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Thread: One Night Ultimate Werewolf: One Piece Edition

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    Default One Night Ultimate Werewolf: One Piece Edition

    One Night Ultimate Werewolf is a variant of the game Werewolf, which is a variant of the game Mafia. in One Night Ultimate Werewolf, there is only one night phase and one day phase. At the most basic set-up, the goal is the following: there are two werewolves, their win condition is to keep each other alive; the rest are villagers, whose win condition is lynch one of the werewoves; there is also the Tanner, a villager who hates his job and his village and whose win condition is to get himself killed. The game works like this: during the night, players will enact their corresponding roles' actions. After all players do their actions, the day phase occurs. For a set amount of time, all players must deliberate on who to kill off. BUT, an important part of the games is to learn if YOU are still who you were at the start of the night. Check this video out to see a sample game.

    At its shortest description, it's Werewolf but with only one round. This is why this thread should be separate from the OP Mafia thread. It's a variant of the normal game, and is very different in structure. Instead of having on goal, you have two goals: deduce what your role is during the morning, and attain the win condition that comes with that role.

    This forum game is to be a more manageable, lighter version, and quicker version of the normal Mafia game. The way this game works is essentially the same:

    The captain of a notorious pirate crew has found out that Marines have secretly inserted themselves among their ranks. It is up to the crew to get rid of at least one of the Marine spies and ruin their plan. The marines in turn must survive their last day before they go back to HQ with their intel.
    The Game
    Spaces are signed up for. Games can vary in sizes, minimum at three players and maximum at ten. All games will start with choosing which roles should be active and which roles shouldn't be. Despite this, all games, even 10 player games, will have three more roles than the actual number of players. Any roles that go unused will be be aptly called "Unused Roles". Players will be assigned roles given to them using a randomizer.

    The night phase starts when the moderator posts "EVERYONE, CLOSE YOUR EYES". The night phase will be handled through PMs. Players must send their actions to the current game moderator. Unlike the actual game that provides a free app that rids the need of a moderator, there will be a moderator (probably usually me, as this game isn't too hard to handle and will not actually vary much from person to person). During the night phase, no one is allowed to post in this thread, unless it is important and does not affect the current game. The night ends after all players have sent their actions to the moderator, and the moderator posts "EVERYONE, WAKE UP."

    The day phase is very simple: players must deliberate in this thread on who's who. Due to the nature of the game, you may or may not be the same role as you were during the night. You might start as Pirate during the night, but end up being a Marine during the morning. This is important. It will not matter if you were one role before, your win condition relfects on what your current role is during the morning. Players must discuss what they did last night in this thread during the day. They can outright say who they are, or they can lie about it. Pirates must find out and kill the Marines to win, while Marines must keep all Marines alive win. You cannot talk to anyone personally outside of this thread. No one can really stop you from doing so, so this will be an honour system. The day ends after the moderator posts "TIME IS UP! VOTE NOW!"

    The voting process will occur after, during a set amount of time depending on the game. The one with the most votes will be lynched.

    The Roles
    The Pirates
    Your goal as a group is to lynch a Marine. You will lose if a Pirate dies, a Traitor dies, or if a Slave dies.

    Roles that wake up during the night:
    • Look Out: You will learn another player's role, or learn two of the Unused Roles. There is only one Look Out.
    • Cook: You will learn one Unused Role. There is only one Cook.
    • Swordsman: You wake up and find out who the other swordsman is. There are only two Swordsmen.
    • Thief: You will exchange your role with any other player of your choosing, and find out what your new role is. There is only one Thief.
    • Cabin Boy: You will exchange the roles of two other players, but you will not find out what their roles are. There is only one Cabin Boy.
    • Drunk: You will exchange your role with any of the Unused Roles, but you may not look at your new role. There is only one Drunk.
    • Musician: You will look at one of the Unused Roles, and exchange that role with another player's role. There is only one Musician.
    • Spy: You will learn up to two roles of other player. If you learn that a player is Marine or a Slave, you may not learn any more roles, and you become a Marine or a Slave.
    • Navigator: You will wake up to check if you are still the navigator.
    • Gossip: You will learn another player's role, and that player's role will be revealed to everyone else through the moderator. If the role you learn is a Marine or a Slave, the moderator will not reveal the player's role to everyone else.
    • Haki User: You will learn the names of all player who has viewed or switched cards.
    • Pet: You will stay by the side of another player, and that player's role will be protected from being messed with. This means that it cannot be learned, exchanged, revealed, or afflicted with a Devil Fruit. The protected player will still do their action no matter what it is. The Pet may not know the role of the player they are protecting.
    • Devil Fruit User: You will eat a Devil Fruit during the night. You will not know what fruit you ate, but you will use your new power on another player. The affected player will then have a status cast upon them that will force them to act in a certain way during the morning. Despite this, the affected player may act like they were affected by a different fruit. So if you were affected by the Washu Washu no Mi, you can act like you were affected by the Nagi Nagi no Mi instead. The devil fruits and its effects are the following:
      • Nagi Nagi no Mi: mutes a player, and disables them from talking during the morning. Effect goes away during voting.
      • Noro Noro no Mi: may only post once, and only at the end of the morning phase. The player cannot edit the post.
      • Washu Washu no Mi: the player affected gets their heart gets "cleansed" and the player becomes a Cipher Pol Agent.
      • Hobi Hobi no Mi: the player affected becomes a toy who is ordered to follow the pirates, and essentially becomes Cannon Fodder.
      • Horo Horo no Mi: the player affected becomes negative and essentially becomes a Slave.
      • Samu Samu no Mi: nothing happens.
    Roles that do not wake up during the night:
    • Cannon Fodder: You are a low ranked member of your pirate crew. There can be multiple Cannon Fodder.
    • Doctor: You will protect any player you vote for during the lynching process. Be careful, as if you vote for a Marine, you will protect that Marine from being killed and the Marines win. There is only one Doctor.
    • Sniper: If you are killed, you may snipe the player you voted for. There is only one Sniper.
    • Captain: You cannot be killed. If you get the most votes, it will be nullified and the second most voted will be the lynched instead. There is only one Captain.
    • Fighter: You are a normal pirate, but if during the voting process a Marine votes for you, you will attack one of the Marines that voted for you and they will get killed as well, and the Marines will lose.
    The Marines
    Your goal as a group is to keep every Marine alive. You will lose if you a Marine is killed, or if a Slave is killed.

    Roles that wake up during the night:
    • Cipher Pol Agent: You will wake up and find out who the other Marines are. There are only up to two Cipher Pol Agents, except if the Washu Washu no Mi or the Recruiter is active. If there is only one Cipher Pol Agent during the night, the Agent will learn one of the Unused Roles.
    • Traitor: You are a traitor to your crew. You will find out who the Marines are, but they will not know that you are the Traitor. You are on the Marines' side, and if you are killed, you and the Marines win. There is only one Traitor.
    • Marine Photographer: You will find out another player's role. There is only one Marine Photographer.
    • Vice Admiral: When the recruiter is active, there will be four Unused Roles instead, with the 4th Role being an extra Cipher Pol Agent. You will learn another player's role, and will exchange that role with the Unused Cipher Pol Agent.
    Roles that do not wake up during the night:
    • Prisoner: You are a captured Marine. The other Marines will know who you are, but you will not know who they are. There is only one Prisoner.
    Roles that do not wake up during the night:
    • Slave: You are a slave that hates both pirates and marines. You will win the game if you get yourself killed, and will lose if you do not. There is only one Slave, except if the Horo Horo no Mi is active. A Slave and a player afflicted by the Horo Horo no Mi are not on the same team, and are only out for themselves.
    Unused Roles
    Unused Roles will be numbered 1, 2, and 3. Players will have to pick from those numbers, and the moderator will provide the corresponding role.

    Order of Night Actions
    Though PMing the moderator will work at any time, certain roles will "occur" before another role. For example, a Look Out will enact their action before a Thief does. This means that the Look Out will learn the role of another player "before" the Thief exchanges their card. So if the Thief targets the same player as the Look Out, the Look Out will not learn that said player is a Thief, but rather, the original role that player was. This means that the moderator may not be able to reply until another player who comes before your role does their action. Keep that in mind. The person afflicted by the Devil Fruit User will not learn they were afflicted until the night is over.

    The night phase occurs in the following order:
    1. Pet
    2. Cipher Pol Agent
    3. Vice Admiral
    4. Marine Photographer
    5. Traitor
    6. Swordsman
    7. Look Out
    8. Cook
    9. Spy
    10. Thief
    11. Musician
    12. Cabin Boy
    13. Drunk
    14. Navigator
    15. Gossip
    16. Haki User
    17. Devil Fruit User
    All other roles do nothing during the night, and thus do not know any information before the day phase occurs.


    I'll edit this part once some activity has been generated. For this first game, there should be at least five players. Just as a test run, these are the actives roles:
    1. Cannon Fodder
    2. Look Out
    3. Thief
    4. Cabin Boy
    5. Slave
    6. Cipher Pol Agent
    7. Cipher Pol Agent
    8. Traitor
    In the case that we can't find five players at first, here's an alternative three player game:
    1. Cipher Pol Agent
    2. Marine Photographer
    3. Musician
    4. Thief
    5. Cabin Boy
    6. Navigator
    Current Players:
    1. Shuhan
    This first game will occur as following: 1 day for night phase or when everyone has done their roles, 2 days for the morning phase, and 1 day for the voting phase.
    If you have any questions, ask away!
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    Default Re: One Night Ultimate Werewolf: One Piece Edition

    Oh sign me up, survivor ending has me hankering for more game~

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    Default Re: One Night Ultimate Werewolf: One Piece Edition

    Alright. Four more players to go. I edited the OP to add the order of roles, as well as making the Spy's role clearer. I won't start assigning roles until their's five players. Oh, and even though I say assign, everyone actually gets random roles I generated using random.org.

    I've decided that one days for the night phase or when everyone has done their action, and two days for the day phase, and one day for the voting phase. Hopefully this will work out.

    I adapted the very interesting Curator role from the One Night Ultimate Werewolf Daybreak expansion in the form of the Devil Fruit User. Since that role is much more complicated than the other roles, it shouldn't be active in smaller games. I might add more types of Devil Fruits if I can think of any that isn't too OP.

    Edit: I added more stuff. Most of the roles from the Daybreak expansions has been added. The new roles are the Cook, the Gossip, the Pet, and the Vice Admiral. I also added the Samu Samu no Mi, to balance out the Devil Fruit User. Some of these new roles might seem OP and weak, but they're all very powerful and make for some interesting games if they are active with certain other roles. For example, if you only have one Cipher Pol Agent active, but you also have the Cook active, which one is which? I have to mention that the Vice Admiral is very, very powerful, and shouldn't be active in small games.

    Hopefully this game takes off. I wanna see how well it does as a forum game, since in real life, this game is so much fun.

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    Default Re: One Night Ultimate Werewolf: One Piece Edition

    Since this doesn't seem to be garnering much attention as I originally thought, I made an alternative first game if we don't get five players. I also added two roles, the Fighter and the Haki User, both pirates. I've got all of the roles from the actual games pretty much, aside from the very complicated Doppleganger.

    You are on a quest to become the Pirate Prince, and you decide your fate!

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