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Thread: The One Piece Drawing Game

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    Default The One Piece Drawing Game

    Dont think if you cant draw, you cant play this game: Thats not true! You can suck at drawingand still enjoy playing this game; being witty and creative as how to describe your word is more important than having a jolly drawing.

    The game is pretty simple:
    One of the players recieve a certain term, lets say "Monkey D. Luffy" and this players must draw something that is related to that term. He can decide and try to actually draw the character Monkey D. Luffy or choose to make a challenge and draw only some parts of his characteristics. The only rule is not to write words out while drawing. There are some exceptions but we get to that later.

    The other players just need to guess the word and write it down. The first person who guessed it right gains the full amount of points for example 10 points, the second gains 8 points and so on. The drawing person receive also points for each person who got the term right.
    There is a time limit for the person while he is drawing and also a time limit for the first time it was guessed correctly. There are rounds, where everyone should have the chance to draw at least once.
    Winner is of course the person who has the most points.

    Here are some general tipps while playing:
    • Once its your turn to draw, it is REALLY important that you start with a line, a dot or something before thinking too much about your word. This is to make sure that the game wont move you to the away-status, otherwise the game will skip your turn and move to the next player for drawing.
    • If you come across a really difficult word and you cant think of a way as how to draw that, try to be as simple as possible. If you really cant think of anything else, you can always give a hint or skip the word.
    • There are two windows: A chat window and a game window. Give your words in the game window, otherwise they wont count for the game.
    • If you have time, you can read more about the instructions on the isketch-Site.

    Creating a room:
    Anyone can create a room, they should just declare it in this thread, so that there are no multiple rooms. On the main menu above the main chat, there is an option to create a room. Following that link, you'll see a window with setting options and a List of categories to choose from. Choose "One Piece" and change the settings as followed:

    Room name: v2
    • Player Limit: 0
    • Time / Round: 180
    • Grace Period: 20
    On advanced options you can choose more setting-changes but we'll leave that on default for the moment.

    Now about the organisation of the players. I know not everyone is at the same time online, so we might have a problem there, if we want many people to play at the same time. We can try and see which is a good time to be online and not.
    For now, I just want to make sure that everyone knows about this game and to be informed whether they want to play it or not.

    If there are any more questions, go ahead and ask.

    Here is the link for the site, you need to have adobe shockwave installed (After installing it, the site demands for an Username and password, ignore the password and just type in any username you want):

    Up to: Chapter 650
    Terms: 1676
    Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Robin, Franky, Brook, Jimbei, Carrot, Vivi, Smoker

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    Default Re: The One Piece Drawing Game

    that's an impressive list. i'll sign up for now and keep an eye on the activity level over the next few days

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    Default Re: The One Piece Drawing Game

    Very interesting.

    Hopefully people start playing.

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