In today's jampacked episode, PODCAST WEST takes over and throws down with the latest news, including a video of an incredibly creepy Luffy and Goku, a double anime recap for episodes 524-525, a manga recap for chapter 647, a rather lengthy and informative Pieces of Eight (Full of pictures and fun), and a new segment called AniManga Express. To top it all off, a couple of the east coast guys jump in and talk about their experiences at Anime USA.

On for the majority of the podcast today are myself (Jammer), Dominic, Dennis "Ichnob," Firecrouch, and Stephen. Don't forget that Podcast West will continue to fill in up until Christmas.

00:00:00 Opening and Contest Announcement
00:04:03 News with Firecrouch
00:14:33 Piece By Piece: Anime USA
00:36:38 Interview Jr. Saga Promo
00:37:29 Anime Recap: Episodes 524-525
01:19:04 Manga Recap: Chapter 647
01:40:14 Pieces of Eight
02:16:52 Hunter X Hunter Podcast Promo
02:29:36 The AniManga Express
02:38:39 Update
02:39:42 To Be Continued...

Another thing to look forward to is season 2 of The Interview Jr. Saga every Friday. Up this coming Friday is an interview with voice actor Monica Rial. Click HERE for more details.

Also, kind of a big deal is our NEW CONTEST that has just been kicked off. You can hear details on the episode, and I will put up a post on Tuesday outlining the specifics.

If you are listening direct from the site or using the MP3 feed, you can check out the figures we discuss in the Pieces of Eight BY CLICKING ON THIS LINK.


Last but not least is the video starring Goku and Luffy at the International Emmy Awards. It is creepy. You have been warned: