloud of dust.
    Eve: Moonlight, please stop.
    Moonlight: Huh? Why? Wasn't he jus-Huh?
    Moonlight notices Johnnathan diving into her with his swords ready to vertically slashes her, but she backflips just in time.
    Johnny: Darn it.
    Moonlight: Tch. Hey sis, a little help here? This is getting annoying.
    Eve: B-But...He...Huh?
    Evening notices something similar to a 10-Floor Building diving into the area.
    Eve: I-Is that...A 10 Floor Building falling into this place?...Oh shit!
    Johnnathan notices a shadow around him and looks up.
    Johnny: Oh, H-E-Double Hockey Sticks.
    Johnnathan then dives forward, evading being crushed.
    Moonlight: Well I guess my time is over.
    Johnny: Why? Because of a building out of nowhere?
    Moonlight: Nope. Its the guy who threw the building.
    Johnnathan suddenly feels a chilling sensation down in his spine and a cold in his stomach. A strong force of pressure was coming from his back. Like a entire hurricane that was a few centimeters from him.
    Johnny:(W-What is...What is this feeling...)
    He slowly turns around and sees the massive body of Nightmare in front of him with his arms covered in blood.
    Johnny:...I feel I'm gonna have a pretty bad ti-
    Nightmare backfists Johnnathan and he flies miles away, passing through multiple houses.
    Moonlight:*Whistles* That hurted.
    Eve:(What do I do? What do I do? What do I fucking do?!)
    Evening was sitting in fetal position with her hands grasping her head. Chill then appears eating a roasted corn on a stick.
    Chill: *munch*munch* What is the matter sis?
    Eve: Chill?...You were with Nightmare right? Since when his hour started?!
    Chill take his watch
    Chill: *Crunch*Hnnnng...About...5 minutes. He destroyed the entire Noble District.
    Eve: What? He can't survive 55 minutes...I'll do something.
    Chill: Hng?

    Somewhere between the Center and East area, Noir, Black and the prisioner woman appears near a wreckage.
    Black: This is Nightmare's doing isn't it? Where do you think it come from?
    Noir: He seems to have tossed something from the city's center. It is still pretty far though.
    Johnnathan gets out of the wreckage, holding his left side.
    Black: Hey, something really came from it.
    Noir: Wait...Isn't that...
    Johnnathan: Damn, my ribs are...*coughs blood*...Bloody Hell...
    Nightmare then comes from above and stands in front of Johnnathan.
    Johnnathan:....At least say something!
    With all his left arm's strenght, he tries to pierce with a dark magic infused sword, but Nightmare blocks with his forearm and kicks him in the face sending him flying to the wreckage again.
    Johnnathan: Gack!
    Nightmare procceds by grabbing him in the leg and starts slamming him into the ground multiple times.
    Noir: Cockroaches!
    Black: He is mauling him!
    Hooded Woman: My word!
    Johnnathan faints.
    Noir:...It seems he is still alive.
    Black: The hell. Is he even human.
    Nightmare prepares to crush him with a vertical chop, but Evening appears in front of him at the moment he was about to wave it.
    Eve: Stop it Nightmare!...This one is a friend of mine.
    Black: What in the what now?!
    Noir: I see...He is that one from 10 years ago.
    Moonlight: Friend? You never told me about that.
    Moonlight and Chill appears to the scene. Chill swallows his entire corn.
    Chill: Hnnngh....Can I still eat it?
    Eve: No! Lets leave him for now!
    Moonlight: Hey, I don't know the story, but he still killed our men. We can't leave thing as it is.
    Noir:...You're right.
    Eve: W-What?
    Noir:...Lets leave this to Raven.
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    Chapter 6: Drakland Conclusion.

    Damaon Palace. Not a single soul inside. With the entire capital in chaos, Raven easily penetrates the residence. In the Throne Room, the front door just got obliterated with a single kick tossing two guards along with.
    "Knock Knock, I came here for kill a king and eat mint pills. And I have no pills." Said Raven with a forced threatening voice, but the ro
    Raven: Knock Knock. I came here for kill a king and eat mint pills. And I have no pills.
    Said Raven with a forced threatening voice, but there was no one around.
    Raven: What the?
    Guard: I...Have...Pills.
    Said the injured soldier on the brink of his death.
    Raven activates his crimson claw and drains the poor guard's blood.
    Raven: I hate mint.
    ???: Can I help you mister Dracul?
    Said a young man with a middle sized shaggy hair with aristocratic clothing.

    King Stewart of Drakland.
    Age: 26

    Raven: Stewart...Look how you grown.

    On the Leon Bridge, the giant bridge that connected Damaon to the rest of Drakland it turned into an entire battlefield. After a long struggle, the Draklish Army pulled most of the pirates outside of the capital. In there a man with a strong face with a dark coat and military cap stood in front of the vampires shooting with a black colt revolver with some soldiers on his side. Each shot exploded where it hit a vampire.
    Vampire A: Those are...Darkalloy bullets?
    ???: Hey you. Give me your gattling.
    Soldier: Yes sir.
    General of Drakland, Wapole Sherman.
    Age: 34.

    He starts shooting with a gatling causing a rapid fire of bullets.
    Vampire B: What a maverick. Everyone target the general!
    The vampire leaps through to Wapole, but he throws the gatling at him and slashes with a black saber.
    Vampire B: A...Darkalloy sword?...
    Wapole: Granades.
    A soldier shows with a box full of they and Walpole throws at all directions. Everywhere, black explosions blocked the vampire's approach.
    Vampire C: Darkalloy granades. Nothing surprises me at this point.
    ???: Step aside.
    Vampire: Ha. Yes ma'am.
    Soldier: Sir! Are you trying to pull they back or destroy the whole bridge.
    Walpole: The second option isn't bad, but we have to make way to Riverpool as quickly as possible.
    Said Walpole with a cold demeanor.
    Soldier: W-WHat? INCOMING!
    A barrage of rockets rains down and blows aways some soldiers, but Walpole blocks the wind with his arms and is able to mantain balance.
    ???: Long time no see, Lieutenaut.
    Said a female vampire with a black hair with spirals pigtails wearing the same uniform as Walpole carrying a large bazooka.

    Hated 6, Former General of Drakland, Marsha.
    Officially dead 8 years ago. Age 32.

    Marsha: And here I thought you couldn't even make to colonel. You still have that sorrowful look.
    Walpole: Wish I could say the same.
    Marshe points her bazooka at Walpole.
    Marsha: Since you were an obedient subordinate, I'll give you a chance to step down.
    ???: Nonsense Marsha. Draklish Soldiers don't fall back. Even if death is certain.
    Appeared a man with a heavy red leather armor and a horned helmet riding a large similar armored horse wielding a large glaive.
    Marsha: I could say the same for Zhar, Ohro.
    Former General Emperor of Zhar, Ohro of the Conquest
    Rider of the Vampire Horse, Black Chariot.
    Officially dead 20 years ago, taken by Specter.

    Walpole: 2 of the Hated 6 huh? Things aren't good.
    Ohro: Step aside Marsha. I'll give your poor former subordinate a chance in a lifetime to die in combat with the might Ohro of the Conquest.
    Wapole: Fine by me.
    Wapole picks his Darkalloy saber.
    Wapole: It's not like it will be easy on Damaon, Marsha.

    Damaon, a war feud was happening between the pirates and the army. But it was no human army. The vampires were facing a entire platoon of Werewolves dressed as Draklish soldiers.

    Werewolf Squad.
    Formed 10 years ago long after Eysideci Attack.
    Takes orders from Stewart or Wapole only.

    Vampire D: This looks bad. Back in the bridge things aren't looking nice either isn't captain?
    Vampire D: We will keep going through the palace aren't we?
    ???: Of course. Who the hell do you think I am.
    A large viking wielding a large barbarian stone hammer swing his weapon and creates a massive impact.
    Werewolf A: What strenght! Its almost as if it could make an hole at an fortress.
    Werewolf B: Expected no less from the former Most Dangerous Pirate.

    Bilaf, the Iceberg.
    Former captain of Heinrich
    No official Death confirmed.

    Werewolf B: I heard rumours, but...I wonder if the Bleck Demon knows it.

    Back at Damaon Castle.
    Raven:...What were you doing Stewart?
    Stewart: In the Library. Being a king requires constantly training your mind.
    Raven: ...That's not it. You knew I was here. Why did you came?
    Stewart: Well, I could ask you to leave my property. And by property, I mean of course, my county.
    Raven: I like how you are more direct than your father. You are not like that idiot in Blitzreign.
    Stewart: I don't care what you think about that brat. I care about your answer.
    Raven activates his claw.
    Raven: Here is my answer.
    Raven charges through Stewart with intense bloodlust. Stewart then claps his hands.
    Stewart: Excalibur!
    A glyph appears under Raven and a cyclone of razor winds rages through damaging Raven.
    Raven: OuchOuchOuch OOOUCH! That actually hurted.
    Raven licks some of his wounds and the smiles.
    Raven: A glyph huh? So you can cast spells at any range then? Only the old fart at Gel is know how to do it. And rumours said there is a unusual one at the Black Demon's ship. Clever. For someone who didn't even gone to GMA that is impressive.
    Raven takes his Heart Sword.
    Raven: How about we chack my range then. Dark Wings!
    Raven throw a barrage of dark raven shaped razors from his sword, but they are blocked by a black shield that Stewart summoned that created a force field in front.
    Raven: What the? Hold on. That was [Darkness]. How did...Ooooh I get it now. Darkalloy huh? You have been scavanging those things at Hollowgrounds after we leaved that hell hole. I've been noticing you guys using it at your weaponry, but I never thought you could use it to channel Dark Magic without risks. You lot is more interesting than Blitzreign.
    Stewart: That was only possible for after what you did in Eysideci, you devil.
    Raven: You welcome, your majesty. I give you my admiration. From royalty to royalty.
    Stewart: Vampires annoyed me. Stessed me and my father just as much as Blitzreign. But unlike Blitzreign, the vampires never used any dirty tricks.
    Raven: Talking about Ceranze huh?
    Stewart: Calling you guys vampires is a more than a compliment at this point.
    Raven: Funny. Because that actually flatters me!
    Raven mistifies and appear above ready to impale Stewart.
    Raven: DIE!
    But a Werewolf appears and punches him.
    Raven: Blergh! The Werewolf Squad?
    ???: No. But a man who you once stole his best friend. You'll pay for what you did for Alex.
    Stewart: Dr. Cornellius...
    ???: Tha feeling is mutual Cornellius!
    A giant staff tries to crash raven but he blocks with his two hands.
    Raven: I loving this day. Are you here as well Monkey King?
    The staff decreases in size and flies toward Sun who appears from above.
    Sun: I never once raised my fist against a vampire, but things are personal now.
    Raven: I say...The Red Demon had weird friends.
    Cornellius: Grrrrrr!
    Stewart: Monkey King...If you are here does it means?
    Sun: Yes. Reinforcements have come.
    Raven got a curious look and picks an small mechanical crow from his pocket.
    Raven: Status Marsha.
    Marsha:...I'm afraid we have a obstacle in our plans. Monkeys from Zhao's Forests showed up at nowhere. Ohro's been pretty busy with the Draklish General...And Blitzreign is coming.
    Raven: Blitzreign?
    Marsha: Yeah. In fact...Bilaf is facing their God of Thunder now.

    Damaon, Bilaf Fight.
    Bilaf: Blitzreign's God of Thunder...Honestly I wasn't expecting a lady.
    ???: You opnion means nothing vampire. If you value your imortal life fall back. Even if I get taken down, Emperor Lenard is coming.
    Said a proud woman with a knight helmet, white jacket and a breast plate, wielding a knight's lance and shield.

    Miillera Howitz, General of Blitzreign and God of Thunder.
    Age: 26

    ???: General, let me give you assistance.
    Said a man with sunglasses with a long wet shaggy hair wielding a pair of Katars.

    Colonel Hadol of Blitzreign.
    Age: 24.

    Miilera: No need. Order the squad.
    Hadol: Yes ma'am.(Whew, I really don't wanna mess with this big guy.)

    Damaon Palace.
    Raven: Hmmmm...It seems my situation is delicate. If things goes on, I might lose a Hated.
    Stewart: Can you please leave then.
    Cornellius: No King! We can kill this bastard together.
    Sun: Calm yourself. I cannot bear to lose you as well Cornellius. I can see he can best me in combat if I get careless.
    Raven: You flatter me Holy Monkey King of Zhao. But I'll go with your terms Stewart. I wasn't expcting Blitzreign to pick on Carrot in the east coast here.
    Raven: He is my Sentinel Captain I placed in there. By the way, you knew my siblings were at Riverpool.
    Stewart: It was a hunch.
    Raven:...I don't think next time it will be that easy.
    Raven turns into mist and leaves.
    Sun: Sorry, Cornellius.
    Cornellius: No. I'm glad you were looking after me.

    Leon Bridge, The Hated and the vampires were retreating by Marsha's orders that were actually Raven's. The soldiers celebrates, but a wounded Wapole is unsatisfied.
    Wapole: Bah. I can do better next time.
    Soldier: We go to Riverpool sir?
    Wapole looks at distance.
    Wapole: Nor necessary.

    Damaon, Bilaf retreats.
    Miilera: Don't let him go away!
    Hadol: Waitwaitwait. No useless bloodshed general, let's save as many we can. We are in Draklish Territory.
    Miilera:...Damn coward.
    Said her with an disappointed but a happy tone.
    Hadol:(I hope I gave you a good impression my beauty.)

    Riverpool, After Johnnathan's defeat. Chill is munching into Nightmare's helmet while he is resting.
    Black: What is he doing?
    Moonlight: Some of the Half-Breed's blood got into his helmet and Chill is loving.
    Chill: *NomNomNom*
    Evening is on her knees calmly rubbing her hand on Johnnathan's unconscious face. The hooded woman on the onther side of Johnnathan is emiting a white pulse of sort into Johnnathan's broken ribs.
    Hooded Woman:(To be alive after that. So that is a hybrid. This woman...I cannot believe there was someone in Raven's crew who had those feelings....How beautiful.)
    Black: You know, when this halfbreed gets up, I wanna try a round with him.
    Noir: I told you. Leave to Raven. Only Moonlight here objects in not giving to him first.
    Black:....I will kill you someday.
    Noir: Bring it.
    Moonlight approaches Evening from behind.
    Moonlight: That was mean Eve. You never said you were acquainted with a interesting person like this.
    Evening: ....I thought it wasn't important.
    Moonlight gets a smug face.
    Moonlight: Oh really. D'aaaaw, my Little Moth had this cutie pie as his friends.
    Moonlight hugs Evening from behind.
    Moonlight: Only Raven knows huh? Come on sis. I'm your only sister. You could share with me.
    Evening is embaressed and surprised.
    Eve: B-But...You hated when we minus Black had friends.
    Moonlight: True. True. But this one isn't vampire isnt him? So its a quality above. And speaking of which looking at him. A perfect face, shining eyes, specially the red and oh boy look at those front.
    Moonlight rubs her hand at Johnnathan's chest.
    Eve: H-Hey, dont touch it...He is...Resting you know.
    Moonlight: Oh boy, what a strong pectorals. You're so lucky Eve.
    Eve: Hey! I don't care about his muscular chest or his shaped triceps and all that okay.
    Moonlight: Shame Eve. Shame.
    Chill: Can I eat it or not?
    Chill appears salivating all over Johnny.
    Eve: NO! BAD CHILL!
    During that awkward moment the Death Crow appears.
    Noir: I guess we're going home my siblings. Let's show Raven his new best friend.
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    Chapter 7: New Best Friends.

    Damaon Palace. Everything was silent. Only King Stewart and Cornellius were on the scene.
    Stewart: What about the Monkey King?
    Cornellius: He and the Monkey Guardians went to Zhar already. They are not social.
    Stewart: The Angel of Death had interesting friends.
    ???: Shame. I was looking forward to meet the so called Guardian of Zhar.
    Entered a man who was the spitting image of the late Emperor Lenard alongside Miilera and Hadol.

    Emperor Lenard the Second.
    Succesor of Emperor Lenard the First and current emperor of Blitzreign.

    Stewart: *Pfft* Haha...HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Lenard: What the are you laughing at?!
    Said Lenard with a angry tone.
    Stewart: Y-You are..haha...The spitting image of your fater HAHAHAHA! As if he never died. That is hilarious. HAHAHA!
    Miilera gets all angered with that.
    Miilera: How dare you mock our Emperor?! Heavenly Judgemet!
    Miilera raises her lance skyward and a massive lightning bolt crashes through the roof, but Stewart summons his shield and a formed a force field, nullifying the lightning bolt.
    Stewart: Was this a war declaration?
    Lenard backfists Miilera.
    Miilera: Ouch!
    Lenard: What were you thinking you imbecile?!
    Miilera: I'm....sorry.
    Hadol: Enough emperor, she done this out of admiration for you, forgive her.
    Lenard stops for a few seconds and punches Hadol.
    Lenard:...Forgive my subordinates' behavior.
    Stewart: I was expecting you stiking me actually. Why are you still here anyway? Raven and his Rogues went away.
    Lenard: ("Rogues" huh?) I suposse we could take advantage of the situation to make an alliance. Your Darkalloy could benefit Blitzreign and our military might could aid yours in return.
    Stewart:...Not gonna happen boy. And to makes things clear, Ceranze has nothing to do with this. Come back when you are a full-realized ruler and we can at leat chat about it.
    Lenard: Boy? You are only 6 years my senior. Well, if you can't recognize me, your loss. Raven always come back strong after a raid. If you wanna face they with your mutts go ahead. Miilera, Hadol, we are out.
    The three leaves with Hadol and Miilera showing a gloomy look.
    Cornellius: *groans*
    Stewart: Keep it down Cornellius. Drakland believes in you and your kind.
    Cornellius: Bah. Raven could destroy Eysideci and I will not care. Only Mians is worthy in that damned empire.
    Stewart: There will be a time when your kind and others will be welcome everywhere in the world.
    Cornellius:...I believe in you as I believed in your father 10 years ago. In fact I must go and save whonever I can.

    Death Crow, already miles away at Drakland. The Rogues were all scouting the prisoners to inside the ship into their cells. The 3 Hated 6 who were in Drakland were in the deck monitoring the situation.
    Ohro: I see no reason for not finishing the draklish commander off. He was dead meat the way we started our match.
    Marsha: He was trained by me Ohro. And my men aren't wussies you know.
    Ohro: You're saying I could lose it? I should kill you for that.
    Marsha: Bring it on, you piece of trash.
    Bilaf: Shut it. It seems our bosses brought special guests.
    In the far corner of the deck the hooded woman was still healing Johnnathan's injuries while Evening was keeping an eye.
    Eve: May I know your name stranger?
    Hooded Woman:...Florencia.
    Eve: I see...Thanks for healing this one Florencia.
    Florencia: I may be of no position to make question, but...Is he that special?
    Evening doesn't answer.
    Florencia: I understand.
    A mass of black fog lands on the ship and Raven appears.
    Chill: Brother!
    Moonlight: Heya Raven. So, did you gave the king a good spanking?
    Raven: About that. Some special guests appeared and the party kinda got too hot for me.
    Noir: Speaking of guests, look what do we have for you.
    Noir shows Johnnathan and Florencia to Raven.
    Raven: Well. I wans't expecting one of you in here.
    Johnny: Guh...
    Eve: Ah!
    Johnnathan wakes ups. He is still in a bad shape.
    Johnny: W-What happened?
    Eve: Thank the nights you are alive.
    Johnny: Eve...This ship...I remember it.
    Raven: Hmmm? Hey didn't I meet you somewhere?
    Johnnathan makes eye contact with Raven and in a split second he raises his fist.
    Johnny: You!
    Johnnathan dashes and punches Raven in the face, but he was unharmed.
    Eve: Johnny, NO!
    Raven takes his arms and twists his ankle.
    Johnny: GAAAAAH!!
    Johnny kneels in pain.
    Black: HAHAHAHA! You saw it coming, punk!
    Raven: Wait a second. Those eyes...
    Johnnathan makes eye contact with Raven again with an angered face with his eyes tearing a little.
    Raven:...Johnny-Boy. I was sure you were dead that time.
    Johnny: Maybe you actually were not that good huh?
    Raven:...Hehe. You certainly got more mature. You really became a full adult now. A badass eve. Come here.
    Raven helps Johnnathan gets up and hugs him.
    Johnny: What are you doing?
    Raven: Isn't that how humans express "Its good to see you again"? Again, you are half-human isn't it?
    Johnny: Not if you are a Dad Killer.
    Raven: Really? That was 10 years ago. I thought we could have been you know, cool about it?
    Johnny:...How about this? I just killed a handful of your men in those past 10 years. Including now and yesterday.
    Eve: Eek! Johnny what are you doing?
    Raven: Yesterday? It didn't happen to be 5 ships isn't it?
    Johnny: Yeah. Me and Henry kicked their butts.
    Raven: Henry?
    Johnny: My brother. He is know as the Black Demon.
    Raven: So it was the Black Demon huh? I guess that makes you the Red Beast.
    Evening just gets between the two and and covers Johnnathan.
    Eve: Wait Raven! He didn't knew Johnson was there. Don't hold any hard feelings.
    Moonlight: Oy Raven. Wether he killed Johnson or whonever, I saw him killing quite a number of our own by himself. Hell, he could even dance with me.
    Raven: Hmm, is that so?
    Black: Come on Raven, give him to me. I fight him one-on-one. To the death. When he is in his best shape.
    Chill: Whiiii?
    Raven: The Photo Box.
    Chill vomits a square object who appears to be some kind of photo camera.
    Raven: Hey Johnny-Boy. This may sound weird but, show me a positive thumb.
    Johnny justs follow his instructions and Raven aims the device at him and flashes. A photo comes out.
    Johnny: What was that?
    Raven: Check it out!
    Raven shows a photo of Johnnathan.
    Raven: Pretty cool huh? Me and my late brother were developing this. It kinda looks like mirror huh?
    Johnny:...I guess it is.(Actually, its pretty kickass.)
    Raven: With this you are my new best friend. Usually we have to do an "entrance exam" to enter here, but I guess you already have what it takes.
    Raven extends his hand.
    Raven: So? How about it?
    Johnnathan waves his hands away.
    Johnny: I have a crew already thank you.
    Raven:...Shame. It's not like you still were going to Bloodfest.
    Evening just had an attack.
    Eve: Bloodfest? But Raven, he might-
    Raven: It was a man's own choice Eve. It's that or instant death.
    Evening runs to inside the ship with an anxious look.
    Noir:...I'll go see her.
    Moonlight: Hmmm...I never seen Eve so panicked.
    Black: Bah! It's not like I wanna have him in this ship.
    Moonlight:...Again, I hope he gets through. I don't like any man over Eve, but there is something about him that don't bugs me? What do you think Chill?
    Moonlight turns to Chill and see him riding around with a tricycle.
    Chill: Wooowowowowowow Heheheheheheeee Wowowowowowowowowo!
    Chill then hits a pole and falls.
    Chill: Haha! Haha! Haha!
    Nightmare:*Rest Mode*
    Black:....Yeah, I agree brother.

    Inside the Death Crow, Prison Room. Noir was following Eve and finds her in one of the cells. There she was placing her fangs into a poor young woman with a hair white as snow spotting a ponytail and long bangs wearing a short dress yellow on top and red on the skirt.
    White haired girl: H....Help*shivers*
    Noir:...You still never get rid of your bloodlust.
    Eve: *gasp* Noir...Sorry, I could have killed her huh?
    Noir: This has been happening from time to time lately. I've been covering of course.
    Noir: It's him isn't it? It happens everytime you think about it?
    Eve looks disappointed at herself.
    Eve:..What about Johnny.
    Noir: He has been taking to a the room just above us already. He will go to Raven Island tomorrow.
    Eve:...I have a small favour then.

    Prison Room, upper area. Johnnathan was throw aggresively into a jail cell with Florencia and 2 other cellmates are in position. One with a scary looking face wearing a blue jacket with a rather wild hair and the other with a very normal face, spotting a short blonde hair and traditional pirate clothes.
    Scary guy: Hey, fresh meat.
    Normal guy: Man, even a woman. Those demons are more terrific in person. Do they even have women on their regular forces.
    Johnny: I never really asked myself about that actually.
    Johnnathan and Florencia sits in their corners.
    Johnny:(Man, what a day, first time out of Henry's wing and I get in this kind of trouble. He will be so diappointed.)
    Johnnathan takes a look at Florencia.
    Johnny: So...Florencia, right? I heard your name when I was out. Thanks for everything.
    Florencia: It was by their request, but I would help you in any case. What that mastodon did to you was not for any eyes.
    Normal guy: Hey humm...May I suggest we introduce ourselves. You see I didn't wanted to start a talk with the fella here because he frights me.
    Scary guy:....Hmpf.
    Johnny: Sure. You can go ahead.
    Normal guy: Really? Thanks. I'm Edward Howitz. Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire.
    Johnnathan just had a snap.
    Johnny: Wait...Eddie?
    Edward: Oh? That is how my pals call me for short, did we meet?
    Johnny: Yeah. You were digging holes at the Imperial Palace in Blitzreign.
    Eddie: Woah! I remember now. You were that...Boy...With the...Eye!
    Eddie: I remember your heterochromy back then! What was your name again? It feels familiar.
    Johnny: Johnnathan Highlander.
    Eddie: Oh yeah....Where did I heard that surname again?
    Florencia: The Red Demon perhaps?
    Edward hits his fist into his palm.
    Eddie: Oh right! The Vampire Hunter! Are you a hunter as well? You gonna save us right?
    Johnny: I'm not really hunt vampires.
    Eddie: Eh? What do you do?
    Johnny: I'm a pirate.
    Eddie: Oh! Me too! Er-I mean I hunt for treasures, but I guess it is the same. I went to Riverpool to hanging around with one for you know..Profit.
    Johnny: (Could it be...The Bartender...)
    Eddie: Anyway, you are a newbie right? I mean I bet you were looking for a crew as well.
    Johnny: I already had a crew.
    Eddie: Really? Did you got separated?
    Johnny: I kinda went to be a captain of my own.
    Eddie: I'm confused. Should you have at least made a name of your own first? I mean people need to know who you are to join.
    Scary guy: *sigh* He is the Red Beast and his boss is the Black Demon.
    Eddie got astonished.
    Eddie:*Gaaaaaaasp*...Guys....It's the red beeeeeeast.
    Johnny: What about you my scary-looking friend.
    Scary Guy: Terry. West. I'm a punk.
    Johnny: Charmed.
    West turns to Florencia.
    West: What are you doing here?
    Eddie: Huh? You know each other?
    West: No. But I know a fairy when I see one.
    Johnny and Eddie: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
    Florencia: *sigh*
    She removes her hood and reveals pointed ears and generates wings of green light.
    Eddie: Whoah. First time seeing one.
    Johnny: That explains the healing. What is one as yourself doing far home.
    Florencia: Home? Fairyland is merely the place I was born. It's not like I have to live there.
    West:...You sure about that?
    Florencia gets a bit uncomfortable. Soon the cell door opens. Evening appears with the white haired lady.
    Eve: Prisioner transfer.
    West: This cell is becoming shorter. Great.
    Eve: Johnnathan....Outside.
    Johnnathan leaves the cell without objections and drags him to am empty cell.
    Eddie: Is he...Dead?
    West: Probably.
    On the empty cell, Johnnathan and Evening are alone in front of each other.
    Eve:...You made it.
    Johnny: Huh?
    Eve: That promise remember?
    Johnny: Oh...I catched up. I didn't realized until now. I still don't wanna be close to your brother.
    Eve: *sniffle* I understand.
    Johnny: But...I happy to see you after all this time...You look great Eve.
    Eve: Johnny...
    Evening throws herself at Johnny and bits his neck.
    Johnny: Wha.....(Somethings never changes do they.-_-)
    Eve: Oh! Sorry. Sometimes I....Please don't hate me.
    Johnny: You used to that all the time.
    Eve: Yeah, but...It has become an anxiety...More like an addiction even nowadays.
    Johnny: I heard about the Dark Blood Magic. Rumours says it has some pretty nasty effects.
    Eve: Yes...In my case I just lose a bit of control that is all.
    Johnny: Is that why you came here?
    Eve: No...Johnny, you know what Snakeways are right?
    Johnny: Those secret routes undergrounds in Hollowgrounds?
    Eve: You see...Where you go, those things also exist.
    Johnny: And where do I go?
    Eve: You heard of Bloodfest, right?
    Johnny: The annual selection thingie.
    Eve: Yeah. In one of the 7 islands of Raven, we make a survival game of hunters and hunted. We see how much of our men we lost each year and choose how many survives each year. The minimum is 10, but this year we go by 20. And if one our dies, the number rises by 1.
    Johnny: Even if I survive I wouldn't work for Raven. Even if it means being against you.
    Eve: I know. But if you win and refuses you die...And knowing my brother, he would do that slowly...And I would play a part of it.
    Johnny: I know he is your brother...But why stay with him.
    Eve: Johnny...I love him...If there is a chance to change him even if its near impossible I will try...And my other siblings as well. And if I betray they...There is no place safe for me to stay.
    Johnny:...I see.
    Eve takes some sort of map from her bra.
    Eve: This is the safest Snakeway in the island you will go. It leads to a tunnel under the sea. There is a sea stream and a boat that will lead to Neon's Sea Coast. There you can figure out by yourself I believe.
    Johnny: Why is there a Snakeway in the first place?
    Eve: Here is the tricky part. If they notice someone is missing, raven sends one of his siblings into those Snakeways to investigate. It's Raven's idea of killing hope.
    Johnny:....I got it. Do you mind if I bring those guys from the other cell along. I might need help.
    Eve: I agree.
    Johnny: Eve.
    Eve: Yes?
    Johnny: That dream...Of you and me on an adventure...Is still possible. I wouldn't stop believing no matter what.
    Eve: (Oh Johnnathan....) Thanks Johnny.
    Evening brings back Johnny to his former cell.
    Eddie: Dude. You're alive.
    The white haired lady sitting in her corner looks at Evening and covers her bit marks on her neck as if she is in pain and looks away. Evening looks with pity and disappears as fog. Johnnathan kneels to the lady.
    Johnny: Hey, you're alright now?
    Lady:....No....I wanna go home.
    Johnny: I see. I'm Johnnathan in case everyone else introduced themselves.
    Lady: They told me about you...You're the Red Beast isn't it?
    Johnny: Call me Johnny for short.
    Johnny gives her a smile and she smiles it back.
    West: She didn't tell us who she was by the way.
    Lady: Oh. My apologies.
    The lady gets up and gives small bow as salutation.
    Lady: My name is Vanilla Sundae. Spellcaster Graduated at Gel Magic Academy.
    West:*whistle* The best of the best huh?
    Florencia: I sensed a great potential on her.
    Johnnathan: I heard GMA send their spellcasters to other countries sometimes. Were you send to Riverpool.
    Vanilla: No. I am on a pursuit mission. I'm after my father who was a magician from GMA and I believe the vampires have some clues. But...I kinda understimated they.
    West: That is the first and most of times the final rule of what not to do with they.
    Eddie:Woah, a pro from GMA, this has been an very productive day besides the situation.
    Edward notices something on Johnny's neck.
    Eddie: Those marks on your neck...Did she spend all this time drinking on you. Damn, and you are rock solid.
    Johnnathan: Nah. It was not that bad.
    Vanilla: Really. Wow. You are tough Mr. Highlander.
    Florencia: I believe his kind have something to do with it?
    West: His...Kind? Isn't him human?
    Florencia: Look at his right eye.
    Vanilla and West approaches at his face.
    West: It is...Red.
    Vanilla: Like a vampire...Is it a sickness.
    Florencia: I sensed the Darkness in his veins. He is no human, but a Human-Vampire Hybrid.
    Those Three Other People: Say Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
    West: Hold on. The rumours are true? There is a race of mixed humans who can wield dark magic without turning themselves into Bloodthirsty scumbags?
    Vanilla: I heard about one at GMA, but I didn't think I would see with my own eyes.
    Eddie: Woah. Really? I mean. Humans and Vampires. Making out?
    Johnnathan: You guys still with me right?
    West: Well, you seem okay.
    Vanilla: You don't seem interested in my neck.
    Eddie: Well, if you can wield Dark Magic then you are pretty much an Anti-Rogue or something right?
    Johnny: Great, because I have a plan to go out of this place.
    Eddie: Woah. Wait. May I say something first.
    Johnny: Go on.
    Eddie: If we get out, can I join your crew?
    Johnny: ...I have very big standards. I can't show my brother someone with no backbone.
    Eddie: Oh? Are you referring to the Black Demon? Anyway, sweet! We don't gonna let you down.
    West: We?
    Eddie: Yeah. You folks are coming along right?
    West: Hey we don't agreed with anything here.
    Eddie: Ah come on! We became such good friends with this small span of time.
    Vanilla: I can't just become a pirate just after graduating you know!
    Said Vanilla with her temper in the highest point.
    Florencia:...I wouldn't mind it.
    West: Huh?
    Florencia: If he can free me, it just fair I give my life for him.
    Eddie: Haha! See? This is what I'm talking about it!
    West:...If even a fairy gonna join, then I will too take this challenge.
    Vanilla:...I just wanna find my father...Maybe if I tag along....Okay I'm in...For now!
    Eddie: Alright! There you have Johnny! With me and you, we can make this group tackle anything!
    Johnny: Hmmm....Florencia.
    Florencia: Yes?
    Johnny: Your Knowledgement is very dependable. If you want, I guess you can become a fine First-Mate.
    Eddie: Whuh?
    Florencia; I would accept nothing less.
    Eddie: Hey, I was the one with the idea. Should I get this position?
    Florencia: If you make me acknowledge you...Maybe.
    Johnny: If you are serious about, prove it. That is what my father said it.
    Eddie: Well...Life is life.
    Johnnathan takes the map Eve gave him.
    Johnnathan: Alright. Here is the plan.

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    Chapter 8: Chill

    The sun rose. But no shining ray hit anyone inside the dark ship. Johnnathan and co. were all in deep sleep. Suddenly someone knocked the door and wake up the five.
    West: *grumble*Wh-What? Did someone ordered room service?
    Johnny: I'll go see.
    When Johnnathan steps in front of the door and it opens instantly. Raven was there carrying a sack on his back.
    Raven: Good Morning Good-Doingers! Did you sleep well, my new best friend?
    Said Raven with an open smile.
    Johnny: With all respect for your sister, I hate you.
    Raven: I know. But today you will love me. Did you got acquainted with your roommates? Because I have something that belongs to they. You will all need it.
    Raven toss the sack on the floor and from inside a long spear, an wooden bow, a machete and a staff comes out.
    Eddie: Hey! My spear.
    Vanilla: My Staff! Oh, mommy missed so much!
    Vanilla starts kissing her staff.
    West: Gal, it just a staff. You can repose it.
    Vanilla: Heeey. This baby cost a lot of money and material.
    Raven: Ahem. Casting aside the supportive cast, I cannot overlooked some detail.
    Raven takes a pair of black sabers with a red square handles.
    Raven: I heard one of your swords were damaged when you were absolutely crushed and disabled by Nightmare so, I went ahead and prepared an replacement. And since you are used to dual wielding, I made an extra one. Which is twice as cool. Take this as our...Friendship Gift.
    Johnny:...I'll love stabing your head with those.
    Raven: Awwww, I knew you cared. By the way we are just above Chill Island. Bloodfest will start soon. I expect great things from my new pal.
    Johnny: When do we start?
    Raven: Let's see...
    Raven takes a pocket watch.
    The door shuts close and the room they were felt like it was falling at high speed. Everyone was floating while their cell was falling. Raven then takes a portrait that contained Johnnathan's photo from earlier.
    Raven:...Sorry Johnson. You're yesterday's news.
    Johnny: Whaaat? Did he just....Tossed an entire room out of his ship!?
    Florencia: Gentlemen, calm down.
    Said Florencia that was floating in the air with her wings.
    Eddie: Easy for you to say fairy! Ooooh, I hate heights.
    Vanilla: Kyaaaa! Johnny hold me!
    Eddie: Er...I can do that. I'm right in front of you.
    Vanilla slaps Eddie.
    Vanilla: Pervy!
    Eddie: What is wrong with you woman?
    Suddenly the the room hits the floor and they stop floating.
    Florencia: Is everyone alright?
    Johnny: I wonder how most people would survive this part. I'm half vampire and I feel finished.
    West: Eh. Pussy.
    Johnny: Eddie, Vanilla, you two okay?
    Vanilla: Hmm...I seem to have landed on something soft.
    When Vanilla realized, she was standing on top of Eddie with her bosom on his face.
    Vanilla: Kyaaaa! Edward Howitz! You're the worst!
    Vanilla punches Eddie right in the face.
    Eddie: Whhhhhhhyyyyyyyy?
    Johnnathan: *sigh* Vanilla, don't be mad at him. He softed your impact and it was not on purpose.
    Vanilla: Well, if you say so....
    Suddenly West kicks the door with brute force and sends it flying. They seem to be in some kind of jungle and The Death Crow seems to be just in the shore area.
    Eddie: Woah! What are your body is made of West?
    Johnnathan: Most importantly, Florencia.
    Florencia: Got it!
    Florencia flies to the sky and starts localizing some point.
    Florencia: Hmmm...I see it Johnny. About west from here. I can see the Toad Rock.
    Johnnathan: Does everyone remember the plan?
    Eddie: Yeah, but why didn't keep that map?
    Johnnathan: It's clear there may be eyes spying on us. If we got spotted with that we would receive quite the aggro.
    West: About that? Why did you have that? And what kind of relationship you have with Raven? He seemed very friendly with you?
    Eddie: Hum, West...
    West points his machete into Johnny's neck.
    West: And what was that about respecting his sister?
    Vanilla: West!
    Johnnathan raises his hand to Vanilla.
    Johnny:...I know that trust is something you deserve, but you should know that the most dangerous thing you can dig to a pirate is not their loot, but their secrets. Besides, didn't you said you would trust the fairy's judgement?
    West guards his machete in his waist's back.
    West:...Sorry cap'n. I got carried over when Raven is mentioned.
    Eddie: Hey guys. It's okay for we to be just standing here?
    West: There is no rogue around here boy. But let's keep walking toward west. You good with that Johnny?
    Johnny: Yeah. But how can you be so certain about our safety?
    West: Believe me. I can sense those scumbags when they are close.
    The five keep walking through the jungle with West leading the way and Florencia floating a few feet above they.
    Vanilla:...Hey Florencia, don't you wanna take the lead? You can see things from above and your kind can sense the area through the flora right?
    Florencia: That is half-right. I'm not used to tropical flora and I would be an easy target if I go too far.
    Vanilla: Oh sorry. Non-Human Studies was never my forte.
    Florencia: I heard rumours that most GMA Students are not interested in other species. Guess it's true. (Geez, at least you should know the basic of fairies. We live so close to Gel.)
    Eddie: But, how can we trust West's judgement?
    Florencia: I don't sense any danger from where he is taking us at least. By the way mister Terry, can I know why are you taking to a path full of quicksands, leeches and ferocious venus flytraps?
    Eddie: What?
    West: For someone who don't know shit about tropical island you are very observating. Yeah, it's not the safest path, but I doing my best in avoiding those for you lot.
    Eddie: And why go through the trouble?
    West: Because of course, the Rogue will targets where it's safe. Think about it, if you were to be in an very open space, wouldn't you be an easy target for a predator? Same reason why miss butterfly is still close to us.
    Johnny: I don't know about you Eddie, but I'll keep following this guy.
    Eddie: (Aren't you supossed to be the captain?)
    West: By the way Eddie boy, something has been on my mind lately.
    Eddie: Hmm? What?
    West: Are you in some way related to General Miilera?
    Johnny: The God of Thunder?
    Vanilla: Oh yeah. She is a Howitz right?
    Eddie: Oh. She is my older sister.
    Vanilla: Wha? You're related to the Valkyria of Blitzreign?
    Eddie: Hehe. Amazing isn't it?
    Johnny: And yet, there you are as a scavenger. Guess even the most noble lineage have their shame.
    Eddie: Ouch! That hurt Johnny. It's not like I am in this road because I had no choice.
    Johnny: Oh? And why then?
    Florencia: Captain. You said yourself didn't you? Secrets.
    Johnny: Oh. Fine.
    Edward looks surprised.
    Eddie: What was that all about it?
    Vanilla the whispers to Edward.
    Vanilla: You see, fairies can read your feelings.
    Eddie whispers back.
    Eddie: Really? Wow. They must be kind the gossipers.
    Florencia gave a scary death gaze while he was not looking.
    Eddie: Ugh! I feel a chill by my spine.
    On that second, West raised his arm and the group stopped.
    Eddie: Er...West?
    West: They here.
    A group of rogues dashes throught from the treetops and charges for a frontal assault.
    Vanilla: Oh no. So much for not safe route.
    Florencia: Tch.
    Florencia charges her bow and a green light forms a string in her bow and she generates a green light arrow when pushing the string.
    Rogue A: This feeling...[Light]....
    Florencia: Straight!
    She shoots an arrow and pierces about five rogues in line. Florencia continues by shooting a barrage of continuous arrows of light making the rogues scatter around.
    Rogues: *Screeeeech*
    Johnny: Well. Time to try these new things.
    As a group of rogues gangs into Johnny but he strikes them down before they could do anything.
    Rogue B: What? Impo-Gah!
    An machete is impaled into the Rogue from behind.
    West: Weak.
    Florencia: Hmmm.
    Florencia seems to have picked something unusual in West.
    Eddie: Woah, those 3 are awesome...I have to keep up someho-
    Florencia: Edward! Watch out!
    From behind, a giant undergrounf Leech appears from behind and eats Edward.
    Vanilla: Oh no! Edward!
    Leech: *bleching sound*
    Vanilla: Don't worry Edward Howitz. I shall avenge your death! Come at me foul be-Huh?
    The Leech acts weird and soon it was vertically slashed spliting the head and the uper area of its body by Edward, killing it in the process.
    Johnny: Huh. The hole digger can fight on his own.
    Edward gets out covered in goo and blood.
    Eddie:*shivers* I seen things that could not be seen.
    Vanilla: Oh Howitz. You're horrible.
    When she was not looking, rogues appears from behind.
    Eddie: Vanilla! I'll sav-
    Vanilla: Fire Tower!
    Vanilla lights her staff and a pillar of hot fire is generated from the ground.
    Vanilla: Thunder Bomb!
    Vanilla summons three orbs of lightning that detonates a electric explosion on contact.
    Vanilla: Aquarius!
    She then finishes by squashing a giant water block on they.
    Johnny:*whistle* She can even do Water Magic. Not as good as Coela, but not half-bad either.
    Florencia: Indeed. A 3 Elemental User is fascinating.
    Vanilla: D-Did Johnnathan just got impressed by me...Oh. You gonna say something Edward?
    Eddie:-__- Nothing. (Man, everyone is amazing here.)
    Florencia then lands on the ground and looks around.
    Florencia: Seen anything Mr. Terry?
    West: Well it seems there were only....
    West feels something coming from the jungle at Florencia's direction and blocks. It was a giant mosquito with a mouth that looked like a drill that perfurates his elbow
    Florencia: An Devil Spear Mosquito? I thought they were extinct? West! You okay?
    Suddenly, West transformed his arm into an claw and smashed it head.
    Eddie: No way...Is he...
    West turns into a wolfman and pummels the mosquito until it turned it got totally crushed and cuts the mouth that was penetrated from his elbow with his machete.
    West: Hah. I crushed bigger flies with a newspaper.
    Florencia: I knew there was something weird inside you. I knew there was a possibility of you being a Lyncan.
    Eddie: Lyncan?
    Vanilla: Another name for Werewolves.
    Johnny: Hey, Freak Show.
    Johnnathan called they as he cut some of the local vegetation and showed a rock at the shore of the island that looked like a frog.
    Johnny: We made it.
    Meanwhile at The Death Crow, in Raven's Room all of the siblings were there in their seats. Evening was sensing through her chain.
    Raven: Anything from interest, Eve?
    Eve: Well...We lost quite a few. About 15 of us.
    Raven: Hah! I bet it was Johnny's group. Does he really think I didn't noticed the Fairy and the Werewolf?
    Eve: Even the Mosquito that Specter revived ages ago is gone.
    Noir: Shame. I liked that bug.
    Moonlight: That grossly thing? Men...
    Black: I wish we could join it. What about the other areas.
    Eve:...It's a complete massacre.
    Moonlight: I dunno Raven. Making those rogues drink an extra dose your blood fells like cheating.
    Noir: Anyway, outside of Johnnathan's group, they are living upon your name. Don't you think our men deserves to have something else to drink or even eat as a gift?
    Raven:...Hahaha! Nice try Noir.
    Noir: I had to.
    Moonlight: Hmmmm...Eve. Where is the Red Beast right now?
    Moonlight: Eeeeeve.
    Eve:...In the Nortwest Area.
    Raven: Wait.....But that's....
    Raven then picks his portrait that was on his desk.
    Eve is scared, but tries to hide.
    Raven: Chill.
    Chill: Hnngh?
    Chill gives a salutation pose.
    Chill:....Permission to use excessive force.
    Raven: Affirmative.
    Chill: Geeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    On the Toad Rock, the group finds the secret passageway under the toad's mouth.
    West: I admit, that was quite the hole.
    Florencia: Yeah we are just under sea level.
    Vanilla: Hmmm...There is really a small boat moved by Gremlim Enginery here. And this river...
    Johnnathan tastes the water.
    Johnny: It is seawater...If from what I heard is correct, this leads to some kind of waterfall...
    West: How can we be sure it's not a trap.
    Johnny: I trust my source.
    Florencia: He is the captain West.
    Eddie: Well, any place better that here.
    The five hops on board and West starts the engine and moves forward. A good amount of time passed.
    Vanilla: Mr. Highlander.
    Johnny: Yes?
    Vanilla: I just wanna make sure that I joining you only because of my personal mission. Once it's over I see no obligation in being your subordinate.
    Johnny: Well, subordinate is a strong world, but if you have a change of heart during our journey you are free to do whatever you want.
    Vanilla: Well, I'm glad we could reach to a fair conclusion.
    Florencia:(Teehee. I don't even need to sense your feelings to read you girl...It's a shame thought.)
    In meantime, West checked something in the distance.
    West: Hey Florencia. Can you hear it.
    Florencia: Hmmm? Yeah. Barely, but it is a waterfall.
    Eddie: Does this means we are gonna leave this hell hole soon? I can't wait!
    But as soon as they noticed, West sense something behind.
    West: What the? Is that a fish.
    Everyone starts seeing behind and sees no other than Chill running through the water.
    Chill: Yahaaaaaaaaaa!
    He takes his knife from his mouth and starts running at they as if running for a buffet.
    Eddie: Gaaaah! It's one of Raven's brothers.
    Vanilla: That is...Chill...They say he never even leave the bones behind it.
    Florencia: This is bad if he catches up in this tiny boat, we doomed. West keep going!
    West: No need to tell, but I'm going pretty much full speed now. And the fact he is running against the current....He is definetively a chill.
    Florencia radies her bow.
    Florencia: Scatter!
    With one shot she shoots a barrage of arrows flying towards chill as homing lazers.
    Chill: Kiihi!
    Chill starts jumping, dodging the arrows and deflecting with his knife.
    Florencia: I know I just buying time here, but I'll keep you guys safe until we reach the exit.
    Eddie:(She could fly away and leave us if she wanted to...But she is staying here....)
    Edward picks his spear and goes to the back of the boat.
    Florencia: Edward?
    Eddie: You don't need to bear this burden alone Florencia. Lightning Activated.
    Edward charges his spear and striked the water. Lightning rides accross the water and shocks chill.
    Chill sinks down.
    West: Woah...You did it? Nice going E-
    But seconds laters Chill comes back all burned and starts to run again.
    Chill: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!
    West: Wow. I think you kinda angered him.
    Eddie: It still not over. Thunder Lane!
    Edward lunges his spear forward and a stream of lightning flies towards Chill, but he dodges.
    Vanilla: You missed it.
    Eddie: You think?
    The Thunder Lane goes down the stream and goes back to Chill through the water and hits Chill.
    Chill: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    He sinks again, but just like the other time he comes back.
    Chill: Caaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw!
    Chill then spits a purple blob of sort at Edward.
    Eddie: Ugh! What...What is this?....I feel dizzy.
    Florencie: Watch it. It's poisonous.
    Edward sits with his hand on the head.
    Eddie: Guh...
    Vanilla: I know some detox magic. I'll try something.
    Florencie: I'll help too.
    Eddie: Sorry, everyone.
    Johnny: Not be. You done it a splendid job.
    Chill starts hoping and draws closer.
    Chill: Eat! Eat! Eaaaaat!
    Johnny: You hungry? Eat this then! Red Spiral!
    Johnny shoots a red spiral that flied pretty faster than usual and hits Chill hard.
    Chill: Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Vanilla: Waaaaow. So that is Darkness.
    Johnny: West! Give the motor to me.
    West: Aye.
    Johnnathan takes the motor and soon Chill appears closing in with his face damaged and his mouth wide open with the size to gobble him completely.
    Johnny: See you later you son of a salamander.
    Johnnathan channel darkness through the motor and they increases the gap. Chill loses his composure and gets carried away by the current with no energy left to run.
    Chill: Ghhhhhhhh.....
    Vanilla: A-Amazing.
    West: Hey we reached it..
    The boat just got stuck in the ground behind the waterfall that had a stair leaving to a hole upstairs.
    Eddie: Come on....Forward!
    They climb the stairs with Florencie flying carrying Edward. They got into a cave that had a entrance ahead that the sunlight passed through. When they approached they saw a pine trees forest. It was Neon.
    Eddie: Haha...We made it. Hahahahaha! We are alive!
    After Edward shouted he falls.
    Vanilla: Hey easy there Howitz.
    West: Ha! In your face Raven!
    Johnny: Nice job...My friends.
    Florencie just smiles.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Chapter 9: The Acquilla Tribe

    The Bloodfest this year has ended. The number of survivors this year: 35. Of course, all of those would be "dead" by the end of the day. Raven would later repose more men by himself until next year. Raven in his private quarter with his siblings wasn't exactly satisfied. There Moonlight was holding a recently drowned Chill in front of everyone. Chill was apathetic, burned and crying rivers.
    Moonlight:*sniff* Smells salty little bro.
    Raven: Chill...What about Johnny Boy?
    Raven: He got it away huh?
    Chill nods his head vertically.
    Raven: And hid friends...
    Chill again nods.
    Raven: At this time they are very far in Neon.
    Noir: Brother. I can still catch up with they.
    Raven: No. The area they stumbled are Acquila Territory. Let's not mess with the local bird population. Besides, if they gave the info that there is a secret tunnel all the way to one of my islands, they would totally block that cave by now.
    Eve:(*Phew* He made it.)
    Noir:...If I didn't knew you better, you want things to go as the way they are.
    Raven: Hmmm...Perhaps. Anyway how did he find that place so fast anyway? Snakeways are supossed to be top secret locations. Was that just a coincidence.
    Evening tries to hide her worries.
    Noir:....What is done is done. Let's stop focusing on the past.
    Raven: Yeah, I agree. Anyway Chill, you really look beat. Here is a consolation prize.
    Raven picks a bottle containing some sort of blood from her jacket.
    Raven: I collected some of Johnny's Blood for you. Wanna try Hybrid blood?
    Chill nods his head violently.
    Raven: Take it ya little pal.
    Raven toss in the air and Chill extends his tongue and eats the whole bottle.
    Chill: Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiii!
    Chill looks revitalazed and Moonlight drools.
    Moonlight:(It...smells nice.)
    Chill: Hehehehe...More...More....No...I...Want....His flesh next....Heeeeeehehehehe!
    Raven: Haha! I love your enthusiasm little buddy.
    Eve: Oh dear.

    A few hours earlier, the group of five arrived at the forest in Neon. They rested after leaving the cave.
    Eddie: Ha....I feel much better. Thanks you two.
    Florencia: You did it well back there.
    Vanilla: Yes. Your magic control was superb.
    Eddie: Hehe. Thanks for noticing. After all I am a How-
    Vanilla: But the real star was you Johnny! It was my first time seeing a Hybrid in action! You far exceed anything I heard about it!
    Edward curls himself into sadness for being ignored.
    West: Cheer up man.
    Johnny: Heh. You should see Al. He is the magic expert. I think you heard about him. Alladin.
    Vanilla: Alladin...Yeah, my dad once taught him. They were good friends. I heard he got expelled.
    Johnny: He met my brother just after that in a graveyard.
    Vanilla: I wish I could meet your friends Johnny. They seem like a intersting bunch.
    Johnny: You don't know half of it. Speaking of which...
    Johnnathan then makes a bonfire and starts to swing his coat above making clouds of smoke in the air.
    West:....Johnny, I think I speak from everyone here: The hell are you doing?
    Johnny: One of my crewmates is an Acquila. We are on Acquila Territory, I believe. They use this for sending help messages.
    Vanilla: Wow. You're so...Cultured.
    Vanilla seems very impressed while Edward just looks jealously.
    Eddie: Come on Johnny. It's not likehelp will come from above just intan-
    Suddenly a male and a female Acquila comes from above.
    West: What were you gonna say Ed?
    Johnnathan approaches the 2 Acquilas and gave a salutation gesture with his hand
    Johnny: *speech*
    Male Acquilla: *speech*
    Eddie: What are they saying.
    Florencia: That is an ancient language passed by the Acquillas. We Fairies have one as well.
    Eddie: But I heard they speak common language.
    Vanilla: Oh Howitz. Don't be so Ahzarata Maltior.
    Florencia: Haha. Nice one Vanilla.
    The two high fives and Edward feels smaller than everyone.
    Female Acquilla: Mighty I know where do you learn our language and customs.
    Johnny: A friend that is from your kind, but from a different clan. Shadewing, a Sun Feather.
    Male Acquilla: Ah. Nightwing's son. Very well. You can meet Old Bird of our clan. The Grey Feathers.
    The two then starts escorting the five through the deep of the forest.
    Vanilla: Wow. I can't believe we gonna go meet an entire group of Acquillas. I feel like going in a Class Trip. I always wanted to learn a lot from this world. Being held captivate by bloodsuckers have their advantages.
    Vanilla was acting like a excited little girl all the way to the trip.
    Florencia: The feeling is mutual. I too always wanted to see what lies beyond the woods of Fairyland.
    Johnny: Sorry for interrupting, but why did you two were in Riverpool in particular?
    Florencia: I sensed the darkness of the vam-Rogues approaching. I felt that I should try to do something.
    Vanilla: You see...I was on Damaon when they came. I was looking for clues that Blitzreign and Gel lacked and when I heard the Hated 6 themselves were there, I knew there was a right track. I thought it would be okay if I was close to the army, but...There were so many.
    Johnny: Sounds rough. I hope you can find your father with us now.
    Vanilla: I'm looking forward for it.
    Vanilla smiles strongly at Johnnathan.
    Florencia:(This Johnnathan has such charisma) Forgive my ignorance, but I heard a lot about these Hated 6. Who are they anyway?
    Edward gets the "It's my time for shine" looks.
    Eddie: Oh. Well, It's not weird you don't know they. They are 6 recently turned vampires by Raven after he turned...Well...Rogue that holds more power than any regular captain. Their authority is equal to one of the Raven's siblings and only take orders directly to Commodore Raven himself.
    West: And who are they exactly?
    Eddie: Well, only former General Marsha and General Emperor Ohro are know. And the mysterious thing about the the latter, is that he was dead before Raven started setting the world on fire.
    West: Huh. So you pretty much knows nothing about they.
    Eddie: Hey! Raven hide his skeletons very well you know. If you want some new info that I dug up(No pun intended.) is that apparently Bilaf, The Iceberg is also one of their ranks.
    Vanilla: Bilaf? He was on Damaon actually.
    Johnnathan picks something interesting in that conversation.
    Johnny:(Bilaf? Henry was on his ship...)
    Female Acquilla: We are here.
    When they less noticed they were on an area full of treehouses. By the time they set foot, the Grey Feathers Acquilas were surrounding they.
    Vanilla: Wooow. I feel so intimidated by being surrounded by those who Rules the Sky.
    Florencia: Even I feel honored in being in the presence of so many of they.
    West: Hmm. Check out that one on the center.
    A large and old Acquilla carrying a staff with a smoking pipe approaches Johnnathan and the others. When he stands on front of Johnnathan, he sits on a meditation posture and Johnnathan does the same and bows his head.
    Johnnathan: I assume you are the Old Bird of this clan.
    Old Bird: Yes. I am Fall Rain. I heard about you from my two grandchildren. You Shadewing's friend.
    Johnnathan: Thanks too much for your cooperation old one. We passed through hell to reach this place.
    Fall Rain: Please. Tell me.
    Fall Rain: Hmmm...Indeed. This is troublesome. To think there is a Vampire Stronghold just after the shores of this land. And that there is a secret passage way.....Something must be done. That is important info indeed. Thank you Red Beast. The Grey Feathers and the entire Neon is in debt with you.
    Johnnathan: I didn't reminded saying I was the Red Best.
    Fall Rain: Hohoho! I know what lies beyond those woods. And who storms this world. We Grey Feathers, have Freebirds like Shadewing outside Neon.
    Eddie: Freebird?
    West: An Acquilla who is allowed to leave their clan and wonder through the sky. To see one outside Neon is considered a blessing, specially in the East. The greatest privilege for an Acquilla.
    Johnny: Tell me wise one. What do you know about Shadewing?
    Fall Rain: I and his grandfather, Darkwing, were good friends. And so I was with his father, Nightwing. We stood for peace during the Revolution of Neon and formed a peace pact with the humans.
    Johnny: I see. I heard bloodshed was avoided. Shadewing is a good man and I know why.
    Fall Rain: Indeed. He taught customs and language very nicely I see. Is there anything we can do for you?
    Johnny: Outside of blocking that cave over there? I kinda need to return to Riverpool ASAP.
    Fall Rain: Hmmmm...Is there some Spellcaster in your league?
    Vanilla: Oh! There is me.
    Fall Rain: Excellent.
    Fall Rain takes an glowing yellow feather from under his garmet.
    Vanilla: Ah! That's...
    Fall Rain: A Gold Feather yes. A magician can use those to warp at any location just once.
    West: Oh. Convenient.
    Fall Rain hands over the feather to Vanilla.
    Fall Rain: Think you can make it?
    Vanilla: Wow...I can feel the magic on it. Alright everyone close. I'll take you all to Riverpool!
    Eddie: Oh yeah! That is our Vanilla!
    Johnnathan: Your help is appreciated old one. I'll talk to Shadewing about this..
    Fall Rain: I should thank you for reminding of that Sun Feather hatchling...Farewell, Highlander.
    Vanilla: Alright! It's all or nothing. WARP!
    A golden typhoon is summoned and thay disappears with it. Fall Rain look at the sky.
    Fall Rain:......
    Granddaughter: Honorable Grandfather?
    Fall Rain: The clouds gave me a vision about Johnnathan.
    Grandson: What did it said.
    Fall Rain: In his quest...He will cross path with 2 individuals...One bounded by a warm blue light...And another one, imprisoned by the darkness....
    Grandson: Should you have told him?
    Fall Rain: No matter...It wouldn't been changed anyway...It's word of the sky...It is never wrong.
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    Chapter 10: Reunion.

    Riverpool Port. It was the calm after the storm. There was no one in there because of the last attack. Near the dock where the Gloria was, a yellow typhoon appars from nowhere and the Johnnathan and his group appears from it. Edward just git green and starts vomiting.
    Eddie: *Blergh* We not doing that again.
    West: Weak.
    Johnny: Huh. So this is Riverpool...It fells like a disaster passed through.
    Florencia: Raven is a disaster alright.
    Eddie: So...Where is the ship?
    As Edward pointed there was no ship in there.
    Johnny: W-What? Hold on, where is Gloria?!
    West: Who?
    Johnny: My ship, Gloria! Oh man. Henry is gonna kill me. How can I explain I lost Gl-
    When no one expected, Coela just appeared from underwather and tackles into Johnnathan knocking him into the ground and bursting with tears.
    Eddie: What the? Where did this girl came from?
    Coela: W-Weeeeeeh! Johnny. I was so scared! When I heard Raven attacked Drakland I got so worried about you! I came as soon as I could, but you weren't anywhere and...Waaaaaaaah!
    Johnny: Hey, easy there Coela.
    Johnny pats her head while she cries on his chest. Vanilla blushes as she sees that scene.
    Vanilla:(Who is this girl? Why does she looks so close to Johnnathan?...Could it be...Is she?..)
    Florencia looks at the desperated Vanilla and tries to intervene.
    Florencia: Ahem. Johnnathan, I believe introductions are necessary.
    Johnnathan: Oh. Right.
    Johnnathan gets up and helps Coela get on feet.
    Johnny: This is Coela. She is a member of the Black Demon Pirates. Coela...Those are my crew.
    Coela gets surprised, but still crying a little.
    Coela: Oh...You made new friends...I'm so happy for you Johnny!
    Florencia: Coela...Is she the one you mentioned earlier in that island? I take it she is a mermaid then.
    The other 3 gets surprised.
    Eddie: Woah, a mermaid? For reals? But...She has legs.
    West: No...I heard that they can change their tails...Considering she came from underwater, I guess it's true.
    Vanilla: Woah. First Acquillas, now a Mermaid. It's fascinating meeting one of the Rulers of the Sea after meeting an entire clan of theones who Rules the Skies.
    Coela: Anyway Johnnathan, you have some explanation to do...Do you have any idea how the others and specially me were? I couldn't deal with the stress and started hunting for calming down.
    Coela summons a water orb that had a tuna inside than takes it and starts eating while shedding tears.
    Coela:*Nom* I dhink I gwained a bew founds. (I think I gained a few pound.) 7__7
    Eddie: Hold on...Is she eating that tuna...But she is a sea creature.
    West: And what do you think sea creature eats nuttyhead?
    Eddie: Hummm...Kelp?
    Florencia: Smaller sea creature.
    Vanilla: But, I heard Mermaids were friends to all sea critters.
    Johnnathan: Oh yeah. Coela is what her kind call a "Shark".
    Eddie: "Shark"?
    Florencia: Shark is a term used to the Mermens that have a human parent. Those breeds tend to have a different taste for food and sometimes can be very aggresives.
    Coela: Hey! No need to be rude.
    Florencia: Because of that, they are also the best for going deeper into the sea. Most of they guards the territories adjacents to Neptunia, the Mermaid Capital.
    Coela: Yeah, that was my former job before meeting Henry. The payment was good though. *Nom*
    Johnny: Well, I think it's best to point the big elephant that is not in the room. Gloria is still missing guys.
    Coela: Oh. About that.
    Coela finishes her tuna and raises her left arm and a giant orb of water with the Gloria on it appears from the water.
    Coela: I've been taking care for you.
    Vanilla is in awe.
    Vanilla: I never seen such amazing control of Water Magic. So this is the power of those who rules the seas.
    Florencia: You seem to be enjoying this little adventure of ours for a while aren't you?
    Vanilla is all in high spirits.
    Vanilla: Yep! I love learning new things. All that is left is to meet those who Rules the Land.
    Eddie: Woah, you are talking about the Lagomoths? I'm pretty sure not even the Rogues wanna met even one in person you know. They don't hold the Most Dangerous Creatures in the World for nothing. And that was before the Vampire's Downfall.
    Vanilla: Yeah, but...Won't be exciting as well?
    Coela: So, instead of talking how awesome I am, let's go see your brother Johnny. I AM coming with you this time.
    Johnnathan:...Well, you are my superior.
    They all board the Gloria and set sail from Riverpool.
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    Chapter 11: Red Beast Pirates.

    Hurricane Port, Coela just brought back Johnnathan to the Snake's Eyes. There they were reunited with Heinrich. Heinrich was laughing like crazy, Coela and Shadewing were indiferent, Aladdin was annoyed with the laughing and Nikolai was working on a gizmo.
    Heinrich: Hahahaha! You're amazing Johnny. I can't believe you did it! You survived Nightmare and a Bloodfest! This is not happening! I wish I could see Raven's face! Hahahahahaha-
    Aladdin gaves Heinrich a cold gaze.
    Henry:...That was not cool Johnny. Did you really thought you could take Raven with those other 6 monsters with him all the time? Hell, I believe he could take you alone.
    Johnny: Sorry. I acted by impulse.
    Eddie:(That is the Black Demon? Not what I was expecting.)
    Vanilla:(Another Hybrid....And Johnnathan's older brother...He is not as cool though.)
    Henry: Well, you're alive. You live another day, that's okay. By the way, did you met that friend of yours?
    Johnny: Yeah. She grew into a fine lady.
    Vanilla gets stoned.
    Vanilla: (SHE?!)
    Florencia notices and tries to change the subject.
    Florencia: Ahem. I think it's a good time to introduce ourselves to our seniors.
    Eddie: Oh yeah. We must pay our respects!

    Edward Howitz, self-proclaimed treasure hunter, 20 years old.
    Florencia the Fairy, Light Magic and Marksmanship expert, 27 years old.
    West Terry the Werewolf, Draklish Delinquent, 26 years old.
    Vanilla Sundae, One Year Graduated at GMA, Second Best at her class, Triple Elemental User, 19 years old.

    Al: Sundae...You are Frosty's Daughter aren't you.
    Vanilla: Yes...You are The Desert's Prince right?
    Al: It's been a while since I was called that. Your father was like an older brother to me.
    Vanilla: It's an honor meeting such a remarkable man as yourself.
    As Vanilla as getting ignored, Chemira appears with their drinks.
    Viper: Don't mind him. He is just shy when mentioning GMA.
    Vanilla: Oh. Hello...Forgive me, but did we meet?
    Viper: Perhaps when I thought that Detox Magic when I did a quick visit at your house beck in Gel.
    Said Chemira with a grin on her face.
    Vanilla: *Gasp* The Viper! I never thought I would meet you here!
    Viper: Hehe. Not the most noble place for a GMA graduated but so it is your case right? Let's see if I get it right...Strawberry Juice for you, Green Tea for the fairy, Blackberry Cocktail for the mutt and Gingerbred Beer to the other guy. Oh and the usual Ice Tea to Johnny.
    West: Charmed.
    Eddie: So hmmmm.....Coela said this is the most popular place in Hurricane Port, but there is just us and that lonely woman over there.
    Viper: You see, when good old Sam is here, only Henry have the courage to enter.
    Chemira whispers into the table.
    Viper: She is the Orca Killer.
    West: Woooooooah.....
    Shadewing: Johnnathan.
    Johnny: Yes?
    Shadewing: Thanks for telling me about the Grey Feathers.
    Johnny: No problem. It it weren't for you, maybe they wouldn't even listened to me.
    Shedewing: Unlikely, even if the Neon Revolution scalated to an all-out war, we wouldn't raise a talon to any human.
    Johnny: Hybrid.
    Florencia: Fairy.
    West: Werewolf.
    Edward:...Mighty if I say something a bit private Coela.
    Coela: What? If it's about my sizes well...
    Edward: Eh? No, no. I was thinking...Since one of your parents was human, does that make you some kind of Hybrid?
    Coela: Eh? No way! I'm a Shark, but an total 100% Mermaid!
    Vanilla: I'm a bit curious about that as well. Is the same thing with Acquillas?
    Shadewing: I've met some of those actually. They were still full-blooded Acquillas.
    Florencia: I know this is not interesting right now, but since you two the only humans here are interested, the birth of a Hybrids is a form of "genectic vampirification" that was theorized a long time ago. And I guess it's true considering the 2 living proofs here.
    Eddie: You knowledgement about all kind of things is impressive you know Florencia.
    Florencia: You flatter me, but there is just too much I heard that I still have to confirm with my own eyes. Speaking of the subject, my mother was human.
    West: What a coincidence. Mine as well.
    Vanilla starts to take notes on a small notebook with her eyes shining and Nikolai notes the behavior.
    Vanilla: "Genetic Vampirification"....
    Nik: (She is a spellcaster, but her heart is of a scientist...I like it.)
    Henry: Hmmm...What's the matter?
    Florencia: Your mother. What she was?
    Henry: Oh, she was a vampire.
    Florencia: I see....Was she a good mother?
    Henry:...Yeah...She was very strict, but caring. Made me study like a machine that I would always faint. Hahaha....
    Florencia: I never met my mother....And my father was dead before I was born....And I never met her cause she abandoned me in Fairyland and I was raised by the Fairy Mother herself....Are human parents that bad?
    Vanilla strongly objects.
    Vanilla: W-What? Of course not! I-I mean I'm human, but if I had a non-human child, I would never abandon her!
    Florencia: Vanilla...
    Johnny: I don't know about mothers...But my father wasn't bad. He would keep us from the outside world as much as possible and could be very scary somethimes...But she did that because he cared for us. After all he always came back. Florencia....You mother must have been the same. There has to be some motive for her never come back.
    Florencia:...Heehee. I'm glad for being your First-Mate Johnny....*cough*cough*
    Florencia starts coughing very hard.
    West: Woah. You okay Florencia? You seem like having an ashtma attack.
    Florencia: I'm fine, I'm fine. Just cold air....
    Al:.....(Naive fairy.)
    Heinrich stands up and claps hands.
    Henry: Okay let's stop focusing on the past. Johnnathan, time for your first job as Captain of the Red Beast Pirates!
    Johnnathan: First job?
    Henry: Remember about that super awesome treasure we were after for so long?
    Johnnathan: The 1000 mutiny?
    West: That tale for children?
    Vanilla: I read it once. It is not for children.
    Henry: I know some juicy info about a key AND about Raven.
    Vanilla: Raven...(It might lead to my dad.)
    Johnnathan: One of the keys for the treasure...Where is this info?
    Henry: Ceranze.
    Johnnathan immediately gets a worn out face.
    Johnnathan: Wait...Ceranze?....Come on Henry can't you go yourself ahead?
    Henry: Sorry...I have to go to Jarhgen. I hear about Bilaf.
    Johnnathan: Oh yeah. You must have heard about it. You think you will find something there?
    Henry: Well, there is something definetely for me in there.
    Johnnathan:...Fine, but I am not cool in going to Ceranze.
    Henry: Come on, it's not that bad.
    Johnnathan:....Fine. Passing throug Gel is the fastest way, right? Vanilla can get some homesickness out.
    Vanilla: Oh, don't mind me. Let's go as quick as we can.
    Johnnathan: But Henry....If I find a Key, I have a proposal.
    Henry: Well, whatever it is you have my word. What it is?
    Johnnathan: I want the two of us to go to Mians one last time.
    Henry:.....I suposse I could go back home...One last time.
    West: You're from Mians? It's good for creating pigs you know.
    Johnnathan: Okay everyone, let's sail.
    The two crews waves goodbye and the Gloria set sail for Gel. Johnnathan stares into the horizon and Vanilla approaches from behind.
    Vanilla: Johnnathan...Does this thing about Ceranze that bothers you have something to do with the 5th crusade. Your father was there isn't it?
    Johnnathan: So you heard it. No, it's not that. My parents never told me about what transpired there, only it was the place they first met and fought.
    Vanilla: I see.( Wow, so they were enemies on opossite sides that fallen in love. How sweet.)
    Johnnathan: What bothers me is, if there is some info for us there...It could only be from one guy.

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    Chapter 12: Getting Purple.

    Hurricane Port, after The Gloria set sail Aladdin was gazing into the horizon, crossing his arms and a mysterious stare in his face.
    Al: Don't you think I didn't noticed Fairy.
    Samantha with her anchor in hands just passes through him and heads for her small boat.
    Al:....I didn't wished to be a half-breed you know. Don't hate me for it.
    Sam:....Fuck off.
    Samantha set sails and Aladdin sighs.
    Al: What you're soing is suicide Sam. But you're pretty good at this Rogue Hunting.
    A day after they set sailed from Hurricane Port, they docked on Gel's main port and took a snowy mountainous path. They have been wandering for hours, Vanilla was keeping they warm with a bonfire she made from her hands to keep everyone warm, West was in his wolfman form and Edward was almost on his knees.
    Eddie: *pant*pant* Why can't we gone to the capital and took a carriage?
    Johnny: Do I need to remind you I have a 400 pieces of silver for my head?
    Florencia: Agreed. We have to be stealthy as possible.
    Vanilla: Pity. I wanted to show you guys my homeland.
    Eddie: Don't worry Vanilla. I know there is a lot of opportunity to go to the capital of magic. I went in there when I was younger. First time I saw snow. I wish I could have been raised like you.
    Vanilla: Teehee. Thanks Howits. But aren't you a noble yourself? I heard good things from nobilityin Eysideci.
    Eddie: Hey, that title is nothing to a top graduated at GMA.
    Vanilla: You're such a tease. You still proved your own worthy as well in Chill Island.
    Edward gets embarassed, but in high spirits.
    Johnnathan: Speaking of homeland, do you wanna fly real quick to Fairyland Florencia? We will wait for you in Ceranze.
    Florencia:...No need for small distractions, captain.
    West:...Small distractions, huh?
    Edward gets closer to West and whispers to him.
    Eddie: Hey West, is there something wrong with Flor that you know?
    West:....It's best we don't dig that, but I was expecting Vanilla to have noticed. She is a bright girl.
    Eddie: Yeah, she is. And you know, she is gonna be my girlfriend alright.
    West holds his laugh.
    West:*pfft* You? Her? Kekekekeke. You're joking.
    Eddie: No I'm not. She is awesome and me too...Not as much as her, but we're on the same boat.
    West: Something tells me she wanna ride that ship over there.
    West points at Johnnathan with Vanilla at his side staring at him with a smile.
    Eddie: That is just because he is the captain, but I have a plan. I'll go with the old and flawless method of gaining her trust and slowly becoming friends and beyond.
    West starts laughing low.
    Eddie: What is so funny mutt?
    West: Kekeke...Hey Florencia, reading any interesting thoughts or magic that might be lurking around these mountains?
    Eddie: Thoughts?
    Florencia:....Nothing that your wolf senses couldn't made a better job...And please...
    Florencia turns and winks.
    Florencia: Call me Flor.
    Edward's face gets all red.
    Eddie:(Damnit! I forgot she read thoughts!)
    Johnnathan: We here.
    They gaze upon the mountaintop and spots a small town at the mountainside.
    They arrive at Ceranze and heads at the main square of the town. The big city that became ruins nearly 30 years ago had still the same culture and art thst was know.
    Eddie: Wow. I heard this place was a total mess not too long ago. It is amazing.
    Flor: I saw some of the revival. It seems some Gremlins helped in rebuilding.
    Vanilla: This place was almost an indepedent nation. It is for the best it became like this in the future.
    Johnnay: Hey...Where is West?
    They look around and spots him at an art gallery. Florencia goes and checks him.
    Flor: West?
    West: Amazing. This kind of work took months and maybe a whole year to make. And that other collection...How many sceneries that author thought of?
    West: What? I have hobbies.
    Flor:...Yeah you have.( He is not lying-_-)
    Johnnathan: Huh. Never thought of him as the artistic type. Wait for me here okay. I'll call you lot soon.
    Johnnathan leaves and left the remaining 2 alone.
    Vanilla: Yes, Howitz.
    Eddie: I know we are just a stepstone and you have no obligation to stay here...But I hope we can all be friends and maybe you could stay with us for real...I really do enjoy your company.
    Vanilla; Oh Howitz...
    Eddie: At least, I wish we can have a unbreakable bond. I like this weird group we just formed.
    Vanilla: You're such a sweet man, you know. I'm sorry if I make you all look like a stepingstone. I already recognize all of you as my friends.
    Eddie: I'm glad. I working very hard we all forge such a bond. Even though we may face hardships, I hope my company suits you well enough.
    Vanilla: You know, you right. I might hanging with you guys more than I think. So knowing you all must be the least I can do. And I better start with Captain Highlander. Since he is our leader we might as well share what we know about him. I know you too admire very much that wonderful man.
    Eddie:...Yeah, you're not wrong.
    Vanilla: Hey, Eddie.
    Vanilla approaches and kisses Edward in the cheek surprisinf him greatly.
    Vanilla: Thanks. You're doing a great job in keeping us all together.
    Vanilla wanders off and goes after Johnnathan.
    Eddie:...Patience Edward. You can do this Edward Howitz!
    Flor: I saw thaaat.
    Eddie: Eeeek!

    On an not so crowded street, Johnnathan wanders and Vanilla reaches him from behind.
    Vanilla: Captain Johnny.
    Johnnathan: Yikes, hey Vanilla. What gives?
    Vanilla: Sorry is this is sudden, but since it is so calm, I was hoping it might be a good time for knowing each other since we might be together for a long time.
    Johnnathan:...I suposse so. Let's talk while we walk. I made sure Flor would meet us when I found the place.
    Vanilla: Thanks Johnny. Can I know why did you become a pirate in the first place?
    Johnnathan: My father died. I was just a kid and only Mians knew about me. Nikolai found me and gave me this opportunity.
    Vanilla: I see...I'm sorry about that...But there was no one in Mians who could look after you.
    Johnnathan: I couldn't let people know about my heritage that easily. The people from Mians that I knew were a fine bunch, but even they I wouldn't risk it.
    Vanilla: I see...And your mother. No offense, but...Was she scary?
    Johnnathan: She was strict, but not evil. She was very hard on us sometimes, but she truly wanted neither me or Henry to become like my dad...But I'm guess we are no better.
    Vanilla: I see.
    Johnnathan: To be fair, I don't know why Henry became a pirate in the first place, but I wanted to take any opportunity to follow him. He is my hero. To be on his side is the greates blessing.
    Vanilla: It is nice having someone for look out. I myself had my father.
    Johnnathan: I pray you can find him. Someone who can make even Al respects might be amazing.
    Vanilla: Now...This might be private, but...Who was that friend Henry talked about it?
    Johnnathan:....It's complicated, but...I believe you know her....She was the one who leaved that mark on your neck.
    Vanilla touches her neck.
    Vanilla: Ah....The rogue....Evening?!...You know her?!
    Vanilla gets all anxious.
    Johnnathan: I knew ever since she was vampire...When she was know as Evelyne Dracul. We were kids you see. She was my closest friends as that time. Since I couldn't leave the mountains alone and my father was busy, we played a lot together.
    Johnnathan looks to the ground reminiscing.
    Johnnathan: I still remember how much fun we both could get to Thunderlions and the Dodiches.*sigh*
    Vanilla starts to get worried.
    Vanilla: J-Johnny.
    Johnnathan: Sorry, but....Even all that, she still wants to stay at her brother's side...I fear those days are gone and we may never be friends again...And she is still the same sweet bloodsucker I met 10 years ago...I'm...I'm afraid Vanilla.
    Vanilla: Afraid?
    Johnnathan: Afraid to kill her...That if in some moment of my life, I strike my blade at her...It will be the same as I was a boy, ending the life of that vampire girl so cold hearted. I cant hel but to feel devastated.
    Vanilla starts crying and holds his hand.
    Vanilla: D-Don't be like that! If that is bound to happen! I'll be there for you! I'll make sure that don't happen! Even though I don't trust her or any rogue no matter your history!
    Vanilla: You are not alone! Edward. Florencia. West. WE ARE ALL HERE FOR YOU!
    Johnnathan:...You are making a scene you know?-_-
    Vanilla notices the eyes on the streets that were staring on they.
    Vanilla:Eeeep! STUN!
    Vanilla strikes her staff and a flash light petrifies all the citzens at near radius.
    Johnnathan:... Did you petrifies they?
    Vanilla: Don't worry. It's temporary.
    Johnnathan: I see...Thanks Vanilla. Now I can trust your loyalty.
    Johnnathan: Oh. We here.
    Johnnathan points at a stairs leading down to a hallway that had a door that was leaking purple smoke. Johnnathan then picks his Hummingbird and speaks to Florencia.
    Johnnathan: Flor, can you locate us.
    Flor: Positive.
    Vanilla: Oh. What an interesting device.

    The five were just at the front of the door, Johnnathan just reluctant on opening.
    Johnny: Pheeeeew. Here we go.
    Said Johnnathan with a disappointed tone. He opens the door and everything was on a purple haze blocking all vision.
    Flor: By Mother Nature, what is this smoke.
    Johnny: Everyone just stays close.
    They follow their captain and walks to the fog there they run into a small room with 2 sofas, a small table in between and from one sofa, a man with a big red afro smoking a pipe expelling the purple smoke wearing red sunglasses was sitting on it.
    ???: Johnny dawg. Long time no see motherfucker.
    Eddie:....Who is this guy Johnny?
    ???: And you brought friends yo. And two beauties?! Dang man, I knew you had it.
    Johnny: Let's get in business so I can get here fast Weasel.
    West: Is this the informant?
    Johnny: Yeah. Weasel, knows everything from...Underground connections. He is also might be the sole bad element in Ceranze.
    Weasel: Yo Johnny Dawg. I'm not that bad...I didn't killed anyone since I came here at least.
    Flor:...Is...He a Hybrid as well?
    Eddie: W-What?
    Flor: This smoke is filled with dark magic. It's the only logic explanation.
    Vanilla: Y-Yeah. This smoke is not normal.
    Weasel: Yo right Fairy Lady. I mix smoke with a spoon of darkness and hides mah presence. Only Johnny Dawg and Henry-O can find me.
    Vanilla: Come to think of it, I didn't noticed this place until Johnnathan pointed out.
    Weasel: Nao. I have some juicy info. You brought the goodies?
    Johnnathan hands over a bag of sorts. Weasel picks the bag and some kind of round fruits comes from it and he puts on his pipe.
    West: What the hell was that?
    Weasel: Some good shit....
    Johnnathan:-__- Now spill Weasel.
    Weasel: I'll start with Raven. Have you ever heard about what he is doing to Blitzreign.
    Johnnathan: You mean the number of raids on different ships?
    Weasel: Yah. Let me tell ya. It's not random. Those ships follows a secret course and are protected by a fog magic similar to The Death Crow.
    Eddie: How do you know that?
    Weasel: That was the same as asking if the sun will rise tomorrow yo. Those ships were carrying a very special loot. Loot that were meant to avoid...Some people.
    Johnny: Like Raven?
    Weasel: Daaamn right dawg. You see Blitzreign have been after lost treasure of a lost civilization. A civilization that was in league with the afterlife.
    Vanilla: Afterlife...The Necromancers?
    Weasel: Yoooink. The Gurl knows his stuff. Yeah, dis loot at first just a bunch of coins, but when dark magic is in contact with a little chosen coins, it reveals a Skeleton Coin.
    Flor:....And what are those.
    Weasel: The Necromancers had a pact with Death itself. Borrowing her powers into relics. These coins were like how much they pay. Only 777 of they exists in the world. And I have one here.
    Like a magic trick he makes one appear from nowhere.
    Weasel: Nowadays, no one can do nothing with this...Except one thing.
    Johnny: What?
    Weasel: This is where interests you. If you have thirteen of these babies, you can go to the Underworld. And in the underworld, there is a Key.
    Johnny: A Key?
    Flor:....There is only one relic in the Underworld that is known it came from this world...The Death Bell?
    Weasel: Nailed it! And you know what is the scary part.
    Johnny: I see...Raven have it already.
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