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  1. Yeah, 6 years is a lot ;) Can't wait for the next year... 7 YEARS !!! WOW !!
    Thanks for your concern, I am feeling a LOT better now.
    See ya around or next year. :)
  2. :) Thanks a lot Cap. 6 times already. 6 years. :)
    I hope you're doing well... I'm sending you a special power ball. Hoping it will reach you ;)
    Have a nice year and maybe who knows till next year.
  3. It seems you no longer visit this forums, nevertheless I am here to wish you a happy birthday, just like I promised last year.

    I can't promise I will be here for the next birthday wishing, but trust me, this little chain of communication was special for me.
  4. And I am glad to see you in this forums, is a shame we don't visit the same places, but believe me I will be here for the next year "birthday wishing".
  5. Hahahahaha Yeps time flies.
    Thanks Cap, good to see you still roaming the forums.

    I'm here from time to time , last days lurking the HunterXHunter thread.
  6. WOW...I can't believe....This is the 5th happy birthday ?!?!? Time flies.

    Well, Happy birthday !!
  7. As long as we both stay in this forums, this is not a thing to worry about.

    I don't mind waiting for the next year.

  8. Thanks man, no pressure but I'll be waiting for it ;)
  9. Stop that. I just remeber birthdays of people I care about.

    The forums is nice, a lot of things has changed since I started to post here, but I still like the community. About OP, yeah, in the past I was more eager to read the new chapters. As you said, I think itīs the age.

    Thanks for that, my life is not easy in the moment, but I will continue to fight everyday. See ya next year for thr 5th one.
  10. LOL Thanks man, WOW you're persistent ;)

    A great quality, I hope you are well and that you still enjoy the forum and the manga. It's been a while for me that I have read some new manga. One piece still quickly from week to week but I do not enjoy it like I once had.... I guess it's the age :p

    May God give you succes in everything you do and want to do and hope to achieve. Have a nice day, week, month, year and maybe till next year ;)
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