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Thread: DC TV Series Thread - Crossovers where heroes SING!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Md-Martin View Post
    I haven't seen Doom Patrol yet.

    Titans...I was not a fan of. Actors were honestly fine for me, but the show just felt....off. I only got into it in the last few episodes to be honest. The next season will need to improve a lot to keep me invested.

    I haven't seen Constantine either except for his appearences on Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow. I absolutely love him in those! A friend of mine started watching Legends just because they added Constantine and he loved his solo show. So it's on my list to check out.

    And I could be wrong, but I believe they were making animated Constantine episodes for CW Seed ala Vixen's show(with Matt Ryan reprising the role)
    I need to get back on Doom Patrol, but the 4th wall breaking villain/narrator annoys the hell outta me.

    Only seen clips of Titans. It's a show with potential. The clips with Dick and Jason Todd (Batman's new partner) were fun. I'm actually interested in giving the second season a shot, especially because…
    Superboy and Krypto are joining the cast.

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    Default Re: DC TV Series Thread - Crossovers where heroes SING!

    The last couple episodes of Supergirl have been great.

    I like that Lex was behind the entire Agent Liberty storyline. Also John Cryer's performance of Lex have been really great.

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