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    Long time no see, Cool man, how are you doing ?
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    Merry Christmas and happy festivities !!
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    Read a hard hitting and philosophy critical answer to a pretty straightforward question. Check it out when you get time coz its quite a fun read!

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    One good thing about Reliance is how they keep pushing the boundaries in the telecom industry for others to follow suit and do it better than them. The only goof up was putting the PM's face in the front page of all the major newspapers to promote Jio lol. Doesn't come off as a big surprise tbh
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    Hey, what do you think about the Reliance Jio's cheap 4g releases? I think its a groundbreaking move to absolutely flip over the telecom sector in the country
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    I kind of expected the Sashi Tharoor incident and it confirms my belief that our country will not take the next step towards liberalizing social expectations at least for a decade or two. We are so far down our asses that we repeatedly fail to acknowledge the social problems around us.

    Another scary thought - India has probably the largest youth population in the world and bound to increase exponentially over the years. If there are no jobs for these teeming young ones, I think its safe to see multiple reservation related riots to follow soon. We have had 3 reservation related clashes so far in a single year. Fucking crazy!
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    Lol agreed. Engineering had me bothered with clearing my backlogs more than focussing on which ideology gives me the right to complain about it on stage

    Urban youth have hardly seen problems faced by the rural majority and now that they are steadily on the rise, the political parties love to tingle their imagination. By promising bullet trains and other fancy specifics the youth had seen abroad, their imagination goes haywire to see how great the country can become. However, the fanciness hides the stark reality of the number crunchers who still remain skeptical about the social problems and the actual in-ground development done so far. Of course, it will take time and I am patient to wait through it but rousing "nationalism" to rile up the youth and conveniently hide the flaws underneath is quite a scary way to handle criticism.
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    (Part 3 of 3)
    The problem again comes down to the government intruding into the college affairs to dish out the punishments rather than letting the college do its job. The aggression has been conveniently masked under the cover called "nationslism" to categorize the actions rather than justify its wrongdoings. Kanhaiya Kumar will become the face of BJP's aggressive mistake with his half baked ideas going against them which would in turn, be a bane for the Left parties.

    I am actually quite amused and intrigued over the public reactions I have seen over this case so far. The clash of a far left ideology, which was never really understood by our public, against the more popular right wing ideology was something very new and interesting to observe in a country such as ours. It's another proof that our urban population is becoming more right oriented than the previous generations.

    Sorry for the huge ass write-up lol! Things a boring Monday morning can do is surprising...
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    (Part 2 of 3)

    The new power play used by the ABVP ended up getting the big fishes from BJP who were appalled at the topics being discussed forcing them to take some aggressive measures to tap it down. The problem with that is that, ideas both right or wrong, cannot be made a taboo by restricting to discuss about it. Ideals don't die by being suppressed. The students of JNU aren't dumb enough to become terrorists by discussing about these but rather might grow out of it once they attain the level of maturity discussions provide. BJP overdid it a bit by 1) Arresting the wrong person. Kanhaiya wasn't involved in the shouting of slogans 2) Letting the partys loonies take control over such situations

    On the other hand, the slogans supposedly yelled at by few of the people present were definitely condemnable. JNU has to probably regulate and/or dish out fine tuned punishments for such actions/events.
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    (Part 1 of 3)

    It is basically an escalated version of student politics. This used to happen many times in pretty much all of the colleges in our country. There are groups within the college who love to show off who weilds more power using influences both on and off the college. ABVP is a pro-BJP group in the predominantly left leaning JNU. Once BJP came to power, ABVP was bent on trying to bring out their dominance by using their newly found political influence. Things have been brewing even before these events shot up with rumours about Subramaniam Swamy set to be instilled as the Vice Chancellor of the college. In both the Hyd University and JNU, ABVP had escalated things to a local BJP official who then forwarded to the HRD which was actually unneccessary. Colleges such as these have various ideology worshpipers who come together to discuss controversial topics every time which isn't something new as it has been the case for decades.
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