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    Attention:Spoilers of episode 31 in here
    ( not many people may be before this episode (i am on this one) but i don't want to risk)

    In this episode when Luffy is with Yosaku and Sanji in their little boat,
    Yosaku explains them that the Gran Line has three superpowers and that one of them is the shichibukai (seven great pirates that have allied themselves with the world government).

    What are the others superpowers of Grand Line? Akuma no Mi?
    Don't tell me only your suppositions because there must official ones.

    Link of the video:
    minute 4:40

    P.S.: This is my first post.

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    Default Re: Grand Line Question

    Hello. Welcome to the forums.

    Word of advice: if you really are only at episode 31, you will be spoiled here. The majority of people are currently caught up with the series in both the anime and the manga. So keep browsing at your own risk.

    As for the answer to your question. The other two superpowers are the Marines and the Yonkou, four great pirate crews that are not allied with the World Government.
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    Default Re: Grand Line Question

    Hmm, I think you should wait a little bit and catch up to some of the more recent episodes before posting again, since you're the one primarily at risk of catching some spoilers...:/

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    Default Re: Grand Line Question

    Shichibukai (Seven Warlords of the Sea)

    Yonkou (Four Emperors)


    You should read the manga, too. Just sayin.

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    Welcome to the forums. First off you should have asked here

    And about the three powers. The shichibukai are one of them, and the others are revealed later. If you want to be spoiled...

    The Shichibukai: the seven pirates working for the government. The Yonkou: four pirates in the second half of the grandline. One of these pirates are Shanks. The Yonku are all independent. And the Marines
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    Default Re: Grand Line Question

    1. Shichibukai (privateers)

    2. World Government/Marines

    3. Yonkou (the four strongest pirates who rule in the second half of the Grand Line, Shanks is one)
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    Beware of spoilers from a chapter that happened 11 years ago.
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    Official chapter discussions now start Sundays at Noon, EST.
    Please do not post threads when scan sites release their version, and just discuss those releases in the spoiler thread.

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