On this episode we are joined by Ed, Jason, Steve, Firecrouch, and Stephen, with a special appearance from Jammer for the Manga Recap. We start with a brisk round of news with Firecrouch, a jumbo-sized Manga Recap of Chapter 650, a quick Anime Recap of Episode 528, some thought-provoking questions from the fans in the Piece Together, and then it’s time to say goodbye, but fear not, we’ll be back next week with our all-singing, all-dancing Xmas special.


Jammer and Greg’s Jump Festa Jumpventure

00:00:00 – Opening
00:01:58 – News with Firecrouch
00:10:31 – Jump Festa 2012 Livestream
00:13:07 – Manga Recap Chapter 650
00:53:06 – Anime Recap Episode 528
01:12:01 – Piece Together
01:34:28 – Good Bye!

Next week we’ll have our season finale with Zach and with Greg as he goes through his trip at Jump Festa 2012, PLUS we’ll be releasing our second annual Christmas Special!