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Thread: Western Comics thread

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    Weekly X
    Wait Farouk was close to 600 years when Charles offed him? Damn, the Shadow King Spa treatment must be Omega Class. (Well we saw him body jumping after and kinda transmuting the host into Farouk so that's probably the better answer.) Gabby is speaking the truth, give us back Madelyne and Nathan.

    Hank still a douche no surprise, the Dracula situation will probably be left for another big event after the whole Knull is coming (which I've been told sounds awful in swede), and what the hell was in that meteorite?

    Damn, Strange Academy is hitting the gas.

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    Anyone else exited about this?

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    I was waiting for Cable 7 and X16 to drop to do the weekly X, but I thing they will only drop next wednesday. Alas:
    New dynamics on the for the Excalibur group, and Betsy is definitely not on Earth 616.

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    The Last Weekly X of the Year
    Nothing much to talk about Wolverine 8.
    Oh great, Arakko and Krakoa ain't buddies no more. A whole event wasted.

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    Default Re: Western Comics thread

    Finally started reading Alan Moore's Swamp Thing and, yeah, I pretty much instantly love this.

    I guess this was a continuation of an ongoing series, which I guess would've been nice to read, but Alan does a fine job of getting the reader up to speed.

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    First Weekly X of the year
    Well something is clearly wrong with Syren.
    Hahahah that was glorious to see Hodge die...again...and there's something up with Kwannon.

    Man this Thor Saga is being extremely entertaining.

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    Si Spurrier, writer of the best X-Men comic of the '10s, is back!!

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    We suck at being consistent or writing good stories so bye bye continuity:


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    I... what?

    Give me a tldr please.
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    What I understood was that everything became an esleworld, basically.
    Continuity is throw off the window.

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    They threw continuity out the window at least with Superman when they killed off new 52 Superman and Lois then essentially merge their memories with another Clark and Lois who were essentially supposed to be Pre New 52 Clark and Lois but weren’t.

    Which leads to weird shit like New 52 Lois exposing New 52 Clark’s identity that getting retconned (I guess) only for the other Clark (that’s merge) to reveal his identity in the Newer books anyway.
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    Of fucking course Marvel could be left behind in shaming themselves

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    I don’t agree with it, but the Clone Saga came back in vogue years ago due to nostalgic fans.

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    Is miles vs his European clone? Or just miles vs peter ‘s clones?
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    Weekly X

    Nice fight between Calisto and Ororo, as usual. Wonder what Emma is plotting in the shadows and what will happen at the gala.
    And dragged again to crossover land in SWORD 2.

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    Weekly X
    Great the clone of old butt is back before the old butt himself.
    Namor and Hank fight for whom is the bitchiest mutant alive.

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    "Heh, makes sense. He's a white dude's fantasy."
    Scumbag is nice.

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    Hey let's make Danvers more of Mary Sue in the comics because this is what hollywood directors think female empowerment means and she's one the main names in phase 4:

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    Carol isn't a Mary Sue in either the comic or the film....

    I'm absolutely loving this Captain Marvel run.

    It irritates me to no end how the term "Mary Sue" has been ruined and now simply refers to any somewhat strong female character that upsets men...
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    Default Re: Western Comics thread

    Ok, indeed came in a certain bad faith here, I didn't saw the movie and I'm not following anything on Marvel besides X-Series and Ms. Marvel.
    My issue with Carol started with Civil War II: Fascist Boogaloo where she's absolutely wrong, yet they try to spin that there's any shred intelligent argument on both sides of the conflict.

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