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    Done. I found it more bizarrely perverted than cheesy though. "Love into"? Now thats just inappropriate for a chapter like this
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    Well people have different taste, Noblesse is just more awesome than TOG which is also awesome in its own way.
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    Yeah this guy is just awesome. So you read Tower of god? What about Noblesse?
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    your welcome.. :p
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    Tyrogue : Vital Spirit
    Girafarig : Sap Sipper
    Vivillon : Friend Guard
    Clefairy : Friend Guard
    Mightyena : Moxie
    Swilix : Unburden
    Spritzee : Aroma Veil
    Kirlia : Telepathy
    Mankey : Defiant
    Golurk : No Guard
    Dusclops : Frisk
    Drifblim : Flare Boost
    Whirlipede : Speed Boost

    These are some of the pokemon that I'm looking for. If you have any of them in your Friend Safari, one with a hidden ability would be perfect.
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    I only have 2 of your list with spares available atm, but I can breed-off a quick copy of each.

    Which nature Slowpoke would you like and what do you have in return.
  7. stalk stalk stalk
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    I have added your Friend Code please add me back. Sean - 4167-5810-4182
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    What up bro? How mangaspoiler? And others?
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    Not through mangarule, but my summary is here:
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