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Thread: Ugly Party

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    Will you attack G1 and G2 using the trident, wet Ugen with the water that is inside the bucket or escape and go talk with the demon with the white mohawk ?
    Quote Originally Posted by le crystal
    I don't have any confidence in taking down both of those pesky demons so I decided to dump Ugen with the pile of water. Whether she lashes back for control of the demons or fights back is either way a good distraction for me.
    You picked the bucket with your trident and, elegantly, posed as you threw the water that was inside at the direction of the green demon. -"What is this ? I am soaked !!! Who did this horrible prank to me ?? No fun... Why people hate me so much ?"- As Ugen was rubbing her eyes -"Ohh...I can see again !! Thanks !!! Master Jericho !!!!!"- As she said this, her third eye shined a green light -" Oh yeah, he is not here..So...This only means ONE thing..."- She looked at you.

    G1 and G2 changed their target and decided to attack Ugen, who was in their way, the black demons were almost near Ugen, when suddenly, she looked back at them with a angry face and said a loud -" BEHAVE"- Right after she spoke this single word, G1 and G2 sat on the floor and started to behave like dogs. The secretary made a grim at the two dog demons as she pet them.

    Ugen, then, slowly started to walk towards you. -"Now now...The evil baby saved me...How....Cute...."- She looked ar both sides and then, said a quiet "thanks" to you while she blushed a bit. The demon with the Smartphone was still watching and was still hyped about whatever he was watching, so much that he was talking with himself, cheering and singing aloud. Behind him, you saw another red demon approaching the one with the mohawk, this new demon was wearing a corny plaid shirt and had a angry expression.

    Back at your location, Ugen with a bored face, looked at you and said -"Ok, Where that annoying fairy went ? ARGH !!!! This simple mission turned in to a nightmare..I need a raise..And my medication."- While she was drying her wings, as G1 and G2 started to walk along Ugen, like obedient dogs.

    What are you going to do ?

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    What are you going to do ?
    'She got carried away by some mooks thanks to you,' I snapped.

    I decided to approach the 2 demons(mohawk and new guy) despite the tense atmosphere. Maybe they know some interesting stuff and maybe they can help me get the little fairy back.
    -"Oh NO, you are not going to talk with them, we already had enough side missions, Master Jericho will be back in no time and, if he finds out that we still didn't solve this little "adventure", he will fire me, for sure !!!"- The blonde demon said, she was still wet from the water.

    But it was too late, you ignored her completely and started to walk towards the strange duo of demons, for this, Ugen was mad at you, but she decided to let out a huge "sigh" and followed you, G1 and G2 were next to her, still behaving like dogs.

    When you aproached the demons, you noticed that the one with the white mohawk was young and was watching a asian cartoon on his smartphone, he was so happy about the cartoon that he forgot about the surroundings, not seeing the much older demon behind him, this demon, however, was super serious and had a angry expression towards the younger demon, but his outfit made him look like a clown.

    -"SETH !!!!!!!"- The older demon shouted, scaring you, Ugen (who was right behind you) and the young demon. -"HOW MANY TIMES I HAVE TO TELL YOU THAT YOU CAN'T TAKE A BREAK WHENEVER YOU WANT, YOU CAN'T SIMPLY CLOSE THE STORE LIKE THAT, THERE ARE CLIENTS HUNGRY, GO BACK TO WORK !!!"-

    The young demon, who was so distracted with the asian cartoon was so frightened that he fell to the floor with his smartphone, dismounting it in the process. With a better look at the young one, you saw numerous tattoos on his arm, numerous facial piercings, mostly poorly made ones, and the phrase "I rather kill myself" tattooed in his forhead.

    Seth, still on the ground, saw the older demon with a tired face.
    -"Chill out man, there is no one here to serve.. They all went to the stupid floors bellow, so they can get those stupid tickets to see stupid Narus's show."- As Seth started to grab his phone that was in pieces by now.

    -"NO ONE ??? AND HOW ABOUT THESE 2 POSSIBLE CUSTOMERS?????? DID YOU FORGOT ABOUT THEM ?????"- the funny looking demon screamed, as he pointed his finger at you and Ugen but, not looking at your direction.

    -"So what ? There is a baby, who I doubt has any money with him, and I am not checking his diaper for any possible "change", and there is Ugen, and we all know that higher demons don't eat here, they eat at the -2 floor... Stupid manager."- Seth made a debauchery face at the other demon. -"Man... I was watching the last episode of JJBA part 4, now I will never know what will happen to Kira..fuck my life.."- Seth looked at you and Ugen with no expression.

    -"Ugen ? DID YOU SAID.. UGEN ??? This can't be !!"- the other demon said. -"Master Jericho didn't told us about this..."- As he turned around and saw the black demons -"WHAT ??!!??!!... Miss Ugen, you know you can't bring those... "pets" to this floor, it's not hygienic... And they are not wearing their leashes also...Does Master Jericho knows about this ?"-

    Ugen, quite shocked, responded with huge disgust -"Of course he knows, he ordered me, it seems this baby just got promoted to astra průsopo."- As she said that, the manager looked at you with a big smile.

    -"So, another demon got promoted ? And this time, the demon was male ? See Seth, one day, if you work hard enough, you can be promoted, miracles can happen !!"- the manager put his arm around you, showing you to Seth.

    -"Yeah.. like this could happen to anyone, I'm not lucky, I was born a male and that is it, this is my life.. There is nothing left to fight for, so I will just live this mediocre life until I am bored to the point of suicide, now, if you excuse me, I have to fix my phone and go back to work."- Seth, with a expressionless face, walked between you and Ugen, towards the restaurant.

    -"Seth... You don't know, but you are super lucky.. You can work for Jericho, and you are not just a lousy minimum wage worker.. You are one the Damericans.... Kids these days... What are they dreaming about ?..."- The manager made a small chuckle.

    -"So.. What can I do for you, Miss Ugen and Oh, promoted one ?"-

    -"Very well.... manager, you see, there is a fairy who was with us, she is also a astra průsopo, but, she got lost and I need her so she can guide us to the gate to lizardonia. Did you saw her by any chance ?"- Ugen was trying to make a seductive face.

    -"Oh, the stupid fairy ? I saw her, she was pushed by those stupid morons downstairs, you just have to follow the stupid fairy dust on the stupid floor"- Seth reappeared behind you.

    -"Thanks for the information, Seth, darling."- Ugen gave Seth a kiss on his forhead, but her lips got pierced by one of Seth's piercing, the manager, in panic tried to help but didn't know what to do, so he seeked help inside the kitchen of his restaurant.

    What are you going to do ? Help Ugen out, follow the fairy dust path or go inside the kitchen ?
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    I am finally caught up with the story! I can't wait to continue my side of it! ^.^

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    What will you do, run away from the castle and go to the forest, go inside the castle and save Reginald or go to the party and seek Gatazul ?
    I decided to go inside the castle and try to save Reginald. Though at the same time, I am wondering what the hell happened to Oxu, the white knight, and Dprevia.

    Though I keep hearing this beeping sound........ coming from this odd box. It is really annoying! >.<

    There is a button on it too! I shall press it to turn off this irritating sound! -presses button-
    Pressing the button made the alarm to cease, the guards and the beaten Reginald were confused, you took advantage of this situation and grabbed the blue demon's hand so you could take him outside of his cardboard castle, away from the black demons that were previously beating him.

    Unfortunely, one of the guards that were inside the castle saw you and started to follow you both, together with the rest of the guards, meanwhile, Reginald was super angry with you, he was trying to get free from your hold.

    -"Hey, you dirty, filthy red demon, stop this right now, I don't need your help !! I almost had them, if it wasn't for you, I could've exploded them in to pieces !!"- Reginald was quiet for a second, looked at the surroundings and said. -"Also, what is a red demon as pretty as you are doing in this awfull place ??"- He took a moment and saw your nametag that was pinned on your shirt.

    -"OHHHHH NO !! You work for HIM ??!!??!!, There is no chance that I am going with you, no matter what, not even a SINGLE STEP FURTHER !!!"- As he finnished this sentence, he bit your hand that was holding his hand, you released the blue demon because of the pain, as he was free, he started to run the other way, back to his castle. -"~~Guards !! Guards !!! Help that poor female red demon, she is lost, she works for your master, I saw the name tag, be careful, she is kinda crazy.~~"- Sang Reginald as he was joyfully gamboling towards his castle.

    Suddenly, you saw yourself surrounded by muscular black demons, Reginald was there also, but he was hiding behind a rock. You looked behind you, the party was a couple of steps away, you bet if you could screem Gatazul's or Chefia's name, they could hear and aid you.

    One of the black demons approached you, he was trying to look less scary. -"Good day, my lady, sorry to approach you like this, but, I was informed that you work at F&B, thus, working for Master Jericho in the process, does this information proceed ? If yes, them you HAVE to come with us to F&B, Jericho's orders."- as two more guards started to walk towards you, in total there were 9 guards, heavily protected with armors.

    You were trying to spot Reginald again, but he was long gone, maybe he went back to his castle, when you looked at the castle, there he was, arranging his castle.

    Will you screem for aid, fight the guards or agree and go with them to F&B ?
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    Will you screem for aid, fight the guards or agree and go with them to F&B ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ekila
    -thinks to myself "Well, darn, I was not expecting this. And here I wanted to have Reginald join me. Wait.... there is still a way!-

    -tells the guards- "I will come with you all, but only if you take Reginald too. I need him on on my side because I am making him as my friend! He can work under me as well! ^^"
    As you said that, all the guards looked at each other for a split second in complete silence, then, they burst into laughter, finally, one stopped to laught and started to talk with you.

    -"My lady.. There is a LOT of laws that prevent Reginald do leave this place, made by Jericho and even, by St. Gatazul. You see, first, he is a male, so he can't go to the theology college, and he is also, a blue demon, that means he can't go to F&B.... Even if I were to be a nice guard for once, I don't trust him around people without a good straightjacket."- The black demon said, while Reginald was talking with no one while making exaggerated poses, also to no one.

    -"Can you see ? He is not safe for others, a NSFO if you want to shorten."- Another guard pointed out as Reginald was now, attacking empty cardboard boxes, saying "DIE, DIE DIE YOU DISGUSTING RED DEMON... OHHHH.. YOU ARE A BLUE DEMON ? THAT IS EVEN WORST !!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOW !!!!! MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH" All with a scary face.

    All the guards saw that scene in shock and in silence, the guard who were a bit far from you broked the awkward silence.
    -"If you can show us you can control Reginald outside the parking lot, you can leave with him, but NOT to F&B, Jericho made it VERY clear that his store is a no zone to blue demons, and thank him for that.

    From afar, you could see Deurope leaving the forest, she was in a hurry walking towards you. And behind you, you saw St. Gatazul, together with Chefia and a pissed off Dasia, they were all walking towards you and the guards.

    -"What is hapening here ? Is she in trouble, Mr. officer ?"- Spoke The blue nun.

    -"Yeah.. I bet she is, and even if not, she IS with me."- Said Dasia to herself.

    -".. !MDS! Hey, guards, your time here is over, go back to Jericho, we have a agreement"- Shouted Chefia, he was surprisingly angry, and that was rare since you only saw him with a big warm smile in his face.

    In addition to all this, Oxu, who was still in his owl form and was landed on your shoulder said a simple -"I told you that being reckless was a bad idea, now face the consequences.. I hate to say that."- in your hear, he had a angry face, but his owl face was too adorable, even when he was angry.

    What will you do ?

    Tell the guards that you are with St. Gatazul's class, run away and talk with Deurope before the rest sees her or agree with the guards and try to find something to control Reginald.
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    Will you scream for aid, fight the guards or agree and go with them to F&B ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ekila
    Well.... damn I'm in a bit of trouble here, quite indeed. And I made Oxu-senpai mad at me T.T

    Maybe I can please him if I can try to control Reginald, and have him join me. If I can do that, he can protect me from all this. Plus, I can make Oxu-senpai impressed by my actions!

    So, one of the things I try to do to control Reginald-san is by going over to him, and offering a deal in secret, AKA just us two. The deal is, if he behaves, I can get him out of this place, and we can go to Lizardonia together. Plus, if he knows the way, he can show me as well. After that, he be free to do whatever he wants. I also give me a kiss on the cheek to convince him to join me. No demon, no matter what color, can resist my charm! :3
    You, going towards Reginald, raised questions marks on top of everyone. As you were approaching the skinny blue demon, Oxu looked at you with perplexity. -"Do you think you can reason with a mad demon ? Maybe you two belong together.. Crazy people are.. tiring... But.. oh well, is not like this mission were a sucess from the very start.. I just have to realise that today's heroes are crazy.... Not that I wasn't crazy as well."- As the demigod made a soft smile to hinself.

    Dasia made a bored face at you. -"Is she REALLY going to reason with Reginald ? And if she succeed, where is she going with him ?... You know what, who gives a f*** ? I would LO-VE to have a personal talk with her XD, but it seems she is on a dead end path#MakeThatHappen, lol..... WHAT ?"- As her orb started to ring, it was a call. -"Oh, I wonder who might be calling to me at this time, well, I will have to answer it and be going back to the college, sorryNOTsorry Miss Gatazul, but I have to go now, so CYA."- Dasia made a humble bow to the guards, Chefia and St. Gatazul and started to walk towards the forest.

    St. Gatazul and Chefia started to talk with the guards.
    -".. !Eita! So this is why it took so long for you guys to go back to Jericho, that red demon want to take Reginald with her, ".. !Puxa! why is that ? Isn't she from hell ? So why is she working for Jericho?? ".. !Ashuaashuaashuaahsua!"-

    Gatazul looked at you with a suspicious vibe.
    -"Maybe is just simple curiosity, or something far more dangerous..... Something tells me she is not what we think she is." Said a serious Gatazul, rising her eyebrows.

    You told Oxu to leave you alone wile you were talking with the mad demon, he nodded his tiny owl face and started to fly towards the demon group from before.

    Approaching the crazy demon, Reginald was hurting hinself, so much that he was bleeding, he was shouting -" Curse this skin, CURSE THIS SKIN !!! I WANT TO BE RED AGAIN !!!! SAVE MEEEE."- He was so distracted with his personal drama that he didn't saw you comming next to him.

    When he finally noticed you, he turned around so quickly that you were scared.
    -" You again ??? LEAVE ME ALONE !!! I HATE JERICHO, I WANT TO KILL HIM AND YOU TOO IF YOU DON'T RUN AWAY !!!!.."- Reginald was screaming, you told him to be quiet and also told him about your deal. -"I see... You FILTHY, DISGUSTING FEMALE RED DEMON"- Reginald made a moment of silence and said in a soft voice -"Can I.... go with you and try to kill Jericho, or maybe, try to kill all the candidates for second in command ? I will behave.. Yesssssssssssssssssss. I will behave.."- When you told him about Lizardonia, his crazy face somehow become even more crazier.

    -"DID... YOU.. UTTERED.. LIZARDONIA ???!!!???...Who send you here ? It was my ex wife, yes ? It had to be, you are female, you walk with St. Gatazul, and you want to take me to that CURSED PLACE ??"- Reginald looked at you, the group, his castle, his bloody hands -"But.. this is the only chance I have to finally take revenge...One step at a time, now, Jericho, then, Garnidelia !!! HEY..WHAT ??? STOP THAT !! I DON'T WANT A KISS FROM SOMEONE AS FILTHY AND UGLY AS YOU"- You tried to kiss him, but he pushed you away.

    After this little talk, you went back to the group together with Reginald, Dasia was no longer there, she was walking towards the forest talking with someone on her orb, on her way, she found Deurope, they started to talk with each other and they both looked at you with a angry face. The only ones left in the group were Gatazul and two guards, Oxu landed back on your shoulder, he was surprised at you and made a almost invisible smile at you.

    -"That was a sudden surprise for me, so you do work for Jericho... interesting, ok, I am not sad ot angry at you, just, remember that you always have Garnidelia, if she speaks to you, don't be shy of your sins and go to our college, our gates are always open for you."- Gatazul made a motherly smile to you and a unpleasant smile to Reginald, then she started to walk in the same diraction of Dasia.

    -"Ok, so it seems that you somehow, made a deal with him, we can go, but don't tell the others that I let a blue demon inside F&B, or Jericho will fire me."- One of the guards spoke while leading you and the blue demon to the forest.

    Will you change your mind and ask to go to the college, talk more with Reginald wile you are going to F&B or ask the guards about something you want to know about the Underworld ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekila
    Thinking to myself, "Yahoo! I got my first party member! And I'm glad I'm getting rid of those college people! Sheesh, way to over-religious to me! That's for sure! I never join them ever!"

    "I am also happy that Oxu-senpai seems to be proud of my actions! So, go me! ^.^"

    Anyways, I decided to talk more to my new party member Reginald, and learn more about his history. Plus, find out how he got to this point as well.

    Also, if I still have extra time after my chat with Reginald-kun, I ask the guards about how the Underworld came to me. And how the college and F&B came into existence as well. If they ask me why I want to know, I let them know I love history, and learning about things! :3
    Gatazul took a final look at your direction and waved her hand at you, after that, she encontoured both Deurope and Dasia on the way and they all went to a different path from yours.

    As you entered the forest, you could feel a ominous wind inside and the smell of death was all over the place, you noticed the vegetion around you, it looked like it was alive.

    Oxu was surprisingly calm, it seemed he was sleeping on your shoulder, you took this opportunity and started to talk with Reginald, who at this point, was biting his arm with immense violence, so much that it started to bleed.

    -"Ahhh You want to know about MY STORY ???!! Ok ok ok ok ok, I will TELL YOU.. TELL THE WHOLE WORLD ABOUT MY EPIC AND SAD STORY !!! AHAHAHA MU-HAHAHAHAHAH"- Reginald was screaming and was making a "epic pose" with his bleeding arms.

    The guard who was in front, leading the group made a angry face at you and Reginald. -"Shiiiiiiiiiish, you crazy bastard, do you want Curupora to find us ?"- He warned Reginald and you.

    The other guard, who was behind you, also noticed. -"It's not like is a big surprise.. Everyone knows about your story, it's sad, but it's starting to get boring.. REALLY boring over time"-

    -"SHIISH you too, I don't want to find that vengeful spirit while we are in this cursed forest, we are almost near the shortcut made by Jericho, so, if we can just be quiet for a second, we can go to F&B with no headache, understood ?"- Spoke the leading guard.

    Not wanting to be rude after that scolding, You asked the guards, in a quiet and polite voice, about the Underworld and the college/F&B. The first guard ignored you, he was with a angry face looking around and checking some trees, but you also noticed that he was also sweating a lot, it looked like fear.

    The guard from behind was a lot more carefree, he had a doofus smile in his face, he looked at you and replied. -"The Underworld ? Silly girl, this place used to be where all the souls went when people die, ruled over the two gods of death: Thana & Mnemone, you know them, right ? Anyway.. thanks to master Jericho, all the demons of Hell moved here, here is where the money and gold talks, there is nothing in hell, just outdated costumes and agricutural fanatics... My great-grandfather was born there."- He made a small pause as the leading demon pointed to a ordinary tree and also, to a empty crucifix on the otherside.

    -"As for the theology college ? It seemed that demons and the selenites have a ancient agreement, so Jericho let them build their college here...With is a shame.. Because a lot of sexy female demons converts to "garnideliaism" everyday."- The guard was somewhat, sad about this.

    The demon that pointed to the crucifix threw a rock at the second one and then, pointed again to the torture device, after a brief pause, the second guard looked at what he was pointing.

    -"Oh no.. Zander is free... This is not good, we must warn Jericho..Ok, did you find the gateway ? He have to hurry and warn the guards."- Said the guard, with a worried face.

    -"Here, enter in this portal and we will go to F&B in a instant, not even Curupora knows about this."- The leading guard opened a door that was in a tree, it was well camouflage, behind the door, there was a black goop with small white dots.

    Reginald was talking to himself and looking all around, he was trying to run away, but you kept hold of him, he was looking at a weird flower that was neer the empty crucifix.

    What are you going to do ?

    Will you go inside the gate with the guards, fool them and venture into the forest with Reginald or say to the guards that your baby is lost this forest.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Back to Lizardonia, in the small city of Garnideburg, next to a small house on top of a hill, a mysterious figure appears.
    -"🎶Ca-ppugs,🎶Ca-ppugs,🎶Ca-ppugs,🎶if you can't do it,🎶 no one can.🎶"- The figure started to sing next to the door of the small house, it started to knock on the door.

    -"🎶~Cappugs~🎶I know you are inside,🎶please,🎶answer me~🎶"-

    The door was opened, inside the house, was a tired Cappugs. -"Why are you here ? Don't you have a busy agenda ?"-

    -"🎶Why the grumpy face my darling ?🎶 I am here to cheer you, 🎶my charming,🎶I even am wearing this outfit,🎶please don't make a misfit.🎶"- As the figure entered the house, thus walking next to the fireplace and by that, revealing the figure. She was a beautiful cheerleader, she was white and had a long blonde hair with pink and light blue curls, the only flaw of her total beuty was a ugly scar on her face. She started to make ordinary and boring choreography with her blue and pink pom-poms.

    -"🎶Ca-ppugs,Ca-ppugs you're the best, you're our star that will neva' be meshed! 🎶"-

    Cappugs looked the cheerleader and rolled his eyes. -"So.. let's cut this horrible perfomace, you are talking with an expert about the art of dramaturgy.. What you want, lovely cheerleader.. Or should I say.. Jericho."- After that, the Cheerleder made a frown.

    -"🎶Bo-ring, boring, with this atitude, I might go shopping🎶"- She started to sing as she was morphing to Jericho.

    -"Now that this.... thing..... is over, tell me, before I send you back to where you belong"- Grabbed his scythe

    -"Ok ok, no need to be so arrogant"- Jericho made a small smile wile looking at Cappugs and his long black cape covering all his body. -"To my delightful surprise, I was doing my usual business in the Underworld when suddenly, a fairy from Lizardonia came to my room, she was a astra průsopo and asked me to gather some of my people so she could take them to Lizardonia, you know what this means... Yes, more people got promoted and let me tell you something.. but I guess you already know, you're not among those people.. nononono.. Even a baby demon wearing DIAPERS was in this group of people, but not silly Cappugs..I wonder... Are you some kind of masochist ?"- Cappugs was silent and Jericho started to walk around the hooded figure.

    -"So, you didn't knew... well well well, no need to thank me, I was just doing my part, I would hate to see my old friend in the dark about the latest news."- As Jericho were walking around and around the hooded figure, suddenly, Cappugs let his weapon loose, fell to the floor and covered his face with both his hands, he was weeping.

    -"But don't cry, my friend, I would hate to se that.. Here, how about we make a deal ?"- Jericho ofered his hand.

    -"A.. Deal ? What are you talking about ? You treacherous bastard."- Cappugs slapped Jericho's hand.

    -"Ouch, that was rude.. Anyway, I am here to make a deal with you, you see, if we join forces, we can overthrone those idiots that run the castle, we can win the incoming war."-

    -"And why do you think I would betray them ?"- Cappugs finally got up and grabbed his weapon, he was using it to lean on.

    -"OH my... You are still reliant about them ? They are NOT going to promote you, EVER.. Not matter how much you do or fight for them, they fear you, so that is why they keep you under their power, so that they can control you, like a sock puppet or another analogy for stupy obedience."- Jericho grabbed Cappugs by his hood.

    Cappugs was lost, he looked at Jericho, looked at his house that was in a huge mass because of the events that happend early on, in his house and then he closed his eyes for a second.

    -"But.. if I work really hard.. maybe they will..."- mumbled Cappugs to himself.
    -"What ? Have pity over you ? Did I heard that right ? The powerful Cappugs, the grade A student in black magic back in the old days in the Starbucks school of witchcraft now hungers for pity and acceptance of others ?... They broke you, my old friend... They really do."-

    Cappugs finally opened his eyes, they were not crying anymore. -"You know what, you are telling the truth, they even went as far to remove my cloak and send two killers to my house, fuck, they even managed to get a under age demon to use as a hostage."- Cappugs was finally up, in a triumphant pose.

    -"Oh my.. please tell me about this little demon from before, they can't use one of my kind like that, but, HEY, I am happy that I managed to put some sence on you, call me when you finally decide to join us, you have my orb number, right ? See ya~"- As Jericho was morphing back to his cheerleader form and blowed a kiss to Cappugs and started to sing.

    -"🎶 Cappugs🎶, 🎶Cappugs🎶, I can count on you🎶, please fight for us or we're on timbuktu.🎶"- Sang the cheerleader, dancing and walking to the exit of Cappugs's house.

    As Jericho leaved his house, Cappugs talk with himself.
    -"I have to do something about this... Jericho was right... I wonder how Gatazul is doing these days ? Maybe I should talk with her before any action, for sure."- The hooded figure looked at the mirror and then, at a photo that was in a frame hanging on a wall.

    -"This is not going to be over so soon... Why I had to make things so... unorthodox ?"- Spoke Cappugs with a warm smile.
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    Will you go inside the gate with the guards, fool them and venture into the forest with Reginald or say to the guards that your baby is lost this forest.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ekila
    I decided to fool the guards by kissing them in the lips AKA seducing them, and then Reginald and I venture off into the mysterious forest. Hopefully, I find some treasure there, or even some keys! :D
    You managed to kiss both guards, the leading guard was kissed by surprise, the second, wanted to be kissed and made a lustful face at you and then, looked at his partner.

    -"See ? We are getting lucky, bro, she is not into that stupid religion, she is crazy for sex, maybe we can stall a bit here so we can get some free relaxation."- As he was removing his armor, with a happy face.

    -"But, "bro".. We can't wait a single minute here, if curupora finds us, we are done, if she is a sex crazy demon, leave her here, she will be a good friend for Reginald."- Said the serious guard.

    -"But... free sex..."- The other guard said as he was pointing at you and frowned.

    -"But... Our jobs and our lives"- Mocked the first guard, he was ready to enter the door. -"Jericho will not miss you, but be sure, that I will, goodbye, "bro".. "- Entering the black goop.

    The doofus guard made a soft smile at you, totally ignoring Reginald, who was still looking at the weird flower, he was hypnotized. The guard approached you with his pants down. -"AHAHA, more for me, so, you crazy bitch, do you want to suck my devil's cock ?"- Showing his black penis to you.

    Suddenly, deep down in the forest, a scary sound started to echo through the trees. -"ULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULULUUUUUUUUUUUU"-

    With this sound, all the forest started to move itself, vines, branches, shrubs, it looked like the forest was alive, the guard went from lust to panic in a split second, with cold sweat all over his face. When a vine started to wrap around his ankle, he, in a instant, lifted his pants and started to hop towards the door, he was crying. -"I'm sorry bro, I'm sorry Jericho !!! Save me !!! I don't want to be eaten by Curupora, I can live in celibacy... FOREVER !!!"- While he did a final hop into the black goop, closing the door in the process.

    Now, it was only you and Reginald in the forest, you finally noticed that the blue demon was not next to you, as the flower's perfume lured him, weirdly, the fragrance made Reginald relaxed, he was not in his normal crazy state, to the contrary, just a calm and almost daydreaming state.

    The forest was still frantically squirming randomly, but, it was not attacking.

    You started to look around, you could see lots of weird fruits, weird flowers and even weirder statues scattered in the forest. You were trying to find a path, luckily, you found two paths.

    One, where the loud noise came from and a second one, where there were lots and lots of those weird statues arranged side by side. You made a final look at Reginald, he was inside the flower, naked and kissing the petals, he was in love, but his whole body was bleeding, the flower's acids was digesting him.

    What are you going to do ?
    Leave Reginald behind or save him ?
    Which path are you going to choose ?
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    Default Re: Ugly Party

    Alright! I'm in a new area! What kind of crazy stuff will happen here? Well, I guess I find out soon enough! :D

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    Default Re: Ugly Party

    What are you going to do ? Leave Reginald behind or save him ? And Which path are you going to choose ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ekila
    Well, there is no way I am letting my new party member get killed by some weird flower! So, I decided to slash that flower fiend with my sword! I also use my light arrows if necessary, though not sure if it be effected by it, but let's hope so!

    Afterwards, I wake Reginald from his daze, and take him towards the path with the weird statues because... that loud noise is boring, and I might find more cool stuff on this path! :D
    You quickly tried to find a source of light so you could use your blessed weapon, but the forest itself was dense, the treetops were not letting a single ray of light to enter the forest, so you picked your trusty sword and ran towards the flower that was eating the thin demon.

    All the vines, branches and bushes around you reacted to your attacking pose, they suddenly made a defensive pose around Reginald, you threatened to use your sword against the vines, it seemed that it was suspicious of your actions.

    When you finally approached the flower, Reginald woke up from his allucination, his wounds were gone, just like his crazy expression, he came out of the flower, holding a little version of the same flower that was eating him, he was walking towards you with a sane and happy expression.

    From behind, a vine wraped itself around your sword and stole it, in a nearby branche, weird fruits that looked like eyes was looking at you and a flower that looked like a mouth came next to you. -"What are you doing ? You can't win against the whole forest and it's guardian, the mighty Curupora. so, pick your weird friend and just leave this place for once, this is NOT a place for demons. "- As the flower said that, it started to surround you with sharp branches and vines with spikes.

    -"Oh-hohohoho, it seems you are in a BIG trouble, I told you not to be so impulsive, but did you listen to me ? NoOoOoOoOoOo, I'm just the boring owl, and now, how are you going to get out of this situation ?"- Oxu woke up and started to talk to you.

    Reginald, came next to where you were, but, surprisingly, the forest was not threatening him. -"Hey, forest !!, you can trust her, believe me, she is new here, yeah, she is from hell, yeah, yeah, yeah, she is not going to hurt you, Noooooo.. Yeah, I will take care of her until we leave the forest, sure, no problemo, thanks and have a nice day... AH, could you say Hi to Curupora, tell that her old friend Reginald came to the forest, also say that I'm finally putting my plains in actions, she know what I'm talking about, hehehehe"- Reginald made a soft smile at you and all the forest backed off and one of the vines gave your sword back.

    -"Well, now that this little show is over, we can finally go back to our quest, right ? I want to put my plan in action as quicly as possible.. Now, where is that conventionally placed door that those horny guards used ?"-

    As he was talking normaly, the forest retreated entirely, you could only see some flowers and some fruits, it was just a like a normal forest, but what was weird now was Reginald's normal behavior.

    After a few seconds of initial shock, you came back to your senses and said that you are going to the path with the statues.

    -"But, what are you going to get there ? I have no interest in this forest, I want to go to F&B so I can kill all those traitors.. Hey, what are those thing in my pocket ? are these keys ? Keys for what ? Ah... Curupora, you are so funny sometimes."-

    Reginald looked at you, still holding the keys.
    -"Well, it's up to you, do you want to venture in this cursed forest for no reason all by yourself or come with me and share my sweet, sweet revenge ?"- Putting the small flower as a brooch in his tuxedo, he finally found the door from before.

    -"Guess you were lucky, again.. Good job, now I can go back to sleep."- Mumbled Oxu as he went back to sleep on your shoulder.

    What are you going to do ?

    Will you ignore Reginald and go alone in the statues path, go with him to F&B or stay and demand to the forest that you want to talk with Curupora ?
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    Default Re: Ugly Party

    What are you going to do ?

    Will you ignore Reginald and go alone in the statues path, go with him to F&B or stay and demand to the forest that you want to talk with Curupora ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ekila
    Well, I ask Reginald, "Well, maybe we can cut through this forest to get to F&B, it be a nice shortcut, and an adventure? I do want to see those statues, and stuff. But if you really don't want to go through the forest, I can follow you down another path that leads there. It is up to you, friend! :3"

    "By the way, once we get to F&B, and you send your plans into motion, may I have those keys please? :D"

    With his white eyes, Reginald gazed at you and made a smile smirk. -"Sure, why not, the shortcut that I was thinking was that odd door that those guards used earlier on, this forest is quite dangerous and I'm not talking about Curupora, she may scare some, but I know her, you can trust me, you are safe with me."- As he smiled and opened the door in the tree trunk, revealing the black goop -"So, let's go to F&B.. unless you want to fight hordes of monsters so you can see some weird statues in a loot free forest."- The sane demon was looking from right to left.

    When you asked for the keys, he loked at them and made a soft smile. -"Oh yeah, the keys, I knew it was something you would want, Curupora is so smart, she gave me these keys so you could come with me, yeah.. Curupora is truly dangerous, she would be a EXELENT ally, but... She can't leave this place."- Reginald made a soft frown while looking to the ground, after a moment, he put his head back and faced to your direction. -"Sure, you can have these keys, in total, there are 6 keys, just follow me to this portal, we can use it since you work for Jericho."- Pointing to your name tag and giving the keys to you.

    -"While we are on the way and I'm still sane, how about I talk about my story ? I want to talk with someone who is real and would listen to me, without thinking I'm crazy."- Reginald put his left foot inside the goop.

    -"Or you want to know about other stuff, it doesn't look, but I was once, very important in the underworld."- reaching out his hand to you. Oxķ, who was taking nap on your shoulder, woke up and, as he heard what Reginald said, he made a sarcastic eye roll.

    -"Oh no, look how pretencious he sounds, leave him behind, he is just going to slow us down to our quest, don't you want to save that demon girl, D-something? Or it was the Red Goblin ? You see, you are in such a mess that you don't know WHAT are you doing here..And now you are going to help a random demon in his serch for vengence ???."- Oxu was flapping his wings with energy.

    Taking notice, Reginald said. -"Ahah, It seems your pet is happy, but I have to warn you, people here don't like owls, it's considered a bad omen, thanks to Oxķ."- Now, only his right arm was showing from inside the door, his hand was waiting for you.

    What are you going to do ?

    Will you ask about his story, about the forest and Curupora, about F&B and Jericho or about the College and St. Gatazul ?
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    Default Re: Ugly Party

    Will you ignore Reginald and go alone in the statues path, go with him to F&B or stay and demand to the forest that you want to talk with Curupora ?
    Quote Originally Posted by Ekila
    Will you ask about his story, about the forest and Curupora, about F&B and Jericho or about the College and St. Gatazul ?
    Before I answer Reginald, I tell Oxu quietly, "Well, my plan is to get an army to help us on our quest. I know it sounds crazy, but it is crazy enough to work. Plus, I kinda want to learn about the area and all too, as it can help me on this quest. You know the saying "Knowledge is Power". Sorry if I sound like a smartass! ^^;;;;;;;;;;;; Just want to explain my reasoning is all."

    After that, I decided to ask Reginald about his story.
    Oxu, who was annoyed by all this situation, made a sarcastic eye roll to you and almost closed his eyes to Reginald. -"Army ? Do we really need a army ? I mean, we are just going to save that goblin you killed and maybe, act as nursemaid for a spoiled demon brat, is there a huge monster we have to fight ?"- Oxu flapped his wings. -"Anyway, I don't trust this blue flamboyant unicorn, just, be careful, ok ?"- As he said that, he finally went back to his nap.

    With only one arm showing, Reginald whole body was inside the portal, as you asked for his story, his head appeared from inside the goop, he was smiling. -"Oh boy, OH BOY, you want to know about my tragic story, very well, while we use this portal, I will tell you, I would tell you here, but, there is no time to waste, also, Curupora might appears any time..."- His horn was shining, he was kinda worried, but, made a forced smile.


    -" Oh no !! Here she comes !!! Quickly, come inside the black portal"- Reginald pulled you inside the goop with violence.

    Inside the black portal, you closed your eyes, Reginald started to talk with a enthusiastic tone. -"Oh YEAH, is time for story telling, so.. I was Jericho's right hand at F&B a long time a go, people respected me since I was so close to the boss.. Talking about Jericho, I was also his best friend, I knew about his family, about Jaiyana and also, about their daughter, Rin.. Yeah, he trusted me and I trusted him... HEY, ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION ? OPEN YOU EYES !!!"-

    When you opened you eyes, you noticed you were floating above a island, together with Reginald, the ocean was red and it was night, with a huge moon on the horizon, for a instant, you were scared, but you were still floating, you were very high above the ground.

    -"Ah, I see you are paying attention, good, now I can continue my story... Where did I stopped ? Oh yeah, Trusting.. You see, this simple word was the embodiment of doom to my life.. After some years as F&B second in command (and maybe, it's future CEO, who knows ?) Jericho introduced me to a beautiful demon, he said she was his friend, she was so.. pretty, a little weird, but, gorgeous, so gorgeous that our daughter was born with all her beauty.. Until there, everything was good for Reginald.. untill.. That horrible day... Where everything changed for the worst.

    Will you interrupt Reginald and ask about the island below or let him continue ?
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