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    Quote Originally Posted by BattleFranky69 View Post
    Are they gonna keep going without Mallory now that Jessica Walter has passed on? Or are they hanging it up after this latest season?
    They wrote her out in the last episode of the season as best they could given the circumstances. They'll be continuing without her.

    I feel like the show needs to wrap up soon regardless though. They're just sort of going through the motions and repeating themselves now.

    For all that the three dreamland seasons didn't add anything to the ongoign story or character growth, they were refreshing changes of pace. So was the Vice season.

    It just feels like they've run the gammut on what they can do with the spy stuff with these characters.
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    Well considering
    Lana and Robert looking like they're going to have a rough time continuing and he's the one in charge of their company
    this does feel like the kind of thing they can speed-jump into concluding in a favorable way for ol' Sterling. I just wish these last couple of seasons were at least 10 episodes instead of 8.

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