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Thread: Only you can prevent Spambots

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    Default Only you can prevent Spambots

    Please don't respond to them.
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    Default Re: Only you can prevent Spambots

    And quoting them is even worse. There is a "delete all posts by a user"-hotbutton, but it doesn't work when the content has spread into your posts as well. So please, don't become a spambot yourself.

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    Default Re: Only you can prevent Spambots

    and always use report button

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    Default Re: Only you can prevent Spambots

    you do know spambots are rarely used on forums right most of them is someone just copy and pasting and making new threads.
    however i agree with not quoting them because it makes the mods job take twice as long

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    Default Re: Only you can prevent Spambots

    I reported the recent one in all the threads he made, so about 3/4 times. But it's always nice to have a little fun with the dying threads.
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    Default Re: Only you can prevent Spambots

    Remember folks, in the rules section is a line that says
    -- Absolutely no "in b4 lock!!1!" posts or variants. Doing so may result in a one day ban.
    So, even if its a blatant spambot, just report it. Don't play with it.
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