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Thread: Unlimited Adventure - Let's Play/One Piece Discussion

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    Default Unlimited Adventure - Let's Play/One Piece Discussion

    Today I am starting a new YouTube Let's Play series, but it is more than just a Let's Play, it is also a huge One Piece discussion. In each video I will discuss various topics related to One Piece (spoilers), encouraging viewers to comment on what I have to say, essentially creating a discussion. I explain this in more detail in the first video, which is posted below. If you are not a fan of Let's Play, but do enjoy discussing One Piece, you may want to check it out as I my commentary will be more focused on the discussion topics, with less commentary on the game, which would get repetitive in a game like Unlimited Adventure.

    Here is part one:

    I am using this as the official forum topic for the series, so if you want to say something in general about the series, this is a good place to do it. I am really fascinated to see how this turns out, as I think it is a unique idea, and I hope that you will watch and participate in the discussions.
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