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    Chapter 13: God of Thunder.

    After receiving the info from Weasel, Johnnathan and friends returned to the town square.
    Flor:...What a dirty fellow. Are all Hybrids like that?
    Johnny: You think I'm like that?
    Flor: Sorry.
    West: How did you know he had info anyway?
    Johnny: He use his smoke magic for reaching Henry from time to time...Like that.
    Johnnathan points at a weasel made of purple smoke holding a letter that he catches it.
    Vanilla: Hey, it is kinda cute.
    Flor: What does it says?
    Johnny: Let's see...."Forgot to mention dawg. The Golden Scarab is one of the keys. Go fetch it"....Flor.
    Flor: The Golden Scarab...That is in the ancient lost Kingdom of Ra.
    Johnny: Alright. Ra we go.
    Eddie: W-W-Wait...Can we take a break before going back to the cold hell? I mean, Ceranze is not a place you go for meeting....Half Vampire Afro High Smoker and leave.
    Vanilla: I agree with Eddie. Let's spend a day at most.
    Johnny: Any objection from you two.
    Flor: Yes.
    West: No.
    Johnny: 3 against 2. Sorry Flor.
    Florencia gets angry.
    Flor: You're the captain and I'm the First-Mate. We're in charge!
    Johnny: Hey, the lost kingdom of Ra will not go anywhere. What matters is that we have a common objective. And we can pass by Gel for compensate the lost time . I mean, no one seemed to recognized me here anyway.
    Flor:...Fine. But you will be disguised for your own sake.
    In the middle of the discussion, Johnnathan notices Edward in deep thoughts.
    Johnny: Something the matter, Eddie?
    Eddie: Well, it's not important, but that thing about Raven targeting hidden Blitzreign's ships....Made me feel worried about something.
    Vanilla: What?
    Eddie: Raven is good at keeping low profiles, even though he seems to want attention, but Blitzreign's tactics are no joke at keeping secrets as well, may be from Drakland, Gel and even Raven. So, I don't think it was my mere chance or a large network of rogue vampires he found those ships...I think someone from inside might have leaked that info.
    West: And who the hell cares here?
    Eddie: Hey. I'm from Blitzreign okay. And my sister is involved.
    Johnny: I understand Eddie. I mean, no one even thought that Raven's influence might reached this point as having a mole in one of the biggest countries out there. It just show how much powerful he might be than I even thought.
    Eddie: Y-Yeah! What he said.
    West gives Edward the get lost face.
    Vanilla: Hmmmm...Say Edward, what is your sister like? You never told me about it yet.
    Johhny: I'm interested as well. Are your two like me and Henry.
    Eddie: Oh. Well, I do have a lot of respect and pride for her. She is your typical Miss Perfect.
    Johnny: Miss Perfect...Sounds like you are kinda jealous.
    Eddie:...More or less. She is older so it is understandable that she is leagues ahead of me. You see, my family has a history of serving the empire and she has been preparing herself since her youth. I...Was just a plan B...No one needed me.
    Vanilla: Howitz...
    Johnny:...I'm kinda understand. I don't think I'm in the same level as Henry, but....Maybe one day I'll reach it.
    Eddie: Hahaha. Hey, if I wanted to be like her I wouldn't be here.
    West: So that's why you got rid of your noble status.
    Eddie: More likely I went from a quest of self-discovery. But what I most love about her is not her capability, but her beauty.
    West gets discomforted.
    West: Uh-Huuuuu....So that is how nobles keep their pure lineage...
    Eddie gets red as a tomato.
    Eddie: Hey! It's not like that. She is a very pretty woman okay. It's a pity she is my sister.
    West: Hmmm...Like long blonde hair, big shiny green eyes, and....A steel helmet and a white coat.
    Eddie: Huh...Yeah, you nailed it. Even her usual outfit. How did you know?
    West: Because I think she is that one lady running at us.
    ???: Graaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Miilera just appears charging with her spear charged with electricity aimed at Johnnathan who defends just in time. The clash of their weapons generated a impact of yellow and black sparks. The citzens just gets stunned by that feud.
    Man A: W-What is going on? Why is there a fight?
    Miilera shows her Blitzreign Emblem.
    Miilera: I'm with the Blitzreign Empire's army. Everyone leaves the area, I'm here to arrest these criminals charged from piracy, kidnapping and fallacy of identity!
    West: Fallacy of identity?
    Johnny: Well, Henry wanted to me to disguised as a preacher to-
    As Johnnathan was talking, he reacts to a swing of Miilera's lance and ducks in time and the town folks have just ran from the place.
    Miilera: Now Red Beast, why did you kidnapped my little brother? Is taking back things from the others that small of a bussiness? I know Raven is dominating this market, but taking away a person of his freedom is mostrous!
    West: Lady...That is what Raven does most of the time!
    Miilera: Shut up! For helping stealing my baby brother from me is also a serious offence. You are all under arrest! How about giving him away. Maybe I might turn a blind eye.
    West picks Edward in a bridal carry.
    West: Okay, take it.
    Eddie: Hey! Put me down West.
    Vanilla confronts Miilera upfront.
    Eddie: V-Vanilla? Stay away from her!
    Vanilla: Miss Howitz, please understand.
    Miilera: Who are you?
    Vanilla bows her legs.
    Vanilla: Vanilla Sundae. Spellcaster from GMA. Let me explain the situation. There was no kidnapping whatsoever. Me and your brother are just going along with the Red Beast with a common objective. I have orders from Gel itself to pursue a man. And Edward just offered to...Assist me while he was....Wandering. Same as the Red Beast. Please if you allow your brother and me to walk alongside these pirates for a while, we will return as soon as possible. It's for a greater cause.
    Eddie: Vanilla...
    Johnny: Atta girl.
    West: She have guts.
    Miilera gets in stab position, but Vanilla creates a magic force field on time.
    Vanilla: Eeeek!
    Miilera starts to continuously attack her barrier
    Miilera: You think you can fool me? There is no way Eddling would abandon everything for hanging out with some random girl he found it! And there is no way someone despicable as the Red Beast would be this humanitarian! I don't know what kind of charming spell you used to brainwash Eddling, but you will pay for that! You said your name was Vanilla Sundae? I'm gonna tell Ronan himself that you became a low criminal!
    Vanilla: W-Wh-What? NO! Please no! My certificate is everything I have!
    Vanilla starts to cry.
    West: She called you Eddling? HAHAHAHAHAHA!
    Edward blushes.
    Eddie: S-Shut up! You never had a older sister!
    Flor: Good grief!
    Florencia picks her bow and shoots an arrow that grazes into Miilera's face, scratching her cheek.
    Miilera:What? A fairy? Just what kind of diversity the Black Demon got this time?
    Eddie: Hey Flor! Don't hurt her!
    Flor: Then do something about it. She is about o kill all of us.
    Eddie: O-Okay...Sister.
    Edward faces his sister with his hands open and Miilera extends her arm.
    Miilera: Eddling, are you okay? Come...It's me your sister....Whatever these ruffians done it you remember our bonds right? I'm your family.
    Eddie: Sister, look...I'm not brainwashed or anything, okay? I know I didn't leaved a note or said anything, but I didn't wanted you to be in my trails when you were so busy with your duties.
    Miilera: What are you talking about it? You're my precious....
    Eddie: I'm not your precious little brother anymore. Please Miilera, in Eysideci I just would be your shadow and nothing else. I can't do anything. I'm not smart or strong or even charming.
    West: He is right.
    Eddie: Shut up, West! Anyway I need to find who I am. And I can't do it in Blitzreign. Our parents aren't here anymore and I can't stand it seeing that son of a bitch of Lenard abusing you. You're 4 years his senior for fuck's sake!...Please, let me go. Or at least stop working for that scum.
    Miilera:....Edward stand still. I need you to take a nap.
    Miilera gets ready to strike Edward with her lance's tilt but West blocks with his machete.
    Miilera: Guh! So strong....
    West: You owe me one, Howitz!
    West transforms and pushes her with his palm.
    Miilera: Damn! A werewolf too?
    Eddie: Guys! Stop hurting her!
    Flor: He just pushed her. Besides, the General of Blitzreign is not someone to take light.
    Johnny:...You're right Flor.
    Johnnathan walks towards Miilera.
    Johnny: God of Thunder...I'm the cause of everything right? Then come at me and takes your brother back.
    Eddie: C-Captain?

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    Chapter 14: Red Beast Vs Valkyria.

    Miilera and Johnnathan clashes weapons as his crew were heading towards the city's exit with West carrying Edward in his shoulder.
    Eddie: Wait! Let me go, West! I don't wanna any of they to die! We gotta stop!
    West: We are all gonna be in trouble if we stay here! She might have contacted Blitzreign for reinforcements! She IS the General of Blitzreign.
    Flor: West is right Edward. Plus, we gotta belive our captain.
    Eddie: Uuugh....
    Back to the fighting, they all connect their weapons as they are trying to strike each other until Miilera gives a might swing, stopping Johnnathan and making eye contact as they block each other.
    Johnnathan:*huff* I always wanted to know how my brother felt when he crossed weapons with you.
    Miilera: So you two are brothers...Somehow I'm not surprised. I guess vampires really can only raise demons and beasts
    Johnnathan gets free of the weapon lock by kicking her lance upward.
    Miilera: Guh!
    Johnnathan: Leave my mother out of this! Red Upper!
    Johnnathan gets blinded with rage and charges his sword and slashes both them upwards slashing her torso.
    Miilera: Gah!
    Miilera holds her chest and keeps on foot. Her brestplate and a chain mail under her clothes protected her, but she still took quite the impact.
    Miilera: *huff*huff* You just emphatized my hypothesis...I bet your father must have been quite the devil to have mated with a bloodsucker!
    Johnnathan: Shut up!
    With his mind out of him, he charges into her.
    Miilera: I got you now...
    Miilera strikes her lance into the ground and a explosion of sparks is generated.
    Miilera: Thunderstruck!
    Johnnathan: Ghhh!
    Johnnathan gets paralyzed by the strike and Miilera uses the moment to impale him with a electric lance.
    Johnnathan: Gah!
    Miilera: Die Half-Breed!
    Miilera throws him and strikes him with a rapid fire multi-hit strike.
    Johnnathan:....Got ya.
    Miilera: What?
    Johnnathan strikes one of his swords horizontally and makes her lose his balance.
    Johnny: Red Spiral!
    Johnnathan shoots a red spiral that pass through her left shoulder and makes her drops her lance.
    Miilera: Gaaaah!
    Miilera kneels and holds her hand on her stabbed shoulder.
    Johnnathan: Let me educate you about Hybrids...No about me...My mother abandoned everything to stay with my father and even lost her life to protect my existence....And my father had to become the empire's dog in hope they don't meddle about him...If there is a demon in this story is the Empire itself!
    Miilera: Your father worked for the empire?...Then why...Wait...Could it be....
    Johnnathan: Yeah. Black Demon...Red Beast...It's not a coincidence...Listen, your brother is safe. If he wanna leave, I wouldn't stop him. If you know your brother as well as you say, you would know he was not crazy back there.
    Miilera:...You expect to believe in a criminal like you! Nonsense!
    She picks her lance again and jumps several feets.
    Johnnathan:...She jumps good.
    She then gets above Johnnathan and points her weapon to stab him from the sky.
    Miilera: Valkyria Strike!
    She falls down at lightning speed and makes quite the impact. Edward at distance could see the whole thing.
    Eddie: That's...Her signature technique...She only uses that when fighting an army or destroy a ship.
    Flor: I guess this means she recons Johnny as such...Not that the situation is any better, but?
    Vanilla: Guys! I found a carriage that can take us to Gel!
    West: Really? How?
    Vanilla: Teehee. GMA's students and former students have advantages when it comes to transportations in Gel.
    Flor: Good thing this place is not indepedent yet.

    Back to the fighting, as Miilera struck down, rubbles and dust were floating from the impact.
    Johnnathan: Guh! So that is the strenght of the one with the God of Thunder title...It just as dad said it.
    He then gets kicked by Miilera and sends flying to a building's wall.
    Miilera: Heavenly Judgement!
    She summons a massive lightning bolt to strikes Johnnathan, but she covers himself with his swords in darkness.
    Johnnathan: Gnnnnnh!!!
    He stands on feet and remains consciousness.
    Miilera: Impressive. But now you're finished. This for taking Eddling from me!
    She gets in stab position and dashes to finish Johnnathan.
    Miilera: *gasp*
    As Miilera as halfway, she notices some kind of apparition behind Johnnathan who looked like a giant red skull with horns with sharp fangs and a huge mouth widely open. When she sees that image she stops and retreats a few steps.
    Miilera: What was that just now?
    ???: Hey!
    Miilera notices someone hitting her with a cane. She turns over and see an old gremlin with a big moustache and big eyebrows.
    Gremlim: So you the little runt from Blitzreign that made a fuss huh?
    Miilera: Who are you?
    Gremlim: Nobody. Just the president of the Workers's Syndicate of Ceranze, Pericles. I'm basically this town's mayor if she had one!
    Miilera: Really? I'm sorry for the damage, but I was supossed to arrest this criminal here.
    Pericles: What criminal?
    Miilera turns and Johnnathan was not on the scene anymore.
    Miilera: W-W-WHaaaat? Where did h-OW!
    Pericles hits her again.
    Pericles: Even if there was, it's no excuse for Blitzreignians to meddle! You know this is Gel's territory right Valkyria? What are you even doing here, God of Thunder?
    Miilera: I was just doing a diplomatic job in the capital and needed to have Ceranze knowledge of the situation and...Spotted the Red Beast...
    Pericles: And where was your damn army "General"?
    Miilera: I...Thought one person was enough for a town this small-OW!
    Pericles: All I see is a girl getting corrupted by her own power and letting her emotions taking control! Thank the Immortals you didn't bring more men, because think of the ruckus. Usually I would report this, but I know how rough your shitty junior emperor can be to his subordinates, so I'll let slide it. But I demand you to pay for the damage!
    Miilera:...Oooooh, alright.(There goes my fancy dinner night.)
    Outside of Ceranze. In a snown path between the mountains that linked the Gel to Ceranze, a closed carriage that looked like a giant sled pulled by bisons with it's driver on top and the passengers inside were heading to Gel. Johnnathan and his crew were there.
    Eddie: Now that is how you travel, warm cushions, warm blankets, this is life.
    Edward tries to relax and warms the mood.
    West: I bet me and Florencia could go faster to Gel, but we have to stick with you lot.
    Johnnathan: Thanks for waiting for me fellas, I really appreciate it.
    Vanilla: No need for thanks Johnny. I know you would do the same.
    Johnnathan: You were the one who arranged this didn't you? Sorry if we might have leaved a mark on your carreer.
    Vanilla: H-Hey, no problem hehe. It just...Like...A lifetime of study and hard work getting destroyed slowly....
    Flor: Hey, hold it girl. Blitzreign have no power over Ronan or Gel. I'm sure if we explain the situation, he will understand. After all let's be honest, we know Ronan was never on good terms with Blitzreign.
    Vanilla: I know, but...Well, it was supossed to be a solo mission and technically I am a pirate so I kinda need to write that in my report so...
    Johnnathan: Hey, if it makes things easier, my father was friends with Ronan.
    Vanilla: Were they really?
    Johnnathan: I don't know the detail, but he was the one who wed my parents.
    Vanilla: Wow.
    Eddie: I didn't knew he was a clergyman.
    Flor: He is a lot of things.
    Eddie: Anyway, sorry about my sister folks. You see, I noticed her ship "The Freya" when we hit the port town, but I thought she was gonna stay in Gel.
    Flor: Really...Then when we hit Gel, we might hurry to the port, her army might be there. Care to use your privilegies again Vanilla?
    Vanilla: I think so...I hope there is no old people needing to use a ferry.
    Johnnathan: After this, we hit Ra. We can rest on Gloria for a day.
    West: Well...It is a nice ship.

    The Death Crow, in Raven's quarters he was talking to a wounded Captain. Chill was also there eating a basket of muffins.
    Raven: So, what name I gave to you again?
    Captain:*sigh* Cabbage, Commodore.
    Raven: Okay, care to explain how did you lose an big and expensive galleon?
    Cabbage: The enemy was strong this time. It was beyond my l-
    Raven put his boot on the table.
    Raven: Let me tell you what is strong....Tiamat is...Ninetails is...And that is it. Losing to anyone but those is unnaceptable. And how many men did you lost? All? We just had a Bloodfest for Raven's sake! No wonder I only let you guys have my blood and nothing else! Because you deserves nothing more...And makes you guys more easy to control.
    Cabbage: But Commodore...It was the Eastern Wind! He is no gentle breeze!
    Raven:...Did you just used the lamest pun in the world as an excuse?
    Cabbage: Uhmmm...
    Raven: Are you trying to be smart with me?
    Cabbage: I-I'm sorry-
    Raven: Here is a question smartpants...Do you know what is Chill's favorite food?
    Cabbage: Hmmm....Steel Beams?
    Raven: Close. But no. It's othe Rogues. Like you.
    Cabbage: What?!
    Chill extends his tongue and captures Cabbage then chows him and gobbles him up.
    Chill:*Burp* Delish.
    After that, another rogue captain enter.
    Eggplant: Captain Eggplant reporting. Noir just came back and he is in a bad state.
    Raven: Really?!
    On the ship's deck, there was a weird portal with 13 skeleton coins around. Evening was holding a wounded Noir on her arms feeding him with her blood. The remaining siblings were there as well. Raven just appeared.
    Raven:...Noir...You look horrible...How is he Eve?
    Eve:....He is waking up.
    Noir opens his eyes.
    Raven: ....You okay, brother?
    Noir: Yes...Just a flesh wound...SEVERAL flesh wounds.
    Black: Ha! If it was me I would have done it faster and in top shape!
    Noir: You wouldn't survived 5 minutes in that world.
    Black: You have no position to say after returned with a deplorable sta-
    Raven stabs Black with his crimsom claw.
    Black: Gah!
    Raven: You, who have not moved a finger is the one who doesn't deserves to say anything. If you weren't my brother, I would have sucked every single drop of blood of yours by now.
    Black: S-Sorry.
    Noir: Don't be mad at him Raven...I was the better choice because Nightmare couldn't do it and we cannot risk losing anyone.
    Eve: Oh Noir, you prideful fool...
    Evening cries hugging his brother.
    Hoir: Stop Eve. You're shaming yourself.
    Eve:*sob*I don't care.
    Raven: You got the bell?
    Eve: Raven! This is no-
    Noir: Yes.
    Noir shows a bell with a skull engravated on it.
    Raven: Nice job...I have something sweet for you at the bar. You can share with Eve.
    Noir: I'll accept gratefully.
    Noir gets up with Evening's help.
    Moonlight: Geez, if I knew there would be a reward....Well, guess I dodged a bullet after seeing you of all people like this. Did you met her by any chance?
    Noir: ...No...It was someone else....
    Raven: Someone?
    Noir: More likely something....But....It was someone very....VERY familiar.
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    Chapter 15: Complicated Relationships.

    About the same time when Johnnathan was facing Miilera in Ceranze, in the coast Jarhgen, the land of the berserkers warriors in north of Drakland, when Heinrich was doing his bussiness on land and his crew was on Vitoria, Aladdin reacts to something at Ceranze's direction.
    Al: (What? That is...)
    Shadewing: What's the matter master Aladdin?
    Nikolai: Noticed anything dark?
    Al: Yeah, I think it is coming from Gel.
    Coela: Johnny and his friends are there? Are they in danger?
    Al:...I don't think so.
    Shadewing: Do we tell to Henry?
    Al: No...Not now...There will be a time he must...Let's keep a secret from him by now.
    Coela: Hmpf. I don't like keeping secrets to Henry, much less secrets concerning Johnny...But I trust your judgement.
    Al: Alright then.
    Nikolai: What did you noticed anyway that must been keep only to yourself?
    Al: Just some omen. Something that happened a long time ago. Something better for another time.
    Nikolai: Bah. Never gonna understand these mage thingies.
    Al: Yeah, keep like that.
    Aladdin goes inside the ship and puts his hand on his chin and gets in deep thoughts
    Al: ( But still...To have happened again...Just what are those Highlanders anyway?)

    Death Crow, after Noir came back from the underworld, he and his sister were in the VIP Bar of the ship. Only the siblings had access to that room since their men were forbidden of drinking anything outside of Raven's blood. And among the various drinks it had, Raven had his untouchable collection that he would only give to who he thinks deserves it. Noir and Evening were presented with a 100 year old Wine Glass, what happens to be Evening's favourite. She though was already drunken unlike Noir. She seemed depressed about something.
    Noir:....Wanna talk about something?
    Eve:...Noir...What are we even doing here?
    Noir: I don't get it.
    Eve: I don't like what Raven is doing right now...He wants to see world burn and all...I just wanted us to be a happy family....Why can't I change him?
    Noir: That is some weird thoughts you having sister. The Red Beast might have putted some strange ideas on your head.
    Eve looks at Noir with a annoyed face.
    Eve: Leave Johnny out of thiiiiiiiiis....OMP.
    Eve tries to slowly slaps Noir's face, but falls down her chair.
    Noir:....I know Raven's goals are a bit extreme, but you should understand...He never had an easy life. It was only 200 years ago, he decided to free himself from Vladmir's control. You weren't born before that...I wish you could have seen the anger that burned from those eyes...What sceneries must have been crafted from his mind in all the crusades he went. How slowly a soul of a immortal blood eater could descend in madness and lust for destruction.
    Eve: ZzzzzZzzzz.....*snores*....
    Noir: ....I feel like a fool after talking that to you.
    Moonlight sneaks into the bar.
    Moonlight: Awww. My little sister is taking a nap. Oh, I so tempted to kiss those cheeks. So, how do you feel after gaining a key for Raven after 10 years, Noir? Proud of yourself.
    Noir: I wish we could it have done it way sooner. Besides we have 2 Keys at our disposal.
    Moonlight: Wait. I thougth the Bell was our first.
    Noir: You were quite young when the Kingdom of Ra became lost, but the owner of the Golden Scarab, The Pharaoh, was...Is a good friend of Raven.
    Moonlight: The Pharaoh...Ra...Those still exist?
    Noir: I was there you know.
    Noir takes a shot of wine.
    Noir: The day when Raven and the Pharaoh destroyed that kingdom.

    Gel Port Town. Johnnathan and his crew just successfully avoided the Blitzreign army. And returned to Gloria in one piece.
    West: Well, that worked out well. Thanks again Vanilla.
    Vanilla: No problem. Still worried about my current situation though.
    Johnny: Easy. I think I can do Ronan a favor like my dad did it once in case of any misfortune.
    Vanilla: Aw, thanks Johnny. But it's okay, I just need to be positive.
    Flor: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's hurry and...*cough*cough*
    Florencia starts having an cough attack again.
    Eddie: Flor! You alright?
    Flor: Okay...It just the cold air...It's not like that in Fairyland...
    Vanilla worried go speaking to West whispering.
    Vanilla: Mister Terry...It is true isn't it?
    West: You mean you noticed? Then yes, I'm afraid.
    Vanilla:...That is why fairies don't usually go out of Fairyland isn't it? Just how much time do y-
    West shuts her mouth with his hand.
    West: Don't forget she can read what you feel and think. Our worries it's all she less need it.
    Vanilla nods her head vertically.
    Johnny: Okay, let's get on aboard fellas. It's about two days from here to Ra.
    ???: Wait, wait handsome.
    Johnnathan hears a familiar voice and stands afront with a woman with long white hair wearing a large fur coat and a fur hat carrying a lot of shopping bags.
    Johnny:...Bloody Hell....
    Eddie: Hm? Johnny, someone you know?
    ???: My goodness, you're alive Mr. Pir-I mean Merchant! Remember me?
    Johnny: You're the black lady I met in Riverpool...Where have you gone anyway? You were there and just disappeared.
    Lady: Oh, I saw a purse back there and just couldn't resist it. I see you find your...Merchant Group or something.
    Eddie: Merchant? What is she talking about it?
    Johnny: What are you doing here anyway?
    Lady: Shopping of course. What do you think of my attire? Don't worry it's all from cattle raised bisons.*wink*
    Vanilla:...You are very popular aren't you Johnny?
    Murmured Vanilla with a sad and disappointed tone.
    Johnny: Coming to think about it...You never told me your name.
    Lady: Well, I suposse so...You can call me Teresa.
    West: What?
    Flor: She didn't seem to be lying, but...I don't feel any truth either.
    Johnnathan: Well, okay Teresa....Sorry, but we are in a hurry so...
    Teresa: Wait.
    Teresa picks a wallet bag from her coat.
    Flor: You dropped this on Riverpool. I came to give you back.
    Johnny:....Sorry, but this wallet is not mine.
    Teresa: Hmmm...But does there any name on it?
    Johnny: It doesn't appear to be.
    Teresa: Then no one can say it is not yours.
    West:....She is not wrong.
    Teresa: Come now. Take it.
    Teresa toss the wallet upward and Johnnathan catches it. When he notices she is not there anymore.
    Eddie: Huh?....HUH?!
    Johnny: Oh....She done it again.
    Vanilla: What? B-But...It just took a wink and....What was that?
    Flor:...West, did you sensed anything?
    West: If she moved fast, then it was the most sneaky step, because I didn't heard a wind.
    Flor: And I don't sensed any magic, so it was not certainly teleportation....And no matter what, I didn't sensed any magic on her at all.
    Johnny: Strange...I can't see to open this wallet.
    West: Really? Can you feel what is inside?
    Johnny: It appears to be...Coins.
    Vanilla: Wait, let me check.
    Vanilla puts her palm on the wallet.
    Vanilla: It appears to be sealed with magic...A very high level of Seal...Level 7...No, eight...*gasp*Nine!
    Flor: Level 9? But that is an absolute seal that don't even the caster can remove it.
    Eddie: well, sound like a worthless gift.
    Johnny: Even so...I feel like carrying it for some reason. Anyway we wouldn't win anything by standing around. Let's sail to Ra.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Chapter 16: The Kingdom of Ra.

    In the Death Crow back in the bar, Noir was holding a chalice of wine while Moonlight was sitting in the ground with a sleeping Evening resting her head on Moonlight's lap with Moonlight herself paying attention to Noir.
    Noir: It was more than 100 years ago. Opala was know as the newcomer already and you were just a toddler back there. The Kingdom of Ra, also know as The Realm of Eternal Day was split between North and South. As the name implies, the very comcept of day and night didn't existed. No matter the time, every hour looked like the start of noon in the summer. A vampire going there would be suicide, but Raven and Specter were more cunning than all the gremlins out there.
    Noir takes a sip of his chalice.
    Noir: And as I said, they brought me along.
    More than a century ago, North Kingdom of Ra.
    Corvus: So this is the country that never ceases to dusk...Boy, sure is hot here.
    Specter: Fascinating...It seems they have 2 suns in this place. That looks like an Immortal Age magic.
    Corvus: Does it even rain here? How a kingdom can be so prosper for so long with all this heat?
    Specter: No matter. The Dark Protection Ring seems to be working just fine. How are you holding there Wagner?
    Wagner:...This is nothing compared to the cold in Hollowgrounds.
    Corvus: Hmmm...Full of pride as ever isn't you? Where do we find this North Pharaoh guy?
    Specter: See that building over there that looks like a fat triangle? It's called a Pyramid.
    Corvus: I know what a fucking pyramid is. My Geometry is not that bad.
    We head to the pyramid that day. There were some resistance, but no men from that kingdom have met a vampire. There was some casualities, but nothing that Raven that time would offer to compesate. We met the Pharaoh of the North. He was no normal human, he had the right of a king. It was said he possesed a hidden power that he couldn't unlocked no matter what he tried. That was exactly Raven offered.
    Raven: Pharaoh...Right now you have to unify an entire country and for that you need to crush an army down south. But what if I could offer you not only the power of become immortal, but give back your kingdom the balance of day and night. To prove that me and my brothers will take the South Kingdom for you. The only condition we have is that you would be under me. As you as a king...I would a god to you...Sounds like a fair treat to me.
    Pharaoh:....Sounds like a good deal. Very well, prove your word and might.
    Moonlight: What happened then? Did you guys took they all?
    Noir: Foolish question.
    Moonlight: What?
    Noir: If I am here right now and you grew up with me, then of course we succed.
    Moonlight: Oh. Hello Moonlight! But what about the Kingdom's Fall?
    Noir: Well, after we made our pact with the deal...
    Corvus: Well, there you have it. The south is clear for you to take it. Here is the proof, the Left Scarab. I believe you have the Right?
    Pharaoh: Yes. Is the Golden Scarab, what is gonna make me immortal.
    Specter: Not exactly. The Golden Scarab is a relic made from even before the birth of your kingdom. It is a key that will bring the balance to Ra.
    Pharaoh: I see. But how exactly are you gonna keep the next part of the deal?
    Specter: Allow me.
    Specter took an ancient book that was cursed. Where did he got that, I don't actually care. He then just handed over to the pharaoh.
    Specter: Join the scarabs and open the book. With that the contract will be dealt. But remember...Once you open, there will be no return. You be a godlike being but Corvus will be your liege. All of your subjects will be your immortal soldiers and will obey your commands like tools. Are you willing for make that sacrifice?
    Pharaoh: The strong is the one who dictates...Such is the nature of this world.
    With no hesitation he opened the damned book and the scarabs were a whole once again. When he did that night descended upon the kingdom and a sandstorm buried the whole kingdom underground. You see the Scarab was the key and the book was the door. The purpose was to reduce the whole kingdom to zero. The whole Ra was cursed for one day, the 2 kingdoms be a whole empty world. We stood at that desert as we saw our work done.
    Corvus: So, that keep the scarab hidden for us right?
    Specter: Yes. The Pharaoh is still alive in a way. All you need is to come here when the time is up.
    Wagner: Care to tell what was this all about it?
    Corvus: You will know little brother. One day.
    And when we became rogues, I just realized what was that all about. It took a while for the rest of the world to know what happened in Ra anyway. Luckily, Ra had zero external policies.
    Moonlight: I don't understand. What is the scarab anyway? It seems more than a key.
    Noir: The keys as we always call they will bring the First Island, the fruit of the first civilization of this world. It is the only detail hidden from the Mutiny Story. I had Raven tell me that since I'm the next in command here. But the Scarab itself had a purpose. It was to protect the kingdom of Ra when it was in peril.
    Moonlight: Hmmm...There is just too much we don't know even though we are the oldest race in this world. But no matter, all we need is to find the remaining keys and then Raven can get the treasure...Why does want that anyway?
    Noir: Whatever it is, I'm sure for what purpose it is. The destruction of this world.
    Noir tosses the chalice into the ground and Evening wakes up a bit doozy.
    Eve:...Dude, that is expensive shit Noir...Sing me a lullaby sis...
    Moonlight: But of course Little Moth.*Humming*

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    Chapter 17: Together we ride.

    Onboard of the Gloria, the Red Beasts are on his way to the lost kingdom of Ra. Edward was on the crow's nest of the ship for lookout and sure was green for all the seasickness he was having.
    Eddie: Uuugh...Why did I ever volunteered for this? Flor or West are best for this...That is what you get for trying to be useful....
    Inside the ship, West was violently knocking the door of the bathroom. He looked very pissed about it.
    West: Vanilla! I know you're there and this is the only bathroom in the ship, but do me a favor and stop bathing! It's been an hour since you've been there and I need my daily cleaning! You think I don't get dirty when I transform? I know you don't need to attend Non-Human Species studies in GMA to know that!!!
    Unfortunely for West, Vanilla placed a Silence Spell around, so she could enjoy the bathtub in peace. She was relaxing herself surrounded by bubbles.
    Vanilla: Aaaaah....This how you bath.
    In the Captain's Room, Johnnathan and Florencia could hear everything from the hallway.
    Flor: Good grief. Didn't this ship's engineer never heard that modern ships nowadays have at least 2 bathrooms?
    Johnny: You should be grateful that he gave 2 separated dorms. Our only female crewmate never used the bathroom. Even though the sea isn't the best place to be clean. She never smelled bad though for some reason.
    Flor: Anyway, what about Ra? You know something about that place?
    Johnny: Let's see...Sand, sand and what else...Oh, right. Sand. It's not called Lost Kingdom for the overpopulation and biodiversity you know. It is know that there is something down that desert.
    Flor: Not a single soul...I think I'll need West's help to find anything there. Even of there some leftovers of magic in there I'll take time to sense it.
    Johnny: Hmmm...Speaking of which...
    Johnnathan then picks the wallet that was given to him by Teresa.
    Johnny: You really can't sense anything here?
    Flor: I afraid so. Vanilla's judgement of the Seal is accurate.
    Johnny: Level 9...Come to think about it, it was never confirmed or has any official record since now isn't it? Only from the Immortals Age.
    Flor: Yes. What is know, is that there some records of same magic formula from the first civilization. But no matter what, no Spellcaster tried such thing. I am actually amazed you know that captain. Most people outside of the fairies wouldn't have any info about the Era of the Immortals.
    Johnny: You learn a thing or two when your mother was an immortal herself...Except she wasn't totally immortal.
    Flor:...You seem to have loved your mother a lot. You see, me and all the fairies always thought vampires were good-for-nothing demons that all they did was causing pain and strife. That was one of many reasons we didn't like go out of our forest. To never see those bloodsuckers.
    Johnny: (One of many reasons, huh?)
    Flor: But, everything changed after their downfall. I met you and Heinrich who had their genes mixed into your cells and are decent men...And also when I met that dear friend of yours.
    Johnny: Eve?
    Flor: Yes. I felt love and care for you in her soul mixed with all that darkness and grief the the vampires have. Love and Care that surpassed all the negative emotions they usually have. I can't help, but to feel touched.
    Johnny: Hehe. You could say our youth had something to do it.
    Flor: I wish I could had meet your mother. I wonder if I could felt same feelings from a vampire before turning rogue.
    Johnny: Do you still think about yours?
    Flor: All the time. That is one of the two reasons I left Fairyland. To find some clues about who she was.
    Johnny: Any leads?
    Flor: No. I asked the Fairy Mother herself to leave the forest and go to Gel to find some clues. She agreed with no hesitation though.
    Johnny:...You got a really too far from your limts don't you?
    Florencia is embarassed.
    Flor:...W-well...I didn't find anything in the capital do I expanded my horizons...The other reason I left Fairyland was because I wished to see this world we live. I mean, there wouldn't be any crusade anymore, so it was safer than centuries ago.
    Johnny: But, you still got caught because you wanted to play hero.
    Flor:...*sigh* You know to hit where is hurt captain...I am starting to think you are not so decent anymore.
    Johnny: Hahaha. Hey, I'm just teasing. Do fairies not have any sense of humour?
    Flor: Very little. We take thing so serioulsy.
    Johnny: I'm glad I picked you as my right-hand. Since you can see things different from me, I believe we can reach new heights together.
    Flor:...He. You're a fine leader yourself, Johnny.
    The two seems to be having a good time and trust between they rose hugely on that moment.
    Johnny: But, back on the subject...I don't know why, but I really...REALLY wanna get my hands on whatever are those. And I'm not that greedy, I swear.
    Flor: I see. Some kind of instinct...I can feel that from you. Like a baby fird ready to fly and the sky is so clean and perfect to soar....And speaking of which captain...Did something happened when you were fighting Miilera?
    Florencia said a bit worried.
    Johnny: Like what?
    Flor: While we were running, I felt some kind of burst coming from you fight...It was faint, but it looked like it was made of Darkness and triggered by thrill. As if something was about to awake...Something scary...In fact, just now I can feel it if I concetrate enough to look deeper into yourself. My apologies if I beng so invasive.
    Johnnathan take a look at his hand and grips it.
    Johnny: Come to think about it...When Miilera was about to charge into me, I felt like my brother.
    Flor: What?
    Johnnathan: You see, I fought alongside him numerous time, that I sense a particular feeling when around him. But I felt that same feeling inside me.
    Flor: I see. Perhaps if you don't mind, I can look into him if I see him again.
    Johnny: Your problem. There are some things that he keeps from himself that even I, his brother, wouldn't even try to meddle to deep into.
    Flor: Well, thanks for the heads-up.
    Florencia keeps in the mood, but hides the face that she have when in deep thoughts.
    Flor: (So, his brother is similar...I always thought Hybrids were distinct from each other, but...Maybe the specific bloodline plays some part...Geez, I starting to sound like Vanilla now.-__-)
    As soon as they finished their conversation, Edward knocks and appears. He was green and ready to puke anytime.
    Eddie: Uuugh...Captain...Master Florencia...Ra is in sight...I think...BLEURGH!
    Edward throws all in the floor.
    Johnny:...Eddie, you clean this.
    Eddie: Urgh...Aye aye.
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    Chapter 18: Where the heat is intense.

    The Death Crow, Evening's Room. Moonlight and Noir just putted a drunken Evening in his Pod-Coffin. She was sleeping like a rock.
    Moonlight: Teehee. Just now, we just acted like parents putting her daughter to sleep, isn't it Noir?
    Noir: Yeah. A drunken grow-up daughter, to be specific.
    A rogue vampire grunt appeared knocked the door and entered the room.
    Grunt: Master Noir...
    Noir: Be quick, this Eve's domains.
    Grunt: Well, we picked a signal of a ship arriving in Ra's Territory...I thought you might wanted to know.
    Noir: Ra, you say...I'll let Raven know. Dismissed.
    The grunt quickly leaved the scene.
    Moonlight: What a coincidence. Will you gonna personally take care of this?
    Noir: Not yet.
    Moonlight: Hmmm? Aren't you worried of a possibility they get that scarab thingie.
    Noir: I wouldn't be. Remember when I told you about the Pharaoh? Before we buried his kingdom, he was force that even Raven reckoned when he was Corvus. Right now...The Pharaoh might have a power that would rival even father right now.
    A few meters of Ra, The Gloria was anchored in the waters. There was no port that they could land on it. Johnnathan and Vanilla were on the deck seeing Ra from afar.
    Vanilla: So this is Ra....It feels like the closest thing to the Underworld that we must have in the living world. There was really a civilization in this mass of sand?
    Johnnathan: My mother told me stories about it. Not that she came here, by the way. This place was know to have no nights at all.
    Vanilla: I see. I read that in a book before. A space manipulation magic that conjured a land with 2 suns separated from this world. It was "here" but at the same time..."Not here"
    Johnnathan: You know, for an ancient lost civilization, the primordial ages had far more incredible magic.
    Vanilla: Ronan always said; "The most unique spells are the ones that are forgotten quickier". Where is the rest by the way?
    Johnnathan: Florencia and West are in the Engine Room and Edward is cleaning his own mess.
    Vanilla: Oh my. What he did it? Can I help it?
    Johnnathan: Nothing that he can't do it by himself. Hey, here they are...
    The remaining 3 came to the deck.
    West: You're stinking.
    Edward: Bite me.
    West transforms and opens his mouth in front of Edward's face.
    Edward: Whoah! It's a form of expression West!
    Florencia: Now, now kids. We have an entire desert to explore.
    Johnnathan: How is the Gyrometer Flor?
    Florencia: It's in perfect condition. That thing run by your dark magic isn't it? I guess this ship can have no captain other than you.
    West: Where did you get your Gyrometer Engineering Degree anyway?
    Florencia: I happen to have hanged out with Gremlins more than my kin.
    Edward: So that is why there was no one in the helm when we reached here. Does this ship needs a helm in the first place?
    Johnnathan: There are a lot of times when we had to switch from Auto to Manual when we I was on Vitoria. Of course there were 3 of us.
    Vanilla: To control this entire ship all by yourself with your magic...(Oh Johnny, I falling all over for you!!!)
    Florencia looks at Vanilla a bit disgusted.
    Flor: (Good grief, I wish I couldn't have these sensing powers...)
    Johnnathan: Okay, let's stop talking how awesome I am and walk this pile of sand, we have a lot of perimeters to scout.
    They all get on board in a small boat and docks on the sand of Ra. When they putted their feet on land, they already noticed the change of the atmosphere.
    Flor: By Mother Nature....
    Johnnathan: I don't know what you would complain about it...You can fly.
    Flor: Being airbone would make things a lot worse.
    West: I'm sweating like a horse here.
    Vanilla: *sigh* And I just took a bath.
    West: Bah. Better hydrated myself. Edward, the w-
    When West turns over to Edward, he was soaking himself with a big sized canteem of water. West was looking with an mixed expression of terror and despair
    Edward: Phew. So much better, this sun was killing me.
    West:......How many canteens do we still have?
    Flor: Cut that one....One.
    Johnny: Should have brought more.
    West transforms and gets in strangling position.
    West: I'm so gonna kill you Eddling!!!
    Johnnay: Hey, let's not kill anyone before the sun. Ripping him apart will not gives us more water mister Terry.
    West: That wasn't the intention...
    Edward: Come on folks! We are the Red Beast Pirates! We can do this faster than anyone here to fall from deshydratation! We are the 5 Badasses of the Seas! Come on, I'll lead the way.
    With Edward's encouraging words, they march on.
    Edward: We can't do this!
    Edward was on his limit and nearly no stamina left.
    Edward: I knew I would be the first....Go my comrades...Find the lost kingdom...Don't take me as a expense....Perhaps if I'm luck...You guys will return before the vultures eat me...Oooooh....I'll always will love you....*murmurs someone's name*.
    The others 4 take a look of the path done and the boat was still just about 20 meters and was still on sight.
    Johnnathan: Love....Who?
    West: Alright, let's leave this guy dies a slowly and painful death.
    Flor: Maybe if we waste another canteem, he can go back to the boat.
    Vanilla: Hmmmm...Alright everyone, gather here.
    Vanilla charges her staff with a blue aura and lifts it.
    Vanilla: Cooldown!
    A blue force field envelops the 5 and suddenly they weren't feeling hot anymore and Edward suddenly gets on foot with an extravagant spin.
    Edward: Woot! I feel refreshed!
    Johnnathan: Hey...Coela once done that.
    Vanilla: Yeah, in the way to Hurricane Port, I asked her to teach a trick or two.
    Florencia: A Water Magic Spell that affects an certain radius of space, I suposse is similar to that bonfire in gel. You're a very convenient girl, you know.
    Vanilla: Teehee. You're making me blush.
    West: I wish you could have told us that you had a portable refrigerator in your spell arsenal before someone CUTTED HALF OF OUR WATER SUPPLY TO SOAK HIMSELF IN!!!
    Johnnathan: Hey look, my fault okay. We Hybrids have resistance to harsh climates so I didn't thought of bringing more canteens. Sorry.
    Vanilla: Oh Johnny, don't blame yourself. I'll try to conjure more water when needed it okay?
    Flor: (I don't think you can drink that.)
    The rest continues to wander more and more. No matter how much they had ran, everything around felt the same.
    Eddie: No trees, no rocks, no cacti, not even a scorpion...If we haven't been walking in a straight line, I swear we are walking on circles.
    Flor: I can't believe I gonna say this, but you're right. It just as Howitz said captain. We are going n-
    Johnny: Wait.
    Johnnathan makes the group stops and looks to the soil.
    Johnny:...Flor, I know deserts aren't your speciality, but try to locate something under this spot.
    Florencia: Positive....Wait, there is something....I detecting some magic leftover about 20 feets underground...Johnnathan, how did you?
    Johnny: Beats me. I just felt something off here.
    West: Well, we now know there is something here so....
    West transforms and hone his claws.
    West: Let's dig this bitch.
    West procceds by continuously striking the ground digging a whole hole in an outstanding span of time.
    Edward: Wow, he looks like a mole!
    Flor: (What was the deal with that lame cry anyway?*drop*)
    Vanilla: Come on West. Dig! Dig! Dig!
    Vanilla starts dancing throwing her staff skyward like a cheerleader.
    Edward: That is kinda cute.
    Johnnathan: She is pretty good at it though.
    West: Hmmm?
    West seems to hava struck into something metallic.
    West: Hey cap'n. It seems I hit something hard. Looks like some kind of safe lock.
    Johnnathan: A safe lock?
    West: It appear to be copper or something.There is some kind of image here. It looks like a scarab.
    Eddie: Looks like a clue...Hold on West.
    Edward slides downs the hole and falls above West.
    West: Hey, watch out!
    Edward starts examining the artifact.
    Eddie: Hmmm...It appears to be not old...I never seen anything like it, but....I seen similar.
    West: Similar what?
    Eddie: Well, some treasures I found it had some kind of puzzle blocking they...Maybe if I just spin a little from here and here...
    Edward puts one of his ear into the ground and starts spinning the artifact.
    Eddie: Our captain is the only one with natural insticts here...
    West:...Eddie, are you really good at this treasure hunting thingie...Because I'm no expert myself, but isn't this more likely you know...Rob-
    Suddenly the ground starts to shake and the sand seems to fall down.
    Eddie: Wh-Wh-What? It wasn't me!
    West: It was definetly you! We out!
    West picks Edward on his shoulders and and jumps outside of the hole. Suddenly a quicksand seems to be forming around the hole in a spiral pattern and something seems to rise from the sand.
    Flor:...What is this?....There is a huge ammount of magic coming along with some kind of...Building.
    As they were slowly retreating from the quicksand, a huge Pyramid surrounded by an oasis slowly rises from the ground and the five looks in awe.
    Vanilla: Wooooooow.
    Eddie:...I...Did this?
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    Side Chapter: Blitzreign.

    Eysideci, Imperial Palace. General Miilera was walking through with a beat down face until she encounters something unusual in the courtyard. It was Colonel Hadol, with his body buried with only his head aboveground.
    Miilera:....Colonel, what are you doing?
    Hadol: Oh, General! Thank Heavens! Could you release me from this hellish hole?
    Miilera: What did you do to suffer such punishment.
    Hadol: Well, you see I was just walking by and suddenly, this hole appeared when I steeped on it? Why is there pitfalls here general?
    Miilera: Some runt must have dug up years ago somehow. How much time have you been down there?
    Hadol: A couple of hours. I was so ashamed to cry for help.
    Miilera: *sigh* You have no dignity you know that colonel.
    Miilera helps Hadol and goes straight for the Imperial Chamber.
    Hadol: Thanks General....You look beat. Did Lenard done something.
    Miilera: No, he didn't...Yet.
    Hadol: Hm?

    Imperial Chamber, Lenard was looking at some papers while squeezing a black bird doll like a stress ball. Miilera enters without warning.
    Lenard: Hmm? General? I don't remember summoning you.
    Miilera: Shut the fuck up, Lenard!
    Miilera takes a chair and sits in reverse.
    Miilera: I'm about to say some truth here now.
    Lenard surprised puts the doll on the table.
    Lenard: Go on.
    Miilera: You work ethics is horrible, your temperament is horrible, you're horrible in general. All you have done until now was waste all your anger over your father's death on your subjects because of your lack of strenght to subjugate Raven, myself specially. But guess what, Lenard. You're not special, okay? You might be the heart of the entire Blitzreign, but you are the most expendable piece of this organization. If I defend you, is not because of you by itself. It is because I believe in my country's morals and what it dictates, even though we most of the times contradicts same beliefs. Now, how about from now on, you stop acting like a whine and spoiled little brat and acts like the kind of people I have the pride to protect it!
    Miilera slams her palms into his table.
    Lenard:...No one ever talked to me like this until now....I loved it.
    He then gets up and exits through the chambers.
    Lenard: I, Emperor Lenard Kriegg the Second of Blitzreign grants you, General Miilera Howitz, max autonomy of the entire Blitzreignian Army.
    Miilera gives a salutation pose.
    Miilera: Sir yes sir.
    As Emperor Lenard was walking to his private room, he takes a takes a peek at a wall of wanted posters and looks at the Red Beast's Wanted Poster.
    Lenard:...Johnnathan...Second Miilera's earlier reports he is a Hybrid...And the Black Demon's brother...It's been a while since we touched these bounties lately.
    He then moves his look to Raven's Poster.

    Commodore Raven, admiral of the rogue pirate armada.
    Unmeasurable bounty.

    Anger fills up in Lenards and he creates a small iron cylinder formed from what appears to be some kind of dust from his hands and stabs it poster.
    Lenard:...You're totally right General. I really have some anger issues...And I lack strenght.
    He then picks the posters of both Johnnathan and Heinrich.
    Lenard: Gel didn't wanted any talk and Drakland don't trust us...Perhaps I should think outside of the box.

    For the info, I am just keeping with this because of stress in my life.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Chapter 19: Pyramid Madness.

    As night descends into Ra, the five were still in awe that such object rose from the grounds from their very eyes.
    Johnnathan: So....Do we enter?
    Florencia: I sense some crazy twist of magic inside...It will be quite the challenge.
    West: If the ladies are afraid, let me and Johnny take care of it.
    Eddie: Eh? What about me?
    Vanilla: HMPF! I'm going first!
    Vanilla with a newfound courage rushes into the pyramid.
    Florencia: Ah! Vanilla, wait! I know you did this by purpose Terry!
    Replied a very angry Florencia while flying straight for Vanilla.
    West: What? I was just paying back for the cheers back there.
    West walks into the pyramid.
    Johnnathan: I admit Eddie. I wasn't expecting you to unlock a dungeon out of nowhere.
    Edward: Hey, you were the one who found the key in the first place. I just unlocked.
    Johnnathan: Still...For we together being responsible for finding this...I think fate might pulled one out of us, like...We were supossed to meet.
    Edward: Haha! Sure partner! We are soul mates!
    Johnnathan: Ew...I know in this life we swing that way sometimes, but not me bro.
    Johnnathan leaves a bit disgusted.
    Edward: Hey! I didn't meant that!
    Edward follows through.

    In the most Underground chamber of the pyramid, an sarcophagus opens and a voice rises from it.
    ???:*omnimous wind*...Someone released the seal...Was it Corvus?....No....Someone else....Rise guardians!....We must not leave our treasured kingdom to no one else!!!

    When all of they enter, they came across an empty room filled with statues, pillars and a small altar in the middle. The roof extended from far to ground.
    West:...Hmmm...It seems the only way to go is down....
    West starts to examine the floor.
    West: It seems this is the only the tip of the iceberg...I can hear the wind come from down here...Flor?
    Florencia: This place is overflowing with magic...The only clue we have is this object in the middle.
    Vanilla: Wait...The magic is coming from this, right?
    As she said she placed her palm on the altar.
    Vanilla: Hmmm...It's almost like a pump system. It is flooding this pyramid with pure magic.
    Edward:....This is also a puzzle, right?
    Vanilla: Eh?
    Edward starts moving the altar' pillar body that was separated into 5 portions as if it was a puzzle.
    Edward: There are some kind of glyphs here....I don't know what they say, but some parts kinda fits....And if I can...Oh they rotate vertically too.
    Vanilla: You're kinda of amazing sometimes you know that.
    Edward gets embarassed.
    Edward: Well...It's no big deal at all...Oh. I think I got this!
    Edward then quickly formed the 5 glyphs and they start to glow, but then fades.
    Vanilla: It...Broke?
    West: Ha. Too much for treasure hunter ext-
    The 5 soon are teleported from the location.

    Johnnathan: Gah!
    Johnnathan just appears in another room filled with sand and some treasure, relics and statues lying around.
    Johnnathan: Oh my, what happened? Where is everyone?....Hold it.
    He picks his hummingbird and tries to make contact.
    Johnnathan: Edward? Flor? West? Vanilla? Someone copy it.
    Edward: Oh Johnny! You alright?
    Vanilla: Johnny! Thank goodness! I was so scared! I'm all alone here!
    West: Hey Howitz you punk! What did you done it?!
    Flor: Would you calm down Terry? I think we just got further down.
    Johnnathan: Phew. So the Hummingbirds are picking signals...So we might not be too far.
    Edward: Yeah. Thanks for giving us these gizmos man.
    Vanilla: How are things in everyone's else side? I am in a corridor with a few torches...Not else worthy noticing.
    Edward: Well, there is a garden here, full of tropical vegetation...Kinda like a mini jungle.
    West: I am in some kind of stone circle in the middle of a pond.
    Flor: Seems the same for me...But instead of a pond, it seems like a bottomless hole.
    Johnnathan: Mine there is sand and some treasury.
    Edward: Maaaan, wanna trade?
    West: No time for jokes Howitz.
    On Vanilla's side she lifts a bonfire on her hand.
    Vanilla: I think it is for the best if we both try to procced further. Not is gonna be okay if we-Kyaaaa!
    Suddenly Vanilla hungs up.
    Edward: What? Vanilla? What's the matter? VANILLA!
    West: Guys...There is company here....Some scary fellas wraped in bandages...Creepy!
    Edward: Oh boy...Here too.
    Florencia: Guess what?
    Johnnathan: I see...Let's concentrate what is in front of each of us...If you're alive, please call later.
    Johnnathan hungs up and picks a cigarrete.
    Johnnathan: Man...It's been a while since I got one of those.
    He lights the cigarrete and starts to smoke. Suddenly his attention go towards something on the ground that looked like a spear blade pointed at him.
    Johnnathan:...Bloody Hell.
    A mummy with the spear tries to impale him from under the sand but he dodges at the last instant and counter it by slashing it. Suddenly a lot of mummies comes from undergroung.
    Mummy: Guuuuuh....
    Johnnathan: Oh. Bandages. Good, for a moment I think West meant bondage.
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    Chapter 20: Awaken! My Guardians!

    Inside the Pyramid, each of the five Red Beasts were facing a trial on their own. Each one was confronting a horde of mummies that came like the wind. In Vanilla's side she made quite the inferno trying to push those things away.
    Vanilla: Shoo! Shoo! FIREBALL!!!
    She was shooting fireballs from her staff like a gattling gun not quite seeing any targets as her eyes were closed.
    Vanilla: *Huff*Huff* Was that all of they?
    When she looks at her feet, she sees a mummy hand gripping at her leg.
    Vanilla: Weeee.....JOHNNY! ANYONE! SAVE MEEE!!!
    She strikes the hand with her staff and ignites the hand on fire. Suddenly a gust of wind envelops the corridor and lifts the fire away.
    Vanilla: What the?
    She sees a figure looking like a anthropomorphic jackal covered in bandages.
    ???:...They send a little girl like you to take on us?...I'll not tolerate such understimate.
    Vanilla: Who are you calling a little girl, you jerk!
    She angrily throws a fireball, but the figure deflects with a double bladed fan axe.
    ???: I'm not likely those who you took. I'm one of the 5 guardians of Ra that serves the Pharaoh, Anubis!

    Ra's Guardian of Judgement: Anubis.
    Hates the innocent and the young the most.

    On West's side, the mummies were coming alongside little sand twisters that appeared on the dome. A horde of mummies jumps into him, but he slashes all of they with one swing of his machete, all turning into sand.
    West:....GAAAH! SO WEAK! AND SO MANY! At least gimme ONE thing that don't die in ONE punch!
    Suddenly a giant mummified hippopotamus rises from the pound and looks at West.
    West:...Now, this is more likely!
    West gets excited and transforms himself.

    Ra's Guardian of Rivers, Nile.
    Hates very loud people.

    On Florencia's side, in a similar situation the mummies were all coming through endlessly. She noticed that some of the sand left by her opponents dissapeared in a gust of wind and at the same instant another one appeared.
    Flor:...I don't think it's a new one that appears...More likely they are coming back.
    She looks down the bottom of the hole.
    Flor: I know you are the one pulling the strings. Come, I can feel you down there.
    As she finishes talk a figure with a falcon mask and wings on his back carrying a two scimtars comes flying.
    ???: Fascinating. You noticed me. You must be one of the fabled fairies from lands afar that I heard it so much.
    Flor: An Acquilla?...No, they don't have wings like that...Was he human?
    ???: Very well, I shall be your opponent. Be honoured to have your death given by Horus.

    Ra's guardian of Skies, Horus.
    Loves legends and fables from other lands.

    Edward's side, he was facing not a better situation. The mummies there were carrying bows and were all covered in the vegatation around the area. He deflected most of the arrows, but some grazed or even stabbed him on not lethal areas.
    Edward: Great...I hope I'm not the only one who is facing a bunch of cowards...I'm might try to use that.
    He then jumps really high and get his spear in a throwing position.
    Edward: Gungnir!
    He toss the electric charged spear on the ground an lightnig scatters from the floor, burning the garden and electrifies the mummies all around. They leaves nothing, but sand and bandages.
    Edward: Hm? Weird, usually more comes when I beat they.
    When he was not looking a female mummified figure with a golden cat mask with long golden claws appears from behind him and tries to slash him from behind, but Edward blocks with his spear and pushes her back and she lands in a cat position.
    Edward: You know kitten. If a woman hides her face, or is she too ugly or too shy...I hope the latter.
    ???: You ruffian. You pay for destroying this lovely garden.
    She hone her claws and a green smoke emits from they.
    ???: I shall make it slowly and painful.

    Ra's Guardian of Jungle, Isis.
    Main hobby is gardening and hates men.

    Johnnathan's side. He was seen to trying to escape to a safe area with no mummies coming from the ground, but it had only dunes in the area.
    Johnnathan: *sigh* Can't seem to find an exit and *slashes mummies* these guys just don't *dodges and counters* stop from keeping coming...And this is my last cigarrete.
    He then decides to look around for a bit more.
    Johnnathan: These freaks are coming from somewhere...Or someone...There!
    He picks something in the sand and sends a Red Spiral to a certain point. A figure with an human torso, but with a lower body of a scorpion and pincers for arms all covered in bandages except for his left eye rises it.
    ???:...You found me...Your eye...You aren't human...But you aren't Corvus kin either...What are you?
    Johnnathan: Corvus? That was Raven's former name...Do they know Raven?
    ???:No matter, You will die here. All your companions...I can feel they...All of they are facing the guardians now...
    Johnnathan: Guardians?
    ???: Yes. We guardians are the protectors of this kingdom and the ones who control this army. It's a pity for you. Because of the 5 guardians, I am the strongest.
    Johnnathan: In other words if I beat you, these creeps go away.
    ???: You talk as if you could. You will pay for this insurbodination. I, Osiris, will send you to the afterlife!

    Ra's Guardian of the Death, Osiris.
    Pharaoh's former top general of North Ra.

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    Chapter 21: The Prodigy

    In the fight with Vanilla and Anubis, the earlier was facing a major disadvantage. Everything she threw at Anubis was easily deflected. Also she was feeling exhausted really quickly.
    Vanilla: What...What is going on? My magic isn't strong anymore...And I feel so tired...
    Anubis: Hehehe...You must be extremely confused right now. Very well, I think you have the right to know. You see, as the Guardian of Judgement, all of my "opponents" are nothing more than a subject in a defendant's stand. So the Judgement's Curse begins and all of their strenght, physical or magical are cut by half. Only the Pharaoh is still stronger than me with this curse and only the Pharaoh himself is immune, since it was a gift from him.
    Suddenly a mummy wraps her into bandages.
    Vanilla: Gah!
    Anubis: Naive girl. You also should know by now that isn't an One-on-One fight.
    Vanilla: That is dirty.
    Anubis: Using every resources you have is the warfare's basic. This is a real fight to the death, brat.
    Anubis snaps his fingers and suddenly, more mummies appears with spears in hand.
    Anubis: You don't even deserve to die by my hands...Die.
    Vanilla: Every...Resource...
    2 years ago, Gel Magic Academy, Graduation Day. All the students who graduated that year were in the main hall with their families and friends after they received their diplomas. Only Vanilla was missing there, instead she was alone sitting on a fountain in the school's central square with a gloomy look on her face. She is approached by a witch with a large pointy hat and a purple dress that revealed her cleveage approaches her.
    ???: Why are you all alone, Vanilla? Your friends were wondering about you.
    Her presence gives joy to her.

    Salomeh Dublin, 3rd Year Spells Teacher of GMA.
    Age: 24.
    Four Elements User.
    Has been giving lectures since at 21.

    Vanilla: Ah! Teacher! You came!
    She hugs her teacher almost bursting into tears.
    Salomeh: Teehee. Feels weird being called teacher by you. We're basically sisters aren't we?
    Vanilla: Well, I did knew you since I was in Middle School.
    Salomeh: You followed me all the time. Weren't you afraid being called Teacher's Pet?
    Vanilla: Hey, it's not like I monopolized you to myself. Everyone was licking at your feet because you're so young and yet a teacher at the 3rd year. Anyway, I heard you were on a job right now. Did you finished already?
    Salomeh: You could say that, but it wasn't as I wanted. I needed to find the whereabouts of a certain person and I was kinda...Disappointed with I found out. Well, I didn't needed to do anything else, but...Anyway, what about you Vanilla? Why aren't with your friends?
    Vanilla then goes back at being gloomy.
    Vanilla:...It's a nice weather down there isn't it...The students and their parents...
    Salomeh: Say no more...I get it. I miss Frosty too.
    Vanilla then starts to cry.
    Vanilla:*sob* I...Always wanted to see him in my graduation day....I don't have a mother...A sister...Or anyone...Only you...*sniff*
    Salomeh then picks a piece of cloth and dry her tears.
    Salomeh: Now, now. We can't have you of all people missing anything in this day. You were a remarkable student. That class is not the same without you.
    Vanilla: Not really, I was just Second at my class.
    Vanilla takes a not-so interested demeanor.
    Salomeh: Haha. Proud aren't you? Don't be disappointed with something so silly.
    Vanilla: I wish I could have been First...Like dad and you were.
    Salomeh: Well, perhaps if you choose something more...Easier than Water to specialize it...
    She says with a joking tone.
    Vanilla: Hey, you know I choose to study that for Ice magic. I wanted to be like dad.
    Salomeh: On one hand, your father could only do that. But I happy you could raise to above-avarage spells. I myself can't do even the basics well. Water really is the Mermen's domain.
    Vanilla: I hope I can meet one...
    Salomeh:...You know Vanilla, if you had take some extracurricular studies, you might had reached your so desired position. Come to think of it, doesn't the one who took first had really good grades at Non Human Species Studies? You father took those studies as well.
    Vanilla: Well, I didn't seen any merit on it, so...
    Salomeh: Listen Vanilla. A mage with a few tricks has disadvantages to those with a lot. Even if the fews are more flashy and efficient.
    Vanilla: *sigh* It is the tenth time I heard that...From you.
    Salomeh: You know, I wasn't exactly the first of my class.
    Vanilla: Huh?! It is the first time I heard that.
    Salomeh: Don't tell anyone, but there was a man in my class that we all recognized as the best. We called him the Desert Prince. Me and Viper walked with him all the time.
    Vanilla: Desert Prince?
    Salomeh: Yeah, he was your father's favourite student and were good friends. I don't think he ever talked to you about him though. He came all the way to Scherazia by Ronan's own actions. He had a lot of gifts. Once upon a time, we faced a brigad of bandits that utilized Magic Sealing spells and he took all of they with meele attacks.
    Vanilla: Woah. That is almost a taboo nowadays.
    Salomeh: He was special alright...Yeah, special...
    Salomeh seems frustated.
    Vanilla: Ms. Dublin?
    Salomeh:...*sigh* Perhaps too special...Vanilla, listen what I about to tell you is top secret info that cannot be told to anyone inside here, okay?...No gossip.
    Vanilla: O-Okay...
    She was terrorized to what she was about to listen.
    Salomeh: This man...Is the man I was asked to find. You see...He was expelled from this school.
    Vanilla: What? Was he a bad influence or something?
    Salomeh:...Yeah. Something like that. Even though he was a prodigy...He was also a Hybrid.
    Vanilla: Hybrid? What's that supossed to mean?
    Salomeh: It is a person who has a human and a vampire parent.
    Vanilla:*gasp* That is crazy! Are they dangerous?
    Salomeh:...I can tell he wasn't evil or had any ill intention, but you see, because of his lineage, he can wield Dark Magic.
    Vanilla: Is it because of the vampire blood?
    Salomeh: It is both human and vampire blood. The "human" side gives the means and the "vampire" side gives the darkness. A vampire magic capability is limited to bat transformation and blood manipulation. Their darkness is more of what makes their bodies tough, in fact it is dark spells themselves that penetrates their bodies more easily than any weapon or magic, ironically. But people just don't get it.
    Vanilla: Don't get it.
    Salomeh: One time, he was practicing dark spells alone, but a young girl at Middle School was witnessing and was amazed, so she wanted to imitate...I don't think I need to tell what happens when humans tries to use it.
    Vanilla: Oh no...
    Salomeh: He himself took responsability and took care of it...But the price was too high. Ronan had him expelled for his mistake.
    Vanilla: That seems unfair. It was an accident isn't it?
    Salomeh: We had to give that girl's parents an excuse. We couldn't say there was a...Half-Breed here. So we said Al leaved a vampire on the loose because he...Ignored.
    Vanilla: Al?
    Salomeh: It was how we called him. Alladin...I miss him and Chemira so much you know.
    Vanilla: Sorry, if I made you remember.
    Salomeh: I like to remember things anyway. Say, if you want we can go to the hall together. Maybe they will think we are sisters after all.
    Vanilla: I think I have courage now.
    Salomeh: Remember Vanilla. Always have a few more tricks hidden in your sleeves.

    Vanilla: I...I can't die now!
    She focus a red aura on his staff and fire generates from it.
    Vanilla: Explosion.
    A explosion of fire comes from her staff and all the mummies turns into dust. Vanilla gets on her feet a bit burned.
    Vanilla: Thanks for the curse. I could have died from that.
    Anubis: Only delay for the inevitable.
    Vanilla: Fire Weel!
    She sends a circle of flames that flies like a weel.
    Anubis: I said it's useless!
    Anubis spins his axe fan and reflects the fire.
    Vanilla: It's been a while since I used this. Wind Gather!
    She glows her staff white and catches the wind with the fire.
    Anubis: Hmm?
    Vanilla: Take it back!
    With the wind added, she sends the firestorm with more power.
    Anubis: Gwaaa!
    Anubis gets really burned by it.
    Anubis:...Tch. I admire your tactics...But you're still useless at close-range!
    Anubis charges to her with the axe fun in hand and strikes multiple times her while she defends with her magic shield.
    Anubis: Your defense is weak. DIE!
    As Anubis prepares a charged attack, Vanilla dispels the shield and points her staff at him.
    Vanilla: You're open! Paralyze!*Bzzzt*
    She sends a small spark that flow through him.
    Anubis: ....Really? This is just ticklish.
    Vanilla: I now have time to charge. Flood!
    She summons a large amount of waters that floods the room and a small tidal wave hits Anubis.
    Anubis:...Pah! I still on my feet!
    Vanilla: Sparks!
    She hits the staff in the water and electricity flows through largely damaging Anubis.
    Anubis: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah!
    Anubis gets on his knees unable to move. Vanilla also took quite the damage.
    Vanilla: Damn...I feel like all burned inside...
    Anubis throws his axe fan like a boomerang.
    Vanilla:...Oh no...I will...
    But as the weapon was about to hit her, it disappears.
    Vanilla: Huh?...I'm alive...
    Anubis:...I see...I wasn't strong enough...Well done....You are...Innocent.
    Anubis gets on the ground and turns into sand.
    Vanilla: I....I won....
    As Vanilla was about to get on her knees a door opens from underground
    Vanilla: Is this...The exit? No matter, I have to find Johnny and the others. Ms. Dublin...Thank you.
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    Chapter 22: The Wolf and the Fairy.

    On West's side, Nile was trying to smash him with his fist, like a bored little kid trying to hit a bug.
    West: *pant*pant* Damnit. I know I was complaining about weaklings, but I didn't said I wanted someone I can do zero things about it. He has to have a weakness....Perharps.
    West transforms into a wolfman and leaps through Nile.
    West: Maybe it's that damn nose!
    As he was gonna slash with his machete, Nile swing his nose vertically and throws him into the ground.
    West:...Okay. Maybe not.
    Nile then starts to inhale and from his nostrills he sends a wave of water into the arena that forced West to stabs his machete into the ground to not get pushed by the water.
    West: Bluuuughblugh.
    After the water burst, he dries himself like a wet dog.
    West: Well, I guess that pays for that time in the desert.
    Nile then opens his mouth in biting position and West saw no place to run since he was on the area's corner.
    West: Ah, son of a-

    On Florencia's side, she was having an aerial battle with Horus, as she was trying to hit an arrow at him, bit Horus was fast enough to dodge it.
    Flor: Sweet Mother Nature. This guy is just as fast as an Acquilla...
    Horus then goes to the offense and strikes Florencia, but she blocks with her bow.
    Flor: Guh! (Strong...)
    Horus: Just earlier, you called me this Acquilla thing...Are those maybe the fabled bird people that comes from the far west?
    He then kicks Florencia with his talons.
    Flor: Ahh!
    Horus: I wish I could hear more of your stories, child of Fairyland.
    Flor: *huff*huff* For some reason...You seem very far...Even though I feel you close...
    Horus: Ah. You see that much. I suposse I can explain. Each of us guardians was gifted with a curse by the Pharaoh himself. Mine is the Curse of the Skies. It makes the distance between me and my opponents the same as the land and sky. It's a power benefit of a ruler.
    Flor: In other words an illusion. I just need to imagine you close then. Scatter!
    With one shot, she sends a swarm of arrows, but Horus flies towards and gets in front of Florencia.
    Flor: What?
    Horus: Even an illusion can become true if a someone like a god permit.
    He slashes her gut and kicks her down to the hole.
    Flor: Gwaaaaaaa......
    Horus: Now fall, to the dephts of the Underworld.
    She falls down to the hole without conscience.

    Back to West's side, the arena West was lost a large chunk of it original form with Nile's bite, but inside Nile's mouth, West was between his two canines and holdomg the upper tooth, blocking him to be crunched.
    West: Ghhnnnn....
    West: Really you fatass horse! I know you can hear me. SAY SOMETHING DAMNI-
    Suddenly West felt something like an omen.
    West: What?....
    He then picks his hummingbird and configurates to contact only Florencia leaving him to lift that tooth with only one hand.
    West:....Hey Flor, can you hear me?

    Back in Flor's side as she was falling.
    Hummingbird: Sorry for calling you without Johnny's order, but did something, like bad happened? Because you see I had that feeling that it might have happened...It's not like Johnny and Howitz earlier. It really is a hunch this time. Anyway, I just wanna tell I don't really wanna look after those guys without you...This may be silly, but if something happened to you, I would be the one to take care of those kids so...Yeah, please come back alive. Out.*click*
    Suddenly Florencia wakes up and stops midair as she was about to fall on a floor made of spikes. From down there she points an arrow.
    Flor: Hunt!
    She sends a fast flying lightinig arrow that flew fast as a lightning bolt.
    Horus: What is that light? Is she still alive?
    He tries to dodge it, but with a lightning speed movement, the arrow change it course.
    Horus: What?!
    He flies away from the arrow, but it keeps following.
    Horus: How can it tries to reach me, even with my curse?...There has to be some kind of trap. If that is the case I'll take this on.
    He then gets in a defensive position and takes the arrow that pierced him.
    Horus: Hrng! That wasn't much, but it seems to stopped me for a while...Wait where is-
    Flor: You noticed too late.
    As Horus turns his back, she was just behind him, very closely pointing a charging arrow at him.
    Horus: What? How did-Why are you this close to me?
    Said Horus with a tone with terror.
    Flor:...Maybe I am not really close, but actually far.
    Horus: What? As in...Far but yet close?...Like an illusion?
    Flor: Lets just say...Distance means nothing to light. Hyper Arrow!
    With a shot, she sends a bright yellow giant lazer similar to the one she tried to give to Black back in Riverpool.
    Horus: Gaaaaah! (So this...Is the light of the fairies...So splendid...)
    With that shot, he turns into dust. Florencia then goes to the floor and heals her wounds with her palm.
    Florencia: Phew. I need more training.
    Back in West's side. West somehow had another one of his hunches.
    West: Somehow....I feel I don't need...To concern about anything now!
    West: Alright fatso...Let's see if you're tough from inside! Garooooooo!
    He starts to give a rapid fire of punches from the tooth above.
    West: I hope you have a dental plan! Garooooooooo!!
    With enough punches given he gives a final strike that makes the tooth and himself flies though the upper part of Nile's nose.
    West then picks the teeth and gets in an impale position.
    West: Now, let's see if your fang is powerful as you!
    He uses the teeth to stab right between his eyes. When he stabs, sand flows through the forehead.
    Nile: !!.......
    Nile then falls his head into what was left of the arena and his massive body starts to turn into sand.
    West: Damn right it does.
    When Nile's body is all gone, a door opens in a part of the floor.
    West: An exit? I hope everyone is okay.

    Back in Florencia's side, another door opens at the same time.
    Florencia: Hm?...I feel I should go there.
    She then picks her hummingbird and gives a quick look.
    Florencia:...Hmpf. Like I would leave those youngsters to you, damn mutt.
    She advances to the door with a smile on her face.
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    Chapter 23: Don't give it to ya.

    Edward's side. He was running through the jungle with Isis running after him in a four legged position like prey and predator. But no matter how Edward ran, he didn't seem to reach anywhere at all.
    Edward: My word! How big is this damn garden anyway? I feel like this place is bigger than this damn pyramid is.
    Isis: Foolish human. You actually got yourself into another realm outside of your world.
    Edward: What? Another world?
    Isis: This is a space inside the Royal Pyramind that expands endless thanks to the curse gifted to me by the Pharaoh. It's the Curse of the Jungle. Where you will endless roam in an eternal forest forever to be hunted until you die.
    Edward stops running and faces Isis.
    Edward: Well, fuck me. I guess I have to face you head on!
    Isis: Don't get cocky!
    She dashes her claws at Edward, but he ducks and she slashes a nearby tree that soon got vaporized.
    Edward: Holy...What are those claws anyway.
    Isis: Poison from Ra's Cursed Black Cats. There is no more lethal poison in this kingdom.
    Edward: Poisonous cats...Now I've seen everything.

    Johnnathan's side, he was having a close combat with Osiris, clashing his swords into his pincers. But Osiris swings his tail and forces Johnnathan to retreat.
    Osiris: I like how you face me head-on. But I do love some ranged combat as well.
    He opens one pf his claws and shoots a sandstorms from it making Johnnathan fly away.
    Johnnathan: Pah!
    He spits sand from his mouth.
    Johnnathan: I hope West keeped some water....
    Osiris: Hmmm....It seems that 3 of your friends defeated their guardians opponents...Incredible....I wasn't expecting Horus or Anubis to be defeated...I will satisfy in killing they myself after finishing you.
    Johnnathan: Good. Thanks for making me know at least one is in peril. But, since 3 of they already beat me I can't disappoint they more than I already have.
    Osiris: Fool. You never realized that you were the one in most peril. Look at your arm.
    He then looks at his arms and some kind of countdown was placed there marking 5 minutes remaining and he noticed sand forming from his arms.
    Johnnathan: What the hell?
    Osiris: That is my Curse of Death. This has been in your arm since you entered this chamber. By the time it reaches zero, death is certain. And there is more...
    Osiris' tail turned into a golden scythe.
    Osiris: If I hit you with this, no matter the scratch, that countdow will automatically reach zero.
    Johnnathan: Bloody Hell.
    Suddenly his Hummingbird starts to glow.
    Hummingbird: Hummm...Johnny?
    Johnnathan: Eh? Eddie-
    He quickly dodges the scythe tail.
    Osiris: I praise your reaction, but I still not gonna tolerate distraction.
    Johnnathan: Damnit Eddie! Can't you find another time to call me? Are you safe with the others?
    Edward: Weeell...I kinda need a advice here and-Hold on.
    He dodges a quick barrage of swipes by Isis and hops over her.
    Edward: My opponent is...Peculiar.
    Johnnathan: Oh? Is that so? Is it like, half-crustacean?
    Osiris: It's arachnid!
    He starts to give a barrage of heavy swings with his tail and Johnnathan tries to block they.
    Johnnathan: Guh! Can it be fast Eddie. I am in the tightrope of life and death here...And I can assure it's worse than your side.
    Edward: Sorry man, but my opponent is a woman-Whoops.
    He dodges an arrow from nowhere as he still talks to Johnnathan.
    Johnnathan: So what?!
    Edward: Well...I don't hit women.
    Johnnathan kicks Osiris with anger sending him flying.
    Johnnathan: Are you a pirate or what?!
    Edward: Hey, I have standards okay? My sister said to treat girls nicely.
    Johnnathan: The same sister who tried to kill me and Vanilla without a second thought! I can't believe it you had the balls of asking me to be my First-Mate.
    Edward: Sorry-Wha!
    Isis appears from above to crush him, but he quicly dodges it.
    Isis: Holding back because I'm a woman...You made me mad now...
    Edward: What do I do man? I can't thinking of myself hurting a living woman-
    Johnnathan: They're dead Edward!
    Johnnathan: Dead! Think about it? They have been around for like a century and they aren't vampires. And when you kill they, they simply come back.!
    Edward: They are not...Alive...
    As Edward was thinking of what Johnnathan said, Isis dashes toward him, but with a blink of eye he turns back and as Isis landed on the other side, Edward had slashed vertically his spear and facing the opposite side.
    Isis:...Tch. That is why I hate men...
    She then gets sliced in half and fades.
    Edward:....Man, I know she was a corpse, but I still feel bad...
    In front of Edward, a door from the floor opens.
    Edward:....Hey Johnny. I won!
    Johnnathan: Fuck you!
    Said Johnnathan angrily with only 3 minutes remaining.

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    Chapter 24: Red Beast Rampage.

    Vanilla found herself in a dark corridor, more pitch black than the one she was before with only a few torches illuminating and a light at the end of the path. She was walking, almost dragging herself with her injuries slowing her down.
    Vanilla: *pant*pant* Is this what death is?...No. I can't just be dead now. I won't die after everything that happened. I have just too much to accomplish...Johnny...I know our paths are far different. But I don't care if you are a criminal. Somehow, I will make you-Huh?
    She then sees a light glow at distance and she quicks her pace. She raches a more illuminated room, that had Florencia healing a few of her wounds.
    Vanilla: Flor!
    She rushes and hugs her.
    Flor: Vanilla? You okay. Thanks Mother Nature.
    Vanilla: It's really is you isn't it? Please tell me you aren't an illusion...*Sniff*
    She starts to cry in Florencia's bosom.
    Flor: Oh please, don't waste your tears like this. Now, I see you had a pretty bad time didn't you?
    Vanilla: Yeah...I kinda need more practice for this kind of thing. I guess I still green...*sigh* And to think I was almost the top of my class.
    Flor: The feeling is mutual, but I'm afraid we are far from over.
    Florencia places both of her hands around Vanilla's body and pulses a green light.
    Flor: Poor little thing. You took quite the damage huh? Hold still, I'll heal you just fine.
    Vanilla: Aaahh..This is so relaxing. Now I see why your kin are treated as guardian deities...But doesn't this take too much from you?
    Flor: No worries. My magic grows back over time.
    Vanilla then gives the worried look.
    Vanilla:...Flor...You're suffering from Fairy Ashtma isn't it?
    Flor:...So you know that particular thing about my kin.
    Vanilla: Flor, I don't know what you did, but I'm pretty sure the other fairies would never let one of their kind to suffer like-
    Flor: Enough, Vanilla.
    Said her with an authority tone.
    Flor: I appreciate the concern, but this was a choice of mine. I can go back anytime, but I don't pretend it. Besides there is no register of any fairy that died from it, so don't worry. I've been like this for quite a while and it didn't get any worse.
    Vanilla: Flor...
    ???: Just as I expected.
    They hear a familiar voice and they see West had arrived.
    West: You have guts to runaway from home and keep going without knowing if you are gonna die. You have my respect.
    Flor:...I wish I could say the same. I suposse each of you faced a Guardian?
    West: So there were other monsters like those? Mine was a giant hippo.
    Vanilla: Mine was a jackal with strenght-halfing powers.
    Flor: I faced a man with wings with a sense-distortion curse spell.
    West:...I win, then. Only Cap'n and Howitz are missing huh?
    Vanilla: You think they're okay?
    West: I dunno. But, I can tell they aren't your avarage kind of people. Even that Howitz idiot.

    In the room above after Johnnathan hunged his hummingbird, he stands on guard on one point of position with his sabers ready, but he then notices an awful silence around. Even the mummies didn't appear for one second.
    Johnnathan:...Something is off...Where was that all bloodlust?
    He then gets more casual around and twitch his hair.
    Johnnathan: Wait? Don't tell me...No....Nooooo.....NOOOOOO!!!
    Underground, hidden in the sand, Osiris was crawling in one point very far underground waiting for Johnnathan's dowfall.
    Osiris: Fufufu...You think I would fight fair? Why bother killing you when death is already certain for you? I was just playing around, you idiot. You were never worthy my time. It seems that you friend has take care of Isis. I'll gladly kill all those fours in the same way. Filling despair in the eyes of my enemies is the ultimate pleasure, specially when they can't do anything abou-
    Before Osiris could finish his monologue, an incredible wave of force flied through the sand, forming an diagonal tunnel that severed Osiri's right pincer.
    Osiris: Gah! What? He found me? How? What is h-Gah!
    Suddenly, he starts digging with one claw as he was dodging another one of these attacks. Above ground Johnnathan was spamming Red Spirals like crazy, with a unusual showing of strenght.
    Johnnathan: Stupid.Bug.Bastard.COWARD!!!
    Back underground, Osiris was desperated, running from each attack.
    Osiris: No good. If my calculation are right, he will cover all the area before the time runs out...And even for some reason, I don't wanna face him head-on...Unnaceptable! I am Osiris, the mightiest of Guardians! If he have to die by my hand, then so be it.
    Johnnathan: Huh?
    Johnnathan looks just under himself.
    Johnnathan: Just under me huh? Well then...
    He then creates a dark aura under his feet and gives a far long jump.
    Johnnathan: Red Spiral!
    He sends a powerful Red Spiral from above that creates a huge hole in the ground. But from another point, Osiris jumps to Johnnathan with his scythe ready.
    Osiris: You falled to my trap! Be pleased to be killed by me.
    He gets closer.
    Osiris: DIE!
    But as he gets more close, Johnnathan makes eye contact.
    Osiris: W-W...What?...
    When Osiris sees him up close, he sees the same red horned skull that formed from Johnnathan's fight in Ceranze right behind him that had his fangs open and the right eye glowing with a purple glow.
    Osiris: What is this?..,An apparition?!
    Johnnathan: You're open.
    Johnnathan charges his sabers with dark magic.
    Johnnathan: Red Rampage!
    He delivers a series of consecutives slashes that severs Osiris' body in several small pieces.
    Osiris: How...How could I...
    They both falls to the ground and Johnnathan noticed the countdown had stopped and dissapeared.
    Johnnathan: Huh. I had one more minute to spare.
    Johnnathan: What? Still alive?
    He turns and only sees Osiris's body with only of his torso and left arm.
    Osiris: Right now...You reminded me Corvus when I saw him...
    Johnnatha: Is that so? I don't like being compared to that skank scum son of a douchebag.
    Osiris: I saw him take care of the entire south army with only 2 of his brothers at his side. That time I realized how the world was bigger than I thought.
    Johnnathan: Wait. He fought in Ra?
    Osiris: He was the one responsible for sealing this kingdom...For give his majesty the strenght of an almighty conqueror and Immortality...Turned us into immortal corpses...All for the Scarab.
    Johnnathan: So he was the one, huh?
    Osiris: Don't go looking all good because you beat me...The Pharaoh was know the most powerful in this kingdom and he is even stronger as an immortal now...I bet his strenght rival one of the three Dark Lords you all talk about it...You will never leave this place alive...
    He then fades into sand.
    Johnnathan:...We will see about that.
    Suddenly a door opens just under him.
    Johnnathan: What the?! Ahhhhh....
    He then finds himself in a giant slide.
    Johnnathan: Woaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    As he reaches the end, he flies through someone that eases his fall.
    ???: Ouch.
    Johnnathan: Guuuuh...Eddie?
    Edward: Oh, hey captain. How it was the Fun Slid-Ouch!
    Johnnathan punched him in the face.
    Johnnathan: That is for disobeying my command and almost killing me.
    Edward: What? Was it one of those guardians?
    Johnnathan: You landed about here as well?
    Edward: Oh. No, I landed about a few meters behind. I noticed some opened doors in the walls, so I guess our friends are same.
    Johnnathan: I confirmed with Bug Legs up there. They did it.
    Edward: Really? Well, I bet you're glad you have us.
    Johnnathan: Yeah...If you could beat a monster like that, then you're certainly Red Beast material.
    Edward: Hey, I bet yours was beyond leagues of what mine or the others were. Come on, I see some light at the end of this hallway.
    The two advances and reaches the remaining 3.
    Flor: Captain! Howitz!
    West: Hey Cap'n, you're fine. Howitz I'm actually surprised you're here. Speaking of which, you're the one who putted us on this mess.
    Edward: Hey, I think it is pretty obvious we had to pass this mess in the first place.
    Flor: I think Howitz is right Terry.
    As they were arguing, Vanilla starts to slowly cries.
    Vanilla: Johnny...Eddie...*sniff*sniff*...Waaaaaaah!
    She then run toward Edward.
    Edward: Hey Vanilla! I missed you t-
    But she bumps Edward and hugs Johnnathan instead.
    Johnnathan: Whoah!
    Vanilla:*sob* Johnny...I was so scaweed...*sniff*...I almost died...*sniff*Please never leave....*sniff* Waaaaah!!!
    She starts to wet Johnnathan's chest with her tears.
    Johnnathan: Oh come on. There, there.
    Edward watches the scene with jealously in his eyes.
    Florencia: Aaand lovesickness scores another one.
    West: How is the gap between the scores Flor?
    Florencia: About the same as the land and the sky.
    Edward: *sigh*Shut up guys.
    Johnnathan: Well, how is everyone?
    West: These two were a bit beat, but Florencia's healing magic fixed it.
    Vanilla: Geez, it feels like you're making us look bad, West.
    Said an annoyed vanilla with her eyes still wet.
    Johnnathan: Hey, they were the guardians of this entire country right? I guess me and Howitz got lucky to not having serious injuries, but I escaped death by the skin of teeth in a way. And I know about your kind's regeneration by the way West.
    West: Heh.
    Edward: Yeah, I think it was a lucky shot back there.
    Flor:...I swear I'll still make up for the bad display captain.
    Vanilla: Y-Yeah, me too. (I still have a lot to prove it.>:C)
    Johnnathan: So, what now?
    Edward takes a look behind him.
    Edward:...Hmmm...I have an idea...Flor could you please use Light Magic here?
    Flor: Okay.
    She lights her palm and illuminates the entire wall that was there.
    West: Something that picked your interest?
    Edward: Well...Isn't this like...A door.
    Flor: Huh?
    Florencia intensifies the light and reveals a large door with a scarab engraved on it.
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    Chapter 25: Pharaoh.

    As Florencia illuminates the wall, the five stands in front of the giant door in awe.
    West: So....How do we open it?
    Johnnathan: Eeeeh...Eddie, you open it.
    Edward: When did I became this crew's lockpick?...Well, I like being useful.
    Edward examines the most he can on the door as Florencia picks some sand that were left on the floor.
    Johnnathan: Something the matter, Flor?
    Florencia: I heard a history about a curse hidden in a book that could be opened with a golden beetle...It curse would seal a entire kingdom and it people into a wasteland and guarded by immortals...Same immortals being the sealed people turned into sand.
    Johnnathan: I heard Bug Man saying that Raven was the one responsible for this. To keep the Scarab out of anyone's hands.
    Florencia: That makes sense. Pirates would always hide their treasures underground. And we know how he like to take things up to eleven.
    Johnnathan: I wonder how we would get the Death Bell.
    Edward: Hey guys, check it out.
    Edward calls they as he found a wall with weird glyphs.
    Edward: It reminds me of the symbols of that puzzle from up there.
    Flor: Hmmm...I recognize these letters now. It definetly Ancient Immortal Age Alphabet. Basically it says..."Knock Knock".
    When Florencia said these words, the door starts to slowly open.
    Johnnathan:...Huh. So my Mother's Well-Manners Teaching had a purpose.
    They enter the sealed chamber and it seemed empty.
    Johnnathan:...West? Flor?
    Florencia: There is a considerable amount of magic leftover here.
    West: *sniff*sniff* Smells like burnt corpse and smelly bugs here.
    Edward: How do you know how those thing smells?
    West: I have skills that I developed from a very long
    Suddenly something big falls from the ceiling, landing behind they, scattering dust and the torches burns, illuminating the room.
    Florencia: Something...Strong came...I sense high magic level on whatever it is.
    Vanilla: No kidding. I never felt such pressure.

    The scene gets more clear and a mummy with pharaoh's clothes wielding a golden scepter with a shining red stone on the head, sitting in a walking golden throne with spider legs resting his face on his right arm.

    Pharaoh of Ra.
    Servant of Raven.
    Enjoys long naps and making salves.

    Pharaoh:...Well done in making this far. I have rested for a century already.
    He said with an old and tired tone.
    Edward: Is this the Pharaoh?...He looks...Kinda lame, actually.
    Pharaoh: You doubt me...Very well, I guess I need to prove myself when I think about it.
    He waves his arm and one of the legs of his throne waves similar to his arm and sends Edward flying, crashing him through the wall.
    Edward: Ugh!
    Vanilla: Eddie, you're okay?
    Edward: Yeah, th-
    Vanilla: Good, our manpower is not decreased.
    West: Not that it would if something happened to him.
    Gloominess and rains falls on Edward.
    Edward:...I love you guys too.
    Johnnathan: Flor, me and West will be going head-on. If you find a spot, don't hesitate to shoot.
    Flor: Fine...Be careful captain.
    West: I'm first!
    West picks his machete and leaps through the Pharaoh who tries to hit him with his throne's legs, but he dodges and jumps landing right in front of the pharaoh.
    West: Heh. That was easy.
    Pharaoh: Oh boy, here I go using that bothersome magic again.
    The Pharaoh's staff glows and a shining aura envelops around sending West flying.
    West: Oooow. Hot! Hot! Hot!
    Flor: (Hot?!)
    Following West, Johnnathan comes from behind the throne and stabs him from behind with a dark enchanced saber. The Throne starts to agitate but it seems to be don't moving from the spot.
    Pharaoh: Ow. This actually hurts...That is a nice sword.
    Johnnathan: Flor! Now!
    Flor: Hyper Arrow!
    Florencia shoots an Hyper Arrow that pierces through the Pharaoh's entire upper torso and Johnnathan gets out of the way in time.
    Edward: We...We did it?
    The Pharaoh had everything from the upper torso to above vaporized and the throne had the upper part destroyed.
    Florencia: No...He is still alive.
    Suddenly sand groups through the pharaoh and him and the throne regenrated from it.
    He points his staff at Florencia and a transparent beam, like sunlight, is shot from it.
    Vanilla: Aquarius Shield!
    Vanilla makes a wall of water a few meters from Florencia that seemed to stop, but the water starts boiling and the beam slowlys penetrates.
    Florencia: Fairy Shield.
    Florencia prepares a green magic shield in front of her. When the beam passes through the water wall, it gets deflected to the ceiling that slowly burns and passes through.
    Pharaoh: Great, look what you make me did to the ceiling.
    West: Ghhh...That is the same thing he used on me...What is it anyway?
    Vanilla: I never seen before. Some kind of fire magic...With no fire?
    Flor:...There was a magic from the ancient eras that was created from a civilization that praised the sun...It principles were to mix Fire and Light to create Heat...The Sun Magic.
    Pharaoh: I appreciate the knowledgement. Yes, that civilization happened to be the precussors of Ra. I happened to knew that 100 years ago when Corvus showed me the way.
    Edward: Wait, isn't that how Raven was called?
    Pharaoh: Is that how do he go now?...Whatever....
    He forms a shining orb surrounded by flames from his palm that looked like a small sun.
    Pharaoh: I kinda owes him for it.
    Johnnathan:...Bloody Hell!
    He throws the orbs at Florencia, but Johnnathan quicks gets in front of her and a explosion of heat is formed, but Johnnathan seems to have blocked part of it with his swords covered in darkness with quite a few damage suffered.
    Vanilla: Kyaaaa! Johnny!
    Johnnathan: Guh...No kidding West. It really is hot.
    Pharaoh: Oh. Usually it causes a bigger mess than that.
    Florencia: Johnnathan! You okay? Sorry, I got careless.
    Johnnathan: I'm fine, just badly burned. It seems my darkness can somehow affect him...He said it hurted him while that arrow of yours couldn't finished him...
    Edward: You know, some of those creeps back there stopped coming back after I shocked they...Maybe it is the paralyzing property of lightning.
    Vanilla: If we can think about of the lightning paralysis and the darkness counter against magic...It is a possible theory.
    Johnnathan:...Alright then, new plan. West. Eddie. You two stay at my side with me. Flor and Vanilla, give me cover. I want you Edward to try to get a clean hit, so I can get his head. West...Try to break a few limbs will ya?
    Everyone: Roger!
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    Chapter 26: Scarab's Curse.

    The Pharaoh was in defensive position with incredible maneuverabilty for a guy in a big chair. Johnnathan, Edward and West were attacking all from different position. West wasmost from close range, reserving his wolfman form for the right time while Edward was favoring long-range attacks with his Thunder Lane. No matter what threat those two poses, The Pharaoh still had his eyes fixed on Johnnathan who he knew was the major threat among the five. On the rear guard Florencia and Vanilla were on support with the later being agitated.
    Vanilla: Tch. I can't stand it seeing they risk their lives without doing nothing. Florencia, you're the First-Mate. Do something.
    Flor: I know, I know. But I cant think of any strategy outside of this frontal assault.
    Vanilla: Hmmm....Wait...Perhaps....Edward!
    Edward: Eh? What? ( She actually called my name...)
    Vanilla: Use another Thunder Lane!
    Edward: Uh? Sure.
    With no objection, Edward launches a Thunder Lane at the Pharaoh.
    Pharaoh: This light show again? This already bores me.
    He prepares his throne to defend it, but a water orb is generated in front of him.
    Pharaoh: ???
    Vanilla: Aquarius Ball!
    The orb absorved the lightning aimed at the Pharaoh.
    Vanilla: Aquarius Stream!
    She then manipulates with her staff the water as a flying current of water that flies around the Pharaoh.
    Pharaoh: I still don't get it...
    Vanilla: Drown!
    Suddenly the current is split into smaller currents that hits the pharaoh and the electricty of the water affects him.
    Pharaoh: *Bzzzzzzt* Wawawawawa-waaaaaaa!
    Florencia: Nice going Vanilla! Now is our chance! Scatter!
    Florencia shoots a barrage of arrows destroying the legs.
    Pharaoh: What is this? I can't fix my throne.
    Johnnathan: West. Now!!
    West: Grrrr!!
    West tranforms and uses his arms to tore the Pharaoh's arms.
    Pharaoh: Hey! I need those!
    Johnnathan then advances and slashes his upper face.
    West: So we did it?
    Suddenly the pharaoh's body gets out of the throne and a golden scarab flies comes out of his head. The scarab glows and the Pharaoh's body and the throne gets reformed. After regenerating, the Scarab lands on his chest.
    Florencia: !!!...That is the scarab! So that must be the cause of his invincibility. Johnnathan! If you use your darkness on that, it mighty negates the curse that heals him.
    Pharaoh:...I don't think so.
    He lifts his arm and he forms a small sun that split into smaller heat orbs that flied in Florencia's direction.
    Vanilla: No you don't.
    Vanilla spins her staff and forms a group of large fireballs
    Vanilla: Fire Bombing!
    She sends the fireballs flying to the heat orbs that nullifies some with an explosion, but others gets their trajectory changed and explodes nearby they.
    Florencia: Guh. The difference in heat is just too much.
    Suddenly the throne without the pharaoh gets behind they.
    Vanilla: Eh? It is remote controlled?
    The throne starts to wave one of it's legs to hit Vanilla.
    Florencia: Vanilla!
    Florencia flies in front of Vanilla and gets hit instead.
    Vanilla: Flor!
    Florencia gets knocked out.
    West: Damnit! She still didn't got herself healed!
    Pharaoh: She could have defeated Horus. But I don't think you could beat him without a few damage healed in a short time.
    The throne then jumps, ready to squash Florencia.
    Vanilla: Jerk! Hey, you stupid walking piece of furniture! Get away from her! Thunderbolt!
    She summons a spark above the throne that generates a lightning bolt below, that paralysis the Throne in midair.
    Pharaoh: Got you.
    The throne explodes in a sandstorm that creates a sand wall between the girls and the rest.
    Edward: What? He splitted us!
    Vanilla: Ah! This is bad...No, I can't panic now. I have at least see Flor.
    She then go examine Florencia and checks under her clothes. There was a bad partly healed talon damage on her lower torso.
    Vanilla: What a serious wound. You mighty have stopped healing yourself after seeing me. *sob* Damnit Flor. Take more care of yourself than the others!
    She starts sending a white pulse into the wound.
    Vanilla: My Healing Spells aren't the best, but I was pretty good in Healing Classes. It's my turn to look after you Flor!
    On the other side of the wall, Edward was hitting the wall with his spear continuously.
    Edward: Damnit! Vanilla! Florencia! How could we let this happen?!
    Pharaoh: Chill down. They're okay...For now.
    Pharaoh snaps his fingers and flying mummified snakes and crawling mummified scorpions gets out of the wall.
    Edward: Yikes! Snakes!
    Pharaoh: I'll start sending my army into you guys for now. When this is over I'll go to the mage girl that defeated Anubis. Now, you in red.
    Johnnathan: Eh? Me?
    Pharaoh: There is anyone else in red here? Nevermind. Since you're the one who defeated Osiris, I will offer you the chance of taking my head. And for that you will have to face me and my most trustyworth guardian.
    Johnnathan: What? Wasn't Bug Legs your strongest?
    Pharaoh: This one is in a far other level than the five. It is the true guardian beast that is the protector of the Kingdom of Ra.
    He thens open his arms in a praising position and he glows.
    Pharaoh: Now! As the ruler of Ra, I command you! Come forward ancient beast that answers only to my ancestors' blood! I summon thee! Sphinx!!!
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    Chapter 27: Sphinx.

    As the Pharaoh said his last phrase a sand twister was born behind him and huge figure rose from that storm. It was a giant winged bipedal lion with a demonic human face. The Pharaoh then procceded by flying in the top of it's head.
    Sphinx: Roooaaaar!
    Edward: What the hell is that thing?
    West: Beats me. Maybe an ancient beast from the Immortal Era.
    Edward: We gotta help Jo-
    A flying snake flies through the front of Edward's face.
    Edward: Eeep!
    West: I'm afraid we need to save ourselves first. Garo!
    Said West as he procced to bare his claws at a giant scorpion nearby.
    Pharaoh: Okay, let's get this over quickly. I have a hunch that Corvus wants this Scarab soon and I wanna give him some perfumated oil as souvenir.
    He snaps his fingers and the Sphinx gives a swing it claws at Johnnathan leaving an enormous area of destruction.
    Johnnathan: Oh, bloody hell!
    He quickly retreats from the area of danger, but soon the Sphinx dashes and grabs Johnnathan with it's claws. Like a brute, it slams him to the ground.
    Johnnathan: Gah!
    Pharaoh: Well, that was quick. Here is the shoot of mercy.
    He aims his scepter at Johnnathan with a heat concentrated staff and shoots a beam of heat.
    Johnnathan: No!
    He quickly gets up and deflects the beam with his dark sword.
    Johnnathan: I wouldn't let that same thing from Riverpool happen again!
    Pharaoh: Oh boy. Why the first guy to come down here have to be so stubborn and tough? Well, Sphinx...Destroy him and all that.
    Sphinx: *Growl*
    The Sphinx flies and dives toward Johnnathan with his fist to smash him. Johnnathan blocks him with his sabers and gets on feet with a hole formed around him. His right leg makes a cracking sound.
    Johnnathan: Ghnnn! I think I broke a bone...Or two.
    The Sphinx then gives a kick slash Johnnathan sending him fly.
    Johnnathan: Argh! That thing is huge, but it moves fast.
    Sphinx: *Growl*
    The beast gets on four legs and chases Johnnathan.
    Johnnathan: That thing is just a mass of brawn isn't it? Well then...Better keep my distance. Red Spiral!
    He shoots a red spiral into the Pharaoh, but the sphinx dodges to the right.
    Pharaoh: Man. And here I thought you would forgot about me with this big guy here. Well, I take it a ranged battle is in order.
    He shines his scepter and the Sphinx glows red.
    Johnnathan: What is that?
    Pharaoh: I harnassed the power of the sun into my Sphinx. Now get toasted it.
    He gives an order to the Sphinx and it shoots a fireball from its mouth.
    Johnnathan: Woah!
    He ducks and the fireball makes a giant explosion behind.
    Johnnathan: Bloody hell.
    Suddenly, the beast appears and gives a swipe with his claws now glowing red, that leaved a heat trail when it slashed, melting the stone floor. Johnnathan barely escaped it.
    Johnnathan: *huff* He gives me no chance to breath.
    Pharaoh: My Ra, why do you still keep going?!
    Said the pharaoh with an angry and impatient voice.
    Pharaoh: Just because I'm a ruler of a lifeless kingdom deep underground with nothing to do, It doesn't mean I wanna do something! Why don't you just quit and let me kill you? I'll spare your friends if you do it.
    Johnnathan: What kind of question and demand is that?
    Pharaoh: Your leg took quite the damage back there. You can't keep going like this can't you? Besides take a look at your friends over there.
    He points at Edward and West facing each other backs surrounded by a horde of mummy animals with their strenght at their limits.
    West: *huff* huff* Damnit...I don't have strenght to transform....
    Edward: *pant*pant* I can't use my lightning magic anymore...
    Johnnathan: Guys...
    Pharaoh: I cant say if it's lucky or not that I didn't send half of they to take on the spellcaster and the fairy at the other side. Of course they would be next, and the girl is too busy taking care of the fairy.
    Johnnathan gets a pale and concerned face. He sweats coldly.
    Pharaoh: Fair deal if I say so. Look, even if you die...You wouldn't. You would become one of my immortal soldiers. In fact, since Corvus is gonna come over here sonner or later, I might give you to him. He will be the ruler of the New World he will create anyway. You already a tough cookie already and when you become Immortal, you might even become stronger than this sphinx here. Corvus will accept you with no objection. And I know you don't wanna any of your friends to suffer the same fate. So? Deal?
    Johnnathan rests his wounded leg, takes a deep breath and closes his eyes.
    Edward: DON'T!
    Pharaoh: Huh?
    Edward then picks his spear and like an ustoppable warrior filled with rage, takes out the mummies on his side.
    Edward: Don't be concerned about us Johnny! Remember you're doing this for Henry as well.
    Johnnathan: Henry...
    West: Just like he said.
    West turns his right arm into a wolf arm and picks a scorpion by it tail and slams his body into the nearby enemies.
    West: If you give yourself so easily like that, not only you lose all my respect, but Henry is totally gonna kill me and the rest if he knows we let you do something this stupid.
    Edward: Come on, we're just started didn't we? Flor will be upset and dissapointed that she might break herself! And Vanilla gonna cry a whole sea of tears! Do you wanna that to happen? We totally not gonna die here!
    West: You still have lot in front of you to do Cap'n. I know you can kick this bastard's decayed ass.
    After hearing those words, Johnnathan have a reminiscence.
    15 years ago, Mians Port Town, Mountainside Market, it was a cloudy day. Scarlet and Johnnathan who was 5 at that time were shopping for fruits and fish. When she was on the fruit shop, she had received a stock a bit higher than what she ordered.
    Ruby: Err...Granny Elma, I'm didn't ordered such a quantity...And not half of these fruits...
    Granny Elma: Oh this...Just a little bonus from that time your husband took those vampires that night...My son almost got killed.
    Ruby: Geez, granny. He was just doing his job...
    Granny Elma: Also, ever since you two came here to that big house up there, he has been acting as a feudal lord in those parts here at the mountain area. We were never as good as the ones in the seaside area, but now since his generous donations, we amplied our bussiness. Speaking of which I know this Draklish fella in the seaside area interested in using grapes from there for Wine Production.
    Scarlet: I see...
    Granny Elma: By the way Scarlet, you rarely comes down here. And everytime, is in days covered by fog or that are cloudy.
    Ruby: Oh. Just a coincidence believe me. You see, in those days Alex gets more vigilant and busy and most of the time I am busy giving Heinrich lectures.
    Granny Elma: Hmmm...I see. And why everytime when I see him or like now, Johnny down here, they have bandages around their eyes?
    Ruby: Oh...Well, you know kids right? Always doing stuff like those and....
    Granny Elma: Yeah, I get it. My son too had a collection of bandages. Sorry for the questions.
    Ruby: No problem. It's good to befriend people.
    Granny Elma: Say Miss Highlander, wanna taste this new fuit on the house? It is called star fruit. Here take a bite.
    Ruby: Hum.....
    Johnnathan: Can I have it?!
    Said a young and cherful Johnnathan.
    Granny Elma: Oh, but of course Lil' Johnny. Here.
    Johnnathan takes the star fruit and bites it.
    Johnnathan: Hmmm...Yummy!
    Granny Elma: Glad you liked it.
    They leaved the shop and head down to the a fountain at the center of the market.
    Johnnathan: Hey mommy. Will one day, we can let people know about...Us?
    Ruby:...*sigh* I don't think so...Maybe for you and Heinrich.
    Johnnathan: What about you?
    Ruby:...Don't worry about me. I'm immortal you see. When you grow, I certainly you will make friends that you will trust and that they will trust in exchange. You even will have a family on your own. I will just watch from far and make sure both of you will be fine.
    Johnnathan: But, I don't wanna discard you.
    Ruby: Sorry sweetie. But in this world, even a harmless goblin is victim to discrimination. But maybe in some near future, everyone will look at each other as equals. Be goblins, gremlins, mermaids, capraex...Maybe even vampires.
    Johnnathan: You know, there are those girls at Henry's age that kinda follow him, but don't make eye contact...Are they friends?
    Ruby: Er...No. I mean, yes, but It is another level of sort...You can say it is almost friends. (You're too young to know what a stalker is.)
    Johnnathan: Really, you know there are some at my age who does that to me...In fact there is one a few meters behind? Should I talk to h-
    Ruby: Oh look! It is the Fish Shop. Maybe Old Sebastian has your Trout! Let's see! Hurry!
    Ruby tries to hurry the pace and they quickly go to buy fish.

    Johnnathan, then stands in both his legs and gets in offensive position.
    Johnnathan: Thanks you too...And you too Mommy.
    The Horned Skull Appariton starts to forms.
    Pharaoh: Hmmm? What is that thing behind him? Some kind of manifestation?
    Johnnathan: You see...I don't like Raven or anyone who works to him...In other words...NO DEAL!
    A lot of pressure comes from him.
    Pharaoh: Woah. You are trouble mister...That was kinda like Corvus...I guess I'll have to actually try.

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    Extra Story: The Black Demon part 1.

    Jarhgen, the far north land. This country have a story of raising the most fearless warriors the world ever saw. Their champions born from the various colonies inside giant fortresses across the realm inspire to become like the heroes who stood against the fearful Trolls from ages long ago. From all the villages of Jarhgen, all agreed one was without doubt the best of best. Bilaf, the Iceberg of Holm. Near the stonghold of Holm, a boy that was about his early teens with a black slicked back pointy hair wanders alone in the gray rocky mountains in a sky cloudy devoid of light with the strong cold wind facing against him, walks with a sack on his back and a rapier on his hip. He stands in front of a cliff and spots Holm from the distance.
    ???: So that's Holm huh? They say is the most trouble filled place after Hollowgrounds. I wish I could brought my little brother along it.
    He snaps his neck and brushes his hair as he smiles from up there.
    ???: Alright Heinrich. Let's go down there.

    Heinrich "Henry" Highlander.
    14 Years-old.

    As Heinrich reached the lower point of the mountain he notices a rocky path yet to travel for reach Holm.
    Heinrich: Oh boy. It looked closer up there. Do I dare rest here for the day?
    Soon he notices something coming out from the rocks above and readies his sword.
    Heinrich: Who's there?
    Soon,a big land bird that like a duck with a big beak that was about the size of an adult man lands near him.
    Bird: Bwaaaaark!
    Heinrich: Hey. A Dodiche! So they have those here too...Hmmm...I've got an idea.

    In Holm, a huge village guarded by a big stronghold, two gatekeeper were watching in their points and notices a small figure approaching. Two to be exact.
    Gatekeeper A: Hey Boris, see that thing?
    Gatekeeper B: Yeah Aris. Looks like...Someone in a horse?
    Aris: It looks like a Dodiche carrying...Someone?
    Boris: A Dodiche?
    Soon, Heinrich appears mounting the Dodiche he found it and gets off when he reaches the gate.
    Heinrich: Thanks for the lift Cody.
    Cody: Bwaaark? (Cody?)
    Aris: That kid mounted a Dodiche?...He is certainly not avarage.
    Heinrich then procceds to the gate.
    Heinrich: Excuse me! I wanna enter Holm!
    Aris: What do you think Boris?
    Boris: Hmmm....Where are you from kid?
    Heinrich: Mians!
    Boris: Mians?
    Aris: It's a town that is situated between the sea and the mountains in Blitzreign. I have a distant cousin that raises pigs in there.
    Boris: He doesn't seems trouble. Though I doubt he will survive 10 minutes here anywat.
    They low down the gate and Heinrich steps on Holm.

    Inside, he was passing throught aimless as he was knowing the place. The people didn't seemed to care about the presence of a stranger. Of course, Heinrich could notice a little snaeky hostility from where he passed.
    Heinrich: Man, staying in the open might not be a good idea...I think it's better I find a tavern or something...Oh there is one.
    After walking several steps he finally found a tavern called "The Warrior's Den." It seemed some kinf of group was residing in there. When he enters, the men who were enjoying the place, aim their eyes to Heinrich.
    Heinrich:...Tough crowd here.
    He ignores they and goes to the bar stand.
    Heinrich: Something the matter?
    Barkeeper: Where are you from stranger?
    Heinrich: Mians.
    Barkeeper: Quite a ride you took it then.
    The barkeeper just cleans a cup and ignores him.
    Heinrich: Any rooms available?
    Barkeeper:...Not for you Blitzreignian.
    Heinrich: Come on, just say the price.
    ???: If he said there is no room, then there is no room for you!
    A barbarian looking guy slams his fist on the table that a group of vikings were feasting and goes confront Heinrich.
    Barbarian: Listen up kid. We don't like outsiders. Specially from Blitzreign punks like you. I don't know how did you get your gut all the way here, but don't go thinking too high of yourself.
    He than picks up the rapier that was on his hilt.
    Barbarian: And what is this? You think you can scare anyone with this toothpick?
    He procceds by snaping his sword in two and tossing the blade behind. Heinrich gets up and goes fetch it.
    Heinrich:...That was a mistake, buddy.
    Barbarian: I am not your buddy, pal. What is the matter? Mad I broke your stuffed t-
    Heinrich than stabs the thug in between in his shoulder.
    Barbarian: Arrrgh!
    He then kicks in his gut, does a flip toss slamming him in the ground and does a finishing touch by stepping on his face.
    Thug A: Shit. He knocked off Craig.
    Thug B: Let's give this Mians scum a lesson!
    ???: Hold it.
    When the band unsheated their weapons, a large viking with a long red beard wearing a steel helmet and long fur coat like a cape wielding a large axe sword that entered the tavern without anyone noticing approaches Heinrich.

    Bilaf, The Iceberg.
    53 years old
    Bounty: 200 pieces of diamonds.

    Thug B: C-Captain!
    Heinrich:...Bilaf, the Iceberg.
    Bilaf: You know me huh?
    Heinrich: Only a total idiot would not know your name by now. Even the vampires would think twice before decinding in attacking you. You fit the description alright. What is the deal with this hostility towards me anyway?
    Bilaf: We aren't in very good terms with the two greatest countries in this world you know. Mainly because both of they think too high of themselves.
    Heinrich: I have nothing to do with it.
    Bilaf: Craig is a damn pup. I personally like Mians though...But the fact that you harmed one of my men doesn't change you know.
    Bilaf takes a menacing tone.
    Heinrich: Well...He started it.
    Bilaf: By splitting your weapon? That looked pretty rough. Even for me.
    Heinrich: It was more than a sword you know. It is a memento from my mother.
    The crowd starts to laugh and Heinrich just ignores as he stares at Bilaf.
    Bilaf: Hehehehe. How cute. Do you miss your mommy, brat?
    Heinrich: Actuall...I kinda do.
    He then comes closer to Bilaf.
    Bilaf: Hmm?
    Heinrich:...But not as much as I miss yours!!!
    Crowd: Ooooooooooooooh....
    Bilaf:....Haha....Wahahahahahahahaha! I never seen such boldness in my entire life! Hahahahahahaha!
    Thug A: I never seen captain with that kind of mood.
    Bilaf: Hey Hans!
    The barkeeper responds.
    Hans: Y-Yes?
    Bilaf: Bring your best ale to my quarters. I'll have a drink with this brat.

    Extra Story: The Black Demon part 2.

    After a ruckus of an episode earlier, Heinrich and Bilaf were all in the biggest room on top of the tavern enjoying a bottle of beer. They have been talking for a while and Heinrich just told him his story.
    Bilaf: Wahahaha! So that how is it huh? I didn't expect to be a spawn of Highlander himself.
    Heinrich: So you believe me?
    Bilaf: Well, you don't have any reason to lie. And after what I witnessed you do, it isn't a surprise you're the Red Demon's son.
    Bilaf then drinks a whole mug.
    Bilaf: But what surprises me, it's the fact you're half-vampire. I can't believe such a thing is possible. You really do have an eye similar to they. I can't believe I didn't noticed it sooner.
    Heinrich: Can you tell what do you have against Blitzreign and Drakland?
    Bilaf: It's those two who are hunting us anyway. And ever since ancient times, they tried to take control of the entire world. Only Jarhgen and Gel seemed to stay close to those two monsters and defend themselves. It was just after Blitzreign conquered Mians and end of the first dynasty of kings of Drakland that they ceased their conquest. But they still think they are the kings of this world. Almost like gods.
    Heinrich: You mentioned Mians. What do you mean by that? Conquered by Blitzreign?
    Bilaf: Hmpf. You see Jarhgen ironically have knowledge of things that happened in their past and they just made people forget. You see it was about ore than 1000 years that Blitzreign wasn't exactly the way it was. There was only the kingdom Eysideci and the adjacent countries. Mians was one of they. They started to take those lands by themselves and total annihilated it's people. There were the kingdom of Mox, Circa, Mians and others. No one knows this because there were much survivors to tell stories about it. We, the warriors of Jerhgan stood against both Blitzreign and Drakland that was already a potency at the time. They too seemed to been at each other's throat, but since Drakland was on the other side of the sea, they soon lost interest after conquering Mians. Nowadays, it's all war for influence and wealthy. And if I remember correctly, it was 500 years that the crusaders started and joined forces for the first time.
    Heinrich: My mother taught me Blitzreign History and come to think about it, she kinda skipped those kingdoms parts and simply told that they just were formed. That seemed info out of nowhere in my opnion.
    Bilaf: Your mother probably didn't wanted you too know, since it was forbideen. But she was a vampire right? She might even have lived these days.
    Heinrich: I never bothered asking she her age.
    Bilaf:...So, I have something to you.
    He picks a huge sword that looked like a cutlass.
    Heinrich: Whoah...This thing is heavy.
    Said him as he could lift with one arm.
    Bilaf: It is a custom made sword I made. I used as my first sword.
    Heinrich: Is it okay for me to have it.
    Bilaf: Sure. Take this as a compensation for the broken sword.
    Heinrich: So...I take this means i'm in.
    Bilaf: Yeah. Don't worry about my men. My word is absolute as a king. From now on, you will boarding my ship.
    Heinrich: I hope the experience will be reward enough.
    Bilaf: Heh. With a Hybrid in my ranks, I feel like I can turn this word upside-down.
    Heinrich: Heh. I just wanna see the face of my father when he hear about it.
    Bilaf: Speaking of which, what made you run away from home anyway? Is Alex really a demon as they say?
    Heinrich: Tch. It is just not the same without mom around. I got bored, I think.
    Bilaf: And what about that brother of yours?
    Heinrich: Johnny?...One day, I'll go see him again. And we're gonna find that treasure together.
    Bilaf: Treasure? You're talking about the 1000 mutiny story?
    Heinrich: Any problems?
    Bilaf: No...Actually I believe in that story. Just don't tell anyone...By the way I have another thing for you.
    Heinrich: What?
    Bilaf: See this sword?
    He shows his axe sword.
    Heinrich: I see, it's your blade. A pretty impressive blade I tell you that.
    Bilaf: If I die, I want you to have it.
    Heinrich: Really? But we've just met.
    Bilaf: Exacty. And I know you are worthy than everyone I've met.
    Heinrich: I see. Well I'll take the gift when the time comes then.
    Bilaf: That is the spirit. Let's take over the world, Henry!
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    Extra Story: The Desert Prince.

    2 years have passed after Heinrich joined Bilaf. In the shack he rented outside of Holm he was packing all his belongings and the loot promised by Bilaf into a pile of suitcases and chests that he could lift all with one arm. As he emptied his entire house, he approaches the bed that had a woman sleeping with the mantle covering her naked body. He then whispers words.
    Heinrich: I will never forget you, Hilda.
    "...It's Ophelia..."
    She responded still half-asleep.
    Heinrich:...Still have a Hilda's face.
    He leaves after that akward moment. In the moment he leaves he notices Bilaf waiting at the side of his door.
    Bilaf: So, you're leaving. It didn't hit me yet, but 2 years have already passed...I didn't noticed it, but looking at you now, you're a full adult man now. Hell, it feels like yesterday when you put that Higher Vampire in his place. I wish we could spend more time together.
    Heinrich: You could leave your retirement for later.
    Bilaf: Hah! I wanna see you when you get at my age after a life full of excess...Wait, you Hybrids have extended lifespans, right? *grumble* You might become healthier when you get at my age.
    Heinrich: Yeah...Thanks for everything...Well, later.
    Bilaf: Two advices before you go...First, 100 pieces of silver might be a little less than mine, but is still quite the cash. Avoid useless attention.
    Heinrich: Yeah...Yeah...I'm a hurry...Speak faster.
    Bilaf: Second...Go back home and see your dad and brother. You mighty never see one of they again.
    Heinrich: I'll take that last one as a suggestion.
    He leaves silently and Bilaf see his pupil fades into the horizon. As he watching, Ophelia leaves the house and sighs as Heinrich goes far.
    Bilaf:...Henry is right, niece. You really have a Hilda's face.
    She kicks his uncle's knee and goes back inside.
    Bilaf: Ouch!...I'll tell your mother you were here!

    Days later, Heinrich sails all the way to the east, passing far to Blitzreign and Gel and reaches Sherazia, in the port city of Byzot. A large city full of white simple buildings surrounded by tropical vegetation and a desert just behind it. Heinrich come there after hearing a rumour of a "Punk from Gel" that got expelled and cursing the desert. He leaves his small boat anchored in the dock and wanders.
    Heinrich: Geez, that voyage took long...I can't believe I didn't passed by Mians when it was right in front of me...Bah. That old man would put me in a cage at the first time he would put his eyes on me...Mom, forgive me, I know you never wanted for me to take this path.
    He takes a deep breath and goes to the alleways in the roads looking for hoodlums and spots a group.
    Heinrich: Dad once said, if you wanna find the monsters...First find the rats...Hey there.
    Hoodlum: Hmmm. What are you doing in our turf?
    The hoodlum takes a dagger and points at Heinrich.
    Heinrich: Watch out buddy. You might hurt me with that. And I might be very upset.
    Hoodlum: Who do you think you are? You outnumbered.
    Then another hoodlum takes a closer look.
    Hoodlum B:...Kaz....I think that is the Black Demon.
    Kaz: Huh?
    Kaz and the others stop to listen to the fellow hoodlum.
    Hoodlum B: You're Henry, the Black Demon, right? The one who took that Higher-Ranked Vampire?
    Heinrich:...Bastion, Neon. February 19th. There was one hell of a party later.
    Hoodlum B:...Put your dagger down Kaz.
    Kaz just does that.
    Kaz: W-What do you want? We never did anything to Bilaf?
    Heinrich: I want info. Do you anything about a certain punk that came from Gel.
    Kaz: You mean the Desert Prince?...I guess infamous people attracts each other. Very well...There is a old graveyard in the middle of the desert to fallen soldiers from from a war long ago. There is a way to reach that place easily. There is a very dark cloud that is above there, said to have appeared after he stationed there. And snakes gather through there. You can find their trails...But beware. There is something that just sweeps people away there.

    After following the rogue's advice he wanders alone to the desert, following the the snakes and it's tails with the dark cloud in sight. After taking the road , he stumbles across a group of tombstones with a man with a dark robe and a small turban sitting in a tombstone in the middle. Heinrich felt a pressure smashing the air in that area.
    Heinrich: Are you the Desert Prince? The one who was said to be a talented genius at GMA?
    ???: Who are you? Get out of here.
    Heinrich: I just wanna be friends. We are similar.
    ???: How can you say that?
    Heinrich: Come on, you didn't realized? You just filled the war with Darkness. In other words, I-
    ???: I'm aware we are the same kind. I wasn't expecting to see another Hybrid in my life though.
    Heinrich: What the hell are you even doing here?
    Suddenly the ground starts to shake.
    ???: That. That's what.
    Then, a colossal black naja comes from the underground that was bigger than a fortress.
    Heinrich: What the hell is that?!
    ???: It is a ancient beast from the Immortal Era created by crafters of dark magic. It is called Ouroboros. It is here since the war that happened more than 5 centuries ago, but it is way older that. I have been attracting this thing here for days with no success...Until now.
    Ouroboros: Hissssssssss!
    Heinrich: Man, that thing can destroy a castle by itself.
    ???: I don't expect to win anyway, but I can give my life to seal it for eternity.
    Heinrich: Really? You're willing to kill yourself.
    ???: It is a seal spell I developed by using darkness to lock away with my life. Killing this thing is almost impossible. Besides...No one will miss me anyway.
    Heinrich: Almost...Then I will help. No need to throw your life away.
    ???: Hmmm? Why?
    Heinrich: One's life isn't to cheap for something like that. After all, it is just some big reptile.
    ???: Wait. This is something from an entirely different level from thst Higher Vampire and even above. You should-
    Ouroboros then shoots a beam of dark energy.
    ???: What?!
    Heinrich then rushes to his front and deflects the beam, but it gets knocked down.
    ???: Whoah! You're okay.
    Heinrich: Heh...That's quite the punch. I guess it was just an appetizer...Hey. Let's try to keep your life okay. If I die, then you can seal him.
    ???: Why are you so confident about it?
    Heinrich: It is just the beggining for me...And for you too. We can't die here. There is a lifetime of opportunities and adventures. I can't die without even starting it.
    Suddenly Ouroboros and the Prince notices a black horned skull with his mouth full of sharp fangs wide open and his right eye glowing purple appearing from behind Heinrich.
    Ouroboros: Shaaaaa...
    ???: What was that? Even Ouroboros reacted. What is him?
    Heinrich gets his sword ready and charges with darkness.
    Heinrich: So prince. Wanna kill an ancient godlike beast?
    ???:...I'm in.

    After a fight that lasted an entire day, they somehow were able to kill Ouroboros with it's head cut off. Heinrich and the prince were all sitting on the ground exhausted with the prince's staff broken.
    Heinrich: See. We did it. How's that?
    ???: Just...What was that? What are you Black Demon?
    Heinrich: Heh. Wanna know? Hang out with me.
    ???:...I have no place to go anyway. I was ready to die and you made me have my life. I'll follow you. What is your name anyway?
    Heinrich: Heinrich Highlander. Call me Henry.
    ???: You said Highlander? Like THAT Highlander?
    Heinrich: Yeah. My father's pretty famous around Gel huh? But he doesn't matter. You?
    Heinrich: I see. I'll call you Al. From now on, we're partners!
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    Chapter 28: Attack!

    After witnessing the mysterious figure, the Pharaoh holds his scepter and spins making fire spreads above him. Soon the flames get stronger and a small sun is created from above.
    Pharaoh: I hate doing this, but you've give me no choice. Scorch!
    The sun shines strong and the entire room gets the it temperature rising high.
    Edward: Holy....It's hotter than the desert...
    West: Oh great...Don't go passing out now Howitz.
    Johnnathan: Oh boy...I wish Vanilla were here.
    Pharaoh: And I can't even drink a cold drink of water anymore. Now die already.
    He gives a hand order and the Sphinx readies to smash Johnnathan with it's 2 arms and crashes into him making a huge impact.
    Pharaoh: Did I got him?
    The room gets clear and Johnnathan blocks with his swords.
    Johnnathan: *pant* I guess it's better not moving around with this leg and this heat.
    He pushes back and the Sphinx backs down.
    Pharaoh: What the...How you can have this much stamina?
    Johnnathan: You know what they say...Bigger the light, bigger the shadows.
    He observes and notices that Johnnathan created a layer of darkness around the area he stayed.
    Pharaoh: I see...Creating a shield of darkness to block the light and reducing the heat. Clever, in my days humans couldn't do that since it was...Cursed. This works for me. At least you wouldn't be running around anymore! Sphinx! Maul him!
    Sphinx: Roaaaaaaaaaar!
    The sphinx hone his heated claws and Johnnathan prepares his swords.
    Johnnathan: Come with everything you got it, kitty.
    Sphinx: Grao!Grao!Grao!Grao!Grao!
    And Johnnathan reacts with a Red Rampage clashing his weapons with it's claws.
    Johnnathan: Grrrrrrrrrr!
    As he was clashing, he remembers an event from the past.
    5 years ago, the Vitoria. Johnnathan was practing in the ship's storage room with Aladdin watching it.
    Aladdin: You really like dual wielding, don't you kid?
    Johnnathan: Yeah! I mean, if you have 2 arms use them.
    Aladdin: True. But don't forget that when you have an offensive advantage, you have a disadvantage at the defense. I mean, see your brother. You hardly can land a hit on him do you? That is because he concetrate his 2 hands in one blade.
    Johnnathan: Well, it is a big blade.
    Aladdin: That is not the case. I have a hint for your fighting style. The offense it's the better defense. Try to use your advantage to surpass your weakness.
    Johnnathan: You makes no sense sometimes you know that.
    Aladdin touches Johnnathan with his staff covered with a black spark.
    Johnnathan: Ouch!
    Aladdin: Shut up and keep doing whatever you doing it.

    Johnnathan:( That is right...If I can't run or defend myself...I'll just attack!)
    After a series of clashes the 2 stops. Johnnathan gets on his knees again.
    Johnnathan: *pant*pant*
    Pharaoh: Finally on his limits. Sphinx. Finish him!
    But the sphinx didn't responded it.
    Suddenly the sphinx arms gets severed in pieces and turned to sand.
    Pharaoh: Sphinx?!
    And then the sphinx gets all his body cut in pieces and fades. The Pharaoh then falls down to the ground.
    Pharaoh: What? Impossible! The Sphinx was defeated?
    Johnnathan: You're open.
    Pharaoh: Wha-
    Johnnathan gets up and slashes the Scarab with his dark covered sword, splitting in two halves.
    Pharaoh:....Fuck you.
    He gives Johnnathan the middle finger and fades in sand. All of the animals facing the others disappear and the sand wall as well. On the other side, Florencia awakes just in time.
    Vanilla: Flor! You're awake.
    She hug her with happiness.
    Flor: I...Don't feel any magic anymore...He did it!
    Vanilla: Huh?
    Edward: Hey girls! Over here!
    Edward waves all burned and sweating.
    Vanilla: Wow. What happened to you guys? You lot went outside?
    West: Something like that. The first bath is mine by the way.
    Johnnathan then picks the 2 scarabs and joins them. When he does that, a blue portal is formed at the center.
    Edward: Woah. Florencia, what is that?
    Flor:...It leaves outside. Yeah. I can feel going up there.
    Vanilla: Does this means...We did it? Yaaaaay!
    She hugs Edward that was on her side, despise being all wet in sweat.
    Edward: (Ow....The burns....But, it's worthy it. T_T)
    Johnnathan: Nice job guys. Let's get out of this hell hole.
    The two steps into the light and fades.
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    Chapter 29: Black.

    Outside of the pyramid, night-time, the group were teleported right at the entrance after that dreadful trial and now blessed in being surrounded by fresh air and mantled by the starry skies of night and shined by the moon of yesterday's promises. The first thing they done was sit in the nearby rock ruins by the side of the oasis surrounding the dungeon. Florencia and Vanilla were busy trying to heal Johnnathan's leg.
    Florencia:...Okay Vanilla. This should do to ease the pain. I suggest find a doctor to look after your leg. It certainly has a broken bone or two.
    Johnnathan:..I happen to know a good one in Damaon...But I can get him to meet us in Gel Port.
    Vanilla: Eh? Who is it that you can call from that far away? It certainly is not some backalley doctor or some regular one.
    Johnnathan picks his hummingbird and contacts Nikolai.
    Nikolai: Johnny? How is it going?
    Johnnathan: First, I got a Key. The Scarab.
    Nikolai: Really? Wow, Henry will be impressed.
    Johnnathan: Second, I need you to contact Dr. Cornellius. I have a leg to fix it. Tell him to find me in Gel Port.
    Nikolai: Being harshy again, huh? Well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Very well, we will contact him.
    Johnnathan: Thanks Nik. See you and the others in Snake Eyes.
    They hung out.
    Florencia: Cornellius...Is he a doctor of the crew?
    Johnnathan: More or less. He was me and Henry's family's doctor. We call him from time when we need his assistance. He was the one who delivered me and Henry by the way.
    Edward: Wait? Does this means he knows that you and your brother...You know...
    Johnnathan: Yeah. No big deal. You see he is-
    When he was about to end his statement, he and Florencia notices something in the horizon.
    West: What is the matter guys?
    Johnnathan: Flor...
    Florencia: Yeah...Something is coming...
    She gets afraid as if a storm was coming.
    Florencia: Something....Dark.
    Then a red-black mist cloud appears on sight and lands in front of they, causing a explosion of dark mist.
    ???: Well. Well.
    They hear a familiar voice and the mist gets more clear, revealing Black who summons his giant shark-fin shapped sword.
    Black: Well well well well well well.
    Edward: That's...One of Raven's brothers!
    West: Black.
    Vanilla: N-No way...Why...Why is he here of all the times?
    She covers behind Edward in fear.
    Black: When I eavesdropped Noir and Moonlight saying someone was after big bro's loot I can't help it but see for myself when no one else wanted to bother it.
    Johnnathan: They ignored us?
    Black: Yeah. You see, no one was expecting the Pharaoh to fail. But then I just remembered a small group of runts escaped Chill. Then I thought maybe...Just maybe...And turns out I was right.
    Florencia than prepares his bow.
    Flor: You better step back! We just got through hell already it.
    Black: You...I remember you. That fairy bitch who almost killed me in Riverpool. I still didn't get over it.
    Then she notices something grim in Black.
    Flor: (What? His magic levels are rising...Why? Something triggered this growth?...Was it...Rage?)
    Then West and Edward gets in front of Florencia.
    Flor: W-What are you two?-
    West: You can't fight Flor. You must take Johnny and Vanilla with you.
    Johnnathan: Huh?
    Edward: We two are in best shape. Just go.
    Johnnathan: Hey! I not agree with this! If I break another limb then-
    West: Vanilla!
    Vanilla releases a magic dust from her palms on Johnnathan.
    Johnnathan: W-Whaaa......
    He deeply falls asleep.
    Florencia: Sleep Magic huh?...Very well. Come Vanilla, we-
    Vanilla: Wait.
    Flor: Huh?
    Vanilla: Cover Johnnathan for now Florencia. Eddie! West! Please hold him for 2 minutes! I have a plan!
    West: What?...Tch. Crazy girl. Fine do whatever you want.
    Black: No more talk...Just DIE!
    Black jumps in the sky and dives rotating vertically towards they.
    Edward: Shoot!
    Edward goes staright with a lunge towards Black with a electric spear but gets throw away by the brute strenght.
    Edward: Ouch!
    Florencia: Howitz! You're okay?
    Edward: He is...Strong. I think I could have sprained an ankle.
    Florencia: Watch out. Like Nightmare, this one is said to be a son of the Crimsom Knight Diamanta. The strongest of the Royal Maidens.
    Black: Tch. I hate when people bring mother's name like this.
    He then holds his weapon in reverse.
    Black: Just shut up okay?
    He shoots a wave attack in the form of a shark fin that leaves a destructive fissure in the way.
    West: Damnit!
    West turns his arms into wolf claws and uses his machete to block the attack, but gets pushed away and the wave is split in two that damages even the pyramid.
    West: Damn, that was close.
    Black: Those arms...You are a werewolf...I fucking hate you guys. You damn mutts killed my mother!
    He goes to West and strikes him down, but he blocks with his machete leaving a crater where he was standing.
    Flor: ( His strenght rose considerably...Just as I thought, his power rises as he gets angrier.)
    West: Ghn!...You lot killed my father as well...Though I don't think your kind is the same as that one from that day...
    Black: "That day"...The Werewolf Massacre isn't it?!
    He slashes horizontally and launches West far.
    West: Gaah!...No good...These burns...Are weakening me...
    Black: Die, stray dog!
    He charges towards West, but Edward gets in the way.
    Black: Back off, human!
    Edward: That is my line...Thunderstruck!
    Edward strikes his spear to the ground and an electric field is generated and paralyzes Black.
    Black: Gwaaaa!
    Edward: Lightning is effective against vampires isn't it?
    Black: We're Rogues now!
    He angrily waves his sword, but Edward jumps and throws his thunder spear.
    Edward: Gungnir!
    He strikes with gungir and shocks Black.
    Black: Blaaaaaaugh!
    West then gets up.
    West:...A werewolf being toyed with a vampire....No way in hell!
    He turns into a full wolfman and does a shoulder charge at Black and sends him flying.
    Black: Owowowowowowowooooow!
    Edward: Well, I guess that is some time saving.
    West: I hope he stops for now.
    At a distance, Black was laying on the floor.
    He slowly gets up.
    Black: I'll kill...kill...kill...KILL! Aaaaaaah!!!
    He shouts and gives a mighty roar.
    Flor: My Mother Nature...His Magic is on top.
    Black then picks his sword with both hands and strikes his sword on the ground, going forward hitting the grounds numerous time like a well. In his way, he was leaving a path of destruction as he was approaching they, like a earthquake coming closer.
    Edward:...This is bad.
    West: Brace yourself Eddie!
    When he was closer to they, Vanilla finishes charging his staff that she was doing for some time.
    Vanilla: TELEPORT!
    As Black was about to hit, they dissapear and when he strikes the ground, a third fissure is formed in the pyramid, bigger than the other two.
    Black: What?...Where did they go?!

    In the waters nearby, the crew appears from above the Gloria. West and Edward falls on the deck and Florencia flies carrying a sleeping Johnnathan and a worn-out Vanilla.
    West: Ouch...That was...Teleportation, right?
    Edward: Well...Better than the golden wing...Vanilla?
    Florencia puts Vanilla on the ground, but she couldn't stay on feet.
    Edward: Vanilla?
    Vanilla: Sorry...Teleporting a lot of people...In such a long distance...Tires me....Haaaaa...
    She falls asleep in Edward's arms.
    Vanilla: ZzzzzZzzz....
    Edward: Vanilla....
    Florencia proceeds by slapping Johnnathan's face, waking him up.
    Johnnathan: Ouch. What gives-
    Flor: No time for explain, get us outta here!
    He then notices he is in The Gloria.
    Johnnathan: I...I see.
    He goes to his helm and fills the ship with darkness and the ship quickly turns and goes far from Ra.
    Edward: Wow. We're going fast....West?
    He notices West gazing upon Ra with a cold look.
    Edward: You okay buddy?
    West:...*sigh* Flor, can you take a look at my burns?
    Flor: Oh, sure. You too Howitz.

    Back in the pyramid, Black was on a rampage.
    Black: Damnit! Damnit! DAMNIIIT!
    Then 3 other mists lands on the pyramid and reveals to be Raven, Noir and Moonlight.
    Moonlight: Oh, there you are little brother. We listened to your screamings. What is the matter.
    Said her with a devious smile in her face.
    Black: Brother...And you two.
    Said him with an upset tone.
    Raven: Hey, respect your other elder siblings. Geez. I already gave up on educating you. What about the Scarab?
    Black:...I believe it was taken. By that Red Beast and his friends. It seems they used Teleportation.
    Noir: The Red Beast?
    Moonlight: Oh. Eve's sweetheart? Teehee. She is gonna love this.X3
    Raven: Johnny-Boy huh? Well then less bad. If it is him, then it's okay.
    Black: Wait brother! We can still reach him.
    Noir: I don't think so...I believe they are far away ahead. The nearest way to the shore is about an hour from here. By the time we reach, they would be free from our grasp.
    Black: And why the hell you are so calm about it.
    Noir: Because being angry at something that doesn't harm it me and I didn't done it is foolish.
    Black gets pride punched.
    Noir: Ouch!
    Raven then goes inside the pyramid.
    Moonlight: Raven? Where are you going?
    Raven: Oh, just releasing some nostalgia. You and Noir take our hothead brother to the Death Crow. Remember, we just docked some kilometers in the North from here.
    Moonlight: Roger.
    Moonlight and Noir contains Black and goes back.
    Inside the pyramid, Raven walks a bit and notices the mess resulted from the mess Black made it outside. He stretch his arms and cross they bedind his head and rests his back on a fallen rock.
    Raven:...It seems quite a show happened here isn't it Pharaoh.
    Suddenly an ominous voice surrounds the entire room.
    Pharaoh's voice: Oh. Hello there Corv-I mean Raven, right? Yeah...I sure wasn't expecting my first guests being this bothersome.
    Raven: It seems you waste my gift. Pity.
    Pharaoh's voice: I apologize, my liege. I failed in securing the Scarab for you.
    Raven: No problem. At least I know who has it. So, I just need to take it back when the time comes.
    Pharaoh's voice: Do you know the invader?
    Raven: Yeah...He's my sister's best friend.
    Pharaoh's voice: Ohoo. This world is so vast and at the same time too small. But...You two don't seems to be allies. He talked hostile to you.
    Raven: You can choose your friends, but not your family's friends. But I guess as long as I have Evening in my palm, I can still use him as an extent.
    Pharaoh's voice:...Don't make me laugh Raven. You might be the worst being in this world, but I know you would never treat your siblings like that.
    Raven: Hey, don't talk you know me since forever. If I remember correctly, I just offered to give you half of a kingdom and then helped bury this sandbox.
    Pharaoh's voice: And I not regretted. I have good eyes you know. I can measure how someone is by just meeting it once. I saw how you were close to your brother Specter. Speaking of which, where he is?
    Raven: He's super dead.
    Pharaoh's voice: Really? Perhaps I am wrong about of what I said earlier based on your response.
    Raven: No, you actually hit the mark. For now, she is the link between me and him.
    Pharaoh's voice: May I know what is your move now?
    Raven: I think of eliminating the other Dark Lords.They have something I want very much. Ever heard of they?
    Pharaoh's voice: You talking about those who shared the same title as your father and what yourself have now, isn't it? Tiamat and...What was it again?...Kyuubi?
    Raven: We call her Ninetalis in the West, but that is what she is actually called in the East. She happens to be my next target.
    Pharaoh's voice: Interesting. I wish I could be of some assistance.
    Raven: I'm starting to feel bad in making you sleep for an hundred years and not digging up you 10 years ago. You see, times were rough on me during those times. But now I want your opinion. What do you think of Johnny-Boy?
    Pharaoh's voice: The one in red?...How long do you know him?
    Raven: About 10 years. I just saw him again not too long ago. He was just a Eve's playmate as a kid.
    Pharaoh's voice: Then I'm afraid you missed two big opportunities. I saw some scary thing inside him. Like a demonic beast slumbering that isjust about to cause a disaster by the time it wakes up.
    Raven: Nyehehehe. Is that so? You just get me more...What does people say nowadays..Hyped.
    He then starts to exit the pyramid.
    Raven: Today has been a very exciting day all in all.
    Pharaoh's voice:...Something else happened?
    He stops walking and turns.
    Raven: You see, in my way to find my other brother who was roaming around here, about before I even reached your kingdom...I just met and had a chat with Tiamat.
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    Side Chapter: Dragon Master.

    The Death Crow, long before Raven hit Ra, there was a turmoil happening in Raven's Captain room. Inside, Noir and Moonlight were on their knees with a bump on their heads and Raven walking from side to side shouting at them.
    Raven: Okay, what the hell is wrong with you Noir? You were never the one to gossip. Didn't I tell you to never talk about what happened last century?! And you sister. You should know better than anyone to look around to see if there is no one eavesdropping! I have no time to go around looking for a loose hothead brother. You know I have a very picky schedule and now I have re-arrange all over again.
    Moonlight: I have good eyes, not good ears.T_T
    Noir: It's just a detour. We don't need to abandon our route to Zhar.
    Raven: I'm the supreme admiral of this armada and we are on a very delicate operation. We can't just change our scedule because of a mistake like this...Bah, things got so messy that I don't give a damn for what is gonna happen next.
    Then, Evening enters with Chill riding her shoulders.
    Evening: ....Am I interrupting something?
    Raven: Oh. Hey Eve. Say, bad news or good news.
    Evening: Well....Does a dragon count as good or bad news?
    The three got shocked.
    Raven: Dragon?!...Letmeseeit!
    Raven turns into mist and flies to the deck.

    Outside of the ship a humongous dragon with wings on his back, a multi-coloured horn on his nose and a rocky skin with crystals growing on it appears above a rock with blue ores in front of the ship inside of the dark mist surrounding the ship. As the rogue vampires watches the beast breathing a green fiery breath no knowing what to do, Raven appears in front of it all excited in seeing that majestic creature.
    Raven: No fucking way! A Grim Crystal Dragon with Earth Breath skills...That can fly!!! And...Is that a Magic Rod Horn?! This thing is a walking doomsday weapon! Come on Tiamat. I know you are there. Only you can raise this marvel of nature.
    Then the dragon approaches his nose to the ship and a figure that was behind the horn jumps into the ship carrying a triangular spade. He looked like an anthropomorphic lizard with a black armour covering his torso and waist, with his arms and legs covered by armor pieces leaving the forearms and forelegs free and a black helmet covering the upper face with empty red eyes.

    Dragon Master Tiamat.
    Species: Draconian.
    One of the Three Dark Lords.
    1000 years-old.

    Tiamat:...We meet again Dracul.
    Raven looks confused.
    Raven:...We never met before you know.
    Tiamat: I talking about your blood, vampire.
    Raven: We're Rogues now.
    Tiamat then points his spade at Raven's neck.
    Tiamat: Different names, same scum.
    Raven gently puts the spade away.
    Raven: Hey, does this have something to do with the fact you are the last Draconian? I have nothing to do with it...Even though the fact I was there at the time...*sigh* Good times were those.
    He angers Tiamat, that retaliates with a purple fire breath in his face.
    Raven:...*cough* Is that all you've got?
    Suddenly, Nightmare appears from below the ship right behind Tiamat and does a backfist, but Tiamat blocks with one arm.
    Nightmare: !!!
    Tiamat: So this is Magnus, huh?
    Then Nightmare procceds by trying to grab him with his other hand and Tiamat prepares his spade, but Raven gets in between these two pointing his sword at Tiamat. Nightmare immediately stops.
    Raven: Okay, time out you two. Nightmare, that was like 10 seconds wasted today. Go get some rest and hope I don't need you for today.
    Nightmare then just sits down and sleeps.
    Raven: Now, outside of my face being burned, I don't think you come with ill intentions considering the fact that big girl over there didn't put a hole in my ship.
    Tiamat:...How do you know Morganna is female?
    Raven: Oh. Grim Crystal Dragons are all females right?
    Tiamat:...I don't know if I feel good or bad that you of all people know that. Anyway, I have been tracking you whereabouts.
    Raven: Heh? I don't like stalkers you know.
    Tiamat: I don't know what you are after, but you are one of the few out there who don't fear picking a war with the 2 of the major countries in the world.
    Raven: Your point?
    Tiamat: An alliance. With your dark bloodsuckers and my dragons, we can rule all humanity. Put those miserable mortals in their places.
    Raven burst into laughing.
    Raven: Haha...This is the kind of small thinking that my kin and yours had. Wasn't this what made your species all decimated it? You all joined the vampires, but then you all backstabbed they and by retalliation, they killed all, but one?
    Tiamat: I wouldn't commit the same mistake.
    Raven: Oh? Is that so? Anyway, even if you are honest, I have just no interest in subjugate humans. I mean, why care? All they have is number. Only a handful are interesting.
    Tiamat: Exactly. They think too much of themselves. Specially that brat emperor.
    Raven: Oh, you got me wrong. I'm actually quite fond of they. Hell, where do you think I get my manpower for? I mean, they are still my form of killing my hunger in a way. Besides, all this conquest thing is so cliche. I prefer live in an anarchy style of life. Like with my men here. We live without any rule at all. We do what we want.
    Rogue A: But we don't speak badly of other people's mothers.
    Raven then runs at the random rogue and holds him by his collar.
    Raven:....It's true.
    He then throws the rogue into the sea.
    Raven: By the way, please take all of those other dragons that are outside of the mist will you? I know you wouldn't come with only one dragon to face me even though it's a destructive machine by herself.
    Tiamat: Alright. I just place they there in case you make a move. I have honour as a Draconian...By the way, is that your sister over there?
    Raven turns back and see his siblings save for Nightmare and Black.
    Moonlight: What is that giant lizard standing on legs.
    Noir: That is the Dragon Master. He is a Draconian.
    Moonlight: Huh? You mean Tiamat? The same Tiamat that is a Dark Lord like Raven. It's my first time seeing him. Man, Black is missing big time.
    Evening: So that is a Draconian, huh? I thought they were all extinct.
    Chill: Hiiihihihihihi.
    Raven:...Well...Yeah, I mean...I have 2 sisters you know.
    Tiamat: Who is the well-dressed one?
    Tiamat:...With the purple hair.
    Raven: Oh. Evening. She is the second youngest here.
    Tiamat then walks towards they.
    Tiamat: Miss Evening...Would you come here?
    Evening: Huh?...Fine.
    Evening advance towards him.
    Moonlight: Hey! Wait Eve! This guy is like, big trouble!
    Noir: Relax. He would not try anything funny in our presence.
    Evening: Can I...Help you?
    Tiamat:...You are a sight to behold milady.
    He then bows to Evening like a knight.
    Tiamat: I thought all of the vampires nowadays were ruffians with no morals that only knew violence and disorder, but how wrong I was.
    He picks her hand and she blushes.
    Tiamat: You are indeed the single flower that bloom in this despicable place. Like a ray of sun that bathes the bottom of a cliff. I can't help myself to see a being with a godlike beauty like yours and not contain my posture. Your kind always had the most beautiful of women. I'm glad this trait still exists...You are the one worthy of my heart...Please let me be worthy of yours as well.
    He kisses her arm and Noir and Moonlight gets upset.
    Noir: Okay. That. Is. It!
    In less than a second, Noir vanishes and instantly is above Tiamat with his claw reasy to impale him.
    Noir: Meet the extinction, Draconian!
    He waves, leaving three large slash marks in front of Evening, but Tiamat dodges keeping a fair distance between him and Noir.
    Tiamat: (Tch! That was close.)
    Then as soon as Noir lands, he runs at Tiamat, teleporting from side to side, disappearing and reappearing in seconds.
    Tiamat: (I...Can't keep up with his speed. I never seen anyone so fast.)
    When Noir approache, he appears as if four of him were to strike Tiamat.
    Tiamat: After images? If that is the case...
    He unleashes a fire breath way stronger than the previous one that hits the fours. But the real Noir appear from behind
    Noir: Too slow...
    Tiamat blocks at the last second leaving slash marks into his spade and just after that he picks a flying dagger that was coming from behind with his tail.
    Moonlight: Hey, you lizard breath! Evening is too good for you! For your info, she is already taken! To a man more handsome, sexy, and way more juicier than you!
    Evening gets embarassed.
    Evening: M-Moonlight! Me and Johnnathan are not like that! And Noir, stop right now! Can't you see there is a giant dragon in front of our ship and probably there is more outside?! There is totally not wrong with a man complimenting a woman...In fact it is sweet.
    Noir:....You're right. Please, I beg you to forgive your brother's rude actions. Punish me if you want.
    Evening: No need. Just think about it. And Tiamat...
    Tiamat:...Yes, my fair lady?
    Evening:...You are not my type.
    Chill: Nyaaaahahahaha!
    Chill starts clapping hands and laughing.
    Moonlight: Hehehe. Yeah, buzz off!
    Tiamat:...I see. I guess I will take your brother's advice and find a new objective in my life. Becoming a man worthy of your love.
    Moonlight: You wish!
    As Tiamat was walking to exit the ship in Morganna, he crosses with Raven and whispers to him.
    Tiamat: This man, your rude sister talked about it? Who is him?
    Raven: ...Heard of the Red Beast? Works under the Black Demon. 400 pieces of silver. Hybrid. Childhood friends. Now get off my ship. This side chapter took too long.
    Tiamat silently leaves the place with Morganna.
    Evening: Oh geez. That was embarassing!
    Said Evening with her hands covering her face.
    Moonlight: Sorry about bringing Johnny like that. I know you two are like that. No one deserves my beautiful little sister!...Even though I approve that well-shaped form of his body, you know.
    Evening: Sister!
    Raven: Hmmm...That was interesting...

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Side Chapter: Eastern Wind.

    A day before the Kingdom of Ra was unburied, Heinrich had just leaved Jarhgen for a quick errand. As they were sailing for a certain island, far south Blitzreign, Heinrich was in his room with a bit depressed look with an axe that had a blade that was similar to a sword hanging on his room. He was alongside Aladdin.
    Aladdin: Henry, this doesn't concern me, but...Why are you looking down.
    Heinrich: Well...I was hoping in finding a girl in there...
    Aladdin: Okay, I know where this is coming from...
    Heinrich: She had a kid.
    He then falls down when he hears that.
    Aladdin: Wait! Hold on! You don't mean it-
    Heinrich: It wasn't a Hybrid.
    Aladdin: Oh....I see...Why are you disappointed then.
    Heinrich:...It kinda makes feel like anything we had felt like nothing.
    Aladdin: Since when you cared about things like those?
    Heinrich: It's one of those paradoxes in life.
    Then, Coela appears in a hurry.
    Coela: Henry! Al! Quickly! Its...Its...
    Heinrinch: It's what?
    Coela: The Blazing Dragon! And it just sended a signal flare to us!
    Henry: The Blazing Dragon?! That's...The Eastern Wind's ship.
    Aladdin: Let's keep calm for now. He isn't the kind of guy who would start a fight.
    Heinrich: I'll speak to him.
    Heinrich takes his axe and goes to the deck.

    In the deck of The Vitoria, the ship was side to side with The Blazing Dragon. A colossal Turtle Ship that had an entire oriental imperial palace on top of it. The ship was bigger than Vitoria in many ways. All of the members of Heinrich's crew were there on the deck and a single figure wearing a robe with long sleeves and a bird-shaped mask revealing only a red right eye jumps on the ship.

    Hian Zei, The Eastern Wind.
    The most dangerous man of Zhar and most wanted man of the East.
    Species: Hybrid.
    Bounty: 100 pieces of Diamond.

    Hian: Black Demon. It has been an awhile.
    Heinrich: Don't too long I'm afraid.
    Hian: Where is your brother?
    Heinrich: He is now a captain of his own.
    Hian: I see. Good for him...Pardon me.
    Heinrich: Hm?
    He snaps his fingers and from an instant four female figures in black dresses covering their faces with veils launches an attack with naginatas into Heinrich, but all of they are blocked and restrained by the others Black Demons.
    Aladdin: This is getting old.
    Shadewing: He even sended women this time...
    Hian: Perfect. Your crew still reliable as ever. You lot. Scam.
    Nikolai: I'm the only one who thinks I should just pull the trigger here.
    Said Nikolai with his rifle pointing at the one of Hian's pirate's head.
    Heinrich: This will only make they pissed, Nik.
    Nikolai: Tch.
    The four then disappear like the a gust and the other members from Heinrich's crew backs off and gives the two some space.
    Heinrich: *sigh*What is the deal this time, Hian?
    Hian: I heard you were after the mytical treasure isn't it? The 1000 Mutiny.
    Heinrich: And what if I am.
    Hian: I believe we have a common goal then. You see, something like that would give me enough...Profit for something particular. We could benefit for one another.
    Heinrich: An alliance, you mean?
    Hian: Certainly. And I also happen to know one of the keys.
    Heinrich: You do?
    Hian: Yes. The Demon Ox's Metal Horn. It is in the Monkey King's hands right now.
    Heinrich: (The Monkey King...Sun.)
    Hian:And Raven is after it too. You should know by now that General Ohro is one of the Hated 6. Can you really face they alone?
    Heinrich: I don't know about you, but I am not alone. And no matter how you much you offer, my answer is no.
    Hian:...Very well. I assume you don't have any other key now, do you? I mean, you have been a pirate for quite a time didn't you? You have to have one or two.
    Heinrich: ( I can't let him know about the Ice Giant's Eyes and the Immortal Flame Lamp.) Well, what can I say. I have been struck with bad luck all over it.
    Hian: Hmmm...I suposse plucking info on you is useless. Alright, I respect your decision as a fellow pirate and hybrid. After all, there is so few of us that we should look after other from time to time.
    Heinrich:...I agree with this last statement...Unfortunelly, it came from you.
    Hian: Speaking of which, I have some useful info for you and your brother.
    He takes two wanted posters from his sleeves.
    Hian: Have you seen the news?
    Heinrich: These are...Mine and Johnny's bounty.
    Hian: Yeah, noticed anything different.
    Heinrich then checks the numbers and it shows: 10 Pieces of Diamond for the Black Demon and 100 pieces of Gold for the Red Beast.
    Heinrich: What the? I don't know about Johnny, but I'm pretty sure I have lazing off in bothering Blitzreign or Drakland.
    Hian: Nice catch it. Some people don't notice, but every time a bounty rises, it shows which kingdom requested the update. That is how they decide who keeps you imprisioned when you are cought.
    Heinrich: You saying Emperor Lenard is the one behind it?
    Hian: Yeah. And here is the detail. If your bounty rose and you were inactive when it rises...It is a form of invintation.
    Heinrich: Lenard wants to see me?...I'm not interested anyway.
    Hian: A pity. You know, it's people like me who knows these kind of jiggy that dreams of having a political figure wanting to talk with you. Well have a nice day, Black Demon.
    Heinrich: You too, Eastern Wind.
    The two then turns their back on each other, but before Hian would board his ship he takes a wire with an arrow in the tip and shoots at Heinrich from behind and as soon the blade would reach him, a feather stikes from above the blade get stuck in the ground by the feather's tip. Heinrich just sighs and keep walking as is nothing happened.
    Hian: Heh.
    He looks up and sees Shadewing glares at him from up in the ship's mast.
    Shadewing:...Next time, I'll aim between your eyes.
    Hian board in his ship ignoring the Acquilla's advice.
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    Chapter 30: Full Moon.

    After gaining the so well-deserved loot, the Red Beasts hadn't any time to celebrate yet. After getting out of Black's reach, all they cared was getting more careful about their surroundings. The fact that Vanilla was exhausted from teleporting those handful of people didn't helped either. She was in her bed in the room that she shared with Florencia, with the same watching over her, caressing her tired face. In the deck, the men were all looking at the sea with Edward fighting himself to not fall asleep.
    Edward:*Yaaaaawn* How the hell any of you two are tired.
    West: A Werewolf asleep at night? Give me a break.
    Johnnathan: They always picks the newbie to do night-watch in this job, so I am already used to it.
    Edward: *grumble* Being the only human here sucks, you know that?
    Johnnathan: Sometimes I forgot about this detail. Anyway better be vigilante. These rogue vampires are always more active at night.
    West: If you wanna you can go sleep. Me and Cap'n can take this chore alone.
    Said West while doing some push-ups handstanded with one hand.
    Edward:...Know what? Fine. I recognized when I am not needed or wanted. Have fun you two.
    He leaves the deck and goes to his bed a bit upset.
    Johnnathan: Will you ever stop antagonizing him?
    West: Hehe. I just helping the kid grow Cap'n.
    Johnnathan: You are a couple of years older than me as well. Don't I deserve some of the kid treatment?
    Said Johnnathan with a joking tone.
    West: First, you're the captain and I recognize you as such. Second, if we are talking about actual maturity, I think you're actually years ahead of myself.
    Johnnathan: Is that so?
    West: Remember when you talk to that old bird in Neon. Cannot do that.
    Johnnathan: You should act respectful in front of those guys. Out of the point, you are looking quite well after what happened.
    Said Johnnathan, while West was still doing his push-ups.
    West: Of course I would. You see the moon surrounded by the starry skies.
    Johnnathan then look skyward and notices the full moon.
    Johnnathan: What about it?
    West: My kind always give over 100% of themselves when bathed by the full moon.
    Johnnathan: Oh yeah. Mom told me about it. She would tell stories about how she almost lose her life several times facing werewolves during the full moon.
    West: Heh. Your mom must have been hella strong to survive countless time to tell these stories.
    Johnnathan: You didn't seemed different back there in Ra.
    West: What can I say. That Pharaoh guy, gave me us quite the punch, those burns were in the way. But you know, with my body totally healed I bet I could take that hothead bloodsucker.
    Johnnathan: Don't understimate they. You said this yourself.
    West:...Cap'n. That rogue woman that talked to you back there in the Death Crow. What is she to you.
    Johnnathan: Eve? She was my best friend back in Mians. Knew her since before she went rogue.
    West:...I don't care what personal feelings you may have with her. But I wouldn't hold back my claws if I she threaten me or anyone else here.
    Johnnathan: Thanks for the advice...Your grudge with vampires seems more than general. Did something happened in the past?
    West: Well...My father was in the Werewolf Massacre.
    Johnnathan:..It's not seem...Enough reason.
    West: He was promised a easy job. To be a messenger. You see, he really wanted to go back to my mom and me. But he was backstabed and killed.
    Johnnathan: Details...
    West: They were in league with a vampire woman. She let they kill all every bloodsucker they found if they proritized the royal brides. My dad was a pretty fast dog, so as long he cooperated in delivering info from group to group, he didn't needed to lift a nail. But in his final task, two vampires took him. Raven was one of they. And the lady boss was his mom.
    Johnnathan:(So Raven's mother was responsible to killing Eve's and everyone's mothers...)
    West: After that, my mom broke and fallen to depression. It didn't took half a year for her to die. I was raised in the streets of Damaon all alone. Who would look after a werewolf kid that wasn't theirs? That was way before Drakland would declare the Werewolf Employement Program. I was unlucky.
    Johnnathan: I'm sorry West. But what are your thoughts about me in this case? I'm half-vampire.
    West:...As you said earlier. I forgot these details as well. In my point of view, you're like a grey existence or something.
    During their bonding moment, Johnnathan senses something in the deep sea.
    Johnnathan: West...Can you hear something?
    West: No...But I can smell something...A smell so smelly that reminds me of....Shark Dragons!!!
    Suddenly, a school of bipedal blue dragons with fins and large flippers jumps into the ship.
    Johnnathan: Holy! What are those?
    West: Shark Dragons. The second-most dangerous sea creature in the world. They have jaws enough to bite through steel. The ship is still covered in darkness isn't it?
    Johnnathan: Yeah. I have been using it for an awhile.
    West: Great, keep going it and not move it.These fishes can make a hole in a ship like this easily. They were probably trying to tear from under the ship. Now, things are about to get messy.
    Johnnathan: West. What are you planning now?
    West: Say, Johnny. When your mom told about the full moon...Did she told about something like this?
    He envelops his arms into his own and turns all black. His black figure starts to take shape and grows in size. Then a black smoke is expelled from that shadowy figure and West had turned into a colossal quadrupedal black wolf with yellow eyes.
    West: Arooooooo!
    Johnnathan: West?!
    West: *Rawr*
    The Shark Dragons opens their giant mouths and charges to West. But with amazing speed he uses his fangs to cut all of they in half. Johnnathan looks terrified.
    Johnnathan: My giddy aunt...I remember mom saying about huge wolves, but I thought it was just an exaggeration...Why he didn't used this against Black.
    West then turns back to Johnnathan and walks towards his direction in an attack tackle position.
    West: Grrrrrr!
    Johnnathan: West...Why are you looking at me like I am food?...Could it be...You cannot recognize friend or foe?
    West: Gaoh!
    Johnnathan:...Oh boy...I don't hurt you....Wait. Maybe I can...
    He points his palm at West and slowly approaches him.
    Johnnathan: Okay West. Calm down. Don't bite it.
    West: Grrrrrr!!!
    Then Johnnathan touches at his nose and unleashes a dark pulse into West and he calms down.
    He then sits and turns back by the same way he did transform.
    West: *pant*pant* For some reason...I knew you would do that.
    Johnnathan: You scared me. I took Aladdin's advice in trying to use darkness every time I need to erase any magic disorder. What was that anyway?
    West: It was the Fenrir Form...Or as I should say, my true form.
    Johnnathan: True Form.
    West: If a Werewolf is in the full moon, he can turn into the form that resembles the Werewolf Progenitor, The Fenrir for a certain amount of time. But it takes quite a toll to it's body and we lost all reason.
    Johnnathan: And how I fixed it?
    West: When you used your magic on me, the wildness was gone and I recognized you...I took a gamble on this part.
    Johnnathan: I think I get it somehow...Say West, are all Werewolves able to do that?
    West:...Actually only a few can do that without dying after using it.
    Johnnathan: I see...So don't ever use it again without my authorizantion. It is an order.
    West: Heh. Aye Aye Cap'n.
    Johnnathan: On the bright side, we got ourselves a entire school of Dragon Sharks for feed. Do they taste good.
    West: About that..Something stills bugs me.
    Johnnathan: What?
    West: Shark Dragons rarely acts in group. And when they do it's not a group more than three. This group was ordened to act as one.
    Johnnathan: Is that so?
    West: I can only think of one man that can tame a large group of these...
    Johnnathan:...The Dragon Master...But why?

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    Default Re: Hybrid

    Chapter 31: Medical Proccedure.

    2 days after getting the Scarab, the Red Beast crew have docked in Gel Port and were enjoying lunch inside their ship. The menu that day was Shark Dragon Fillet. Florencia apparently was good at cooking meat based dishes and she made a quite a feast for they. Edward was eating like a hobo.
    Edward: Holy guacamole! This stuff is delicious! This is better than anything I ate back home.*NomNomNom*
    Johnnathan:*drop* I thought nobles were supossed to have table manners.
    Vanilla: It's my first time eating a dragon...And a shark...This is weird.
    Florencia: I brought second portion everyone. Eat up.
    She appears with a plate full of cooked meat.
    West: Fill up Vanilla. You're the one who needs the most.
    Said west, eating his dish in wolfman form.
    Vanilla: I see. Thanks for taking care of me while I was bed-ridden Flor. I could feel your warm touches while I was passed out. You acted like a mother to me.
    Florencia: You flatter me Sundae. I'm can't help but do the same to the rest of you guys and anyone in the same condition. That is what fairies do.
    Edward: In a way, you are the Mother of this team.
    Florencia: By the way...West and Johnnathan. How did you catch all those again without me noticing? The darkness covering the ship was kinda in the way, but I swear I could have heard a whole lot of Shark Dragons attacking the deck if that happened.
    Johnnathan: W-Well...What can I say. Me and West aren't humans.
    Florencia:...Well, nevermind. It's free food anyway. (There was bite marks on those. Like of a giant wolf. You cannot hide from me you two. I know West turned Fenrir...)
    ???: Johnny! You're there?
    Johnnathan and West hear a voice from outside.
    West:...Someone is calling for you outside Johnny.
    Johnnathan: Oh. It's Cornellius. Come on everyone, let me present him.
    They leave the table and goes to the deck. There Cornellius was waiting wearing a green coat and a fedora hat.
    Edward:...He is kinda suspicious.
    Johnnathan: He kinda have to be sneaky when meeting either me or Henry. He still is a recognized doctor that has a small clinic in Damaon.
    Cornellius: Good for you I was actually close to Gel. I hate leaving patients behind. Next time, please appear in Damaon for convenience.
    Johnnathan: Do you have bussiness here?
    Cornellius: Yeah. It's the time of the year I give Ronan a check-up. At his age, he needs that periodically.
    Vanilla: You are Ronan's doctor as well?
    She said with a very surprisingly tone.
    Cornellius: One of his students, huh? Yeah. Me, Ronan and Johnny's Dad gone way back after the 5th crusade. I was an army doctor back then. Now Johnny let's your leg.
    He picks Johnnathan's legs and moves it like a lever.
    Cornellius:...Yeah, it has a few fractures in your femur. I'm gonna have to immobilize your leg. Do you have a room available.
    Johnnathan: Sure, this way.
    He guides Cornellius to the medical room and Johnnathan had his leg extended in a bed. Cornellius picks a pine and a hammer from his suitcase.
    West: Forgive me if I'm wrong, but...Are you one of mine's?
    Edward: Mine's?
    Cornellius: Oh. You are a Werewolf too. No wonder I sensed a familiar smell.
    Vanilla: Eh? You're a Werewolf too? Ronan's doctor is a werewolf?0_o.
    Vanilla breaks her mind.
    Cornellius: What is your name, puppy.
    West: West Terry.
    Cornellius:...I met a lot of Terries in my life.
    West: I get that a lot.
    Cornellius: Okay, letting my kin aside, let's procced. You see Johnny. I don't know if your brother told you, but the proper proccedement of fixing fractures is more delicate in most cases. Human cases.
    Johnnathan: Where are you getting at?
    Cornellius: You see, I done this a lot to your brother in the past. And I'm not talking about those times when you lot sprinkled an ankle. I talking about it the time he went to me after Alex died, that by the way I punched him in the face as he deserved. You see, you Hybrid guys are tough...Too tough by the way. And since you aren't exactly a "proper person"..You can't sue me if I go a little rough.
    He turns into his wolfman form and places a pine in position.
    Florencia: W-Wait! You can't do that!
    Cornellius:...Oh. You're right. Where I was in my head? That would be ridiculous.
    He goes back to his suitcase.
    Florencia: Phew. Thanks Mother Nature.
    Cornellius: I got a new drill that can do the job faster!
    Johnnathan: Oh boy...
    Florencia: Er...You still gonna be easy on him, right?
    Cornellius: About that...I went easy on Heinrich one time and...Well, let's say Hybrid's bones are tougher than they look.
    He turns his drill on and goea all in with the pinne into Johnnathan's legs.
    Johnnathan: Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    Edward: Holy...
    West: I like this guy.
    Vanilla: Kyaa! Johnny hang in there!
    Cornellius: One down. Three to go.
    He then keeps going.
    Vanilla: No. No more. Please no!
    Edward: I'm glad I am human now.
    West: Weak.
    After the treatment, Johnnathan turns out of pain.
    Vanilla: Oh, my poor captain.*sniff*
    ???: Boy, this so remind me of my first broken leg.
    Johnnathan then wakes up and notices the his brother was there with his axe in hand.
    Florencia: Henry? What are you doing it here?
    Heinrich: Well, I was in the outskirt and knew you were around, so I came to take it the Scarab. By the way, hi doc.
    Cornellius: Hey Henry. Long time no see. How about a inside check-up?
    He picks a saw and a hammer.
    Heinrich: Hey. That is not funny okay?
    Cornallius: I'm kidding. Your parents would not like this. Florencia right?
    Florencia: Yes.
    Cornellius:You're a Fairy, correct? Remove the bandage and uses your healing magic with some antiseptics. I believe 3 days are enough for a Hybrid.
    Florencia:...I still think you are a monster.
    Cornellius: I heard that a lot.
    He leaves the ship, not before grunting at Henry when crossing with him.
    Heinrich: What I ever done to him?
    Johnnathan: More like what you didn't done it. What is the deal with this blade?
    Heinrich: Oh this. It belonged to Bilaf. I don't think he would need it anymore. I come back to Jarhgen to pick this among other belongings of him.
    West: That is a pretty neat blade.
    Johnnathan: I see. Speaking of coming back, you remember of your promise didn't you.
    Heinrich: Oh...I was hoping you would forget about it, but...
    Johnnathan: Henry.
    Heinrich: *sigh* Can't say no to you little brother.
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