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Thread: Pikachu vs Eneru

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    Default Pikachu vs Eneru

    Now we can take this fight seriously.

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    Default Re: Pikachu vs Eneru

    Pikachu would win because in every battle Pikachu had, it won. Plus, Pikachu is small and can dodge Eneru's attacks.

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    Well, as proven in Chapter 117 of the Pokemon manga in his battle with Gengar, Pikachu's lightning travels at 10,000 miles per second with a power rating of 1.5 megawatts. However, in Chapter 298 of the One Piece manga Eneru's lightning travels at 8,000 miles per second as proven by frame 18, for Luffy's face is distorted by a factor of roughly 18 from its normality when he is hit, but it has a power rating of 3 megawatts, thus I can conclude with all confidence that Pikachu would clearly wiin if the wind is traveling at roughly 30 km/h from the southeast.

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    Default Re: Pikachu vs Eneru

    since pikachu controls thunder he can only blast enel away

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    Default Re: Pikachu vs Eneru

    Pikachu has a multi-use tail

    Eneru earlobes are not good enough to beat that

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    Default Re: Pikachu vs Eneru

    Aim for the horn.

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    Default Re: Pikachu vs Eneru

    none of pikachus attacks will work on enel

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    Default Re: Pikachu vs Eneru

    none of eneru's atacks will work on pikachu



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    Default Re: Pikachu vs Eneru

    does enel have a pokeball?
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