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    I have the exact same opinion on Wreck-It Ralph, where it's actually good in the last third. And I heard from the director that they went with this character arc for Ralph because they realized that the ending of the first film where Ralph says he's okay as long as he feels valued by Vanellope is technically an unhealthy moral in the long-term. Which I think it clever and responsible on their part.

    And those movies not being translated is stupid. I haven't seen Crouching Tiger or Kung Fu Hustle. But I've been taking an Asian Films class and I so far I have gotten to watch and Hard Boiled, Ikiru, Big Boss, Farewell My Concubine, and The Host.
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    I think the only advantageous aspects that Young Justice objectively has over Teen Titans are better action choreography and less censorship. But Teen Titans already has pretty damn good action choreography by the end of season one and has a MUCH more creative stylish aesthetic direction when it comes to lighting, camera shots, and off-model animation.

    And I actually think Teen Titans' censorship actually helped it since it's because of that we get Slade instead of "Deathstroke the Terminator" and weapons/powers that are conceptualized outside of the box compared to repetitive lasers/explosions/blades.

    I don't think Slade literally telling Robin that he will destroy his friends and make him watch in the season one finale would be written any better if "destroy" was replaced with "kill" lol.
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    I've been rewatching Teen Titans recently and... I think I easily prefer this show over Young Justice? They're both good shows, but I just fundamentally like Teen Titans' cast, animation style, music, overarching plots/arcs, and rogues gallery more than Young Justice's. And most of all, I prefer how Teen Titans occasionally references the broader DCU without feeling beholden to it compared to how Young Justice relies on it for mostly one-off threats that you'll only really appreciate as an DC comics fan.
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    I just saw Joker. Have you seen it?

    And I have been considering watching Undone since Bob Odenkirk is in it.
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    I have not seen that.

    My favorite genres tend to be superheroes and psychological thrillers. But I'm open to anything. Especially the occasional romance that's actually written well without relying on cliche trash.
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    We had this conversation back in the Samurai Jack thread. I wouldn't because of how it would wipe away people born in the future from existence and be too risky. Don't pull a Barry. And God forbid it's paradox loop that circles into itself and changes nothing.

    I have seen A Beautiful Mind and I have heard of the Truman Show and Undone.
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    I will watch Joker as soon as possible at the end of the first week of October. Reviews seem pretty divided on whether it makes Joker look cool or only sympathetic until a certain point when he breaks bad. It seems like a movie very much open to interpretation, which both intrigues and worries me. But the music and acting in the trailers have me wanting to be optimistic. Only other aspects I'm worried about are how the Waynes will fit into the plot and the romance.
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    Also, I feel like Jane, as fun as she can be, gets away a little too much with her attitude. I get that the split personalities are a coping mechanism for being molested (which in itself is a cliche I rolled my eyes at) and she technically has better reasons for acting flawed than the rest of the Doom Patrol. But she still never apologizes for anything and her interactions with people always have to be the other person's fault. If you want your personalities to be treated respectfully like real people, then they should be called out for their BS. It feels like everybody grew in some shape or form this season except for her because the show always gives her the abuse/mental illness victim card.

    That said, Cliff really needed to stop being so clingy to Jane. Over time it became disrespectful in an unfunny way and creepy and it never really changes besides Cliff apologizing over and over again like his abusive father.
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    I think my only critiques towards the show, aside from some of the wacky absurd plots in the first half being too vague and convoluted to the point that it relies on the emotional drama/humor/acting to keep you invested, is that Negative Man could have had more entertaining interactions with the rest of the cast. I really like his personal arc (that sunset farewell shot with his ex was beautiful) but with the rest of team he's mostly quiet background character or support man with a smartass reply once in a blue moon.
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    I finished Doom Patrol. The age thing does hammer home how damaged all of these people are how much time they spend realistically wallowing in their misery and staying safe.

    I had the same thoughts on Rita and the doomsday boy. Not-Constantine is fun.

    Most of the character-driven drama is a blast. The Bureau of Normalcy is a cliched but neat sex/handicapped minority persecution allegory idea.

    I wasn't keen on Mr. Nobody at first but he grew on me as the series went on. I also think this show easily has the best interpretation of Cyborg I've seen aside from maybe OG Teen Titans. I was actually invested in his origin story and tense relationship with his dad while in other interpretations Victor sounds whiny.
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