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Thread: Golden Kamuy

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    I misread they buryed the murderer and the victim in the same casket...

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    Get ready for Silver Kamuy coming together with volume 15.


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    Golden Kamuy is the gift that keeps on giving.

    Volume 15 got many more revisions and added panels/pages than previous volumes, showing more about the stenka match with Gansoku (and his partners), and extra pages at the end of chapter 150 regarding Tsukishima and Tsurumi

    Also, chapter 172 is available in HQ in JAPANESE

    And a summary of the chapter on the spoiler below

    Kadokura informs Kirawus that part of his duties as a jailer at Abashiri involved arsehole probing.
    New convict: Sekiya Waichirou
    This guy likes to poison people, but instead of outright feeding them the poison, he lets them choose among poisoned and NON poisoned foods, leaving the matters to luck

    The convict leads Hijikata into taking one of the poisoned eggs, telling him otherwise he won´t tell him where is Ushiyama. (He did the same with Ushiyama, telling him he already got Hijikata)
    Sekiya wants to collect the tattooed skins.

    Sekiya (disguised) offers fish to Kirawus, unaware of his real identity. But when Kirawus offers the (poisoned) fish to Kadokura, he (Kadokura) trips and ALL of the fish fall back into the water.
    Kadokura comments on the critically bad luck he´s had since birth, and retells of tragedies of his past.

    Ushiyama frees himself from his entrapment.
    The End.

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    One of my friends is super into this series and keeps trying to get me to read it, and I'm so torn because I love everything that has to do with the convicts and different groups fighting to find the location of the treasure, but I can't stand all the time they spend on making and eating food and facts about how to survive, it's just really not interesting to me

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    Well, the lifestyle of Ainu and hunters is a big part of the appeal of the manga. So maybe it´s not for you.

    Even so, you could still -ignore- the parts that don´t interest you, and read those that do, and still get the story yet missing a big part of its flavor

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    Alright folks we got our very own Dolorous Edd.

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    Looking in his asshole for nothing... that's really bad luck

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    Love how Sekiya never bothered to tell him he can`t hide poison up his arsehole. He probably enjoyed the probing

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    Professor Penis is now Android 8.

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    Made an edit of 172 based on 115

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    What a great chapter!!! To be or not to be... lucky

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    Yes, i find Kadokura is a nice add to the cast.

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    Remember kids if you are stung by a blue-ringed octopus just rush to find and eat a raw puffer-fish.

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    Prison Break arc is back.

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    I hope Sugimoto goes full Kiryu and punches a fucking tiger out

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    We already had a character fucking a bear, I wouldn’t assume punching a tiger to be to much dissonant. Specially if it’s Yulbars.

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    "you say you want a revolution..."

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    Now that's quite the twist.

    I want to believe too big guy
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