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Thread: Brook vs Enel

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Vote for Enel!

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Wow, those Enel campaigns really coming on strong. Still voting Brook though. Hooray for being able to vote!

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    Rock vs Rap... ROCK OBVIOUSLY!!!

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Brook because Silverblade.

    I love Enel like a daughter, but this is what I must do.

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Those who do not vote Enel will be judged.

    Because we can see your names on the voter poll.
    Everything's Eventual...

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    You are my true lord and savior, Enel.

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Voting Enel.

    Do the electric slide
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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Vote for Enel! He wrecked the "To Be Continued" slate!

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    The Ten Commandments of the LORD:

    1. Thou shalt vote for the LORD
    2. Thou shalt not use alts to vote against the LORD
    3. Thou shalt not cast stones againsteth those who vote for the LORD
    4. Thou shalt not love thouself of any other more than the LORD
    5. Thou shalt not post campaigns that do not merit the LORD
    6. Thou shalt declareth thine love of the LORD every time thou posts
    7. Thou shalt make the LORD the 2014 Champion
    8. Thou shalt not worship false idols like Bartolomeo, for they do not represent the LORD
    9. Thou shalt not cheat on the LORD with Brook
    10. Thou shalt not useth the LORD's name in vein, lest thou receiveth the LORD's judgment in the face

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Quote Originally Posted by Ouroboros View Post
    God vs. Satan: The Popularity Contest Edition.
    Oh my I forgot about that alias for Brook! XD

    But still.. gonna vote for Enel ... after all if I can't vote for the current God Usopp, then by proxy it goes to the previous God Enel

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Lighting Sanji's cigs since 2003! Vote God!

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Um ................... go Brook?

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Was undecided in the announcement thread, but now, due to the campaigns I've pretty much decided.

    Enel it is.

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    I'm not an Em fan, but rap is my genre.

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    Love them both equally so voting for Brook since he's beind.

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    It's showtime! Go Brook!

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    For everyone not voting for Enel

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    I've got to vote for


    And so should you

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    And I don't even feel this way, it's just a hilarious quote.

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    Default Re: Brook vs Enel

    I just don't know. My favorite Straw Hat vs Favorite villain. I just don't know. I think I have to abstain.

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