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Thread: Manga vs comic

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    Default Manga vs comic

    I didn't know if I should put this in fan fics or whatever so here it is.

    make your own roster of manga ( i prefer shoen jump) characters vs comic characters (such as DC and Marvel)
    now you can do this in whatever format you want so I'll begin

    Goku vs Hulk (goku would win most likely maybe I should have done silver surfer but I hate silver surfer to big of a cry baby.... maybe sentry)

    Naruto vs spider-man (Did this because spider senses vs shadow clones would be nasty)

    Luffy vs Wolverine (sharp claws vs strong fist brawler vs brawler I think it's a good match up)

    Ichigo vs Iron man? (didn't know what to do)

    you guys can come up with your own I did main characters (shoen jump) vs well known Marvel characters but you can do what ever you want even villans like sir crocodile vs sand man

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    Default Re: Manga vs comic

    Luffy Vs. Mr. Fantastic
    Death The Kid Vs. Spawn
    Chopper Vs. Cereberus
    Casshern & Guyver Vs. Iron Man & War Machine

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    Default Re: Manga vs comic

    Sorry but no vs. thread of any kind are allowed.

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