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    Chapter 61: Into the Spider's Web.

    Amaterasu, Ninetails Castle. Tsuchigumo and Akihara were just at the main hall of the palace making their leave when suddenly Tsuchigumo felt a cold on his head.
    Tsuchigumo: Guh!
    Akihara: Tsuchigumo?
    Tsuchigumo: Aaaaah....That damn ice queen. It seems my trustful resource will be of no use by now.
    Akihara: Is it about Tenkai?
    Tsuchigumo: Yes. I don't know why, but it seems the Yuki-Onna are aiding them for some reason.
    Akihara: That is a serious offense to us. I'll deal with them right now.
    Tsuchigumo: Don't be foolish. You will be blow away by their snowstorm. Trust me, when it start to hail, you and the Tengu will all be taken to the ground before you can notice.
    Akihara: So we will just let this slip?
    Tsuchigumo: For now, yes. We deal with them after destroying Tsukuyomi. Focus on crushing the Tsukuyomi Army that is marching straight to Amaterasu. Luckily, I have an idea where Tenkai and his comrades are heading now.
    Akihara: You mean...
    Tsuchigumo: Spider's Nest...My domain. I shall deal with them personally. And Akihara...
    Akihara: Yes?
    Tsuchigumo: If you may...Bring me the Nue.
    In the same room, Shiiha was eavesdroping behind a pillar.
    Shiiha: Spider's Nest....Nue....
    Meanwhile at Makoto's quarters. She was asleep and having a dream. In her dream she was in a black void with a man sized candle in front of her.
    Makoto:...This dream again. I've been having this dream so many times. But that candle in front of me is different.
    The candle burns stronger and a small figure of a masked woman with a pair of horns on the forehead area with a very long hair that was knoted with a ponytail that was colored red and white rises from the flames.
    Makoto: You...Who are you? Have you been trying to communicate with me?
    ???: Beware...
    Makoto: Beware? Of what?
    ???: The Spider...And the Bird...
    Makoto: A spider and a bird?
    ???: But if you have to choose...Beware The Bird.
    Makoto: The Bird...
    ???: Don't trust the Spider.
    The candle extinguishes and a small purple fox cub is formed.
    Fox: Tchoof.
    Makoto: What is....Sanzuke?
    The fox summons a door that slowly opens making a giant flash of light enter. Makoto then awakes.
    Makoto:....Well, that was weird.
    She gets up and stares at her window.
    Makoto: Spider and Bird....Tsuchigumo and Akihara?...But why Akihara?
    On the other side of the snow mountain, at the bottom there was a huge body of snow piled up at the wall of the mountain. Suddenly, Johnnatahan and his merry friends appears flying though as if they were kicked away from inside.
    Johnnathan: Uuuuurgh...
    Edward: Man, what a ride.
    West: Sooo...How did that happened again?
    Johnnathan: Hmmm...
    About 5 minutes earlier, back at the ice stairs.
    Edward: What a bore. Can we go down more faster?
    Florencia: I never seen someone complain about going down stairs.
    Johnnathan: We climbed an entire mountain, so I guess it will take a while.
    Tenkai: I know a faster way if anyone doesn't object.
    Edward: Oh really? Then go ahead. I don't like slippy stairs on a dark place.
    He picks his katana and strikes the blade on the ground. He spark a burst of blue flame and the entire stairs turned into a slide.
    Back in the present.
    Tenkai:....Don't look at me, no one objected.
    Billy: He is not wrong.
    West:....Hey, where is Flor.
    Florencia appears from the body of snow floating.
    Florencia: Seriously you guys.
    Vanilla: Well, it was kinda fun.
    West: If anyone is to blame it is How-I mean, The Commander.
    Edward: Hey!
    Billy:...He is not wrong.
    Edward: You're supossed to be on my side!
    Johnnathan: Hey everyone shut it. Our oriental friend is doing something.
    Tenkai was placing his ear on the ground with his eyes closed.
    Johnnathan:...So, the spirits of the land says something?
    Tenkai:...You know there is no such a thing, right?
    Johnnathan: So you can't actually communicate with any spirit?
    Tenkai:...*sigh* They say to go that way.
    Florencia: You mean at the direction of those sinister-looking ruins from far away?
    Tenkai: Yep. Those ones.
    Florencia:...Thanks a lot spirits.
    As they go to the direction Tenkai, they stumble at a dark and gloomy forest with old buildings and rumble from all over the place, as if a forest grew on an ancient city.
    Vanilla: This place give me the creeps...Ack! Spider!
    She tries to stomp it, but Tenkai puts his blade on the way preventing her from doing it.
    Tenkai: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
    Vanilla: Eh?
    Tenkai: Well, not that it matters at this point.
    Johnnathan: What doesn't matter.
    Tenkai: They are coming.
    Vanilla: They?
    Tenkai: The Spider Clan. We are at their territory. And they know we are here.
    Edward: What?! How?
    Tenkai: You guys might don't have noticed, but there these near invisible web strings that he passed across. If you touch they, we are discovered.
    Billy: Whaaat?! Why didn't you told us this vital piece of information before?
    Vanilla: Yeah! You and me could have burned them.
    Tenkai: They would have noticed us anyway. Besides, even if I told you about this place beforehand, I feared some of you would chicken out.
    Vanilla: So you just brought us to a death trap knowing it our lives would be in danger in whatever scenario?!
    Tenkai: ...It would be dangerous in Amaterasu anyway.
    Vanilla: Y-You big meanie! I...I HATE YOU!
    Tenkai then picks his blade in attack position and dashes at Vanilla.
    Vanilla: Eeeep! I'm sorry!
    He passes through her and blocks the attack of a masked black ninja with six arms armed with a gauntle with 2 claw blades on each hand.
    Edward: Six arms?
    Billy: Commander! Duck!
    Billy throws his shell at Edward's direction and hits another similar ninja that was coming from above.
    Edward: Whoa, thanks soldier. Who are they?
    Tenkai: Gah!
    He delivers the ninja a kick that sends him flying away to a wall that he passes through.
    Tenkai: The Spider Clan. The most brutal Yokai out there. They are the equivalent of Tsukuyomi's Hanzo Clan.
    "Don't compare us with those hotheads."
    A web shot comes from somewhere and stucks Tenkai's hand on a wall.
    He forces his arm out and takes a huge chunk of stone from with it. The web is still stuck and another ninja appears. He uses it to his advantage and crushes the stone in the ninja's head and the web finally gets out.
    Tenkai: Those things are strong.
    "If it isn't the Blue Monk Tenkai."
    Tsuchigumo appears alongside several other spider ninjas.
    Tenkai: Tsuchigumo...
    Tsuchigumo: Now then, how about you pay all of your debt you have with us?

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    Chapter 62: Spider Chase.


    Tenkai: What is your scheme, Tsuchigumo?
    Tsuchigumo: Whatever are you talking about it?
    Tenkai: Why are you in leagues with the Kitsunes? And why just right after the Fall?
    Tsuchigumo:...Have you ever seen a spider talking to their prey before eating them? Or even stated their reasons? Of course not!
    He shoots 2 shots of webs from his middle hands that envelops him on a cocoon of web.
    Edward: Oh no! They will turn him into a butterfly!
    Florencia: Nope.
    Tenkai: Kill him!
    Three Spiders dives into Tenkai, but a burst of foxfire comes from the cocoon and he slashes all of they in half.
    Johnnathan: *whistle* He can be evil sometimes.
    He snaps his fingers and more spider ninjas come from smokescreens. Without any second to think they all engage the group in combat.
    Edward: What the? Where did they come from?*Stab*
    Tenkai: I can't believe you just asked that.*Slash*
    Billy: I...*punch*...Must...*punch*...Protect...*punch*.. .The Commander!
    He picks his shell and smash it into the ninja surrounding Edward. West transformed into a wolfman is mauling all the ninja with his claws covered in darkness.
    West: Tch. Lucky for Edward to have a fat seal to save his ass.
    Florencia: At least we can concentrate in saving our own lives.
    She shoots a swarm of arrows on some buildings, hitting some spiders who were hiding.
    Florencia: Are you ready yet?
    She asks Vanilla who was spinning her staff emmiting a white powder.
    Vanilla: Yes. Hailstorm!
    The staff glows and large hailstones falls from the sky. They all crush the enemy while her allies were protected by a magic shield.
    West: How cute, she even thought of our safety.
    Florencia: Wanna adopt her?
    He picks his machete and start to stabs the lots of they. Tsuchigumo watches the fight on the top of a ancient house.
    Tsuchigumo: Hmm...This lot that Tenkai gathered is strong...Very strong. If the seven of faces Kyuubi, even her would mighty fall-Wait? Seven? Weren't they eight? Where is the half-vampire?
    "Right in front of you."
    Tsuchigumo: Eh?!
    Johnnathan just appeared in front of him by jumping into the rooftop and strikes him with both of his swords from his right side. When he hits, Tsuchigumo blocks with his cane and is pushed while still standing a few meters behind.
    Johnnathan: Impressive. You're pretty sturdy for an old man.
    Tsuchigumo: Old? Just because I am a few centuries ahead of you, don't go mistake me for an ancient, you naive half-breed.
    Johnnathan: Cut the crap. Next time I'll make sure to add darkness into my attack.
    Tsuchigumo: FuFuFu...I am actually glad you thought I was just a frail old man.
    He throws his cane away, jumps in the air and removes his black robes. He rolls and lands as a big muscular man with six strong arms and six eyes.
    Johnnathan:...Aren't you supossed to have eight eyes?
    He charges at Johnnathan with 3 pairs of sais on each set of arms and engages him on close combat.
    Johnnathan: Whoah! (He is strong and fast.)
    Tsuchigumo: You thought you could face me alone because I looked weak, huh? Well, a bug falls to a spider web because he can't see the trap.
    Johnnathan: Here is the deal...I am smarter than you think.
    He tosses one of his swords at him that he easily deflects to the ground and follows by a shot with his gun that pierces part of his head.
    Tsuchigumo: Guh! Not enough for-
    He picked the sword that was throw in the ground and slashes the lower part of Tsuchigumo's abdome. His sword was covered in yellow blood.
    Johnnathan:...Yuck. I am not gonna sip this.
    A web shot is then fired at his arms and his hands get tied.
    Johnnathan: What? Where did those came fr-
    He is kicked in the face and send flying.
    Johnnathan: You can still fight in this state?
    He was with part of his face missing and a entire opening in his abdome.
    Tsuchigumo: We of the Spider Clan are very resilent and we don't feel any pain at all. That is why we are so stubborn to kill. For your info, no matter how badly your friends have wounded my men, no one of they is dead.
    Johnnathan: Well, that explains why Tenkai is going so all-out besides his nature...Well, I myself pick easy on people who feels pain as well...And since you aren't one...
    He snaps the web with his darkness and picks his swords again.
    Johnnathan: Red Spiral!
    He shoots a red spiral at Tsuchigumo.
    Tsuchigumo: Tch! Spider Wall.
    He makes a signal with his hands and a large wall of stone with a spider symbol rises in front of him that stops the attack for a few seconds, but it gets pierced anyway. He vanishes from behind the wall.
    Johnnatahn: That was Earth Magic? Where did he go?
    "Right behind you."
    He appears again from the ceiling floor as if he was fused with it and gets Johnnathan in a headlock.
    Johnnathan: Guck!
    Tsuchigumo: Did you know that some spiders are know for hiding in the ground and trap their pray?
    Johnnathan: But you already...use...webs!
    Meanwhile at the others, Edward was facing a horde of spiders alongside Billy. One after another he pushed they away with his spear.
    Billy: You are surpassing ever expectations I had from you Commander. You almost looks like a completely different person.
    Edward: Yeah, Yeah...Less talk, more action.
    Billy: I must say this situation is kinda unfavorable. More and more keep appearing.
    Edward: That is not the case. Look more closely. We didn't beat up any of they until now. Those guys are just getting up one after another.
    Billy: I see. Tenkai seems to be the only one who took down some of they by now. If I remember correctly, he has some experiece with they.
    Edward:...I have an idea.
    He goes straight at one ninja and stabs him with his spear.
    Edward: Electro Circuit!
    The spear get electrified and several lightning bolts come from its body that hits the enemies that were close.
    Billy: Splendid!
    Edward: Well, if they still wanna get up, they have to deal with a paralyzed body.
    Billy: Where did you learned to use these lightning magic spell?
    Edward: Er...Vanilla taught me.
    On another side, Tenkai was facing down other ninja and killing most of they by slashing through they with one swing covered in fire. When he was not looking, an arrow hits his back.
    Tenkai: Gah!
    He picks the arrow and smells it.
    Tenkai: Drat! Poisonous...
    When he was distracted, other spiders appears from the old building to strike him, but a water dome is formed before they could get close.
    Tenkai: This-
    The dome turns into ice and shoots small icicles from it. Vanilla then appears next to him.
    Vanilla: Tenkai, you're okay?
    Tenkai: Yes, for now, but..
    Vanilla: Is this poison? Here let me help.
    She starts to use a Detox Spell in his back.
    Vanilla: I guess we're even now.
    Tenkai: I wasn't charging anyway.
    Vanilla: Anyway, sorry if I yelled to you back there.
    Tenkai: Well, I did lured you lot to this hell hole against your will.
    Vanilla: Oh please, we faced worst things. Besides, I get to learn a lot when I went to places I am not actually have any bussiness.
    Tenkai: Tell me, can you teleport the others to this point.
    Vanilla: Sure, they are all relatively close.
    Tenkai: Good, if you may...
    Back at Johnnathan's fight, Tsuchigumo is still holding him in a lock.
    Tsuchigumo: Now, in honour of your dark ancestry, why don't I finish you like the bloodsucking half of your kind does?
    He opens his mouth and expels 2 spider fangs dripping some kind of green liquid that looked like poison.
    Tsuchigumo: By bitting your neck!
    Johnnathan:...Just try it, punk!
    He looks at him with a strong stare of his red eye and Tsuchigumo seems to halucinate with a giant red horned skull that is about to swallow him whole.
    Tsuchigumo: W-What is this?
    But then, Johnnathan disappears from his arms and the skull is taken away.
    Tsuchigumo:...For some reason I am glad he went away.
    Back on Tenkai and Vanilla, she makes everyone appears before them.
    West: Eh?
    Billy: Teleportation?
    Edward: Well, at least no more spider people.
    Johnnathan: Man, right in the best part. What now, Tenkai?
    Tenkai: No time to explain. Flor-san, hold it Vanilla please.
    Vanilla: Huh?
    She holds Vanilla in her arms.
    West: What is this all about?
    Tenkai: Just make sure she doesn't freaks out.
    He picks his sword and hits the ground several times and put back on his sheath.
    Johnnathan: Waaaait...I know what is this about. Tenkai, don't tell me-
    The ground is slice and an entire hole appears, making they fall.
    West: Hell no, not agaaaaaaaaain....
    They all free fall except for Florencia and Vanilla that were flying and follow them.
    Florencia: I see now. I forgot how kind of a person he can be. Don't you think?
    Vanilla:...Yeah, he is a nice person. But Johnny is way better.
    Florencia:...Yeah, of course.-_-
    After breaking the ice, the Igloo is shattered, but none of the Johnnathan's group were in sight.
    Spider A: Tsuchigumo-sama. They could only be down that hole. Should we pursue.
    Tsuchigumo:...No. Let's go closer to Amaterasu. We will have more chances to take them by surprise.
    Spider B: Understood.
    He leaves the group and thinks alone.
    Tsuchigumo: It's not a good idea to take down that Red Hybrid without knowing what he is fully capable of...Johnnathan Highlander, huh? Just who are you anyway? For a moment, I felt a presence that could even stand against Lady Ninetails...And speaking of which, I forgot to even ask her. Who is Sanzuke?
    Down below, the group falls into a lake inside an underground cave. Billy takes the burden of carrying everyone out of water.
    Billy: Everyone is alright.
    Johnnathan: Yeah, thanks for the salvage.
    Florencia: Hey guys, how was the fall?
    West: No worse than the slide.
    Edward: What is this place exactly?
    Tenkai: It is an underground route of an ancient city. Centuries ago, The Spider Clan took over same city and left in ruins. This route will take us about about the end of Vista Plain.
    Johnnathan: How did you know the exact location of this place? That pond over there seemed very convenient.
    Tenkai:...The "spirits of the land" told me.
    West: From that far away? Impressive.
    Johnnathan: Heh. Show-off.
    Tenkai then light his sword on fire and illuminates the path.
    Tenkai: This way everyone.
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    Chapter 63: Deep Down.

    Back in the Ninetails Castle, Makoto was alone in her quarters listening to her music box. She was with her eyes closed and her head low. That routine is what calmed her heart in dire times. She then hears something knocking at her window doors. He opens and and a spider made of rock was in front of her.
    Makoto: Tsuchigumo. I heard you were in your way in dealing with Tenkai and the foreigners.
    Spider: I am actually still in the middle of it. These pests are more sneaky than I thought.
    Makoto: What did I told you about disturbing me?
    Spider: Sorry, it is kind of an emergency. I want to kindly ask you to reinforce the nearby borders of Amaterasu. I think some rats would infest the place.
    Makoto:....So, the so proud Spider Clan is actually asking for help?
    Spider: Hey. We did allied to you for a reason, right?
    Makoto: Very well. I shall put a few seven-tails in the lookout and keep the eight-tails for the front lines as usual.
    Spider: This mighty do it...Oh yeah, before I forgot. Does the name Sanzuke rings any bells?
    Makoto: !!!....Where did you heard that name?
    Spider: Well, before climbing to the Yuki-Onna Village, Tenkai and The Red Beast had an argument about a Sanzuke fellow. It seems it resulted on some kind of feud. This name seems to connect Tenkai and your Fox Heart for some reason.
    She places her hand on an azure stone on a necklace that she was wearing.
    Makoto:...I know of no Sanzuke, but if it involves the Fox Heart then it just another reason to crush they as soon as possible.
    Spider: I hope I was useful somehow. Later.
    The spider crumbles and turns into dust. Makoto then takes a teapot in her room and pour some tea on a cup.
    Makoto:....Tenkai...The Fox Heart...The Yuki-Onna Village...It is all just a coincidence or...
    She sips her tea and breath slowly.
    Makoto:...Beware the Spider huh?...But why I should be more aware of Akihara?
    She then takes another glimpse at her son's gifts.
    Makoto:...If what I thinking is exactly what is happening...It is better not be.
    Deep underground, in the Spider's Nest subterranean, the group passes through a gallery of tunnels with Tenkai and Vanilla illuminating the way with their fire magic alongside Florencia's light wings. They have been walking for a hour.
    Johnnathan:...I think it is late to ask, but do you know where we are heading towards Tenkai?
    Tenkai: Nope. It is my first time down here.
    Johnnathan: Damn. I am really not in the mood in dying underground in a country far in the east.
    Edward: Cheer up Johnny. At least those spiders aren't persuading us.
    Tenkai: The fact that they aren't coming down means it is not a safe place to be in the first place.
    West: I like to think it is the fact we are here.
    Billy: Hm? Is this?
    Billy picks what appears to be some kind of spear with a drill on the blade.
    Johnnathan: Something stuck your interest?
    Billy: Is this some kind od weapon they usually use around here?
    Tenkai: I never seen such a thing. And it appear to be rusty and old.
    Florencia: Let me take a look.
    She picks the spear and have a closer inspection.
    Florenicia:...Yep, it is totally is.
    West: It totally is what?
    Florencia: A relic from the Immortal Era. There is an entire collection of those back in Fairyland.
    Edward: It is from way back there? Why it would be way down here?
    Florencia: There are traces of the First Civilization in every corner of the world. But since Taiyo is a relatively small country, it would be easier to find loftovers from that time.
    Johnnathan: This place was the Spider Clan's turf since they took over isn't it? So they have been around here since those times?
    Florencia: I heard that some Yokai lives quite the long time. Some were almost considered gods.
    Vanilla: Guys. We have a small problem.
    She points at a dead end.
    Edward: Oh great. We will have to turn back.
    Tenkai: Wanna risk and face the spider people again?
    Johnnathan:...Say Florencia, what does this gimmick does it?
    Florencia: Well, it is supossed to throw a tunneling drill.
    Johnnathan: I see.
    He then picks the spear and points at the wall.
    West: Er, Johnny. What are you d-
    He charges the spear with darkness and the drill of the spear rotates and shoot the drill from the spear handle at the wall.
    Florencia: Impossible!
    The drill penetrates the wall and rotates for a while, but it stops.
    Edward:...Well, too much f-
    The drill then explodes and the wall is destroyed, revealing a new path.
    Florencia:...Huh. They didn't mentioned it was a bomb.
    Tenkai: Welp. Let's keep moving.
    The group keeps moving forward from the path they discovered. The cave was starting to look less of a ruined building and more like a natural cave with glowing mushrooms. They were nearly outside of Spider territory.
    Edward: Say Johnny, how did you turned on that thing back there? It was pretty much out of order no matter how you look at it.
    Johnnathan: Yeah, when I was younger me and Henry would mess with any mechanical thing with our dark magic. That is how the boiler from back home got busted. Nik always called either me, Henry or Al if he wanted an extra battery when working on one of his gadgets.
    Florencia: So you can use dark magic for that as well. To re-activate an ancient artifact like that is beyond my imagination.
    Vanilla: I'm curious Johnny. How many of your kind do exist in this world.
    Johnnathan: No less than one hundred...I think even half of this. Second Al it has been like this since our history. Why do you ask?
    Vanilla: It just...That your kind can pretty much change the entire world that we know it. If you guys would stop hiding from the world, then your people could revolutionize the entire society that we are adapted. I wonder how much you Hybrids could contribute in the fields or research in science and magic. Have you ever thought about that?
    Johnnathan:...Not interested.
    Edward: Such modesty. They could try to rule this world easier than the Vampires tried to do years ago.
    West: Yeah. And the Blues kinda sucks compeared to Reds even thought their number is far bigger. Isn't that right Tenkai?
    Tenkai:...Not interested.
    Florencia: West, please.
    Vanilla: I think Blues are great as well.
    Billy: Hm? It seems it is another dead end.
    They stumble across a part of the cave was a large empty space.
    Edward:...Not necessarily.
    He points at a cave from above that was from above after some slopes. Some beams of light could be seen from it.
    West: An exit? Great, I was tired of the lack of fresh air already.
    Johnnathan: Good. Now let's climb these slopes and-
    He feels a tingly sensation from behind.
    Vanilla: Johnny?
    Johnnathan: Tenkai.
    Tenkai: Yeah?
    Johnnathan: Pick your blade.
    Tenkai: I know.
    Edward: Guys? What the fuck is going on?
    Suddenly, a lightning starts to jump from place to place.
    West: What the? Is that thing alive?
    The lightning then lands in the center of the area and a Nue rises from it.
    Edward: What the hell is this Monkey....Cat...Dog thing?!
    Tenkai: It is a Nue.
    West: A Nue? It almost like a Chimera.
    Tenkai: I heard rumours that the Kitsunes gained the power over them not so long. I guess it is true. They wouldn't try to go all the way down here without a reason.
    The Nue howls and the battle start.
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    Chapter 64: Soldiers never die.


    The Nue roared and lightning bolts came from its body. Staying close to that thing was the same as being outside in a roaring thunderstorm. It was almost like an entire natural disaster inside a cave. Florencia and Vanilla could give most of their all in using long-range attacks that kept the beast at a distance.

    Johnnathan: So, that is a Nue, huh? I feel like I heard of them once.

    Florencia: Tenkai! How tough is this one?

    Tenkai: Remember when you told us that some Yokai were considered gods? Here is one right here.

    West: This thing a god?

    Tenkai: In the past, one was necessary to destroy an entire town.


    Johnnathan charges at the Nue with a face lacking fear.

    Edward: Hey Johnny! Are you mad?!


    The Nue roars and shots lightning bolts at Johnnathan that cames from it's body. Johnnathan charges his swords and deflects the lightnings.

    West:...He can deflects lightning better than you.

    Edward: And he can channel darkness better than you.

    Vanilla: And he is better than any one of you.

    Florencia: You said it girl.

    West: Flor!

    Florencia: You're still number 1 to me, Terry.

    Billy: And so you are to me, Commander.

    Edward: Urrrrgh.-_-

    Tenkai: I am starting to have second thoughts about bringing you guys along.


    The Nue radies its claws and starts to slash attack Johnnathan, but he dodges it and stays just close to it.

    Johnnathan: Red Upper! He unleashes a Red Upper and slashes the Nue in half.


    The Nue falls down with the torso cut in half.

    West:...What a show-off.

    Vanilla: He can be a show-off to me, anytime.

    Florencia: Vanilla, seriously.

    Johnnathan:...Meh. That is a "god"? It just an oversized Thunderlion.


    Johnnathan: Huh?

    He heard something buzzing and the Nue gets up even with the face and the torso cut in half. The 2 halfs emmits spark and stitch together.


    Tenkai: Heavenly Slash!

    Tenkai delivers a blue flying flaming slash at the Nue that burns him away.


    The Nue turns into a lightning bolt and retreats a few steps.

    Tenkai: Can Thunderlions do that?

    Johnnathan: Well, not the ones back home.

    Edward: So, how do you kill this thing?

    Tenkai: Beheading is the best method.

    West: As if there is any animal who wouldn't die by that.


    The Nue starts charging sparks from it's body and an aura of electricity starts to grow.

    Vanilla: This is bad! He is charging the power of an entire thunder!

    Florencia: In thight space, this would be a disaster.

    But then a storm of flaming leaves starts to envelops the Nue and distracts him.


    The Nue starts to struggle.

    Johnnathan: Huh. Was it you Vanilla?

    Vanilla: Nope. Wind is not one of my specialities.

    Florencia: It seems it somehow also decreased the magical power.


    They turn over the exit's direction and spots a little girl with a racoon mask with ears and a tail of one as well, waving at they.

    "Quickly! This way!"

    Johnnathan:...Why should we trust you?

    Girl: Okay. Stay here with the electric cat monkey!

    Johnnathan: Fine Jeez. They all rush to the exit while the Nue was being pierced by leaves.


    The Nue generates a spark and the leaves scatter.

    "Graa? Graaaaaah?"

    Vanilla: It seems to be confused.

    Florencia: It might be in some sort of illusion. Not half-bad.


    The Nue sniffes around and gazes at the group. He turns into lightning and appears above Edward.

    Billy: Commander!


    Billy throws his flail at the Nue and saves Edward.

    Edward: Whew. That was close.

    Billy: You lot go. I'll stay here and stop this beast.

    Edward: What? No. It is too strong.

    Billy: I shall dedicate my life for the success of your mission.

    Edward: If that is the deal, then I will stay and fight as well.

    West: Huuurgh. I hate heroic sacrifices.

    Billy: I can't allow it you of all people to fall here. Your place is in Amaterasu, in the front lines.

    Edward: Have a bit of sense soldier! This isn't even important to The Federation!

    Billy: No...But the Federation still conts on you, Commander!

    He picks Edward and throws at West.

    Edward: Hey!

    Billy: Mr. Terry! Take the commader to safety out here.

    West:...Eh. Sure. He probably deserves, I guess.

    He turns into a wolfman and carry Edward in his shoulders.

    West: Just like Ceranze.

    Edward: Hey, turn it back West!

    Billy: Johnson! Make sure the Commander gets out of this alive!

    Johnnathan: Er...Fine. It's not like the actual Commander of The North Pole Federation is in peril anyway.

    Edward: Billy!


    The Nue generates sparks and rocks fall from the sky. When the crew reaches the cave, the rocks block the exit.

    Billy: It just you and me now beast...FOR THE FEDERAAAAATION!

    He charges at the Nue with his flail spinning. Outside, the cave leaded atop of a small mountain. The crew exits the cave safely and West throws Edward on the ground.

    Edward: We have to go back! We mu-

    The inside of the mountain libereates sparks and lightning and the summit crumbles, making it crush the cave and blocking the exit.

    Johnnathan:....What you were gonna say it again?

    Edward:....No...No. No. Nooooo!

    He kneels and starts to punch the ground.

    Edward: Biiiilly!

    West: What a load of bull-

    Florencia: West!

    Johnnathan: Jeez, you knew him for what? A week? No hard feeligs dude.

    Edward: You don't get it, do you? We mixed him into all this and yet he dies even thought it had nothing to do with him. I feel bad for lying to him all this time. Are we even different in a way for you Johnny?

    Johnnathan:...Don't get me wrong. I hate when people dies when they get mixed in other's messes. But all in all, it is better to forget the past and keep walk forward...I myself have to fully learn this.

    Edward:...*sigh* Fine.

    Girl: Er....Excuse me...

    Tenkai: Oh. Hello there. Why did a Tanuki like you helped us?

    Shiiha: I'll get straight to the point. I am Shiiha. The Head of the Tanuki Clan.

    West: Whoa! I don't get what that is, but sounds like a very high position.

    Tenkai: Together with the Spider and Tengu Clan, the Tanuki Clan is one of the 3 highest clans under the Kitsune Clan.

    Edward: Really? This little girl?

    Shiiha: I need your help...Please, help me stop Lady Kyuubi.

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    Chapter 65: It's Shiiha!

    Tenkai: Stop Kyuubi? You wanna betray the Kitsune then?

    Shiiha: No! I would never turn my back on Kyuubi-sama!...It just, I think it is for the best if she forgot all this war thing.

    Tenkai: Is that so? How can we trust you then?

    Shiiha: Let's go down the road shall we? I don't feel very safe here.

    Tenkai: Agreed. Flor-san, please keep an eye on her just in case.

    Florencia: My pleasure.



    Shiiha just stares at Florencia for some time.

    Florencia:...Is something the matter?

    Shiiha: Your ears...They are funny. They look like fairy ones.

    Florencia: Maybe it is because I am a fairy?

    Shiiha: W-Whaaaa? But where are your wings?


    She summons her wings that glows green.

    Shiiha: Waaaaa! They are so beautiful! It's way more amazing than I imagined.

    West: This is one of the closest followers of the Ninetails? Not only she looks like a kid but acts like one, too?

    Tenkai: The Tanuki are very curious about all things.

    Shiiha: C-Can I ride your shoulders? I wanna ask a lot of you!

    Florencia: Not to be rude, but aren't you a bit too big for it?

    Shiiha: No problemo!

    *Poof* She summons a smokescreen and appears shrinked in size.

    Vanilla: H-HOW CUTE!

    She jumps at Florencia's left shoulder and sits on it.

    Shiiha: Let's go down this mountain!

    Vanilla: Y-You can come here too.

    They go down the mountain while Shiiha asks Florencia a lot of questions to her and finally reaches Vista Plains. Down there, Shiiha asks they to follow her directions. The sun was about to set and night was coming. They were in the open of the fields without any signs of civilization in sight.

    Johnnathan:...Is this the place you wanted to show us? It doesn't look very...Safe.

    Shiiha: Teehee. That is the trick. Illusion Inside Release.

    bunch of leaves flies from the ground and the scenery starts to change. An entire village appears from thin air.

    Florencia: What the? Vanilla: Amazing! Did you created all this?

    Shiiha: No silly. It was merely hidden by an Illusion.

    Johnnathan: What is up with this place and illusions?

    Shiiha: This is Susanoo. A city build for Humans and Yokai alike.

    Tenkai: S-Susanoo? But I thought after the Fall....

    Shiiha: Kyuubi-sama asked to never touch this place. It is still not finished though.

    Tenkai: But...How does people never find about this?

    Shiiha: The construction of this place was given to us, The Tanuki. We decided it would be better to make things hidden for now. No one knows about this place except for us. Speaking of which...Hey everyone!

    A bunch of hooded figures wearing racoon masks appears from the houses.

    Tenkai: Those are...The Tanuki Clan.

    Shiiha: Ever since Susanoo was being built it, we have been living here. Formely we were all in Amaterasu and it was quite tight. Attention people. These are visitors from the West. Please treat they carefully. If anyone wanna ask something about they, be free to do so.

    The Tanukis then starts surrounding they like children asking lots of questions until they are worn out. They go to Shiiha's House afterwards.

    West: Guuuu...I felt like a fucking celebrity in this town.

    Shiiha: I'm glad you loved it.

    West: I guess you guys don't understand sarcasm.

    Shiiha: Say Flor-Chan, what kind of creature is this wild-looking man? He smells funny.

    Florencia: West? He is a Werewolf.

    Shiiha: Were...Wolf...Ah! These guys who can turn into wolves. But where are his dog ears.


    West then turns into a wolfman.

    Shiiha: Ooooh! So cool! I always thought you were like an Inugami from way back, but it is way better!

    West: What the hell is an Inugami?

    Shiiha: Can I hug you?

    West: Weeeell...

    *hugs* West: Ack!

    Shiiha: Heehee, it is fluffy.

    Florencia: I know right. But I prefer the humanshape form for more...Intimate approaches.

    Shiiha: Intimate?

    Florencia: He is my boyfriend.

    Shiiha: Waaaaa?! You should have said sooner it then! I'm sorry for hugging your man.

    Florencia: That is okay.

    Shiiha: Aaaaand what about that man in red? I feel something omnicious on him.

    Florencia: That is our captain, Johnnathan Highlander. He is a Red Hybrid.

    Shiiha: Wait? He is Johnnathan Highlander?! THAT Johnnathan Highlander?! But I thought the Red Beast would look like a blood hungry beast with 3 heads that can breath fire.

    Edward: The Lady has an imagination.

    Shiiha: And he is a Red Hybrid as well? So he is Half-Vampire? He is so not what I thought...He looks so human. Can he turn into bat or something?

    Johnnathan: I....Never tried that. Probably not though.

    Shiiha: But your vampire parent could right?

    Johnnathan: Yeah. It was a pain to avoid her.

    Shiiha: Amaaaaazing....And what about these other two?

    Florencia: Oh. They are human.


    Vanilla: W-We can still do amazing stuff! Isn't that right Eddie.

    Edward: Y-Yeah. For your information, Vanilla was second at her class in GMA!

    Shiiha: GMA? You mean, that High-Class Academy from the cold place? Woah! I heard it is so beautiful that it makes you cry pearls! Please tell me everything about it!

    She leaps into her chest and hugs her.

    Vanilla: Awaaaa? S-so adoraaaable!

    She holds her in her arms like a small child. She walks to Edward and kisses her cheek.

    Vanilla: Thanks for making her love me.

    Edward:...You're welcome.

    West:...So, you think he can do it?

    Florencia:...It is just a matter of time by now, but I can move some chopsticks.

    Johnnathan: What are you two whispering back there?

    Those Two: Nothing.

    After an event of comedic segments, they all sit down and enjoy a meal.

    Shiiha: I see...So you lot met with Tsuchigumo. That seemed like quite an adventure.

    Johnnathan: You don't even know half of it.

    West: And what before that.

    Shiiha: Tsuchigumo...I just don't sympatize with that man and his lackeys. The Yokai never trusted any of they.

    Johnnathan: Why is that?

    Tenkai: The Spider Clan follows their own code and sometimes same code contradicts to the...ethical aspects that both Yokai and humans have.

    Shiiha: You are very knowladgable lad. We used to pay for their services in dire times, but I don't think there was any time that we had second thoughts about it. And since they joined the Kitsune Faction, they had more freedom to do what they wanted.

    Johnnathan: They don't seem better than the Hanzo Clan still.

    Shiiha: These ninja nowadays. I don't know if you can call them backstabers or hard-workers...Anyway, what do you plan to do when you reach Amaterasu?

    Johnnathan: The plan was to snatch the Fox Heart and just maybe knock the sense out of your boss.

    Shiiha: You might have a Blue Hybrid with you, but that isn't enough I'm afraid. Tenkai, isn't it?

    Tenkai: Yes?

    Shiiha: I don't know why just now you decide to see Kyuubi-sama, but the fact that you dealt a blow into her group by fighting the Spider Clan is not forgotten.

    Tenkai: I am aware.

    Shiiha: But...I know of a way.

    Tenkai: How?

    Shiiha: What I am gonna say to you sounds very farfatched and it is a huge revelation. In no way it can leave this place, but...There is a Blue Hybrid out there that can maybe stop Kyuubi-sama.

    Tenkai: Huh?

    Shiiha: About 22 years ago...Before the fall...Kyuubi and the late general Akechi...They had a son together. Akechi Sanzuke!


    Shiiha:...No words, I know. Who would know that Kyuubi-sama and General Akechi would have a child, isn't it?

    Tenkai: Uh...Shiiha-san...

    Shiiha: I know. I got no proof. But these very eyes saw that child. I know he is real.

    Johnnathan: Well, you see-

    Shiiha: Looking through the entire country for a child that might be dead sounds impossible, but I think it is worthy the try. What do you think?

    Tenkai:...That...Wouldn't be necessary.

    Shiiha: W-Why? You're saying that it is better to just kill her now?

    Tenkai: Well, you see...I am Sanzuke.


    Tenkai: Akechi Sanzuke. My mother's name is Makoto and my father's Yoshimetsu. I'm also friends with a Heavenly Dragon named Wataru....Nice to meet ya?


    She freaks out and jumps into the wall

    . Shiiha: T-T-That was......The dragon's name....I heard it once, so....Waaaaaaah!

    She cries and leaps into his arms.

    Shiiha: S-Sanzukeeeee! You do exist! You really do exist! I finally found you! S-Sanzuke-samaaaaaaaaa! Waaaaaaaa!

    Tenkai: Here. There, there.

    Johnnathan:...Can we go now?

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    Chapter 66: Gate Point.

    Johnnathan: So, you're done?

    Shiiha: *sniff*Y-Yeah...My tear glands are all dry.

    Vanilla: The poor thing's eyes are still red.

    Shiiha: Now, you want to confront your mother isn't it Sanzuke?

    Tenkai: For now, call me Tenkai. And yes, there may be a way I can stop her without taking her life.

    Shiiha: You talk like you could take her life first place. She is one of the 3 Dark Lords of this world.

    Tenkai: That is why I went far away for help. I mean, I can't even get into Amaterasu without stepping about 200 miles away.

    Shiiha: True. In fact, I just got the message that they re-enforced their defenses after your encounter with the Spider Clan. Several Seven Tails on watch.

    Johnnathan: I wouldn't mind facing whatever tails I found it, but a silent ambush would be a better idea.

    Edward:...Hey Tenkai. Do you still have that scroll thing you got from Kasa?

    Shiiha: Kasa?

    Tenkai: I see. The Key Scroll.

    He picks the scroll from under his sleeve.

    Tenkai: Kasa was another Blue Hybrid I met in Blitzreign. Her mother was a Seven Tails and had one of these.

    Shiiha: I got it. With a Key Scroll, we can infiltrate Amaterasu without passing it's borders. And there is a Gate Point right here in Susanoo.

    West: Gate Point?

    Shiiha: They are magic portals that are connected by a space in another dimension. You could call they Warp Zones. I heard these were pretty common during the Immortal Era.

    Vanilla: Interesting. I wanna research this a little bit, later.

    Shiiha: Well, there is only one tidy little detail we have to face it.

    Tenkai: What?

    Shiiha: You see, it is quite the maze inside of it. We have to follow a certain direction if we wanna reach the point in Amaterasu.

    Florencia: Directions?

    Shiiha: Yeah, and....*sigh* I dunno how to describe it. Here. They look like this.

    She shows a paper scroll full of glyphs.

    Edward:...Hey, Flor. Is it the same...

    Florencia:...Yes, Immortal Era Writtings.

    Shiiha: You lot know?

    Florencia: Back in Ra there were these same symbols. They are just like that. I happen to know a few letters.

    Shiiha: Woooow. Fairies are amazing. And did you said Ra? Wasn't that kingdom destroyed last century?

    Johnnathan: Long story.

    Shiiha: Well, no matter. Follow me!

    She takes the crew to a isolated area nearby of Susanoo. There was a giant cherry tree blossomed.

    Florencia: Oh my. So these are the well-know cherry trees of Taiyo...It is beautiful.

    Shiiha: Quickly! Here.

    She digs up a spot under the tree and reveals a hole in a area made of copper.

    Shiiha: Put the scroll here Tenkai.

    Tenkai fits the scroll into the hole and a green projection of a round gate appears before then. The gate opens and some kind of portal appears inside.

    Shiiha:...Well, this is it. I will tag along with you all. My skills will be good in stealth.

    She shrinks size and hides in Florencia's hoodie.

    Shiiha: And once we reach Amaterasu, there will be no turning back and-Wait...Where is Tenkai and that Johnnathan fellow?

    Florencia: Oh. He just jumped into it not long ago.

    West: And Tenkai went along.

    Shiiha: What? Jeez, youngsters nowadays. Let's follow them!

    The rest jumps into the portal and warps to another plane. They reach a in a platform made of a line of blocks connected by various roads and everything looked like blocks of stones floating in a starry night.

    Edward: What is this place? Everything is so dizzy and illogical.

    West: I am surprised you know that last word.

    Vanilla: But...Where is Johnny and Tenkai?

    "Hey guys."

    Johnnathan appears with Tenkai in a parallel plataform above they upside-down.

    Edward: What the?!

    Vanilla: How do you?!

    Tenkai: We just walked by and ended up here.

    Shiiha: Can you get off there?

    Tenkai: Hm...

    He jumps and somehow ends on the same platform.

    Johnnathan: I guess gravity doesn't really exists here.

    Florencia: Well, the better we exit here, less the chances our senses becoming disoriented. I'll take the lead okay?

    Johnnathan: Roger.

    Florencia picks her instructions and follows a path through the platforms. Somethimes it leaded to a vertical climb and sometimes they were upside down. It was less than 10 minutes and they totally forgot where did they came from.

    West: Jeeez, this place is infinite isn't it? How will we know when we reach the place anyway?

    Vanilla: Don't worry West. I am feeling an energy similar to the portal we came from. We are going somewhere I'm sure.

    Shiiha: I believe you felt same energy several times on the way didn't you? They were both Gate Points spread across Taiyo. The only way we know we reach Amaterasu is when we exits the specific portal there.

    Vanilla: I see...But I trust Flor. She will guide us there.


    Shiiha: Hm...You found reliable friends, Tenkai.

    Tenkai: It was worthy the wait.

    Shiiha: While we wait...

    She jumps at Vanilla's shoulders.

    Shiiha: Say, Vanilla-chan.

    Vanilla: Y-Yes?(She is so cute up-close!)

    Shiiha: Your hair is white...But you are human. Why your hair is like of a Yuki-Onna?

    Johnnathan: Oh shit, she is right. I always thought it was a variable of blonde.

    Edward: Was your mother a Yuki-Onna?

    Vanilla: N-No?...But my mother did had a hair like this.

    Florencia:...Come to think about it, you never told us about her.

    Vanilla: She died when I was very young. My father said I had inherited her hair.

    Florencia: Come to think about it, wasn't there a legend about a Winter Fairy with snow white hair?

    Johnnathan: I heard about it...So Vanilla's mother is the fairy?

    Florencia: It is only a legend. I myself never saw such a thing.

    Shiiha: Could you tell me anyway? I'm curious.

    Florencia: Well...Long ago, there were a fairy and a human who loved each other, but both their families were against it. So they all ran away from their homes in Gel and went to meet each other in the mountais...But a snowstorm, stronger than any other caused an avalanche and the two died. They say the wandering spirit of the fairy wanders around the mountains.

    Shiiha: Ooooh...Spooky.

    Florencia: But it is only a...Fairy Tale.

    Shiiha: Hmm...Say Vanilla, one thing has been on my head.

    Vanilla: What is it?

    Shiiha: Outside of West, which men in the crew is your boyfriend?

    Everyone freaks out with that statement.

    Vanilla: Huh?...Huuuuuuuuuh?! W-What was that just now?!

    Shiiha: Well...There are 3 available men that travels with you and...Nothing happened?

    Vanilla: Y-You see...A relationship like that takes time to forms and-

    Tenkai: Wait? Does this means there is someone among us three you have your eyes on?

    Vanilla: I-It is not your bussiness Tenkai!

    Shiiha: What about you three? Does any you have a girlfriend?

    Edward: Stop asking us these questions, woman!

    West: Why you asking like you're their mom or something?

    Shiiha: I like that. Makes me remember when my children were still young.

    Johnnathan: Wait...You are a mother?

    Shiiha: Yes! I had 10 daughters and 8 sons in my life. My husband is the greatest man I have ever met.

    Johnnathan: (How does someone have children with that body?)

    Shiiha: Does this means only the oldest members of the crew were living wild? Pshaaah! What about you Tenkai?

    Tenkai: It is kinda hard you having time for things like this when you have spiders to take care of it.

    Shiiha: And you Vanilla? A pretty girl like you might had a few crushes in the past.

    Vanilla: Well, I had some feelings confesed to me a few times during my academy days, but...

    Shiiha: Buuuuuut....

    She looks at Vanilla with a devious face.

    Vanilla: There was this one guy who pestered they away.

    Shiiha: Oho! A stalker huh?

    Vanilla: It is not a stalker when you know who he is.-__-

    West:(Something tells me it ends with Gateau and starts with Petit.)

    Shiiha: You people who barely lives a century should enjoy your youth you know. Neither of you had a lip touch, if you know what I mean.

    West: Ohohoho. Johnny had of those just a while ago.

    Shiiha: Oh! Tell me! Tell me!

    Johnnathan: Come on guys. You know it was not like that.

    West: It doesn't matter if it was only to poison her with your dark blood or something. A first kiss is a first kiss. You just wasted like that. Shame, shame.

    Johnnathan:...Who said that was my first kiss?

    West: Eh?
    Florencia: Eh?

    Edward: Eh?

    Tenkai: Eh?

    Shiiha: Eh?

    Vanilla: EEEEEEEEHHH?! W-W-Who was the first?

    Johnnathan: You met her already. You know, the only girl in my brother's crew.

    The crew freaks out with shock.

    The crew: C-Coeeeeeela?!

    Meanwhile at the Vitoria, about to enter Zhar's waters.

    Coela: Achoo!

    Heinrich: Health.

    Coela: Thanks.

    Back in the Warp Gate;

    Vanilla: Y-You?! She?! And YOU?!

    West: I knew there was something going on bewtween them.

    Johnnathan: Currently there is nothing going on between us. It was just something that happened 4 years ago.

    Florencia: Well, lucky for you we seen to have arrived.

    The crew stops in a specific location, not much different from the rest of the area.

    Florencia: Edward.

    Edward: Yes ma'am.

    Florencia: Notice that one of the blocks in this platform is diferent from the others. They have a some kind of wheel in their surface, like this one in front of us.

    Edward: Hm...Is this a puzzle?

    Florencia: Yes. Your speciality. Work on it.

    Edward: *sigh* A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do.

    He goes to the block and starts to work on the puzzle like he did it in Ra.

    Shiiha: Does he know what he is doing?

    Vanilla: He has a quirk to this kind of thing. It sounds like nonsense, but he can figure all these kind of things very well.

    Shiiha: You two are kinda amazing.

    Vanilla: Kinda, huh?

    West: Wasn't this place supossed to be a shortcut for those foxes? How do they navigate through here?

    Shiiha: No one really uses those for centuries. The possession of a Key Scroll is more like a badge of recognition these days.

    Johnnathan:...Which raises the question. What is the Spider Clan planning to do with this?

    Tenkai:...That is a good question.


    Edward: Done it.

    The block glows green and a portal is created.

    Johnnathan: Well, this is it. Amaterasu. Let's take that Fox Heart.

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    Chapter 67: Amaterasu.
    Amaterasu City, in an empty alley across the city a green portal opens and the crew exits from it. It was night-time and the it had a starry sky.

    Johnnathan: Is this Amaterasu? Doesn't look too different from Tsukuyomi.

    Shiiha: We're lucky the place seems to be empty or els-

    West: Someone is coming.

    Shiiha: Hah! Illusion Art!

    She does a sign with her hands and a few leaves spins around they. A small smokescreen is formed and they disappears leaving six trash can. Two Kitsunes, one with eight tails and other with six tails appears.

    Eight Tails:...Seems to have be my immagination.
    Six Tails: Maybe it was some stray cat.
    Eight Tails: Those Bakenekos sometimes.

    The two leaves the place and one of the trash cans that was red moves their cover like a mouth.


    Edward: Yes?

    Johnnathan: I feel like trash.

    West: I know the feeling.

    Shiiha gets over in a green colored trash can.

    Shiiha: Can someone move like this?

    Tenkai: I believe it is impossible.

    Shiiha: Hmmm...Just a second.

    She does her signs again and turns the crew into Kamaitachis.

    Johnnathan: Weasels? Great. I feeling like a certain guy from Ceranze.

    Shiiha: Those are Kamaitachis. A type of Yokai.

    Edward:...How can they do normal things with hands like those?

    West: I kinda like it.

    Shiiha: Alright. See the big tower that looks like a spear piercing the sky. That is Ninetails Castle. Your mother is in there Tenkai.

    Tenkai: Got it.

    They start walking at the direction of the tower disguised as Kamaitachis. They pass through the streets were various types of Yokais walks freely.

    A wheel passes through they.

    Johnnathan: *Siiiiiigh*

    Shiiha: What is his problem?

    Tenkai: He has a lot to learn.

    Edward:...Shiiha, let me ask you. Just what are the Yokai anyway? Why do all these strange creatures together are Yokai? The outside world is no different from other strange beings.

    Shiiha: Long ago, all these creatures were born from the dreams of a certain Immortal.

    Johnnathan: You guys...Are dreams?

    Shiiha: That Immortal had the power to give life to abstract thoughts like that. In the beggining they were simple and plain, but from time they became more complex and refined. That Immortal was Izanami.

    Johnnathan: So, you guys were part of her?

    Shiiha: You could say that. Tales said she wanted to dream of thoughts like humans, but never succeded. That is when Izanagi appeared and helped her by founding Taiyo. That is why some Yokai looks a little bit like humans. His influence gave her new thoughts.

    Vanilla: So Yokais like your clan and the Kitsune or the Yukki-Onna looks humanlike.

    Shiiha: Yep. You could say we are the proof those two legends existed at some point. Long ago the Yokai all lived in Zhar, but we moved to Taiyo afterwards.

    Johnnathan: How long is "Long ago"?

    Shiiha: Like....Reaaaly long.

    Florencia: And what about that thing about Izanagi slaying Izanami?

    Shiiha: We do not know the full story. And we also don't know what happened to Izanagi after that.

    "Hey! You six!"

    A group of eight-tails appears and call them.

    Eight-Tails: What are you lot doing here?

    Johnnathan: (Damnit. Damnit. Damnit...)

    Eight-Tails: You lot are supossed to be in the castle aren't you? We have been looking for you since forever.

    Johnnathan:...Oh. Sorry for the late. We were looking for a missing member.

    Eight-Tails: Is that so? Well, go on then. We can't leave the castle empty at this time and...Wait, why there are six of you?

    Johnnathan: Huh?

    Eight-Tails: We asked specifically 3 of you. Just like how you works.

    Shiiha: I called them.

    Eight-Tails: S-Shiiha-sama.

    Shiiha: There were some extras, so we will spread two trios instead of one in the castle. I'll inform Kyuubi-sama.

    Eight-Tails: I-I see...But I thought we would deploy most of our forces near our borders. The Tsukuyomi army is already inside our territory.

    Shiiha: Is that so? Well, no matter. I'll deploy the Tanuki squad soon then.

    Eight-Tails: Thanks for your support Shiiha-sama. The castle will be quite weak in defences, so the more protection for Kyuubi-sama leaves me at peace.

    They bow to each others and goes to their separated paths.

    Shiiha: Tsukuyomi is already this far...We must hurry.

    Some time later the same group of Eight-Tails leaves the city gates and encounters with other six-tails.


    Eight-Tails: Hm?
    The leader of the squad takes his attention to a trio of Kamaitachi.

    Eight-Tails: What are you three doing here? Are we retreating?

    Kamaitachi: Eh? We were called here for defending the castle.

    Eight-Tails: Huh?

    Kamaitachi: It is me Ningo. Me and my brothers Sango and Ichigo were called for being sentinels, but we had to fing Ichigo first. Didn't Akihara told you?

    Eight-Tails: W-Whaaaaaaaa?!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=20FSYxBbHqg Meanwhile at the borders of Amaterasu, war was raging on far away from the city. The Kitsunes had an advantage in numbers, but at a certain part of the battlefield, several foxes were blow away like a storm.

    Seven-Tails: W-What is this?

    Eight-Tails: Might be...The Oni.

    General Asuka was slowly walking on the battlefield with her hair free of her ponytail and a face bathed in blood with scary-looking eyes. Her mace was red than it was black. Several Kitsunes charge in fox forms, but she squashes all they with her club.

    Asuka: That is why I hate wars. It gets me dirty and always bores me to the death.

    Another Kitsune sneaks behind and try to stab her with a kunai, but their arms are trapped by a chain and throw away. Kasa: Don't touch my sister!

    Far away, Ieyasu mounted on a horse and Soma watches from above a hill.

    Soma:...They works extremely well together. General Asuka might be a loose cannon, but she deserves the same nickname as we called General Akechi.

    Ieyasu: Akechi...Say Soma, where is your heart in battle?

    Soma: What do you mean?

    Ieyasu: You really can't see the enemy as the same as your ally

    A samurai shouts and a swarm of Tengu warriors descend at their direction. Soma picks an arrow and aims at they, but before shooting he opens the eye that was closed and reveals a fiery azure eye. The arrow gets engulfed by foxfire and he shoots like a blue meteor. He scorches all of the Tengu with one arrow.

    Soma: Your blood or half of it means nothing on the battlefield.

    Ninetails Castle, just after the main gate, the crew is facing the castle up-close.

    Johnnathan: Woah. It is way bigger than I thought it.

    Edward: Are you sure there is no one else in this castle?

    Shiiha: Most of they are in the upper floors. But, I don't think numbers matters when Kyuubi-sama is in charge, at least with a small group such as us. She is one of the 3 Dark Lords. And speaking of which...
    She forms signs and dispels the disguises.

    Shiiha: If we enter disguised, she will detect a weak illusion such as this. It will be better for us to save our strenght when we reach the middle floor where the castle forces are stationed.

    Tenkai looks anxious at the top of the castle.

    Johnnathan: Tenkai...How are you feeling? You look pale.

    Tenkai: S-Sorry...It just that seeing my mother again...after all these years is...heavy.

    Johnnathan: I know. Mothers can be scary sometimes, but the fact that you're his son doesn't change it.

    Shiiha: Have strenght Tenkai...I have seen many happy moments that she had with you and Akechi. I bet when she see that how you became a fine man like your father Yoshimetsu, her heart may defrost it.

    Tenkai:...Heh. I think what I should fear more is a punch in the head of "What took you so long?".

    "So, that is how it is?"

    Shiiha: Huh?! Who's there?!

    Hanzo appears from above and gazes at they.


    Shiiha: Hanzo? The leader of the Hanzo Clan? He is...Just what I expected actually.

    West: He did well in hiding his presence. I bet he is the only one who infiltrated Amaterasu. Must have done that in a daily basis.

    Hanzo: So...The Blue Monk Tenkai is actually son of the traitorous general Akechi and the Kyuubi. I knew you were a rotten turnip, Ronin.

    Johnnathan: Hey Hanzo, listen we-

    Hanzo points one of his blades at Johnnathan.

    Hanzo: Stay out of this Red Beast. You have more important bussiness ahead don't you?

    Edward: What are you talking about it?

    Hanzo: I know why you came here for. Your target is the Kyuubi isn't it? So it is a goal we have in common. You pirates may pass and the Head of the Tanuki as well. But not this ronin. His mere existence is a mistake that must be corrected.

    Vanilla: How rude!>:I

    Johnnathan: Okay, that is kinda personal. Let me hav-

    Tenkai: Wait!

    He blocks Johnnathan with his arm.

    Tenkai: Go ahead. Is it me who he is after.

    Johnnathan: But...what about your mother?

    Tenkai: I'll reach you. Make her busy while I deal with him.

    Johnnathan:...Fine. But be fast, cause I don't know if I can hold back against a Dark Lord.

    Shiiha: This isn't part of the plan, but...Good luck okay.

    Florencia: If you make out of this alive, I'll fix your wounds.

    The group enters in the castle with Shiiha's magic opening the gate and leaves Tenkai alone in the castle grounds.

    Hanzo: What loyal friends you have...So ironic.

    Tenkai: I am not my father, Hanzo.

    Hanzo: No matter who he was, is it being the Kyuubi's spawn that matters in this case. And your father is still guilty until proves otherwise.

    Tenkai: You should know there are too many hybrids that wants to have a life without being targeted or pursued. It is for this motive I pointed my blade at the spider clan. Hanzo...Why so much hatred?

    Hanzo:...I suppose you of all people should know. I'm too am a son of a General.

    Tenkai: Y-You...A General's son? But that's-

    Hanzo: That is right. I'm General Tsuki's son. After that day he died, I joined the Hanzo Clan in order to have my revenge on the Kitsunes and the Yokai. And as one of the military leaders of Tsukuyomi and as General Tsuki's son, I cannot forgive the actions of your father! And since he is not here anymore, you should pay as his progeny!

    He takes his blade and Tenkai unsheats his in reaction.

    Hanzo: As the current Hanzo, I judge you! The setence is Death!

    Tenkai: You're too loud for a ninja you know that.

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    Chapter 68: Castle Warfare.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfwteoZCvoY Both warriors have their weapons in hand and stares at each other. Hanzo crosses his swords and does a spins that made him disappear.

    Tenkai: An evasion technique? No. He would run away just like that...

    Then 3 Hanzos appears surrounding him.

    Tenkai: What? After-images? Illusions?

    The Hanzos dashes towards him and attacks. Tenkai dodges but his clothes gets ripped by each one of they.

    Tenkai: All of they are real. But they still feel off.

    The Hanzos them jumps above him and fuses into one Hanzo and tries to impale him with his swords. Tenkai blocks and his feet gets a bit on the ground. Hanzo then backflips and lands a bit far from him and throws shurikens covered on fire that Tenkai deflects with his katana on fire.

    Hanzo: How about this then?

    He does some movements with his hands and summons a red scroll that he opens and spins around him. He does a sign with his hands and hawks of fire are summoned.

    Hanzo: Nippon: Red Skies of Inferno!

    The hawks flies towards Tenkai and explodes on contact leaving a mass area destruction. Meanwhile far away in the city, 2 Kitsunes with 5 tails hear from afar.

    Kitsune A: What was that? Should we look at it?

    Kitsune B: Nah. Probably is that pyrotechnician doing his shit again. Let's leave to the higher-ranks.

    The smoke from the explosion surrounds the courtyard, but it is dispelled by a swing of Tenkai's sword.

    Tenkai: You disappoint me Hanzo. You should know that no fire is stronger than the Fox Fire.

    Hanzo: Yes. But I know your Fox Fire is no stronger to a full blood Kitsune. You took quite the shock don't you?

    Tenkai:...I have to admit, for a moment I thought I was being boiled whole.

    Hanzo: Is it so fitting? The one carrying both Tsuki and Orochi's legacy taking down the one who bears the blood of the Demon Swordsman? Justice being served I must say.

    Tenkai: Don't talk as if you won.

    Hanzo: And don't talk as if you are above it!

    He engages him in close combat and lock their weapons.

    Hanzo: Say Akechi. Have you ever wondered how the son of Tsuki became The Hanzo?

    Tenkai: I don't particulary care but go ahead.

    Hanzo: You see, the previous Hanzo, Orochi, was Tsuki's younger brother.

    Tenkai pushes Hanzo away with a kick.

    Tenkai: The shit? Now that is something out of nowhere. Why bring this right now?

    Hanzo: I just thought you of all people should know before going on a trip to the underworld.

    He now summons a green scroll and activates it, making a gust of wind to surround Tenkai.

    Hanzo: Nippon: Masamune!
    Various blades of winds appears where Tenkai was standing as if invisible sword slashes were attacking him.

    Tenkai: Grnh!

    While Tenkai was blocking the attack, Hanzo pick his swords and goes to strike Tenkai.

    Hanzo: Die!

    Tenkai: Nope. Land Strike!

    He strikes the land with his sword and unleashes a powerful impact that generates a huge pillar of blue flame that dispels the wind and Hanzo. A group of Kitsunes formed by one Eight-Tails, three Kamaitachis and others seven-tails watches from afar.

    Eight-Tails: Damnit. There is turmoil on the castle. Quick the pace!

    Hanzo: Hah...I never thought there was someone strong as Asuka. I guess you don't get to face the Spider Clan and survive all these years being weak.
    Tenkai: Say Hanzo...If by any fate I were to beat you...Would you assist me?
    Hanzo:...Hmpf. In this hypothetical and unthinkable scenario, I would normally choose death.
    Tenkai: I see...Thanks you gave me an opportunity.
    He picks his blade and holds in Iai position.

    Inside the castle, Akihara was meditating in a pillar at the next-to-last floor and is perturbed by all the noise outside.

    Akihara: This damn noise is sure taking long. There must been some perprenators on this castle. What about the Spider Clan? They should have been coming back by now since we fortified our defences.
    He stands up and take his spear.
    Akihara: No matter. I will deal with they. Tengu Forces! Onwards!

    In the last floor, Makoto is enjoying a cup of tea in her quarters despite the turmoil in her place.

    Makoto:...Just when I was enjoying this peaceful moment after 20 years.

    She gets up and walks outside her room.

    Makoto:...I would trade those years just to be in your arms one last time, Yoshimetsu.

    She picks her fan and advances with a face full of resolve.

    Far away from the castle, Tsuchigumo and a group of spiders are watching the Ninetails Castle. They observe the group of Kitsunes approaching the castle.
    Spider Grunt: It seems reinforcements are coming to aid. Should we help they as well?
    Tsuchigumo: No. I will go alone. I need further observations. Go to the front lines Ryuugi. You will be in charge

    Second-in-Command of the Spider Clan.
    Tsuchigumo leaps toward the castle and leave them.

    Ryuugi:...You lot follow me. I need to confirm some issues.
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    Side Chapter: New Hybrid in Town.
    Mians port, around early morning. The are was being plundered by pirates. One pirate took a merchant hostage and holded a flintlock at her head.

    Pirate: There has to be more money in this bay since this is the biggest port of Blitzreign. You have 5 seconds to tell us where the loot is.

    Merchant Girl:*sniff*Please don't! Most of the things we sell come from Eysideci. They keep most of the profits.

    Pirate: Four...

    Merchant Girl: *sniff* Help...

    *Slash* Pirate: Gah!

    Someone slashes the pirate from behind. It was Schneider.

    Pirate Captain: What the? Who's there? Who dares face us?

    Schneider: Jeez, I just arrived and trouble is around.

    Pirate Captain: Just one lady? Shoot her down.

    The pirates take their guns and shoot at her, but she deflects with a shield of darkness.

    Pirate Captain: Thunder and Nautilus! What was that sorcery?!

    Schneider: Prepare yourselves!

    She took all of them one by one easily and leave them knocked out. Steven and some guards appears on the scene.

    Steven: Woah. They are all out.

    Schneider goes to help the merchant stays on her feet.

    Merchant: T-Thank you.

    Schneider: It was nothing really. I just wanted my first day here to be without any worries.

    Steven approaches her while the others arrest the pirates.

    Steven: I don't believe I ever met you. You are?

    Schneider: I am Schneider. I came from Circa and I fought on the Arena.. Johnnathan freed me and said I could settle my life here. His brother just dropped me here a while ago.

    Steven: You're Johnnathan's friend? Well, any friend of him is welcome here then. I'm Steven, but I am not that close to Johnny or Henry by the way.

    Schneider: Nice to meet you. Not to be too demanding, but do you know any place I could work for start?

    Steven: Well, you took out all these pirates by yourself...Come to think about it, you have the same eye as Johnnathan and Heinrich. Are you Half-Vampire as well?

    Schneider: Oh. So you guys know about Hybrids?

    Steven: Yeah. But we're not very hot about spreading. You see, this place has a few guards, so we have this militia force compossed of sellswords that isn't that big as well, but they are pretty good as vigilantes at night. When we really need, we call reinforcements from Eysideci. We could use someone like you.

    Schneider: Well, it is not like I care for protecting this town, but I was expecting something less...violent.

    Steven: It is okay. after all those same mercenaries have other jobs as well.

    Merchant: Er...If you want you could stay at the blacksmith a few blocks from here.

    Steven: Excelent idea. The mercenaries usually live close to that place. They are one of his biggest customers anyway.

    Schneider: That seems good. I know how to make weapons and iron stuff.

    Steven takes her to the blacksmith's forge.

    Steven: Hello? Zinc, you're there?

    ???: Incoming.

    A gremlim with a large hammer on the tip of his tail with a very grump behavior appears from under a table.

    Zinc German.
    Resident Blacksmith of Mians.
    Zinc: What gives Steven?

    Steven: I want to present you someone. This is Schneider. She is a friend of Johnnathan who wishes to live in in our town. Can she work here?

    Zinc: Johnnathan huh? His father is still owning me for that furnace.

    Steven: Whatever. Another gremlim just fixed for free anyway.

    Zinc:...I am not interested in an apprentice, but...A Hybrid might be handful. Hey girl, that sword of yours was made with dark magic wasn't it?

    Schneider: Yes. You have a good eye. I molded this thing all night after breaking a few ones.

    Zinc: I suposse it wouldn't hurt having you around. I have a room available upstairs if you want. I like to sleep under this table anyway.

    Schneider: Thank you very much.

    Steven: He can be a bit rude, but he is reasonable.

    Zinc: I can hear you, asshole.

    Schneider looks around and see strange fluids on glasses.

    Schneider: What are those? Potions?

    Zinc: This is also a Potion Shop by the way. I go to my homeland once a year to gather materials for those.

    Schneider: Homeland? You mean Nighville?

    Zinc: Yeah. I got out of there because they thought potion crafting was a Goblin thing.

    Steven: It is because of that you weren't here when Alex was alive in paying his debt or when Johnnathan came back.

    Zinc: Tch! I should have charged him right from the first time it broke. By the way, would you take a look at those mercenaries? They are just behind here and it seems a newcomer is making a fuss.

    Steven: Really? Can you come with me Schneider?

    Schneider: Absolutely.

    They arrive in a terrain on the back of the shop and Schneider see a familiar face yelling at some armed people.

    Schneider: Hold on...I know that....Rolf?!

    Rolf: Hm? Wha? It's the red-undefeated-princess-that-is-not-that-is-not-undefeated-all!

    Schneider: That is how you know me?

    Steven: You know each other?

    Schneider: Y-Yeah. He is also fighter from Circa.

    Rolf: What are you doing here? Because let me tell you something, brat! This is Rolf's turf now!

    Steven: What the hell is going on?

    Mercenary: Well, we were on our way for our usual reunion when this Caprex came and said he was the new boss and all and we were all "sure, we don't have a boss anyway", but he still wanna challenge someone.

    Steven: I see...Can you talk some sense to him Schneider?

    Rolf: Oh! I get it. She was the boss all along. If that is the case...CHARGE!

    He charges a tackle with his head at Schneider, but she reacts and picks his horns following with a throw, flipping him to a pile of trash.


    Mercenary: Hey that was pretty good. Are you a new mercenary?

    Schneider: Well, I just came and found a job on the blacksmith. Johnnathan send me here.

    Mercenary: I see. Johnnathan knows a lot of good people.

    A cry of help rose from that part of town.

    "Pirates. And they have Werewolves! Someone help!"

    After hearing those screams Rolf gets up.

    Rolf: You guys heard that! The Schneider Mercs needs to help them!

    Schneider: Wait, Schneider Mercs? I am the leader or something?

    Rolf: You bested me, so it is just fair!

    Steven: Well, you took down an entire pirate crew by yourself.

    Mercenary A: I am okay with it.
    Mercenary B: No objections.
    Mercenary C: The name has a good tone on it.
    Schneider: Well, if you say that.

    She picks her blade and point on front.

    Schneider: Let's kick them out of here!

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    Chapter 69: The sporting thing to do.

    The crew started to climb the stairs of the castle while Tenkai was fighting Hanzo outside. As they eached the middle floor, Edward falls behind.

    Edward:*huff* Can we...stop for a bit?

    West: We are on the enemy's den Eddie. We can't slack off.

    Johnnathan: Yeah. What is a few stair steps compared to what we faced so far?

    Florencia: I always though you were tougher than that.

    Edward starts pointing at they.

    Edward: Fairy. Werewolf. Half-Vampire. Might be piece of cake for you three, but not for a frail human being like me. Speacially you Flor since you can fly and Shiiha who isn't moving a leg.

    Shiiha:...Vanilla isn't complaining.


    Edward:....*sigh* Alright, keep g-

    A lightning bolt trepass a window and turns into a Nue with half of it's face smacked.

    The Nue roars and lightning spreads through the room.

    Shiiha: Is that...The Nue from before?!

    Johnnathan: Well...Only Billy could have delivered that blow.

    Shiiha: He must have followed you smell. Facing this was not in our original plan.

    Edward:...You lot go.

    Johnnathan: What?

    Edward: If we start losing time here, reinforcements will appear anytime and we cannot avoid this thing here. We must keep going and and reach the Ninetails as soon as possible. If someone have to die...So be it.

    West:...This might be the first time I agree with you...and also the first time I would regret making you go through something so reckless.

    Florencia: I hate to admit, but there is some true in those words.

    The Nue charges with it claws, but Edward blocks with the tip of his spear.

    Edward: Now, go!

    Johnnathan:...Come back alive. This is a captain's order, you hear?

    The remaining four and Shiiha advances to the next stairs. Vanilla stops for a split second and turns her head to see Edward facing a humongous beast. Without any word she climbs sheding a single tear.

    Edward:...I have a lot to do in my life before dying.

    He spins his weapon and points at the Nue.

    Edward: This is for a fallen soldier!

    Outside, in the fight between Tenkai and Hanzo, the two were trading blows at each other very fast. Hanzo was swinging both of his swords while Tenkai was swing his sword with only one.

    Hanzo: Hah!

    Hanzo gives a might swing with his swords that slashed Tenkai's torso making him fall on his knees.

    Hanzo: Is that it? I was expecting more from Akechi's bloodline.

    Tenkai then pick his katana and put in his sheath.

    Tenkai: Phantom Fire.

    Hanzo's body is covered in flaming slashes.

    Hanzo: Gah!...How...Even with Iai I could have...Tch!

    He jumps high and summons a black scroll and a red scroll and opens both of they.

    Hanzo: I am ending this right now! Nippon: Falling Star Rain!

    He spins fast in the sky like a propeller and throws a rain of shurikens covered in fire. When they hitted the ground, medium explosions were generated like a small meteor.

    Tenkai: I have nowhere to dodge...Then.

    He hold his blade in Iai position and swings fast in front of him like a shield of swords deflecting every shuriken nearby. But 2 Hanzo clones appears at both his sides ready to cut his head.

    Tenkai: He can still make clones?...If that is the case...

    He unhand his sheath and hold his katana with both hands, covering it with fire.

    Tenkai: Maelstrom!

    He swings a full circle and a twister of foxfire is created repelling the clones and the shurikens.

    Tenkai: *huff* That takes quite the toll. Did it sto-

    Tenkai: Gah!

    Hanzo stabs him from above in his torso from above.

    Hanzo: Just like your red friend, you have too much openings.

    Tenkai:...And like before you are too bold.

    He picks his sword and stabs in the ground.

    Tenkai: Purgatory!

    A dome of blue flames is generated on Tenkai's whole body and explodes Hanzo away.

    Hanzo: Gwaaa! Did he just burned hims-
    Before Hanzo could get up, Tenkai was pointing his sword just at the side of his neck. The 2 wounds from Hanzo were healed.


    Tenkai: Turns out that a Blue Hybrid can use their own fire to heal recents wounds like those and gain a bit more of vitality. Of course, takes some mana from it, so I always try to save a bit.

    Hanzo: I see...It is your win then. Now go ahead. Kill me. Another Hanzo will rise from my death.

    Tenkai:...You said you would prefer death than owning me your life, right? But would that be the best for Tsukuyomi?

    Hanzo: Where are you getting at?

    Tenkai sheat his sword and goes straight to the castle.

    Tenkai: My point is...If I were in your place, I would do whatever life I have left to secure the people I love. I will win nothing with your blood and I have no interest in your services so I will let you live even if you aren't grateful. If you wanna kill yourself I wouldn't get in the way...But it doesn't need to be right now, right?

    Hanzo:...Are you taking pity on me?

    Tenkai: That is up for interpretation. I do think Tsukuyomi...No, Taiyo needs someone who can make things right in the darkness. Be this man you or another one later on. After all I have been bathed by the shadows as well.


    "Hold it!" A group of Kitsunes appears on the castle grounds and faces the two.

    Eight-Tails: Tenkai and Hanzo...I don't know what happened between you two, but you both are going down here!

    The Kitsunes turns into foxes with weapons in their mouths. Hanzo then gets in front of Tenkai.


    Tenkai: What?

    Hanzo: I will put my trust you only this time. If I have to die, then it is by taking the maximum of Kitsunes I can!

    Tenkai: Are you sure? You are not in the best shape and there is 4 Eight-Tails and 3 Kamaitachi with they.

    Hanzo: Then go ahead and kill me. I have no intention of withdrawing.

    Tenkai:...You are hopeless.

    Tenkai turn his back at him.


    Tenkai: Huh?

    Hanzo: Tsuki Yoshida. That is my name. It was a tribute to your father. I think you should know.

    Tenkai:...Akechi Sanzuke.

    He run inside and Hanzo pick his swords.

    Eight-Tails: You think you can take on us alone? The previous Hanzo couldn't defeat Kyuubi-same even with a horde of ninja with him.

    Hanzo: That Hanzo was prepared to throw away his life to taking down Kyuubi...But since neither of you aren't her...

    He summons a yellow scroll in his hand.

    Hanzo: I just need to keep with the basics.

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    Chapter 70: Great Tengu Akihara.
    The remaing Red Beasts climbed through the stairs and reach an empty room without any stairs left, but a round area in the middle of the floor.

    Johnnathan: Are we on the final floor already?

    Shiiha: Not yet. Leave it to me.

    She goes at the center of the circle and unleashes some kind of magic force that makes the circle glow blue.

    Shiiha: Everyone, get closer.

    The four enter in the area of the circle and then that part of the floor goes up.

    West: Huh. An elevator. Too much for Eddie.

    Shiiha: Aren't you guys concerned about him?

    Johnnathan: He is tougher than he look.

    Meanwhile at the floor below, The Nue is pinning Edward while him is trying to block Nue's face with his spear, preventing him from biting his head.

    Edward: It...is not that bad.

    Florencia: What can we expect from above Shiiha.

    Shiiha: Well, part of the main forces of Kyuubi-sama are guarding the upper areas. Sooner or later I believe we might have an encounter with The Tengu.

    West: Say, are these Tengu fellas a bunch of weirdos wearing masks with long noses and wings on their backs?

    Shiiha: Yeah. Why?

    West: because I guess they are those fellas surround us right now.

    They reach the next floor and are surrounded by Tengus armed with spears everywhere.

    Johnnathan:...Well, I had it worse before.


    Akihara appears and lands next to them.

    Shiiha: Akihara-san.

    Akihara: What are you doing with those strangers?! You of all people think of betraying Lady Kyuubi?! After all this time she treated you like a younger sister?

    Shiiha: Akihara-san, please let me explain. We do not come with ill-intentions. I brought someone who can finally bring peace to our country.

    Akihara: And who is this someone?

    Shiiha: He is...busy outside, but-

    Akihara: I'll free Kyuubi-sama from the news of your betrayal...By killing without she knowing! Tengus!

    He flies back and gives an order to the Tengus and they aims their spears skyward. A small whirlwind is formed from the tip of these spears and they aim to the crew.

    Akihara: Fire!

    He and the Tengus fire several whirlwinds at the crew from every direction, but then Vanilla picks her staff and glows green.

    Vanilla: Wind Catcher!

    All the whirlwinds are absorbed by her staff.

    Akihara: What was that?

    Vanilla: Wind Counter!

    She smashes her staff and a giant dome of wind is generated and blows the Tengus away.

    Akihara: Guh!

    Florencia: A Wind Magic reversal. Not bad for someone who is doesn't adept to Wind.

    Shiiha: That was amazing Vanilla!:D

    Vanilla:*blushes* S-Stop praising me like that.

    Akihara and the Tengus step up.

    Akihara: Don't go think you can just pass like that!

    Vanilla: West. Flor. Go with Johnnathan. I'll stop him.

    Johnnathan: Are you crazy Vanilla? There is too many!

    The Tengus lunges towards they.

    Shiiha: Leaf Twister!

    Shiiha turns back into her normal size and summons various whirlwinds of flaming leaves that protects them.

    Shiiha: Then I'll stay here with her. I am one of the 3 retainers of Kyuubi-sama, I can fight.

    Florencia:...Sure then. I will not waste time convincing you otherwise.

    Johnnathan: Well, it is settled then.

    West: You people sometimes.

    The three run to a set of stairs nearby and keep climbing.

    Akihara: Hmpf. Only three will not be a burden to Kyuubi and the Kitsunes. You. Spellcaster. What is your name?

    Vanilla: Er...Vanilla Sundae. Nice to meet you.

    Akihara: Your foreign spells is nothing like any magic I ever seen in my centuries of life. I shall take priority of take down your life.

    Shiiha: I'll be watching ypur back Vanilla. You got this!

    Vanilla holds her staff and thinks of Edward who left for stopping the Nue.

    Vanilla: Gladly!

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    Chapter 71: Facing-off the Ninetails.
    After leaving Vanilla and Shiiha behind, Johnnathan and his 2 crewmates had reached a single square room that contained a spiral hallway that went upwards like a slope. Johnnathan and West ran the slopes while Florencia went flying. They rached the top exhausted while Florencia healed they. There was a larger straight hallway leading to a gigantic door.

    Florencia: Why did you two ran anyway?

    West: Can't help it. This place has death looking at you in every corner.

    Johnnathan: Really? I thought it was pretty calm and we were just having another friendly competition. Where is the Kitsunes that Shiiha talked about it?

    West: Probably those guys behind us right now.

    They turn and spots several kitsunes with 8 and 7 tails.

    Kitsune: Sup.

    Johnnathan:...Were you guys waiting for us reach this place.

    Kitsune: Yup.

    Johnnathan: Why not attacking us while we were climbing?

    Kitsune: We would be easy targets for the fairy in those slopes.

    Florencia: Hm...Clever.

    The Kitsunes they turn into fire foxes and gets in battle positions. West then turns into a wolfman and Florencia radies her bow.

    West: Keep going Johnny. This door screams big boss lair all over it. The earlier you deal with her, the faster we get out of this hell hole.

    Florencia: Your enemy is a Dark Lord. Be careful.

    Johnnathan: I'll do my best. (I can't top Raven if I can't face a Dark Lord like him after all.)

    Johnnathan kicks the door and advances.

    Kitsune: You think only 2 of you can face against the best of Amaterasu?

    West: I already dealed with one of the most dangerous. Besides, a Wolf has no need to fear a Fox.

    He picks his machete and he and Florencia keeps on guard while the foxes all dashes towards they.

    Back in the floor that Edward was facing the Nue, the beast was throwing lightning bolts at a long range and Edward was repelling with his electric charged spear. The Nue teleports trying to smash Edward with his claws, but Edward dodges swiftly.

    Edward: It's funny...It seems his movements are a bit...slower...no, it just...me.

    A few days ago, aboard The Gloria, Florencia and Edward were playing chess on the dock.

    Florencia: Checkmate.

    Edward: I lost...Again.

    Florencia: You're improving.

    Edward: Say that when I have one win out of 76 matches.

    Florencia: It is taking me more turns to beat you each time. That is the point.

    Edward: Why are you making me play this again?

    Florencia: It is a form of learning. If you imagine yourself as all those 14 pieces you can see yourself getting better at fighting you know. Slowly you are catching up. It is kinda how physical training works. The more stress you do, more muscle fibers grows.

    Edward: Does this means in a fight between me and you, currently you would kill me in 78 out of 78 fights?

    Florencia: I wouldn't put that way, but I guess so. You have been passing all this time since the attack of Eysideci stealing pirate loot didn't you?

    Edward: Not stealing. Picking up what they left.

    Florencia:...Same thing. And by learned how to hunt treasures, you coincidently learned of how to solve many kind of puzzles didn't you?

    Edward: Well...I never liked being this crew's official lockpicker, but it is a thing.

    Florencia: That is the basic of experience. Johnnathan have been travelling with Heinrich, fighting pirates, rogues and rogue pirates for so long he became the best fighter of the crew.

    Edward: Don't forget the fact that he is a dark magic battery natural roguekilling machine.

    Florencia: That just helps. Should the same apply for you, brother of the God of Thunder that is human just as her?


    "Eddie! A Torpedo Shark pierced the deck! Go fix it!"

    They heard West shouting from the deck.

    Edward: Maaan, again?!

    Back to present time, The Nue generates a barrage of lightning pillars and launches they at Edward.

    Edward:...Right. Left. Left. Right. Left.

    He spins and dodges all the attacks send at him and gets close to it.

    The Nue lifts his claw to crush him.

    Edward: Right!

    He dodges to the right and the Nue misses and procceds with an electrical tail whip attack.

    Edward: Up!

    He jumps high and it is closer to the Nue's face.

    Edward: Valkyria Toss!

    He toss his electric spear and pierces through Nue's thunder armor, and pierces its head, passing even through the chin.

    The Nue falls and stops generating electricity.

    Edward:....Huh. I...actually did it.

    He picks his spear at the fallen beast.

    Edward: Well, I guess having a deathmatch with a mixer monster can be pretty easy if you survive a few minutes. I can't belive I am gonna say this, but I am looking foward for my next game with Flor.

    He then takes another look at the Nue.

    Edward:...Stupid Monkey-Dog-Cat thingie. This is for Corporal Mcswaggy!

    He kicks the Nue and the beast stands.


    Edward: Gaaaaah!

    Tenkai comes from behind and decapitates the beast.

    Tenkai: I told you. Head.

    Edward: Huh. Heya Tenkai. Good to see ya. How about that Hanzo fella.

    Tenkai: We got in an agreement. Some kitsunes pursued me, but I got rid of they. Where are the others?

    Edward: Oh. This beast came back and I hold it off for they to pass through.

    Tenkai: You're saying you held off against one of the most fearful Yokai alone in order to Johnnathan advance? Wow. I wasn't expecting that from you.

    Edward: Hehe...well...if anyone asks could you skip the part you saved me at the last moment? I swear the beast was dead when I pierced the face.

    Tenkai: Yeah. I suposse you deserve the credit. Let's join the others.

    Behind the giant gate that Johnnathan kicked, he climbed a small set of stairs in a dark chamber illuminate by blue torches. When he finished the last step, a passage leading to a very big chamber with empty torches around. In the far end another door stood and a female figure was laying down showing her back at him.

    Johnnathan:...Are you perhaps the Ninetails by any chance?

    Makoto:...So, you arrived.

    She stands up and shows her fan covered in foxfire.

    Johnnathan: Oh....Oh! I get it! You gonna make a super cool spin move that will light the entire room!


    She summons her nine flame covered tails and do just that.

    Johnnathan:*clap* Ha! Nailed it! Man, that still felt cool.

    Makoto: One man. I wonder how many lives did you threw away to stand before me.

    Johnnathan: I didn't threw any live away. None of them were lost...I guess. Say lady, mind you hand over your Fox Heart. It is the only thing I actually care for coming all the way here.

    Makoto: You mean this?

    She shows her necklace.

    Johnnathan:...Can't say it. I never saw it...Oh. Hold on!

    He picks the Victory Compass and it shows glowing and pointing at Makoto.

    Johnnathan: I guess this a yes.

    Makoto: Is that another relic of the Immortal Age? You are no normal human.

    Johnnathan: Heh. About that...You are half-right...or half-wrong depending on your perspective. I ain't human lady. I am a Hybrid. Red, to be exactly.

    Makoto: W-What?! A Red? You mean the fabled spawn between a human and a vampire? After nearly a millenium I set my eyes on one...Are you perhaps the Red Beast?

    Johnnathan: I guess I am well-know in Amaterasu. I don't really remember crossing near your borders.

    Makoto: Your name have spread all around the world a few years ago by now? What does you the Black Demon have in mind with my necklace?

    Johnnathan: A pirate doesn't needs a reason to plunder.

    Makoto: Hmpf. You came all the way here for mere burglary? This is more than your regular jewelery child. It is a national treasure passed down by the Kitsune Leaders. And yet you come here, standing against one of the 3 Dark Lords for satisfy your ambition? I guess your kind is just as proud as your bloodsucker progenitors.

    Johnnathan: Believe me, our ambitions go far beyond you and your kind.

    Makoto: Such arrogance. To think a low-minded fool would be in front of me...Just like the previous Hanzo and the late General Akechi.

    Johnnathan: Oh yeah, speaking of which, I know your son.


    Johnnathan: Sanzuke isn't it? He goes by Tenkai now. I kinda like it more. He is a pretty good guy by the way.

    Makoto: T-Tenkai?! So Sanzuke was Tenkai all along?!...Just as I feared.

    Johnnathan: Yeah. And he is with me, as one of my "throw-away" lives.

    Makoto: You saying my son is trusting you? He is aiding you in taking away my Fox Heart?

    Johnnathan: He said I could have it. He just wants you to stop the war.


    Johnnathan:...Well, he never gave any detail actually. The only clues he have involves the Spider Clan and a Key Scroll they were trying to retrieve back in Blitzreign.

    Makoto:...I see, so you came here with the Gate Point. Don't tell me Shiiha is also involved?

    Johnnathan: Yeah, she is a good girl. She likes you...like, a lot.

    Makoto: Aside of this scroll, nothing is still new I'm afraind. The Spider Clan was always untrustworthy and now I am having second and even fourth thoughts on joining forces with they. You know about the fall right?

    Johnnathan: Yeah. That might be the first thing Taiyo was know for the rest of the world.

    Makoto: Then how can we ever have peace with a happening like that huh? One of the two pillars of that peace crumbled down that day...The man I loved!

    Johnnathan:...Your son couldn't even tell you.

    Makoto: Tell me what?

    Johnnathan: About who really took his father and your lover. He saw everything.


    Johnnathan: The one who took his father away happens to be the same man who took mine. One who is also called a Dark Lord just as you. Raven, The Rogue Pirate Admiral.

    Makoto: Raven...That is how Corvus is called isn't it?

    Johnnathan: Yep. The Raven of Greed himself. It was just a few days after Eysideci attack wasn't it? The Fall?

    Makoto:...So what?

    Johnnathan: What? You don't believe me? Ask your son.

    Makoto: You may be acquainted with my son, but what do you think his words weight? If Yoshimetsu wasn't the one who triggered the Fall then who was? Until that blob of ink is not erased, what he wishes for is just a little boy's silly dream. I have to re-educate him about it!

    Johnnathan: You don't even gonna give him a chance? And here I thought my mother was harshy. I may don't know the details, but isn't what he wishes the same that you wished long ago? Were you a infant as well? I don't know your age, but you had to be pretty mature since you were the Head of your Clan at the time.

    Makoto: Silence! Don't pry any further foreigner!

    Johnnathan: One last question. You said something about re-education. What do you plan with Tenkai after this?

    Makoto: Make him fight for Amaterasu now. No one will need to know about our blood links.

    Johnnathan: And what if he says no.

    Makoto:....I'll have no choice, but accept responsability. At least will not by anybody else's hands that someone dear to me will be taken away.

    Johnnathan:..You know, I guess your foxfire isn't that hot as I may think. I bet it is even cold. No wonder it is blue.

    Makoto: Where are you getting at?

    Johnnathan: Maybe you're right. Tenkai's and your previous's wishes were just fantasies.

    Makoto: Huh?

    Johnnathan: You never felt anything for Yoshimetsu didn't you? It was just a child's play wasn't it?


    Johnnathan: And you never really loved your son.

    Her eyes ignates with a burst of blue blazes.

    Makoto: I said SILENCE!!!

    She burst a huge tower of blue flame from her body.

    Johnnathan:*Clap*Clap* Haha! Anger Volcano. I saw this coming but it is still awesome. Sorry Tenkai, I'll be dancing with your mother tonight.
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    Chapter 72: Other side of reality.

    After the Nue was slayed, Tenkai and Edward arrives in the elevator room, only to find a large pillar at the center.

    Edward: What the? Where are the stairs?

    Tenkai: I heard of an elevator that rises to the upper floor somewhere. I guess our companions used it.

    Edward: So how do we call back?

    Tenkai: Only the Kitsunes or the Tanukis can use it. But I know of an Emergency Elevator of sorts.

    He lights his palm with foxfire and touches the pillar. The pillar reacts and a door appears from it.

    Tenkai: Enter.

    Edward: Ooookay.

    There was a small room inside for six people at most. They enter and the door closes.

    Edward: Soooo what now?

    Tenkai: Do you fear heights?

    Edward: Not that much.

    Tenkai: That will do.

    He touches the ground with his balde on fire and the floor goes up like a fire geyser.

    Edward: Awawawawawawaaaaa!!!

    On the room from the floor above, a cylindrical pod appears in the middle of the elevator platform that went to the floor above. A door opens and Edward gets off very dizzy.

    Edward: *huff* Next time....warns me when we gonna ride a volcano....

    Tenkai: Edward-san...

    Edward: What?

    Tenkai: We have company.

    They are all surrounded by a group of Tengus.

    Edward: ...Well shit. I supossed we were to expect something like that.

    Tenkai: What I am concerned is...What about everybody else.

    The two pick their weapons and engage they in battle. Meanwhile, "somewhere else" in the castle Akihara was walking through a corridor in a maze of hallways.

    Akihara:...I've been grow tired of these mind games Shiiha. Bringing me and the spellcaster along in this fabricated space just to avoid my men is a smart choice, but I am not someone who can be played with it. Reaaaal soon I'll get used to this illusion and find you.

    On a sealed room in that space, Shiiha could hear him while standing next to a worn out Vanilla.

    Shiiha: How are you doing Vanilla?

    Vanilla: I-I just need time to refill my Mana. That is all.

    Shiiha: It is good you can repel all his wind attacks, but it is no good when he can just repel anything we launch at him with sheer strenght....I need to think of something...


    A thunder attack break a wall of the room and Akihara appears with his body emiting sparks.

    Shiiha: What?! Akihara? You can-

    Akihara: Since any wind attack I send at you is useless I think it might pull another card.

    Shiiha: So you can use lightning magic as well....I see...

    Akihara: It is better to keep your secrets out of your friends before your foes you know.

    Shiiha: Is that so....Vanilla.

    Vanilla: Y-Yes?

    Shiiha: Just keep laying down and acts naturally. Don't worry, because I am a close retainer of Kyuubi just like him.

    Vanilla:....You mean-

    Akihara: Nonsense. You are not like me.

    Shiiha: I'm afraid you are. You're not the only one who kept thing hidden from me.


    Suddenly, a storm of leaves comes from the walls and envelops her. When the leaves are dispelled Shiiha changed form. She was with a mature body and her hair was a bit longer. She removes her masks and reveals yellow eyes covered in black marks.

    Vanilla: Huh? W-Where is Shiiha? Who is she? Akihara:...I sincerely was not expecting this. I always thought you looked too young for your age.

    Shiiha: Fufu. You see, my husband always liked me...younger looking. If I have to cut part of my magic for this, then so be it.

    Akihara: So changing your appearance costs your power? Ha! You expect to bel-

    She shoots a wave of leaves that sends him flying away through several walls.

    Akihara: Ow. Ow. Ow....Grah!....Yeah, I guess she was telling the-


    He gets kicked in the face by a dropkick of a shining pair of legs that shatters his mask.

    Akihara: Guh! That. Is. It! Thunder Armor!

    He get engulfed by an electric aura and attacks her with his spear, but Shiiha blocks with a sword made of leaves.

    Shiiha: Ha!

    She swings next to his face and scratch his cheek.

    Akihara: Sneaky Raccoon!

    He attacks more fierce and pushes Shiiha back.

    Shiiha: Raccoon Arrow.

    She forms a bow an an arrow of leaves and shoots the arrow at Akihara, but he dispels with a wind swing of his spear.

    Akihara: I never thought you of all people would give me this many trouble. I'll finish this!

    He swings his spear clockwise and launches an entire tornado at her.

    Shiiha: Raccoon Storm!

    She sends a wave of leaves that looks like the tornado that dispels it alongside the leaf storm. Shiiha falls down looking tired.

    Shiiha: *pant*pant* Ugh!

    Akihara holds her neck with his body covered in electricity.

    Akihara: Any last words?

    Shiiha:...No. What about you Vanilla?

    Water: Water Jelly! A water dome is generated through Akihara and he releases Shiiha.

    Akihara: What? The Spellcaster? But from where? My....thunder is fading.

    Shiiha: You didn't noticed, but I might have disoriented you sense of time and space as well. She was always nearby.

    Akihara: This is still not-

    Vanilla: Freeze!

    She traps him in a statue of ice made of the water.

    Akihara: I-Ice magic?

    Vanilla: Now the finale. Fire Tower!

    She engulfs him in an enormous pillar of fire.

    Akihara: Gaaaaaaaah!

    The room then starts shining and they are teleported back in the real castle. Tenkai and Edward were there surrounded by fallen Tengus they defeated. Akihara falls in the ground scorched.

    Edward: Vanilla? Where the hell you were?

    Vanilla: I was not far...but yet not close.

    Edward: Huh. Poetry. And who is this pretty lady with you?


    *poof* She puts a leaf in her head and turns into a small young girl.

    Tenkai:...You always full of surprises. Is that The Great Tengu?

    Shiiha: Yes. Vanilla took him down.

    Edward: Huh? For real?

    Vanilla: Well, Shiiha kinda lended a hand.

    Edward: Hehe. That is still awesome.

    Vanilla: S-Stop teasing me.(Why do I feel so flustered?)

    Shiiha: I see you two took the care of the remaining foes in this floor. We must keep going.

    Edward: And what about him?

    Shiiha:...Akihara is still a dear friend. We'll let him live.

    Tenkai: No time for senseless killing anyway. I have to meet my mother as fast as possible.

    The four advances to the next floors.


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    Chapter 73: Dark Lord Makoto.


    A battle was triggered by the anger of the Ninetails against Johnnathan. When she unleashed her flames, several flying flaming foxes flew in the air and pursued Johnnathan. He tries to avoid they, but he can't shake they off.

    Makoto: You might run, but these beasts will never stop the hunger for your flesh!

    She picks her fan and throws a storm of flaming shurinkens at him with a single swing.

    Johnnathan: This looks like a warzone. Very well then. The best defense is the offense.

    He charges his swords with darkness and the foxes comes from the right and the shurikens on the left.

    Johnnathan: Red Rampage!

    With a rapid fury of his swords he dispels both of they.

    Makoto: So that is the latent Dark Magic passed down by the vampires. Able to dispel any magic....but at how much?

    She charges her fan with fire and engages him in close combat, waving it like a weapon.


    Johnnathan: Wow. That thing looks sharper.

    Makoto: You said earlier you would dance huh? So show me your moves.

    She strikes him with her fan moving it like a classic dance.

    Johnnathan: You're fast, but a bit too fragile. Red Upper!

    With an upper attack he pushes her fan and opens her guard.

    Johnnathan: You're open!

    Makoto: Nope!

    She unleashes her tails on fire and lunges they at Johnnathan. He tries to block it, but several of they stabs him.

    Johnnathan: Guh!

    Johnnathan falls to the ground with wounds that were covered in foxfire.

    Johnnathan: Damn...those are not healing at all...again, using nine tails is quite a disadvantage.

    Makoto: It seems that your magic has limits just as I suspected. Let's see how you can focus on healing those wounds...

    She ignites her fan and forms a giant blade of foxfire from it.

    Makoto:...And survive this.

    Johnnathan: Bloody hell.

    On the previous room, in the same hallway that West and Florencia were facing the Kitsunes, their foes were flying towards West like comets, but he cover his claws with darkness and is able to stop they. Florencia is in midair shooting at many foes possibles.

    Florencia: How are you holding up West?

    West: I'm fine, but...If it weren't for this magic I might be a goner by now and I think I'm running low....Huh?

    He reacts quickly and holds his machete in a defensive stance. He blocks some invisible air slashed and receives a few bruises. A trio of Kamaitachis appears and he reverts to human form.

    West: Tch. It seems I am at my limits.

    Kamaitachi A: Look brother. A Werewolf.

    Kamaitachi B: He could react at our movements. The stories aren't farfatched as we heard. Should he take him down sister?

    Kamaitachi C: Of course. On my mark!

    The three disappears and rush towards him.

    West: Shoot!

    "Water Dome!"

    A dome of water is formed around West and the three seems to stop.

    Kamaitachi C: Huh? Where did this com-

    "Valkyria Toss!"

    A spear is throw nearby and it releases an impact of sparks that shocks they.

    Kamaitachis: Glubabababababagahh!

    Kitsunes: What is this? Reinforcements?

    Tenkai: It seems we came at the nick of time.

    Tenkai appears passing through the Kitsunes with his swords unsheated.

    Kitsunes: Huh? Who is-

    He sheat his sword and flaming cuts appears on the Kitsunes.

    Tenkai: What does that make us?

    Florencia:....Big damn heroes.

    Vanilla teleports with Edward and Shiiha next to West.

    Edward: Hey. You okay old-timer?

    West: I never thought I would welcome it seeing your face and not being annoyed by your lame jokes.

    Shiiha: Where is Johnnathan?

    West: He went to that big front door.

    Shiiha: That place is Kyuubi-sama's training room. It is certain he had made contact with her. Tenkai, wouldn't you like to aid him?

    Tenkai:...I feel like I am more helpful here. The number of Yokais seems to be increasing.

    Edward: Yeah...Our best bet is holding they while Johnnathan faces her. West, can you keep it up?

    West stands and transforms back into a wolfman, honing his claws.

    West: I could ask you the same Eddling.

    Back in the training room, Makoto was swinging her fan like a giant sword that had a extraordinary reach cause of the foxfire. Johnnathan couldn't react well because of his burns.

    Johnnathan: So that is how West felt in Ra, huh?

    Makoto: A bit too sloppy aren't you Red Beast? You should watch out where you step.

    3 tails covered in fire appears from behind Johnnathan ready to stab him. He quickly pushes them away, but he is attacked by behind with an attack of her fan followed by flying foxes that burn his back.

    Johnnathan: Grrr! Damn...

    He pick his gun and shoots at her, but she blocks with her tails.

    Makoto: Is that all? What more c-

    A Red Spiral was shot when she opened her guard a little bit and a cut appears on her face and a tail had a big hole on it. She touches her face and pick some of her blood.

    Johnnathan: Whoops. Sorry. Didnt wanted to mess your pretty face...My mother's was prettier by the way.

    Makoto:...Don't get cocky!

    She jumps towards him and gives him a backfist covered in foxfire that sends him flying away.

    Johnnathan: Gah!

    He tries to get on his feet, but falls in the ground.

    Makoto: You can't hide that your strenght is slowly disappearing because of your wounds. It was a foolish to stand against the lord of the Yokais alone. Perhaps if you brought Sanzuke along it, you might have get out of here alive.

    Johnnathan:...Hehe. Sorry for my cockyness. I am one of those people that have to first try to know it. (Shit. She is not wrong about my strenght.)

    Makoto: Good grief. I heard that youngsters are so harshy and quicky nowadays. I shall at least give you the pleasure of disposing of your corpse.

    Her nine tails ignites on fire and from each one, a head of a fox made of fire rises from it and flies at Johnnathan. When they reach it, a enormous blue explosion is generated and his body get engulfed by a giant blue bonfire.

    Makoto:...I guess this is the end of the Red Beast. I guess the Black Demon will come next. I bet he can be far more of a challenge...Well, I will go see my son now.

    She walks to the path Johnnathan took and leaves him behind. In the middle of the flames, Johnnathan's body was laying down on the floor with his eyes aiming at the ceiling.
    Johnnathan:....Haha. So that is how it is. My story ends here huh? I wonder how many chapters were....Seventy chapters or something I guess. I wonder if anyone would read with a finale like this...Sorry Henry. I guess you have to find that treasure without me ...Eddie...Flor.... West... Vanilla...Tenkai...I hope you can get out if here safely...sorry for mixing you all into this. I should know I can't top a Dark Lord. Last time I tried, I couldn't even touch it....but...just one time...I wanted to...see you... and talk to you...Evelyne....

    "Oh. And who is that?"

    He hear a familiar voice and looks at his left. He see his mother sitting next to him in her knees unharmed by the fire with her hand on her chin looking at him with an annoyed look.

    Johnnathan:....Who...are you?

    Ruby: What? Can't recognize your own mother?

    Johnnathan:....Hah. I get it. This must be one of those Near Death Experiences I heard people talking about it.
    She slaps his face very hard.

    Johnnathan: Ow!

    Ruby: Can a Near Death Experience do that?

    Johnnathan: I...Dunno. I never had it...but if you are my mother...how are you even here...you died.

    Ruby: A mother is always there for her son. Death is no excuse.

    Johnnathan: That...doesn't make sense.

    Ruby: *sigh* Goodness Johnny, I always thought you were a smarter boy than Henry. What have your father teaching you while I was gone anyway? I know giving up wasn't one of those. And there you are, looking like a wounded lion who can't hunt a mere rabbit waiting for the hyenas to laugh and eat your remains. Pathetic. If any of my kin would see you now, I would die of shame. If you and Henry were educated by the way I was in Hollowgrounds you wouldn't look like a pansy that you are now.

    Johnnathan:...You weren't this mean back there.

    Ruby: Let me tell you something about my people Johnny. Blood. That is everything, it almost like a god. It runs deeper in us than any other race in this world. A vampire's blood is more precious than a family heirloom in every way, material or spiritual. You might be only half my kind...but if you just try to reach it...you can make it.

    Johnnathan: Reach it?

    Ruby: The blood.

    She cut her wrist with her nails and blood starts get spilled. She then places her son's head in her lap and approaches her arm next to his mouth.

    Ruby: There. Drink it. Feed it to your heat content, my strong little beast.

    Johnnathan looks at her wounded wrist and has a sensation of thirsty emerging on him. Like if he hadn't what to drink for days.

    Johnnathan: Aaaah....

    He calmly picks her wrist and sucks the blood from it.

    Makoto: Ah!

    As Makoto was about exit she suddenly stops and feels a chilling sensation that paralyses her.

    Makoto: W-What is this feeling? What is this sensation of anxiety and fear. It is almost nauseous. C-Could it be...

    She looks behind and take a look at the bonfire. From there, she feels an ominious air coming from within it.

    Makoto: Who....What are you?

    There a single red glow could be seen from inside. Then around it, a big red skull emiting a dark aura starts to form with the red glow being the right eye of it.

    Makoto:...I-I don't know what is it...But I don't wanna know for some reason.

    The skull howls and a steam of darkness dispels the flames.

    You know that feeling when the story reaches the part that you were expecting to reach it after 7 months. That is the feeling I have right now.
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    Chapter 74: Dark Synchro.


    Where there was a inferno of foxfire, now lies a black storm of pure darkness that turned into a giant horned skull with large fangs that devoured the entire bonfire and leaved an enormous pressure of wind that pushed away Makoto who was blocking it with her fan and struggling to keep on her feet.

    Makoto: Guuuh! It's like the eye of a hurricane.

    On the hallway where the crew was fighting the Yokais, West and Florencia felt a tingling sensation that soon turned into a chill in their spines.

    West: Whoa...Sure is cold here?

    Florencia: Urrrr....

    Florencia drops her bow and falls from above.

    West: Flor!

    He jumps ang gets her before falling. She was out cold.

    West: Hey Flor, what is wrong?! Wake up!

    Florencia: So...much...dark...

    Edward: What's gotten with her? And what is...going with everyone else?

    The Yokai were all feeling dizzy and weak. Shiiha was suffering from a headache while Tenkai was holding her preventing her from falling.

    Shiiha: What is happening Tenkai? Is this Highlander-san?

    Tenkai: I don't know...But I am feeling something that is not hitting me well from that direction.

    West: Yeah. For some reason I'm not wanna pass through that door...Vanilla, can you detect anything I dunno...magical?

    Vanilla: Weeell....

    She checks her staff and it is flashing and erading the glow constantly.

    Vanilla: I can pick something but...I cannot measure it.

    Tenkai: Could it be...That?

    Nearby Zhar's waters, The Vitoria approaches to enter Zhar's territories. Aladdin is in the deck observing the sky when suddenly a chill hit his spine.

    Aladdin: Huh? Is that....

    He looks at far east with a face full of anxiety. He does a move with his hands and summons Hainrich that was brushing his teeth.

    Heinrich: *spit* Wha? Hey Al! What did I told you about teleporting me like-

    Aladdin: Can't you feel it?

    Heinrich: Fell wha....Woah. What is that?

    Aladdin: It just a hunch, but...I guess your brother beat you at something in his life.

    Inside the ship, Nikolai was working on a gun when some sort of radar started blimping.

    Nikolai: What the?

    He checks the radar and check some readings.

    Nikolai: The shit? That is from all the way to Taiyo. What is happening in there that can even reach here?

    Back in Mians, in Zinc's house, Schneider was helping Zinc to make a broadsword by applying her dark magic into the fire while he slammed his tail at the steel.

    Schneider: Hm?

    She stops and looks behind her directly at the east.

    Zinc: Hey, why are you slacking off? We were going pretty well here.

    Schneider: Didn't you heard or felt anything?

    Zinc: What? The windows are closed. Is that damn goat this loud? Or are those damn rats again?

    Schneider: ...Maybe it is nothing we can do about it.

    Far north of Drakland, in a big rocky island near the North Pole that extended like a city of rocks with a giant mountain far away covered in fog and clouds, Dragon Vale. Up in the mountains surrounded by magma and smaller volcanos, several dragons woke and they started to rampage around. Tiamat was from a cliff above observing them.

    Tiamat: The Dragons are so inquiet. Even the elder ones. As if they sensed something is coming...may come.

    He looks at far east in the horizon.

    Tiamat: Then let it come.

    Fairyland Forest, deep in the woods surrounded by a blue glowing forest that shines near the sunset. A knight figure with his body totally covered in silver armor hiding even his face stands afoot at the branch of one the many trees looking at the direction of the sun with his arms crossed is distracted by a feeling from behind and merely turns back without any worry.


    On the Fairyland Citadel, a giant tree that surpassed any other in the forest and was a entire building inside was surrounded by an agitated growd of fairies. One small male fairy was flying in panic inside and reaches some sort of library room with 2 floors. A small maiden girl with giant wings is looking at a book looking at the opposite direction of the sun and the night rising.

    "Fairy Mother! Fairy Mother! It is terrible!!"

    Fairy Mother: What is terrible, Malcolm?

    Malcolm: We...we don't know! But is scary! There is this feeling in the air that is wrong! Is it that Corvus fellow? Please, call the Paladin to protect us!

    Fairy Mother: Tell everyone that we are safe for now.

    Malcolm: Huh?

    Fairy Mother: While this darkness that was born is indeed powerfu itl is not a giant wave that will destroy everything it passes without reason. Rather, it is a warrior clad in a black armor that will never give up the fight. Either if it is a brave hero or a evil conqueror is a mystery.

    Nearby on Gel, in the Gel Magic Academy, a old man in a weelchair sleeps inside his office. A crystal ball in his desk starts getting dark and explodes waking he up.

    Ronan: Hm?....Is already evening?

    Ronan Fitzgerald, High Master and Chairman of GMA.
    88 years old.

    Ronan:....For a moment I heard Alex's voice. I must be near my death then, heeheee.

    In a isolated forest of bamboo surrounded by fog in Zhar, the Monkey King Sun is meditating with his staff on his knees. He opens his right eye and looks at the east.

    Sun:...What is that noise?

    In another area of Zhar, in a mountain surrounded by hot springs, various men and women with veils covering their faces guards a small hidden iron temple. Inside, Hian without his mask with his face hidden by the steam is bathing in a hot spring. Near him a hooded man wearing black pants and wooden sandals is outside of the springs sitting on a rock.

    "....Hey boss."

    Hian: Yes Hyow.

    Hyow Ran.
    First-Mate of the Eastern Wind;

    Hyow: Is it me, or is it a little noisy here?

    Hian:...Yeah, I too feel like a change in the air.

    In a Drakland Ship making his way to south of Taiyo, General Walpole is polishing a rifle when he hear some barking outside his room.

    "Wooof! Woof!"

    Walpole:....Plese don't be Shepherd.

    He goes out and sees Captain Shepherd barking at north.

    Walpole:....What are you doing Captain Terry?

    Shepherd: Huh? Sorry General. I felt something nasty over there and...Sorry, instincts.

    Walpole: That way is Taiyo...It is no mystery there are shady things there, but....Forget it, our priorities are others.

    A few kilometers away from the South Pole, The Death Crow was just above the cold waters and the icebergs. In the deck 2 rogues look down as the ship passes through the water.

    Rogue A:....Hey.

    Rogue B: Yes.

    Rogue A: Have you ever wondered if you are being observed?....Or maybe, have your action read by someone else?

    Rogue B: Well, I-

    A tingling sensation hits they.

    Rogue B:...Well, now that seemed like something important.

    Inside the ship, Moonlight was bored throwing some daggers at targets in the wall. All of they had a bullseye on it. When she is about to throw one last dagger the tingling sensation hits her she misses her target by a centimeter.


    She approaches her target and picks the dagger.

    Moonlight:...What the flying hell was that and how dares it makes me miss it?!

    Earlier than that, Black was swinging his sword with Nightmare sleeping nearby in another room. Suddenly they feel a sensation on their spines and Nightmare wakes up.

    Black: What the? What was that I just felt?...And why did it looked like it could scary me?


    Nightmare goes back to sleep.

    Black:...You shiting me. It could even wake him up?

    In the bar if the ship, Evening was cleaning a cup and Noir was slowly mixing a cup of vodka mixed with blood in his hands when the chilling sensation hit they and both of them dropped thair cup.


    Evening:...Oh my.

    Noir:...That certainly hit the spot. What do you think it is?

    Evening: I don't know...But I can't help to have this familiar feel about it.

    In the captain's room, Raven was with his legs on the table and swinging his chair back and forth looking very bored.


    The tingling sensation hits him.


    He goes back to swing his chair like nothing happened it.

    Meanwhile in another land south of Taiyo, a swamp that is filled with air of death and swamp gases, a lot of carcasses of reptiles, birds and boars were pilled together in one place. On top of that corpse mountain, Chill was chewing on a bone of what appears to be from a swine. He stops chewing when he suddenly notices something at the north.

    Chill: Hngh?

    He stares at the horizon and drops his bone. He then smiles and starts to droll a purple saliva.

    Chill: Kehehee...Hehehehe...Heeeehehehehe!

    Back in Taiyo, on the Yuki-Onna Village, Ehihime was cooking a soup in a giant cauldron when she felt a chilling in her spine.

    Ehihime: Oh my...If I am feeling cold, it is because it is not natural.

    She then quickly, floats outside.

    Ehihime: Girls!

    She call the young ones and they are instanly summoned.

    Yuki-Onnas: Yes, Ehihime-sama.

    Ehihime: Everyone, get ready. We have to deliver this giant soup to Amaterasu.

    She then picks a small scroll from her bosom.

    Ehihime: Let's take the Gate Point.

    On the battlefield that crossed the borders of Amaterasu, the Kitsunes and the Yokai starts feeling with a bad condition.

    Ieyasu: Hm? Something feels wrong. Soma how are-huh? Soma?

    Soma: Ghn...My head hurts.

    On the battlefield, Kasa is carrying Asuka to the rear lines.

    Kasa: Guuh...What is this feeling.

    Asuka: It is called hungover little sister. It is part of adulthood. Heeheee.

    In the city, the Yokai were all suffering from headaches and nausea. Tsuchigumo who just reached the castle looks back at the city and feels the same conditions, but he hold his posture.

    Tsuchigumo: That is the same thing from back there. That Red must be facing the Kyuubi now. Heh! I hope you're okay, "my, liege."

    In the Training Room, the ferocious dark winds stopped and Makoto was able to hold her own. She then looks at where Johnnathan was and noticed the torches were all extinguished.

    Makoto: What is....Those flames cannot be erased easily.

    She lights they again ans she see Johnnathan's figure that seemed to be unharmed and healed form his burns.

    Makoto: You....What is this form?

    He was different. His entire body was emmiting a dark smoke-like aura and same darkness was being expelling from his eyes. Also his hair lost the orange shade and it was all black and both his eyes were glowing red.


    Makoto: What is with that look? Are you even alive?


    He then picks his left sword and charges with darkness. With a single swing from only one of his swords he delivers a full blow Red Spiral that was bigger than a regular one. Makoto istinctively reacts and tries to block with her fan. She can't shake it off, so she forcely deflects to her right. The blow flies through the wall ang goes out of the castle. The Red Spiral still flew and keep going far as it could.

    Tsuchigumo: Wowza....That is definetly him.

    Makoto: Such power....Is that the strenght of the vampires? No. Their magic wasn't the best...Could it be...A hybrid can actually bring the best of both races?

    Lost in her thoughts Johnnathan appears standing before her with a look of indiference in his eyes and swings his left sword.

    Makoto: Wha?

    She blocks, but her body flies through the wall he made it and lands on top of a nearby house.

    Makoto: Such power....This one is a real threat.

    She looks back at the castle and spots Johnnathan looking down on her at the hole in the wall. He takes a second to breath and jumps from ceiling to ceiling until he reaches her.

    Makoto:....Are you still in control?

    Johnnathan:....Sorry about that. This is new so I am getting used to it.

    Makoto: How are you feeling it?

    Johnnathan: I don't know...At the start I couldn't really see whatever I am doing it and it was all blurry, but...how do I explain? I can feel evey single drop of darkness inside my body now. Like I am in full syncronization with it....It is scary and at the same time pleasant.

    Makoto: I see...Are all Reds like this.

    Johnnathan:...I don't think so.

    Makoto: Then, I am grateful...Because I wouldn't feel very well with myself going all-out against a regular hybrid...Prepare yourself Red Beast!

    She opens her arms and gets surrounded by her own fire.
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    Chapter 75: Fox Chase.

    The flames that were enveloping Makoto starts to take some sort of shape. Soon those flames formed a body of a giant fox with a very ferocious face with nine tails. Johnnathan looks at her beast form putting his left sword in his shoulders.

    Johnnathan: So that is the Ninetails, huh? I forgot that you were a shapeshifter as well.

    Makoto: This is me using one hundred percent of my power. You are the fourth foe to ever faced this form.

    Johnnathan: The fourth? For some reason I wanted to be the first.

    Makoto: I was preparing to use this against Raven again sometime after too long, but you can take the honor. You are a worthy rival.

    Johnnathan: So Raven faced this before. Certainly it was before he went Rogue...Very well, let's see how this new trick of mine can take me.

    Makoto radies a tackle attack and dashes at him like a rocket. Johnnathan barely dodges.

    Johnnathan: Whoa! I noticed the killing intent way before, but even so I nearly hadn't the time to react correctly. If I was still the old me I might had take quite the punch. So this form enchances my senses as well...

    Makoto: Stop blabbering to yourself.

    She leaps and turns into a big fireball. After spinning, she flies at the buildings and ricochets in the walls, attacking Johnnathan from every direction.

    Johnnathan: Her speed is increasing...I must keep myself moving to another ground.

    He escapes from her by laeaping from roof to roof while she tries to scorch him as a fireball. Back in the castle, Tenkai forces himself into the Training Room together with Edward and Vanilla.

    Tenkai: Johnnathan?! Mom?! Where are they?

    Edward: I...Have a theory about it.

    He points at the very big hole in the wall that formed an entire tunnel to outside of the castle. They advances and looks at the City Amaterasu from above.

    Edward: Nice view from here.

    Vanilla: Any ideas who made this? I'm pretty sure this was not here when we looked from outside.

    Edward: If we consider there were only 2 people in this room and....Is that a flying fireball causing rampage down there?

    He sees Makoto flying through the city pursuing Johnnathan while the citzens tries to evacuate.

    Vanilla: It seems to be pursuing someone, but I can't see it.

    "Hey guys."

    West appears carrying Florencia on his back with a small Shiiha on top of his head.

    West: Nice hole. What are you guys looking at?

    Edward: Some magic blue ball destroying the city. How is Flor?

    Florencia:...I'm fine, I just...feel a little sick.

    Shiiha: Most of the enemies back there lost their will to fight. West and I took care of the stronger ones.

    Florencia: Where is Johnny?

    Vanilla: Oh hey, Flor. Can you see what is going on down there? There is this...thing pursuing someone?

    Florencia: That's....Foxfire. It appears to be the Ninetails by the ammount.

    Tenkai: My mother...So she is using all her powers. I myself never saw her transform into a fox.

    Florencia: And she is pursuing....My Mother, is that Johnnathan? He looks so edgey and dark.

    Edward: More than he already was?

    Florencia: It is like if he is a portrait that was painted by a depresed self-hating painter and same painter killed themmselves because of the excess of sorrow they putted in the canvas.

    West: What kind of death it was?

    Florencia: The bad ones. Slowly and painful.

    Edward:...I think you two have been hanging too much.

    Vanilla: So, by the way, before entering here I placed a spell I have been developing for some time down in the entrance.

    Florencia: What kind of spell?

    Vanilla: It is a teleportation point spell. If I pinpoint a locationm I can teleport without finding the coordinates and I wouldn't feel any after-effects of mana overuse.

    Florencia: Incredible. Did you done that based on Glyphs? Only Ronan and Aladdin can use it. And I heard the King of Drakland.

    Vanilla: It is...not perfect. It is only a low-tier Earth Spell for now.

    Shiiha: Well, it is something. Let's go down quickly.

    Edward: After climbing all the way here, it does feels like a waste.

    She activates her staff and make them disappear. Down in the city, Johnnathan was jumping from house to house to avoid being scorched by Makoto. At some point he trumbles into a larger building and stick his feet on the walls like a spider and runs up. Makoto then turns herself into a fox again and chases after him in her four paws climbing the wall defying gravity like him. Johnnathan then looks down and sees her chasing him.

    Johnnathan: So she is faster on her legs as well. I suposse facing her in an air battle is not smart...Let's try a new thing.

    He turns back and fall down to her direction.

    Makoto: What is he planning now?

    Johnnathan: If I need only one sword for a Red Spiral then...Double the use! Dual Red Spiral.

    He swings his swords one after the other and unleashes 2 Red Spirals at her.

    Makoto: This is bad!

    She tries to block the attacks with her tails, but the attacks penetrates and part of her tails are destroyed.

    Makoto: Gah! This is not enou-

    She gets kicked by Johnnathan's foot that were covered in darkness and sent to the ground. Johnnathan lands on the streets of the city and Makoto stands up by erupting more flames and regenerating the parts of her body.

    Johnnathan: Mmmm...I think I get it. Your body is mostly magic right now. Considering I am overloading with the thing that destroys magic...I guess I don't really need to fear anything.

    Makoto: Hah! And why do you think bring this fight to the ground will change anything?!

    She waves her tails and throws some buildings away, leaving more space to fight.

    Johnnathan:...You don't really treat your own city very well.

    Makoto: Re-building a city is easy. Hard is to find the people to do the job.

    She roars and makes a circle of fire that traps him with her.

    Johnnathan:...They always told me women wanted to heve me for themselves, but I wasn't expecting the mother of my third best friend being one of them.

    Makoto: The fact that you put two other people over my son annoys me a little.

    Johnnathan: It is only fair since I've met them earlier.

    Back in the castle, Vanilla teleported they all in front of the main door of the castle. Down there they see the smoke caused by Makoto's destruction.

    Edward: Yep. Things looks way bad from down here.

    "You've returned faster than I expected."

    Hanzo appears heavily injured.

    Vanilla: Oh. It is the rude guy.>:I

    Hanzo: You're still hostile to me?

    Vanilla: What is this, rude? Are you still mad at Tenkai because of his parents, rude?>:I

    Tenkai: Don't antagonize him so much Vanilla. How are you?

    Hanzo: Can't you see by just looking at me? I was at the Death's hanging line for a while, but then those foes started acting strange and got weaker, so then I got the upper hand.

    Vanilla: Hmpf. Thanks Johnnathan for saving your life.

    Hanzo: So it was the Red Beast the cause of those behavior? And that is his doing as well?

    Tenkai: He is keeping my mother busy. It has some collaterals by doing it.

    Hanzo: The Kyuubi...All by himself? Just what exactly he is?

    Tenkai:...A Hybrid. That is what he is....And a good friend.

    Hanzo: Friend?

    Tenkai: He is similar to us. He lost many things. Some that cannot be replaced...He is a nice guy to have at your side. Someone worthy fighting for.

    West: Hey, I love sweet talks, but can we move on? We are near a warzone.

    Tenkai: Alright West. Let's go.

    They ran at the location of Johnnathan's fight and leaves Hanzo behind.

    Hanzo: Someone fighting for....

    He gets in deep thought and Ryuugi spies them from one of the castle's roofs.
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    Chapter 76: The beginning of a legend.


    Makoto: Before anything else, tell me Red Beast, what is your name?

    Johnnathan:...Highlander. Johnnathan Highlander.

    Makoto: Highlander...Ah, I see. The Red Demon's son I take it. It is indeed a name worthy remember.

    She opens her mouth and forms a giant katana made of fire that she holds in her mouth.

    Johnnathan: Jeez, as if being big as West when he turned into that Fenrir thing wasn't enough.

    She dashes after him and strikes with her blade that makes contact with his swords as if it was solid.

    Johnnathan: My darkness can't dispel it...Is it burning too strong now? I guess I have to put more juice in these blades of mine.

    At a distance, the rest of the crew is approaching the fight through the roofs following the smoke.

    West: Come on guys, we are getting closer. I can smell him.

    Vanilla: *huff* Please...This rooftop jumping is new to me.

    Edward:...Well, can't be helped.

    Edward picks Vanilla on his arms and lifts her.

    Vanilla: H-Hey Eddie! What is the big idea?!

    Edward: Aren't you tired of jumping?

    Vanilla: Y-Yeah, but at least warn me when you're gonna go bride carrying you dolt!

    She starts hitting his head with her staff.

    West:....Did he messed up or what?

    Florencia: It is a start.

    Shiiha: Heh. Youngsters.

    They keep advancing and reaches a place that it seems had some buildings swept away with a ring of fire in the middle.

    Edward: Hey, is that?

    Edward calmly drops Vanilla and the group approaches. They climb a pile of rocks nearby and observes the fight.

    West: Wow. That is one huge fox.

    Tenkai: So, that is my mother...

    Shiiha: And is that....Johnnathan?

    West: Holy. He looks so...

    Edward: He looks totally kickass!

    Vanilla: Yeah. So fearless and wild.

    Tenkai: Is that how people in the west would praise a portrait of a painter who commited suicide?

    Florencia: I...Think so.

    West: Did that hypothetical painter's death involved a razor blade?

    Florencia: Yeah. With an ear cut or two.

    Tenkai: I wonder...Is that healthy for him?

    As Johnnathan was sparing his swords against Ninetails, he could feel his muscles getting burned by each move he makes.

    Johnnathan: I think I have been overusing this for a while. Must not have been wasting playing tag.

    Makoto: It seems you are finally suffering from some after-effects of this little trick of yours.

    Johnnathan:....Wait? How did you talked right now?

    Makoto: What? Did you really think I use this mouth to talk?

    Johnnathan:...I think I figured it out. Red Upper!

    With only one sword he breaks her defense by slashig her cheek. Part of her face disappears, but regenerates it again.

    Makoto: You really scrateching this face do you?

    Johnnathan: Do I really? Dual Red Spiral!

    He aims his attacks straight to the center of her body. Instead of enduring, she dodges to the left.

    Edward: He can shoot 2 of his spiral beams now? What a cheap.

    Makoto: So you saw through. Very well, I am sick of this dance.

    She opens her mouth and charges a fireball inside.

    Makoto: Try to take on this!

    She turns the fireball into a maddive fire blast that goes straight at Johnnathan like a train.

    Florencia: Such power!

    Johnnathan: Oh shit.

    Without anywhere to run he jumps to the sky.

    Makoto: I got you!

    She digs her tails undergrounds and under Johnnathan those tails appears like pillars of fire and turns into foxs's heads to crunch him.

    Johnnathan: Oh boy, no place to run....So then...

    He charges his swords with a high concentration of darkness.

    Johnnathan: Red World Rampage!

    With great speed and range he dispels those fire foxes.

    Makoto: Impossible!

    He then lands with Makoto right into a straight line from him.

    Makoto: Damn vampire spawn! Just drop dead!

    She charges another of her fire blast attacks and Johnnathan puts his swords crossed in front of him.

    Makoto: You're gonna try to block it now? As if!

    She shoots the blast and Johnnathan still stands.

    Edward: Johnny, are you nuts! Get the hell out of there!

    Vanilla: I-I can't look at it.

    Johnnathan:....I'm gonna all-out attack. Flying Red Cross!

    With a cross-slash of his swords he sends a spinning cross attack made of darkness that flies straight at the blast. When the attacks connects, Johnnathan's move drills through the blast and approaches Makoto at a very high speed.

    Makoto: W-What? I-I cannot push it back?! How? HOW?!

    Her mind goes back to about 800 years ago when she was a 8 Tails. In a isolated mountain after Amaterasu, she was next to a large and strong-looking male Kitsune with big fangs in his under jaw with nine tails that had a wound in his side laying down on the floor. It was the previous Ninetails before her.

    Ninetails:...Splendid, Makoto. Just splendid. You have bested at last. An amazing feat for someone so young with no more than 2 centuries of life. I bestow you the ninth tail of the Kyuubi.

    He lights one of his fingers and another tail is born on Makoto.

    Ninetails: Makoto...you are the youngest Kitsune to have become a Kyuubi...you are indeed a true genius...as my final duty as Kyuubi I will give you a piece of knowledge...if by any chance you are beat in combat...It will not be because your foe is younger or older than you are....what will make they above you...is how much more of a monster they are than you....

    Makoto then burns his body with her foxfire and he is turned into blue ashes as she looks down with a single tear shed from her eyes. In the present time, the cross attack finally reaches Makoto and when it hits, her humanshape body is expelled from the giant flaming fox.

    Makoto: Gah....

    Shiiha: U-Unbelievable...He forcefully separated her human form with the beast form?

    Makoto lays down in the ground while the fire forming the ring and her beast form loses their forms and returns to her tails. She tries to get up but doesn't have the energy to stand. She looks at Johnnathan remembering his predecessor's last words "more of a monster" and see his figure with a giant red horned skull behind him.

    Makoto: So that's...The Highlander....

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Side Chapter: Fort Report 1.

    Somewhere in the western seas in between Drakland and Neon lies a fortified island that only had other small desert islands around. Above the walls, 2 rogues, one with a red bandanna and the other with a yellow bandanna watches the horizon.


    Yellow: Yeah?

    Red: What day is it?

    Yellow: Wednesday?

    Red: What day of the month is it?

    Yellow:...May 3th, I guess.

    Red: Goddamnit!

    He kicks a part of the wall and leaves an entire hole on it.

    Red: We've been here for only 3 days?! It felt 3 months! Graaaah...

    He picks a small bottle in his breast pocket and drinks.
    *glug* glug*
    Red: Aaaaaah...Damn. If this wasn't so addictive, I would have been out of this tub already.

    Yellow: You hate being a rogue, Sheldon?

    Sheldon:...Who doesn't? I mean, if people fear rogues for turning they into rogues, they wouldn't fear rogues in the first place!

    Yellow: But, isn't cool being in the top of the food chain?

    Sheldon: That depends on your definition of the top of the food chain. Why are you so positive, Joshua?

    Joshua: Oh! I mean, isn't exciting? Being chosen by someone like Raven to sail alongside him?

    Sheldon: Well...Raven isn't here and we aren't even sailing. So your point?

    Joshua: This? It is just a checkpoint. I'm sure we will be called back to the Death Crow one day.

    Sheldon: Wake up Joshua. This fort was already doomed when Chill Island was taken by Drakland. We are just here in case no one decides to meddle, which appears to be the case, and Raven do whatever the hell he wants with this hectare. We are basically sitting ducks.

    Joshua: W-Well...A sitting duck can be a honorable position.

    Sheldon:...Do you even get what this organization is about it.

    "Hey boys. I heard something breaking it. Is it cannons? Shoot me at they!"

    A rogue with a black bandanna and a long dark gold coat appears like a madman with a large iron harpoon with a chain attached to it.

    Captain Potato.
    Captain stationed at the Fort 7-B.

    Joshua: Nothing captain. Just Sheldon who broke part of the fort.

    Potato: Oh...Well, sorry Sheldon, but you know what I told you. If you are gonna break something, may that thing move and preferably breath as well. I want this fixed until dusk!

    Sheldon: Why? It's not like we have a breach on our defenses or something. And even if it was...Defense against who?

    Potato: You never know what lurks in those waters. Listen to the captain of this fort!

    Sheldon:....You know "captain". At this point you should know that Captain is just a short name for an elite rogue that have other rogues to order. Only the Hated 6 and the Royals have fun in this joint.

    Potato: Weeeell, I'm glad you know your place Sheldon. Maybe with discipline, you might become the next Potato. Or maybe an Eggplant.

    Sheldon: I bet those aren't even vegetables, but not that Raven cares.

    Potato: Well, I am in a fair mood today, so you have until dawn Sheldon. Now if you excuse me, I have to find a whale or something to shoot this because if I don't kill anything this week, I might kill you two, and you guys are my best men.

    Sheldon: We are your only men. There is only us 3 in this fort.

    Potato: Another reason for me not to do it. I'll be bored. See ya fellas.

    He jumps from the wall and lands on a small boat.

    Joshua: I admire his enthusiasm.

    Sheldon: I don't know what I done in this life or in the previous one to deserve being stuck with you idiots.

    Joshua: You should look at the bright side of things. Instead of rogues, we could have been vampires. Can you believe how bad would it be? The thirsty, the sorrow and the human exploit?

    Sheldon: Well, not that we have anything other than blood in this piece of scrap floating in the ocean to enjoy it. Having the strenght of 10 gorillas and the ability to turn into smoke isn't rewarding as well. The irony? Is it the blood that stuck us into this junkyard.

    Joshua: Jeez Sheldon, if you hate this place so much, why did you enlisted?

    Sheldon: En...listed?

    Joshua: Yeah. You didn't enlisted to this?

    Sheldon: What are you talking about it? I was a blood slave in Hollowgrounds.

    Joshua: Really? Some shady guy in a cloak didn't approached you to offer immortality with a life of pleasure and adventure?

    Sheldon:...No...And even if it did, I would obviously say no as well.

    Joshua: Pfft. What? You will never know if you try it?

    Sheldon: I....I don't believe this.

    Joshua: And on another note, look at you now. Once a blood slave. Now, a Fort Guard. Isn't that a improvement?

    Sheldon:...I hate you. How many days we were supossed to receive any news from above again.

    Joshua: I think it is....one month.

    Sheldon: One month...This will be great.
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    Chapter 77: Culprit Revealed.

    As Makoto was powerless in the ground, Johnnathan slowly approaches her with the darkness inside him leaving the air heavier for her. When he gets closer enough enough he points his gun at her.

    Johnnathan:...The Necklace.

    Makoto:...Over my dead body!

    Johnnathan: Okay.


    Tenkai: Yes?

    Edward: Isn't that Johnnathan pointing a gun at your mother?

    Tenkai: Yeah...Yeah! You're right! Fuck!

    He rushes leaving a trail of foxfire.

    Shiiha: He can be so slow sometimes.

    Johnnathan: Sayonara.

    Tenkai: Noooo!!

    The shot was fired and the sound was still in the air for a few more seconds. Makoto had closed her eyes and opened them afterward. He notices only a hole that seemed made by a cannonball a few centimeters behind her where Johnnathan fired his shot.

    Makoto: Huh?...

    Johnnathan:...If you mother was really in danger of being shot she would be already dead, Tenkai.

    He speaks to Tenkai that was next at the side of the two.


    He picks his sword sheath and hit his head.

    Johnnathan: Ouch!

    Tenkai: Don't ever point a gun at someone else's mother again.

    Johnnathan: Easy, easy. Third Best Friends, remember?

    Makoto: Tenkai?...Sanzuke?

    The two finally make eye contact after too long. Johnnathan's hair then turns back to orange and his eyes go back to normal. The rest of the crew then reaches them.

    Florencia: Hey Johnny. How are you feeling

    Johnnathan: Oh. Hey guys. Were you lot close all this time?

    When Johnnathan finishes talking, lots of blood is expelled from his mouth in an instant.

    Johnnathan:....Tenkai, take care of the rest. I'm done.

    He falls in his back and his body is paralyzed.

    Florencia: J-Johnny?

    Johnnathan:...The pain....

    He holds back to not cry as he endures the toll he is feeling.

    Florencia: Oh my. Vanilla sweetie, could you heal him.

    Vanilla: Ah. Right away!

    She glows her staff white and covers it above Johnnathan's body.

    Vanilla: How is it Johnny?

    Johnnathan:...Let's just say I will not pass out.

    Tenkai then averts his eyes from Johnnathan to his mother.


    Makoto:...Have you look at the time? There was not even a note on your bed.

    Tenkai: Sorry.

    Makoto: What about you Shiiha?

    Shiiha: Sorry for acting behind your backs milady, but...

    Makoto: It is okay, I understand.

    She then takes another look at Tenkai's face.

    Makoto:....I thought you were dead you know.

    Tenkai: I...Just didn't wanted to be a burden.

    Makoto: And what do you think you have been this entire time? Are youngsters nowadays like this?

    She turns her head in disapprovement to Tenkai and he then bows in one of his knees.

    Tenkai: Is it there anything else you wanna talk about it?


    She faces him again and looks at his face closer than her's.

    Makoto:...You growing too much like your father.

    Tenkai: Father had a bigger hair didn't he?

    Makoto: Yeah. It was a pretty hair.

    Tenkai: I always found it your hair more bautiful.


    She looks down to the ground and closes her eyes with her hand on her lips.

    Tenkai: M-Mother? Why are you crying?

    Makoto: *sob* I-I knew you were coming....I though I was ready to face you again and convince you to join me but...Seeing you again after so long is....*sniff*..hiccup...

    Tenkai then hugs her, pressing her head in his chest.

    Makoto: Ah!

    Tenkai: There, there. It is okay. I am now here.

    Makoto: Sanzuke...*sniff*

    Tenkai: Mother...Would you please listen to me.

    Makoto:...Yes, my son.

    Tenkai: Did Johnnathan somehow told you about me?

    Makoto:...Yes. Everything.

    Tenkai: So you know about Raven as well.

    Makoto: Yes

    Johnnathan: Really? Now you're gonna listen and not kill prejudicially.

    Tenkai: Thanks for your comment Johnny, go back being dead.

    Johnnathan: Fuck you too!

    Makoto:...Teehee. You're very close to him aren't you?

    Tenkai: What can I say? He has that...weird charm.

    Makoto: What do you wanna ask me anyway?

    Tenkai:...Can we go back to the old days, Mom? The days without strife and death?

    Makoto: I...I can't do with without your father.

    Tenkai: Yes you can. Me and my father knew you always could it. All he did it was opening your eyes and give humanity a chance....please make his wish come true. The wish to a peaceful Taiyo.

    Makoto: Sanzuke, I.....Very well. You were my strenght all these years even though you disappeared. Like a good mother, I will try for my son.

    Tenkai: I am proud of you mom.

    The two embrace each other and Johnnathan looks as he is layed down.

    Johnnathan: Well, ain't that precious?

    Vanilla: I am so happy for him.

    Johnnathan: Probably wouldn't work out if I didn't almost killed myself.

    Vanilla: You kinda deserved it after that time when we leaved Tsukuyomi and-
    From nowhere a web is shot at Vanilla and she is stuck in a wall;

    Vanilla: Gah!

    Tenkai: Huh?

    Then several webs are shot at the rest of the crew and Shiiha to the same wall.

    Shiiha: This is-

    "Well. Well. Well."

    Tsuchigumo appears in the scene.

    Tsuchigumo: So that how is it, isn't it? The Kyuubi and General Akechi fell in love and had a child. No wonder that peace negotiation seemed sudden. Again, since good old Yoshimetsu was a weird one at the time, the very thought was never in my mind.

    Makoto: Tsuchigumo....

    Tsuchigumo: You don't seem surprised "milady"? Were you expecting I pull something like this?

    Makoto: Of course. That is why I agreed on your alliance in the first place when you offered. A shady figure like you needs to be watched very closely.

    Tsuchigumo: Hahaha! You're the one to talk. Hiding a half-breed son from everyone? You have no place to talk about trust. But again, you had quite the support during those days 20 years ago with that alliance talk so your actions were...justified.

    Makoto: What do you want?! Blackmail me or something?!

    Tsuchigumo: Blackmail? Please, that would be no fun at all. I just want you dead.

    Tenkai: What? But that is the same to wage war on all Amaterasu.

    Tsuchigumo: Don't worry good sir. I will make sure you and all your friends done the job.

    Makoto: You fiend....

    Tsuchigumo: I should thank you Red Beast for doing all the work. Because of that I will let you live...But I still can't let you roam free after this.

    Johnnathan: Go ahead, punk. I have a ruler of sea and a ruler of skies, plus 2 red hybrids and a genius intelectual with dubious tendencies that wanna know news about me.

    Tsuchigumo: Hahaha! I will gladly wait.

    Tenkai:...So you really meant harm for the Kitsunes all this time. Just let me ask you. Where you involved in the Fall as well?

    Tsuchigumo: ...Why don't you ask this guy?

    He forms a sign with his hands and a bust of white smokescreen covers his body. When the smoke perishes, instead of his figure, it was a face from long ago. Hideyoshi.

    Shiiha: W-What? Why did you turn into Hideyoshi?

    Edward: Hide-who?

    Florencia: The closest retainer of Nobunaga's ring. It seems they were the same person all along.

    Makoto: W-What did you said?

    Hideyoshi: So that is the keen vision of a Fairy. Fascinating. What more do you see wise one from the sacred forest?

    Florencia:...Everything. The Fall. Your false death. You infiltred Tsukuyomi's government to destroy it from inside.

    Makoto:...Coward. No wonder Ieyasu had doubts about you.

    Hideyoshi: Hehehehe. My objective was less important than what you guys might think.
    He reverts back into Tsuchigumo.

    Tsuchigumo: You see, as one of his closest administratives, I had influence to cover the coming of a certain individual into this land.

    Tenkai: What?

    Tsuchigumo: At the time, Taiyo had closed ties with the outside world because of our internal conflicts, but with that cease fire things ironically became easier. Of course there were strong strict policies about immigration, but I was able to bring one person inside undetected 10 years ago.

    Johnnathan: 10 years...Don't tell me...

    Tsuchigumo: Yes. Raven, the Admiral of the Rogue Armada.

    Makoto: You knew Raven?!

    Tsuchigumo: Of course. Remember that time when he lured you to Zhar? Who do you think killed your retainer that day and gave you those "hints"?

    Makoto: That was you as well?!

    Tsuchigumo: Absolutely. Before that day, I went to the West to know more about vampires. It was somewhere in Eysideci where I met him and his brother. Those two were able to detect me in there by sheer coincidence. They were more than what I expected and he also got very interested from what I said it about Taiyo. He really wanted to meet you...Makoto.

    Makoto: You have no right to call me that!

    Tsuchigumo: Anyway, I have been in contact with him since ever. 10 years ago he send me a message to find him in Zhar for a little plan of his. I would sneak him into Taiyo and he would take care of General Akechi while I would put the other part of the plan in motion. In fact, ever since then I have been his informant in Taiyo. Everything that have been happening here has gone to his ears.

    Makoto: So the Yoshimetsu of the Fall was...

    Tsuchigumo: Yes...A mere vampire impostor. That is why the army was know for being inhuman.

    Tenkai: So the Fall...My Father's death...Kasa's mother and every hybrid family in Taiyo's suffering...

    Makoto:...It was your damn fault, you son of a bitch!

    Johnnatahn:...There is something off that I wanna get myself into it.

    Tsuchigumo: And what would that be?

    Johnnathan: What the hell does Raven want in this land? And what the hell you would take orders from that asshole? You know he is King Jerkass from Jerkass Kingdom, right?

    Tsuchigumo:...We share a goal.

    Tenkai: Goal?

    Tsuchigumo: Ever since that day I met him, he had a viewpoint that were so similar it felt it was destiny that fated meeting. The destruction of this world.

    Edward: What? Destroy the world?

    West: I like the world. It is full of air. Breathable air.

    Tsuchigumo: I don't like the current state of the world as it is. This world is full of individuals that can accomplish so little in their misarable lives that disgusts me and strenght are only save for a few. Kyuubi-san. For 800 years you retained your title as the Ninetales. Do you know why? It is because no Kitsune stronger than you existed in these past 800 years. But what if everyone had a chance? Not only would they fight and fight, killing each other until one become a supreme god among them! That is Raven's wish. A world where we fight to survive every day. A day where pure strenght would matter! Where every single second would count! Every nation would either be a military might or a ruin from one day to other. No rules! No weaklings! Anarchy only! Final Destination! The World that Raven will form by his own might and power!

    Johnnathan:...What a load of bullshit.

    Weat: You know. Seeing it is coming from Raven's mind, it is no surprise, really.

    Tsuchigumo: Now, would you kindly die for my wish, Kyuubi-sama.

    Tenkai: Pass by me first!

    Tenkai stands against him.

    Tsuchigumo: Oh my. So the half-breed wanna take on me. Very well, you have a score to settle with me after all. In fact, killing her son while she cannot do a damn thing will just bring the spice of despair that will make her death delicious.

    Makoto: Tenkai, please-

    Tenkai: I cannot! He took my father away and I will not let he do the same to you!

    Makoto:...Tsuchigumo, if you....I wouldn't even...

    Tsuchigumo: So just don't watch it, you almost dead fox.

    "Don't watch this!"

    Suddenly a spear impales him from behind wielded by Akihara.

    Tsuchigumo: W-What?

    Makoto: A-Akihara?

    Akihara: Die!

    Tsuchigumo: You first!

    He slashes his face with one of sais followed by a roundhouse kick that sends him flying to the wall the crew was stuck and shoots a web from his mouth that sticks him in the same wall.

    West: Hi. Enjoying the neighbourhood?

    Akihara: Shut it!

    Tsuchigumo: You disappoint me Akihara. After listening to the whole truth you still fight for her?

    Akihara: And how you are any better to give not only Taiyo but the entire world to that bllodsucker?

    Tsuchigumo: That is it. You gonna be the first to-*BURN*

    A huge flamethrower attacks him from above. It was Wataru who was flying above the city. Tsuchigumo is left all scorched and black;

    Makoto: Oh my. Is that Wataru? He grew so much.

    Tsuchigumo: Gaaah! A Heavenly Dragon? You damn overgrow snake. Rock Eruption!

    He makes huge chunks of stones fly in his direction, but he flies towards them and smashes him with his claw.

    Tsuchigumo: Gaaaaaaaah! I...can..still...

    "That is enough."

    A web is shot at at Tsuchigumo and a flaming kunai is throw at the imprisioned crew releasing them.

    Tsuchigumo: What is this? Ryuugi?

    Ryuugi appears together with Hanzo.

    Tenkai: Hanzo?...And?

    Makoto: Ryuugi. The Spider Clan number 2.

    Tsuchigumo: Ryuugi...Why did you do this? Why you are betraying me?

    Ryuugi: Your late actions were dubious. All we need was a lead of what were their true nature. Now that we know you were infiltrated in Tsukuyomi's government ad your motives all is clear. You must know about the Spider Clan's Golden Code: Never bring harm to the entire clan. And by joining forces with Raven, you just did it. You were the ones you betrayed us in the first place.

    Tsuchigumo:...Heh. Rules...That is what I was more looking foward in the end. Crushing those.

    Hanzo:...I took a gamble from all this. I guess you Yokais aren't as cruel as I thought.

    Ryuugi: And you were more easier than reason than I expected.

    Tenkai:...Heh! I suposse I played a part on this.

    Hanzo: Shut up Akechi.

    Makoto: So that is the current Hanzo, huh? You two are very similar to your fathers together.

    Hanzo:...He was my uncle.

    Ryuugi: So, Kyuubi-sama. I guess you still wanna have him alive isn't it?

    Makoto:...Absolutely. Now that is my mind is clear...I can finally have a talk with Ieyasu.

    Amazing Unexpected Plot Twist!
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    Chapter 78: War's End.


    Just a few kilometers away from Amaterasu, the army of Tsukuyomi advances with a way smaller number of soldiers and a few wounded. Soma, Asuka and Kasa were still recovering from the phenomenon caused by Johnnathan.

    Kasa: All our enemies seemed to lost the will to fight and either were left behind or escaped. What do you think of this Asuka?

    Asuka then stops marching and extend her arms.

    Soma: Something the matter, Asuka?

    Asuka:...Tch. I'm going home.

    Soma: What?.....WHAT?!

    Asuka: If you wanna die go ahead. I miss my favourite pillow.

    Soma: Are you saying you're quitting? How many lives were lost so that we could reach Amaterasu?

    Asuka: Give me a break. Our men can't even fight and you wanna make them face Kyuubi?

    Soma: Then we rest here for the day.

    Asuka: Oh riiiight. Right in the enemy's garden.

    Kasa: You two, please. Don't go killing each other right now!

    Ieyasu: Soma. Asuka. Both of you have a bit of reason. One has more than the other, but still we need to make a choice now.

    Asuka: And what would you propose? The only way I can see reasoning with him is with a smash on his face.

    Ieyasu: Hm....

    Samurai: What the? What is that coming down?!

    Wataru descends from the sky right in front of they.

    Samurai: My heavens! A Heavenly Dragon!

    Asuka: It does looks familiar somehow.

    Soma: They had a dragon? Damn they.

    Soma then aim his arrow charged with flames, but Ieyasu stops him with an order.

    Ieyasu: No Soma. No one in Taiyo shall harm a Heavenly Dragon.

    Soma: But!

    "Jeez. Settle down."

    Tenkai then lands with his mother Makoto in his arms right in front of they.

    Samurai: That's...The Blue Monk Tenkai and...The Kyuubi!

    Soma: What is this? Did you came to hands her over to us?

    Tenkai: No. We came for negotiations.

    Soma: Negotiations?

    He picks his bow and aims at Tenkai.

    Soma: Here is my deal then!

    Asuka: Hey shitface! Who do you think you are?! Hanzo?! Let the man talk.

    Ieyasu: Lower your weapon Soma.

    Soma:...She is right in front of me, sir.

    Ieyasu: Lower. Your. Weapon.

    Soma slowly lows his bow.

    Tenkai:...I just noticed you are a Hybrid like me. Tha fact the 2 generals of Tsukuyomis are Blues is...Interesting.

    Soma: Cut the crap. I deserved this spot unlike a certain drunkard.

    Tenkai slowly puts his mother on the ground and she stands up.

    Ieyasu:...You look rather weak today Kyuubi.


    Ieyasu: Who is that?

    Makoto: My name. It is Makoto. To show my trust on you, I am revealing to you in front of your many men.

    Ieyasu:...I see. It is a pretty common name, I guess.

    Kasa: I almost forgot that the Kyuubi's real name is a secret.

    Makoto: I'll go straight to the point. I don't wish to fight Tsukuyomi any longer. Just now, I suffered a crushing defeat.

    Ieyasu: You were defeated?! Was it you Tenkai?

    Makoto: Even though it would be fitting to my own son to stop I'm afraid it was another man.

    Ieyasu: I see...Wait. SON?!

    Everyone from the army except Asuka and Kasa gets surprised.

    Tenkai: This isn't even all of it. It has been a while hasn't been?...Uncle.

    Ieyasu: Uncle?....SANZUKE?!

    He falls from his horse by the surprise.

    Ieyasu: You...You were alive boy?!

    Soma: What the? You are the brother-in-law of Kyu-I mean Makoto, Lord Ieyasu?!

    Ieyasu: N-No, it just that...Wait! Does this means....Akechi and Makoto...OH MY GOOOOSH!

    Soma: W-What does Akechi have to do with this milord?!

    Asuka:....sigh. I'm gonna blow it Sanzuke. Yoshimetsu is his father. There you have it.

    Soma: WHAT?!

    The entire army is in shock.

    Makoto: Hm? Is that perhaps that little friend of yours from the south?

    Tenkai: Yeah. I have been seen her a lot since my father's death.

    Makoto: Oooh...You know she looks a bit vulgar, but she is very pretty.

    Tenkai: What?

    Makoto: Nevermind.

    "Did you heard that? General Akechi and The Kyuubi..."

    "Does this means they were actually in league after all?"

    "I smell a trap here."

    A lot of doubt surrounds the samurais.

    Makoto:...Also, I have here the true mastermind of the Fall of Nobunaga.

    She claps her hands and a white smokescreen appears at her side. Ryuugi and Hanzo appears form the smoke with Tsuchigumo shackled in a cage with his eyes blindfolded.

    Ieyasu: Hanzo? And a Spider? Who is that?

    Tenkai: Let me explain Lord Ieyasu....

    He explains what he learned from the previous chapter.


    After hearing that, he approaches the gate where Tsuchigumo was imprisioned.

    Ieyasu: So you are indeed Hideyoshi...Is it true?

    Tsuchigumo:...Kekeke. Is it the fact that Hanzo himself is playing Makoto's game evidence enough for you?


    Ieyasu:...To think that my lord Nobunaga would meet his end by a farce like this. He was stern and stubborn. Only Yoshimetsu could actually demand something from him. But all he wanted was the prosper of his people. Makoto-sama, please consider sealing instead of the death penalty. Death is too good for him.

    Makoto: My thoughts exactly.


    Ryuugi: What is so funny?

    Tsuchigumo: I can't help but laugh. That is why I despise politicians. Always making things harder. You, Ieyasu. Even though everything was a big lie, I recognized you as a potential leader, but I look at you now and see a man that looks feared from outside but too weak to rule a country on his own. And you Makoto is no different. After stripping away of everything you loved, you refuse to seek revenge for the man who killed your precious Akechi and dived your life in an eternal hell? You throw the name of the Kitsune in the dirt!

    Ieyasu: It just as you say. Neither of we may be the ruler that Taiyo needs, but we are what Taiyo have. All we can do now is work together for a better future from now on.

    Tsuchigumo: Pretty words coming from someone who was this close of raging war on Amaterasu. Say Makoto. Wouldn't be more easier if instead of cooperation we just crush those weaker than us? Taking control of the situation by sheer strenght?!

    Makoto: Where are you getting at?

    Tsuchigumo: Don't you thinking it is over just yet! This is the Raven way. And Raven is coming! You better brace yourself almight Kyuubi, because Raven is not the Corvus you faced years ago. He-

    A cold wind came and freezed him inside a ice cube.

    "I hate talkative man."

    Ehihime appears before them.

    Soma: A Yuki-Onna...

    Tenkai: I wasn't expecting seeing you so soon, Princess.

    Makoto: Princess?...Is she Ehihime by any chance?

    Ehihime: Lady Kyuubi. It is the first time we met, isn't it not?

    Makoto: Yes. I heard you have been looking after my son when he was little isn't it?

    Ehihime: The pleasure was all mine.

    Makoto: Yoshimetsu told me many good things about you.

    Ehihime: He did it huh?...Now, if you excuse me Kyuubi...

    She forms a trident made of ice from the palm of her hand and approaches her with a omnious glare.

    Ehihime: Would you kindly let me impale your face with this?

    Makoto: Eeer...

    Tenkai: Princess....

    Ehihime: Oh. Kidding. I can't kill Sanzuke's precious and only mother...And Akechi would hate me for it.

    Makoto: S-Sorry.

    Ehihime: Sorry? You dare be sorry for having Akechi for yourself? Apologize for that!

    Makoto: Er...Sorry.

    Soma: What the hell are we witnessing here?

    Asuka: The opposite of a catfight.

    Ehihime: Aaaanyway, I found your friends Sanzuke. I believe they are close to "there". I send everything "there" as well.

    Tenkai: You mean...

    Ehihime: Yeah. Why don't we go all there as well to celebrate this alliance.

    Soma: Wait! Where is there? And we didn't decide an alliance yet.

    Asuka: Jeez, don't be a kill joy Soma.

    Soma: But...What about the paperwork and the conditions? And what about everyone's opinion?

    Samurai: Being frankly sir, after everything we saw at this moment, I don't really care.

    The rest of the samurai murmer with agreement.

    Soma:...If only it was that easy 20 years ago.

    Ehihime: Well, it is settled then. Let's go "there"!

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    Chapter 79: Susanoo.

    After day of marching with one point to rest, The Tsukuyomi Army and Makoto arrived at a specific point on Vista Hills. There, a sleeping Shiiha was spotted in the ground.

    Makoto: Shiiha. we're here.

    Shiiha: Hmmm....AH! Makoto-sama! Oh it feels nice saying this.:D

    Makoto: Shiiha, if you would.

    Shiiha: I waited 22 years for this moment. Illusion Release!

    She forms the entire village of Susanoo around they in thin air.

    Ieyasu: Is this...What I think it is?

    Makoto: Yes. Susanoo. I kept hidden and safe. I wanted to get rif of it, but part of me didn't wanted tp go to waste.

    Soma: So it does exists...Susanoo.

    Asuka: This place could get an extra sparkle or so.

    Makoto: Shiiha.

    Shiiha: Yes?

    Makoto: Call the Yokai. I have some things to say.

    Shiiha: Understood.

    She does what Makoto ordered and several of the Yokai who evacuated from Amaterasu gathered in front of her. She then explains the whole story around Tsuchigumo and the Fall.

    Makoto:...And one more thing.

    She calls Tenkai to come next to her.

    Makoto: This is the man knows as Tenkai, but his real name is Akechi Sanzuke...And he is also my son.

    "....SAY WHAAAAAT?!"

    They all fall back like if they were hit by a windstorm.

    Asuka: Never seen so many suckers falling since this year's New Years Eve Party.

    Makoto: Many of you might lose the trust for me and might think I am unfit to be your leader. But I have no regrets of my actions. If anyone wanna take me on go ahead. I will gladly accept the challenge anytime.

    "We don't have time for this."

    Akihara appears with his body covered in bandages.

    Akihara: Right now, all Taiyo is in peril of outside dangers. What we need is to join forces and be ready when the Rogues strike. That is all.

    He goes back inside a nearby house without saying anything more. All the Kitsunes and Yokai discusses with themselves and seems to agree with Akihara and Makoto.

    Ehihime: Well that is settled then. Who wants Fish Soooooup?

    Makoto:...The bird...

    It was near Midnight and an entire party was going on through the village of Susanoo. Humans and Yokai alike were in perfect harmony there. Soma and Hanzo watches the festivities from afar each one with a bowl of soup.


    Hanzo:...I never expected you as well being like Asuka.

    Soma: I am not like her.

    Hanzo: Easy. I already leaved those things behind. *sluuuuuurp* This soup is really good.

    Soma:...You seem a little different. Did something happened? I heard you survived a wave of Yokai even though you were wounded.

    Hanzo: ...I just didn't had the luxury to die. That is all.

    "Heya, fellas!"

    Asuka appears with a large barrel of Sake in her hand.

    Asuka: Isn't wonderful? Partying all night with different people? I mean, look at those fellas there.

    She points at a drunken human and a drunken kitsune chilling out together.

    Asuka: Hahahaha! So funny!

    Hanzo:...What did you come here for?

    Asuka: Oh yeah. I have orders from Ieyasu to you two.

    Soma: What is it?*sluuuuurp*

    Asuka: Starting next week, you 2 shall supervise the construction of Susanoo. So you both are to be transfered to here.

    Soma:*Spiiiiit* What? Why?

    Asuka: We came to a conclusion that we need someone representing mankind and hybrids so you two were the best candidates?

    Hanzo: But what about Tsukuyomi?

    Asuka: Don't worry about it. I have everything under control.

    Soma: That is what I am concerned about it?! Where is Lord Ieyasu anyway?

    Asuka: He is using an old shack as a tent. He is with Akechi.


    They heard someone shouting from afar and Kasa appears with bandages and salves.

    Kasa: There you are. I need to change your bandages and treat your wounds.

    Hanzo: Can't you ask this to anyone else?

    Kasa: Nonsense. Everyone else needs a break after killing each other, so let the newcomer take care of these kind of things. Besides, I have been treating wounds all the time in a friend of mine back in Blitzreign.

    Hanzo: Tch. You are just trying to be useful-Gah!

    Asuka press his wounds from the side.

    Asuka: Are you rejecting my cute little sister's help? Shame on you.

    Hanzo: Gah...I give up.

    In the old building where Ieyasu was, he was talking with Tenkai.

    Tenkai: And that is what transpired there.

    Ieyasu: I understand. It seems to me it was a tough battle.

    Tenkai: I wish that we keep the events of Amaterasu in secret. I do not want the words of her defeat to reach the ears of people like Raven.

    Ieyasu: I think I see your point. To a Dark Lord be defeated is something that can be described as a huge shock. Her name is know all around the world after all.

    Tenkai: My thoughts exactly.

    Ieyasu: Anyway, I am curious. Just who is this Red Beast anyway? How can someone like him exists?

    Tenkai: I don't know if this plays a part or not, but he is the son of The Red Demon.

    Ieyasu: You mean Highlander? The Vampire Hunter? He once worked with your father didn't he? To think their sons would meet each other...I guess this is fate.

    Tenkai: But again, I don't think this has anything to do with him. Johnnathan is simply one amazing guy. Now if you excuse me...I need to see my mother.

    On Shiiha's house that was the village, Makoto, Ehihime, Shiiha and the Red Beast Pirates were enjoying a meal. Ehihime and Makoto seems to be having a private conversation while drinking soup.

    Ehihime: So about Akechi, didn't you noticed that he would away stop at the exact moment? Like, just when it reached the point?

    Makoto: Now that you mention...Yeah. It's like he could read my mind.

    Ehihime: Sure thing....Man, Yoshimetsu was the best guy isn't it?

    Makoto: Yeah. He was like...God Guy or something.

    West: What the hell are these two talking?

    Florencia: I surprised you didn't get the hint.

    Makoto: So...How are you holding there, Johnnathan?

    Johnnathan was eating an entire mountain of food by himself.

    Johnnathan: *Nom*Nom*Nom*

    Florencia: It seems that took quite the energy from him.

    Shiiha: He seems to be fine. Do you want...Fourthies?

    Johnnathan: Nah. I'm fine now.

    Edward: So, what was that thing you pulled anyway?

    Florencia: You said you felt the entire darkness into you. In fact, when I saw you, I couldn't distinguish your darkness to your life force...As if they were one of the same.

    Johnnathan: Yeah...And something bugs me about that.

    Vanilla: Huh? What? Is it bad?

    Johnnathan:...How should I call it? Dark Fusion or Dark Syncro?


    West:...Syncro sounds too lame.

    Makoto: I can't believe this is even a issue. Is he always like this?

    Florencia: Usually he is one of the most serious in this group.

    Ehihime: Still, the power of Darkness really sounds horrific.

    Makoto: You know Johnnathan, you're kinda similar to how Yoshimetsu told me about your father?

    Johnnathan: Yoshimetsu told of him?

    Makoto: Yes. How they slayed down a Nue all by themselves.

    West: You mean that thing that went after us when we were avoiding those spider guys? You said you took care of it didn't you Eddie?

    Edward: Well...Edward lended me a hand.

    Makoto: I never thought there would be someone who would be called Demon other than Akechi. I guess he really did lived up by his name at the time.

    Johnnathan: How I am similar to dad?

    Makoto: From what I heard he was fearless and often didn't take things too seriously. That kind of guy.

    Johnnathan: Yeah, he was kinda weird. But a cool kind of weird.

    Makoto: Also, you and Sanzuke are very similar despise your race.

    Johnnathan: I noticed.

    Tenkai then arrives in the banquet.

    Shiiha: Sanzuke! You're here.

    Makoto: Hey son. How did it go with Ieyasu?

    Tenkai: It was fine. He is still the same clumsy man from before.

    Makoto: I see. Wouldn't you mind to sit? There is a few things I wanna discuss with you and your friends.

    Tenkai: Gladly.

    Makoto: Alright then. Johnnathan.

    Johnnathan: Yeah?

    Makoto: You came for this, don't you?

    She shows her Fox's Heart to Johnnathan.

    Johnnathan: Oh! The thing that happened to be the first place why we were even here! I almost forgot about it.

    Makoto: It is yours. You deserved it.

    She tosses to him and he catches.

    Shiiha: B-But Makoto-sama! Isn't that a national trasure of Amaterasu?!

    Makoto: It is okay. It will be safer in his hands than our's anyway. Now, there is someone else I have a question. You. The fairy. Florencia, right?

    Florencia: Huh?

    Makoto: I heard it that your people happens to be guardians of the ancient history. Since the Immortal Age, right?

    Florencia: I am still young, but if there anything you wanna know, I will be happy to try and answer.

    Makoto: Very well.

    She opens the palm of her hand and forms a figure of foxfire that resembles the woman that talked to her in her dreams.

    Makoto: This one has appeared in my dream once and it was trying to reach me for quite a while. This is just a hunch, but...Is she one of the Immortals?

    Florencia: Hmm....

    Edward: That is pretty weird. Did she told you about anything.

    Makoto:...To beware the Spider.


    Florencia:...So, you don't know who she is?

    Makoto: I'm afraid not. In fact I don't recognize any Immortal.

    Florencia: I see...I was raised by the Fairy Mother and lived in the Great Hall of Fairyland. There were portraits of various Immortals there. And she was one of they. This one is Izanami.

    Shiiha: Woah! Woah! Woah! Izanami? The mother of all Yokai? She is alive?

    Edward: Didn't she was slayed by another Immortal?

    Makoto: As the history dictates yes, but...There is just too much we do not know...but it was by the fact she met Izanagi that yokais like me exists...that is a fact we cannot forget it. Do you know anything else?

    Florencia: Outside of what Taiyo knows and thay she was part of a Clan of Immortals know as Fire Demons, not much else.

    Makoto: I see. Thanks anyway.

    "Excuse me."

    Someone arrives in the house and announces his presence. It was Ryuugi.

    Vanilla: Ah! The good spider guy.

    Ryuugi: That is how you're gonna recognize me isn't it? Makoto-sama. Tsuchigumo was safely imprisioned.

    Makoto: Excellent.

    West: I think it would be better to execute him.

    Ryuugi: Just because we were about to kill each other, it doesn't mean we are savages. And Makoto-sama, this might be too much, but I have somethignto ask you for.

    Makoto: What is it?

    Ryuugi: Would you please allow us of the Spider Clan to help build Susanoo into a great city alongside the Tanukis? We, The Spiders, lost all the little trust we had and we want to regain by doing something other than killing...please allow me to show we are different that Tsuchigumo.

    Makoto: Hmm...I suposee your abilities might be useful in building houses. What do you say Shiiha?

    Shiiha: I suposse he deserves a chance for helping us. Even if Akihara denies it, it is 2 against 1.

    Ryuugi: You two have my gratitude.

    He then leaves the house without any word.

    Makoto: I like how things are scaling up to.

    Tenkai: Me too.

    Makoto:...Tenkai, I ahve something to say.

    Tenkai: What is it?

    Makoto:...I want you to keep sailing with Johnnathan.

    Tenkai: What?!

    Shiiha: W-Whaaaat? You are encouraging your son to be a criminal?

    Johnnathan: I have no objections.

    Tenkai: Don't butt in Johnny! Why do you say this mother? You don't want me next to you after all this time?

    Makoto: To recover all the time I lost with you is everything I want now...but duty speaks louder than love this time. If what recent events have revealed is that our entire country is under a threat of national level.

    Tenkai: You mean...

    Ehihime:....Yes. Your mother is right, Tenkai. Raven has become a problem to us just like in the west. In fact, I heard that they done quite the deal in Zhar recently.

    Tenkai: I-I see...

    Makoto: And Johnnathan is an enemy you two have in common. He took away from you two what cannot be replaced. You two must join forces together to face the rogue threat.

    Tenkai: I understand, but isn't better to me be at your side helping re-building the country?

    Makoto: Don't bother about us. Besides, I know you would prefer to hang out with your friends as much as possible isn't it?

    Tenkai:...I don't...know what to say...

    Johnnathan: Oh, we love you too.

    Edward: Yeah man. We're a team.

    Florencia: You are one of the few I can count on keeping us alive.

    West: Things would be pretty weird without you, even though we met you like last week or so.

    Vanilla: I myself don't mind being around they as well.

    Tenkai:...You guys are so lame, you know that.

    Makoto: I would love to live with Sanzuke again...but now Taiyo and all the world needs Tenkai now.

    Tenkai: I understand. I will do it mother.

    Makoto:...You've grow into a fine man, my child. Your father would be proud of you. I'm glad I have you as my son.

    Tenkai: And I am glad to have a kind and beautiful mother like you.

    Johnnathan:....Bah. My mother was prettier.

    Tenkai:...Excuse me Johnny! I am trying to have a tender moment here!

    Johnnathan: Don't you do those things like...alone?

    Tenkai: We didn't see each other for 10 years okay! And she is far prettier than yours, I'm pretty sure.

    Johnnathan: That is because you never saw her! And she was also way more nicer than her!

    Tenkai: A Vampire more nice than a Kitsune?! As if!

    Johnnathan: I know it. I experienced first hand!

    Tenkai: That does it! Ready your blades!

    Johnnathan: Gladly!

    The pick their weapons and clash at each other with ferocious attacks on the table.

    Shiiha:...Should we try to stop they?

    Makoto: I'm pretty sure that is how youngsters nowadays strenghten their bonds, isn't that right?

    West: You could say a rivalry is a beautiful form of friendship.

    Florencia: Weird. Usually he is more calm than this.

    Vanilla: You know Eddie, I feel like you should do those kind of things as well.

    Edward: I...pass.

    Ehihime:...I just realized. Where is that native from The North Pole that was with you guys.

    West: You mean Billy?

    Edward: Well...He's....

    "I'm home!"

    A voice rises from the house and a small tanuki with the appearance of boy appears.

    Shiiha: Ah! Daaaaarling!

    She jumps in his arms, knocking him down to the floor and gives a lot of kisses in his cheeks.

    Florencia: Darling? Is that...

    Makoto: Yes. Hoji. Shiiha's husband. Even though he is about the same age as her he grew very little, so she keeps herself that size for his convenience.

    Hoji: Sorry for the lateness, I saw this surprise party down there and I found someone in need of help...Oh, hello there Kyuubi-sama. Long time no see.

    Makoto: You can call me Makoto.

    Hoji: So your name is Makoto? Feels weird hearding after such a long time. Why is there two youngsters fighting in our house?

    Shiiha: Oh, ignore them. It just the springtime of youth.

    Hoji: Haha. I love those words. Make me wanna relive ours...Anyway, as I was coming back helping our children with the harvest, I found a very...unusual fellow near that mountain. You can enter.

    He calls the guest and for their surprise, it was no other than Billy who was itching his head. When he enters Johnnathan and Tenkai stopped fighting and were grasped by their surprise.

    Billy: Uuuuurh...

    Edward: B-B-BIIIIIILY!!!

    Vanilla: Thank Goodness you're alive!*sniff*

    West: Maybe it is a ghost.

    Makoto: A Marusian, huh? He kinda reminds me of a Hanya.

    Edward then jumps and hugs him crying rivers

    Edward: You're alive Billy! God job, soldier!

    Billy: Oh! Commander! It seems you suc....Wait...

    Edward: Eh?


    He grabs his neck and faces him heads-on.

    Billy: My head is working fine now. You LIED to me all this time!

    Edward: Ghnnnnn....

    West: Uh-oh. Shit hit the fan.

    Florencia: I knew this would happen.

    Johnnathan: Hey, hang on Billy. We just-

    Billy: And you! I know your face! You are The Red Beast. Johnson of The Red Squad, my tail! You think you could make a pirate out of me! Unnaceptable!

    Tenkai: Billy-san. Please understand. We couldn't just reveal ourselves for such a...passionate guy and Edward acted by impulse. Besides, we saved you didn't we?

    Billy:...Hmpf! I suposse you right. But putting me in the middle of someone else's war is too much. If you wanna apologize to me, then you better come alongside me to the Wildlands...Red Beast.

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    Chapter 80: Change of plans.

    On the waters on the extreme south of the world, a frozen cave that was located outside of the territory of the Republic of South Pole. The Death Crow was standing on the solid ice outside of the entrance. Noir, Moonlingh, Black and Evening were in the deck watching it the outside.

    Black: Boy, sure is cold here.

    Evening: Why Raven have to drag us all the way here?

    Moonlight: Eve, my dear. Anything, your sweet big sister will give you a warm big hug.

    Noir: We Rogues are all cold. That would be an action of disappointment.

    Moonlight: Jeez, it is the thought that counts.

    Black: Anyway, why did Raven had to bring only Nightmare? He has an entire armada on his side.

    Noir: He is with Nightmare. Anything else more would be overkill. Those two together are pretty much unbeatable.

    Moonlight: Well, at least we will not be in this frozen hellhole for more than a hour. I wanna go back and fetch my little Chill back in Wildlands...Say people, did you lot felt something in the air long ago?

    Black: You felt it too? I didn't liked it. I felt it was mocking me.

    Moonlight: For the first time I agree with you.

    Evening: I guess Raven felt too. Knowing him, do you think he got interested?

    Noir: Hmm...Unlikely.

    Inside the cave, it descended down to underground the more it advenced. Raven and Nightmare were walking at each other side in a flooded part of the cave.


    Raven:....Hm?....Oh. Hey there. It is been a long time since you saw me doing something outside of my ship didn't you? You are probably thinking: Who the hell is this magically modified vampire is talking to? Well...It is you of course. Usually I have these talks when there is no one around, but since Nightmare is the only company I have with me currently I guess it is the same thing. Right, bro?


    Raven: Yeah, I respect that. You know guys, it is not anytime I can take him for a walk, but seeing him doing nothing during the little time he have kinda makes me feel bad. Now, I bet you have a lot of questions regarding what am I doing in a subterranean cave in the middle of the antartic. Well long story short, it does involve something I want and I am a man who lives for four things: My siblings, things that I want, things that I also want and things that I totally want. And speaking of those, do you have any idea of what was that a while ago? You know, about six chapters back? For some reason it has been on my mind lately and...Huh?

    He notices Nightmare suddenly stopping.

    Raven:...What is the matter, brother? Look, if it is because I am talking to myself, it's just-

    Suddenly a huge tentacle comes from underground, dozens of time bigger than Nightmare and grabs him, dragging him further down below.

    Raven:...Huh. That is some serious shit actually. Well, I wouldn't be any othe man I said to be if I simply let it go like that.

    He summons his Heart Sword from his chest and approaches the hole left by the tentacle.

    Raven: Also, I can't let Nightmare have all the fun for himself.

    He turns into mist and dives through the hole. 3 days later, back in Taiyo during the morning. The Red Beast Pirates were about to depart from there. The Gloria was waiting and at her side there was a smaller boat that Johnnathan and Florencia were onboard.

    Johnnathan: Are you sure about that?

    Florencia: Sure. It is most logical that I as a Fairy to travel with you to Wildlands. That place's ecosystem is one of the most dangerous in the world.

    Johnnathan: What about West? Don't he have something to say?

    Florencia: Frankly, I need a time off him. I told him to look after the others.

    Johnnathan: As the First-Mate, that was supossed to be your job.

    Florencia: Actually, my main priority to keep you alive. And besides, we already decided who will be your substitute in Zhar, right?

    Johnnathan: Yeah....

    The two of them looks down at the port and see Tenkai speaking with Makoto, Asuka and Kasa. Asuka was showing her back to him and drinking a bottle of sake with a foul mood.

    Tenkai:...Well, and this is it.

    Makoto: So, you even saw one of the rulers of land. Your little pilgrimage was worthy I guess.

    Tenkai:...Are you sure you gonna be okay?

    Makoto: Yes. The tension from before is now gone. With Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu joining forces, we have the most security of all Taiyo.

    Asuka:...Tch. It is the fourth time he asks this just today.

    Tenkai: It is?

    Makoto: Teehee. She has a point Tenkai. You have to look forward to your own as an adult now. Besides...

    She snaps her fingers and a box appears from a smokescreen showing all the objects he brought to her as a gift.

    Makoto: I will always have something from you nearby.

    Johnnathan: Hm? What did she just summoned?

    Florencia: It looks like a bunch of useless junk.

    Makoto: Would you kindly take this?

    She hands over him the music box.

    Makoto: You will need this more.

    She hands over with a long smile and sparkly eyes.

    Tenkai:...Thanks mother.

    Kasa: I wanna thank you again for bringing me up here....And gave me the opportunity to fight for what my mother died.

    Tenkai: If there is anyone who you need to thanks is Johnny. And Asuka...

    Asuka: Yeah?

    Tenkai: Do you remember when we first met?


    Tenkai: Really? It was a rainy day remember? You were all soggy and dirtied.

    Asuka: Hm...I think I remember something like that.

    Tenkai: You lived in a village far south from here, but you always appeared to see me in the city two times a week.


    Makoto: I heard this story. You never stopped talking about her ever since.

    Asuka:...I wanted you could have invited me over your house...but I think it was understandable at the time.

    Tenkai: After my father's death, I was the one breaking at your place wasn't it? And before I left Taiyo, you decided to joined the army in hopes to aid me somehow.

    Asuka: What is your point, dumbass?! You wanna make me welcome you in open arms when you returns after leaving me behind again?!

    Tenkai:...Yes. I have a mission to accomplish and I want to have a clear mind on the way so Asuka...When I come back, would you marry me?

    She snaps and drops her bottle.

    Asuka: Eh?
    Makoto: Eh?
    Kasa: Eh?
    Florencia: Oh my.
    Johnnathan: What?

    Asuka: Y-Y-You...

    She slowly burst into tears.


    She delivers him a punch right in his head and digs his face under the ground leaving an entire crater where he landed that splitted part of the port from it.

    Makoto and Kasa:O_O


    Johnnathan: What was that noise?

    Asuka:...You better then come back alive you fucking jerk!

    She then picks Kasa and carries her in her shoulder and leaves the scene.

    Kasa: Er...tell Billy I wish him the best.

    Tenkai then gets his face out of the ground.

    Tenkai:...Was that a yes?

    Makoto: Teehee. You know how I met your father don't you?

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    Chapter 81: The Veteran.

    The 2 ships set sail for different locations and leave Tsukuyomi. Makoto watches the ships disappears at a distance and gives a deep sigh. Ieyasu then appears alongside Soma and Hanzo.

    Ieyasu: And there he goes.

    Makoto: You were here this entire time?

    Ieyasu: I hate goodbyes. Specially for a second time. What about you?

    Makoto: Some times, you have to let your hatchling fly by his own.

    Ieyasu: Will you wait for him?

    Makoto: Of course. After all, I still have about one thousand of years left to live anyway.

    Soma: So he was General Akechi's son wasn't it? I never had the chance to know him.

    Hanzo:...He and The Red Beast saved us. That is all we need to know. If you excuse me...

    He disappears in a smokescreen.

    Makoto: I am starting to like this Hanzo. I don't know if he is too shy or too proud.

    Ieyasu: You aren't too different right Soma?

    Soma: I don't know what you talking about it.

    Ieyasu: You wanted to thank personally that fairy didn't you? But you never had courage.

    Soma:...It is because her Werewolf boyfriend didn't let me to it.

    Ieyasu: I see....Makoto-sama, are you still concerned about Sanzuke? You seem lost in something.

    Makoto: Nothing. It just something about my inner circle...Speaking of which, are the Hybrids ready to go?

    Ieyasu: Yes. Please guide them to Susanoo.

    Far away to the sea, the 2 ships split their way. The Gloria went to Zhar and anothe with Johnnathan, Florencia and Billy went South to Wildlands. Johnnathan then picks his hummingbird and makes contact with Tenkai on the Gloria.

    Johnnathan: So, how is it picking up?

    Tenkai: I can hear you just fine. Nikolai and Aladdin-san makes great gadgets.

    Johnnathan: I can leave it to you then?

    Tenkai: No problem. I'll do my best.

    Johnnathan: Thanks. Sorry for giving you this burden by the way.

    Tenkai: I am honoured in being the substitute captain. Anything, I can count on West-san.

    Johnnathan: Weeell, there is a lot of hostility with West and Vanilla towards Edward. They look at him with the eyes of a falcon to a rabbit.

    Tenkai: He will be fine.

    Tenkai: Speaking of which, shouldn't he be the one to go since he was the one who lied to Billy?

    Johnnathan: I would never be the captain Henry expected if I never took responsability for the mess my men do. Besides, anything for learn more about what those Rogues are up to.

    Tenkai: I see. I heard how hostile the Wildlands is. Take care...Captain.

    Johnnathan: You too. Zhar isn't a paradise. Tell Henry I said Hello.

    They turn it off, and they continue their adventures. On the helm of the ship, Billy was piloting the ship and Florencia was floating nearby him.


    Florencia:....So, are we cool now?

    Billy:...I almost died back there.

    Florencia: Is that a no?

    Billy: It certainly isn't a yes.

    Florencia: You know I can see deep into your soul, don't you?

    Billy: Then why even question me?

    Florencia: I have to make sure there is not wrong with my abilities. You have a beautiful daughter Mr. McSwaggy. She does resemble Kasa a lot, doesn't she?


    After nearly a day of travel they reached the dock located on a shore down south of a big island. After anchoring it, they get out of the ship.

    Florencia: Is this...Wildlands?

    Billy:...Not yet.

    Billy leads the way and reaches a rocky terrain after the beach area. From there they spot a large colony down the mount they were standing between the rocky beach and a giant mass of vegetation far ahead.

    Johnnathan: So, this is the Hunt Colony.

    Florencia: Hunt Colony.

    Billy: Wildlands is currently ruled by a guild of hunters and ranchers that lives by exploiting the local wildlife. It is very profitable, but no matter what happens, nature never seems to be at the losing side.

    Johnnathan: Henry and I never had any interest in this place...until now, of course.

    Florencia: It seems kinda...empty. Let's go down there.

    They climb down the hills and reach the colony. As they were walking around, it felt like walking into ruins. Only a few people herding several groups of cows.

    Johnnathan:...What do you say Flor?

    Florencia: There are people here. But, not very active.

    Billy: This is weird. Usually this place is booming with hunters.

    Johnnathan: Most of these buildings are taverns and hunter's shop isn't it? Do you think they are making bussiness?

    Billy: Getting supplies is the first part of the operation. Going down to the Wildlands empty-handed is suicide.

    Florencia: You said the Rogues were here isn't it? Do you think they are the cause of this lack of people?

    Johnnathan: Maybe. But if that is the case, then there would be Rogues around here. It might be something bigger.

    Billy: Hmmm...This place seems perfect.

    They reach a giant building called "The Old Jackal".

    Billy: It says this place seems to have someone to guide us. I heard about a man who knows the Wasteland Area better than any animal. I hope this is it.

    They enter the building and the bell is rung. The shop had a large display of guns, ammunitions, drugs and canteens.

    "What is this? Customers? At this time?"

    Johnnathan: This time?

    Someone enters through a door from the back of the shop and it was a spotted Lagomoth with a explorer's hat not as big as Fudgeball.

    Florencia: Ah!

    Without a second though she aims her bow at him.

    Lagomoth:...sigh. Let me guess, first time here isn't it?

    Florencia: Huh....Yeah?

    Lagomoth: And I bet you saw a very foul-mooded Lagomoth out there isn't it? Black and like very big?

    Johnnathan: It just like that. She doesn't know Lagomoth have respectable jobs,

    Florencia: I'm...I'm sorry.

    Lagomoth:...Damnit Fudgeball. It is okay. Since you came from the same forest as my ancestors , I'll let it pass. My name is Latte.

    Johnnathan: I'm Johnnathan. The Fairy is Florencia and the Marusian is Billy. I heard this place was supossed to be filled with hunters right? Where are those hunters.

    Latte: Somewhere else, I don't care. This time of the year, it doesn't really pays going out in the wild on these grounds.

    Billy: This time of the year...Does it have something to do with the Rogues?

    Latte: I suposse so. A group just went to the Swamp Area a few days ago. Might be at the Wasteland Area since then. But those are only the icing of the cake.

    Johnnathan: Is there something more?

    Latte: Before that. The Hunt started.

    Johnnathan: The Hunt?

    Latte: You heard of Chill, right? One of those brothers of Raven. There is a time of the year that his hunger is stronger and so he comes here to eat everything that moves. At this time, it is a death wish to hunt. No matter how big and strong you are, youalways be a prey with him there.

    Billy: One of the Royals? It makes sense now. Well....no matter. We have to go to the Wasteland as soon as possible.

    Latte: Heh. Death is not something unusual here anyway. Come to think about it, he is still around for quite a bit. More than usual actually. Maybe is because he is planning something with his men, but...this is only my instincts, but it is almost likely he is waiting for something.

    Florencia: He might have sensed all the way there...

    Johnnathan: Is there someone who is crazy enough to guide us all the way there? I heard of someone who knows all of the Wasteland.

    Latte: Not only the Wasteland, but he wandered all around the place in his life...And he is crazy enough to go down to the Wildlands at this time...you...Are you...a Hybrid?

    Johnnathan: Yep. With a one hundred percent vampire mother.

    Latte:...My gosh, there is really another one like him. Hey Rey! You have a job!

    He shouts to the ceiling and after a time they hear the sound of footsteps descending a stair. From another door, came an ancient man with a gray beard covering all of the lower face and also a big moustache. He had a rancher's hat, an eyepatch, a hook on his right hand, a shotgun on his back and his remaining eye was red.

    Rey:...Hmpf. I heard everything already.

    Rey Dandy
    Hunter Guide.
    Race: Hybrid.
    Age: 83.

    Florencia:...It is the first time I see a...well-lived Hybrid.

    Rey: And it is the first time I see a Fairy...And whatever the sea lion is.

    Billy: Walrus.

    Rey: Whatever. Pick whatever you want, and meet me outside. Charge them the usual Latte.

    He goes outside and leave the shop.

    Florencia: Isn't him charming? Did something happened to him lately? I sense some uneasy on him.

    Latte: Try 10 years ago. But I wouldn't be the one to reveal that guy's secret.

    Florencia:...I'll need to look at him closely.

    Johnnathan:....Flor, Billy, pick whatever you guys think it is important. I'll be outside.

    He leaves the shop and encounters Rey scratching his hook at his gun.


    Rey: Sup.

    Johnnathan: So....Vampire Parent or Hybrid Parent?

    Rey: Vampire....Mother's side.

    Johnnathan: Me too. Higher Rank.

    Rey:... she was higher as well, huh?

    He seems to have picked his attention.

    Rey: She thought she would be safer all the way here...That no one would find her here, but....She couldn't protect from herself.

    Johnnathan:...I understand.

    Rey: It was the same to you?

    Johnnathan: No. She was killed. I can't say I was lucky or unlucky. But I am aware of what happens most of the time.

    Rey:...You have family?

    Johnnathan: I have an older brother. And you?

    Rey: I have a Granddaughter. She is making 12 this year.

    Johnnathan: I should have figured out. Is she here?

    Rey: Yeah. Is the safest place she can be. I am just going with you because of her.

    Johnnathan: Aren't you being a little too open, old man?

    Rey: It is not everytime I met another Hybrid. Now tell me, what does the Red Beast have to do in a place like this?

    Johnnathan: You know?

    Rey: You've been a roll lately. I can assume the Black Demon is your brother as well?

    Johnnathan:....I think I can learn a thing or two with you.

    In the Wasteland Area, a facility was built somehow in the middle of the desert. Inside a giant dome, a cave was build by digging a hole underground. Following the path, a large wide area was built and it was like an underground town filled with houses. Rogues were patroling the area and a giant mechanical drill was in the center of that citadel. General Marsha was monitoring the operation with a strong gaze. A Rogue Grunt then approaches her.

    Grunt: General. The drill is good to go and we collected enough blood for today from the slaves we brought. Should we advance now?

    Marsha: I suposse. But I would prefer to eat something different. The blood just don't taste very good as of lately. Is it the quality of these humans?

    "Maybe you just got sick of it"

    Suddenly the Grunt disappeared and Chill appears before her, munching something that was about a man's size.

    Chill: Sometimes...You have to open to new tastes.

    Marsha: L-Lord Chill! Sir!

    He gives him a salutation in desperation. He then swallows the grunt he ate it and keeps walking.

    Chill: You're not in the army anymore Marsha. Quit those habits.

    Marsha: S-Sorry sir. But what are you doing here? I thought the Hunt was over and the ammount of things to eat here is lacking.

    Chill: What are you talking about? I just had a fine appetiziser just now. Keeeeheheheheheehe!

    Marsha: S-Sir. With all respect, we might not have enough to satisfy you.

    Chill: Oh, don't mind me. I just gonna wait here and keep some space in my belly to the main course. Keehehe. Kehehehe. Keeehehehehehe!

    Marsha:...Is...there some thing going on?

    Chill then licks his lips.

    Chill: Keeehehehehe....I can smell it....I can feel it! He's heeeeeeeere....Highlander. Kaaaha. Kahahaha. Kahahahahahahahaha!

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