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Thread: Episode 192, "Dragonball on a Boat"

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    Default Episode 192, "Dragonball on a Boat"

    DOWNLOAD AT: http://onepiecepodcast.com/blog/2011...all-on-a-boat/

    On this episode of The One Piece Podcast we play some catch-up after announcing Season 4 of One Piece, and talk with Greg and Stephen! We start with some News with Ed and Greg, then we head into a mega-recap for Volume 64 including a look at the SBS and a lot more. Then we have a Manga Recap of Chapter 644, "To Zero" immediately followed by a Manga Recap of Chapter 655, "Death is Another Form of Revenge." Of course, we round off with some Piece Together. We also have a special segment for those who have had technical problems or just don't know what our AAC feed is. Next week look forward to an Anime Recap marathon, including the recap of three anime episodes just for you.

    0:00:00 Introduction
    0:05:27 News with Ed and Greg
    0:16:11 How to Listen to The One Piece Podcast
    0:25:31 Volume 64 Recap
    1:17:27 Interlude
    1:18:20 Manga Recap: Chapter 644
    1:52:00 Promo
    1:52:55 Manga Recap: Chapter 645
    2:24:43 Piece Together with Zach and Stephen
    2:39:34 To Be Continued

    Mentioned on this podcast:
    Players that play M4A (AAC) files
    One Piece Batteries

    Without further ado, enjoy the show:
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    Default Re: Episode 192, "Dragonball on a Boat"

    2 and a half hours of OPP goodness.
    Can't wait to listen to it!

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    Default Re: Episode 192, "Dragonball on a Boat"

    Best intro ever. LMAO!!!

    by the way, why isn't Greg doing Manga Recap anymore? =(

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    Default Re: Episode 192, "Dragonball on a Boat"

    I can't get manga chapters a day and a half early like where I used to live :(

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    Default Re: Episode 192, "Dragonball on a Boat"

    very nice post i like this forum very much ........

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    Default Re: Episode 192, "Dragonball on a Boat"

    Whoa, a famous-y person!
    My favorite films of all time - One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest; The Apartment; The Shining; Rear Window; Casablanca; All About Eve; Amadeus; Stalag 17; The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence; Key Largo; Ball of Fire; Alien; Dr. Strangelove; The Good, The Bad and The Ugly; Vertigo; Jaws; Punch-Drunk Love

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