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  1. That is sad news to hear.

    And I daresay it's the best Jolly Roger in One Piece.
  2. The man getting kicked in balls avatar died. :('s such a cool Jolly Roger!
  3. What's up with the Blackbeard Pirates avatar change? Not that I mind at all, it's cool lol.
  4. Ah, well. Fuck it. :P
  5. Sorry, it's too late lol.
  6. Sorry, can you combine our two recent PM's I sent you into one?
  7. Thank you for the friend request, I really appreciate it. I've liked having conversations with you in the past and never mind chatting hints up whenever!
  8. Just cleared it.
  9. Your inbox is full, bud.
  10. Sure lol. I don't think anybody has ever asked for permission with something, but I appreciate your courtesy.
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