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Thread: Unreadable Alien Emails

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    Default Unreadable Alien Emails

    So for some crazy reason I'm getting emails that I can't understand them. They come every 2 weeks or so, but I never open them.

    Which asks the question, "But if you don't open them, how do you know you can't read them."

    Because all I get for subject line and sender info is:




    Veeeeery suspicious. And I'm not opening them unless I'm certain they're safe.


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    Default Re: Unreadable Alien Emails

    Don't open suspicious e-mails or e-mails which you are unsure of where they came from. That's a rule of thumb.

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    Default Re: Unreadable Alien Emails

    I follow that rule, but I always kinda ask "why?". Can simply opening an email really hurt you? Don't you have to click links or attachments in them? Especially if you got an email service like MSN which only displays text to emails not on your allow list.

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    Default Re: Unreadable Alien Emails

    you should click them

    i totally won 1,000,000 dollars from my good friend, the prince of india, you should click that one too

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    Default Re: Unreadable Alien Emails

    Ack, I just got another one!

    I'm getting spammed by mars or something. And no amount of "tag as junkmail" is making it go away.
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    Default Re: Unreadable Alien Emails

    Try changing the encoding, in case it is in some valid language. Though, ... yeah probably a spam.

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    Default Re: Unreadable Alien Emails

    It's Xenu. Run away.

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