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    Oh awesome, well done! I'm too much of a klutz to do things like that so I settle for doing things like rapid photoshops of Trafalgaw Law-Doflamingo hybrids.

    Yupyup. I even commented on your puppy photo! I'll post a photo of the cat that often curls up by my desk when I get a chance. And to save you time, this is my pic.

    None of my friends are into One Piece. My ex got me into it, but well, they're my ex, and that was many years ago now. So I've been keeping the fandom to myself for a long time, making it all the more fun to post silly images of Scratchman Apoo or whatever.
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    How big a model?

    And that's totally the right attitude. Don't go looking for the privileges and they are more likely to come.

    As for the PS...maybe it's because I have Ideo as an avatar? People do seem to take their cues off avatars. There's a photo of me in the Pics thread about 10 or so pages ago if you want to see my real face.
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    Haha, yes, I love the tournament. It's a lot of fun! Especially given all the campaigns that people come up with. I've made a bunch of my own, mostly because it's been a lot of fun just to be really silly with characters I know and love. The privilege thing also stops people breaking the polls by spamming new accounts to get multiple votes.

    Yup, I'm the new girl in the school. I've just been friendly and approachable...or tried to be anyway. That and I made a version of Gally-La Company as vegetables.
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    Yeah, I've only been here a month, but you'd not think that given how I'm part of the community here now. Just by engaging with people and being myself, really. I mean, yeah, I love OP or I'd not be here, but it's the community that makes a forum as opposed to, say, a news site.

    Yeah, you need to be around a bit before you get privileges like thread confusion or voting in the character tournament. That said, you seem to be well on course for this so I wouldn't worry :)
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    It's good that you're posting about the forum, engaging with people beyond simple discussions of One Piece. I was feeling like I was the only newbie who actually did that.
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    Oh, I wouldn't say that. Dude, you're stupidly photogenic.
  7. Oooiiiiiiii to one and all whom have ventured onto this page. Please feel free to leave a hello message or a bit of banter. Diamonds can be your best friend too.
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