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Thread: Nightmares

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    Quote Originally Posted by Leaf Cable View Post
    I once had this nightmare that involved a little black boy sitting behind a stone wall and a fat white guy with glasses sitting behind him. The black boy was eating fetuses and drinking their blood. He called the fetus blood "Jambalaya Juice". As he gorged himself on the fetuses and drank their blood, he started to turn into a mutant fetus. The background got dark and eventually the mutant fetus black boy offered me some "Jambalaya Juice". I woke up in cold sweat.

    I think I have issues.
    ...That is the most messed up dream I've ever heard of.
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    Default Re: Nightmares

    Yeah, I know. I've got even more fucked up nightmares to share, but they're longer and more detailed than that one. I have more nightmares than normal dreams unfortunately.
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    Default Re: Nightmares

    Quote Originally Posted by Leaf Cable View Post
    I have more nightmares than normal dreams unfortunately.
    And I thought I was the only one. It's not a relief still.

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    I'm not sure if this counts as a nightmare, but a couple weeks ago I had a dream that a giant red frog/toad (whatever the species) was doing the crawlstroke in the toilet as I lifted the lid. The last I remember is darting outside and the frog following me before I woke up.

    That still kind of unnerves me, actually.

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    Quote Originally Posted by Kuroneko View Post
    And I thought I was the only one. It's not a relief still.
    Who has normal dreams these days anyway?

    Either I never have "good" dreams or they don't leave enough of an impact for me to remember them after I wake up.

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    Here's one I remember about a year ago. It seemed really strange at the time, but it retrospect it's creepy as hell. I was riding with my brother, and he had hit this old woman's car in the parking lot. She got out and said that we'd pay for what he did. The next minute, I'm back home. I notice that my ears are missing. I look in a mirror to see that I've grown cat ears, and slowly turn into a cat.
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    Default Re: Nightmares

    I don't remember most of my dreams, and my nightmares are rare, but I do get the occasional "you were talking loudly in your sleep" comment when I wake up.

    I'd say the most weird ones(although they are more dreams) would be the ones where I am dreaming of being awake, or am having a dream, but actually sleepwalking it.

    Like one time I remember going to bed and mentioning how a relative had a "snore the size of watermelons". I know, weird, but I was a little kid, and it was a good description. I went to sleep happily, and, here's the weird part, nobody remembered that comment, but they said all night I was "mentioning something about watermelons".
    Another time, I actually was woken up for school(this was probably around the 4th or 5th Grade) and put my clothes on, but was sleepy so I crawled back into bed, thinking if I need to get up and go quick, I'm already ready. I end up waking up, again, and I'm told to put my clothes on. I remember saying "I already put them on, then went back to bed". Problem was, the next thing I heard was "I just put your clothes out, wake up and get ready". And somehow, they were there, in the same pile as before. This happened a couple more times, with me trying different ways to make sure they were on and I was not going to wake up again. After about 4 times of waking up, in my sleeping clothes again, I eventually went off on my mom, shouting "I know it's a dream, I keep getting dressed and all that will happen is I'll wake up without my clothes again! Go away, leave me alone, and let me sleep". I was fed up with putting effort into it only for it to be wasted. Guess what? The time I went crazy was the time I was finally awake, for real.

    Here's the only really "freaky" as in "non aggravating" one. I actually lived 3 days of my life in a dream. I kid you not, I lived 3 days, and I actually had some better than average luck. In the end, I woke up 3 days before I thought I went to sleep, and the morning was similar for about 5 seconds, and then it became obvious it was a dream. Still makes me wonder how I managed to go 3 days, including sleeping while asleep, without even putting much effort into thinking about things.

    My uncle once told me about a nightmare where he flies, but slowly and he has trouble lifting(he's a big guy) so sometimes, there's zombies, and he either gets away, or a couple times they've got him and eaten him.

    This thread proves that "death in dreams = death in real life" can't be true.

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    I had a dream last night that all my friends were dying one by one, and I was being followed around by a baby fox, who was laughing at me.

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    I don't usually have dreams or nightmares. But when I do have dreams or nightmares, I usually forget what they were about the next morning.

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    I'm completely retarted when it comes to dreaming. I always dream about completely random stuff that has no relevance to what I think about

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    my nightmares.. from what I can remember of them, every one else except me, and maybe a few others is enjoying themselves while death occurs. It ranges from gunshots to monsters. Unfortunately I apparently am quite active while asleep, which of course results in injuries.

    I mean, I've had nightmares about being gored, it doesn't surprise me to wake up and have scratchs or holes in my flesh.

    eh.. the creepiest dream I ever had was a reoccuring one in which it was spider eating me, and that because of its poison, I couldn't get away, but I was still alive... didn't leave any marks though.


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    Default Re: Nightmares

    I only watched the throught the opening scene of Resident Evil and I'll be damned if I didn't have a nightmare about it last night.

    Actually, I've been having the most bizzare dreams lately... one where I choked and killed a retarded person and was totally horrified about getting caught, and then one where it was in reverse kinda.. the bus I was on got hijacked and I only escaped by pretending I had been shot, only to find that people who wanted to kill me were everywhere and I ended up getting shot right beneath the heart, and then when I was hiding in the woods, feeling like it was time to die and my only regret was that my family wouldn't know what had happened to me...

    whatever it is i'm eating that's causing this, I gotta lay off

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    My nightmares are ALWAYS fucked up. Yesterday I was being chased by the police in my dream, and I was hiding at my friends house. But then I realized that she called the cops to pick me me up. I was shot and woke up. but the weirdest thing is:
    I was mad at that girl in real life because she betrayed me in my dream. Roaar >:(
    I couldnīt controle it XD
    But know thinks are back to normal I think...^^

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    Default Re: Nightmares

    I think that nightmares try to reveal your fears.

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