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Thread: The Great One Piece Readthrough

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    Default The Great One Piece Readthrough

    This Summer, the crew of The One Piece Podcast will be embarking on an adventure! We are going to read the first 75 volumes of One Peice over the course of four months! Every Thursday we're going to check in with special guests from VIZMedia, Crunchyroll, and elsewhere!

    Join in, and let us know if there's anyone you want to hear from, anything you want us to discuss, and what you think of the show!

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    Default Re: The Great One Piece Readthrough

    I would welcome if you guys were to focus more on how Oda incorporates the central themes he established back in the East Blue saga in each respective arc

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    Default Re: The Great One Piece Readthrough

    I'm hearing the 2 chapter, the theory of the state of the world being responsibility of the proto WG seems so farfetched as who actualy likes the setup? Luffy and adventurous people. Who barely manages to use the setup of the world for control, failing to have military presence in the crossroads of the world, twin capes and fishman island? The world government. For regular folks the setup is an inconvenience, but its not oppression in the way that the WG actually does. Then most islands could not feed themselves or need external help to function. That has only been an issue for water 7 and the island terrorized by the longarms. Not even drum nor alabasta had these issues, with their extreme climates, not even skypea where soil is actually a luxury, had food problems.

    The state of the world is a boon for adventurous folks in the other hand, and Raftel is both something that the WG would like to eliminate and keep people away. If they had the power to destroy islands in the past, they would start with that one.

    If someone morphed the world it was the clan of D. Dividing the world in two halves, that from space could look like a D. And using the calm belts with it drawing an X in the world where the treasure is.
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    Default Re: The Great One Piece Readthrough

    I've always been convinced that Franky used something from pluton's blueprints to build the Sunny, mainly the idea of the Adam wood and the stabilizer to use the gaon cannon. And the magical water purifier.

    It is a giant boat of hellish destruction. But it has to be strong enough to use its hellish weapons.
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    Default Re: The Great One Piece Readthrough

    Other thing about the "the WG built the world theory" they have been able to protect whatever secret is bellow Marijoa for who knows how much, with only a rogue noble leaking that information, being able to change the world and leave that other piece of information outside it's pretty poor planing.
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    About the world. We know:

    The red line isn't a continent but islands that are very close to each other
    Oars epithet is weird unless there are actual continents in the other blues
    The world is strange, but we have no evidence of it being any other way except our world perspective
    The world is very dangerous for devil fruit users
    We don't know enough about the war, other than the ancient weapons were used, and that it was the kingdom of D vs the world government. Or is it?
    We don't know who owned the ancient weapons, only that after everything the kingdom of D managed to hide them.
    The WG probably doesn't know what exactly poseidon did. Or else some word of the shirahoshi incident from 10 years ago would have raised an alarm.
    Considering the power that maxim wields, as it was capable of obliterating an island, maybe it was partially built with ancient technology, but without it's regular power source or weapons, but with the thunder fruit providing those things.
    The other thing that has been attributed the power to destroy the world is the quake fruit, and we have seen a few things able to raze an island, mainly the buster call, maxim, and the clash of the ice fruit with the magma fruit.
    The secret of marijoa, something so horrible or precious capable of maintaining the celestial dragons at bay. And the op fruit being needed to access it.
    We have an Adam tree. An eve tree. A tree of knowledge and fruits from the devil. Its too close to biblical to not be related.
    Adam tree is very strong, and comes from a country ravaged by war
    Eve tree is capable of very weird properties, like having shinning roots, and producing oxigen and the shabody resins.
    The tree of knowledge didn't seem to have any of these properties. It could be an Adam tree that got bombarded beyond its resistence.
    Fishman island weird... Everything came from the eve tree. As being the only place in the sea floor that gets sunlight thanks to it, it gets oxigen thanks to it, and it can be dry and have weather thanks to it. The island must have started as a little clump of earth that got into the bubble and started to grow when pieces ground and bubbles started to combine over the ages.
    Fishmen from a story perspective seem to be the result of oda wanting to have sea zoans without breaking the devil fruit rules, as the most water related powers we have seen, ice, mud, snow, axotol and swimming, just skim the surface.
    There might be a in story reason, if the creation of zoans is related to the creation of merpeople.
    The great seastone mine has to be close to vegapunks lab.
    The sky islands are weirder than fishman island, and yet, they probably predate the WG formation. They are related to how sea stone gets into the clouds, and gives them solid and liquid properties.
    I feel like the Florian triangle mystery will stay that way, its just a mysterious sea monster
    I'm just taking notes of stuff that I feel will have to be developed further in the future.
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