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  1. End of December actually, lol. The 19th. I'll be 24 this year.
  2. If you are 23 you must be a 1996 baby I assume? Same as me! You're in the club
  3. Yeah, it is what it is though. I'm still trying to make the most out of this life. I'm only 23, so I'm sure I'll be able to visit Japan and all the other places I want to eventually.
  4. That is really sad to hear. It's sad not everyone can have the same opportunity as others.
  5. Unfortunately I live on disability, so permanently leaving the country is not an option. Thanks for the recommendations though.
  6. You could easily live there if you wanted to as well. If you could get your hands on a working holiday or something. Or if you have a university degree you can get a working visa. If not being a tourist is still fun. It's not as expensive as you think.

    If I were to recommend somewhere: Osaka > Tokyo. Second biggest city, more fun, people are more friendly, not so crowded, all the big places are not far from each other, great food and a lot of tourist locations within short train rides like Kyoto, Nara and Kobe.
  7. That's cool. I'd love to visit Japan someday. It looks like a beautiful country.
  8. Born in Australia, but have 100% Italian blood, now I'm in Japan and am more Japanese than the both.

    I remember buying long rolls, profitta rolls, tiger rolls and all sorts of rolls in the bakery near home and they all cost around the $2.50(aud) for 6 rolls
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