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Thread: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

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    Default Nominations and Candidates Thread.


    Have fun and please follow the rules. If you haven't already, go read that thread and it'll save us a lot of time.

    Nominations are only open for the bolded categories. The list of categories is below.

    I shouldn't have to say this, but somebody always tries so ONLY NOMINATE CANDIDATES FOR CATEGORIES THAT ARE CURRENTLY OPEN.

    Categories will remain open until the necessary number of candidates (currently ten) is reached or, in the event that a category receives little to no nominations, whenever an Event Mod decides to open a new one. Paired categories will be opened at the same time to speed along the process.

    Eligible candidates for the Members or Threads/Post Awards are posts that were made on this board or members who were active within the previous year. When nominating for a thread or post category, please link if possible (use the or format) or as specific a description as you can manage if not. Nominees that take too long to find will likely be ignored and nominees that no longer exist are sadly disqualified. Well, unless you have a screenshot.

    The list has been trimmed down with some of them being combined to speed up the process and lighten the ballot; if there was a category you liked that is now gone, this isn't the place to talk about that. That's the Discussion thread.

    The nomination process will be open shortly is now open closed.


    Closed Categories

    Discussion Awards

    A. Worst Thread
    1. #Skeletongate
    2. Will Luffy die ?
    3. Spoilers - Ch.770
    4. hommer simson
    5. Sexism in this chapter and OP in general
    6. What is a Giant?
    7. Spoilers Ch. 734, the Rebbeccaning
    8. Who is the final villain in One Piece? 2.0

    B. Best Thread
    1. The users who read, but rarely post
    2. Oda's interviews
    3. Arlong Park One Piece Character Popularity Poll : The Results
    4. Manga Anime Guardian
    5. Love and Loathe: Daily One Piece Character Analysis
    6. April Fools 2014- Hi! I'm Goku!
    7. My Hero Academia
    8. The Seventh Warlord
    9. Your Duration as a One Piece fan

    C. Best Debate
    1. What makes it popular?
    2. Giants are a race vs. Giants are genetically modified humans
    3. Why is Naruto so bad?
    4. Lef and Monkey King's discussions in the Recession Revolutions thread
    5. Who did save Dofla's head?
    6. Discussions on the quality of Claymore's final chapters
    7. Mother Russia's family feud

    D. Funniest Post
    1. How giants and humans reproduce.
    2. Jump Stars Revenge of the Fallen (and part 2).
    3. maxterdexter's el corazon
    4. Noob's response to chapter 734 and the corresponding spoiler thread (Hakuba vs. Rebecca)
    5. Jinbe is like: "There is something fishy about this".
    6. Robby's joke about Shinji's sneezing penis
    7. The meaning of the S.A.S.U.K.E. system

    E. Best Moment on the Board
    1. Best One Piece Torso ......................
    2. AP Forums reacts to Sonic Boom
    3. Cavendish units of power
    4. Members' contribution to Kanjurou wanted posters during the tournament (Last few here!) Now in collage form!
    5. bye vagabond
    6. April Fools Dragonball Shenanigans
    7. The Naruto Thread diverges into pizza discussions
    8. Naruto's final chapter's spoilers are leaked

    Member Awards

    F. Most Memorable
    1. Kitsune Inferno
    2. Wagomu
    3. redon
    4. Captain Ugly
    5. Darth
    6. RobZilla
    7. Purple Hermit
    8. Kishido
    9. Ballot Box
    10. benjamminbrown
    11. sandman

    G. Most Profoundly Quotable
    1. Monkey King
    2. Cyan D. Funk
    3. kouch_lee
    4. Daz
    5. Wagomu
    6. King Cannon
    7. Robby
    8. Foolio
    9. Prismeru

    H. Most Articulate Writer
    1. The Franky Tank
    2. Daz
    3. Panda Bear
    4. Dailyfiber
    5. kouch_lee
    6. Outerspec
    7. Darth
    8. DarthAsthma
    9. Ukimix

    I. Most Intelligent
    1. Aohige_AP
    2. Ubiq
    3. CCC
    4. Monkey King
    5. sandman
    6. wolfwood
    7. Nolus
    8. Purple Hermit

    J. Most Dedicated
    1. Darth
    2. Kishido
    3. Captain Ugly
    4. Kaizou 10
    5. city_lights31
    6. redon
    7. joesephes
    8. Lef
    9. Aohige
    10. sandman

    K. Most Original
    1. Wagomu
    2. Cyan D. Funk
    3. Prismeru
    4. Print Error
    5. black-leg jex
    6. joesephes
    7. Kitsune Inferno
    8. RamistaR
    9. Captain Ugly

    L. Best New Member
    1. Ouroboros
    2. Dailyfiber
    3. RamistaR
    4. minus.
    5. SpaceCowboy
    6. Kaizou 10
    7. Razh
    8. Zonbi
    9. SunnyBlue
    10. The Franky Tank

    M. Favorite non-Robby Mod/Admin
    1. brennen.exe
    2. Cinder
    3. Foolio
    4. Jonas
    5. Roboblue
    6. Urogue
    7. Vanessa
    8. CCC
    9. Crossword
    10. Darkstorm
    11. Freedom
    12. taboo
    13. wolfwood
    14. Gekko135
    15. Nanlit
    16. o-chan
    17. Satsuki
    18. Shift
    19. Steven D. Teach

    N. Friendliest
    1. MetaMario
    2. Outerspec
    3. Katzztar
    4. Captain Ugly
    5. Wagomu
    6. Epoida
    7. Sorikai33
    8. RobZilla
    9. Satsuki
    10. benjamminbrown

    O. Funniest
    1. Skadi
    2. RamistaR
    3. Wagomu
    4. Purple Hermit
    5. Cyan D. Funk
    6. Green_Vs_Red
    7. Prismeru
    8. Miss Saturday
    9. Noob
    10. Noqanky

    P. Best Researcher
    1. Kaizou 10
    2. Redon
    3. Galaxy 9000
    4. sandman
    5. Bigivel
    6. Monkey King
    7. Aohige_AP
    8. jojolion

    Q. Craziest
    1. Prismeru
    2. Wagomu
    3. zachri
    4. Captain Ugly
    5. Lef
    6. Warp Predator
    7. noob
    8. TonyTheChoppa

    R. Pirate King
    1. Robby
    2. wolfwood
    3. Wagomu
    4. RobZilla
    5. Purple Hermit
    6. Foolio
    7. Cyan D. Funk
    8. MetaMario
    9. Tyrano
    10. CCC

    S. Pirate Queen
    1. Captain Usopp
    2. Katzztar
    3. Noqanky
    4. Satsuki
    5. Demon Rin
    6. Taboo
    7. Femme
    8. Miss Saturday
    9. Nolus
    10. trappedolphin
    11. valiantt

    T. Best Artist
    1. Katzztar
    2. Skadi
    3. DartG
    4. Lef
    5. Tabasco Boshi
    6. noob
    7. Deathborn
    8. benjamminbrown
    9. Sai-Chan

    Creativity Based Awards

    U. Best Fanart
    1. A merry late Christmas by Don Santa - Sai-Chan
    2. Pirate Usopp - Tabasco Boshi
    3. "What if The Donquixote Family All Dressed Like Dellinger" by Skadi
    4. Kyros' family potrait by noob

    V. Best Avatar
    1. Miss Saturday
    2. RamistaR (Samuel L. Pekoms)
    3. Nolus
    4. CCC (CCC's Majora's Mask)
    5. Benjaminnbrown's Mario Senior Star
    6. Dark_Ritual
    7. sandman
    8. King Kobra

    W. Best Signature
    1. Kazhar
    2. Sanders
    3. Light Bro (Made by RamistaR)
    4. Lef
    5. Furisu
    6. Skadi's Sexy Corazon
    7. Devil G
    8. Demon Rin
    9. Silverblade
    10. Project1980

    Manga Related Awards

    X. One Piece - Best Moment.
    1. Usopp Awakens Haki
    2. Corazon's death
    3. Hakuba awakens
    4. "Call me Don" - Sai Defeats Lao G and wins Baby 5's heart
    5. Double Hardboiled
    6. Dressrosa falls into a panic!!
    7. Pica terraforms Dressrosa like his personal sandbox
    8. God Usopp
    9. A new alliance is formed (non-mangareader link)
    10. Cora-san is keeping himself alive to let Law escape

    Y. One Piece - Worst Moment
    1. Issho slowly defeats gamblers
    2. Usopp, where are you going
    3. Without trying, Rebecca begs Soldier-san to save her
    4. No Giants or Fishman for you, Kyros.( Episode 676)
    5. Not the string clone again!
    6. The anime extensions of Franky's fight scenes.
    7. Male Chauvinism Parody: You're doing it wrong
    8. Oda is toying around with Robin (non-mangareader link)
    9. RIP Vice Admiral Rank
    10. Tontatta shout outs the plan to Sugar & Trebol

    Z. Naruto - Worst Moment
    1. Sakura doesn't understand patterns.
    2. For a mass murderer, Obito is the coolest guy!
    3. Namingway attacks!
    4. Deadbito lends Kakashi an eyeball so he can see necktie on doorknob
    5. Zetsus's ATTACK FROM BEHIND!
    6. Sasuke's Heel Turn
    7. Naruto tortures Guy by making him live after the opening of Eight Gates
    8. The Epilogue
    9. Naruto > Sakura
    10. Naruto and Sasuke are butt buddies "blood brothers".

    AA. Bleach - Worst Moment
    1. A is for "Asspull", K is for "Meh."
    2. Bleach Fails at Science, Bruh
    3. Kenpachi's Shikai is as huge as it is awful
    4. Gigi is actually a guy because he/she smells like semen.
    5. Kubo kills off the established villain cast to immediately introduce new one
    6. Gremmy, the worst imagination-powered being in all of fiction's history. Oh, and it turns out he's just a brain.
    7. SternRitter U - Theuseless
    8. Diaper boy love´s
    9. Giselle turns out to be a necrophile
    10. The Death Dealer and his entire chapter of explaining his stupid bullshit science on lethal doses just to be cut down at the end of the chapter

    BB. Best Series
    1. Hunter X Hunter
    2. Tokyo Ghoul
    3. Assassination Classroom
    4. My Hero Academia
    5. World Trigger
    6. The Seven Deadly Sins
    7. Koe no Katachi
    8. Kingdom
    9. Space Dandy
    10. Mob Psycho 100
    12. Knights of Sidonia
    13.Ping Pong - The Animation
    14.Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders
    15. Magi The Labyrinth of Magic

    CC. Worst Series
    1. Naruto
    2. Bleach
    3. Cross Ange
    4. Hunter X Hunter
    5. Akame Ga Kill
    6. Fairy Tail
    7. Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei
    8. Nisekoi
    9. Claymore
    10. The private version of One Piece that Darth reads

    General Discussion Awards

    DD. Movie of the Year - Best
    1. Guardians of the Galaxy
    2. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    3. Nightcrawler
    4. Captain America: The Winter Soldier
    5. The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies
    6. Godzilla
    7. The Edge of Tomorrow
    8. Grand Budapest Hotel
    9. Wick
    10. Birdman
    11. A Long Way Down

    EE. Movie of the Year - Worst
    1. A Million Ways to Die in the West
    2. The Legend of Hercules
    3. Lucy
    4. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
    5. The Amazing Spider-Man 2
    6. Left Behind
    7. God's Not Dead
    8. The Expendables 3
    9. Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas
    10. The Maze Runners
    11. Transformers 4

    FF. Animated Film of the Year

    1. Tale of the Princess Kaguya
    2. Big Hero 6
    3. How to Train Your Dragon 2
    4. The Lego Movie
    5. The Book of Life
    6. Penguins of Madagascar
    7. The Boxtrolls

    GG. Best Game of the Year

    1. Five Nights at Freddy's
    2. Super Smash Brothers for WiiU/3DS
    3. Mario Kart 8
    4. Watch Dogs
    5. The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
    6. South Park: Stick of Truth
    7. Dragon Age: Inquisition
    8. Hyrule Warriors
    9. Destiny
    10. Bayonetta 2
    11. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes
    12. The Talos Principle
    13. World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor

    HH. Worst Game of the Year
    1. F.E.A.R. Online
    2. Sonic Boom
    3. The Evil Within
    4. Bravely Default
    5. Dungeon Keeper (iOS)
    6. Rambo: The Video Game
    7. Star Wars: Commander
    8. AC: Unity
    9. COD : Advanced Warfare

    Special/Bonus Categories

    II. Best Western Animated Series
    1. Regular Show
    2. Gravity Falls
    3. Legend of Korra
    4. Bob's Burgers
    5. Steven Universe
    6. Ricky and Morty
    7. Over the Garden Wall

    JJ. Favorite Smash Brothers Character
    1. King Dedede
    2. Bowser
    3. Wario
    4. Duck Hunt
    5. Dark Pit
    6. Donkey Kong
    7. Kirby
    8. Mii
    9. Robin
    10. Jigglypuff
    11. Samus
    12. Palutena
    13. Mr Game&Watch
    14. Megaman
    15. Shulk

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread: #SkeletonGate.

    Best Thread: The users who read, but rarely post.
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Best Thread: Oda's Interviews.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread: Will Luffy die ?
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread: SpoilersCh.770

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    These categories will go faster if everybody remembers to link the thread or post in question; preferably with [thread][/ thread] or [post][/ post]. Remove the spaces of course.
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Best Thread: Arlong Park One Piece Character Popularity Poll : The Results (

    Rob's efforts here were amazing.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Best Thread:Manga Anime Guardian

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst: hommer simson

    However, this is a case of so bad it's good.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread: Spoiler 770
    Best Thread: Oda's Interviews

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by Supernova View Post
    Worst Thread: Spoiler 770
    Best Thread: Oda's Interviews
    One nomination per user.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RamiStar
    Best Thread: One Pace
    That started in 2013 with most of the thread occurring that year so it wouldn't be eligible.

    Quote Originally Posted by KageKageKing View Post
    One nomination per user.
    Per open category; doesn't make sense to have to more than one open otherwise.

    --- Update From New Post Merge ---

    Quote Originally Posted by ZONBI View Post
    Best Thread: Oda's Interviews.
    Quote Originally Posted by Supernova View Post
    Worst Thread: Spoiler 770
    Best Thread: Oda's Interviews
    Those nominations were already made.
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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    best thread: My Hero Academia

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst thread = What is a Giant?

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

    Worst Thread: SpoilersCh.770

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    Default Re: Nominations and Candidates Thread.

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