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  1. Thanks, I'm sure I will-- especially with Mangapanda "dying" again (we'll see if it sticks this time). It occurred to me, with all the Sanji goings-on, to make one out of the fight with the ramen fighter (i.e. "that's using your noodle!") but I've already used blade and a few kick puns, so I'd have to see if the food-related ones would be enough to make it worth it.
  2. Thanks.
    So tell me, are you going to do more "Pun Pieces" ? They're really cool.
  3. Thanks! Congrats on your nomination for best new member!
    I may or may not have voted for you, I don't remember. I just picked a few categories where I had some clue what I was voting for, lol.
  4. You'll always be the funniest member for me, baby !
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