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Thread: The Naruto Thread Reborn

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    Quote Originally Posted by "Fire Fist" Ace View Post
    So, new Spoilers:

    Naruto finds Sasuke dead, decides to plow Hinata and smacks her around and takes a shit on her; Kiba X Shikamaru X Zetsu's left half, Tobi and Zetsu's right half open up a taco stand with Zetsu's secret Armenian hot sauce and paper plates, crayon shavings and grass for tacos, Kakashi goes on an epic journey to find his long lost twin cousin, and Tenten grows a third knocker and becomes Ho-kage.

    This has to be true. All of what Firefist says is well thought out and always believable. Believe it? i thinkso.

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    Default Re: The Naruto Thread Reborn

    What a great summary.

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    In the last chapter Naruto looks the most retarded of all his frames.Especially when he gets to the secret Uchiha place.Any other thoughts?

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