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  1. He'll take em.
  2. yep right after january so do I send the character request to kubihige?
  3. Oh Europe and their superior educational your new semester starts right after January exams?

    Good to have you on board! I'll do my best to get the non-live challenges on weekdays
  4. If only haha the end of semester exams are in january

    But count me in anyway if you need people, i can do an effort
  5. The cycles are going to be 5 days each at the start so you don't have too much to survive before your exams are over. They would end before holiday in December right?
  6. well If you need people count me in but I won't be able to be as active as I'd like because of exams
  7. Want to play Big Brother again? I'll be co-hosting so don't worry about being betrayed
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