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    Chapter 32: Home.

    At the seas in the borders Blitzreign, The Vitoria was approaching Mians. In that ship, The Black Demons and The Red Beast were together, joining Johnnathan and Heinrich in their journey back home. Everyone was in high spirits except Heinrich.
    Edward: Mians, huh? So that is captain's birthtown...I know it is a important location for Blitzreign, but I never visited once.
    West: Probably it's because of the mountains that separates Eysideci from the rest?
    Edward: Yeah, maybe it's that.
    Vanilla: Wait, if my geographic knowledgement is correct...You either runaway home by either going to Mox or Circa...Mox has a cliffside at the front of the ocean so that's leave Circa, but the only place you can go from there is...Hollowgrounds or far north of Damaon in the Dark Sea...Edward, what kinda of destiny were you even trying to reach?
    Edward: Oh, the Dark Sea....I remember being shipwrecked in Jahrgen after that...I was lucky that I ended up near a small port town in there.
    Florencia: Put lucky in that. Rumour says that Raven Island is somewhere in the Dark Sea. Of course, most souls who tried to find it didn't came back.
    Edward: Wow. Fell like I dodged a bullet there.
    Aladdin: (Can't say if he is lucky or unlucky...)
    Johnnathan then notices Heinrich depressed with his chin on the ship's border.
    Johnnathan: Heinrich, what is wrong?
    Heinrich:...You do realize we are wanted men going to the main port of Blitzreign do you?
    Johnnathan: So what? I don't see any problems when we reach Riverpool of Gel Port.
    Heinrich: That is because they are not Blitzreign. By the way, did you read the news.
    He then shows Johnnathan their new bounties.
    Johnnathan: What the?
    West:*whistle* You went to gold already cap'n?
    Edward: Wow. Did you done something heavy before meeting us?
    Johnnathan: Not that I remember...In fact, we have been slacking a bit in this piracy stuff. It was more picking fights with other pirates in the last few months. If they would raise our bounties, should they done that a bit sooner?
    Heinrich: The Eastern Wind said that this is some kind of "invitation card" from Blitzreign since they updated the bounty.
    Johnnathan adopts a grump tone.
    Johnnathan: The Eastern Wind? You saw that bozo?
    Edward: You guys know him?
    Aladdin: Unfortunatly.
    Johnnathan: That aside, we know the people of Mians. It will be fine. If something happens, we fight our way through.
    Florencia: There is just something wrong with that statement.
    After Vitoria docks on the port, they notice that all the streets are empty without a single soul.
    Coela: It's...Not what I expected?
    Shadewing:....Should I fly and spot something?
    Nikolai: Is today some kind of Holiday?
    Heinrich:...Well, here we go. Mians. Home sweet home and all that. Let's go back to Hurricane P-
    Johnnathan grabs Heinrich behind his collar and goes further.
    Edward: I guess we follow they.
    Florencia: I can at least tell there are people still here.
    West: Maybe they are hiding. You know, pirates and stuff.
    Vanilla: I feel like being rejected.

    They advance further the town and reaches the square that splits the mountain area and the seaside area.
    Vanilla: Woah...I can see the mountains. Its beautiful.
    Florencia: Indeed. I never seen such beautiful scenery. And I'm from Fairyland.
    Shadewing: There seems to be a house up there.
    Edward: Damn those Acquila Eyes.
    Johnnathan: Oh. It's the one where we used to live.
    Coela: You two lived up there? Incredible.
    Aladdin: It feels totally different from mine. There was a lot of sand in Sherazia...I hate sand.
    West: Hey, we got some company...I guess.
    They are approached by a Blitzreignian Soldier with a halberd.
    Heinrich:...Is he supossed to arrest all 10 of us?
    Soldier:...Are you two Johnnathan and Heinrich?
    Johnnathan:...As a matter of fact, yes.
    Heinrich: Johnny, don't buy us like t-
    Soldier: I knew it.
    The soldier drops his weapond and shouts.
    Soldier: Hey everyone! Johnny is back!
    Heinrich: Eh?
    Soldier: And he brought Henry along it.
    Then, hundreds of people got out of their houses and greet the two brothers.
    Townfolks: WELCOME HOOOME!
    Heinrich: Eeeh?
    Edward: What fine people are those.
    West: That is...Unexpected.
    Florencia: There is just so much positive energy that I am getting dizzy with it.*cough*
    ???: Hey boys.
    Suddenly an old woman appears from behind they and forcely puts two star fruits in their mouths.
    Heinrich: *Hmp*
    Johnnathan: Wait...Granny Elma.
    Elma: You two loved those back in the day, don't you boys. Hohohohoho!
    ???: Errr..Henry...
    Then four embarassed maidens approaches Heinrich.
    ???: Do you...Remember us?
    Heinrich: Ehh...Johnny, help.
    Johnnathan: Oh. Those are three of the girls who followed you all around but you never saw they...And the other girl that followed me.
    Maiden: Kyaaaaa! He remembers and noticed me!
    Other Maidens: And noticed us too, so it is kinda okay!
    They all hide their faces and keep distance.
    Edward: Come on! Are you kidding me? These two had stalkers?! I wish I had it too...
    West:...No you don't.
    Vanilla: Johnny was that popular back there...( I wish I could have meet younger Johnny...)
    The soldier who greeted they before approaches they again.
    Soldier: Hey, you two might not recognize me, but I was that same kid you two helped find their way home. You know, the crybaby at the mountains.
    Heinrich: Oh, I remember that. You were lucky to find us on our way home. One minute left, you would become Thunderlion's food.
    Soldier: Yeah...My name is Steven by the way. Ever since that day, I trained to become strong so I would never pass for that again. I was impressed. You guys knew those mountains as if it was your own garden.
    Heinrich: it kinda was.
    Johnnathan: Say, aren't you supossed to try to arrest us? And it's only you here?
    Steven: Oh, we are kinda off-duty. Ever since 10 years ago a major enforcement was executed in all of Blitzreign's major points. Don't worry about that enforcement stuff. What happens in Mians, stay in Mians.
    ???: Excuse me youngsters.
    An small old man with a big moustache walking with a cane appears before the two.
    Old man: It has been a while hasn't it?
    Heinrich: Johnny. Help.
    Johnnathan: I'm just a clueless as you are.
    Old man: Well, it has been 10 years. I was the principal of that school your mother would often visit at night.
    Johnnathan: Oh yeah. Mr. Poland. Mother would sometimes go there to read books to the kids who were waiting for their parents who worked overnight, right?
    Poland: Yes. Remembering these children's happy smiles bring tears to this old man's face...If he still could cry. Seriously, I kinda forgot how to do that.
    Florencia: ( Is that even possible?)
    Poland: Anyway, I'm the Mayor of Mians now. And I prepared something for you two in case of your return. Let's go to your old house!
    Johnnathan: Our house?
    Poland: Yes! No time to lose! Godspeed!
    He then starts to slowly walks with his cane.
    Shadewing:....I get it. I carry him.

    After a long walk, the ten reaches the house with Poland atop in Shadewing's shoulders. It was in a perfect state that the two brothers were in a state of shock.
    Heinrich: I don't believe this.
    Johnnathan: It still looks anew.
    Elma: Heehehehe. I knew you two would make this face.
    Said Granny Elma, who was watering the grape trees in the garden.
    Nikolai: What the? How did that old hag came here so fast?
    Poland: You see after your father's death, some of the townsfolk helped keep this house in good conditions in case one of you returned. We were very grateful to Alex and Ruby to let it rot like that.
    Johnnathan: I don't know what to say...
    Heinrich: Can we enter?
    Poland: Sure, it is your house boy.
    Heinrich and Johnnathan enters the house with their companions. They look with a serious face, but with sad eyes.
    Heinrich: It feels like I came back to the past.
    Johnnathan: Yeah. Nothing feels different at all.
    Edward: Wow. It looks even neat from inside. It is more impressive than my own house.
    Florencia: I somehow can feel a strong link thet this house have to you two.
    West: To think you lived in a house like this...You must had a good childhood cap'n...Outside of you-know-what.
    Vanilla: So this is where Johnny lived...( My wish is to live here with you with one...No, two children!X3)
    Coela: Oh, so exciting! Excuse me captain, but I can't hold myself! I so wanna see every inch of where Kid Henry walked through.
    Shadewing:...I'll go keep an eye on her.
    Nikolai:...That furnace needs some repairs.
    Aladdin: (I can't believe those two had a live like this.)
    Heinrich then examines something under the stairs and opens a secret room.
    Johnnathan:...I hate this particular trait of this house.
    Vanilla: Hmm? Just What is this small room.
    Heinrich:...We don't wanna comment.
    Vanilla: I-I understand.
    Florencia then whispers at Vanilla's ears.
    Vanilla:*gasp*...Why are y-
    Florencia: Johnny wants you to know.
    Vanilla: I-I see.
    Poland: Say, are you two really returning it?
    Poland: I see. Don't worry, we love taking care of this house. It is already a habit. We will take care as much as you two wants.
    Nikolai: Speaking of which, I fixed the furnace.
    Poland: Oh! Thank you very much.
    Johnnathan then gives the guilty look.
    Johnnathan:...Sorry Henry. I can't hold back.
    Heinrich: Huh? What are y-
    Johnnathan: We lied to you all Poland.
    Florancia: Ah! Johnny, what are you...
    Poland: I don't get it.
    Johnnathan: Me and Henry aren't humans. Our mother, Ruby Scarlet...Was a vampire! We are Human-Vampire Hybrids!...I'm sorry.
    Suddenly a heavy silence struck the house and the time felt that have stopped and everyone looked at Johnnathan with a terrified look.
    Aladdin: Johnny...
    Edward: What...
    Vanilla: Did...
    Heinrich: You...
    Poland: Ahem.
    Mr. Poland interupts the lot for a while.
    Poland: About that...Everyone knew that already.
    After hearing that, all of they fallen into the ground.
    Everyone: Eeeeeeeh?!
    Johnnathan: A-Are you kidding me?
    Heinrich: Since when?!
    Poland: I believe it was a year after your parents came. You were already a toddler back in the day.
    Johnnathan: I still don't get it? How? When? Why?
    Elma: Yeah, about that...
    Granny Elma appears before they without no one noticing.
    West: What is the deal with this lady?
    Elma: Ever since your parents married, we noticed that your mother was special in a way. She was the talk of the town for quite a while. A mysterious woman who would not come after her house that married a man who was a well recognized vampire hunter. We all noticed that in the days she would leave, it was either cloudy or dark. And it was common seeing her at late noon or night.
    Johnnathan: You guys picks quite the details huh?
    Elma: Just because we're small, it doesn't mean we're guillable. But we always noticed that when she came, the darkness surrounding the town would disappear. As if she would bring light...Or simply feel it was still daytime or sunny when she was around it. Then when we less noticed everyone started to gossip about her...If she was really human.
    Heinrich:...Keep going.
    Elma: And since your father was know for seeing more vampires than humans...Somehow all of the people thought about the possibility of maybe he met a beautiful vampire girl and fell in love...I mean, if you forget the fangs, the eyes and the hunger for blood, it is pretty much a human.
    West: Don't forget the strenght of 10 men.
    Nikolai: Not 10 men...10 G-
    Elma: Aaaanyway, we all confirmed when one of us saw little baby Henry one day when she took him to the town because we all wanted to meet him. We noticed his right eye.
    Heinrich:...I see. But then...Why did you never said anything?
    Johnnathan: Yeah. Sometimes you would question my mom's habits.
    Poland: We all agreed that it would be better to you four in making you guys feels safe...By nothing make feel safe.
    Aladdin: That part confused me.
    Nikolai:...I see. You all wanted they to act more secure.
    Poland: Exactly as the Gremlim says. We wanted to make that no rumour whatsoever would spread outside of Mians. So, we would pretend to not know, so you lot could act less casual. And we keep this secret ever since your mother died.
    Elma: You could say...All the folks turned into your guardians. All in thanks for what Alex done for all of us.
    Their crewmates starts to cry.
    Edward:*sniff* I always knew common people were the true nobles.
    West: Oooooh....You guys....Are the best! I wish I could have lived here! Waaaaaaah!!!
    Florencia: Humanity...Is so fascinating*sniff*
    Vanilla:*sob*sob* What a beautiful tale..
    Nikolai:....I never cried when my dad died in an accident involving a battery and a duck...Why I would cry now...
    Aladdin:...It was only sand in my eye...I hate sand..It's-
    Coela: Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!
    Shadewing: ...That is why we never would harm humans.
    Johnnathan: You guys...Thank you..I would hug you two if you two weren't...Old.
    Poland: Eh. I'm too old for that all right.
    Elma: Anyway, I think the party down there just started.
    Johnnathan: A party?
    Poland: Oh. We asked the people to organize a festival down there celebrating your passing. But it's a secret okay? Hohoho!
    Heinrich: Not guillable..Right...

    As the night came, the party down there just started, full of music, food and dance. They have been there for quite a while but it didn't felt any less excitable since it started. The younger children were all over Shadewing, excited to see a Acquilla with Shadewing himself don't minding the pile of kids crawling all over him. Aladdin and Nikolai were tasting the bevarages that were serving there.
    Nikolai: These things...They have the same ingredients as the one they usually offer, but it tastes so much better.
    Aladdin: That's because it's handmade.
    Nikolai: Now wanna discuss technifications? Give me a break.
    Aladdin: Shut up and drink it.
    Edward and West were talking in a food stand serving roasted pork dishes.
    West: See, even the meat is juicier. That is why locations with few climate changes is better to create pigs.
    Edward: Yeah, I could eat this all day.
    Shopkeeper: It is only 30 blitz coin each bowl.
    Eddie and West: Bless this place!
    Coela and Florencia were all observing the previous three maidens crying in a corner while eating a sack of fried potatoes each.
    Coela: Flor, what is the deal with those three?
    Florencia: It seems that one is already married and two with their marriage on date.
    Coela: Oh. Tragic...What is the deal with Vanilla behind you?
    Vanilla was hiding behind Florencia, trading gazes at the other maiden that was behind a tree giving her the same scary look.
    Vanilla:...Love Rival...
    Florencia: Good grief.
    Johnnathan and Heinrich were right in the middle of the plaze, enjoying the view. Time to time, a townspeople would come and give presents to they that the two gladly accepted. The two then looks at the mountains bathed by the moonlight.
    Johnnathan: Well...I guess it was worthy it don't you think?
    Heinrich: Yeah...I wish dad and mom were here still...
    Johnnathan: I know.
    Heinrich: Now, I feel bad. If I knew dad would die...This would be my first stop. I didn't wanted to admit, but...Deep inside I blamed him for what happened to our mother.
    Johnnathan: I forgive you at least.
    Heinrich: Thanks brother.
    Johnnathan: Say, why don't after we find that treasure, we make that house our base?
    Heinrich:...Nah. Not a good idea to stay close to Lenard. That bounty thing still stings me. But, why don't you go live there?
    Johnnathan: Me?
    Heinrich: Sure. It can be your resting point from now on. After all, you have far better memories.
    Johnnathan: Well, we can't let those nice people hard work go to waste.
    Heinrich: Then it is settled then.
    Johnnathan: Hmmm...Hey Shadewing.
    He calls Shadewing that was close by.
    Shadewing: What is the matter?
    Johnnathan: See that thing in the right side of the mountain? In the opossite direction of the sea.
    Heinrich: What? Did you spotted something? You always had a better night vision than mine. What is it?
    Shadewing: Hmmm...It is certainly...A pelican.
    Heinrich thens smashes a can of lemonade that he was holding.
    Johnnathan: Hehehe.
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    Chapter 33: The Legendary Circa Arena Ultimax Championship Tournament ZX.

    The sun rose on Mians after a party that lasted all night. It felt an entire carnival happened and everyone in the world gone there. The streets were full of confetti, trash, wasted cups and of course drunken idiots sleeping. In a small table outside, Aladdin and Nikolai were sleeping outside after drinking a large variety of handmade drinks. When the sun hits they, Aladdin woke up.
    Aladdin: What...What? Oh. It's already morning.
    He gets up of the table and walks around with his hand on his head as is he was with a hangover.
    Aladdin: Those guys know how to throw a party, I tell you what. If they made this a bussiness, they would be bigger then Eysideci...Who the hell am I talking to?
    As he was wandering, he sees Elma brushing the streets, pushing the sleeping people of the streets.
    Aladdin: What is the deal with that hag?
    Elma: Oh. If it's young Al. Would you be so kind and help this old lady gets rid of all this mess.
    Without saying anything, he creates a gust of wind that removes all the trash in a lrage radius.
    Elma: Oh my! You even separated the recycled items. That is a true spellcaster.
    Aladdin: Where is....Where is....You know....The guys...That I work for?
    He was dizzy trying to stay awake.
    Elma: The boys. In that inn up there. It's a great one. They have a excellent breakfast and hot bath tubs.
    He teleports and suddenly appears to where Heinrich's and Johnnathan's room seemed to be and knocks.
    Aladdin: Henry. Johnny. It's Al. I know you guys are there....Can I use your bathroom?
    The door opens and Johnnathan appears with a cigarrete on his mouth.
    Johnnathan: Hey Al. You look horrible.
    Aladdin: How are you even...Fine?
    Johnnathan: You know I hate alcohol...Unlike my brother over there.
    He shows his brother totally passed out in his bed.
    Heinrich:*snores*...Fucking pelicans.....*snores*
    Aladdin:...Heh. At least it's not gonna kill him as fast as this thing in your mouth.
    He picks the cigarrete and toss into the ground.
    Johnnathan: What did you needed again?
    Aladdin: Oh yeah...*Bleurgh*
    He goes straight to the bathroom and pukes it.
    Johnnathan: Hang in there, Al.
    After Aladdin was out of comission, Florencia gets out of the opossite room.
    Florencia: Hey Johnny. Funny seeing you here.
    Johnnathan: Hiya Flor. Do you know where the rest is?
    Florencia: Let's see, Vanilla is with me here. West and Edward...I can feel they outside...Turn out of course.
    Johnnathan: Man, I never thought those people could throw a party like those.
    Florencia: More likely a festival. Hey, is there a third person in your room?
    Johnnathan: Yeeeeah....Take a look.
    Florencia takes a look and see that there was a female figure in the same bed as Heinrich.
    Florencia: Hold on...That's...That's the girl that followed you!
    Johnnathan: Yeah. She sneak of our room and get on the wrong bed. She thought it was me.
    Florencia: Oh my.
    Johnnathan: Flor...I had a veeery disturbing night.

    The three leaves the inn in search of West and Edward. While they were searching, Vanilla was skiping in a good mood.
    Johnnathan: She is in high spirits today, huh? This may be invasion of privacy, but can you tell me why?
    Florencia stares at Vanilla's soul.
    Vanilla:(Hahahaha! Serves that vixen right!)
    Florencia:....You don't need to know.
    As they reach the main square, they spot West and Edward with their bellies full, laying on the ground with bowl on their heads.
    Vanilla: Woah. They ate an entire buffet didn't they?
    Florencia: I never thought our Edward could eat as much as West.
    Elma: Yeah. They wasted every single penny they had.
    They got scared as they heard Granny Elma from behind.
    Johnnathan: Waaah! Where did you came from Elma?
    Elma: Just finishing cleaning the streets. Your friend Al helped a lot.
    Johnnathan: Is that so?
    Elma: Yes. Are you leaving soon, Johnny?
    Johnnathan:...Yeah. Me and Henry hates goodbyes.
    Elma: I see.
    Johnnathan: Say Elma...I didn't see Sebastian yet.
    Vanilla: Sebastian?
    Elma: He is the owner of the fish store that had Johnny's favourite trout. And my younger brother.
    Johnnathan: What?! That I didn't knew it.
    Elma: Anyway, he once went to the sea to find some octopus and never returned it. I believe it has been...One year, I guess?
    Florencia: My Mother Nature...
    Vanilla: This is horrible...Aren't you concerned it?
    Elma: Oh please, I have been looking over him since he was a toddler. He hardly need his grow-up sister anymore.
    Vanilla: Johnny, how is she anyway?
    Johnnathan: I....Never questioned that before. But if she is that older than Sebastian...
    Elma: Oh, I just remembered. An elegant young lady was after you yesterday at the party.
    Vanilla: What?!
    Vanilla almost burst in rage.
    Johnnathan: Someone was after me? Who?
    Elma: Well...She is coming right behind you now.
    ???: Hi Johnnathan!
    They hear a very familiar voice coming from behind.
    Johnnathan:...Oh, Bloody Hell...
    Vanilla: Is...Is that...
    Florencia: No way...
    Teresa: Heya!
    Teresa appears wearing a red and white chess-stamped dress with a emerald tiara carrying lots of shopping bags on her arms. When she approaches, Edward and West woke up.
    Edward: Geez. What is the ruckus?
    West: Hey, did we meet this lady before?
    Teresa: Oh! Everyone is here! I'm so glad we meet again. Say, what is the news?
    Edward: Hey! Is the lady from Gel! What is she doing here? Johnny, is she from Mians as well?
    Teresa: Oh, silly me. I forgot to mention, I came here for a shopping trip when I less noticed am enormous party was going on! It was marvelous. I even got this dazzling dress and among fabulous other acessories and clothes. Do you find me powerful and fabulous? Is your heart melting?
    Johnnathan: Well...
    He tries to say something with his face all red while Vanilla was grasping his staff with anger and whispers.
    Vanilla: Who does she thinks she is? Hitting on him right in front of us?
    Florencia: Easy, Vanilla.
    Teresa: Hohoho! I jest! I look beautiful on anything anyway, but of course there are things I look better on. Now tell me, Johnnathan. That party was about you and your brother isn't it? Who would have thought you had a brother, huh? He is not quite as handsome as you, but he is a fine pick. Are you two from a prestrigious family in Mians? You two seems to be important, that I got afraid of talking to you two last night.
    Elma: Well. Johnny and Henry happens to be sons of Alex Highlander. He helped this town a lot.
    Teresa: Alex...Highlander...Oh! The Angel of Death, huh? No wonder you have this noble aura surrounding you Johnnathan. Being the offspring of a hero is no small feat.
    Johnnathan: Dad wasn't exactly a hero though.
    Teresa: Hahaha. You're so much cute when you're modest. Here, you deserves a prize.
    She gets closer and kisses his cheek.
    Vanilla: Whaaat?! That's it! Thunder-
    Florencia: No!
    She leaps and holds Vanilla and pins her to the ground.
    Edward: How does he even do that?
    West: He is one of those who "can".
    He notices something weird on his face.
    Teresa: What is the matter?
    Johnnathan: I feel...Weird.
    Teresa: Ow, how cute. You are still quite young and yet so mature. I bet you still don't have a woman in your heart, right?
    Johnnathan: ......
    Teresa: Oh my. Now what is with this silence? Am I somehow wrong?
    Johnnathan: Geez, don't embarass me in front of my crew.
    He gets nervous and way more red.
    Vanilla: (Wait? Did she hit the mark? Who could it be?...Me?!)
    Florencia:(....Just who is this woman?)
    She fixes too much on Teresa that ignores Vanilla's feelings.
    Teresa: Well, I hope I'm right. You see, I was planning in stealing your lips right now, but it would be a shame to have your first kiss wasted on a stranger like me. Though if I'm wrong, it would be a waste that I didn't done it in the first place.
    Florencia: One thing for sure, she is dangerous.
    Teresa: Well, I guess it too late. Too bad. Anyway, I stumbled across something that may interest you. Some goblins were sending these in some parts of the world.
    She handles Johnnathan some kind of poster.
    Johnnathan:....Circa Underground Championship Tournament ZX...What is the deal with this unnecessary long name?
    Teresa: Dunno. But it mentions some kind of...Key in the prize. I just know I thought of you when I saw it for some reason.
    Teresa: Anyway I have to go. You have a marvelous home town Johnnathan. But I have places to go.
    Johnnathan: Wait, before you go...Why did you gave me this wallet?
    Teresa: Hmmm? Something the matter?
    Johnnathan: You know it is sealed away with a sealing spell impossible to break, right? Why give me this?
    Teresa: I told you didn't I? I gave it to you, so it belongs to you now. And don't worry about the seal. Every lock have a key. You just need to find it.
    Johnnathan: A...Key?
    Teresa:...Well, see ya! If you need any love advice...Well, I'll be there.
    She leaves in high mood and the others just stand there.
    Edward: Well, at least she didn't disappeared in thin air.
    Elma: What an adorable lady. Reminds me when I was younger.
    Florencia: Again, I couldn't read her...
    Vanilla: She still pisses me off.>:T
    Johnnathan: What is with this poster anyway?
    West:...I heard about it.
    Edward: Hmm? You know something?
    West: In Circa, there is a huge colosseum located on a nearby island run by a bunch of weird and dubious characters that hosts fighting events featuring fighters from all around the world and is infamous of their local fighters.
    Johnnathan: Local fighters?
    West: Yes. You see, these fights generates a bunch of money, so they somethimes buy new fighters.
    Vanilla: Buy? How?
    West: There is 3 kind of fighters there. The Newcomers, who by the name is self-explanatory, The Customers, that go there at a regular basis and finally the Slaves, who are forced to fight to pay some debt of their...Or of someone else's.
    Florencia: Removing the freedom of someone else and making they fight...Unthinkable. Just like Raven.
    West: Among the Customers, there are those who becomes Staff Members and works as Game Masters and monitors the fights. Also there is the Champion. The guy who is crowned the best of the best. Each year they make this tournament thing and a champion is chosen. I heard the guy has been undefeated for 10 years and has been like that since he started.
    Johnnathan: Scary. Let's tell Aladdin about it.

    Back in the Inn Reception Room, Johnnathan delivered the poster back to to Aladdin.
    Aladdin: Hmmm...Who did you said gave this to you again?
    Johnnathan: A very well-dressed damsel.
    Aladdin: Yeah...The Belt show in this poster is indeed a key...The golden plate on the belt to be exactly...When I got the Immortal Fire Lamp, there was a stone tablet detailing this plate with 7 stones. Here, let me show you guys.
    He teleports a medium-sized stone plate from his hands and shows to they.
    Vanilla: You can bring objects any time you want?
    Aladdin: It is all a matter of imprinting thay with a dark magic signature and ressonating with same signature and frequency with my magic. It's kinda like a bank account. And it's one of those Hybrid stuffs kid.
    Vanilla: It is still quite amazing. If possible, I wanna learn a thing or two from you.
    Aladdin:...That isn't a bad idea. Anyway, you said you know Immortal Age Language right?
    Florencia: Yes...It says "The Victory Compass"....And there is a setence..."When the keys gifted by the immortals are together and the bell rung, our land will rise once again"...Interesting...This Compass can tell when the keys are all together.
    Aladdin: Well, that would make things easy..But this bell...Is it the Death's Bell?
    Florencia: Very likely.
    Aladdin:...I'll be back.
    He teleports and vanishes.
    Edward: Where did he go?
    Johnnathan: The Vitoria. It is pretty close by and-
    ???: H-Heeeelp!
    Johnnathan: What?
    West: This smell...We've got trouble!

    They run as fast as they could. When they reach the voice's direction, they encounter a large rogue vampire with a scythe holding a helpless girl.
    Girl:*sniff* Help...I...Not wanna die...
    Rogue: Graaaaaaaaah!
    Johnnathan: A rogue? Here?
    Edward: It doesn't appear to be in Raven's orders. Steven said that if a Rogue Ship would be on sight, a signal is sended to Blitzreign and a batallion comes through with a flying ship depending on the numbers.
    Florencia: This one...Looks like to be a captain
    Johnnathan: He appers to have lost his mind.
    West: Hey bastard! Realease the girl will ya!
    Rogue: Graaaaaaah!
    ???: Leave her alone.
    Rogue Captain: Grrr?
    They turn their attention to the voice and spots a figure with a straw hat blocking his upper face. It was the samurai from Riverpool.
    Johnnathan: That guy...I met him in Riverpool.
    Florencia: What? He was there?
    The figure then unsheats his katana and holds with is two hands in kendo style.
    Samurai:...Your own existence seems to be lost. You were overwhelmed by the darkness didn't you...Then come to the light.
    After he said those words the rogue drops the girl and advances to the samurai ready to reap him.
    Rogue captain: Graaaah!
    Samurai: Hyaaa! Haai! Gyaaaaa!!!
    With only three slashes he kills the rogue vampire that start to vaporizes.
    The rogue whispers a name and dies.
    Samurai: You okay, little one?
    Girl: Yes...Thank you mister.
    The girl cries and hug him.
    Samurai: Tell me...Is your name Nina perhaps?
    Nina: Oh! How do you know?
    Samurai: Wild guess...Hey, please make this a secret.
    Nina: Weeel...If you say so...Okay.
    The girl goes back to her home and he sheats his sword.
    Edward: That is some impressive swordplay.
    West: I never saw a style so fast and so strong. And that blade is an incredible piece of blacksmith.
    Johnnathan: It is called a katana. It is what the samurais from Taiyo uses it.
    Vanilla: A samurai?! It is my first time seeing one!
    Samurai: Actually, I am a Ronin. A swordsman with no master.
    The ronin then approaches Johnnathan and bows to him.
    Ronin: We meet again red one. I don't believe we introduced ourselves back in Drakland. My name...Is Tenkai.
    Johnnathan: Nice to meet you Tenkai. I'm Johnnathan Highlander.
    Tenkai: Do tell me, Johnnathan-san. Are you the Red Beast perhaps?
    Johnnathan: I really do feel like a celebrity in this town.
    Tenkai:...Back in Riverpool, you were quite obsessed with the rogues. I myself am trying to find a certain clue about they.
    West: I never knew Taiyo had more problems outside the Kitsune Clan.
    Edward: Kitsune?
    Florencia: It is how they call the Fox Clan in Taiyo.
    Tenkai: I do believe, this Raven character holds a info about the Fall of Lord Nobunaga 10 years ago.
    Johnnathan: Lord Nobunaga? I thought his General Akechi was the one responsible for it.
    Tenkai: That...Is just not possible. In other side, I'm pretty sure that tragedy had something to do with the Kitsune Clan. Highlander-san, would you mind if I join you for a while?
    Johnnathan: Hmm?
    Tenkai: It seems your path is somehow linked to Raven. I believe we can benefit each other.
    Johnnathan: Well, that took me by surprise...Well, you took that bloodsucker well done, so maybe we can get along it.
    Tenkai: You have my gratitude.
    West: Hmm...I guess our group rose. Do you have something to say Flor?
    Florencia: Well...He is not normal at least.(That vampire seemed out of order, but...He seemed to attract him like a blue light that attacts a moth..What is he?)
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    Chapter 34: Wanderer.

    After meeting their new friend, they witness him in his knees lighting some incenses and praying where he slay that rogue vampire.
    Edward: What is our oriental friend doing it?
    Florencia: It seems he is praying for the fallen soul.
    West: Why?
    Johnnathan: I don't know. Maybe a custom from the east. Still, killing a captain with only 3 hits and no magic at all it's amazing. I heard that the Samurai were know for killing their opponents as fast as possible.
    Florencia: Indeed. It almost certainly that he was a samurai at one point, so he served Nobunaga or another lord. But what picks my interest is this latent magic inside him.
    Vanilla: He can use magic?
    Florencia: Probably. But I can't measure it. It's like a bonfire, burning weak but just ready to burst it and causes an inferno.
    Aladdin then re-appears on their side.
    Aladdin: There you guy are. Who is that ronin?
    Johnnathan: A new crewmate. His name is Tenkai.
    Aladdin: Tenkai...I heard tales of a wandering monk in Taiyo fighting the Spider Clan that appeared just after the Fall of Nobunaga.
    Edward: The Spider Clan? Who are they.
    Johnnathan: If I remember correctly, it's a clan that fights alongside the Fox Clan like brothers. An alliance formed after the Fall.
    West: Is that so? I don't know much about Taiyo, but it seems a lot was changed after this Nobunaga fellow died. Maybe there is really something fishy happening in there.
    Florencia: Yeah. I'm curious as well.
    Suddenly, the little girl that he helped earlier appears with a flower in her hands.
    Nina: Mister! Here. It is for you.
    She hands over the flower to Tenkai.
    Tenkai: Thanks...Say little one. Do you have a father?
    Nina: Father?...I had one. He was a soldier from the Empire. Mommy said he gone to the capital 10 years ago and didn't came back. I don't remember his face.
    Tenkai: I see...Here. Take this.
    He gives her a small wooden tablet wrapping in a string like a necklace.
    Tenkai: This is a charm back from my homeland. If you write anything here, that thing will be attracted to you. Write "father" on it, and maybe he will come back.
    Nina: Really? Thanks mister!
    She picks the charm and goes happily skipping.
    Johnnathan:....What was that all about Tenkai.
    Tenkai:...Repaying for her. After all, I killed her father.
    Edward: Huh? What? When? Murderer! Explain it!
    He responds by pointing his spear at him.
    Johnnathan: Geez, Eddie. You don't even know the guy. But, what do you mean by that anyway?
    Tenkai: That vampire I killed right now. That what I was talking about it. He murmured her name when I slayed him.
    Vanilla: Huh? That was her father?...Does that mean he meant no harm to her?
    Aladdin: Its not that simple. Every other sentiment that someone feels towards the one they love is replacable by bloodlust and destruction.
    Vanilla: What? Then he came to kill his own daughter?
    Aladdin: No. Raven's blood overwhelms they and turns they into savages, as if they turn part Raven. In some cases, they are keeping in under control when drinking their blood from time to time. But some of they resist...And those are the unlucky ones. They miss their old lives so much that their minds gets more twisted and wander around blind attacking helpless victims for their blood...Until he dies. Me and Henry found quite a number of those in those last 10 years. Johnny as well.
    Vanilla: I had no idea...Raven is a horrible person.
    West: Just now the chip fallen?
    Aladdin: I have something to you five...Six.
    He hands over a golden feather and a black feather.
    Johnnathan: That's...A Golden Feather and...Another one?
    Aladdin: This one is a black feather. Unlike the Golden Feather that teleports you anywhere, this black feather can teleports you to your ship. It is attracted to your own dark energy and only you can use it. It's an invention of mine.
    Edward: Not this feather things again.
    Aladdin: I'll tell Henry about it. You go to Circa now. Apparently the tournament starts about today at the end of noon. You have no time to take your ship in Port Hurricane. So use it the Golden Feather to go there by now. Vanilla?
    Vanilla: This is sudden but...Alright. Everyone gather.
    Tenkai: A feather that takes you anywhere in an instant...The West has interesting things.
    Edward: *sigh* Only I am not looking forward to it.
    Vanilla: Okay! Circa, here we go!
    A gust of wind surrounds the 6 and they dissapear.
    Aladdin:...Shit, I forgot to tell they. The Champion...Is one of those who rules the land.

    Meanwhile on Zhar, the largest country in the East that like Blitzreign was also formed by the conquest of countless nearby kingdom, Raven and Ohro were in a burned down rural village a bit close to the center if the country. Raven was sitting on a piece of rubble while the rogue grunts were scouting the place.
    Raven: Well, if isn't this amazing. Not a single soul here. And only corpses remains. Not even children were spared...I like it. But still, it's a pity the Demon Ox's Metal Horn is not here. Are you sure it is here Ohro?
    Ohro: Of course, my liege. In my life as a human, I send various spies around this country in my conquest. And even now I have been receiving their intel.
    Raven: No disrespect, but for obeying you ever since you became a dirty bloodsucker is hilarious.
    Ohro: Heh. I might persuade they a little.
    Raven: Well, too bad they didn't seem to be spared. Because it seems we were somehow beaten. If only Black didn't wanted to play in the sand way back there. How did someone else would know the Horn is here?
    Ohro: It had to be the Eastern Wind. After all, he was the Monkey King's disciple.
    Raven: Man, that guy really had became a thorn on my side. If him and the Black Demon join forces...I might even reckon they as threats. But that is not the case. I can't see Johnny-Boy following that guy.
    Ohro: You seem too much into him lately haven't you?
    Raven: You know me. If you something very badly, you have to start thinking about it all the time. Now, just what was that damn monkey thinking in hiding the horn here? He is the best security in Zhar isn't he?
    Ohro: That monkey is just too unpredictable...Commodore, we have company.
    An army of heavy armored soldiers with large naginatas surrounds they.
    Raven: Wow, Ohro. Your country knows how to make a welcoming party.
    Ohro: What concerns me is the others guests.
    Raven: Say what?
    The batallion opens a space in the middle of their formation and Walpole and Miilera walks through.
    Raven:...Aren't you two a bit out of your jurisdifications?
    Walpole: We happens to have a special permission of Zhar's Emperor to work here?
    Ohro: Now they are giving foreigner's freedom to do whatever they want now? Zhar sure has fallen low.
    Miilera: We were given, use of the Dragon's Army to take you Raven. So don't think this thousands of men stand before you is the only thing waiting for you. Colonel Hadol is leading another troop of trained Draklishes and Blitzregnian forces nearby.
    Walpole does a facepalm.
    Walpole: (Don't tell him, stupid bitch!)
    Raven: And here I thought I was the diva here. Anyway, It's a pity I don't have a entire platoon of bloodsuckers nutbags that could take care of that...Oh wait!
    He snaps his fingers and black mists flies from the nearby woods and goes beyond behind them.
    Raven: I have!
    Miilera: Tch! So much for stealth, isn't it Raven?
    Walpole: (You're the one to talk!)
    Miilera: Before we kill you, tell me: Why burn this isolated village down and not sparing a single soul? I never thought you would waste food.
    Raven: I approve any kind of senseless destruction, but I would never take credit for the ones i don't make it.
    Walpole: Unfortunately, he is right. I don't think he would not admit his crimes. Not that it would really matter.
    He unsheats his sword and gets on guard. The soldiers gets on offensive position.
    Raven: Ohro, you still have something to that guy?
    Ohro: Even though I feel my feud with him is still unfinished...it's not by my glaive he should fall.
    Suddenly the other siblings alongside Marsha and Bilaf appears from above.
    Marsha: We meet again Walpole.
    Bilaf: Drakland and Blitzreign huh? That's fine by me.
    Evening: Good grif. Why can't we just go back?
    Black: Damnit Eve. Show that you are a bloody killer for once.
    Moonlight: Shut you mouth Black! That is what make Eve the sister we love more than you!
    Noir: She has a point by the way. With Nightmare here, this fight is good as over.
    Walpole:...Miilera. I think it is time to bring out those.
    Miilera: I agree. This may sound rough, but...Please make Nightmare busy.
    Walople: That was the plan by the way.
    She then puts her fingers on her mouth and whistles and a growling sound could been heard.
    Evening: This sound...Don't tell me...
    Raven: Hm? Something you know about it Eve?
    Evening: Yeah. Way back in Mians...
    Suddenly, armoured white lions with fiery blue manes accompanied by white lionesses surrounds the rogues alongside the Dragon's Army. They unleash a powerful roar that struck like a thunder.
    Marsha: So the rumours are true...
    Bilaf: Blitzreign's guardian beasts...
    Ohro: Thunderlions, huh?
    Noir: The Mytical Thunderlion Squad. I thought it was a silly name for a special black ops group, but...I guess they were being literal. That is not good Raven. We might even actually try this time.
    Raven: Well...That is fine by me. Here kitty, kitty, kitty....

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    Chapter 35: Circa.

    City of Circa, the biggest entertainment city in Blitzreign. A city filled with rivers and waterways with the buildings surfacing just above the waters, know to have the biggest parties in the world. Just about in a bridge above a river passing in the middle of the city, a golden whirlwind rose and the six Red Beasts appears from it.
    Edward: *Bleurgh* Godamnit....
    Tenkai: Amazing. It was a blink of eye, but we are in a totally different place.
    Edward: Why the hell am I the only one suffering here?
    Florencia: Did anyone else has been to this city?
    Edward: I went here all the time when I was a kid, but it was a long time ago.
    West: Say, goblins were the ones giving us this right? We just need to find some. I can track they. Their smell are...Characteristic.
    Florencia: I shall help then.
    The two of they goea ahead.
    Vanilla: Hm. It is my first time coming here. I wish I could see this city a little before we go to that arena. I'll wander for a bit okay?
    Johnnathan: Hold your Hummingbird then. Here, take a few pieces of copper to buy something fancy.
    Vanilla: Wow, really? Thanks captain! (I'm gonna buy something for you, then!)
    She runs happily to the streets.
    Tenkai: She is quite a kid. I guess it is better fo me to be still in a strange place.
    He sits with his legs crossed and lowers his head.
    Edward: Did he just slept.
    Johnnathan: It is called meditation. Right now, he became became one with the whole universe.
    Edward: The hell that means?
    Johnnathan: Hell if I know. It is one of those things from the East.
    He then rest his body in the borders of the bridge.
    Johnnathan: Let's wait for the rest for a little while.
    About an hour passed and the city became more filled with people. Edward was just on Johnnathan's side when he noticed the crowd rising.
    Edward: I forgot how this city becomes filled with people even when there is no festivities.
    Johnnathan: I hope no one notices me. Blitzreign wants to have a talk with me isn't it?
    Edward: Well, our oriental friend sure is getting attention. People are thinking he is a beggar ang giving him tips.
    Johnnathan: Good for him then.
    Edward:...Hey Johnny. Can we talk for a bit?
    Johnnathan: Sure. What is the subject?
    Edward: Well...You. How you are so you?
    Johnnathan: What? I dunno. I just exist, I guess.
    Edward: I just wanna know...How can I be as cool as you?
    Johnnathan: You hate yourself or something?
    Edward: No! Well...Kinda. I mean, you might be the most impressive man in all my life. And I always wanted to be popular like that. I still wish to be your right-hand man someday, even if Florencia still remains as your first-mate.
    Edward: What is so funny?
    Johnnathan: You kinda reminds me of myself a little already.
    Edward: I do?
    Johnnathan: Yeah. When I first reunited with my brother after he became a pirate, I wished to be his right-hand man as well. But I couldn't compare myself to Al so I kinda quit the idea and just tried to give my best possible. When I less noticed, I became the man who was at the most at his side. He even gave the opportunity to have a crew of my own.
    Edward: I think I get it. Come to think about it, you two aren't very similar.
    Johnnathan: Yeah. Here is the deal Howitz. Instead of being similar to someone, try to be yourself. When people get to see the real you instead of being someone you aren't, the chance of they love you is bigger. I myself think you are pretty fine yourself. Your spearmanship has a lot of potential.
    Edward: Still...I still wish I could had half your charm.
    Johnnathan: Do you have a woman in interest?
    Edward gets shocked and embarassed.
    Edward: What?! No! I mean..Yes! But...She isn't...Here...Now...
    Johnnathan: Oh. Someone back in Eysideci huh? Did she knew about that hole fetish thing?...Wait. Isn't your sister isn't it?
    Edward: Not you too Johnny! But about that, no it is not from way back. In fact, I was one of the few boys who wasn't arranged.
    Johnnathan: So they do those things huh? So, it's someone recently then. What's her name?
    Edward: Well...It's kinda embarassing, but...Her name is....V-
    Vanilla: Hey guys! I'm back.
    Edward gets the look that he just dodged a bullet from his head and almost faints.
    Vanilla: Was I interrupting something?
    Johnnathan: Nah. Just Edward feeling lonely and wanted to for love advice.
    Vanilla: Teehee. How cute Howitz. I might give a women's point of view for you.
    Edward: Thanks, I guess.
    Vanilla: Hey Johnny, I buyed this for you. It is Ice Cream!
    Johnnathan: Woaaah...I always wanted this...Wait, is this...Blueberry! How did you knew?
    Vanilla: Hehe. I might asked a few thing for Coela and Henry.
    Johnnathan: You are so considerate you know that.
    Vanilla: I try. I try. Here Howitz, I brought one for you too. I didn't knew your favourite flavour, so I brought vanilla okay.
    Edward:...That happens to be my favourite.
    After a while West and Florencia appears.
    West: Aren't a bit too soon for desserts?
    Florencia: It seems you four...Three had been having an easy time.
    Johnnathan: Any progress?
    Florencia: We find the goblins in an alleway. They gave us tickets to a secret boat in the port at the north of here. Howitz, you know the way right?
    Edward: Yeah...And I think I know where this secret boat is.
    Johnnathan: Great. Let's go to this Arena now.

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    Chapter 36: Fudgeball.

    The 6 takes the secret boat that was hidden in an abandoned warehouse in the port of Circa. It was a medium-sized paddle ship that could take 10 people piloted by goblins. The island itself could been seen in distance at the port, but only their own ships had permission to enter. As they pass through the fog they reach the Arena Island and gets out of the ship.
    Edward: Phew. Finally. These goblins scares the hell out of me.
    West: Even though I don't support discrimination, I have to agree they are very disturbing to be close to.
    Florencia: Hm. There is quite the crowd in there.
    They see a giant colosseum with a giant line of people waiting for open that was surrounded by spotlights, food stands and even a large hotel with a bar.
    Johnnathan: That must be the Circa Arena. I guess we have to wait in there.
    Tenkai:...There is another entrance in there saying Participants Entrance...I guess that is our destination.
    Edward: Well, surely it is better than waiting here. It is worthy a try.
    They procced and enter that entrance. Inside there was a huge gate with the words "Please Knock if you wanna fight."
    Johnnathan: Huh. Charmed.
    He knocks the door and it starts to open and they are greeted by a muscular giant-sized purple goblin with large horns wielding a large bone.
    Edward:...Is that...A goblin? It is bigger than all of us!
    Florencia: He is...Gigantic. It almost an demon.
    Johnnathan: Er...We would like to participate.
    He gives a follow me gesture and he takes they downstairs to another room. Inside they found a place similar to an office, with a dark-skinned man with sunglasses and a dread hair in his desk alongside a muscular man with a metal mask-like helmet with a black ponytail with two axes on his waist, wearing a shoulder belt, brown shorts and metal greaves.
    ???: Hey Wardrobe. It seems you brought fresh-meat just before the show huh? Welcome then. I'm Kane. Kane Corsus. I am the boss of this place. It seems you already are familiar with one our Staff members, Wardrobe.
    Johnnathan: His name is Wardrobe. Fitting.
    Kane: I know right. Next to me is the Staff Chief and my right-hand man. Gladius. These two will be competing today by the way.
    West: I didn't knew the staff participate on those fights.
    Kane: Well, it's the Champion. He has been around for too long you know.
    Johnnathan: So that is how things work here. Very well, where do I sign?
    Kane: Woah, hold it there boy. Just because you have a 100 pieces of Gold in your head, it doesn't mean you will have special permission whatsoever.
    Johnnathan: You know me?
    Kane: Only a total idiot wouldn't. Anyway here is how things happens. The ZX tournament is a Survival Team Battle. It will start with a 8-on-8 battle, then we procced to to 4-on-4, to 2-on-2 and finally 1-on-1.
    Johnnathan: I see, sounds very simple.
    Kane: Here is the deal. The pairs are chosen by themselves. And there is a preliminary to choose what pair gets in the tournament. You get what I am trying to say? You have to pick a partner first.
    Johnnathan: A partner?
    Kane: Yes. And it appears you have like 5 candidates in there.
    Johnnathan looks behind it and see his crew.
    Edward: Woah, hold on. Are you saying we have to fight against Johnny in the end? No way.
    Florencia: You can always forfeit.
    Kane: There is a punishment for that.
    Vanilla: What? Then don't put me in! I would never hurt Johnny!
    Johnnathan: Hmm...What about you Tenkai?
    Tenkai:...If possible I would like to avoid senseless violence...But if I may suggest, why not West? From what I hear, he is a natural born fighter.
    West:...I'll take that as a compliment. Alright, I volunteer.
    Johnnathan: Well, then it is West alright.
    Gladius: I got it. Follow me. We need this preliminaries done as soon as possible.

    10 minutes have passed since Gladius took Johnnathan and West and the remaining 4 were waiting for them. Florencia then takes a look at Edward sensing anxiety on him.
    Florencia: Something the matter Eddie? You know you can't hide when you are concern.
    Vanilla: Don't worry Howitz. Those two gonna be fine.
    Edward: It is not they. You see, back in the line I saw a bunch of know people from Blitzreign. And from Drakland as well. Very rich people I mean. Some of they I even met once.
    Vanilla: Come to think about it...I saw some influential people from Gel as well.
    Kane: You guys never heard of this place's patrons? That is how this place is run. It has been like this since before I was this place's boss. Do you lot even know how long this place has been around it?
    Florencia: How?
    Kane: Thousands, Fairy. 20000 years to be exactly. This place was a sacred battleground that previous civilizations would send their most powerful warriors to determine the fate of a whole nation. Even ancient gods would play a role on these selections. It was just one of the many forms that one would crush other with their powers without things like wars. Of course those are histories and legends. The only thing for sure it is that for adapt to current times, it was turned into a bussiness nowaday.
    Florencia: Bussiness...And what about those slaves? Is forcing someone to risk their lives in battle also a "bussiness"?!
    She said with an angry tone.
    Tenkai: Florencia-san...
    Kane: Heehehehe...Hahahaha! I don't know how things works in Fairyland, but no bussiness exist without any exploit. In any kind of work, accidents do happen, right?
    Florencia: Accidents? Murder is not an a-*Cough*
    She have her attack of coughing during her anger.
    Vanilla: Flor! Hang in there!
    Tenkai: Does she always do that?
    Edward: Yeah. Kinda very often.
    Kane: What? You didn't told your friends yet? About Fairy Ashtma?
    Edward: Fairy Ashtma?
    Florencia: *huff* You two don't need to concern...Neither do you Mr. Corsus.
    Kane: I thought you kin was supossed to be nice people. Whatever. I can't wait to see you the news that your 2 friends d-
    Johnnathan: Hey guys! We're back.
    Johnnathan and West came back unharmed.
    Kane:...And there goes the excitement. Man, I prepared a cool evil laugh.
    Gladius: These two beat the preliminary round in record time boss.
    Kane: Yeah, I noticed. Okay you lot pass through through the right door. Gladius will take the rest to the spectators stand while you two gonna wait with the remaining 14. I'll give you 4 free stands as a reward for the record time. And by the way, your tag-team needs a name.
    Johnnathan: Really? Well I didn't thought about that.
    Kane: How about...Red Hound.
    Edward: Hey, I kinda like it. It's short, easy to remember and has quite the impact.
    Kane: Well then it is settled. Gladius...
    Gladius:...This way.

    On a cell room in the Arena's undergound, two female figures were resting on their beds. One with a long red hair with a broadsword on her side and the other wearing a violet shirt and white pants with a white hair locked that resembled various tails with a black band covering her eye wearing a yellow sleeveless shirt and a black short. The white haired woman calls the other attention.
    ???: Hey Schneider...Did you got sleep.
    Schneider:...I think I got enough. Don't worry Kasa. I am not tired.
    Kasa: It's finally the day isn't it? We can finally fight in the tournament after 10 years and we can finally have the chance to reach our freedom.
    Schneider: You mean...One of us, right?
    Kasa: I know. But I promise you. If I win, I'll collect enough money to pay your debt...Your mother's debt.
    Schneider:...Same to you Kasa. If I win and don't pay your debt, you're free to kill me.
    Kasa: Even if you forget about me, I will forgive you. You were my only and true friend.
    Schneider: I say the same Kasa...
    She opens her eyes and reveals her right red eye.
    Schneider: For 10 years we fought and survived. We will win this!

    Outside of Kane's office just after they leave, they come across a hallway that was splitted in two paths.
    Gladius: You two go to the left. I will take your friends to the stands. Me and Wardrobe will join you soon.
    Johnnathan: Understood.
    Florencia: Johnnathan...West.
    West: Yeah?
    She approaches the two and kisses their cheeks.
    Florencia: Good luck. I'll be cheering.
    She leaves and Vanilla advances, giving Johnnathan a long kiss in his cheek.
    Vanilla: Good luck again! >:T
    Edward: (Lucky bastards...)
    Tenkai: Do you regret your decision Howitz-san?
    Edward: Shut it, newbie.
    They all leave and Johnnathan and West looks at each other, slapping each other faces. As they were advancing to the waiting room, Johnnathan starts a conversation.
    Johnnathan: So, that Kane guy, huh? I guess only Raven is worse than him.
    West: Yeah. Still, he is a good samaritan compared to Raven. But...I don't think he is bad at all. My kind was always know for hiding things
    Johnnathan: Yeah, Hid-Wait. Your kin? He's a Werewolf, too?
    West: Yeah. How do you think he got the "Hound" in our team name?
    Johnnathan: Huh. I wonder how many werewolves me and Henry would have avoided if you were with us. It seems we come.
    They stop at a very large door that had two smaller doors within in.
    Johnnathan: I hope this is for that Goblin.
    West: He isn't that big.
    The two enters and they hear someone shouting.
    ???: HEY, let me get things straight!!! You guys better quit it! Do you know why?! Because Rolf is here to Win! And no one steals Rolf's winning! So that is enough reason to forfeit! Because I gonna win no matter what! Trying to defeat Rolf is a futile and effortless effort that makes the effort of tying effortless! Rolf is being real here! Get it! Rolf is gonna smack you! And he is gonna shred you to pieces and put it again so he can crush it again! Wraaaaaaah!!!
    They stumble accross a big muscular anthropomorphic goat with a shoulder belt, wearing an armored skirt and holding a giant round metal shield on his back shouting at the competitors with the same ignoring it. After Rolf finishes shouting he starts making push-ups with one finger.
    West:...Is that a Caprex? From the Mox mountains?
    Johnnathan: Yeah. The most show-off and knuckleheads beings in the entire world. *sigh* To think that Mox mountains was reaaaly close from home scared me.
    West: Hmmm...Hey look cap'n. A Kroak.
    He points with his look an antropomorphic frog with a very macho body with a mohawk next to a man with a long hair with long bangs playing a guitar.
    Johnnathan: A Kroak, huh? They are natives to the Wildlands. Pretty far from home.
    West: Hey...Isn't that your friend from Hurricane Port?
    He points at a familiar face, Samantha, together what appears to be a machine in the form of a cilinder with wheels that resembled a Gremlin in general. She gave a short stare at Johnnathan and goes back at drinking a small canteem.
    Johnnathan: I am more curious at her partner, actually.
    Without they noticing a male hooded figure alongside from what appears to be a giant bipedal rhinoceros beetle with 4 arms stares at him.
    ???: If isn't the Red Beast? It seems the standards of this place is high as they say. Isn't that right, Wrat?
    Wrat: I am more concerned with the champion. I heard it has been undefeated for 10 years. Don't go slacking off Petit.
    Petit: Hey, don't go shouting my name like that. Hey. Alpha and Omega. Good luck for both of us okay?
    He addresses to 2 masked hooded figures, one with the alpha symbol and the other with the omega symbol.
    Alpha and Omega:.....
    Petit:...Tch. Juniors don't respect their elders anymore.
    Kasa who was with Schneider too notices him.
    Kasa: The Red Beast...It just like the poster...Ah! Schneider, look!
    Schneider: Hmm...Oh! That eye...
    Gladius and Wardrobe shows in the room.
    Gladius: Your friends are in the spectators stand now. I hope you two are ready.
    Johnnathan: Believe me. I've been prepared for worst things.
    Rolf: Gruh! Gladius!
    He stops his push-ups and does a backflip.
    Rolf: How dare you show your face in this tournament, huh?! Rolf will make it real here! Rolf and Fudgeball will turn you into paper scraps and-
    Gladius: Yeah. Yeah. I heard the same thing last year when we threatened your partner after he made pudding out of you. Where is the man in question anyway?
    Suddenly the room starts trembling slowly and slowly.
    Wrat:...Hmm...Something big is coming...
    Petit: Yeah...Feels like this place is going down.
    The shakes stops and the whole door of the room opens.
    Johnnathan: What?! That whole door opened.
    Then a large black rabbit creature wearing a golden helmet mask with a shield on his right claw enters.
    Gladius: Hey there, Fudgeball.

    Fudgeball, current Champion of Circa Arena.
    Species: Lagomoth.
    Birthplace: Wildlands.
    Extremely violent. Do not bother!

    Fudgeball: *exhales*
    Johnnathan: West...Is that...
    West: Yeah. A Lagomoth. One of the rulers of the land. They are the most dangerous creatures in the world.
    Johnnathan: Mom said it she once took one after 5 days in the Wildlands. Of course, she found it after 3 days.
    West: I see. She was a Red Sword. That explains your potential, I guess.
    Fudgeball: So you've really come it Gladius.
    Petit: What a menacing voice...
    Gladius: You still have time to quit.
    The Lagomoth then raises his menacing voice.
    Fudgeball: Who do you think I am? What do you think I am? Tell to that damn dog that he doesn't own my career! All these people who lots the Arena come to see me! If he wanna throw me out, then he lifts his lazy ass and come to fight myself! And not his puppets!...What is this?
    He approaches West and sniffs him.
    West: Hey, give some space.
    Fudgeball: A Werewolf huh? You don't look to be in leagues with Kane. You know, I had a brother who was killed by one.
    West: Hey, don't go holding a grudge or something.
    Fudgeball: Hehehe. He wouldn't have died if he wasn't busy killing other 10 wolves of the pack that thought they could gang up on him. Of course, I killed the damn son of a bitch that survived.
    West:...Good for you.
    Fudgeball: Hmm...And what is this?
    He changes his eyes to Johnnathan.
    Fudgeball: This smell...The smell that reminds of two things...Hybrid!
    Johnnathan: You know about it?
    Fudgeball: Yeeees!
    He screams so hard that everyone gets freezed.
    Fudgeball: I hate humans. And I hate vampires even more. So of course the spawn born between both of they would be in my number one spot of Must Kill list
    Petit: What? Offspring? What does that mean?
    Fudgeball: Those two species always hunted us. Either for our fur or for showing off their strenght. It's funny how humans think that they can hunt us with no casuality bringing a hundred people with they and it always end it with more humans killed by on lagomoth. I wonder who is making popullation control...And speaking of which..
    He changes his look to the Kroak.
    Fudgeball: What is this frog doing outside of his pound?
    Guitar Guy:....
    Johnnathan: Do you know about something?
    West: Well, since the Lagomoths started to make Wildlands their territory, some change in the enviroment happened. That includes the decrease of swamp areas.
    Then a radio sound started to come from the speakers.
    Speaker: Attention fighters! The Circa Arena Ultimax Championship Tournament ZX will start soon. Everyone to the stadium!
    Rolf: Alright, you heard the voice thing! Everybody to the stadium so me and Fudgeball can crashyour skulls! I'll make it r-
    Fudgeball: Shut up Rolf.
    Rolf:....Hum....What he said it!
    Fudgeball: Hehehehehe....Today will be the finest anniversary. I will dream with Kane's face after this. Kehehehe...Hahahaha!
    He and Rolf advances ahead. Schneider then starts breathing deeply.
    Kasa: Schneider....
    Schneider: It is okay...I was just surprised in seeing the champion is such an exotic opponent. Let's go Kasa.
    All of the fighters exits the room.

    In the Stadium, the spectators stands was full and all were excited for the start of the tournament. The 4 crewmates were in the front stands in a well viewed spot.
    Edward: Well this is it. I wish Johnny and West the best.
    Florencia:...*sigh* It should have be me with Johnny. If something happens to West, I...
    Tenkai: Florencia-san. If that is the case, all the four of us are guilty as charged. And that is coming from the man who suggested West to participated.
    Vanilla: Yeah, Flor. In fact, Johnnathan should had asked 2 of us to participated, not himself.
    Tenkai: I may know him less than you, but he doesn't seem to be the man who would do that.
    Edward: Yeah. That is him alright. Anyway, this crowd is quite loud. Aren't those people supossed to be nobles and all that?
    Tenkai: This is a place where man can become beast and even demons. They show their true colour here.
    Then a goblin goes to a stand above the gate of the stadium and speaks in a stone attached to what appears to be a microphone.
    Announcer: Welcome everyone to the ZX Tournament! The annual fight-filled party that chooses the champion of the champions! The rules are simple. The last one standing wins! Now, let's begin by showing our Champion! Alongside his tag-team partner Rolf, there he is....Ladies and Gentlemen...Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuudgebaaaal!!!
    Fudgeball and Rolf appears on the arena and he hone his claws, leaving a mighty roar.
    Crowd:*Cheeers* Fudgeball! Fudgeball!
    Florencia: No way...A Lagomoth.
    Edward: What?
    Vanilla: No way!
    Tenkai: Very strange creature the West have.
    Florencia: That is actually from the East, but they were originally from Fairyland. They are know as the "those who rules the land."
    Vanilla: I finally see one...It's so scary. I feel very unsafe being so close.
    Vanilla: Eddie. Will Johnny gonna be okay?
    Edward: All I can tell is to believe in him and West.
    Then the rest of the fighters enter the stadium.
    Edward: Hey...Isn't that...The Orca Slayer?
    Florencia: Yeah, it is definetly Samantha. And what is the deal with that machine she is with it?
    Edward: The shape is kinda familiar...Hey, what is that big bug.
    Florencia: Ah. That is a Steel Beetle. We live with they together in Fairyland.
    Edward: it feels like a zoo here. There is even a frog guy there.
    Florencia: A Kroak. It inhabits the swamps in Wildlands.
    Vanilla: You know, that hooded man with the Steel Beetle is very familiar...Wait. Those other two. The Alpha Omega twins. They were underclassmen of mine in GMA...Now I remember! Petit Gateau! He was first at my class!
    Edward: Woah! The first at your class! He must be hella strong, then.
    Vanilla: I don't know about that. But the twins are definetly trouble. They all tied to first place last time I heard it. They have been done various difficult jobs back in their student's years.
    Tenkai: Can someone tell me what is that goat thing?
    He points at Rolf doing poses at middle of the stadium.
    Edward: Isn't that...A Capraex?
    Florencia: Yeah, the biggest knuckleheads in this world.
    Vanilla: I am...Disappointed in a way.
    Tenkai:...That swordswoman over there...She has the same eye as Johnnathan-san.
    Vanilla: Huh?...Oh my! She is a Hybrid!
    Edward: Wow. The standard of this match is real high.
    Tenkai: And the other one...
    Vanilla: Hm? Something about her?
    Announcer: Alright! Let's begin phase 1. Remember in 8-on-8 team fight you are only allowed to face the opposite team members. Here is the shuffle! Leeeeeet's begin. The following teams are:
    Team 1

    Duo 1: Metal Crushers.
    Samantha, The Orca Slayer.
    Duo 2: Tsunami.
    Duo 3: Blazing Tank.
    Petit Gateau.
    Duo 4: Alpha&Omega.

    Team 2.

    Duo 5: The Unbeatable Princesses.
    Duo 6: The Game Masters.
    Duo 7: The Earth Kings.
    Duo 8: Red Hound.
    Johnnathan Highlander.
    West Terry.

    Now, all the combatants in position!
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    Chapter 37: Before Round 1.

    After the reveal pf the teams, all the combatants went to different sides keeping a long distance between they based on the shuffle and waiting for the bell to ring. Kane was seeing in a private area observing the match in a wide view. He noticed each of the fighters preparing themselves.
    Kane: This "shuffle" was my best bet on taking down Fudgeball. I am counting you on this Gladius. And also you too" Plan B" and "Plan C".
    While they were waiting, some of they took time to chat.
    Petit: Wrat.
    Wrat: Yes?
    Petit: Keep the Caprex busy okay?
    Wrat: You wanna take the Lagomoth fast like that?
    Petit: Someone have to do it right? Besides, it is the first who take the prize that will keep it.
    Wrat: I tell you Gateau, I've seen other Lagomoths when they were still in Fairyland. This one is far bigger than the others.
    Petit: So, it means if I can beat him, I can beat any Lagomoth, right?
    Wrat:...I quit it.
    Alpha: That is the guy that us two looked up?
    Omega: The guy that we two looked up he is.
    Escobar who was playing a few notes was eavesdropping it.
    Escobar:...It seems some fools are already setting their eyes on the Champion. Wanna take this opportunity?
    Escobar: You don't have any hard feeling on him?...Yeah, I respect that.
    Fragranade: *ribbit*
    Escobar: Sorry...I can't control these ears of mine.
    Rolf: Look at those losers talking they are gonna have a good time. Well, they might been thinking about pulling something dirty on us, but even if they do, they cannot overcome our combined powers. Hey losers! Yeah! You guys over there. Let me tell you something. You cannot win and make fool of us unless I give you permission to do that. You cannot win against me and my pal. Even if you try to hit from Fudgeball's blind spot with happens to be his back neck. Really he cannot see anything come from that side!
    Meanwhile on the other side.
    Petit: What is that goat yelling?
    Escobar: He says his partner's blind spot is in his back neck.
    Petit: I see...
    The strange metalic thing overherhears the conversation and speaks in a robotic voice.
    Metal Thing: I too think it is a better way if we use our advantage in numbers. Should you let your personal feelings out of this?
    Samantha: I like an extra cash. But things I like are always overshadowed by things I hate. You better cover me, Pascal.
    Pascal: I suposse I have no other choice.
    Back on Team 2 side.
    West: Damn, how big of an idiot those guys can be? I met one or two in my life, but...Geez. How are they even alive?
    Johnnathan: Because they are tough. What bothers me is that his partner doesn't seems to give a thing about it. He keeps hitting his claws over and over.
    West: Good thing we're on the same team.
    Gladius: Not exactly same team. All this means is not attacking the duo at your side. This round will be over until only 8 remains.
    Johnnathan: Speaking of which, why is your partner unarmed?
    Gladius: He just doesn't needs it.
    Johnnathan: I guess that big bone was only his dinner. What was it anyway?
    Schneider: An entire giant-sized Dodiche.
    She gets his attention.
    Schneider: So...I can't help the fact that you happens to be a Red like me.
    Johnnathan: Red...Heh. Bloody Hell, you're a Hybrid as well. That makes the fifth.
    Schneider: Well, you're the first for me. Are they nice.
    Johnnathan:...Let's say two of they difinetly aren't.
    Schneider: Sorry, I have been a Slave just like my pal. We know little about the world. But if one of us became champion we are free to leave this hell hole.
    Johnnathan: Man, what though luck.
    Schneider: But no ressentments okay? Do your best! I'm Scneider by the way.
    Johnnathan: I'm Highlander. Johnnathan.
    Schneider:...You look like a nice guy. Here take this.
    She gives him a bootle with a red liquid.
    Johnnathan: This is...Blood?
    Schneider: Yeah. There is no rule that says we can't bring a drink to this event. It is mine's by the way. Use it if you want a bit of fight left. Don't worry, I have Kasa's bottles yet.
    Kasa: *sigh* I still can't believe you just give you that.
    Johnnathan: So you're her partner huh?
    West then takes a closer look at her.
    West: That weapon...A sickle and a chain?
    In the spectador stand.
    Edward: That other girl, with the white hair...Is carrying a strange weapon.
    Tenkai: That is a Kurasigama. It's a weapon that requires high skills. It is commonly used by Ninja.
    Florencia: Ninja? The elite assassins warriors that serves the lords in Taiyo...What is the deal with those fighter?
    Suddenly the bell rings.
    Announcer: Begins!
    In a moment, an anchor attached to a chain flies towards Johnnathan but he dodges.
    Schneider: What strenght!
    Johnnathan: That would crash me like a bug. You never change do you Sam.
    Samanthata: Just stand still and dies Half-Breed.

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    Chapter 38: Round 1. Start!

    The anchor swing and clash from place to place moving like a long whip and Johnnathan hopped in place to place like a rat running of a cat. Meanhile West was running away from a flamethrowers that was comes from Pascal's metal arms.
    Johnnathan: Hey West, how are doing over there?
    West: What is the deal with this pair? Am I supossed to hit that until it stops moving? I hate going straight into something that pops up weapons out of nowhere.
    Johnnathan: Is there supossed to be someone inside that? Pascal...That names rings a bell.
    Meanwhile at the audience.
    Edward: Okay, what the heck is up with that woman? She is lifting that massive anchor like it is nothing.
    Florencia: I expect as much from someone with a head worthy 500 pieces of cooper.
    Vanilla: But, Johnnathan is gold level now, right? So he must be leagues ahead of her.
    ???: Except that was only like what? Yesterday?
    They notices a familiar voice and notices Weasel at their side.
    Edward: What the?!
    Vanilla: Weasel?!
    Florencia: You were here the only time?
    Tenkai: Hmm? A friend of yours? He was there the whole time.
    Weasel: You noticed me motherfucka? Well, 3 didn't noticed it so mission succesful I guess.
    He then picks a bunch of black leaves and puts on a cigarrete paper and smokes.
    Weasel: I never knew you guys were into this kind of stuff? Any reason you dawgs are here?
    Edward: We heard the belt was a Key.
    Weasel: Say what? How did you knew? I just came here to confirm this rumour? I was surprised Johnny-dawg was here by the way.
    Florencia: A well-dressed lady told us about it. Come to think of it, she just showed us that poster. It didn't said anything about a Key.
    Weasel: Hmmm...Mysterious. Is she a Underground Person like me?
    Florencia:...Weasel, just how did you find your sources exactly? I don't think people from the underground gets interest in anything other than smuggling valuables. Specially children's stories based on ancient legends.
    Weasel:....Let's say mu field of studies is far bigger. Anyway, those two are facing very unusual opponents.
    Tenkai: You know something about they?
    Weasel: The Orca Slayer, definetly...But that other thing...I dunno shit.
    Vanilla: Do you think she is above Johnny?
    Weasel: Well, she is know for sinking a few ships from Raven's Fleets. Also killing an King Orca like it was nothing. The only reason she is still Cooper is because of only one feud with a Drakland Troop.
    Florencia: One feud? That is rare to rise to 500 pieces.
    Vanilla: Anyway, that metal doll over there. Isn't that cheating?
    Weasel: It's no different than a weapon dollface. This tournament never had a maximum weight rule or something. But that name Pascal...Isn't that Nikolai's last name?
    Vanilla: The gremlim from Heinrich's crew? Does this means...He is in there?
    Weasel: Beats me. But it is shaped like him isn't it?
    Florencia: Well...It is Gremlim Technology no doubt it.

    On the other side of the arena, Fragadier was facing Wardrobe in a fistfight not moving from the spot they were. Gladius was just watching as he stares at Escobar sitting playing his guitar.
    Gladius: What is that man planning?
    Escobar:....Yep. Here is a boost buddy.
    He plays a note and a giant fist of water is generated from Fragadier's arms and blows Wardrobe away.
    Gladius: Hmm?!...You okay Wardrobe?
    He lifts up and gives a thumb up.
    Escobar: Time for give this show the melody it is deserved.
    He plays his guitar more and then Fragadier gets covered in water. He prepares for a leap and jumps into Wardrobe like a torpedo.
    Wardrobe: Hrmpf!
    Wardrobe prepares for a headbut and shocks with Fragadier making both of they get pushed away a few steps.
    Gladius: That guy must be playing some tricks in there. I wanted to face the Kroak, but him is the real threat here.
    He takes his axes and charges towards Escobar, but he reacts and plays some notes. A swarm of barracuda made of water surrounds him.
    Gladius: Tch!
    He stops and fights back the fishes.
    Vanilla: What amazing Water Magic manipulation! It is on Coela's level if I am not mistaken.
    Florencia: It can only means one thing. He is from the Mermen Tribe.
    Weasel: ...Yep. I've seen those kind of shorts.
    Tenkai: Those who rules the sea huh? I suposse there is one in the Black Demon's ranks?
    Edward: Yeah. It is the first time I see a male by the way.
    Tenkai: But I must say, Gladius-san is not half-bad either.
    They see taking the fishes like an one-man army.
    Edward: Damn right, but I don't like how he rips Johnnathan's style.
    After the barracudas disappear, he leaps towards to Escobar for an upside attack.
    Escobar: Hey Frag! Gimme a vocals here.
    Fragadier pushes back Wardrobe with a giant water foot and inflates his cheeks.
    Fragadier: Croack!!
    He unleashes a powerful voice releasing a sonic attack from his mouth that sends Gladius away.
    Gladius: Gah!
    Gladius still gets able to stands on feet.
    Gladius: That was close.
    Edward: Woah, that was loud.
    Florencia: Very powerful throat muscles. I heard stories about it.
    Vanilla: Everyone is outstanding...Oh no.
    Tenkai: Something troubles you, Vanilla-san?
    Vanilla: I forgot that Petit is here. Knowing him he must have...*sigh* There he is....
    She speaks with a disturbed tone and see Petit facing Fudgeball very close.
    Fudgeball: You gut guts kid. But don't think I fear GMA's students.
    Petit: I don't like to brag about....But I got first-place in my class you know!!
    He says with a very proud and overreacting tone.
    Wrat:...You totally like to brag yourself.

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    Haven't had a chance to read all of them, I'll give my 2 cents after I do, but I like how you provide soundtrack for your chapters.

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    ...Huh. Someone else actually posted here. I guess I have to keep this silly story going a little more somehow.

    Chapter 39: Those Who Rules The Land.

    Fudgeball hit his claws numerous times into the ground in hope of hitting Petit who dodged with extremely proficiency by diving into one place to other doing somersaults and barrel rolls. By each time he moved to place to place he made sure to touch his palm on the ground.
    Fudgeball: Would. You. Stop. Moving?!
    At the audience;
    Tenkai:...That kid is pretty fast. Do they teach how to move like that in your school, Vanilla-san?
    Vanilla: More or less. We had this silly game of tag that involved a bunch of floating platforms and Petit was the best at it.
    Florencia: Does he have some kind of plan? I don't think his moves are random and flashly as they look.
    Vanilla: Again, more or less. Part of it is him being a showoff. The other part is him setting his traps.
    Edward: Traps?
    Vanilla: Just look.
    Petit then takes some distance and stops hopping arond. He places his hands together and shining spots appears on the land.
    Fudgeball: What is this sorcery?
    Petit: Spike Bomb!
    In the spots he touched his hand detonates and created a chain of explosions around Fudgeball that leaves a huge area of fire.
    Florencia: A magic trap? Impressive. What kind of formula it follows?
    Vanilla: Petit is a triple element adept like me. That was a combination of Fire and Earth magic that creates explosive mines.
    Florencia: I see. Expected no less from a first place in a class...No offense.
    Vanilla: No problem. It's not like it's a competition anyway. (I do deserved more though >:I)
    Edward: Hey, where did that rabbit gone anyway?
    As the area became more clear, Fudgeball was nowhere to be seen.
    Petit: Huh. Did I somehow turned him to dust?
    Suddenly the floor shaked.
    Wrat:...Petit! Behind you!
    Then like a drill, Fudgeball appears from below underground ready to slash him.
    Fudgeball: You're mine man-spawn!
    Petit: Oh. Good thing I set up something behind beforehand.
    He snaps his fingers and various floating fire orbs surrounded the Lagomoth.
    Fudgeball: Eh?
    Petit: Air Granade!
    The orbs exploded and Fudgeball was blow away.
    Fudgeball: Bah. My fur is all burned now. Good thing I am black.
    Florencia: Incredible. He can also mix Wind and Fire to create flying bombs.
    Vanilla: And here is the catch. They are invisible.
    Tenkai: Reminds me of a firework festival.
    Edward: They are very flash, but are they having any effect? It doesn't seem it is making any effect on him.
    Vanilla: Nonsense. I've seen that spell melting iron once.
    Florencia: Lagomoths are tough. But, I admit, this one in particular is taking quite the hits very well.
    Tenkai:...Say, what about those other two?
    He takes everybody attention to Alpha and Omega facing Kasa and Schneider. They were floating in opposite directions with Alfa glowing pink and Omega glowing blue with the two at the center of they with their backs facing each others.
    Schneider: *huff* Those two are tough.
    Kasa: Heh. It is not the first time we encountered a pair of spellcasters.
    The twins then are enveloped by an orb of their respectively colours and shoots a pink and a blue lightning beam at they, but they deflects with their weapons.
    Kasa: The same trick all over again. What are they up to.
    Edward:...That seems Lightning magic, but it feels...Different.
    Vanilla: Polarity Magic. They are using opposite charges to charges each other spell's power.
    Edward: Huuuuuh....Translation.
    Florencia: Teamwork.
    Vanilla: It may not be my problem, but for the well-being of those two, they should get out of there.
    The twins starts spinning around they and blue and pink sparks generates around.
    Schneider: What is this?...Kasa, stay close!
    As they get faster a orb of electricity is formed and destroy the area.
    Announcer: Ooooh. That must hurted.
    As the place became clear, a force field made of darkness were surrounding the two. The shield fades and Schneider gets on her knees.
    Florencia: She protected she and her partner with a shield made of darkness. So you can use that for something that doesn't harms it.
    Kasa: Schneider, you okay?
    Schneider: It's okay. Just need a few more juice.
    She picks a bottle of blood and starts drinking.
    Alpha: We will not let you.
    Omega: Let you, we will not.
    They join with each other and forms a huge orb of pink and blue lightning and charges forwards they.
    Kasa: No you're not!
    She spins the height part of his weapon and throws at they covered in blue flames. That attack somehow made they split.
    Kasa: Can you keep it up Schneider?
    Schneider: Yeah. Thanks for buying time.
    Kasa: Just save your supply for later rounds.
    At the audience, Vanilla was surprised at what she saw.
    Vanilla: Did anyine saw that? I saw flames. Blue flames. I never seen fire magic like that! Florencia, you know something about it?
    Florencia: Don't ask me. I am so clueless as you are.
    Edward:...Tenkai, do you know something else by any chance?
    Tenkai keeps silent.
    Florencia:...Tenkai I can feel you're hiding something...But it is okay if you don't-
    Tenkai: That was Fox Fire. It is the magic that the Kitsune Clan is know about it.
    Vanilla: The Kitsune Clan...As in the Fox Clan?
    Edward: Hold on. Does this means she is part of the Kitsune Clan?
    Tenkai: No. Kitsunes are know for their ears and tails of foxes plus all of they have azure eyes.
    Vanilla: Where are you getting at?
    Tenkai:...That eye covered by that band. It is likely just as blue as a kitsune.
    Edward: Buddy, that is kinda like a-
    Tenkai: There are two kinds of human hybrids in this world. The Red Hybrids who descends from vampires....And the Blue Hybrids who descends from the Kitsunes.
    Weasel:...That is actually something interesting.
    Florencia:(This guy is still here...I totally forgot.) How do you know all that Tenkai?
    Tenkai: Unlike in the West where a hybrid is considered a myth, Blue Hybrids are a common knowledge at Taiyo since they are limited to our country. They still prefer to keep a low profile.
    Edward: I see. Anyway, a Red and a Blue Hybrid team. That is quite the combo.
    Back at the arena, Wrat keeps observing both Petit and the twins.
    Wart: This is bad, both are having quite the opponents. Who should I help?...Wait. Where is the goat guy. He was just having push-ups in there and....
    He notices something coming from above and sees Rolf diving into him with his shield. As he hits the ground a massive hole was created from the impact. Rolf then stands at his shield.
    Rolf: Let me tell you something you over-sized bug! You can't see Rolf coming! Specially if gravity is there to help! You hear me!
    Wrat: Will you ever shut up?
    Rolf: What?!
    Wrat gets on his feet without a scratch with his horn holding the shield.
    Wrat: Fine, I'll play your game.
    He toss the shield and Rolf above and they fall on the ground.
    Rolf: Ow! Hey. You can't throw Rolf around! Only Rolf can throw other people that aren't Rolf around!
    Wrat: Whatever.
    On the Fudgeball and Petit's side of the fighting.
    Fudgeball: I'll tell you something, that goat is the most annoying here.
    Petit: That is harshy don't tyou think?
    Fudgeball: No can do. There is a room for one champion only!
    He joins his claws afront of his head and then turns into a drill, digging underground. His trails underground can be seen from aboveground as he was getting closer to Petit.
    Petit: Geez, you Lagomoths are so predictable.
    He puts his hands together making a group of mines appears like before and explodes as he gets closer.
    Announcer: Oh my, it's a battlefield down there!
    Petit: Did I get him?
    Fudgeball then appears right in front of him with his claws ready to smash him, but Petit does a backflips and dodges. As he lands, he genereates small rock balls from his palm that were glowing red and expelling smoke.
    Fudgeball: What are you playing at?
    Fudgeball curls down, turning into a ball and starts to roll at great speed towards him.
    Petit: Mini Bomb!
    He throws the small rocks and they explode by contact. But, Fudgeball goes straight unharmed and miss Petit.
    Petit: Man, this guy is a tough cookie.
    Fudgeball: Alright, little wizard project. How about I play your game as well.
    He stomps his feet on the ground and a wave earth spikes from the ground goes towards Petit.
    Petit: Whoa! You can use magic...That is a thing.
    Fudgeball: Graaaah!
    He stomps the ground continuoulsy and spikes rises from the ground trying to hit Petit.
    Petit: Come on man, you're too slow.
    Said Petit with a bored tone surrounded by spikes.
    Fudgeball: I am just beggining brat.
    He then exhales a black smoke from his mouth and opens wide aiming at him.
    Fudgeball: Blaaaarg!
    Petit: What the?!
    He then shoots a purple beam from his mouth that blasted away Petit and the spikes surround him away with a massive dark explosion. West and Johnnathan notices that.
    West: Cap'n....Was that...
    Johnnathan:...Yeah, no doubt.
    Schneider:....That is so gonna be trouble.
    At the audience, the rest of the crew were shocked.
    Weasel: Aaaah hell no man! Did that rabbit stole mah jiggy?
    Vanilla: It...It can't be...How?
    Florencia: I don't believe myself as well, but there is no doubt. That was Dark Magic.
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    Do Fudgeball's dark powers have anything to do with him being made out of chocolate?

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    From those bitter ones I might say.

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    Chapter 40: Dark Rabbit.

    As the marks of the explosion started to fade, Petit slowly gets up suffering a lot deal of damage. His right arm seems to have fractured and it was imobile.
    Petit: Shit. That one took me by surprise...how did you done that? How can you wield Dark Magic?
    Fudgeball: Hehehe...let's just say Natural Selection played a role on this. After fighting and fighting in the Wildlands and here, you learn a trick or two with experience.
    Petit: I always thought that kind of stuff was dangerous.
    Fudgeball: Maybe for humans like you...a thing I am not.
    He charges his claw with a dark aura and does a frontal flip toward Petit ready to smash him.
    Wrat: Gateau!
    Wrat flies toward him and gets him before the finishing blow that left a huge area of impact. Petit then gets on top of Wrat's head.
    Wrat: You alright?
    Petit: Hold on.
    He emits a white pulse in his arm and the arm moves again.
    Petit: That might hold on for a while.
    Wrat: You should get back for a while. Let's join Alpha and Omega to gang up against him.
    Petit: Sorry Wrat, but as the first of my class I have a reputation to keep it.
    He gets off him and stays on the ground again.
    Wrat: Stupid kid. Leave your pride behi-
    He then fast reacts to a dropkick of Rolf and blocks sending him flying to the ground.
    Rolf: Let me tell you something bug! You can't see me coming! But I don't like when you ignore my notseeingmeness!
    Wrat: *sigh* I forgot I have another idiot to look after.
    At the audience, Vanilla was getting all anxious.
    Florencia:...I know how you feel. I don't think anyone could predict this outcome.
    Vanilla:...I don't get it. I thought Hybrids were the only ones capable of wielding Dark Magic.
    Weasel: That isn't quite right dearie. We just don't turn into blood sucking demons when doing so. But we are the best at it.
    Florencia: Even so...The Magic Level of him after he unleashed that attack rose it significantly. It above avarage actually, did he really learned how to channel it darkness through his body like that?
    Weasel: Well, that explains how he resisted all of his magic attacks. He covered himself with Dark Magic to nullifies his traps. That is indeed a bad matchup.
    Vanilla:...Well, Gateau might be getting a lot of injuries if he keep going, but he is not the kind of man who shows everything he is capable of in such a short time.
    Edward: What do you mean?
    Vanilla: The Jester don't leaves the stage until he shows every trick in his sleeve. That is how we called him.

    Meanwhile in the side where West was facing Pascal, he was dodging a current of electricty that was being launched by it's tail.
    West: Damnit! I am having a bit of disadvantage of range...Or perhaps...
    He then picks his machete and throws at Pascal hitting it's tail. The tail seems to malfunction.
    West: Now is my chance!
    He rushes towards it with his arm transformed ready to punch it. But Pascal opens it's "mouth" and a cannon gun pops out.
    West: What the?
    A blast of ray pops out of the cannon toward West, but Johnnathan appears in front of him and deflects the beam with one of his swords.
    Johnnathan: That was close West.
    West: Yeah, thanks cap'n.
    Johnnathan: You have been slacking off a lot. Does it have anything to do with the Lagomoth?
    West:...Yes. I am concerned about the kiddo there. If he wasn't on a different side I would help him right away.
    Johnnathan: I guess we are lucky to be at the same side as him for now, but-
    Suddenly Pascal retracts its flamathrowers and pops up two square cannons with 2 rocket launchers on each cannon.
    West: Quick! Spread!
    With no hesitation, they all run from different directions and Pascal points its cannons at both sides, launching a barrage of rockets at they. West turns into a wolf and runs in four legs to help dodge the rockets.
    West: Bah, bad time for not having a weapon with me....Guess I'll just have to get back.
    In Johnnathan's side, he dodged and deflected some rockets while running from they.
    Johnnathan: That is definetly something Nik might have coming up with it...Perhaps-
    From nowhere Samantha appears from above ready to impale Johnnathan with her anchor, but Johnnathan dodges at the last second.
    Johnnathan: Woah! Chill down Sam.
    Samantha then faces him in close combat and waves his anchor around with him evading very closely while trying to keep up a conversation.
    Johnnathan: So, I know this is a competiton tournament that you don't need a reason to kill me, but...Why do you want to kill me?
    Samantha: Shut up Half-Breed! I cannot forgive Raven or anyone who carries a single drop of the blood of his damn race! Since neither your brother or your babysitter is here to protect you then there will be no better opportunity.
    Johnnathan:...Damn Raven. Even if indirectly he gives me trouble...But no matter. I really hate some kind of people as well.
    He swings his sword hard pushing her anchor upward and kicks her sending her flying.
    Samantha: Guh.
    Johnnathan: Ignorant people who judges the others by "what" instead of "who".
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    Quote Originally Posted by KageKageKing View Post
    Chapter 40: Dark Rabbit.

    As the marks of the explosion started to fade, Petit slowly gets up suffering a lot deal of damage. His right arm seems to have fractured and it was imobile.
    Petit: Shit. That one took me by surprise...how did you done that? How can you wield Dark Magic?
    Fudgeball: Hehehe...let's just say Natural Selection played a role on this. After fighting and fighting in the Wildlands and here, you learn a trick or two with experience.
    Petit: I always thought that kind of stuff was dangerous.
    Fudgeball: Maybe for humans like you...a thing I am not.
    He charges his claw with a dark aura and does a frontal flip toward Petit ready to smash him.
    Wrat: Gateau!
    Wrat flies toward him and gets him before the finishing blow that left a huge area of impact. Petit then gets on top of Wrat's head.
    Wrat: You alright?
    Petit: Hold on.
    He emits a white pulse in his arm and the arm moves again.
    Petit: That might hold on for a while.
    Wrat: You should get back for a while. Let's join Alpha and Omega to gang up against him.
    Petit: Sorry Wrat, but as the first of my class I have a reputation to keep it.
    He gets off him and stays on the ground again.
    Wrat: Stupid kid. Leave your pride behi-
    He then fast reacts to a dropkick of Rolf and blocks sending him flying to the ground.
    Rolf: Let me tell you something bug! You can't see me coming! But I don't like when you ignore my notseeingmeness!
    Wrat: *sigh* I forgot I have another idiot to look after.
    At the audience, Vanilla was getting all anxious.
    Florencia:...I know how you feel. I don't think anyone could predict this outcome.
    Vanilla:...I don't get it. I thought Hybrids were the only ones capable of wielding Dark Magic.
    Weasel: That isn't quite right dearie. We just don't turn into blood sucking demons when doing so. But we are the best at it.
    Florencia: Even so...The Magic Level of him after he unleashed that attack rose it significantly. It above avarage actually, did he really learned how to channel it darkness through his body like that?
    Weasel: Well, that explains how he resisted all of his magic attacks. He covered himself with Dark Magic to nullifies his traps. That is indeed a bad matchup.
    Vanilla:...Well, Gateau might be getting a lot of injuries if he keep going, but he is not the kind of man who shows everything he is capable of in such a short time.
    Edward: What do you mean?
    Vanilla: The Jester don't leaves the stage until he shows every trick in his sleeve. That is how we called him.

    Meanwhile in the side where West was facing Pascal, he was dodging a current of electricty that was being launched by it's tail.
    West: Damnit! I am having a bit of disadvantage of range...Or perhaps...
    He then picks his machete and throws at Pascal hitting it's tail. The tail seems to malfunction.
    West: Now is my chance!
    He rushes towards it with his arm transformed ready to punch it. But Pascal opens it's "mouth" and a cannon gun pops out.
    West: What the?
    A blast of ray pops out of the cannon toward West, but Johnnathan appears in front of him and deflects the beam with one of his swords.
    Johnnathan: That was close West.
    West: Yeah, thanks cap'n.
    Johnnathan: You have been slacking off a lot. Does it have anything to do with the Lagomoth?
    West:...Yes. I am concerned about the kiddo there. If he wasn't on a different side I would help him right away.
    Johnnathan: I guess we are lucky to be at the same side as him for now, but-
    Suddenly Pascal retracts its flamathrowers and pops up two square cannons with 2 rocket launchers on each cannon.
    West: Quick! Spread!
    With no hesitation, they all run from different directions and Pascal points its cannons at both sides, launching a barrage of rockets at they. West turns into a wolf and runs in four legs to help dodge the rockets.
    West: Bah, bad time for not having a weapon with me....Guess I'll just have to get back.
    In Johnnathan's side, he dodged and deflected some rockets while running from they.
    Johnnathan: That is definetly something Nik might have coming up with it...Perhaps-
    From nowhere Samantha appears from above ready to impale Johnnathan with her anchor, but Johnnathan dodges at the last second.
    Johnnathan: Woah! Chill down Sam.
    Samantha then faces him in close combat and waves his anchor around with him evading very closely while trying to keep up a conversation.
    Johnnathan: So, I know this is a competiton tournament that you don't need a reason to kill me, but...Why do you want to kill me?
    Samantha: Shut up Half-Breed! I cannot forgive Raven or anyone who carries a single drop of the blood of his damn race! Since neither your brother or your babysitter is here to protect you then there will be no better opportunity.
    Johnnathan:...Damn Raven. Even if indirectly he gives me trouble...But no matter. I really hate some kind of people as well.
    He swings his sword hard pushing her anchor upward and kicks her sending her flying.
    Samantha: Guh.
    Johnnathan: Ignorant people who judges the others by "what" instead of "who".
    Choco-Rabbit, 70% real cacao, 30% rabbit.

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    Chapter 41: Dark Nuke.

    At Alpha and Omega's fight against the Undefeated Princesses, they were together in one electric orb with an arm made of pink electricity in their right holding a lightning sword and an arm of blue electricity holding a lightning shield. They drive the 2 into a corner as Kasa tries to slash they with the sickle part of her weapon covered in fox fire with no effort.
    Kasa: Gnh! I don't get it. It doesn't feel stronger than before.
    The twins waves their right arms and the sword hand moves in a similar fashion and strikes like a lightning bolt leaving a large area of destruction.
    Kasa: Aaaah! It is so powerful. Schneider, any ideas?
    Schneider: You said your attacks didn't worked? Well, then....
    She charges her sword with darkness and then holds with her two hands for a horizontal slash.
    Schneider: Dark Wheel!
    She swings shoots a purple ring from her sword that goes straight to Alpha and Omega. The two blocks with their shield, but the ring passes through.
    Alpha: Say what?
    Omega: What say?
    The ring hits they and their magic gets cancelled. They fall down on the ground in their knees.
    Kasa: Oh. It worked it.
    Schneider: I knew it. That shield could only dispel physical attacks.
    The twins gets up and clap their hands making it appear a squad of 10 knighs made of electricity around they.
    Schneider: Oh boy...
    Kasa: Don't worry. Fighting multiple opponents is my speciality!
    She jumps high in the air and throws at a rapid fire speed the weight of her weapons at the knights, dispeling they.
    Kasa: There. All done.
    Schneider: Kasa?
    Kasa: Yes?
    Schneider: Are you sure there was 10 of they?
    Kasa: Hmm? Absolutely.
    Schneider:...Are you sure it wasn't 100?
    After she finished her statement, a hundred knights were surrounding they.
    Kasa:...Yare yare.

    In Petit's fight, he was being chased over and over by Fudgeball that was leaping at him with his claws covered in darkness. With every leap he did it to avoid he countered with either a spike bomb or a air granade.
    Fudgeball: If you're thinking of chip me little by little forget it kid! I can do this all day!
    Petit: How about this?
    He forms an entire set of dynamites made of rock in his hand and throws.
    Petit: Dynamite Bounce!
    The dynamites explodes in Fudgeball's face that tried to block with his shield, but the shield cracks and the rest of the dynamites bounces nearby.
    Fudgeball: What is this trick?
    The dynamites all explode forming a chain explosion around him.
    Fudgeball: Guh! Nice trick pal, but not enough strenght!
    Petit: I'm not done it.
    He takes advantage of the explosions and gets closer to him without noticing. He charges his palm with an orange glow and strikes his body with his palm.
    Petit: Flash Palm!
    He strikes and an explosion gets through Fudgeball where he stroke it damaging him from inside.
    Fudgeball: Gwa!...Not bad, but-
    Petit: Waaaaah!
    He gives a multi rapid-fire hits with his 2 palms and delivers a barrage of explosive palm fists into him making Fudgeball even spits blood.
    Fudgeball: Gwaaaa!...You...Little....
    He tries to crush Petit with his 2 claws, but as he was about to crush him he dissappears.
    Fudgeball: What? Teleportation?
    Petit re-appears above him, just about behind his neck and does a lot of hands movements in the air and forms a glowing ball similar to a star.
    Petit: Supernova!
    He throws the supernova at Fudgeball and hits just behind his neck.
    Fudgeball: Gwaaaa!...You bastard man-spawn!
    He turns around and tries take him down with another laser from his mouth, but he teleports and the laser goes straight to The Red Beasts and Weasel.
    Edward: Oh no!
    Florencia: Oh no!
    Vanilla: Oh no!
    Announcer: Ooooh no!
    Weasel: I'm saying it oh no also!!
    Tenkai: ...Hmpf.
    Tenkai unsheats his katana and deflects the beam with ease that goes to the upper area of the other side of the arena. As the rubbles from the impact tries to crush some spectators, a purple cloud appears from above they and catches the rocks. The crew notices the smoke's trail and points that it came from Weasel's cigarrete.
    Weasel:...What? I have respect for live bitch.
    Announcer:...Just a reminder, we are not responsible for whatever danger the gladiators we hold might give to the audience.
    Back in the arena;
    Rolf: Fudgeball! Hey you jerk, let me tell you something! How dare you attack his blind point like that after I told you?! You making it look it was my fault?! No one makes Rolf looks bad!
    He puts his shield in front of him and charges pushing the shield with his head.
    Rolf: Get ready for being hit by 1000 tons of awesomeness-
    As he was charging, Wrat blocks with his horns and sumo wrestles with Rolf.
    Rolf: What?!
    Wrat: A thousand tons? Not even a thousand pounds.
    Fudgeball: Tch. Not that I needed your help Rolf.
    Petit: Come on you oversized rodent. I have a few more tricks to show.
    Edward: I must say, your classmate is surprisingly good Vanilla. He is totally unpredictable.
    Vanilla: Yeah, that is why we used to call him Jester back in the academy. If only he wasn't such a show-off dork...
    Edward:...Then what?
    Vanilla:...Nothing. (He is way below even you Edward.)
    Florencia: ...Well, that is a start.
    On Gladius' side of the fighting he was facing a horde of water manta rays that splitted away every time they were struck while Escobar was surrounded by a giant water octopus playing his guitar.
    Gladius:...Well, this is taking longer than I expected...How are you holding Wardrobe?
    He sees Wardrobe getting jumped over and over by Fragadier.
    Gladius: Alright, time for take this in a different approach....Wardrobe!
    Wardrobe: Hmm?
    Gladius then points at Escobar.
    Gladius: This guy dissed your mother!
    Wardrobe: Hmmm!
    Escobar: What the?
    Gladius: He called her a faggot!
    Announcer: Oooooh no, he didn't it!
    Wardrobe: Grrrrrr!!!
    Wardrobe gets himself on fire and throws away Fragadier from above him like a volcano.
    Gladius: Well, have fun.
    Wardrobe runs towards Escobar, passes through the water tentacles and knocks Escobar out of it.
    Escobar: Ow. Peace, bro. I love my mom too.
    But Wardrobe was in a state of oure anger with his mouth all foaming and he was all red.
    Gladius: Well, I always wanted to face a Kroak myself.
    On Johnnathan's fight, he was clashing multiple blows with Samantha with the latter being more aggressive than before.
    Johnnathan: (I think I might have angered her a bit. Not that she didn't deserved it.)
    Samantha: Just...Die!
    She swings her anchor with more strenght and Johnnathan gets throw a little farther.
    Johnnathan: Tch! Red Spiral!
    He shoots a red spiral, but Samantha dodges by moving her head a bit to the side.
    Johnnathan: Whoops! Almost blowed he head o-Gah!
    When he less noticed, she started to try to smash him with her anchor again, moving it like a whip.
    Johnnathan: Er...West, a little help.
    West: Hold on a second, hey metal...thing, could I pick back my machete that is stuck in your tail...that I threw in the first place.
    Pascal then summons 2 giant scissors from it torso.
    Pascal: Come get it then.
    West: Well...No can do cap'n.
    Johnnathan: Thanks anyway. (Damn, I totally don't wanna kill her, but she is giving me no choice....Come on Johnny, try to remember something Henry taught you in this kind of situation...)
    A few years ago...
    Heinrich: Hey Johnny, wanna know a trick to knock out a lady without harming her?
    Johnnathan: Eh? I don't kinda need it. I mean, getting easy on someone based on they gender sounds...
    Heinrich then whispers something on Johnnathan's ears.
    Johnnathan:...Bah. like that would happen.
    Johnnathan:....Damnit, I totally gonna regret that, but...I can't risk getting herself killed without knowing the whole thing.
    He then slashes his tongue with his sword making it bleed.
    Samantha: Hmmm? What are you planning it?
    She lauches her anchor in front of her, but Johnnathan dodges and charges into she. When he gets close he holds her wrist of the hand carrying the anchor, making her drop it.
    Samantha: Tch. What are you planning?
    She gets ready to punch him, but Johnnathan holds the back of her head and then kisses her.
    Samantha: !!!
    West: Eh?
    Pascal: Eh?
    The other fighters: Eh?
    Announcer: EH?
    Florencia: Eh?
    Edward: Eh?
    Tenkai: Eh?
    Weasel: Ooooooh!
    Vanilla: EEEEEEEEEEEH?!(Whywhywhywhywhywhhhhy?)
    After he finishes, Samantha gets dizzy and falls down unconscious.
    Johnnathan: Man, I so need an antisseptic after this.(I hate the taste of booze.)
    Weasel: Huh. Trick number 7 of the Hybrid Book. Smartass.
    Vanilla: Weasel...What did he done it? (And what can justifies I not killing him later?)
    Weasel: Well, hybrid blood is kinda toxic for human beings. Specially if ingested with alcoohol.
    Vanilla: I see...So he didn't done because of any other reason, right?
    Weasel: The hell are you talking about it bitch?
    Florencia: Forget it Mr. Weasel. Just forget it.
    Announcer: A-Amazing folks! I don't get it myself! But it seems Samantha has been taken out in the 15 minutes of Round 1. And she was the top underdog!
    West: Nicely done Cap'n...Whatever that was.
    Johnnathan: If I ever do that again, hit me with something hard.
    West: If you say s-Ow!
    Suddenly something hits West's head. It was the handle of his machete.
    Pascal:...Well, that is a bummer. With her out, my chances of winning had a significant drop....The most logical solution would take all my rivals down with one swoop.
    Pascal then retracts it arms and declines it body into a 45 degree angle, looking like a cannon. The mouth opens and reveals what appears to be a black tank shell.
    Weasel: Hmmm? Isn't that Darkalloy?
    Florencia: The metal that cuts rogue vampires like a butterknife in a butter? Yeah, it is.
    In Pascal's lower body, a glass containing some jet black ore appears and glows. The tank shell then also starts to glow purple.
    Weasel: Eh?...Is that a fucking Darkalloy Nuclear Reactor...Does this is a motherfucking Dark Nuke?!....There is a motherfucking Dark Nuke in that motherfucking thing?
    Edward: Dude, chill out! What is a dark nuke?
    Pascal: Fire!
    Pascal adjust the angle to near 90 degrees launches the shell, and reveals to be a far bigger rocket that flies upwards and lands near West and Johnnathan.
    West:...I think you misse-
    The rocket then lights a red dot on it.
    Johnnathan:...West! Watch out!
    He tackles West, taking him away from the rocket and covers him while the rocket starts to quickly beep and explodes. When it explodes the entire stadium gets surroundes by a dark blast.
    Florencia: What the?
    Edward: It is so strong!
    Suddenly the spectators get surrounded by a wall.
    Kane: Phew. Good thing I had this in case of thing like these. I wasn't expecting the beam though.
    Vanilla: What happened?
    Weasel:...I don't think you wanna know dearie.
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    Chapter 42: Round 1 End.

    As the arena was covered by a dark fog the audience was protected by a near invisible wall covering the area like a dome. Vanilla curiously pokes the wall.
    Vanilla: Is it magical?
    Florencia: Half of it. It is generated by Gremlin Enginering that produces magic artificially. It is kinda illigal for public use.
    Weasel: Like the jiggy that covered everything black.
    In the Announcer Stand, a man with long dark hair covering his left eye dressed all black steps into the goblin's side and talks into the microphone.
    Man in black: And a dark curtain falls into the act in this theater of blood and carnage. The darkness scares and tempt us with it's deep. Just like my soul.
    Announcer:...Who are you and why are you doing my job?
    In the arena, Pascal stayed in the middle, scanning it's surrounding with a radar above its head.
    Pascal: Hmmm...I sense some life signals, but nothing from the Werewolf or the Hybrid....Are they dead? Or....
    ???: UP!
    As Pascal hears voices from above, Johnnathan dives and slash it's arms and then followed by West that smashes its head so hard with a fist that digs the head into the body.
    Florencia: Yeeeah! That is how it is done!
    Vanilla: Eh? Flor, are you alright?
    Florencia: Oh. Sorry. ( I should have mention it that I am the only one who can sense it behind this wall.)
    Pascal: *BZZZZT* How?
    Johnnathan: Nothing that a spoon of Dark Magic in our skin can't block it.
    Pascal: Oh....If....Only...I had...That...Da...Ta....*Thump*
    The body of Pascal falls from the ground and the area becomes more clear.
    Announcer: Woah! I don't know what happened but it seems Competitor Pascal is out!
    Man in black: Again, the man of steel cannot beat the man of flesh...Yet.
    Announcer: You're still here?
    Vanilla: Whoa. It seems they are fine.
    Tenkai: That was a great display.
    Weasel: Oh damn! Nothing stops these beast.
    Edward: Heh. That is Edward Howitz's rivals for ya!
    Vanilla: Since when you three were rivals?

    Johnnathan: Hmm?
    West: What is wrong?
    Johnnathan: I heard something come from that thing.
    A door then opens from the robot and smoke comes from inside.
    ???: *cough*cough* Damn, and that nuke costed me a lot already.
    Johnnathan: This voice...Nik?
    ???: Nik? You know my brother?
    A female looking gremlin with a google helmet comes from inside.
    Gremlin: By the way, I don't like being compared to him. I'm Marie by the way.

    Marie Pascal, younger sister of Nikolai.
    Robotics expert.

    Marie: Thanks for breaking my D-Tank by the way. I hope you two pay back! Darkalloy is very expensive!
    Johnnathan: Wait, don't blame us. This is a fighting tournament. Why would you put your robot into this in the first place.
    Marie: It was a test drive. It is only a prototype after all.
    West: So, we were supossed to do nothing and let you go all the way to the finals without a scratch?
    Marie: Yes. That would be the most ideal outcome.
    Johnnathan( Arrogant and Straightfoward. Just like Nikolai.)

    On the other side of the arena, Gladius and Petit just standed. Gladius gone straight to some rubbles from the corner and started digging up.
    Gladius: Wardrobe...Where are you?
    He keeps digging and finds Wardrobe and Escobar unconscious.
    Gladius:...Sorry for lying to you buddy.
    As soon as he pick those two, a tongue grabs his legs that lifts and slams him into the ground.
    Gladius: Guh! So you're still up aren't you frog?
    Fragadier prepares to fight once more and delivers another soundwave, but Gladius dodges in time.
    Gladius: Let's see how good you are without any water to protect you.
    He dashes and faces him in close combat.
    Petit: Damn things looks pretty intense over there. Where are Alpha and Omega?
    He looks around and spots the two kneeling on the floor and notices Schneider surrounding they with a force field made of darkness. It seems loke she protected they from the blast.
    Alpha:...Why did you protect us?
    Omega:...You protected us. Why?
    Schneider: You two are actually kids, right?
    Alpha and Omega: !!!
    Petit: Kids?
    Alpha: How did...
    Schneider: The first time I lifted a sword, I was 6. And the first time I fought, I was 8. They made sure I would be cloaked to no one notice. Just like you two, right?
    Omega:....But why?
    Schneider: Fight at such a young age is cruel, I know that. It's because of that I have a soft spot for those facing the same.
    She then lifts the shield.
    Schneider: Don't worry about us by the way. I resist dark and Kasa is actually pretty tough.
    Kasa: It still hurts Schneider.
    Said her all covered in black.
    Schneider: If you two still wanna fight we respect. But we can't go easy on you two.
    The two then lowers their heads.
    Alpha:....Well, I d-
    Suddenly Fudgeball appears from the ground and slashes the two with one swipe of his claw in their backs.
    Alpha: Gwaaa!
    Omega: Kyaaa!
    Schneider: Aaaah!
    Vanilla: Hey! That is not fair! Cheater! Cheater!
    Weasel: There was not in the rules that says you have to fight only one pair.
    Vanilla: A-Anyway, that was rude. Like, Mega Duper Rude!
    Schneider then holds one of they into her arms.
    Schneider: Hey hold on! Stay with me!
    Man in black: That is not good. A maul of a Lagomoth in the back of someone from that size is brutal. Like having an gigantic axe passing through your spine. I can just imagining the pain that milliseconds were. Might not be so bad though.
    Announcer: You freak me out!
    Schneider: Damnit Fudgeball! They are only children!
    Fudgeball: This place knows no child or adult, only fighters. Speaking of which, thanks for distracting they "teammate".
    He gives his back to Schneider and leaves.
    Schneider: You damn devil rodent....
    Her eyes fills with rage and her grip gets stronger. Kasa then puts her hand on her partner's shoulders.
    Kasa: Don't Schneider. He is not an enemy you can beat easily or maybe alone at all. Besides if we attack him we'll be disqualified.
    Schneider: I know Kasa. I know.
    West: That was brutal. Even for me.
    Marie:....Hehe. You know, forget about the bill. I'll just...Take my friend and leave quickly 'kay. Bye, see you outside.
    She picks a collapsed Samantha and puts her above the tank and pushes quickly to outside the arena with a scared-looking face.
    Johnnathan: Gremlins can be pretty strong.
    West: What do we do now cap'n?
    Johnnathan:...Let's wait for now.
    Petit: Apha...Omega...I don't know what was that all about but...As your senior I can't let things like this!
    He starts forming a Supernova but he gets hit from a lariat by Rolf being sent flying to a wall.
    Rolf: Goat Hammer!
    Petit: Gack!
    Rolf: Let me tell you something, I-
    Petit: Yeah I know, you're awesome and stuff. Wrat, where the hell are you.
    Wrat: Here.
    He gives his position to Petit and he sees him with his back on the ground and tries to get up like a turtle.
    Wrat: Sorry about that. I am having a hard time trying to get up.
    Petit: *sigh* Just swing from the side!
    Wrat: Oh. You make me look like the dumb one.
    He rolls to the side and gets up, but Fudgeball steps on him a second after.
    Petit: Wrat!
    Wrat: Don't worry...I am fi-
    Fudgeball then starts to stomp on him like a rabbit with his foot covered in darkness until Wrat gets splatted like a pancake.
    Announcer: Woah...Is he dead?
    Man in black: Steel Beetles are know for their resistence. They are more durable than cockroaches, but I wouldn't try to get up if I were him. Besides, what does make something alive in this world anyway? And what makes us different than the bugs under the rocks?
    Announcer: Would you shut up. You depress me.
    Petit: Wrat...
    Fudgeball:...Might as well stop. My foot is killing me.
    Rolf: Hey, why kick a dead dog anyway? I already finished him!
    Fudgeball: Pinning him down and counting to three is hardly finishing someone Rolf.
    Rolf: Heh! It is where I came from.
    Petit then stands in front of they a few meters of distance with his eyes filled with anger.
    Petit: It is official, I hate Lagomoths.
    He starts forming a Supernova and the one he creates brights more red.
    Vanilla: Ah! No, Petit! That thing is dangerous!
    Edward: Is there something about that spell?
    Florencia: It seems to have more fire magic than before...And it is too much.
    Vanilla: That spell is just too deadly. It can easily kill someone with one shot! Ronan himself forbid him in doing that in any circumstance! Stop Petit! Don't become a murderer and ruin our school's reputation!
    Vanilla shouts too hard that she even cries.
    Petit: Weird...Somehow I can hear Vanilla's voices in my head....No matter, I cannot forgive this bastard! Final Star!!!
    He charges and get ready to shot.
    Fudgeball: Rolf.
    Rolf: Yeah?
    Fudgeball:...My shield broke.
    Rolf: Oh...What abo-
    Petit shots the Final Star and an enormous explosion surrounded they that took about a fourth of the entire arena. As the fire rises from that explosion, man in black at the announcer stands watches ans a smile slowly is formed in his face. Petit than kneels into the ground.
    Petit: *huff*huff* That....Sure took a major toll in my body...
    But not much after, Fudgeball dashes out of the flames with Rolf's shield on his right arm covered in darkness and slams Petit with it sending him flying several miles and makes an entire hole in the wall leaving him blacked out inside the arena's hallway.
    West: What the? Where did he get that shield.
    Johnnathan:....That damned bastard lended from his partner.
    He points at Rolf that has been in a small crater on the ground, unconscious with his mouth open and his eyes white covered in blood.
    Tenkai: That is so dishonorable! If he lived in my country, he should have been condemned to commit seppuku!
    Edward: Yeah! Seppuku on him, whatever that is!
    Vanilla: No...Petit...He was an idiot classmate, but was still a nice classmate.*sniff*
    Florencia: Isn't that against the rules?
    Weasel: Hey babe. If you cannot see what happened, then who can say. Even though the truth is obvious.
    On the remaining fight, Gladius was clashing with Fragadier, but noticed the big fire that happened.
    Gladius: Something big must have happened. I really wanna check it, but this guy is no pushover. His skin is very hard.
    But as he was trying to keep his eyes off fragadier for a few moments, he notices a small sight from Fudgeball's face that lasted less than a second. In that instant he noticed him licking his lips with his eyes fixed on him.
    Gladius: Shoot!
    He then does a dodge roll from the side and Fudgeball unleashes one of his dark beams from his mouth that leaves a massive dark explosion from where the two were. Gladius barely made it, but Fragadier was put out of the fight.
    Man in black:...Heh. I guess that is it.
    Announcer: Huh?...Oh. Y-Yes! Fragadier is down. The winners of the first round is Team 2!
    The crowd cheers but the crew and the competitors were still silent. Gladius then faces Fudgeball closely after looking at a fallen Rolf into the ground.
    Gladius: Aren't you a cute little rabbit. Just now, I was your real target wasn't I?
    Fudgeball: I don't know what you're talking about it?
    He said with a jokingly tone.
    Fudgeball: You seemed to have in need of help, so I gave you. No need to thanks.."partner".
    Gladius: What about your partner?
    Fudgeball: Well, it is unfortunate, but I already took care if his previous trouble. And speaking of trouble...
    He jumps into the announcer stand and picks a mic.
    Announcer: Woah!
    Man in black:...He is cute up-close.
    Fudgeball: Excuse me everyone, but it seems we have a bit of problem with the second round. I couldn't help but notice there only 6 competitors still standing instead of 8.
    Edward: Oh. He is right. Wardrobe and Rolf are out of comission.
    Fudgeball: Then I have a proposal. Why don't we skip a round make a Triple-Threat Duo fight? The duo who stands goes to the final.
    Schneider: Wait...Doesn't this means...
    Fudgeball: Me and Gladius. I can't see any other way. What do you say Kane?
    Kane:....Fucking rabbit.
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    Chapter 43: Schneider.

    After the first round, a 30 minute break was take before the next would begin. An earlier announcement was made, agreeing with Fudgeball's conditions. Some spectators left the stadium for a snack or rest. The crew stayed at the audience while Edward went out for bringing some foods and drinks for the rest and Weasel seemed to have disappeared.
    Tenkai: That is the hundreth sighing you gave for a while you know.
    Florencia: I can't help it. The first match was too much. I heard stories about it, but I never thought there would be a creature worse than vampires.
    Tenkai: I admit it. I never saw a individual so violent as him.
    Vanilla: I wish I could see Johnny one more time.
    Florencia: ...I am more concerned about West. Unlike Johnny, he is so rash and careless.
    Vanilla: You're not wrong.
    Tenkai: This is only my instinct telling me, but I believe this aspect is what will make him stand in the end.
    Florencia:...Yeah. I'm positive that idiot will be fine.
    Then, Edward came back carrying a large ammount of peanuts, popcorns, dumplings and sodas.
    Edward: Hey guys. Where's Weasel?
    Florencia: Hm? Funny. He was here a while ago.
    Edward: Maybe he got bored or something.
    Meanwhile, at Kane's Room, Weasel was there.
    Weasel: It seems you didn't saw that coming didn't ya?
    Kane: What are you talking about it?
    Weasel: The plan was to make Fudgeball fight either the Red Beast or the Princesses isn't it? Then make your Game Masters take care of him right? But since Gladius is alone and he is paired with the rabbit...that decreses your success by....50 percent? Maybe more. You didn't knew he could wield Dark Magic right?
    Kane: Would you quit the chat? You wanted to talk about that debt you have with me.
    Weasel: About that....
    He hands over a bag full of pieces of diamonds.
    Kane:....Isn't this a bit too much of what you're owning me?
    Weasel: I want to convert this debt into a bet. What are the current odds?
    Kane: Well...Considering Orca Slayer is already out...It is now the remaining 95 percent betting on Fudgeball....And the remaining 5 percent shared between Gladius, Kasa and Schneider.
    Weasel: What about Johnny-dawg and other-dawg?
    Weasel: I see. Then I am all-in on Johnny-dawg.
    Kane: What?!
    Weasel: You've seen what he is capable of.
    Kane: But...You saying you leaving. Even if he wins, you...
    Weasel: It is not for me...It is for him.
    Kane:...What are you planning in giving him too much money? The winner takes already a prize money.
    Weasel: More money is not bad isn't it?
    Kane: What if his partner or another one wins?
    Weasel: Welp. All is well that ends well.
    Weasel leaves the scene doing a moonwalk.
    Kane:...Hybrids are weird.
    Somewhere, Johnnathan and West were waiting in a locker room. Johnnathan was drinking his bootle he took from Schneider.
    Johnnathan:*glub*glub*...Her blood tastes like cherry.
    West: Sometimes I forget you are half hemevore. Are you sure it is safe to waste now? You didn't take any serious wound.
    Johnnathan: Hybrid blood refills my dark magic.
    West:...Is that how it works?
    Johnnathan: Well...More or less. It differs from person to person. My brother gives more vitality while Al's give more magic since he is a magic expert.
    West: What about yours?
    Johnnathan: Al said it is something in between the scales...This one has a bit more magic.
    The door knocked and it opened. Schneider appeared.
    Schneider:....Can I enter?
    Johnnathan: Well, speaking of the devil. Is there something we can help?
    She enters with a bit of hesitation.
    Schneider: I wanna talk if possible.
    West: Should I leave?
    Schneider: No. The more, the merrier.
    She sits in an opposite bench and gets used to it.
    Johnnathan: Thanks for the blood by the way. I feel more ready now.
    Schneider: No problem. I always keep one in case I meet a fellow Red.
    West: You call him a Red. What is it?
    Schneider: Oh! I forgot Blues aren't know outside of Taiyo. You see a Red is a human-hybrid descended from a vampire and a Blue is one descended from the Kitsunes.
    Johnnathan: Kitsunes? You mean the Fox Clan?
    Schneider: Yes. My partner, Kasa, is one of they.
    West: So I wasn't dreaming when I saw those blue flames. Fox Fire right? Does this means she came all the way from Taiyo.
    Schneider: Yes. She came all the way with her Kitsune mother who were being tracked down by some pursuers. She left her for protection and said she would come back when it was safe, but...They found a corpse of a fox left in Circa's shore.
    Johnnathan: Oh my....
    Schneider: The goblins retrieved and took to Kane. No one knows what he did to it. But he still left a debt for her to get out.
    West: Who were these pursuers? The Fox Clan?
    Schneider: She never told me. And I have no intention of opening old wounds. I wish my mother was like her.
    Johnnathan: Why do you say that?
    Schneider: My mother left me here because she didn't wanted me. Because my father wasn't here. She turned her back on me and never cared in looking away. Humans are so selfish...
    Her eyes gets red with anger and she bit her lips when talking about her mother.
    Johnnathan:...What about your father? Did he left her or something.
    Schneider then looks at Johnnathan confused.
    Schneider: What are you talking about it? He died of course.
    Johnnathan: Woah. Why are you speaking so casually as if it is normal.
    Schneider: It is not? I mean didn't your vampire parent commited suicide as well? Or maybe it was one your grandparents?
    Johnnathan: No. My mother was vampire. And she was murdered when I was 6 and my brother was 12.
    She gets astonished with that statement.
    Schneider: She lived enough with a child that old?!...What was her rank? Low? Mid-Low?
    Johnnathan: If I remember correctly, she was of Higher Rank.
    Schneider: Higher?! A Higher-Ranked on threw everything away for a human?
    Johnnathan: I think you must explain to me, because I am confused as hell.
    Schneider: Me too. You see, the vampires who have hybrid children...All of they that I heard commited suicide.
    West: This is...Dark.
    Johnnathan: Can you tell me why is that?
    Schneider: It is only rumours I hear from outside it, but it is similar to mine. Most of the vampires who disappeared and had hybrids were those who had no rank and were only sentinels in Hollowgrounds. My mother was one of the many slaves stuck in there and they fell in love. The two successfuly got away and lived happily in Blitzreign's countyyard.
    West: And then...Why did he commited suicide?
    She lowers her head and cries.
    Schneider: Because he feared losing everything he had than death itself.
    Johnnathan: Losing what?
    Schneider: Me and my mother. Love is a curse for vampires. Because they are immortals, they don't die or get old. The very thought of one day losing those they love curses they everyday slowly.
    Johnnathan: Damn.
    Schneider: After the day my father vanished, my mom didn't smiled often. One day she just took me and dropped here. She made a deal with Kane and took away a debt and never even spoke a word to me. The day I came here was like a never-ending nightmare. When I less noticed I was swinging a sword by force in order to survive. At least Kasa was there for me. We became best friends since.
    Johnnathan: I'm sorry.
    Schneider: Thank you. Now, I have a proposal for you...Could you team up with us in defeating Fudgeball?
    Johnnathan: Sure.
    Schneider:....Wait. Is that it?
    Johnnathan: Yeah. It seem like the logical thing to do.
    Schneider:....Hehe. I thought it would take a far more persuassion, but you're a cool nice guy. Well if you excuse me, I'll return to Kasa. Good luck for both of us.
    She left the room with a smile and Johnnathan stays with a serious face.
    West: Something the matter?
    Johnnathan:...When I was young, I saw my parents discussing something....I didn't quite catch, but....I remember mom crying....Could it be this...Curse have something to do?
    West: Cap'n. Don't wanna be rude, but it is not important right now. We have a tough fight ahead, so...Concentrate on the fur ball.
    Johnnathan:...Yeah. Thanks West.
    He then unsheats his swords and goes outside.
    Johnnathan: It is a biy earlier, but let's go outside already. This waiting is killing me.
    West: Heh. That is why you're the boss kid.
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    Chapter 44: Round 2.

    After a 30 minute break, the fights resumes and all the combatants enters the stage. Since this is technically the next-to-last fight there will be no more breaks after this and the championship match will start as soon 2 fighters stand. The duos were all standing in a position that the other 2 opossiting duos were in parallel sides like a triangle. Fudgeball strike both his claws while Gladius just watches from his back.
    Gladius:....(Don't stab his back, Don't stab his back....)
    Fudgeball: Hey Gladius.
    Gladius: Don't sta-What?
    Fudgeball: How about you keep one team busy while I deal with the other? You can handle it right?
    Gladius:...Yeah. That might be actually good for me.
    He gives his sight to Johnnathan and West after that statement.
    Johnnathan: Alright West. When the fight starts, let's concentrate on the big ball of charcoal. With Schneider and Kasa's help we actually have pretty good chances.
    West: Sounds like a good plan on paper, but what about the dual axe wielding bastard over there.
    Johnnathan: Relax. I am pretty sure he-
    Announcer: Begin!
    As soon as the match officially begun, Gladius swings one of his axes into Johnnathan's neck.
    Johnnathan: Youch!
    But he bends his body in a way that he misses being beheaded.
    Announcer: Wow! Gladius seems to be on the kill this time! He almost decapitated Johnnathan in the first 2 seconds!
    Man in black: Did you know cockroaches can live an entire week without his head. That is so meta.
    Announcer:...Did you compared the Red Beast to a cockroach?
    Johnnathan then unsheats his swords and locks Gladius into close combat.
    West: Johnny!
    Johnnathan: Don't bother with it, go help the girls!
    He then goes face Fudgeball without hesitation while Johnny dodges and blocks Gladius's blows at a short distance.

    In the fight at the other side, Fudgeball tries to crush the other pair by slamming at they while digging in the ground as if he was swimming into a pool. Neither of the two could find an opportunity to strike.
    Schneider: Kasa! I'll play the bait okay?
    Schneider prepares a dark shield and stays still on the same spot.
    Fudgeball: You think your shield can take it? My claw is far too powerful!
    He charges his claw and ready it to smash like a crawl move, but on the last moment Kasa jumps above Schneider and him and catches his paw with her chain in mid-air.
    Fudgeball: What? I can't shake it.
    When she leaps through and land behind him, she pulls her weapon and lift his entire body, slamming it right in front of her.
    Fudgeball: Gwa!
    Schneider: Ha! Fell for it!
    Fudgeball then stands up with anger.
    Fudgeball: You bitch! Don't you think you will ever-Guh!
    Kasa then pulls his chain and forces him to pull his paw, making him immobile.
    Fudgeball: I can't pull it off.
    Schneider: Dark Wheel!
    She launches a Dark Wheel at him and forces him to block with a dark enchanced shield that leaves a big fissure on it.
    Fudgeball: Tch!
    With a patience loss, he hits the ground with his dark enchanced leg and the soil under Kasa gets dark.
    Kasa: Drat!
    She retrieves her weapon and leaves from the area. A huge black stone spike emerged, almost impaling her.
    Kasa: That was close.
    Fudgeball: Not as much as this.
    She notices him near him in the air ready to smash her with his claw.
    Schneider: Kasa!
    Fudgeball: Die!
    But before he could deliver tha final blow, West appeard from behind him in his wolf form and bites his neck.
    Fudgeball: Gah!
    West then procceds by slamming him into the ground and causing a huge impact area. Kasa then lands safely.
    Kasa: Yeah...That was way closer.
    Schneider: I guess it was a good idea teaming uo with they.
    West: Everyone still in shape?
    Said him that just arrived after landing.
    Schneider: I suposse. If only Johnnathan couldn't be busier.
    Fudgeball: Grah!
    Fudgeball then emerges from the ground.
    Fudgeball: 3...4...It doesn't matter...I should have made this a 5-on-1 so I could just kill all of you in one place.

    At the audience, the crew looks at the fight perplexed.
    Florencia: I guess those two made new friends or so.
    Vanilla: It was amazing how that girl lifted that enormous body of his. How did he do that?
    Tenkai: You know that red hybrids have more magic proficiency, but are physically weaker than vampires correct?
    Edward: Hm? Yeah. What about it?
    Tenkai: It is the opposite with blue hybrids. Their fox fire is far weaker compared to a full blood Kitsune. But their physical strenght far surpass a Kitsune. Even if they lack the ability to transform.
    Vanilla: I see. That is interesting.
    Florencia: No wonder their teamwork is splendid. These two both compliment each other. One with magic and the other with strenght.
    Edward: Still...There is another thing that bugs me more.
    He point toward to the other fight. Johnnathan and Gladius were clashing his weapons with a ferocious intensity.
    Gladius: Hah!
    Gladius tries to do a horizontal swing, but Johnnathan leaps to above his head and tries to slash it.
    Gladius blocks by crossing his two axes above his head and tries to swing both his axes behind him with a spin with the intention of striking Johnnathan when he lands from behind, but he defends it with both of his swords from the same side. All this fight, Johnnathan had his swords enchanced with darkness.
    Announcer: I can't tell which fight we should be more focused. Johnnathan versus Gladius is the epic debate in fight form between which one is better? Swords or Axes?
    Man in black: Whatever man. I'll go with spears cause they are so underrated.
    Announcer: Because only a showoff coward would use those you know.
    Edward: Was that personal? Anyway, are those peanuts rotten or what? Because there is something wrong with I am seeing it.
    Tenkai: What exactly?
    Edward: Well, that guy is no hybrid, has zero magic and there he is, clashing blades with Johnnathan and even forcing him to use his dark magic. Or this food is ful of narcotics or that guy is no human at all.
    Florencia: I can agree he is no common man you see every day, but I can guarantee he is human.
    Tenkai: In this world, there are man who can achieve many feats with only willpower and strenght. I know some in my homeland that are alive and others who made their name in history. I believe a recent example I can give you guys is from a late vampire hunter that was know as Red Demon or Angel of Death in some places.
    Vanilla: Ah. That was Johnny's father.
    Tenkai: Whaaa?!
    He responded shocked with that statement.
    Tenkai: I-I see. That explains a lot...
    Florencia: Is there something you wanna share? Is there something about his father you wanna tell us?
    Tenkai: It just that he went to Taiyo once or twice. He is well know by some in there.
    Florencia: Right. (What are you still hiding?)
    Edward: Still...I really wanna know that guy's history.
    Back in the fight, Johnnathan and Gladius lock their weapons and faces each other eye to eye.
    Johnnathan: Okay...I think you are the second person that wanna see me dead for a reason I don't get it JUST TODAY...Mighty you give me a proper answer before the other one.
    Gladius:...It is better you go ask your father back in the dead...Highlander!
    Johnnathan: Wha?!
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    Extra Story: Carnival.

    It was a carnival night in Circa. The streets were illuminated with bright colours, people filled the streets with masked people and the air was filled with pleasures. In that crowd, no one really cares about it surroundings with such happy times. A carriage that just appears at the city's entrance and drops of a man wearing a red mask ornamated with bat wings carrying a scythe. The man then procceds to enter the city and stops at a bridge far from the festivities. After a while a man covering his entire face with a mask that looked like a bird made of metal approaches him.
    Bird Mask: Nice to meet your acquaintace Red Demon.
    Alex: Does this means I can get off this thing in my face.
    Bird Mask: Be my guest. It is a pretty mask I must say. Is it custom made? I never seen this kind of style though. Even though I recognized the description you gave us, I still look surprised. Sorry, I have a hobby with antiquities and artifacts.
    Alex removes his mask and reveals his face. He then looks at his mask
    Alex: My wife made it. She is from...far away. It's not like I don't appreciate, but I hate hiding my face.
    Bird Mask:...So it is true. You live secluded in the mountains of Mians with a secluded family.
    Alex: Let's walk as we talk, shall we?
    They walk off the bridge and climb some stairs that takes to the ceilings of the city.
    Bird Mask: How much time as it been since you married? It feels like yesterday since you settled your new life.
    Alex: About 5 years and half. The place is calm and the people aren't so meddling. Unlike you.
    Bird Mask: Forgive me, Mr. Highlander. As a spy working for the empire, this behavior of mine is hardly to get off. Even if it for my own allies.
    Alex: I don't remember ever saying I am your ally.
    Bird Mask: We know you aren't a freelancer anymore. But if you still wanna think like that, be my guest.
    The two stop and see the carnival from up their location. It was like a colorful starry night in the land.
    Bird Mask: Beautiful, isn't it?
    Alex: Yes. I wish to bring wife and son to one of those one days. I just didn't done it now, cause Heinrich is still too young.
    Bird Mask: Everyone is masked down there isn't it? Perfect for someone of your profile. Can we get to work?
    Alex: That is why I made this trip.
    Bird Mask: Well, here is the situation. For some years we had a case of mysterious murders in the last few months. The number of bodies that were found in the cities rivers were alarming. My sources says that these corpses came directly from a underground aquaducts. To be more exactly, an abandoned catacomb deep down in the city. We don't know what has more inside it. That is why we called you.
    Alex: In other words, you don't know if it is a vampire or not. That was not in my contract.
    Bird Mask: We heard your experience far surpass only vampiries.
    Alex: If it was a vampire, he wouldn't toss a body in the river and a werewolf wouldn't waste food. This is something the local police could handle it.
    Bird Mask: You are already here. Let's not waste your trip Mr. Highlander.
    Alex:...*sigh* Next time, I'll ask for details before leaving.
    Bird Mask: Good. There is a manhole in a hallway next to a butchery named "I don't believe it is not Beef". I'll handle the map for you. Have fun down there.
    The masked man hand the map and takes his exit.
    Alex:...I didn't catched your name.
    Bird Mask:...It is Howitz.
    Alex:...See you there...Howitz.
    After departing from Howitz, Alex follows the directions of the map, walking through the ceilings. He sometimes stops to see the scenery all below.
    Alex: For a place that is close to Hollowgrounds, this place's people really take things easy. Hm? That is...
    He spots the butchery and the name fits.
    Alex: That is a very big butchery. Though with a name like that, you wonder if there is nothing really dubious there. They are trying just too hard.
    He sneakily enters the hallway at the right of the place. He finds the manhole that was indicated by Howitz. But before he would even approach, he noticed something in another hallway that was just behind the butchery. It was something moving.
    Alex: Who's there?
    He goes to check and as he slowly approaches an adult sized person tries to attack him but Alex makes him trip by evading it.
    Alex: Okay, what is this?
    ???:...Please help...
    He checks it again and notices it is a woman with rags and silver handcuffs covering her entire hands and a muzzle on his mouth.
    Alex: Oh...I know that set anywhere.
    He then takes a look at a broken window at the top of the butchery.
    Alex: Heh. I cannot believe it is beef now. I heard rumours that Werewolf's Meat is high valuable, but it consume is illegal. No wonder this place is so big.
    Werewolf: Please...I don't wanna die...Let me go back to my family....
    He swings his scythe at her and breaks her handcuffs.
    Alex: I'm a family man as well. But don't go make any trouble okay?
    Werewolf:...Thank you...
    Alex: Before you go tell me...Is there any other of yours inside?
    Alex: Fine. Where are you from?
    Werewolf: D-Drakland.
    Alex: Be careful from now on...Miss...
    Werewolf: Terry.
    Alex: Ah...I've seen a lot of Terries.
    Terry: I get that a lot...You're nice for a human.
    She turns into a wolf and goes to the ceilings. Alex procceds and enters.
    As he gets down in the sewers he finds himself in the middle of a gallery of tunnels. The smell wasn't pleasant there.
    Alex: Guh. I smelled worse, but still...
    As he walks through all he see are rats and fungi all around and the blood and carnage were more evident.
    Alex: Come to think about it...How did these people go down here? Are they abducted?
    He finds a entrance of some kind of ruins. From the middle there was only a stairs heading down.
    Alex: I hate going lower and lower.
    As he goes down and down, the place gets darker and darker until he gets to a illuminated room with corpse parts all around. Of course as a vampire hunter who a lot of times come from the time the victim is already dying from being sucked that thing seemed natural to him as drinking water. In the middle he saw a tired looking boy wearing clothes full of rags not yet in his tens with a large axe on his hands breathing heavily.
    Boy: *pant* pant*
    He ignores the boy and looks around. He see sacks of trash that were either ripped or emptied. They were large enough to fill an adult and the smell of alcohol was strong in there.
    Alex: I see. You kidnap drunken idiots and kill they. I guess you are familiar with the underground, so it makes easier to catch they above it. Why?
    Boy: *pant* These people laugh and have fun...It is annoying...
    Alex: Great. A nihilist. What's up with that?
    Boy: *pant* I...Have no family...It is unfair to other people have...*pant* You have a family?
    Alex: Yes. A wife and a son.
    Boy: Then...I"LL KILL YOU!
    He holds his axe with both hands and jumps straight to Alex.
    Alex: How cute.

    An hour has passed since Alex went to search the mysterious assassin. In the port of Mians, a trapdoor located a few meters away from the carnival opens and from there, Alex with a small wound on his forehead gets out holding the unconscious boy in his right hand.
    Alex: Jeez. Gave me more trouble than I thought. Good thing he had a map to help me find this shortcut.
    He then lifts the boy and take another look at him.
    Alex:...This boy's mind is broken. He is already too insane for this world. What do with him?
    Alex turns and see the sea.
    Alex: Hmmm...Come to think about it, isn't there some kind of fighting stadium that entertain people with fights out there? And you can..."Sell" some fighters...Or future fighters?

    Mians Mountains, just about dawn. Ruby was watering some flowers with a small young Heinrich very happily before the sun could hit the place. She then notices Alex coming home with his luggage bag on his hands.
    Heinrich: Daddy!
    Heinrich runs to his dad and hugs him.
    Alex: Hey, easy there Henry. I'm not ready to die just yet.
    Heinrich: Hey daddy, how many were in there? 10? 20? 500?
    Alex: Aren't you skipping a few numbers in there? Don't go get interested in stuff like that. I brought a souvenier.
    He hands to his son a little black pirate ship model.
    Heinrich: Woooow! So cool! I wanna put in the tub right away!
    He goes back inside the house with his toy. Alex looks at him going away happily as Ruby sneaks on him and steal a kiss.
    Ruby: Welcome home...You're smelling...Weird...
    Alex: I know, I know. Dorothy already told me to take a shower by the time I came.
    Ruby: Elma has a good nose doesn't she? What kind of foe put that wound on your forehead? Some acquaintace of mine, perhaps?
    Alex: You wouldn't believe it.
    Ruby:...Actually, I was a bit of scared if you didn't made it this time.
    Alex: I'm sorry I have to do this kind of stuff. Did something happened? I noticed Henry was happier than usual.
    Ruby then holds her husband's hands and smiles.
    Ruby:...Alex...I'm pregnant.
    Alex:...Oh, bloody hell...
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    Chapter 45: Resolutions.

    After mentioning his father, Gladius kicks Johnnathan knocking hm down and does a jumping attack with his axes to hack him in the ground, but Johnnathan quickly reacts and blocks with his swords.
    Johnnathan: You knew my father!? How? I knew all his aquaintaces.
    Gladius: Our relationship never got this far!
    He charges his axe to a strike attack that break his defence and prepares a second attack, but Johnnathan pushes him away with a headbutt that cracks the right side of his helmet.
    Gladius: Ghhh....This is the first time in 20 years that someone strike me in the head.
    Johnnathan: There is a first time for everything.
    He unleash a Red Spiraš flying straight at him but he deflect with one of his axes and forms a big hole in the wall of the arena.
    Florencia:(He added more force to it...)
    Gladius retaliates by throwing one of his axes at Johnnathan who quickly dodges his head at the last second.
    Johnnathan: Whoa!...I wonder if is that how Sam felt when I-Whoopsie!
    He blocks an attack by Gladius that was using one axe with both of his hands.
    Johnnathan: That was strong...
    The two engages in close combat once again, but with Gladius using one axe and the blows were stronger this time.
    Gladius: Gaaaah!
    He unleashes a barrage of attacks that slashes various part of Johnnathan's body.
    Johnnathan: Ghn!
    Florencia: (Funny...Those are blows that comes from anger, but...I don't feel any hatred in his soul.)
    Johnnathan: Damn. Give me no choice. Red Upper!
    He swing his swords upwards and throws his axe away, but Gladius picks his collar and throw him in the ground 2 times and kicks his swords away.
    Vanilla: Aaaah! He is gonna crush his head with his hands!
    Edward: Where did you pulled that girl?
    Gladius then gets on top of him and starts strangulating his neck.
    Edward:...See. he is not crush his head...
    Vanilla: Boo Hoo Hooo That isn't any better....*sniff*
    Edward: Damn, I blew it....
    Johnnathan: Guhh.....
    Johnnathan's mind starts gets weaker and he slowly loses consciousness.
    Announcer: Huh...Should someone stop it now?
    Man in black: Not yet. A game of chess is only over when the king is cornered.
    Announcer: How the hell this is chess?
    "...Hey Johnny..."
    Johnnathan: Huh?
    Johnnathan: Henry?
    "Come on man, you're not gonna die now, right? Just pull your way like you always do..."
    Johnnathan:...That is right.
    Florencia: Huh?
    Florencia notices an appariton in form of a horned red skull forming in front of they.
    Florencia: It is that thing again...
    Johnnathan grabs one of Gladius' wrist and crush it.
    Gladius: Gah!
    He then him on the other side and gets on top of him and charges his fist with a dark aura.
    Johnnathan: Now tell me...
    He starts punches him numerous times in his face.
    Johnnathan: What. Is. Your. History. With. My. FATHER!!!
    As Johnnathan punches him, his hands gets more red.
    Vanilla: Eh...Johnny, I know you're a pirate and all, but...Please stop! You're gonna kill him! You already a cool and awesome captain that I-er We love and you don't need to prove it!
    Edward: Yeah! What she said it!
    Johnnathan then releases one last punch that blows away the right side of his helmet, revealing his eye.
    Announcer:..W-Wow! What a turnabout!
    Man in black: That is sad. I was expecting death...
    Announcer:...Anyway, swords wins today.
    Man in black: Personally, spears are still better.
    Announcer: You can't double-wield that.
    Edward: I know a mermaid who can says otherwise!
    He wakes up a few seconds after and takes a look at Johnnathan's eyes and reminds of similar eyes he saw years ago. The same eyes he saw in Alex when they first meet under Circa.
    Gladius:...Very well.
    Johnnathan: Huh?
    Gladius: It was about 20 years ago...I don't think you were even born yet boy. I had no memory whatsoever of my past at the time...I was a lonely kid with no friends or relatives...And I hated everyone who were luckier than me...Pretty much everyone else than me. I was a crazy devil back there...until I met your father.
    Johnnathan:...Where was that?
    Gladius: Circa. I was killing people non-stop back there. I had lost my mind somewhere before that. I had lost even my sense of time. And the more I hacked and gut my victims, I became more crazy with the stench. But then your father come and stopped me.
    Johnnathan: He never told me this.
    Gladius: Heh. Does it look like a story a parent would tell their sons?
    Johnnathan: But, how did you get in this place.
    Gladius:...Your father took a "debt". I was his "guarantee".
    Johnnathan:...I never knew my father would-
    Gladius: It is not what you think.
    Johnnathan: Huh?
    Gladius: If your father really wanted to get rid of me or gain something he just would handed me over to the empire. I'm sure they would pay him way more than he gained that day...What he really wanted was help me.
    Johnnathan: By...Putting you as a battle slave?
    Gladius: Perfect place for a kid like I was. There was no place I could be in the "outside world". So he put me here where fighting was a usual routine. Because of the enviroment...I started to become more human again...When I less noticed I became rational...I felt emotions...feelings...I had a home and a family now. I was not the devil from under the ground that your father caught. I was rehabilitated. In fact, I just got my debt paid more than a decade ago. But I choose staying here cause my sins are too heavy.
    Johnnathan: What about all that hostility?
    Gladius: I wanted to show your father that I wasn't the same back there. To give his my thanks for saving me from madness. And I am positive he is dead, so the only way I could think was to show to his boy. Sorry if it sounds selfish.
    Johnnathan:...Tch. At least don't try to asphxiate me when doing.
    He gets up over his body and picks his swords.
    Gladius:...Hey beast.
    Johnnathan: What?
    Gladius: One last favor...Kick that rabbit's butt for me will ya. You friends need help.
    Johnnathan see Fudgeball covered in bruises facing West who was still afoot with his hand on his side and behind him, Schneider trying to stand holding her sword and Kasa trying to help her stand covered in wounds.
    Johnnathan:...You didn't needed to ask.
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    Chapter 46: Dark Rabbit Strikes Again.

    After the fight with Gladius, Kane looks down from his viewpoint and gets in deep thoughts.
    Kane: There goes Plan A...And Plan B seems to be not in my favor....I guess it is Plan C for me.
    He takes another look at Gladius fallen into the ground.
    Kane: I guess you really were waiting for him isn't it Gladius?

    In the fight against Fudgeball, he was overwhelming his opponents even with the handicap. He was resilent and strong and every attack that was throw at him he could resist and his vitality was high.
    Schneider: *huff*huff*
    Schneider with all his strenght takes a bottle and drink half of it's content. She could stand up just fine now.
    Kasa: Schneider...Will you make it?
    Schneider: *huff* I have to...We have to.
    Fudgeball: Haaah...How disappointing. I thought this fight would be more difficult with 3 opponents, but it still not what I expected. Your moves aren't half-bad tough, but I am getting really bored now. If you excuse me...
    He starts charging one of his lasers.
    Fudgeball: Drop Dead!
    He gets ready to shot, but a dark spiral beam hits him before he shot.
    Fudgeball: Gah!
    Johnnathan: Room for one more?
    Fudgeball: Y-You? You beat Gladius? What is that damn Kane even doing with his game masters?
    West: Yo cap'n. Right on time.
    Johnnathan: How are you other two?
    Kasa: We can still move...Barely.
    Schneider: He tougher than we thought.
    Johnnathan: I see.
    He gives West a hand gesture with his index and middle finger and then faces Fudgeball.
    West:...Got it.
    Kasa: Got what?
    West: Hey red girl.
    Schneider: Eh? Me?
    West: Listen well...
    Johnnathan: Hey you big ball of charcoal. If those 3 are so boring to you, why don't you take all your rage into me?
    Fudgeball: Huh? You make no sense. They have a Werewolf and a Hybrid like you. Why would you alone be more different.
    Johnnathan: Oh, but she is not like me. Unlike her vampire parent, mine killed one of your kind.
    Fudgeball:...Is that so? So that means they must have been a Red Sword.
    At the audience, Florencia was able to overhear their conversation.
    Florencia: Johnnathan's mother was a Red Sword...Well, if I didn't knew any him any better I would be stunned.
    Tenkai: Florencia-san. Might I know what is a Red Sword?
    Florencia: It was an elite squad made at most of 10 vampires that killed a Lagomoth by themselves. They only listened to either the Vampire King or The Black Knight. That means his mother was at least of Higher Rank.
    Vanilla: Really? I had no idea Johnny's mom was this outstanding?
    Edward: Well, just being son of the Red Demon and brother of the Black Demon is already too much to take. What kind of family is that?
    Vanilla: You sister is already The God of Thunder isn't it?
    Edward: She is still pretty normal...Most of the times.

    Fudgeball: You know, I don't have any grudge against those who killed someone of my kind, but you get my interest. Plus come to think about it, you didn't get it pieces of gold in your head by just pillage isn't it? Very well. These 3 aren't in good shape anyway.
    Johnnathan: How about we make a game then?
    Fudgeball: What's the catch?
    Johnnathan: Simple. You roll at full-speed at me and I try to block it. If I get out of the way, you win.
    Fudgeball:...I like it!
    He curls and starts spinning, charging darkness into his body. After a few seconds he rolls at Johnnathan's direction.
    Edward: Captain! Get out!
    Vanilla: I-I can't look at it.*covers face*
    But as Fudgeball went halfway, West gets ahead of him and grabs him trying to stop him.
    Fudgeball: What? Don't interfere mutt!
    West: You really thought this didn't stop becoming 4-on-1?
    Fudgeball: I don't care. I'll just roll you as well!
    He rolls more faster, but West slows him and when no one notices, Schneider jumps and gets over him with her sword in stabing position.
    Schneider: Yaaaaaa!
    She charges a dark enchanced sword and impales his back, stopping him.
    Fudgeball: Gwaaa! That hurted!
    After that, Kasa wraps his legs with her chain covered in fox fire and makes him trip.
    Fudgeball: Yowch!
    Announcer: My, my. They are all into the Champion huh?
    Man in black: It is so sad when four people gang up on you isn't it?
    Announcer: Were you bullied or something?
    Man in black: You care?
    Fudgeball: Grrrr! What are you losers even-
    Johnnatahn: This!
    Johnnathan charges his swords and rushes into his face.
    Johnnathan: Red Rampage!
    He unleashes a combination of attacks directly at his face with a final blow that sends him away.
    Fudgeball: Gwaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Fudgeball falls and the crowd cheers.
    Edward: Damn! He got him!
    Vanilla: That is our Johnny!
    West: Well, nice work kiddo.
    Johnnathan: I'm glad you get my signal back there. It was a nice plan.
    West: Well, I didn't made the finishing touch. That was up to you.
    Johnnathan: It's good we can read each other. You two did well by the way.
    Schneider: We just followed Mr. Terry's advice. Hehe..
    Kasa: Amazing teamwork and all, but...What now? We fight?
    "...How about you lot stop crying victory ahead of the time!"
    Johnnathan: What?!
    Fudgeball then gets up with his face covered in slashes and bleeding it.
    Vanilla: No way...It is still not over?
    Florencia: The opponent is one of the most dangerous creatures in the world. DOn't forget it.
    Fudgeball: Now I'm really angry...In fact...I was never this angry in my life!...I wanted to save this for the Finals...But you leave me no choice.
    Fudgeball extends his arms horizontally and starts spinning at full speed like a spinning top and he gathers darkness around him. He spins faster and faster until he became a small dark typhoon, but with the strenght of a big one.
    Johnnathan: What is this?...A cyclone?
    West: It is...Strong...
    Fudgeball then rushes forward they with an amazing speed.
    Schneider: Ah! Everyone behind me!
    She gets on front of the three and forms a dark shield to block as Fudgeball rotates through it.
    Schneider: Guh!
    But the shield breaks and they are hit, send the four flying at different directions.
    Schneider: Ouch!
    She felt as if she was hit by a stampede of bulls.
    Schneider: Damnit...I have to recover it....Need blood...
    But when she less noticed, Fudgeball appears from the undergrond right in front of her before she could take a sip.
    Fudgeball: No you won't!
    Schneider: Hah!(...I'm dead...)
    Fudgeball gets ready to strike it, but before the blow Kasa appears and shoves her out of the way and takes the blow instead.
    Kasa: Gwaaaaa!
    Schneider: Kasa!
    With his claws, Fudgeball throws her near Schneider and she goes to Kasa and hold her in her arms.
    Schneider: Kasa! KASA!
    Kasa: I'm...Fine...Just...Win this...
    Fudgeball: Why I don't just crush you two together?
    He runs to crush the two with his shield, but West gets in front of they and blocks the shield with his right arm.
    West: Urgh!
    Fudgeball: Get away mutt!
    He swings harder and sends him flying.
    Florencia: No...WEST!
    West: Guh...Damn...My wounds...
    Fudgeball: Now, since the dog is out of the way, how about I finish your existence n-Gah!
    He gets hit by a Red Spiral and Johnnathan appears from behind Schneider.
    Johnnathan: *huff* Missed me?
    Schneider: Johnnathan....
    Fudgeball: Hrng....
    He gives another look at West who was trying to stand it and spitting blood. He then licks his lips.
    Fudgeball:...I'll deal with you later Beast.
    He run in four legs at West and leaves Johnnathan behind.
    Johnnathan: Hey come ba-*cough*Damnit....
    Fudgeball: I'll finish you first mutt!
    He jumps in the air and charges his claw with darkness.
    West: Is there...Is there nothing I can do?
    Fudgeball: DIE!
    As he starts descending with his claw of death, Florencia unleashes her wings to fly upwards and shouts her voice.
    Edward: Eh? Flor?
    Florencia: FIIIIIIIIGHT!!!
    West: Huh?
    Fudgeball lands and delivers the killing blow. The dust of the impact spreads in the area.
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