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    You're welcome, my friend. You definitely are not forgotten. I always remember the people who have been friendly to me and whose company, whether merely virtual or physically real, I have enjoyed.
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    Donīt worry.
    Iīm not asking for anything in return..I just remembered you and wished a happy birthday.
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    Happy birthday !!!
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    No problem thanks again see ya!
    You beat me to it I should have just added you straight away instead of hesitating
    Au plaisir de te relire!
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    It's true so you mean his nen envelopps the antenna & RC like that guy in the heaven arena
    with his toupilles right?

    I want to ask more about manipulation from great distances but must resist spoilers
    (is that what Ging was doing with the tape though?
    )I'll go to the thread for any further questions lol cheers MNI!
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    I see so how does Shalnark's ability work is he good at emitting hatsu to control from a distance?

    It's really good, I have not seen many fights scenes yet but I really like how the broad nen categories allow for the crafting of all sorts of unique abilities.

    I watched the Chrollo vs Silva/Zeno fight 5 times today it was so entertaining especially Zeno's analysis and Chrollo's random speciality with its handicaps.
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    On the contrary thank you so much for your time this explanation is crystal clear!It's as simple as it is I dn't know why the instant lover/hoover abilities confused me to think that there were specific weapons/abilities only in which nen users could use their aura types. Rather, it's their choice just as Kurapika and his chains illustrated. The conditioning too makes sense,it's like 'growing stronger because of trials/determination' basically. Thank you again Mugiwara no Ice you'll definitely see me lurking around the thread. Following Madhouse's adaption but I'll go back to the mangas sooner or later,cn't keep waiting. Well,take care :)!
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    Hi Mugiwara no Ice,knowing you are one of HXH's biggest fans here, would you be so kind as to explain nen to me or direct me to a post that does? I'm wary of spoilers and want to avoid [looking silly] disrupting the thread's flow =p I got confused at the jump from the auras types to abilities,conditioning etc. The system gets complex so I want to make sure I have the basics. Take Baise or Shizuku: can they manipulate/conjure anything due to their type? I keep reading nen= specialization and experience so are their powers specifically the result of this rather than "manipulate/conjure anything"? (would 'experience' be lifestory hence Kurapika fighting with chains for e.g ?) I hope this makes sense sorry for the intrusion & I look forward to your reply thank you :)
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    Brilliant. I always liked that quote and just recently I began to understand why. Thanks
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    What was your old sig quote? Something about your hatred being aimed at something that was in fact inside you or something.
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